Questions Asked on
May 25, 2016

  1. History

    Which answer best describes Andrew Jackson's view of a national bank? A)Jackson felt that a national bank should be more tightly regulated by the government. B)Jackson felt that a national bank was well within the rights of the federal government to

    asked by Rock on!
  2. school

    What effect does Sal’s visit with Margaret Cadaver have on her?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Algebra

    Since the opening night, attendance at Play A has increased steadily, while attendance at Play B first rose and then fell. Equations modeling the daily attendance y at each play are shown below, where x is the number of days since the opening night. On

    asked by Astral Tellurian
  4. algerba

    What is the value of the discriminant, b2 − 4ac, for the quadratic equation 0 = −2x2 − 3x + 8, and what does it mean about the number of real solutions the equation has? What are the solutions to the quadratic equation 4(x + 2)2 = 36 Mischa wrote the

    asked by chelsie
  5. math

    fatima bought 1200 eggs at rs.16 a dozen. At what price per hundred must she sell the eggs so as to earn a profit of 15%. plz its urgent very very urgent try to solve soon.....

    asked by jeo
  6. Health

    The straightening movement of muscles at a joint is referred to as Flexion Endurance Extension*** Stretching

    asked by Genna
  7. math help plsss plsss

    Decide which part of the quadratic formula tells you whether the quadratic equation can be solved by factoring. −b b^2 − 4ac 2a Use the part of the quadratic formula that you chose above and find its value, given the following quadratic equation: 4x^2

    asked by Oscar
  8. English

    Hey I need my answers checked to see if they're right. These answers are based off of the poem Sonnet 57 by William Shakespeare. 1. This poem is like many other Renaissance poems in its A. irrational purpose. B. Emphasis on love. C. rough humor. D. mood of

    asked by Justine
  9. Math

    Of 43 plays attributed to a playwright 16 are comedies, 15 are tragedies, 12 are histories. If one play is selected random find the odds against selecting a history?

    asked by Angela
  10. Health

    The term_____ refers to the bending movement around a joint. ~ Flexion ~ Endurance ~ Extension ~ Stretching

    asked by Becky
  11. English Help Asap!!

    Selection 1 There is good news and bad news about grizzly bears in the American West. The good news? Their numbers have been increasing in recent years. In 1975, grizzlies made the threatened-species list under the federal Endangered Species Act. The bad

    asked by Val
  12. Math

    Austin is building a rabbit pen with 25 feet of fence. What are the dimensions of the rectangle hr should build to have the greatest possible area

    asked by Sn
  13. algebra

    A survey of 70 Customers was taken at a bookstore regarding the types of books purchased. The survey found that 42 customers purchased mysteries, 34 purchased science fiction, 24 purchased romance novels, 18 purchased mysteries and science fiction, 12

    asked by angie
  14. Algebra II

    The sum of the reciprocals of two consecutive positive integers is 17/12. Write an equation that can be used to find the two integers. What are the integers?

    asked by Denise
  15. Probability

    Single die is rolled one time, find the probability of rolling a number greater than 3 or less than 2?

    asked by Angela
  16. Health

    ____ is the sum of body cell mass and extracellular mass fat lipid count Cellular total lean body mass***

    asked by Genna
  17. MATH

    Find the largest possible rectangular area you can enclose assuming you have 128 meters of fencing.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Language Arts Help!!

    10 MS. SMITH: {glossing over his misbehavior and adopting a serious tone as she hands Jason a piece of paper} Yes, ok. So, tell me your plan for the project. Have you consulted this project list yet? You really need to quit putting this off. You're the

    asked by Valerie
  19. math

    you deposit $200 in an account earning 3.5% simple interest. How long will it take for the balance of the account to $221?

    asked by Danielle
  20. @BK, aka Connexus Cheater

    Your posts have been deleted and you've been banned from posting on Jiskha.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  21. Physical Science

    How much heat is necessary to change 305g of ice at -11c to water at 20c

    asked by Marie
  22. Algebra

    The width of a rectangle is 10 inches less then it's length if the perimeter of the rectangle is 36 inches what is its Width in inches?

    asked by Bella
  23. la language arts

    Joe magarac, Man of steel 8. In section 1, what does the author mean when he says joe magarac is a folk hero? A. Joe was a real man who spent his whole life in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. B. Joe was a mysterious figure who vanished without a trace.* C.

    asked by jacob
  24. Math

    A committee of 5 people is to be formed from a group of 7 women and 4 men. How many possible committees can be formed if: the committee then must chose a president and a vice president, how many ways could these two positions be chosen? why is it

    asked by Cindy
  25. Math

    P is a point 2m above the ground and 15m away from a tower. The angle of elevation of the tower from P is 65 degrees. Calculate the height of the tower.

    asked by Angles of elevation
  26. History

    1) Which explains why the Compromise of 1850 intensified the argument about slavery? A)People for and against slavery migrated to Western states to influence laws. B)Free states in the West added more antislavery votes to Congress. C)The equal division of

    asked by Check work
  27. math

    If the first term in an arithmetic sequence is 15 and the tenth term is 69. What is the fourth term in the sequence?

    asked by rebecca
  28. Health

    There are many different ways to physically treat a medical condition rather than using prescribed drugs, select the method that apply below Answer Are Psychological Therapy*** Physical Therapy Cardiac Rehabilitation Massage Therapy*** there are three

    asked by London
  29. Chemistry

    what happens in a condensation reaction head-to-tail joining of monomers side-by-side joining of monomers cross-linking of monomers*** substitution of halogen

    asked by Amy
  30. Spanish

    The largest indigenous group in ecuador is ~Caranquí ~Pichincha ~Otaveleño ~Quechua

    asked by Becky
  31. Health

    the term ____ refers to the bending moment around a joint Flexion*** endurance extension stretching

    asked by Genna
  32. Probability

    Probability of selecting a red number given that the circle is yellow?

    asked by Angela
  33. Statistics

    A certain disease occurs in 4% of the population. A blood test for this disease shows a false positive 12% of the time. That means a test will show positive given that the person does not have the disease. What is the probability that a person tests

    asked by Ashley
  34. KOREA


    asked by APY QUEEN
  35. English

    How does Holmes solve the mystery in “The Red-headed League”? A. carefully and scientifically B. playfully C. cheerlessly D. eagerly and enthusiastically A?

    asked by quick help needed
  36. Math

    Leo wants to paint a mural that covers a wall with an area of 1734 swuate feet. The height of the eall is 2/3 of its length.What is the length and the height of the wall?

    asked by Mecca
  37. Reaction Engineering

    The irreversible elementary reaction 2A ---+ B takes place in the gas phase in an isothermal tubular (plug-Jlow) reactor. Reactant A and a diluent C are fed in equimolar ratio, and conversion of A is 80%. If the molar feed rate of A is cut in half, what is

    asked by Suleiman
  38. Math(PleaseHelp!)

    Consider the following conjecture: the sum of two even numbers will be even. A.) give three examples supporting the conjecture. (I gave 2+2=4 4+4=8 10+10=20) B.) Prove the conjecture( this is the part I need help with)

    asked by Heaven
  39. science

    If element X has 85 protons, how many electrons does it have? electrons

    asked by Anonymous
  40. English

    1) What is the principal part of the underlined verb in the sentence? I have never beaten my grandfather at chess. A. past B. past participle C. present D. present participle "beaten" is b past participle 2) What is the principal part of the underlined

    asked by Rochelle

    a shell of mass M moving with velocity v breaks into two fragments. one of the mass comes to rest. velocity of the second fragment is

    asked by Mariya
  42. U.S Histroy please help me

    one year ago 1. The states below were added to the Union during the decade following the War of 1812: Indiana (1816) Mississippi (1817) Illinois (1818) Alabama (1819) Maine (1820) Missouri (1821) Which statement best explains how the War of 1812

    asked by sav
  43. physics

    A body is thrown vertically upwards at an initial velocity of 30m/s. Find the velocity after 2s and the time it takes to reach the maximum height.(TAKE g equal 10m/s2(square).

    asked by josephafful
  44. Math

    3. 2x^2+6x-7x+8-3x^2+1 A. 2x^2+x+9 B. -2x^2-x-9 C. -x^2-x+9 D. x^2+9 4. What are the coefficents in the polynomial 4x^2+3x-3 A. 4,-3,-3 B. 4,3 C. 4,3,3 D. -4,-3 6. (7x^2-x-2)-(6x^3+3) A. 6x^3-+7x^2-x-5 B. -6x^3+7x^2-x+1 C. -x^3-x-5 D. x^2-x+1 7. Suppose

    asked by Gazelle
  45. Pre-Calc

    Find the probability for the experiment of selecting one card from a standard deck of 52 playing cards such that the card is a 10 or higher (aces are low). Is this 4/13?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    You roll a number cube twice. Find the probability of the event. Rolling a number less than 2 and then a number more than 6 Rolling an odd number then an even number Rolling a 7 then a 5

    asked by bella
  47. Health

    your exercise results will be better and you will be able to achieve your fitness goals if you change your routine every two to three weeks four to six weeks six months daily***

    asked by London


    asked by APY QUEEN
  49. College Algebra

    "Solve each equation. Round your answers to the nearest ten-thousandth." (These are my directions) Here is the equation: 3^n + 9 = 69 How do I solve this getting the answer asked for?

    asked by Ketrina
  50. Math

    What is the equation of direct variation given that y is 16 and x is 2?

    asked by Dsimmons
  51. physics

    if magnitude of sum of two unit vectors is root2 then find the magnitude of subtraction of these unit vectors

    asked by suraj
  52. Science

    What would the mass of five grams of salt mixed with twenty grams of water be?

    asked by Kenzie
  53. Math

    Consider the following conjecture: the sum of two even numbers will be even. A.) Prove the conjecture

    asked by Heaven
  54. physics

    A diffraction grating with 1000 slits/cm is oriented parallel to the y-axis and its center is located on the x-axis at x = -5.00 m. A source of light of wavelength 650 nm is located on the x-axis at x = -125 m. At how many locations does constructive

    asked by Chad
  55. Chemistry

    Why must not the condensed water drip into the flask?

    asked by Vaisamoa Tokauea
  56. Math

    Which is equivalent to this expression -4(-3x)+5(-7) A. -12x + 35 B. 12x - 35 C. -7x + 12 D. 7x - 12 Which is equivalent to the inequality shown below? X/2 /= 7.5 B X /= -30 D X

    asked by Anon
  57. Physics

    Waves are coming towards your boat at a speed of 4 m/s, you are standing on the fish scale and notice that the reading on the scale changes up and down such that the lowest scale reading is ½ of the maximum scale reading. If the total vertical distance

    asked by Anonymous
  58. English

    The fifth grade class was 3/5 boys. Of those boys, 4/6 had brown hair. What fraction were boys and had brown hair?

    asked by Ethan
  59. Chemistry

    aluminum hydroxide is decomposed to form aluminum oxide and water. if 2.23 moles of water are formed then how many of aluminum oxide are formed. how many grams of aluminum hydroxide must have been.decomposed?

    asked by Alisha
  60. Social Studies

    Where do most people in Venezuela live. A) On farms B) in cities C) on oil rigs D) In the southern tip of the country. I think it is A.

    asked by Sherlock
  61. Math

    Find slope of the tangent like when x=1 and y=12

    asked by Lilly
  62. Math- Prob Stat

    In a Gallop Poll, 35% 18-23 year old's stated that they believe in ghosts. Find the probability that out of 16 students aged 18-23: A. Exactly 5 said they believed in ghosts. B. Exactly 5 said they do not believe in ghosts. C.Less than 11 said they do not

    asked by Kate
  63. Please help me with this math

    Solve for x. and show your work. -3x+5 less than or equal to -22 Note:where it says "less than or equal to" its the less than or equal to sign. Please help me!

    asked by Miracle
  64. math

    Use the percent of change to find the new amount. $104 increased by 22% 120 brushes decreased by 25%

    asked by Darcy
  65. Algebra II

    Taylor wants a used car, he would like for it to have a working air conditioner and less than 75,000 miles on it . Of the 200 cars ads he looked at, 60% have less than 75,000 miles. Of these low-mileage cars 65% had a working air conditioner. Of the cars

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  66. Algebra II

    If one leg of a right triangle is 5 times the square root of 3 centimeters, and the hypotenuse is 2 more than the other leg, what is the length of the other leg? While it does say please show my work, I literally have NO idea how to solve this, and this is

    asked by Trip
  67. English

    What is the mood of the poem, The Husband's Message?

    asked by Justine
  68. math

    1. Original price: $92 Discount: 15% What is the sale price? 2. Original price: $110 Sale price: $91.30 What is the discount? 3. Discount: 33% Sale price: $134.00 What is the original price? 4. Cost to store: $32 Markup: 16% What is the selling price?

    asked by jamie
  69. Math

    5+x=59 What is x

    asked by Anonymous
  70. physics

    a submarine fitted with a SONAR system operates at a frequency 50kHz. An enwmy submarine is now moving towards it with a speed of 450km/hr. Find the frequency of the sound received back at the SONAR from the enemy submarine. Velocity of sound in water is

    asked by please Help urgently
  71. math

    An account earns annual simple interest. Find the balance of the account. $250 at 4% for 1 year = $260 $2000 at 9% for 6 months = $?

    asked by Caroline
  72. Physics

    The string is 0.95 m long with tension 8.00 N. The total mass of the string is 12.34 g. Find the period of the oscillation.

    asked by Kevin
  73. Math

    If a pulse is 20 beats in 15 second what is the pulse for 1 min.

    asked by Jj
  74. Physics

    A transverse wave traveling in a string takes 1.40 s to move 13.2 m. The mass of a 8.50 m piece of the string is 1.60 kg. What is the tension in the string?

    asked by Kevin
  75. World history answer CHECK

    stars*** by my answer 1. President Ronald Reagan's economic theory which assumed if taxes were reduced, people will work more having more spending money, and the economy would grow was called "Reaganomics." Identify the economic theory which Reaganomics is

    asked by Abe
  76. physics

    Four copper wires of equal length are connected in series. Their cross-sectional areas are 0.96 cm^2, 2.02 cm^2, 2.90 cm^2, and 5.06 cm^2. A potential difference of 116 V is applied across the combination. Determine the voltage across the 2.02 cm^2 wire.

    asked by vivian
  77. Security

    What portion of the airport is designed and used for landing, take off, or surface maneuvering of aircraft? A. Control tower B. Air operations area C. Control functions area D. Exclusive area im confused between A and C

    asked by Amy
  78. Pre-Cal

    Solve the equation for the indicated variable: (ax+b)/(cx+d)=6 , Solve for X

    asked by Dom
  79. penn foster

    1. A 30 kg dog is receiving fluids at a rate of 40 mL/hour. It needs a drug added to 500 mL of fluids so that it receives 2 mg/kg each hour. The drug has a strength of 2%. What volume of drug will you add? A.15ml B.37.5ml C.12.5ml D.3ml

    asked by Shelby
  80. Pre-Cal

    Find all Real solutions of the Equation: (ENter as comma sparated answers, if there are no real solutions then just leave as NRS) x^(4/3)-9x^(2/3)+14=0 x=?

    asked by Dom
  81. math

    7x + 5 8x + 9 find the value of x so that both the sum of the equations equal 180 when added together.

    asked by sierra
  82. Chemistry

    What assures that there is no charge build up in a voltaic cell as oxidation and reduction occur? one of the half cells the electrolyte solutions*** the moving electrons the salt bridge

    asked by Genna
  83. Maths

    x^3-x-2=0 correct to six decimal places by newton raphson method

    asked by Anonymous
  84. math

    A picture is copied onto a sheet of paper 8 inches by 10 inches. A 2-inch margin is left all around the picture. Find the length, width, and area of the picture. Length = 10 inches Width = 8 inches Area = 80 inches squared am i right?

    asked by John
  85. math

    when 2 is added to both the numerator and denominator, of a positive fraction, the fraction thus obtained is 3/5. If the denominator is 6 more than the numerator,what is the original value of the denominator?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Math

    148 percent out of 250%

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    Shoes are on sale for 15% off with an addition of another sale adding 25%. The shoes start at $80.00.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Math

    1.what payment methods borrow money from a financial institution 2.what payment methods does not borrow money from a financial institution

    asked by Siarp
  89. math

    A triangle has side lengths of 6 inches, 10 inches, 8 inches. How many triangles are possible?

    asked by Finn
  90. Math

    To get to school, you need to walk 9 blocks south and then 12 blocks east. What's the diagonal distance from the start.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. english

    In the book of Julius Caesar, Marc Antony is against Caesar of becoming king. Are there any textual evidence from the book to prove this???

    asked by Clarissa
  92. math

    an airplane flies at 150 mph and heads N 30 degrees east. A 40 mph wind blows it in the direction S 30 degrees E. What is the planes resultant velocity

    asked by barry
  93. math

    Growing up you lived in a country village. When you left for college, the population was 840. You recently heard that the population has grown by 5%. What is the present population?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. math

    Marie is using a rectangular box to ship a framed painting to a friend. The box is 20 inches wide, 24 inches long and 6 inches deep. What is the surface area of the box?

    asked by carl
  95. banglur

    calculate the molality of sulfuric acid in which the mole fraction of water is .85

    asked by jenny
  96. math

    Joan is going on a bike trip. She plans to ride 9 miles in 45 minutes. At what rate mi/min must she travel?

    asked by help
  97. math

    fatima bought 1200 eggs at rs.16 a dozen. At what price per hundred must she sell the eggs so as to earn a profit of 15%. /////****urgent****////

    asked by sad
  98. World History

    What is the brezhnev doctrine?

    asked by Mary Poppins
  99. math

    A scale drawing of an American flag is 14 inches long and 6 inches tall. The actual flag is 3 feet tall. a. True or False, the scale of the drawing is 2 in. : 1 ft. is it false? b. What is the perimeter of the american flag in the scale drawing? c. What is

    asked by valentina
  100. math

    In a box filled with 60 colored chips, 1/6 are blue, 1/2 are white, 1/4 are yellow, and 1/2 are purple. Find the probability of picking at random a purple chip or a white chip?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    the larger of two numbers is three times the smaller number, and their difference id 34. find the two numbers.

    asked by mike
  102. Religious Studies

    I have to answer this question for homework: Are there better teachings than those of the Buddha? I was wondering if I could be prompted in the right direction for people who agree with this statement and why and vice versa. Thank you!

    asked by Stoof
  103. Socials studies

    What were the effected of having to use rivers to complete such long journey? Help plss

    asked by Jay
  104. Chemistry

    In the most common dry cell what material is the electrode that is the center rod made of? copper graphite iron*** zinc

    asked by Genna
  105. chemistry

    add any reducing agent to kmno4+k2cr2O7+k1 and reconcile the charges and equations

    asked by omowhe
  106. physics

    A stone is thrown up with a velocity of 39.2 at an angle of 30° above the horizontal find at what times, it will be at a height of 14.7

    asked by jabulani
  107. Physics

    A ball thrown vertically upward and return in20 seconds.find the velocity and the maximum height with explanation

    asked by Karan
  108. History

    Which of these indicated that the Tang Dynasty had lost the Mandate of Heaven? a. military defeats, rebellions, and economic troubles b. earthquakes, economic troubles, and isolationism c. rebellions, mass migrations, and military dictators

    asked by Please Help
  109. Math

    What size cylinder do I need to hold a volume of 800 in3 of shirts and hats(The cylinder must hold that volume)

    asked by Matt
  110. Chemistry

    Balance the following redox equation using the oxidation number change method. Describe each step that is involved: Al(s) + PbSO4 - - > Al2(SO4)3 + Pb(s)

    asked by Genna
  111. chem

    How many grams of NaOH are required to make a 1000ppm solution of Na+ ions

    asked by louise
  112. math

    Sandra has some money she spends 2/7 of it on a book & she spends 2/5 of the remaining money on a bag Sandra has $15 left how much did she have to start

    asked by olivia
  113. math

    The wheel in the figure has a diameter of 1 yard. The wheel is rolled forward as shown until the point marked A has undergone exactly one revolution around the wheel's axis. What number is represented by the distance in yards that the wheel has traveled

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Economics

    A description of the market form in which producers operate a detailed explanation,with graphs,of How the price of milk would have been determined in the absence of government involvement in the market a detailed explanation,with graphs,to show how this

    asked by Zandile
  115. math

    Angle A measures (x + 6) °. Angle B is complementary to angle A and measures (3x - 8) °. find the value of x and the measures of each angle

    asked by illia
  116. English

    Let's do gymnastics. This is a side exercise. Stand up, and put your legs apart at the shoulder width. Bend your body westward as you raise your right hand toward your armpit. Bend your body westward one more time as you raise your right hand above your

    asked by rfvv
  117. Math

    You have wood donated from Home Depot to build a booth to sell the shirts and hats from, but you need to provide dimensions for the panels. They are 4 feet high and come in a variety of lengths. The space you have to build your triangular stand is a 5ft by

    asked by Matt
  118. science

    If a steel-density is 7.8g\cm is put in water, will it float or sink

    asked by Ayanda Mayisela
  119. Math

    Create a container to store extra shirts and hats. Some shirts and hats get sold and no one comes to pick them up. They must be stored for next year. What size cylinder do I need to hold a volume of 800 in3 of shirts and hats(The cylinder must hold that

    asked by Matt
  120. Math

    You have wood donated from Home Depot to build a booth to sell the shirts and hats from, but you need to provide dimensions for the panels. They are 4 feet high and come in a variety of lengths. The space you have to build your triangular stand is 5 ft by

    asked by Matt


    asked by APY QUEEN
  122. English

    1. Live a harmonious life with others. 2. Live harmoniously with others. 3. Get along with others. 4. Don't stay with negative people for a long time. 5. Don't spend time with negative people too often. 6. Don't argue with your friends frequently. (There

    asked by rfvv
  123. Algrebra

    A new high school has just been opened, with an enrollment of 1000 students. The school has 1000 lockers, numbered 1 to 1000, to accommodate them. On the first day of school all 1000 lockers are closed. The first student enters the school and opens all of

    asked by Anonymous
  124. algebra 1

    Use the following statement to answer parts a) and b). One hundred raffle tickets are sold for $3 each. One prize is to be awarded. Raul purchases one ticket. a). Determine his expected value. b). The fair price of a ticket is?

    asked by angie
  125. age problems(please help)

    A teacher has two students, one three times as old as the other. The teacher is five times as old as the older student, and in 5 years she will be five times as old as her younger student. Find the teacher’s present age.

    asked by lila
  126. earth science

    state the mostly reason for the differences in the weathering rate of the three rock materials

    asked by Celest
  127. Quick physics help

    what does a mirror do to images that it reflects

    asked by Anonymous
  128. Teacher aid

    To find the ZPD of given student you must

    asked by Preet
  129. Pre alg

    Simplify: 3x^2+6-2x+5x-4x^2+9 A.-x^2+3x+15 B.7x^2+3x+3 C.x^2-3x+15 D.-x^2+7x+15 I think it's D.

    asked by Em
  130. Math

    There is an expression some people use that says, “What you put into it is what you get out of it.” People might use this expression to describe your skills at a sport or activity and how that relates to the amount of time and effort you spend

    asked by Princess
  131. math

    what is 875 multiplied by 3/2?

    asked by Jessie
  132. math-need sir-steve badly asap

    show that L{f(t)}=f(s) then L{e^(kt)}.f{(t)}=f(s-k) where k=costant L=laplace transformation

    asked by dam
  133. English

    There are many famous places in Busan. I'd like to introduce two of them. One is Busan Children's Grand Park in Busanjin-gu. Many kids and their parents visit the park to have a good time. Children can ride a rollercoaster. It is thrilling to be in a

    asked by rfvv
  134. math

    Megan had a gross pay last week of $980.00. If her total deductions were $161.35, what was her net pay?

    asked by rachelle
  135. Math

    A lecture hall has 108 chairs arranged in rows with the same number of chairs in each row. You eliminate three rows by adding six chairs to each of the other rows. How many rows are there now ? How many chairs are in each row ?

    asked by Lim
  136. math

    An account earns annual simple interest. Find the balance of the account. $2000 at 9% for 6 months = $

    asked by Caroline
  137. English

    From “The Carolina Way” what is the following quote an example of? “ I made them understand that our plan would fall apart if they didn’t take care of one another: set screens; play team defense; box out; pass to the open man.” A. cultural

    asked by quick help needed
  138. Algebra

    Write an equation for a parabola with a vertex at the origin and a focus at ( -4,0 ). a) 𝑦 = −1/4𝑥2 b) 𝑦 = − 1/16x2 c) 𝑥 = − 1/4y2 d) 𝑥 = −1/16y2 I think it's A. Any help?

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  139. math

    a box contains 3 red,2 blue,and 1 yellow marble. john picks a marble, does not put it replace it, then his brother tom picks a marble make a probability tree for the outcomes

    asked by shalomi
  140. Math

    The pressure P of a gas varies inversely with its volume, V. Pressure is measured in units of Pa. Suppose that A particular amount of a gas is initially at a pressure of 104 Pa at a volume of 108 L. If the volume is expanded to 432 L , what will the new

    asked by Bella
  141. math plz help my last chance to do this homework

    a) write an expression in simplest form for the perimeter of each triangle. b)write another expression in simplest form that shows the difference between the perimeter of the larger triangle and the perimeter of the smaller triangle.

    asked by sarah
  142. Math/ more ratios

    Sam, Jimmy, And Andre shared a number of pennies in the ratio 6:5:7. Sam and Andre received a total of 754 pennies. How many more pennies did Jimmy receive than Andre? This doesn't make sense!! Please help. I hate ratios so much but if someone could help

    asked by Catania
  143. Math

    The heights of Japanese maple trees are normally distributed with a mean of 6 meters and a standard deviation of 0.2 meter. What percent of Japanese maple trees are between 5.5 meters and 6.7 meters tall?

    asked by Joe
  144. Math/ ratios/ Fractions/ Singapore Math

    Holly and Ross had a total of $60. After holly spent 1/4 of her money and Ross spent $5, the ratio of Holly's money became 1:2. How much more money did Ross have at the beginning?

    asked by Catania
  145. physics

    the range of a rifle bullet is 100m, when thither is the angle of projection if the bullet is fired withe the same angle from a car traveling at 36km/h towards the target, show that the range will increase by 100/7 squire root of tan thither

    asked by jabulani
  146. physic

    three cell of 2.0, .5,1.8v are connected in series. if their battery are connected to an external resistance 4 ohms. calculated the total current flowing in the circuit

    asked by Arghadeep sarma
  147. Math

    It was observed that the shadow of a vertical pole of 6 meters longer when the angle of elevation of the sun was 30° than when it was 60°.By means of a sketched diagram,calculate,correct to two decimal places,the height of the pole.

    asked by Evans
  148. physics

    a gun,kept on straight horizontal ground is used to hit a car, traveling along the same road away from the gun with a uniform speed of 72km/h.The car is at a distance of 500m from the gun. when the gun is fired at an angle of 45 degrees with the

    asked by jabulani
  149. Algebra

    For each of the following expressions, determine all of the values of k that allow the trinomial to be factored over the integers. A) x^2 + kx - 19 B) 25x^2 + kx + 49 C) x^2 + kx + 8

    asked by Sylvia
  150. Chemistry

    What is the change in enthalpy of the following reaction? 2NaBr(aq) + PbCl2(aq) 2NaCl(aq) + PbBr2(aq) Given: NaCl: ∆H = -411 kJ NaBr: ∆H = -360 kJ PbCl2: ∆H = -359 kJ PbBr2: ∆H = -277 kJ Im lost with this. Everytime I try to do it, it doesn't come

    asked by Kat
  151. Math

    On a centimeter dot grid, draw all the possible rectangles with a perimeter of 14 cm and sides whose lengths are whole centimeters. Label the lengths of two adjacent sides of each rectangle.

    asked by Martha
  152. Algebra II

    Taylor wants a used car, he would like for it to have a working air conditioner and less than 75,000 miles on it . Of the 200 cars ads he looked at, 60% have less than 75,000 miles. Of these low-mileage cars 65% had a working air conditioner. Of the cars

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  153. Pre-cal

    Solving the principle values of x of the equation 4cos^2x-3=0

    asked by Wendy
  154. science

    How many grams of zinc chloride are required to react with 15 grams of aluminum metal to create aluminum chloride and zinc metal?

    asked by Strawberry
  155. Chemistry

    Which atom has a change in oxidation number of –3 in the following redox reaction? K2Cr2O7 + H2O + S - - > KOH + Cr2O3 + SO2 Cr^+3 - - > Cr2O7^-2 Fe^+2 - - > Fe^+3 Fe^+3 - - > Fe^+2 Cr2O7^-2 - -> Cr^+3***

    asked by Lara
  156. Chemistry

    When it comes to something being spontaneous, what does it mean? I know its something that goes out without no outside force or something like that but what are example of something that is spontaneous ?

    asked by Kat
  157. Physics

    Two positive charged spheres, one with 2 times the charge of the other are 38 cm apart. The net force between them is 0.77 N. What is the charge on the lesser charged sphere?

    asked by Becca
  158. Chemistry

    Of the following metals, which ions are most easily reduced? aluminum*** iron mercury potassium

    asked by Lara
  159. precal

    The product of two numbers is 48 and the sum of their reciprocal a is 1/3. Determine the value of the two numbers.

    asked by Veronica
  160. Physics

    Waves are coming towards your boat at a speed of 4 m/s, you are standing on the fish scale and notice that the reading on the scale changes up and down such that the lowest scale reading is ½ of the maximum scale reading. If the total vertical distance

    asked by Anonymous
  161. Spanish

    Which of the following countries is not part of Caribbean basin? ~Mexico ~Ecuador ~República Dominicna ~Cuba

    asked by Becky
  162. math

    a ________ represnts 25% of the data

    asked by hannah
  163. algebra

    assume kylie and caitlyn were extremely accurate and the correlation coefficient is r= 0.99. Find the line of best fit to model the data

    asked by Anonymous
  164. math

    A water pitcher contains 2323 gallon of water. You add 5757 gallon of water to the pitcher. How much water does the pitcher contain? Write the answer in simplest form.

    asked by yuo
  165. math

    20% of 200 is what number? 5% of what number is 8.5? What percent of 400 is 60?

    asked by ana
  166. Chemistry

    In the zinc-copper cell, Zn(s) | Zn^+2(1M) || Cu^+2(1M) | Cu(s), which electrode is negative Cu^+2 Cu(s) Zn(s) Zn^+2***

    asked by Lara
  167. math

    constract a triangle whose perimeter is 12.5cm and base angles are 60degree and 80degree?

    asked by anzar
  168. Computer

    I wana make a ppt slide of 17 pages about punjab

    asked by Prashant
  169. Chemistry

    The bond angle of water is decreased from 109Degree 28' to 104Degree 24',why?

    asked by Pappu kumar sah