Questions Asked on
May 26, 2016

  1. Math

    A circle whose area is 4 has a radius of x. Find the area of a circle whose radius is 3x.

    asked by Tama
  2. Algebra

    Dorothy has decided to raise rabbits but has been warned that the number of rabbits she will have will grow very quickly. Dorothy started out with 20 rabbits and the function y=20*2.3^x models the number of rabbits she will have after x months. which graph

    asked by whoever
  3. Please check my answers for science!

    What does a cladogram show? A)comparison of the relative ages of organisms B)evolutionary relationships between organisms C)comparison of species that are most similar D)ecological relationships between organisms*** Which pair below has the most shared

    asked by Universal Almighty
  4. Algebra Plz help :)

    Keysha randomly surveyed 150 people at a football game last weekend to find out whether they like hot dogs, hamburgers, or nachos. Of the 850 people at the game, how many should she expect to like both hot dogs and hamburgers. 24 people like both hot dogs

    asked by Lady Phantomhive
  5. Algebra

    Natasha is planning a school celebration and wants to have live music and food for everyone who attends. She has found a band that will charge her $750 and a caterer whoWill provide snacked and drinks for $2.25 per person. If her goal is to keep the

    asked by John Brown
  6. Math-Calc

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve 2(x2+y2)2=25(x2−y2) (a lemniscate) at the point (3,1). Please help.

    asked by Linda
  7. Chemistry

    If Ka for HNO2,=4.5x10-4, find the [H+] a 0.9 M HNO2 solution.

    asked by Kathy
  8. math

    Elimination was used to solve a system of equations. One of the intermediate steps led to the equation 9x=27 . Which of the following systems could have led to this equation? 4x+3y=24 −5x−3y=3 7x−2y=15 x+y=6 9x+2y=21 −9x−2y=21 10x−y=15

    asked by Claire
  9. history

    Which statement best describes the provisions of the Missouri Compromise? a) It maintained the balance of free and slave states. b) It enacted a stricter fugitive law. c) It outlawed slavery in the District of Columbia. d) It prohibited slavery in the

    asked by kayla
  10. plz help math

    The formula for the force between two objects is F=GMm/r^2 where M and m are the masses of the two objects, G is a constant, and r is the distance between them. Solve the formula for m .m=Fr^2/GM m=r^2/FGM m=GM/Fr^2 m=FGM/r^2

    asked by Claire
  11. A&P

    Assume that Na+ is being transported across a membrane via facilitated diffusion. Which of the following conditions would allow for the most transport of Na+ across that membrane. Answers: 1) a gradient of less than 5% difference between sides for the Na+

    asked by Tina
  12. maths

    if a plate of car consists of two letters and four digits and one car chosen at random probabiliy the letters at the beginning and at the end

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Ratios math

    The ratio of the number of cars to the number of SUVs in a parking lot is 4:1. The ratio of the number SUVs to the number of Minivans is 4:5. (A) Find the ratio of the number of minivans in the parking lot. (B) if there are 20 minivans, how many vehicles

    asked by Catania
  14. Drivers ED check my answers

    2. A left front tire blows out. Unless you control the vehicle, what will probably happen? (1 point) You will slide in a straight line. Your vehicle will pull toward the shoulder. Your vehicle will pull to the left.***** Your vehicle will sway from left to

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physics

    A man of weigt 600N runs up the stairs of heigt 4m in 3seconds. what is exerted by the man?

    asked by vincent
  16. Health

    Blood also passes through the small intestine and liver during which type of circulation pulmonary renal portal*** cardiac

    asked by Wendy
  17. history

    Which sentences use a time-related term correctly? Choose all answers that are correct. A. Confucius was teaching in China in B.C. 500. B. The Roman Empire fell to Germanic Tribes in A.D. 476. C. Homer composed the Iliad and Odyssey in about B.C.E. 750. D.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    If you walk5/6 mile and then jog 4/5 mile, what is the total distance covered? How much farther did you walk than jog?

    asked by Shawn
  19. la

    How are the characters Jack and Algernon developed through the use of dialogue? How are these characters similar? How are they different? Support your answer with evidence.

    asked by alisha
  20. Calculus

    Solve the differential equation dy/dx = √[(x^3)(y)] with initial conditions x = 1, y = 2 so far i got y = (x^5)/25 + c so do i plug in 2 = (1^5)/25 + c 2 - (1/25) = c c = 49/25 = 1.96 is this correct?

    asked by Mike
  21. physics

    Which idea did Isaac Newton’s experiments with light support?

    asked by br
  22. Chemistry

    In a hydrogen- oxygen fuel cell hydrogen diffuses through the cathode. hydrogen and oxygen are mixed before entering the anode.*** oxygen diffuses through the anode. oxygen diffuses through the cathode.

    asked by Katie
  23. Writing

    I'm trying to write a compare and contrast essay about animal cells and plant cells. I need differences and similarities between them. Could anyone please help me? Oh, and it would be nice if you started me off with a few sentences so I would continue it.

    asked by Val
  24. Calc-Math

    The graphs of the function f (given in blue) and g (given in red) are plotted above. Suppose that u(x)=f(x)g(x) and v(x)=f(x)/g(x) Find each of the following:u(x) and v(x)..

    asked by Jenny
  25. physics

    A police cruiser is travelling at 24 m/s and slows down at a rate of 0.65 m/s2 until it stops. The distance traveled by the cop while slowing down is closest to

    asked by Pimp
  26. Math (Percentages)

    Write the closest benchmark for the percent. 1. 8% 2. 52% 3. 99% 4. 87% 5. 12 percent 6. 45% I don't understand the directions. What does it mean by the closest benchmark for the percent?

    asked by John Brown
  27. SS

    How did the Mexican-American War ignite a conflict over slavery between the North and the South?

    asked by Alexis
  28. life orietation

    suggest two ways on how the geographical dstributionnn of media can be improved in south african?

    asked by lwandiso
  29. Social Studies

    Compare and contrast the economies of Chile and Venezuela. I really need some help on this can someone name the similarities and differences pleace?

    asked by Someone
  30. Math

    The right triangle has an angle of 53 degrees. The opposite side is 6.4cm long. What is the adjacent ?

    asked by Mona
  31. Math

    In an used book store, there are some different mystery novels on a shelf. Suppose there are 64 different ways to buy these novels, including not buying them. How many mystery novels are there on the shelf?

    asked by Cindy
  32. Math

    Zack orders a box of 80 sweaters manufactured from a factory. He needs to check the quality of 30% of the sweaters. Select all of the equations that Zack could use to find x, the number of sweaters he needs to check.

    asked by Please help!!!!!!!
  33. Matt

    The area of a curved surface of a d battery with a diameters of 3.2 centimeters and a height of 5.6 centimeters h

    asked by Tony
  34. Biology Help Please!

    1) You are going to make 1800ml of a 25uM solution using a compound whose MW= 60.06 Daltons. How many grams do you need of this compound? Give your answer with four decimal places. 2) You are going to make 300ml of a 75mM solution using a compound whose

    asked by Tenshi
  35. math

    A newspaper vendor sells newspapers at a commission of 6%. He earns rs 75 per day. what is the cost of newspapers?

    asked by jeo
  36. math

    A newspaper vendor sells newspapers at a commission of 6%. He earns rs 75 per day. what is the cost of newspapers? /////////***vvvv.urgent****////////

    asked by jeo
  37. math

    A man sold two clocks for rs 240 each, gaining 20% on one and losing 20% on the other find his gain or loss percent?plz reply soon

    asked by jeo
  38. math

    Krishan bought 2400 bananas at rs 15 a dozen. he sold 1350 of them at rs 4 and the remaining at 5 for rs 8. fins his gain or loss percent. /*( requested from my side to reply soon and you are doing good job thank you forever)*/

    asked by jeo
  39. physics

    a source emits 1700Hz frequency travelling at a speed of 70m/s. A detector is placed 200m away. What is the frequency detected by the detector when the source is closest to it? Also find the distance between them when the detector detects the frequency to

    asked by please Help urgentlyph
  40. Math

    If a wheel has a circumference of 1.5 metres how far does it travel in 26 revolutions?

    asked by Candy
  41. math

    By selling a clock for rs 600 a man loses 25%. what should be the selling price for a profit of 25%.

    asked by jeo
  42. math

    A wholesaler purchases wheat at rs 280 per quintal and sells the same at rs 360 per quintal. if his overhead expenses were rs 10 per quintal, find his profit percent.

    asked by sad
  43. Math topic help

    John invest $2,975 at 4% interest compound annually. What will be the balance in the account after? a) 3,272.50 b)3,281.48 c) 5,493.86********* d) 7,735.00 if i am wrong please explain why i am and what i should do, step wise thanks so much and hopfully

    asked by Newscapepro
  44. Math

    Please help me with this ASAP! I need help with this just checking my answers thanks 1. There are 14 blue marbles, 8red marbles, and 12 green marbles in a jar. What is the ratio of the total number of marbles to the number of red marbles? A. 24:8 B. 34:8

    asked by Katie
  45. Math topic part 2

    18. Complete the table. a 5 6 7 8 9 b 3.8 4.6 5.4 (2 points) Essay: 9.39 and 10.6 i did 5.4 divided by 7 times 8 and i received thees answers 1 /2 points I like that you figured out the rule first. Remember, when finding the rule, you want to determine

    asked by Newscapepro
  46. Math

    Marting throws a baseball upwards at a velocity of 80 ft/sec. The following equation models this situation: H (t) = -16t squared + 80t + 6 , where H(t) is the height of the ball in feet and t is the time in seconds after the ball was released. HOW LONG

    asked by Kiki
  47. SS

    How does the geography of Eastern Europe most affect farming in the region? There's more, but please answer this question first. If you know all the answers to the test please tell me them! Thanks!

    asked by PLEASE HELP!
  48. Math

    In how many ways one can bake a cake using two of five possible sweeteners and one of three possible flours?

    asked by Tuuy
  49. Math

    Marting throws a baseball upwards at a velocity of 80 ft/sec. The following equation models this situation: H (t) = -16t squared + 80t + 6 , where H(t) is the height of the ball in feet and t is the time in seconds after the ball was released. HOW LONG

    asked by Kiki
  50. Mrs.Sue?

    John invest $2,975 at 4% interest compound annually. What will be the balance in the account after? a) 3,272.50 b)3,281.48 c) 5,493.86********* d) 7,735.00 if i am wrong please explain why i am and what i should do, step wise thanks so much and hopfully

    asked by Newscapepro
  51. Math

    PQR has vertices p(5, -1), q(0.8), and r(7,5). It is translated right 3 units and up 6 units. Find the coordinates of P', Q', and R'. A) P(8,5), Q(3,14), R(10,11) B) P(2,5), Q(-3,14), R(4,11) C) P(8,-7), Q(3,2), R(10,-1) D) P(2,-7), Q(-3,2), R(4,-1) Please

    asked by Waffles
  52. physics

    Four copper wires of equal length are connected in series. Their cross-sectional areas are 0.96 cm^2, 2.02 cm^2, 2.90 cm^2, and 5.06 cm^2. A potential difference of 116 V is applied across the combination. Determine the voltage across the 2.02 cm^2 wire.

    asked by My question wasn't answered....
  53. calculus-help me sir~steve

    show that 2f''(t)-f'(t)-f(t)=sin(t)-cos(t) where f(0)=f'(0) has the solution (-2/5)e^(-t/2)-(1/5)sin(t)+(2/5)cos(t) using laplace tranformation plz plz plz show step by step

    asked by dam
  54. calculus-again frustrated-looking for steve asap

    if sinh(y)=[4sinh(x)-3)/(4+3sinh(x)] show that dy/dx=5/(4+3sinh(x)] step plz i plead

    asked by dam
  55. math grade 9

    can someone check over my answers and correct them? *over means fraction 1) What would the slope be for a road that has a rise of 11m and a run of 100m? a. 22 over 100 b. 11 over 100 (THS ONE) c. 15 over 100 d. 30 over 100 2) What would the slope be for a

    asked by john
  56. maths

    if cosØ=x/y, find cosecØ

    asked by rabiu
  57. Math-Calc

    Suppose that f(x)=6x(3−2x)3. f(x)=6x(3−2x)3. Find an equation for the tangent line to the graph of ff at x=1x=1.

    asked by Phil
  58. maths-word problem

    A two digit number is less than six times the sum of it digit by 1.The difference between the digit is 1. Find the number??

    asked by luiz
  59. Math please help pronto

    Which of the following expressions is true? A. 2^4 • 2^3 = 2^12 B. 3^3 • 3^6 > 3^8 C. 4^2 • 4^2 > 4^4 D. 5^5 • 5^2 = 5^10

    asked by Kolohe
  60. English

    1. He slept for 7 hours last night. 2. He slept 7 hours last night. (Are both OK? Can we omit 'for' here?) 3. Go straight for two blocks. It's on your left. 4. Go straight two blocks. It's on your left. (Are both OK? Can we delete 'for' here?) 5. The man

    asked by rfvv
  61. English

    1. I drink 10-liter water every day. 2. I drink 10-liter of water every day. 3. I drink a 10-liter bottle of water every day. 4. I drink 10-liter bottles of water every day. 5. I drink two 10-liter bottles of water every day. (Are they all grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  62. Math Mrs. Sue help

    Write the value of the expression. 2^3/2^3 A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 My answer is C

    asked by Kolohe
  63. physics

    A rectilinear homogeneous conductor OA of mass 12 g and of length 36cm hangs freely from its upper end O while its lower end A slightly touches the surface of the mercury. Terminals C and D are connected to a generator which supplies a current 7.4A. A

    asked by amber
  64. Math

    What is 57% of 11? I just need help!

    asked by Hi
  65. Chemistry

    To charge a lead storage battery you must apply a direct current to it. hold a magnet close to it.*** force alternating current through it. increase the pressure on it.

    asked by Katie
  66. social studies

    Omar's experiences in the Andes most reflect the struggles faced by many Bolivians as a result of a)Scarcity of natural resources b)Undemocratic forms of governance c)Economic emphasis on mining d)Nationalization of industry I think it is "b" please tell

    asked by me
  67. maths

    in a building there are 9 floor above the ground level and 4 floors below the ground level if the ground level is represented by 0,what integer would best describe the floor 4 above the ground level?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. History review sheet

    What impact did canals and railroads have on shipping costs? It doesnt have any multiple choice answers because its a review sheet. Thanks.

    asked by Summer Moriarty
  69. english

    please clarify : 1. could i use MOST in the following sentence : this is the most perfect dress . 2. correction : look, the sun is rising over the hills . could i use continuous form here 3. can i use non creative as antonym for creative ?

    asked by r s telagathoty
  70. history review sheet questions

    What was the main result of the invention of the Clermont in 1807 How did the use of factory machines change life in America? Industries flourished in New England because of the access to ____________________ like coal and iron was better than in the

    asked by Summer Moriarty
  71. Math

    Find the number of vertices in a polyhedron if it contains 20 triangular faces and 12 pentagonal faces. a. 30 b. 32 c. 60 d. 120 * Also please show me how you got your answer, thanks

    asked by Michelle
  72. Math

    A cross-section of a sphere, which is 6 units from the center of the sphere, has a circumference of 8π units. Find the surface area of the sphere.

    asked by Michelle
  73. english

    my last query is unanswered. please .. can i use non creative as an antonym for creative . thank you.

    asked by r s telagathoty
  74. calc

    1) Volume created when the area bounded by the x-axis, the y-axis, and the line y = -3x+5 is rotated about: a) the y-axis b) the line y = 6 2) Volume created when the area bounded by x = 3y-y^2 and the y-axis is rotated about the x-axis

    asked by u
  75. World History Honors

    Notable Jewish people who lived during the reign of HitlerNotable Jewish people who lived during the reign of Hitler Marc Chagall, Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schoenberg, Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Edmund Husserl, Rudolph Lipschitz. I need 8

    asked by Rein
  76. Math ms sue??? (Check my answers????)

    1) What would the slope be for a road that has a rise of 11m and a run of 100m? a. 22 over 100 b. 11 over 100 (THS ONE) c. 15 over 100 d. 30 over 100 2) What would the slope be for a road that has a rise of 5m and a run of 100m? a. 0.05 (THIS ONE) b. 0.25

    asked by john
  77. History please help!

    Who were the first four caliphs? A)rulers who had a personal connection to Muhammad. B) a group of wealthy traders C) five gods D) missionaries to Africa I pick A. Please help!

    asked by Sally
  78. Chemistry Help Please!

    1) You are going to make 1800ml of a 25uM solution using a compound whose MW= 60.06 Daltons. How many grams do you need of this compound? Give your answer with four decimal places. 2) You are going to make 300ml of a 75mM solution using a compound whose

    asked by Tenshi
  79. Math

    The capcity of an elevator is either 15 children or 11 adults.If 12 children are currently in the elevator, how many adults can still get in?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. maths

    find the maximem area of a rectangle to the sum of its permeter is 10.

    asked by nove
  81. Scocial Studies

    most brazilians are descendants of which combination of ancestors? A.Mayan,mexican, and mestizo B.Native American, african and european...(my answer B) C.portuguese, spanish, and incan D.spanish, ladino

    asked by Someone
  82. Business studies

    What is unethical advertising?

    asked by Mbalenhle
  83. maths

    a number is chosen at random from the numbers:1 to 20. Find the probability that the number chosen is a multiple of 2 and a multiple of 5.

    asked by abraham
  84. maths

    how many of the integers from 1 to 200 contains the digit 1 at least twice?

    asked by abraham
  85. Calculus

    A particle with an initial velocity of -6 has its acceleration defined by a(t) = 2t+1. t is in seconds. find: a) its velocity equation b) the total distance traveled by the particle during its first 5 seconds of travel a) v(t) = t^2 + t - 6 b) 24.17 units

    asked by Yani
  86. Math

    Suppose f (0) = 9, f ′(0) = 2, and f ″(0) = -4. If df is used to approximate Δf when Δx = 0.01, which of the following would be true? df < Δf df > Δf df = Δf

    asked by Jessica
  87. College algebra

    One health club charges a monthly fee of $100 and an extra $5 for every visit. Another health club charges $103 per month and $4 for every visit. How many visits in a month would make the cost of each health club equal? Suppose x is the number of visits

    asked by Brandi
  88. math

    A line connecting the points (x, 12) and (12, 9) has a slope 1.4. Determine X. a. 9 b. 10 c. 7 d. 8 Steepest slope? a. 0.4 b. undefined c. 0.1 d. -1 over 7 Flattest slope? a. 7 over 9 b. 0 (THIS ONE) c. undefined d. 2 over 3

    asked by john
  89. Biology

    In the microscope activity, you viewed some of the same specimens under multiple microscopes. Describe the differences in what you could see under each microscope. Which microscope would view small specimens the best and why?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. physic

    A hand-driven tire pump has a piston with a 2.50 cm diameter and a maximum stroke of 30 cm. how much work do you do in one stroke if the average gauge pressure is 2.40×105 N.m – 2? Select one: a. 141 J b. 4.5×107 J c. 35.3 J d. 1.41 ×108 J

    asked by lana
  91. Math

    Which ordered pair is not a solution of y= -4x -9 A(-9,27) B(3,-21) C(-6,15) D(5,-28) I have no idea how to do this help please

    asked by Anon
  92. Life orientation

    Clearly discribe a recent corruption and fraud case in the country making headlines in the media :who are the role players who got involved ,the extent to which it linked to ither crimes ,role played by the media and that of the state of deal with this

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Spanish

    La pelicula ________ de terminar. a. acabo b. acabas c. acabamos d. acaba

    asked by Kaai97
  94. Biology - Diversity

    A scenario where bacteria will undergo sexually reproduction instead of taking the "safe route" and reproducing asexually. I know that they reproduce sexually when conditions are not favorable and will enter a dorment stage until conditions get better but

    asked by Undefined
  95. Algebra

    What are the minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum of the data set; 40, 7, 2, 35, 12, 23, 18, 28

  96. Algebra, please help

    I've been stuck for a while on this problem Which ordered pair represents the solution to the system of equations? { 5x+3y=7 { 3x-5y=-23

    asked by Ayden
  97. Spanish

    Which sentence means "we're short five dollars" in Spanish? a. Nos faltan cinco dolares. b. Les interesan cinco dolares. c. Me aburren cinco dolares. d. Nos queda cinco dolares.***

    asked by Kaai97
  98. science

    imagine you have two identical globes.what type of connection would cause the total amount of light and heat emitted to,, a.less than the amount emitted by a single globe? b.more than the amount emitted by a single globe?

    asked by kgomotso
  99. Maths,Physics,Life Science, Agricultural science

    list three factors to consider when choosing subject in grade 10

    asked by sibongile
  100. math

    A credit card company charges 7% simple interest. What is the total interest on a $1,900 loan at the end of two years?

    asked by rebecca
  101. math

    The sales of a kids sneakers rose from $3 billion to $3.8 billion. Find the percent of increase to the nearest whole percent?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. math

    A painter places an 8.5 ft ladder against a wall. The bottom of the ladder is 4 ft from the base of the wall. How high up the wall does the ladder reach? (hint: round to the nearest tenth)

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Chemistry

    What would the reaction of these two look like (reactants and products) A) hexanal is reduced B) Butanoic acid is neutralized by potassium hydroxide

    asked by Rose
  104. College Algebra/Drug Calculations

    Good afternoon. I was given a large packet to practice some math to prepare me for drug calculations. For some reason, I cannot get the answer to this fraction. I've tried a few ways, but maybe I forgot a step or am overlooking some silly mistake... 5/6 x

    asked by NursingStudent
  105. History Check Please!

    I am having troubles with these 4 questions on my homework. Can someone help? 1. It is the responsibility of all citizens to A. run for political office. B. attend naturlization ceremonies. C. pay taxes and serve on juries.** D. join special interest

    asked by Destielforever
  106. science

    Does sodium nitrate turn the phenolphthalein indicator pink ?

    asked by Deepak
  107. physics

    Si unit of specific inductive capacity?

    asked by Deepak
  108. physics

    A red racecar accelrates at a constant rate of 5 m/s2. How much time does it take to increase its speed from 50 m/s to 60 m/s? a. 17 s b. 0.058 s c. 0.25 s 2.0 s

    asked by Pimp
  109. math

    Flying against the wind, an airplane travels 5600 km in 8 hours. Flying with the wind, the same plane travels 9900 km in 9 hours.

    asked by stephanie
  110. Math "Need Help Asap"!

    11.)A soccer ball costs a store $29.50. what is the spelling price of the ball after a 35% markup? Round to the nearest cent.

    asked by #FreeGucci
  111. English

    1. Lift your hips with your head still on the floor. 2. Raise your hips with your head still on the floor. (Can we use 'Raise' instead of "Lift"? Are both the same?)

    asked by rfvv
  112. math

    If i put 75,000 in a trust fund how much would i have in 8 years

    asked by marsha
  113. math

    Find the volume of a cone in which d = 8 inch and h= 12 units?

    asked by What do I do please help
  114. Saint Hilary

    Jesse wants to use a recipe which calls for 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon to make as many cupcakes as he can. Jesse has only 1 tsp of cinnamon, so he cannot make a whole batch. What fraction of the batch can Jesse make if he uses all his cinnamon

    asked by Anonymous
  115. math

    If the first term in an arithmetic sequence is 15 and the tenth term is 69. What is the fourth term in the sequence?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. maths

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 142m. The length is 5m more than twice the width. Find the dimensions. length= width=

    asked by Amy
  117. Chemistry

    Complete the following equations: A) methyl butanone + oxygen ---> B) a pentagon + F2 ----->

    asked by Rose
  118. maths

    Rationalize the denominator 5/i

    asked by nihon
  119. chemistry

    How many grams of CO2 are evolved on heating 200 g of CaCO3.

    asked by anu mol
  120. chemistry

    How to calculate number of electrones in 18 ml of water givan that density of water is 1g/cc

    asked by anu mol
  121. Algebra II

    Given the triangle below, find sec X, tan X, and cos X in fraction form. *right triangle, hypotenuse goes from top right to bottom left, bottom side is longer than top side. Top right point is z, left point is X, bottom right angle (the right angle) is Y.

    asked by Denise
  122. maths

    euqation of two of regression are 4x+3y+7=0 and 3x=4y=8=0 the mean of x and y what is the answer

    asked by sujatha
  123. maths

    from a certain spot, the top of a triangle had an angle of elevation of 40 degree. move 15meter in a straight line towards the flag pole.Now to the top has an angle of elevation of 60degree.Find the height of the flagpole and it's distance from the second

    asked by basit
  124. Physics

    starting with the equation for resistors in parallel, prove that for two resistors R1 and R2, the equivalent total resistance (RT) is: Rt=R1R2/R1+R2 I kind of understand it, but it isn't giving me the right answer which should be the equation?

    asked by lomonoyan
  125. Math (Vectors)

    Determine the values of a and b in the following vectors for the indicated property. m= and n= and vector m is parallel to vector n. Thanks in advance!

    asked by Ray
  126. General Chemistry

    A 1/5 mmol (yes, millimol... no, it isn't a typo_ sample of XeFn h as a mass of 0.311 g. What is the value of n? The answer is 4, but why?

    asked by Kayla