Questions Asked on
May 8, 2016

  1. Education technology

    Which of the following is not an example of plagiarism? Cheating•• Stealing Copying without providing sources Quoting with source Correct me

    asked by Tula
  2. English

    Please check my answers and correct me if I'm wrong 1. Identify the sentence in which the underlined verb DOES NOT agree with its subject. A. The trophies (are) ready to be awarded. B. There (is) no reason why he cannot play. C. Most of these math

    asked by GummyBears
  3. Math

    1. Compare. Use < , = , or >. 11 _____ –7 (1 point) > = < 2. Which of the following is a true statement? (1 point) |–2| < |1| |1| < |0| |–1| < |–2| |1| > |–2| 3. The table shows points below sea level. Order the locations from highest to lowest.

    asked by Shut Up
  4. Statistics Algebra 2

    A 10-question multiple choice test has 4 possible answers for each question. A student guesses on all ten answer. a)What is the probability that the student selects at least 6 correct answers? b)Is getting exactly 10 questions correct the same probability

    asked by Dloc
  5. English

    1.Which sentence would make the best opening for a speech arguing for more nutritious school lunches? A. Many students dislike the current lunch menus, and I feel they should be changed. B. Evidence from a number of expert sources suggest that schools

    asked by GummyBears
  6. math

    The 3rd term of an Arithmetic Progression is 10 more than the first term while the fifth term is 15 more than the second term. Find the sum of the 8th and 15th terms of the Arithmetic Progression if the 7th term is seven times the first term.

    asked by Toba
  7. physics

    The radius of a roll of paper is 7.6 cm and its moment of inertia is I = 2.9 × 10^3 kg·m2. A force of 3.2 N is exerted on the end of the roll for 1.3 s, but the paper does not tear so it begins to unroll. A constant friction torque of 0.11 m·N is

    asked by Anne
  8. Math

    a farmer's land and separated into sections of a size two and one seventh Acres Suppose there are 4 1/3 such sections. How many acres of land does the farmer own

    asked by Elizabeth molina
  9. physics

    A drives straight off the edge of a cliff that is 54m high.the police at the scene of the accident obseve that the point of impact 130m from the base of the cliff.How fast was the car traveling when it went over the cliff?

    asked by afika
  10. English

    Essays, articles, and speeches are all works of nonfiction. Which of the following is an accurate statement about the authors of nonfiction? A. They are always real people. B. Their style is always full of figurative language. C. They usually focus on

    asked by quick help needed
  11. Algebra

    A scuba diver is positioned at-30 feet. How many feet will she have to rise to change her position to -12 feet?

    asked by Lisa
  12. science

    The measured density oe He at NTP is 0.1784g/l.what is the weight of one mole?

    asked by dev
  13. Algebra

    The diameter of bolts produced by a certain machine distributed with a mean of 0.30 inches and a standard deviation of 0.01 inches. What percentage of bolts will have a diameter greater than 0.32 inches.Does your answer make sense based on the given

    asked by Anonymous
  14. science

    The density of o2 at NTP is 1.429g/l.calcute standard molar volume of gas?

    asked by dev
  15. math

    the angle of elevation of the sun is 27 degree.a man is 180cm long is his shadow?give your answer to the nearest 10cm.

    asked by kamal
  16. math

    find the nth term for the sequence 3,12,27,48,75......?

    asked by Olumide
  17. Chemistry- Dr.Bob222

    What is the solubility of AgCl in 10 M NH3? The Kf of Ag(NH3)2+ from AgCl(s) in aqueous NH3 is 0.0031, which is for the balanced reaction shown below. AgCl(s) + 2 NH3(aq) → Ag(NH3)2+(aq) + Cl-(aq) Work: Ksp = x^2 /(2x+10)^2 = 1.8 x 10^-10 Now I am

    asked by Nevaeh
  18. life orientation

    Restorative justice is a new concept in the South Africa legal landscape.explain briefly what its intentions are in the process of human right violations

    asked by annah
  19. life orientation

    clearly describe a recent corruption and fraud case in the country making headline in the media :who the role players are who got involved ,in the extent to which it linked to other crimes ,role played by the media and that of the state to deal with this

    asked by ompilela
  20. English

    “Talk” by Harold Courlander and George Herzog is an example of what writing style? A. personal narrative B. persuasive speech C. exposition D. folk tale D?

    asked by quick help needed
  21. L.O

    how the fraud and corruption affected the offenders career?

    asked by prescience
  22. Education technology

    fair use laws were created to make exceptions to allow who to use material without permission? Students and teachers•• Business Restaurants Online stores Correct me

    asked by Tula
  23. math

    a closed tin is in the shape of acylinder of diameter 10cm and height 15cm.use the value 3.14 for pie to find a)the total surface area of the tin b)the value of the tin to the nearest naira if tin plate cost 450 per m2

    asked by ore
  24. physics

    Oasis B is 8.0 km due east of oasis A. Starting from oasis A, a camel walks20 km in a direction 15.0° south of east and then walks32 km due north. If it is to then walk directly to B, (a) how far and (b) in what direction (relative to the positive x-axis

    asked by bea
  25. math

    A clothing company has budgeted $58,000 for the purchase of 7 sewing machines. The 7 sewing machines are to be chosen from two models, model X and model Y. If a model X sewing machine costs $8,000 and a model Y sewing machine costs $9,000, how many model X

    asked by brenda
  26. Trigonometry and Right Triangles!

    The length of the hypotenuse of a 30 60 90 triangle is 16. What is the perimeter? I'm just learning about this. Can someone explain?

    asked by Annie
  27. PHYS 400

    An athlete on a trampoline leaps straight up into the air with an initial speed of 6.36 m/s. Find the maximum height reached by the athlete (in meters) relative to the trampoline. Use g=9.8 ms-2 and answer to 3 SF.

    asked by odee
  28. Math

    Eight oranges cost $1.00. How much will 5 dozen oranges cost?

    asked by Isabelle
  29. math

    a child standing at the edge of a cliff 100m high throws a stone vertically downwards. The stone hits the sea 4s later. Ignoring air resistance, find the initial speed with which the stone is thrown

    asked by misheel
  30. life orientation

    restorative Justice is a new concept in the south African legal landscape. explain how it works and what purpose does it serve in the process of human rights violations in xenophobia

    asked by cebile
  31. math: pre-calculus

    You have 5 grams of carbon-14; whose half-life is 5730 years. a)Write the rule of the function that gives the amount of carbon-14 remaining after x years. b)How much carbon-14 will be left after 4,000 years? c)When will there be just 1 gram left?

    asked by Nicky
  32. math , steve or damon pls

    for questions 15 and 16, multiply. write in scientific notation (9x10^4)(8x10^6) 7.2x10^25 1.7x10^11 7.2x10^11 1.7x10^25 (1.7x10^-4)(5x10^-5) 8.5x10^-9 8.5x10^20 6.7x10^-9 6.7x10^20 for 15 I'm thinking it is c and 16 could be A pls check my work and

    asked by jacob :)
  33. math

    The radius of a circle in increasing at the rate of 0.5cm/s. Find the rate at which the circumference increases if the radius in 5cm.

    asked by David
  34. Education technology

    A boolead search can help you narrow down your topic by doing what A( finding the most popular topic for you to research B( allowing you to restrict your search to look only for specific terms or groups of terms C(avoid searching for him popular topics D(

    asked by Tula
  35. statistics

    A zip-code is a five-digit number identifying where in the U.S. an address is located. The first four digits in a zip code can be any number 0-9, but the fifth digit cannot be 0. In addition to this, each address has a “plus-four” code that more

    asked by Anonymous
  36. physics

    Calculate the angular momentum of the Earth the arises from its spinning on its axis. Also calculate the angular momentum of the Earth that arises from its orbital motion around the sun. Please help I'm stumped on a take home test.

    asked by nouh
  37. Calculus

    Water is draining from a swimming pool in such a way that the remaining volume of water after t minutes is V = 200(50 - t)^2 cubic meters. Find : (a) the average rate at which the water leaves the pool in the first 5 minutes

    asked by Posul Sioni
  38. algerbra

    A plane flies from new york to chicago (a distance of 1,600 miles) at 400 mph. Returning from Chicago to New York it flies into a headwind and averages only 320 mph. How many hours total was the plane in the air for the entire trip?

    asked by Trey
  39. maths,science,geography and life science

    What is restorative justice intention in process of human rights?

    asked by veronica
  40. chemistry

    You have a solution of 12.0 M HCl. You need 36.5 g of hydrochloric acid for a reaction in your chemistry lab. How many mL of solution must you use?

    asked by Nur
  41. math

    Two less than three times the width of a rectangle is equal to the length. The area of the rectangle is 65 square ft. What is the length of the rectangle?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Education technology

    If you were to research the ethical dilemma involving parents and how they raise their children, which of the following is not a stakeholder in this issue? Mother Child Neighbor•• Father Correct me

    asked by Tula
  43. Trigonometry

    The angle of elevation to the top of a Building in New York is found to be 6 degrees from the ground at a distance of 1 mile from the base of the building. Using this information, find the height of the building.

    asked by hhopp
  44. math

    villages A;B;C;D are such that B is 4km due east of A ;C is 3km due south of B and D is 4km S50w from C.Calculate the distance and bearing of A from D.

    asked by mercy
  45. Science

    I'm writina a speech about a mythical character/legendary whom you admire

    asked by Palesa
  46. Maths (probability)

    in a certain city the weather on a day if reported as sunny ,cloudy or rainy,if a day is sunny,the probability that the next day is sunny is 30%,cloudy is 20%,and rainy is 50%. if the day is rainy the probability that the next day is sunny is 30%,cloudy is

    asked by Ashoka
  47. calculas

    can anyone help me with this question? A baseball diamond is a square whose sides are 90 ft long. Suppose that a player running from second base to third base has a speed of 30 ft/sec at the instant when he is 20 ft from the third base. At what rate is the

    asked by javeria
  48. calculus

    the marginal cost function for widgets is dr/dq= 0.001Q^2+0.01Q+10 total fixed xosts equal $500 part 1= convert the marginal cost function into total cost function. part 2= determine total costs when Q=100.

    asked by Alcina
  49. Science one question dont understand plz help ASAP

    What will my instruments need to do? (You don’t have to have special names. If you know what kind of data you want to collect, you’ll know what the instruments need to do. Don’t forget that you may need to store samples or other information and find

    asked by Thikra
  50. chemistry

    The measured density oe He at NTP is 0.1784g/l.what is the weight of one mole?

    asked by dev
  51. physic

    A 2000 N sled is pulled along a horizontal surface with a constant force by means of a rope that makes an angle of 30.0o with the horizontal. If the tension in the rope is 500 N and there is 100 N of frictional force between the sled and the surface, find

    asked by sk
  52. science

    Imagine that you are standing in the shallow end of a swimming pool, you look ahead at the bottom of the pool and see a coin, Describe the difference between where the coin appears to be and where it actually is. a clear plastic cube, with exactly the same

    asked by HolfBrincl
  53. PHYS 400

    A hockey puck on a frozen pond is given an initial speed of 11 m/s. If the puck always remains on the ice and slides 73 m before coming to rest, determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the puck and ice. Use g equals 9.8 space bevelled m over

    asked by odee
  54. Math

    After spending 2/7 of his money on the tennis racket seen have $14 left how much did the tennis racket cost?

    asked by Pavithra
  55. English

    “One day, as I scanned the sandy expanse of Northern Africa, I couldn’t find any of the familiar landmarks—colorful outcroppings of rocks in Chad, irrigated patches of the Sahara. Then I realized they were obscured by a huge dust storm, a cloud of

    asked by quick help please
  56. math: pre-calculus

    Let u=ln and v=ln y. Write the expression ln(5√(x3√y)) in terms of u and v. for example, lnx^3y = lnx^3+lny = 3lnx+lny = 3u+v

    asked by Nicky
  57. math: pre-calculus

    Let u=lnx and v=lny. Write the expression ln3√x/2y in terms of u and v. For example, lnx^3y=lnx^3+lny=3lnx +lny= 3u+v.

    asked by Nicky
  58. math

    X is a point 2800 m East of Y. Due North of X is another point Z whose bearing from Y is N63°E. P is due North of Y and its bearing from X is N25°W. Calculate XZ and XP (give your answers to four significant figures)?

    asked by Wesley
  59. math

    find the equation of the path of a point that moves so that its distance from (5, 0) is five~fourths of its distance from the line x=16\3

    asked by austin
  60. physics

    a uniform beam with a weight of 51.3 N and a length of 3.23 m is hinged at its lower end, and a horizontal force Upper F Overscript right-arrow EndScripts of magnitude 64.0 N acts at its upper end. The beam is held vertical by a cable that makes angle θ =

    asked by bert
  61. Math

    A new car manufacturer is designing a logo. It is in the shape of a diamond inside a rectangle. The diamond is to have a horizontal width of 3 cm and an area equal to one sixth of the area of the rectangle. Find the required height of the diamond.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. damonnnn math help

    17. 6t^3 x 6t^3 (A)12t^3 (B)12t^6 (C)36t^6 (D)36t^9 Is it b or c?? I just need some help understanding if I'm supposed to add or multiply 6 and 6

    asked by jacob :)
  63. Math

    Find two consecutive odd integers whose product is 323. Would the two numbers be 17,19 and -17,-19???

    asked by Paul
  64. math ms.sue reed writeacher help

    17. 6t^3 x 6t^3 (A)12t^3 (B)12t^6 (C)36t^6 (D)36t^9 Is it b or c?? I just need some help understanding if I'm supposed to add or multiply 6 and 6

    asked by jacob :)
  65. math

    The first and the last terms of an Arithmetic Progression are 6 and 171 in that order. If there are 14 terms, find the 16th term of the Arithmetic Progression.

    asked by Henry
  66. math

    A candy machine contains 100 gumballs: 23 grape, 26 blueberry, 16 cherry, and 35 strawberry. What is the experimental probability of choosing a blueberry gumball as a percent and a fraction? P(blueberry)=# of blueberry gumballs --------------------- total

    asked by May someone please check my work and answer ASAP?
  67. Math

    A baseball is thrown upward. The path of the baseball models the equation h= -4.9t^2 + 9.2t + 1.6, where h is height of the ball, in metres, after t seconds. How long does it take the baseball to fall to the ground? Plzzz help

    asked by Paul
  68. Math

    A rectangular garden measure 15m by 10m. When each side is increased by the same amount, the area of the garden is doubled. Find the dimensions of the new garden.

    asked by Sara Graf
  69. Physics

    A 70 kg student holds a 2.0 kg mass in each hand and is sitting on a stool that can rotate freely about a vertical axis. With the masses held at arm’s length (0.9 m) the student is set spinning at 1.2 revolutions per second. a. If we approximate the

    asked by Rob
  70. life orientation

    Evaluate the physical, social and economic consequences of this crime to the offender. How did this corruption and fraud impact negatively in the country example service delivery,tax,expenses of trial?

    asked by rose
  71. Maths

    Perimeter of rectangle is 240cm if it's length is decreased by 10 percent and breadth is increased by 20 percent we get the same perimeter find the length and breadth of the rectangle

    asked by Anand sharma
  72. Geometry

    Which ordered pair is the solution to the system of equations below? {3x-7y=-10 {5x-y=-6 A system of equations is shown below 2x+y=7 3x-2y=0 What is the solution to the system?

    asked by Phillip
  73. Math

    2(3c to the 2nd power+ c +-2 Please check 6c to the 4th power+c squared + -4

    asked by Tanya
  74. mechanics

    The planet Mars has a satellite, Phobos, which travels in an orbit of radius 9.378×106 m with a period of 0.32 days. Calculate the mass of Mars from this information

    asked by anaya
  75. math: pre-calculus

    List the transformations that will change the graph of g(x)=lnx into the graph of the given function h(x)=log(x+3)-8 a) Horizontally shift the graph to the right by 3; then vertically shift downward by 8. b) Horizontally shift the graph to the left by 8;

    asked by Nicky
  76. math: pre-calculus

    If current rates of deforestation and fossil fuel consumption continue, then the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide in parts per million (ppm) will be given by f(x)=375e^0.00609c, where c=0 corresponds to 2000. a)What is the amount of carbon dioxide in

    asked by Nicky
  77. math

    a solution must contain at least 30% orange juice but not more than 20% ginger ale in addition to its other ingredients. If the punch bowl is to hold 400 cups of this solution, what are the amounts of orange juice and ginger ale?

    asked by brenda
  78. electricity and magnetism

    a battery and two resistors R1 And R2 are connected in series . if R1 is 340ohms and the voltage across R2 is 39% of the battery voltage,find R2.

    asked by Anna
  79. PHYS 400

    You are trying to push a crate across the rough floor of a warehouse. Just before the crate begins to move, you have applied a force of 140 N. The shipping label on the crate says it is 54 kg. Calculate the coefficient of static friction between the crate

    asked by odee
  80. Literature

    Discuss the role of Edna. Why is she significant, even though she is a very minor character? What does she teach Keisha and Jalani about people who are homeless and/or needy? What is meant by her statement, "Yo spirit is a shinin' silver star, chile. Can't

    asked by Ashley
  81. math

    A plane flies from new york to chicago (a distance of 1,600 miles) at 400 mph. Returning from Chicago to New York it flies into a headwind and averages only 320 mph. How many hours total was the plane in the air for the entire trip?

    asked by brenda
  82. math

    A girl was born 25 years after her mother. What fraction of her mother's age will the girl be at the age of 10

    asked by Gilbert
  83. Geometry

    A rectangular aquarium has a length of 18 inches, and a height of 12 inches. What is the maximum volume of water that the aquarium can hold? Use V=lwh

    asked by Tiger
  84. life orientation

    Evaluate the physical social & economic consequences on Jacob Zuma regard to Nkandla

    asked by thoriso
  85. Science

    A cyclist of total mass 85 kg maintains a constant speed up an inclined plane. the plane is inclined at 20 degrees to the horizontal. with frictional force of 120 N. the cyclist covers a distance of 50 m along the inclined plane in 20 s. 1. Calculate the

    asked by Zade
  86. Algebra

    Two buses leave Phoenix at the sametime traveling in opposite directions one bus travels at 62 miles per hour and the other at 58 miles per hour how soon will they be 300 miles apart?

    asked by Indya
  87. math

    a train is 50 miles from Seattle. It is traveling away from Seattle at a speed of 60 mph. In how many hours will the train be 290 miles.

    asked by brenda
  88. math

    A jar of jelly beans contains 50 red gumballs , 45 yellow gumballs, and 30 green gumballs. You reach into the jar and randomly select a jelly bean, then select another without putting the first jelly bean back. What is the probability that you draw two red

    asked by Anonymous
  89. math

    2. A candy machine has 10 grape, 6 green apple, and 16 mango gumballs. What is the probability of selecting a grape and a mango gumball as fraction in simplest form and a percent? P(A and B) = P (A) * P (B) 10/32 * 16/32 = 80/512 = 5/32 simplest form

    asked by May someone please check my work and answer ASAP?
  90. math: pre-calculus

    Solve the equation. First express your answer in terms of natural logarithms (for instance, z=(2+ln5)/ln3). Then use a calculator to find an approximation for the answer. 3^x+9=2^x.

    asked by Nicky
  91. Math

    An suv drove 54 miles using 3 gallons of gas at this rate how far could it drive with 5 gallons of gas?

    asked by Lauren
  92. B

    suppose that the total cost function for a manufacturer is C=100+X^2 where x represents the weekly production of widgets. if production is increasing at the rate of 500 calculators per week, when production output is 6000 calculators. find the rate of

    asked by Alcina
  93. geometry (please help)

    Is there a way to post a pic to help explain this? (I will try and explain the triangular prism. it has a 90 angle. the long end of the triangle is 13.5 in. One side is 10 in and the other side of the triangle is 9 in. the side coming down from the

    asked by sara
  94. Geometric series

    The sum of the first n terms of the geometric sequence -1, -3, -9,... is -3280. Find the value of n. Express answer in simplest fractional form. 1. t1= -1 2. r = 3 3. S6 = I got -364 but it's not the right answer 4. n = I keep getting a decimal number:

    asked by Emily J
  95. math

    the angle of elevation of the sun is 27 degree.a man is 180cm long is his shadow?give your answer to the nearest 10cm.

    asked by kamal
  96. math

    a researcher tagged 100 frogs in a pond. One week later she took a sample and only 5 out of 20 were tagged. Using this method how many frogs would she estimate are in the pond

    asked by Trey
  97. Math

    A ladder is placed against a wall so that it reaches 24 feet up the wall. The base is 10 feet from the wall. How long is the ladder?

    asked by Carlee
  98. physics

    A soccer player kicks the ball toward a goal that is 16,8m in front of him . The ball leaves his foot at a speed of 16,0m/s and an angle 28,0degree above the ground.Find the speed of the ball when the goalie catches it in front of the net?

    asked by afika
  99. Calculus

    using implicit differentiation find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of the following function at the indicated point x^2 y^3 -y^2+xy-1=0 at (1,1)

    asked by ChrismB
  100. math: pre-calculus

    5. For the log function (h(x)=log(x+3)-8): a) Find the domain. b) Find the asymptotes. c) Find the x-intercepts.

    asked by Nicky
  101. math: pre-calculus

    The Department of Commerce estimated that there were 53 million internet users in the country in 1999 and 90 million in 2002. Find an exponential function that the models the number of Internet users in year x, with x=0 corresponding to 1999.

    asked by Nicky
  102. math: pre-calculus

    For the log function (h(x)=log(x+3)-8): a) Find the domain. b) Find the asymptotes. c) Find the x-intercepts.

    asked by Nicky
  103. Chemistry

    Sulfamethoxazole has the molecular formula C10H11N3O3S. 10.0 g of tablets containing sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim were crushed and dissolved in water. A strong oxidising agent was added, which converted all the sulfur in the sulfamethoxazole into

    asked by M
  104. life sciences

    Formulate a hypothesis for this investigation? A scientist used biotechnology to clone a cow.over a period of 10 days the clones were monitored carefully and the number of the survived clones were notated.the line graph below presents the results of the

    asked by Nomvuyo
  105. Math Algebra

    A boat takes 1 hour less to go 200 miles downstream than upstream. If the rate of the current is 3 miles per hour, what is the rate of the boat in still water?

    asked by Kara
  106. Math

    Candy bars sold for three weeks.. Sold 26 candy bars first week Second week sold 4 less than 2 times the number of candy bars sold during girst week Third week sold 6 more than 1.5 times thenumber sold in second week

    asked by Sam
  107. math: pre-calculus

    Write the expression as a single logarithm. Ln(e^3y)+ln(ey)-4

    asked by Nicky
  108. math: pre-calculus

    Solve the equations. Log(6x-1) = Log(x+1) + log4

    asked by Nicky
  109. Math

    Solve 9-3devidedby1/3+1=

    asked by Yo
  110. science

    calculate number of oxygen atom in 2 mol sulphuric acid.

    asked by shyam
  111. Social Studies

    Explain why our founding fathers thought that the Separation of Powers was necessary

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Maths

    One fourth of a number is 10 less than two third of the number find the numbers

    asked by Anand sharma
  113. calculus

    evaluate the definite integr 2 ∫ 5/(3+2x) dx 0

    asked by Jay
  114. Math

    WhT is there relationship between the lines having the equations y=4x+2 and y=1/4x? Is it because they are neither parallel nor perpendicular?

    asked by Stacey
  115. PHYS 400

    The gravitational potential energy of a low-Earth orbit satellite has been estimated at 1.5 million joules. If the satellite has a mass of 417 grams, and g=9.8ms-2, at what altitude (in meters) is the satellite orbiting? Give your answer to the nearest

    asked by odee
  116. mathematics-permutation and combination

    if certain number of boys are arranged evenly cyclical form, the 7th boy is directly opposite the 18th boy . How many boys are there? Please i only need the solution #thanks

    asked by p1
  117. math: pre-calculus

    Evaluate the expression without using a calculator. Unless stated otherwise, all letters represent positive numbers. e^(ln√x+5)

    asked by Nicky
  118. Maths (Coordinate Geometry)

    A point P(x,y) moves so that the line joining P to A(9,-5) is perpendicular to B(4,5). Derive an equation specifying the locus of P.

    asked by Gemma
  119. science

    How does graphite burn in air to give carbondioxide

    asked by simon
  120. Math

    Please check Simplify 7t+3+t+9=8t+12 Simplify m-2-4m-5=-3m+7 Solve 90=5t+t 90=6t t=15

    asked by Tanya
  121. Computer science (please help)

    How is a creating a virtual ecosystem different from the real world?

    asked by Angelica
  122. math

    what is the smallest perimeter posible for a retagle whose area is 16cm^2

    asked by sanal
  123. PHYS 400

    A cricket bowler can bowl a 162 g ball at 149 km/hr. Calculate the kinetic energy of this bowl and use this to compare to a bowling ball that weighs 6 kg. How fast would the bowling ball need to be bowled to have the same kinetic energy as the cricket

    asked by odee
  124. calculus

    evaluate the definite integr 2 ∫ (x+1/x)² dx 1

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Chemistry


    asked by Raju
  126. Linear Algebra

    A is a diagonalizable matrix. It has the characteristic polynomial det(lambda*I-A)=(lambda-c)^n. Prove that A=cI.

    asked by Alex
  127. Computer science

    How is creating a virtual ecosystem similar from the real world?

    asked by Andrew
  128. math

    100000$ loan at 10% interest for 10 years.

    asked by Theresa
  129. math

    How many gallons of water are in a tank with a diameter of 40' and 12' tall ?

    asked by Rick
  130. Chemistry

    What are the molecular formula for: 3-methylpentanoic acid Cis-2-propyl-2-hexane N-methylpropanamine N-methylhexan-3-amine

    asked by Rose
  131. calculus

    evaluate the definite integrals 1 ∫ root(1+3x) dx 0

    asked by Jay
  132. Math

    mrs walker and mrs thomson share 4.27kg of cherries in the ratio 2 : 5. how much cherries must mrs thomson give to mrs walker so that both of them will have the same amount of cherries?

    asked by Anonymous
  133. calculus

    Find the limit lim x ->0 (sin^2 2x)/(x^2)

    asked by Anonymous
  134. math

    How many 4 letter words can we make with the letters in the world gumball?

    asked by Anonymous
  135. English

    Change the sentence into the passive voice the boys dag of the garden

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Pre-Algebra


    asked by Brittany