Questions Asked on
June 10, 2016

  1. Math

    A cylindrical water tank is 70cm in diameter to begin with it is full of water a leak starts in the bottom so that it looses 10 litres every 1 hour how long will it take for the water level to fall by 20cm.

    asked by Daniel
  2. science

    The resistance of 10m long wire is 10 . Its length is increased uniformly by 25% by stretching the wire uniformly. The resistance of wire will change to (approximately) (A) 12.5 (B) 14.5 (C) 15.6 (D) 16.6

    asked by janvi
  3. maths

    a fruit seller buys 712 fruits ,of which 3/4 are apples. of all apples that he bought 1/3 were found to be rotten. if he sold all the good apples at Rs.5 1/4 much money did he receive on selling all the good apples.

    asked by marvin
  4. History ~ Help

    "Question: What factors led to the rise of Fascism?" "I'm not here to cheat, I'm here for help, any ideas? Thank You!" Throughout the 20th Century, Fascist leaders came to power in various countries, including Germany, Italy, Soviet Union, Japan, and

    asked by Jimmy
  5. math

    Find the values of m and n if y^4 + my^3 + 2y^2- 3y + n is divisible by y^2-1

    asked by sim
  6. American History

    Compare and Contrast American Expansion in the late 1800's with the expansion in the 1900's. (How the expansion efforts were the same and how they were different.) During the expansion of the late 1800's and early 1900's shared similarities in that the

    asked by Sue
  7. math

    In a course a student's final exam is weighted as heavily as his mid term exam.if a student receives a score of 84 on his final exam 90 on his midterm,what is the average for the course?

    asked by tish
  8. history

    Compare and Contrast American Expansion in the late 1800's with the expansion in the 1900's. (How the expansion efforts were the same and how they were different.) During the expansion of the late 1800's and early 1900's shared similarities in that the

    asked by Sue
  9. Algebra

    1. 10a – 8b (-) 4a + 5b 2. 5b + 3c (-) 4b + 3c 3. 6d + 6e (-) 9d – 8e 4. 8x – 3y (-) -4x + 8y 5. 6rs – 7bc (-) 9rs – 7bc 6. 5xy – 9cs (-)-3xy + cs 7. x2 – 6x + 5 (-) 3x2– 2x – 2 8. 3y2 – 2y – 1 (-) -5y2– 2y + 6 9. (7a + 6b – 9c)

    asked by ANONYMUS
  10. financial mathematics

    bernard burrows rm8889 at 15%per annum simple interest. he agrees to settle the loan by paying x ringgit, 2x ringgit and 3x ringgit in two months, five months and nine months respectively.find the value of x using the present as the focal date

    asked by Ali
  11. Algebra

    find the range of the function rule y=5x-2 for the domain {-1/2, 1/4, 2/5}

    asked by Eden
  12. Intro to computers 1

    Which logging category does not appear in Event Viewer by default? A. Application B. System C. Volume D. Security

    asked by Melanie
  13. Math

    X is partly constant and partly varies with y.when y=3,x=7

    asked by Ademiju ayokunle
  14. O98 algebra

    To receive a C grade, a student must average more than a 77 but less than 85. If Emma received a C in the course and had five grades of 74,83,73,67,and 85 before taking the final exam, what were the possible grades for her final there were 100 points.

    asked by Sheba
  15. Physical Science

    If your mass is 76kg, find your acceleration.

    asked by Hannah
  16. Math

    The midnight temperature of Delhi in the month of December was 100C If dropped by 40C in the next three hours.What was the temperature after 3hours

    asked by Priya
  17. Chemistry

    Writing the net ionic equation for sodium fluoride+hydrochloride, magnesium iodide + lead (II) acetate sliver (I) acetate + potassium iodide nickel (II) sulfate + barium chloride barium acetate + ammonium sulfate barium hydroxide +aluminum bromide zinc

    asked by Lesley
  18. Math (pre-celc 12)

    Write an expression for the x-values where the the maximum in the expression occurs: y=6cos((2pi/14)x)-2 I know that the maximum occurs every 14 units if you start at 0,0. I'm stuck after that.

    asked by Jana
  19. biology

    chemical reaction involve changes in bonds between atoms. true or false

    asked by shun
  20. Chemistery

    Writing the net ionic equation for sodium fluoride+hydrochloride, magnesium iodide + lead (II) acetate sliver (I) acetate + potassium iodide nickel (II) sulfate + barium chloride barium acetate + ammonium sulfate barium hydroxide +aluminum bromide zinc

    asked by Anonymous
  21. English

    1. He saw his bird fly free. 2. He saw his bird fly freely. (Which one should we use? Are both OK?) 3. They decided to call the baby Mark. 4. They decided to name the baby Mark. (Are both the same in meaning?) 5. My vision is blurry these days. 6. My

    asked by rfvv
  22. History

    1830s-1840s A. Evaluate the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Do you think that his actions were considered normal during his time? B. Analyze racism towards Native Americans during this period. C. Identify and describe at least two (2) positive events during

    asked by ANONYMUS
  23. geography

    Changing area under forest and its impact on environment

    asked by Kabir Singh
  24. Math

    If the third term of a gp =4 than product of first five term=

    asked by Abhi
  25. science

    A 1000kg rocket is set vertically on its launching pad. The propellent is expelled at the rate of 2kg/s. Find the minimum velocity of the exhaust gases so that rocket just begin to rise. Also find rocket's velocity 10second after ignition, assuming the

    asked by swastik
  26. math

    Marta’s math textbook weighs mc017-1.jpg of a pound less than 4 times the weight of the book she is reading for her language arts class. If the weight of the math textbook is mc017-2.jpg pounds, which shows the correct equation and value of x, the weight

    asked by david
  27. Math

    Please explain to me how to figure out the answers to these questions because I got them all wrong. Don't worry there's only 2.. 1.You roll a number cube 20 times. The number 4 is rolled 8 times. What is the experimental probability of rolling a 4? It's

    asked by Myah
  28. Health Care

    All the following are recognized roles of a health information management professional by American Health Information Management Association except Clinician. Educator. Analyst. Researcher.

    asked by Anonymous
  29. chemistry

    equal moles of ethane and hydrogen are mixed in container at 25 c what will be the pressure exerted by hydreogen?

    asked by Musfera iqbal
  30. Health

    Which of the following is a legitimate and stated use of health information according to American Health Information Management Association? The development of public policy on health care The brokering of patient data for health care marketing The

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Health

    When did the recording of clinical information begin in the United States? Late 1700s Early 1800s Late 1800s Early 1900s 1920s itoccurate it accurate?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Health

    Continuing education is mandatory for maintenance of certification as a health information professional. True False False? because it is not official Help

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math/Dosage Calculations

    Hey, can someone please check my work for me? I've done this over and over but cannot find my mistake. Am I just supposed to round??? Calculate intake in mL, assume a glass is 8 oz: 6oz. Jello 5oz of Tomato Soup 1/4qt Iced Tea 1/2 glass of water The answer

    asked by Anonymous
  34. HEALTH

    One of the earliest means of HIT automation was the administrative functions of patient billing and patient registration, and later attempts included automated lab results, CPOE, and CDS. True False FALSE?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. HELP? Health

    Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), privacy and security of health information technology are not a concern in regional health information organizations. True False

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Health management

    One of the major challenges and obstacles for providers is timeliness and efficiency of access to patient information. True False

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Algebra

    What is the simplified form of the expression 8[60÷(4^2-2^2)-2] I am so tired of looking at this equation I want to cry I keep getting different answers that aren't it I'm so frustrated a.)24 b.)30 c.)72 d.)104

    asked by Mari
  38. physics

    Three blocks, with masses m1 = 5.90 kg, m2 = 5.50 kg, and m3 = 7.10 kg, are pull on a horizontal frictionless surface by a 18.00 N force that makes a 39 o angle (θ) with the horizontal. What is the magnitude of the tension between the m2 and m3 blocks?

    asked by Last Try Please help!
  39. math (significant digits)

    (3.x10^-2) + (0.2) round to significant digits required

    asked by AMELIA
  40. math

    Mr. Bobby bought 50 shares at $60, and 2 months later purchased 25 shares a $ what price should he purchase 25 additional shares in order to have an average price $58 per share?

    asked by bev
  41. chemistry

    in a parallel plate capacitor the separation between the plates is 3mm with air between them. now a 1mm thick layer of a material of dielectric constant 2 is introduced between the plates due to which capacitance increases. In order to bring the

    asked by Anushka
  42. Algebra 1

    32.) What is the slope for the line that passes through a pair of points? (-4,4), (3,2) -2/5 -2/7 6/7 -1/7 Still stuck on this question -_-

    asked by Mari
  43. math

    I do't understand what this is. how do I solve or simplify 100^12/100^8? Am I supposed to add the exponent or multiply them?

    asked by me...
  44. physics

    Two charges of magnitude +2×10^–6 C each are 60cm apart. find the magnitude of the force exerted by these charges on a third charge of magnitude +4×10^-4C that is 50cm away from each of the charge.

    asked by jay
  45. Math

    What does the variable a equal when a = 4.9? 3a + 6a = ?

    asked by Tairdelbach_R
  46. Math Practice Worksheets

    Hi! My son Zakeri is having trouble with polynomials. Could yp please provide some worksheets for my son Zakeri to work on? He's been having trouble with polynomials lately. Thank you! Nancy and Daniel Hamilton (Zakeri's parents)

    asked by Nancy Hamilton (Zakeri H's Mom)
  47. English (Plays)

    Which phrase best describes Grover's Corners? (This is for Our Town by Thornton Wilder) A) Full of surprises B) Drab and boring C) Steeped in time-honored custom D) Suspicious and secretive

    asked by Delilah Garcia
  48. chemistry lab

    Was the density you determined accurate, taking into account the total instrument uncertainty? I got 0.778 g/ml the theoretical value is 0.789 g/ml the instrumental uncertainty was 0.2% How do I know if its accurate ?? please help

    asked by nevadaschool
  49. Physics

    Two metal plates with the same dimension are soldered together face to face. The face of plate 1 that is not touching plate two is keep at T1 = 106 0C. Similarly, plate 2 “open face” is keep at T2 = 0 0C. Assume the thickness of each plate is 3.0 mm

    asked by Anonymous
  50. history

    What was the main goal of Greek colonization in the archaic period

    asked by lee
  51. Physics

    At high noon (sun rays fall perpendicular to the surface of the earth), the sun delivers 990 W to each square meter of a blacktop road, emissivity of 1 (blackbody). If the hot asphalt loses energy only by radiation, what is its equilibrium temperature? I

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    How much will be the value of a house that was bought 9 years ago? X Y 0 100,000 1 105,000 2 107,000 3 110,000 4 115,000 5 120,000 6 123,000 7 126,000 8 ? 9 ? 10 ?

    asked by Ronlecia
  53. Physics

    ou recently read that a new possibly habitable planet was discovered. The planet, Burt, receives 2100 W/m2 from it’s companion star. If planet Burt has a a radius of 7500 km and acts like a blackbody ( emissivity =1 ) and thus radiates same amount of

    asked by Anonymous
  54. physics

    Find the relation between phase difference and path dofferense

    asked by Anonymous
  55. algebra

    the length of a coil l (in centimeters) is a function of the weight w (in kilograms) applied to the coil. For a particular coil, the function is represented by the equation l=54-3w. Explain the meaning of the numbers 54 and -3 within the context of this

    asked by Latoyia
  56. Biology

    Uable to find correct answer: In general it is expected_____________ A) hydrostatic pressure will remain constant throughout the capillary bed B) osmotic pressure will be higher in the arteriole end of the capillary bed compared to the venous end C)

    asked by Mary
  57. Calculus

    Two positive numbers have the property that their product is 2 and their sum is as small as possible. Find their sum.

    asked by Dylan
  58. math

    If I am traveling at 60mph and you are traveling at 30mph how many minutes until we meet?

    asked by david
  59. English

    1. The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. 2. The building of the new bridge will go ahead as it is planned. (Does #1 mean #2? Is 'it is' deleted?) 3. Lee was standing right behind her. 4. Lee was standing just behind her. (Is 'right' the

    asked by rfvv
  60. English

    1. The maste comes back. 2. A master comes back. 3. Master comes back. (Are they all grammatical? Can we use as in #3? In #3, 'master' is used as a proper noun? Am I right?) 4. "Yes, master." In the expression, 'master' is used in the vocative case. So we

    asked by rfvv
  61. English

    1. Maybe it's a missing dog. 2. Maybe it's a stray dog. 3. Maybe it's a homeless dog. 4. Maybe it's a ownerless dog. -------------------- Are they the same in meaning? #1 seems to be the same as #2. Am I right? What about the others......Take care.

    asked by rfvv
  62. English

    A baby is in a cradle. One of the boys is looking at the baby. He said, "_________" 1. It is smiling. 2. He is smiling. 3. She is smiling. ---------------------- Wich expression can he use? If the boy doesn't know whether the baby is a girl or a boy, does

    asked by rfvv
  63. physics

    A speeder traveling at a constant speed of 117 km/h races past a billboard. A patrol car pursues from rest with constant acceleration of (7.6 km/h)/s until it reaches its maximum speed of 175 km/h, which it maintains until it catches up with the

    asked by Ace
  64. Social studies

    Which form of literature was most common among th Aztecs

    asked by Angelicaa
  65. Algebra

    You use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value. The correlation coefficient for your data set is -0.015. How confident can you be that your predicted value will be responsibly close to the actual value?

    asked by Mari
  66. English

    In 450 words write an essay on the topic the harmattan

    asked by Ebubechi
  67. physics

    Give two examples to show how physics help in understanding the concept of evolution, biological systems of living organisms.

    asked by simran
  68. maths

    a circular pool is 300 and height is 250 find the radius

    asked by rita
  69. Science

    Why is that instantaneous rate of reaction does not change when a part of the reacting solution is taken out?

    asked by Vikrant
  70. physics

    the resistance of a platinum resistant thermometer is 1.2ohms. when the measuring in Kelvin temperature of oil and 1.0ohms at the triple point of water. find T

    asked by Izrel
  71. Chemistry

    Why ionic compounds have high melting points?

    asked by Umair
  72. English

    Chuchu is a pet dog. His master is an office worker. Master comes back. He is happy. Master got married. Master gave food to the dog. Is it good? Yes, master. It's delicious. ...................... Q1: Can we use "Master"? In the sentences, "Master' seemed

    asked by rfvv