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May 15, 2016


    which statement best summarizes chapter 11, the Giver 1. Jonas and the Receiver read about snow and other types of weather not found in the community. 2. Jonas experiences tiny pinpricks of snow that touch his body and melt on his tongue. 3. The Receiver

    asked by Wheee
  2. Math

    You start a search for a buried object by marking the center of a filed as (0,0), with coordinates giving distances in yards. Coordinates to the north or east are positive and coordinates to the south or west are negative. You find nothing at (-12,8), so

    asked by Please Help
  3. physics

    A body thrown upward from ground covers equal distance in 4th and 7th second . With what initial velocity body was projected ?

    asked by omna
  4. English

    one year ago 2. Read the following sentence from Betty Bonham Lies retelling of myth of Orpheus and Eurydice: "Orpheus's music was so compelling that even the ice-hard heart of Hades melted" What is the effect of the hyperbole in this quote? a.) It

    asked by Hello
  5. Algebra

    1.Since opening night, attendance at Play A has increased steadily, while attendance at Play B first rose and then fell. Equations modeling the daily attendance y at each play are shown below, where x is the number of days since opening night. On what

    asked by GummyBears16
  6. chemistry

    The pressure of the earth's atmosphere at sea level is 14.7 lb/in2. What is the pressure when expressed in kg/m2? (2.54 cm = 1 in., 2.205 lb = 1 kg) 2.62×102 kg/m2 5.02×104 kg/m2 4.30×10-3 kg/m2 2.09×10-2 g/m2 1.03×104 kg/m2

    asked by Ha
  7. Math (Statistics)

    Determine whether a probability distribution is given. If a probability distribution is given, find its mean and standard deviation. If a probability distribution is not given, identify the requirements that are not satisfied. 8. Male Color Blindness: When

    asked by Lexi


    asked by EUPHEMIA
  9. Math

    Cesar's sixth- grade class sorted books in the library. The class sorted 45 books in 90 minutes. Write an equivalent ratio to find how long it would take to sort 120 books.

    asked by Milo
  10. Statistics

    In a poll, respondents were asked whether they had ever been in a car accident. 220 respondents indicated that they had been in a car accident and 370 respondents said that they had not been in a car accident. If one of these respondents is randomly

    asked by Kimmie ;)
  11. math

    Dina and Masha start out on a bike path 10 km long at the same time. When Dina reaches the end of the 10 km, Masha still has 2 km left to bike. If Dina’s biking speed is 5 km/h, find Masha’s biking speed.

    asked by elizabeth
  12. Chemistry

    Which of the following orbitals designations are not possible? explain why. A: 8s, 2d, 7p, 4f, 1f. B: 3f, 6p, 3d,1p, 8d.

    asked by Erickson Warea
  13. algebra/trigonometry

    A kite and a height of 75 meters from the ground is attached to a string inclined at 60 degrees to the horizontal. How do you find the length of the string to the nearest meter?

    asked by Christie
  14. Math

    Jerry spent 1/5 of his allowance on a book and 3/8 of the remainder of his allowance for a pen.jerry remained with $12.00.calculate: (A)jerry's allowance. (B)the cost of the book. (C)the cost of the pen.

    asked by Josiah
  15. Statistics Homework

    10. In a Microsoft Instant Messaging survey, respondents were asked to choose the ,most fun way to flirt, and the accompanying table is based on the results. X P(x) E-mail 0.06 In person 0.55 Instant Messaging 0.24 Text Messaging 0.15

    asked by Lexi
  16. Medical Transcription Editing

    'Sensory was intact to light touch proprioception and pinprick.' I marked the prepositions 'was' and 'to' in this sentence and was marked incorrect. Advice please?

    asked by Jan
  17. maths

    Divide 54 into two parts such that one part is 2/7 find the other

    asked by rohit
  18. java programming

    Test Average and Grade Write a program that asks the user to enter five test scores. The program should display a letter grade for each score and the average test score. Write the following methods in the program: • calcAverage—This method should

    asked by ignatius
  19. Grammar

    'The genitourinary exam was unremarkable, with a circumcised !@#$%^&.' Verbs: 'was' and 'with'?

    asked by Jan
  20. Science

    1. Massive amounts of destructive energy are released when a nuclear fission bomb explodes. Where does that energy come from? a) A chain reaction occurs when uranium atoms split, releasing nuclear energy. b) Molecules break down, releasing chemical energy.

    asked by Lez
  21. Medical Transcription Editing

    'He suffered an injury to his knee and this is causing him pain and discomfort'. What are the verbs in this sentence PLEASE? I think they are 'suffered' and 'causing' but I was marked 'incorrect' .. I'm at a loss!

    asked by Jan
  22. Algebra

    1. Simplify the rational expression State any excluded values. 7x-14/x-2 A.x B.7;where x≠7 C.7;where x≠2**** D.0 I know its between B and C but I'm not sure what the -->≠ is really asking me for but I think the answer is C, please help

    asked by GummyBears
  23. English Please Help

    In this discussion, you will post issues related to competition and conflict. Refer to the texts in this section, other text you have read, and your personal experience and knowledge to support your ideas. Begin your discussion by addressing the following

    asked by Markus
  24. science

    A gaseous compound containing carbon and hydrogen was analyzed and found to cons ist of between 80 and 90 percent carbon by mass. At 145ºC and 1.00 atm, the density of this compound is 2.45 g/L. What is the molar mass of the compound?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Medical Transcription Editing

    'The patient had anorexia though he denied any nausea or vomiting' .. I marked the verb in this sentence as 'denied' but it was marked 'incorrect' .. please help!!

    asked by Jan
  26. Algebra

    1 Multiply. Give your answer in standard form. (2n^2-7n+2)(3n+1) A)6n^3-23n^2-n+2 B)6n^3-19n^2-n+2 C)6n^3-19n^2-13n+2**** D)6n^3+23n^2+13n+2 I think the answer is C, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    asked by GummyBears
  27. life orientation

    Critically discuss six ways in which the human rigths violation imapcts on individuals and groups and the consequences that the human rigths violation have on the individual as well as on your community of south africa human trafficking

    asked by vensil
  28. Language Arts

    A Surprising Point of View: A Television Play in Two Acts Characters: (in order of appearance) 1. JASON: a boy of about 14. He is a student in Ms. Smith’s English class. He regularly misbehaves in order to get attention, and he doesn’t apply himself to

    asked by Scarlet
  29. chemistry

    The local weather forecaster reports that the current barometric pressure is 29.5 inches of mercury. What is the current pressure in atmospheres? 9.99 atm 3.93 atm 0.986 atm 883 atm 1.00 atm

    asked by Ha
  30. geography

    Social effects of poor service delivery.

    asked by Cynthia
  31. Statistics

    The time it takes me to wash the dishes is uniformly distributed between 11 minutes and 17 minutes. What is the probability that washing dishes tonight will take me between 12 and 14 minutes? Give your answer accurate to four decimal places.

    asked by Vic
  32. Life orientantion

    Identify human rights violation or discriminations and explain in and introductory paragraph why you choose the specific human rights violation or discrimination

    asked by Lesedi
  33. English

    Speech about traditional healers should be allowed to practice and prescribe medicines in hospitals and clinics and I agree with this topic.

    asked by Sarah
  34. math

    An ancient Korean drinking game involves a 14-sided die. The players roll the die in turn and must submit to whatever humiliation is written on the up-face: something like "Keep still when tickled on face." Six of the 14 faces are squares. Let's call them

    asked by AnonYmous
  35. maths

    a man walks 50m on a bearing 25 degree and then 200m due far is she from her starting point

    asked by usendash
  36. math

    A sample poll of 100 voters chosen at random from all voters in a given district indicated that 55% of them were in favor of a particular candidate.Find confidence limits for the proportion of all the voters in favor of this candidate. a.95% b.99.73%

    asked by Ras
  37. Math

    A child's. Dose for cefadroxil is 30mg/kg body weight once a day for 14 days.what is the smallest bottle that will provide. Enough medication to last 14 days. If child weighs 44 lbs.

    asked by Denise
  38. Mech. Engr./Dynamics/Physics/Math

    A ball is dropped with a velocity v0 and an angle alpha with the vertical onto the top step of a flight of stairs consisting of 10 steps. The ball rebounds and bounces down the steps where the coefficient of restitution between ball and step is e=0.6. The

    asked by Jay
  39. English p3

    Traditional healers should be allowed to practice and prescribe medicines in hospitals and clinics and i agree with this topic. Speech should be in one page.

    asked by Sarah
  40. chemistry

    a mixture of O2 and gas "Y" (mol wt. 80) in the mole ratio a:b has a mean molecular weight 40.. what would be mean molecular weight,if the gases are mixed in the ratio b:a under identical conditions? (gases are non reacting)

    asked by kasturi
  41. life orientation

    are individuals empowered and do they understand their human rights or when their rights of others are being violated? provide 5 reasons for your analysis and standpoint

    asked by rethabile
  42. Economics

    Checking to see if I got these right. The ones I selected are marked with an * 1. The price paid for the use of capital is called (Points : 1) mortgage payment. rent. profit. wages. *interest. 2. Capital consists of (Points : 1) stocks and bonds. the

    asked by Mike
  43. Physics

    A 1370-kg car is skidding to a stop along a horizontal surface. The car decelerates from 27.6 m/s to a rest position in 3.15 seconds. What is the frictional force that the skidding car experiences?

    asked by De'Andra
  44. Grammar

    Are these the verbs in this sentence, please help?! 'The patient is alert and oriented and has normal mental status exam.' Verbs: 'is alert' - 'oriented' Thank you.

    asked by Jan
  45. physics

    Weight of metal ball in air is 96N. when it immersed in water then its apparent weight is 72N. What is density of metal?

    asked by Akarsh Singh
  46. matha literacy,business studies,Tourism,Accountin

    Describe Xenophobia

    asked by Thembisa Anita Mangweni
  47. Math

    5x - 3 = 7x + 11 x=-4 3w -4 = w+8 w =6 Please check. Thanks

    asked by David
  48. Life Orientation

    What are 4 factors that threaten the core functions of the media? Please help!

    asked by Cassy
  49. Math

    Four friends went out to dinner.The total bill was 97.38 one of your friends has a coupon for 35 percent off and the group left a 18precent tip if each person payed the same amount how much did each person pay?

    asked by Randomkod
  50. geography

    Discuss laws, legislation relevant to the issue you ar e discussing and the extent to which these laws protect the individual against human rights violations

    asked by nelly
  51. Life orientation

    3 human rights violations or discrimination and explain in an introductory paragraph why you choose the specific human rights violations or discrimination

    asked by Nancy
  52. math

    4.1 the diagram below shows part of the graph of f where f(X)--a cos bx. 4.1.1 determine the values of a and b

    asked by Katlego
  53. Chemistry

    Calculate the heat required to convert 5gm of ice at 0oc into 5gm of steam at 100oc.

    asked by Siddharth
  54. SS

    Why did conflict most likely result even as people in the region gained more democratic freedoms? A. The collapse of communist rule left a vacuum of power B. Freedom of speech encourage more people to voice their opinion C. Economic liberty lead to greater

    asked by Pls help asap
  55. Chemistry

    I know this is pretty general, but it is the question. What can you say about the energy spread of the radiation emitted by an atomic gas?

    asked by Noah
  56. Science

    The temperature of a silver bar rises by 10. 0°c when it absorbs 1230 jof energy by heat. The made of the bar is 525 g. Determine the specific heat of silver.

    asked by Kathryn Moore
  57. maths

    the base of a given triangular prism is a right angled triangle with AB=5cm,AC=12cm and the height of the prism =20cm. Angle A=90 degrees so calculate the surface area of the prism

    asked by thapelo
  58. Math

    Tap A can fill a tank in 8 minutes while tap B empties it in 9 minutes. How long will the tank be full if the two taps are opened at the same time?

    asked by Titus
  59. Math

    Mr.Marshal spent his salary of $8400 in the following manner: Rental.........1/5 Food...........1/10 Bank...........1/4 Miscellaneous.....the remainder. Calculate the following: (A)what fraction of the money was spent on MISCELLANEOUS. (B)How much did he

    asked by Josiah
  60. physic

    Two forces of magnitude 4.ON ans 7.0N act on a small object b. The angle btw the direction along which the force is 50 degree.determine the magnitude *nd direction of d resultant force on d body b.

    asked by samuel

    evaluate the physical, social and economic consequences of this crime to the offender. how did this corruption and fraud impact negatively in the country: 1 to 2 pages please help me

    asked by kamogelo
  62. Math

    At the Highland Hotel 578 of the 850 employees work directly with the guess. What percent of employees work directly with the guests? How do I figure it out?

    asked by Auntie
  63. science

    1 evaluate the market failure in south Africa 2 base your argument on south african context and also outline its effects thereof 3 evaluate at least four types of market failure and also how the government should correct the market failure 4 use

    asked by unarine
  64. physic

    Two forces 5N and 10N act on a body in the direction due North and east respectively at an angle 75 degree. Calculate the resultant force of the inclined angle.

    asked by samuel
  65. chemistry

    assuming the volume of h2so4 needed to completely neutralize naoh of concentration 0.2m is 23.50ml take the volume of base to be 2ml question write a balance equation for the neutralization calculate the concentration of the acid what indicator can be used

    asked by chiemelie
  66. SS

    Which issue has most contributed to conflicts in Bosnia since the 1990s? A. The end of communism B. Ethnic differences C. Economic hardship D. Free market competition

    asked by Pls help asap
  67. physics

    A ball of mass 100 g travelling with a velocity of 100 m/s collides with another ball of mass 400 g moving at 50 m/s in the same direction. If they stick together, calculate: (i) their common velocity (ii) loss of enery and hence state the type collision

    asked by somay
  68. Math

    What's nine minus three divided by a third plus one

    asked by Joe
  69. Math Probability problem

    Tony has 3 jackets and 2 shirts and 2 pants. He wants to wear three items every day. How many outfits he can choose of the same clues and/or of different clues

    asked by Lara
  70. English

    The traditional African marriage is an advantage for man only ,not women

    asked by nosipho
  71. physics

    Two spools with equal radii and equal masses are wound onto opposite ends of a massless string, the center of which is then hung over a massless, frictionless pulley, as in the diagram to the right. The spool on the left is a solid cylinder, while the one

    asked by ChrismB
  72. college chemistry

    If the temperature of argon gas is 400 K and the average velocity of argon is twice that of radon what is the temperature of radon gas?

    asked by ian
  73. Geography

    Centrifugal forces drive people and businesses to move out of the CBD

    asked by Yeses matips
  74. Percent

    Price with tip is $46 Percent tip : 15% Total bill before tip?

    asked by Ana
  75. Science (chemistry)

    If 1mile of methane(CH4) is releases 890 kJ/mole, how much energy is released per gram of methane?

    asked by Ambrosia
  76. Physics

    a westward force of 20 N acts on a 2.0 kg object moving eastward at 60 m/s for 2.0 s. What is the resulting velocity?

    asked by Dwaipayan
  77. Physical science

    An alpha particle is identical to A) a neutron B) a helium nucleus C) an electron or D) a hydrogen nucleus

    asked by Angela
  78. physics

    A circle is cut out of a uniform piece of plywood. How does the rotational inertia measured around a point on its outer edge compare with the rotational inertia about its central axis? a. The two rotational inertias are the same. b. The rotational inertia

    asked by ChrismB
  79. Math

    What the relationship that happens between the increase of the length of the side and area or perimeter

    asked by Sandy
  80. Maths

    How would the perimeter be affected if the side of the rectangle were increased by a factor

    asked by Sandy
  81. math

    If the angles of a quadrilateral are x,x+10,x+20 and x+30 degrees find the value of each

    asked by mary
  82. Algebra

    Solve y= 2x+ 3 and y= 4x+3 I came up with the answers (0,3) using both substitution and elimination methods. What is the "independent" variable and "dependent" variable? What would be a "real world situation" including independent and independent

    asked by J. J.
  83. College Physics (need help asap)

    a delivery truck is 5km away from a car. The two started at the same time and headed towards the same direction. the delivery truck accelerates at 3m/s^2. If the car should overtake the truck in ten minutes, what should be the acceleration of the car?

    asked by Patrick
  84. Algebra

    Write each series as a summation in sigma notation. 5+8+11+14 i=1

    asked by vivian
  85. life orientation

    name the human right violation and explain at least two example of such violations you found

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Mathamatics/ Maths

    Out of the the following fractions which one[s] don't belong : 4/2, 9/3, 16/4, 25/5, 38/6, and 47/7

    asked by Amanda
  87. english

    English is the language of opportunity.Why bother to teach/learn indigenous languages

    asked by lihle
  88. Math (Statistics)

    12. Clancy, Rowling, Tolstoy Readability: Pages were randomly selected by the author J.K.Rowling, Leo Tolstoy, and Tom Clancy books. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the three samples are from populations with the same mean. Do the

    asked by Lexi
  89. Geometry

    The lateral area of a cylinder is 28 pi in^2. All of the dimensions are changed by the same factor and the new lateral area is 448 pi in^2. What was the dimensional factor change

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Chemistry

    A solid at room temperature that can conduct electricity

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Maths

    Use the digits 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 only once to find the smallest answer possible in subtraction

    asked by Hari
  92. Algebra

    Write each series as a summation in sigma notation. (−1)^2+0^2+1^2+2^2+3^2

    asked by vivian
  93. physics

    at what attitude the value of g would become one forth than on the surface of the earth?

    asked by zoya
  94. English

    A speech about a tranditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women

    asked by Ntokozo
  95. Algebra

    The monthly income I, in dollars, from a new product is given by I(t) = 75000 − 55000e^−0.003t where t is the time, in months, since the product was first put on the market. (Round your answers to the nearest dollar amount.) (a) What was the monthly

    asked by Laurie
  96. Science

    The moon is about 384000 km the earth and its paths around earth is circular. The moon taken 24hr to complete one orbit. The speed at which the moon orbits the earth in km/ hour is

    asked by Ali
  97. why dont u tell me

    answer the question what is the hardest subject for why is it hard and give 1 of the hard things u have to do in that subject SIMPLE lol but watch it im not so old im still in school and im young DON'T even ask lol

    asked by Amanda is me
  98. Economics

    What are the costs and consequences of providing welfare and subsidy?

    asked by Sya
  99. math

    You want to cover a trapezoidal box with paper. You have a sheet of paper that is 1m by 500cm. What is the size box that can be made with minimal wastage? plz plz plz help me with this.. i don't understand how to do this

    asked by Emily
  100. Geometry

    two similar solids have corresponding lengths in the ratio 2:5. Determine the ratio of the lateral area

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Marketing

    Which of the following BEST describes the Internal Analysis planning tool?

    asked by Jay
  102. Civics (Reed)

    I know it's not your responsibility and that you're just a volunteer teacher, but if I go through each of the Matter and Mean of the SAY MEAN MATTER that you've working on, could you tell me what you think? I'll start with just speech. What does this

    asked by Victoria
  103. Macroeconomics

    Checking to see if I got these right. The ones I selected are marked with an * 1. The price paid for the use of capital is called (Points : 1) mortgage payment. rent. profit. wages. *interest. 2. Capital consists of (Points : 1) stocks and bonds. the

    asked by Mike
  104. Math

    I got 21 years and it was wrong. Can you help me solve this problem? sometime ago, julie purchased 11 acres of land costing $15,590. Today, that land is valued at $55,433. How long had she owned this land if the price of the land has been increased at 5%

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Algebra

    What is the sum of (3x-2) and (5x^2+3x)

    asked by Marybeth
  106. math NEED HELP

    simplify 4^3 times 4^4 divided by 4^9 help please!!

    asked by casdean
  107. english

    killings animal for economic gain is acceptable

    asked by matha
  108. Thx again for another year of success

    Hey ms. sue, i am now in 9th grade thx to you i just wanted to say thx again for helping me last year!!! and this year a couple of times :) :DDDD

    asked by Jam
  109. adult education

    An oblique collision occurs between two objects with a similar rectangular shape (1m x 0.2m) as shown below. The first object has a mass of 10 kg and is initially traveling at 4 m/s. The second object has a mass of 6 kg and is initially at rest. The impact

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Math

    Farmer Jimmy harvested rep lines.He used 1/3 of this for himself and gave one-sister of the remainder to his brother.He sold the test.calculate: (A)how many limes he kept. (B)how many limes he gave his brother. (C)how many limes he sold.

    asked by Josiah
  111. math

    Five workers are supposed to paste expiration date on each can.A,who paste 30% of the cans,fail to paste the expiration date once in every 300cans.B,who paste 15%,fail to paste the expiration date once in every 250cans.C,who paste 35% ,fail to paste the

    asked by koro
  112. Maths/Mathematics

    What is the value of m in the statement below? 4:5=20:m ????! [idk no please say u do]

    asked by Amanda here
  113. Algebra

    how would you solve (3_/8)(2_/6) using multiply and simplifying.

    asked by Blake
  114. Math

    Square is 20 feet wide and 21 feet long what is the disdence from one corner to the other

    asked by James
  115. Pre-Calc

    Write the first five terms of the sequence. a(n) = ((-1)^n x^(2n + 1))/(2n + 1)! Not sure about how to deal with the x here. Will it just remain in the sequence?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. math

    The company will use machine A,B,C,D with probabilities 0.23,0.45,0.19 and 0.13 respectively.From past experience it is known that the probability of defective tablet produced by the machine are 0.11,0.2,0.07 and 0.05 respectively.Suppose a defective

    asked by koro
  117. Math

    Johnie has 3 Jackets (J1, J2 and J3) and 2 shirts (S1, S2) and 2 Trousers (T1, T2). He wants to wear 3 pieces of clothes daily. what should he choose if a) same clues or b) different clues

    asked by Lara
  118. Maths

    M varies directly as n andinversely as the square of p. Given that m=3 when n=2 and p=1, write down an equation connecting gmnp

    asked by Gift
  119. mathematics

    if y varies directly as the square of x and y=9 when x=9, Find x when y=15

    asked by morris
  120. Math

    Find the exponential function that passes through (0,5) and (4, 1/2). Formula is y=Ce^kx

    asked by Erica
  121. English

    1. She won't listen to my advice. 2. She will not listen to my advice. 3. The door won't open. 4. The door will not open. --------------------------- Is each pair the same? Does #1 mean volitional future? Does #2 mean volitional future or simple future?

    asked by rfvv
  122. Integral calculus

    Use the cylindrical shell method to find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the area bounded by the given curves (x-3)^2 + y^2 = 9, about y-axis.

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Maths

    T = kx/y (1.2k)(1.2x)/(1.2y) = 1.2 kx/y = 1.2T so, T increases by 20% can you show how does T increases ?? Like 20% but how show all the steps clearly and hurry up!! Pls

    asked by Rajluxmi
  124. Maths

    ok. Skateboard's price : $249.00 . Darryl saved 1/5 of his monthly allowance to purchace the skateboard. All he has is $162.00 which he saved from March to November. a. how much money did he save each month. b. calculate his monthly allowance . ????? IDK

    asked by Amanda here
  125. Maths

    I can't believe i forgot can u tell me the answer for this some and MAYBE also show the workings!? Hrs Mins 4 37 +2 48 =?????????

    asked by Amanda needs help like Now
  126. Algebra

    You want to cover a trapezoidal box with paper. You have a sheet of paper that is 1m by 500cm. What is the size box that can be made with minimal wastage?

    asked by Emily
  127. Algebra 2

    what is the solution of the equation 8=(x-3)^3/4 It's not making sense I try to solve it but I don't get 8. below are the plug in choices. 16 13 19 11

    asked by bubble dragon
  128. Math

    How 12in patio brick will fit a 13ft long 7ft wide space

    asked by Mark
  129. math

    I am currently dealing with the Richter scale and I have this formula 200=0.02*10^1.5*6.4/0.02*10^1.5*x I just cannot get x,plz help

    asked by Maya
  130. Prealgebra

    Two-ni that less than the product of 1 2/5 and b is 1 less than 2 1/2 of b

    asked by Roxana
  131. math

    The circle below has a radius of 17y meters. Find the exact area and simplify the expression. Use pi for π.(A=πr^2) The area is..

    asked by Duran
  132. Maths

    Use 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 only once tomfind the smallest answer possible in subtraction

    asked by Hari
  133. Physics

    At time t=0 an object of mass 50.34 g on the end of a horizontal spring is moving to the right at 10 cm/s and is displaced 2 cm to the left from the equilibrium position. If the spring constant is 0.234N/m, find an expression for the position of the

    asked by Supansa
  134. Math

    4x square plus x plus 9=0

    asked by Shreyansh
  135. Math

    1/3 (b-4) =1

    asked by Lexi
  136. English

    1. I sleep for 7 or more hours a day. 2. I sleep for more than 7 hours. 3. I sleep for over 7 hours. --------------- What is the difference among them?

    asked by rfvv
  137. Math Help

    1.) Find the arc length y=2/3x ^3/2 + 2 over (14,16) 2.) Find the arc length y=8x^3/2+7 over (0,6)

    asked by Erica
  138. computer programming

    make a program that will input 6 numbers abd output the highest number and lowest number

    asked by Anonymous
  139. math

    I am a two digits first number is equal to 7 and than 13. The second digit is number between 1 and 9 .what is the number

    asked by Anonymous
  140. life orientation

    what are the human rights violation influencing

    asked by lodwick
  141. Science

    If too much of an unsaturated fat is added to bromine water, could this affect decolourisation of bromine water? All help is appreciated... > C >

    asked by Stoof
  142. science

    a body is thrown upward with velocity v . the height at which P.E is one third of K.E is ? answer is in terms of v

    asked by Wilbur
  143. Math

    If a camera and a lock weigh 330 grams together. Also the same camera and a crown together weighs 670 grams. Also the weight of a crown and a lock is 470 grams. What is the weight of each individual object?

    asked by Matt
  144. computer programming

    make a program that will input 6 numbers abd output the highest number and lowest number

    asked by Anonymous
  145. life orientation

    why do south africa still in corruption cases and how can that be stopped?

    asked by Lati
  146. Math


    asked by Rathogwa makondelela
  147. IT

    why is system Burn-in important?

    asked by michael
  148. maths

    when the polynomial is divided by x+1 and x+2, the reminders are -7 and -25 respectively. Find the remainder when P(x) is divided by (x+1)(x+2)

    asked by mrfrank