Questions Asked on
May 6, 2016

  1. Education technology

    1. which of the following is an example of tangible property? A method for creating ice cream that you friend thought of An idea for an invention that your dad mentioned briefly but did not write down•• Song lyrics printed in a songbook A quicker

  2. Chemistry

    At 25 °C, an aqueous solution has an equilibrium concentration of 0.00147 M for a generic cation, A (aq), and 0.000735 M for a generic anion, B2–(aq). What is the equilibrium constant, Ksp, of the generic salt A2B(s)?

  3. math

    seven horses are entered in a race. If two horses are tied for first​ place, and there are no ties among the other five ​horses, in how many ways can the seven horses cross the finish​ line?

  4. English (please check someone)

    Please check this. Thanks! 1. Which of the following should be put in italics to correct the following sentence? Other famous vehicles that suffered a tragic end include the zeppelin Hindenburg and the ocean liner Lusitania. (1 point) Hindenburg and

  5. Education education

    Which of the following is not a quality of a successful AUP? State acceptable use for school computers Covers network etiquette Contains a code of conduct for Internet users Requires no signature•• Correct me

  6. Pre-Cal (Trig) Help?

    The following relationship is known to be true for two angles A and B: cos(A)cos(B)-sin(A)sin(B)=0.957269 Express A in terms of the angle B. Work in degrees and report numeric values accurate to 2 decimal places. So I'm pretty lost on how to even begin

  7. Geometry

    The surface area of the right circular cone topped with hemisphere is? 2cm radius and 4cm height

  8. Math

    A bowl has red,green and blue marbles.There are 95 red marbles.the nuber of blue marbles is 5 timesthe number of green mables altogether red and green marbles are 189 less then blue marbles .how may marbles are there in total

  9. Education technology

    Read the following scenario and determine the willing participant. Eboni’s friend, Margo, was eager to tell her about the new friend she met online. She began chatting with Aaron on a social networking website and found out that they had a lot in common.

  10. Math

    a regular plot of land is designed so that its length is 6 meters more than its width. the diagonal of the land is 10 meters. to the nearest tenth of a meter, what are the dimensions of the land?

  11. Math

    1. What is a reasonable distance between two cities? • 200 km

  12. Math asap

    2.David wants to build a pen for his goat. He wants the area of the pen to be 48 square feet. If the length and width of the pen are whole numbers, which of the following could be the perimeter of the pen? A.P = 26 ft B.P = 28 ft C.P = 30 ft D.P = 36 ft

  13. Chemistry

    What is the molar mass of toluene if 0.85 g of toluene depresses the freezing point of 100 g of benzene by 0.47 degrees celsius? Kf= 5.12 C/m

  14. Science

    I have a project for science and we have to design an experiment to support the hypothesis that light travels in straight lines except at the point it enters a new medium. Does anyone have any examples I could use for this project?

  15. Education technology

    how can simulations be used in education? 1. They are allowed people to touch a real item throug the computer. They provide a realistic experience that students many not get in real life.•• They substitute games for learning. They make games real.

  16. L.A. The Giver!

    Which of the following passages from the novel support the idea that the Giver is a heroic character? A. I do know that I sat here numb with horror. Wretched with helpessness. B. "Be quiet Jonas," The Giver commanded in a strange voice. "Watch/" C. The

  17. Math (Ms. Sue)

    A coin tossed. If heads appears, a spinner that can land on any number from 1 to 4 is spun. If tails appears, a second coin is tossed instead of spinning the spinner. What are the possible outcomes? H1 H2 H3 H4 H1 H2 H3 H1 H2 H3 H4 TH TT HH TH

  18. mathematics

    A group of twelve people are going to take a ride on a roller coaster at the same time in two different trains, one of which cannot fit more than 8 passengers, and the other cannot fit more than 7. In how many ways can the group take a ride?

  19. Calculus

    Farmer Jones, and his wife, Dr. Jones, decide to build a fence in their field, to keep the sheep safe. Since Dr. Jones is a mathematician, she suggests building fences described by y=4x^2 and x^2+10. Farmer Jones thinks this would be much harder than just

  20. chemistry

    calculate the number of grams of Al2S3 which can be prepared by the reaction of 20g of Al and 30gm of sulphur. how much the non_limiting reactant in excess?

  21. Math (Ms. Sue)

    A lunch menu has 4 different sandwiches, 2 different soups, and 5 different drinks. How many different lunches consisting of sandwhich, soup, and drink can you choose? 10 11 40 13

  22. math

    Webster Digital received a promissory note of $8,000 for 9 months at 7% simple interest from one of its customers. After 4 months, the note was discounted at Bank of Aventura at a discount rate of 10%. What are the proceeds Webster Digital will receive

  23. math

    A party store offers small balloons and large balloons. You can choose from pink, blue, green, and yellow balloons. You can choose from silver, gold, and white ribbons. Use the counting principle to find the number of different ways you can choose a

  24. Math?

    What is the lateral area of the rectangular prism round the answer to the nearest whole number. assume the 5 m x 7 m rectangles on the left and right are the bases. Length = 16. 230 m^2 294 m^2 384 m^2 454 m^2 Please help!? I am so lost...

  25. Math

    A 100 point test contains a total of 20 questions. The multiple choice questions are worth 3 points each and the short response answer questions are worth 8 pints each. Write a system of linear equations that represents this situation, my answer is to

  26. Math asap

    this diagram shows the dimensions of a rectangular tabletop. find the perimeter of the rectangle. A.P=11 ft B.P=18 ft C.P=20 ft D.P=22 ft

  27. Math

    X-3y=1 4x+5y=4 Solve the system of equations.

  28. Geometry

    Sandra ha a rectangular garden with dimensions 8 feet by 12 feet. If she needs a garden hose that is at least as long as the dimension of the garden; which of the following is the shortest hose that Sandra can buy?

  29. Math Help Please

    List a repeating decimal that is equal to an integer. I have 0.999 because if you divide it by 9's its equal to 1, 999/999=1 Also I thought of -0.999 that is equal to -1 But I can't think of another one can you please help ? Please

  30. Math

    Suppose you have two similar rectangular prisms. The volume of the smaller rectangular prism is 343 in^3 and the volume of the larger rectangular prism is 1,000 in^3. What is the scale factor of the smaller figure to the larger figure? 3:5 1:3 7:10 18:25 I

  31. language arts

    from the giver please check my answers 1. At the beginning of the novel, Jonas describes himself as apprehensive. Why is he apprehensive? A. An unknown plane is flying overhead. B. The Ceremony of Twelve is coming soon.**** C. A loudspeaker orders everyone

  32. Math

    What is the lateral area of a regular pentagonal pyramid that has a slant height of 18 in. and a base side length of 9 in.? 405 in.^2 810 in.^2 81 in.^2 162 in.^2 I don't know how to do this:/ Please help?

  33. physics

    13. A red car of mass m is heading north (direction 0°). It collides at an intersection with a yellow car of mass 1.3m heading east (direction 90°). Immediately after the collision, the cars lock together and travel at in direction 42°. What is the

  34. English

    1. She took the bus to school every day. 2. She rode the bus to school every day. 3. She get on the bus to school every day. (Are they all possible? Which verbs can be used in this sentence?)

  35. Geometry

    Mark wants to visit the 10 colleges he is considering attending. He can only spend the night at 3 of them. What is the probability that he spends a night at Rutgers University, a night at the University of Miami, and a night at Clemson University?

  36. College Math

    James bought 24 bolts at the hardware store for a total of $9.00. Some were 3−inch bolts that cost 36 cents each and the others were 4−inch bolts that cost 42 cents each. How many 3−inch bolts did James buy?

  37. Math

    Sketch the region enclosed by the lines x=0 x=6 y=2 and y=6. Identify the vertices of the region. Revolve the region around the y-axis. Identify the solid formed by the revolution calculate the volume of the solid. Leave the answer in terms of pi. I always

  38. Math

    Let z be a complex number, and let n be a positive integer such that z^n = (z + 1)^n = 1. Prove that n is divisible by 6. I have no idea how to approach this problem!

  39. math

    horses are entered in a race. If two horses are tied for first​ place, and there are no ties among the other five ​horses, in how many ways can the seven horses cross the finish​ line?

  40. math

    Israel signed a simple discount promissory note for $15,000. The discount rate is 7.5%, and the term of the note is 120 days. What are Israel’s proceeds on the loan?

  41. Calculus

    A bucket begins weighing 30 pounds, including the sand it holds. The bucket is to be lifted to the top of a 25 foot tall building by a rope of negligible weight. However, the bucket has a hole in it, and leaks 0.1 pounds of sand each foot it is lifted.

  42. Social Studies

    Which of the following most caused the Cold War? A.) different views on communism and democracy B.) different views on the use of the atomic bomb C.) the division of Germany, Austria, and Berlin into zones of occupation D.) the creation of the Warsaw Pact

  43. math

    1 side of the square is 0.25 KM is the area of the square 6.25 KM squared? true or false? explain your answer

  44. SA College

    John starts out in the basement parking garage, 11m below street level. He climbs all the steps to the roof of the building and is now 72m above street level. how many metres has he climbed? Mary join John at the third strey.Each story is 3m high. She

  45. Algebra

    Suppose f(x) is a quadratic polynomial with leading coefficient 1 such that f(x) + f(-x) = 2x^2 for all x and f(2016) = 0. What is the value of f(10) ?

  46. Physics

    A circuit employs a silicon solar cell to detect flashes of light lasting 0.25 s. The smallest current the circuit can detect reliably is 0.32 μA . Assuming that all photons reaching the solar cell give their energy to a charge carrier, what is the

  47. math

    What two numbers multiply to 42 and add to 3

  48. Geography

    Which is the result of zero population growth? population stability no natural increase*** a rapid decline in human population the elimination of high density populations

  49. Science

    What are the systems that move the body?

  50. math

    A car went 60 km in 5/6 of an hour while a second car went 54 km in 2/3 hour. Which car was faster? How many times faster?


    1. x^9/x^2 a.x^11 b.x^7*** c.7 d.x^5 2.h^14/h^5 a.h^-9*** b.1/h^9 c.h^19 d.h^9 3.4^4/4^6 a.-16 b.16 c.1/16*** d.-1/16 4.5^0 a.0*** b.5 c.1 d.-5 5.7^4/7^2_____49 a. c.= d. none of the above 6.-2r(8r+5) a.-16r^2+5 b.-16r^2+10*** c.-16r^2-10r d.-16r^2-10

  52. math

    Jillian has $50 that she plans on investing in an account that will double her money every week. This can be represented by the equation M = 50(2)x where M represents the amount of money she has and x represents the number of weeks that have passed. Her

  53. math

    which is M = 9pn solved for p?

  54. Math

    I am completely lost on this one. How do I figure out what each letter stands for? Find all the solutions for this problem. each different letter stands for a different digit. letters that are the same stand for the same digit. ONE + ONE = TWO

  55. Social Studies (Ms. Sue)

    Name two geologic obstacles and one political obstacle that stood in the way of the construction of the Panama Cannel. How did engineers and politicians overcome these obstacles. Please don't copy and paste answers I'll except links but please don't give

  56. chem 161

    What volume of 0.114 M NaOH are needed to neutralize 25.0 mL of 0.250 M H3PO4?

  57. math

    which is Q=200p/l solved for p is it p=QL/200

  58. chem 161

    What mass of precipitate will be formed when 25 mL of 0.532 M silver nitrate is mixed with 25 mL of 0.333 M NaCl?

  59. Biology)

    How is creating a virtual ecosystem similar and different from the real world?

  60. Edtech

    what can happen if music is downloaded illegally from a p2p network? A.Large fines may have to be paid**** B.Your computer screen will freeze C.Your computer will shut down B. you will not receave the correct music

  61. Social Studies

    Which court case legally ended segregation within the United States? A.) Plessy v. Ferguson B.) Smith v. Allwright C.) Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka D.) Briggs v. Elliot Thanks!


    1.-3f^2+4f-3+8f^2+7f+1 a.5f^2-11f+2 b.11f^2+11f+2*** c.5f^2+11f-2 d.-5f+3f-2 2.3x^2+5X-5X^2-4X-2 a.-8x^2-9x+3 b.2x^2+x+3 c.-2x^2-9x+3 d.-2x^2+x+3*** 3.(8x-2y)+(3x-4y) a.11x+8y*** b.4x-y c.11x-6y d.5x+2y 4.(y+3d)-(-9y+7d) a.-10y+4d b.-8y+10d c.8y-6d***

  63. Geography can someone please help me NOT ms.sue

    What are the political, economic,and social reasons why the stamp act was not fair to the colonist?

  64. social studies

    1. The Himalayas separate _________. (1 point) Pakistan and India the Indian subcontinent from the rest of Asia Afghanistan from the rest of South Asia northern and southern India 2. What impact do monsoon winds most have on South Asia? (1 point) Monsoon

  65. Civics

    Should we pay taxes why or why not?

  66. Biology/science

    How is creating a virtual ecosystem similar and different from the real world?

  67. Math 3

    How many times bigger is 8*10^6 than 2*10^2?

  68. English

    1. A justice/judge of the Supreme Court is appointed by the president with the approval of the National Assembly. (Can we use both judge and justice? Which one is commonly used?) 2. Both were fired after the incident/case. (Can we use both judge and

  69. Education technology

    Which of the following is a benefit dead education simulation do not provide? They use real objects that can be physically touched They allow you to manipulate objects by turning them around vertically•• They can use 3-D movement and objects They can

  70. Math

    Rob had a pitcher containing 2 liters of lemonade. He poured an equal amount of lemonade into 14 glasses. How much lemonade was left over in the pitcher? 14/2000=142 r 12

  71. chemistry

    C3H8+5 o2 - 3CO2 +4H2O the reaction If I have 56.7 liters of o2 reacted, how many liters of H2O were produced?

  72. Education technology

    Which of the following rules is most likely to be used in an A.U.P.? A. Communication should be civil and respectful of one another •• B. Private files can be viewed without permission from the owner C. Proper credit to the source is not necessary if

  73. math

    stem leaf plot stem leaf 5 4 5 6 0 6 9 7 2 3 4 5 5 8 1 2 8 9 9 5 6 a)what is range of data?B) median of data? C) and mode of data A)? B)74.5 C) 75

  74. math

    What is the annual percentage yield (APY) of a simple discount note for $7,000 at a bank discount rate of 6%, for 3 months?

  75. Algebra

    3/8x + 180=3.5g

  76. math

    Alicia borrowed $8,500 at 6% ordinary interest for 180 days. After 40 days, she made a partial payment of $2,000. After another 70 days, Alicia made a second partial payment of $2,000. What is the final amount due on the loan?

  77. math

    Kate Davidson signed a simple discount note for $9,000. The discount rate is 5%, and the term of the note is 18 months. What is the annual percentage yield (APY)?

  78. maths-word problem help

    A and B can finish a piece of work in 12days and 18days respectively. A begin to the work and they work alternately one at a time for one day each.The whole work will be completed in? Help me plz show step thanks

  79. Math

    A man start from point A and walks 5km east to B. He then walks 7km on a bearing of 162 degree to reach point C. Find the bearing and distance of C from A

  80. Global Studies

    Which of the following inference is best supported by Ridwan's story a. the Indonesian government discourages the practice of the ethnic tradition b. people in Indonesian get married younger then people do in the united states. c. Indonesian has mostly

  81. sciencce

    what is potential energy?

  82. Education technology

    Which of the following is not an example of malicious code? A. Trojan horse B. worm C. virus D. spy gear ••

  83. geography

    what is savannah woodland?

  84. Maths

    If a car weighing 1,054kg collides with another car and then takes 60 metres to come to rest can the speed at the pint of impact be calculated?

  85. maths

    If 14 men can dig a hole 10 metres long in 6 days, how long would 12 men take to dig a hole 15 metres long?

  86. Science

    For your discussion assessment, you will present your proposal of a device that minimizes heat transfer.

  87. Education technology

    Which of the following is a sign that your computer may have been infected with malicious code? Your computer runs faster than normal The page you open are not distorted Your computer restarts on its own and then runs properly •• Your computer locks up

  88. computer

    I think in the society we are in with free backup and $5 flash drives there is no reason people do not backup their critical data. What is your biggest concern about using backup at your house or the Cloud for backing up your files?’

  89. Maths

    If Rick has $500 In his account after 4 years investing at 2.5% per year , how much money did he deposit initially ? Use =A =P (1+ r/n) 2). Your new laptop cost $1500 but depreciates in value by about 21% each year. a) How,much will your laptop be worth in

  90. Maths word problem help!!

    a pan of cake was left out on the counter ana 1/4 of the cake has already been eaten.Then zwell came along and ate 2/3 of the cake that was left.How much of the whole pan of cake did zwell eat? show work plz

  91. math

    One-half of the students at Greendale Middle School take art. Two-thirds of the students take Spanish. Deshawn uses a coin and a standard number cube as a simulation of the students at Greendale Middle School. Deshawn lets “T” represent a student

  92. Education technology

    Which of the following helps prevent your computer from becoming infected with malicious code? Open all emails with attachments that aré from stanger Is sure your computer gets open up and the dust cleaned out of its regularly. install and regularly run

  93. Art

    war memorials honor those who fought and died for a nation. which of the following is not a reasons war memorials are important? A. Memorials honor the family of the dead. B. Memorials let the public experience wars reality. C. Memorials allow visitors to

  94. MATH Please Help Please

    Algebra 2 There is a graphs of the sequence f(n)=2n-3 and a graph of the function f(x)=2x-3 What difference exist between the two graphs? What accounts for the differences between the graphs in terms of domain and range? Help please I don't understand

  95. chemistry

    How many milliters of a 6.ooM HCl solution are required to react with 21.0 grams of Mg? I'm so confused. I know how to get the Molar mass of Mg and HCl but, does that even matter here?

  96. English

    1. The team usually plays in a 4-4-2 formation. (at a soccer game) 2. two center forwards (= two strikers) 3. side midfielder (=left midfielder) two central midfielders side midfielder (=right midfielder) 4. fullback ( =left back = side back) two center

  97. English

    1.Which of the author's specific word choices in the following passage from "The Morning of June 28,1948 and "The Lottery" best impacts the author's tone? On the morning of June 28, 1948, I walked down to the post office in our little Vermont town to pick

  98. math

    1 side of the square is 0.25KM is the area of the square 6.25 KM squared? explain true or false.

  99. Maths

    a 3 digit number starts with 2 and next 2 digits are 25 times the first digit .what is the number


    1. You mix the letters S, E, M, I, T, R, O, P, I, C, A, and L thoroughly. Without looking, you draw one letter. Find the probability that you select a vowel. Write your answer as a fraction in simplest form. A. 12/5 ** b. 5/12 c. 1/3 d. 7/12

  101. mechanics

    -the coefficient of static friction between the flat bed of the truck and the box is us 0.3. Determine the minimum stopping distance s which the truck can have from a speed of 70 km/h with constant deceleration if the box is not to slip forward

  102. math

    Divide -3x^3 - 2x^2 - x - 2 by x – 2. A. -3x2 - 8x - 17, R –36 B. -3x2 + 4x + 15, R 32 C. -3x2 + 4x + 15 D. -3x2 - 8x - 17 I'm sure it's either B or C, can someone help?

  103. Algebra

    A radioactive kind of nitrogen has a half life of 10 minutes. If you start with 64 grams of the substance, how much will be left after 20 minutes?

  104. life orientation

    Clearly describe a recent corruption and fraud case in the country making headlines in the media:who the role players are who got involved, the extent to which it linked to other crimes ,role played by the media and that of the state to deal with this

  105. Precalc

    Let x, y, and z be real numbers such that cos(x) + cos(y) + cos(z) = sin(x) + sin(y) + sin(z) = 0. Prove that cos(2x) + cos(2y) + cos(2z) = sin(2x) + sin(2y) + sin(2z) = 0.

  106. math

    If 2 inches on a map represents 125 miles then how far apart are 2 cities that are 5/8 inch apart.

  107. Programming

    Scenario: Write a program that will determine the average mark of each student. The average is dependent on the subjects which the student has completed. The minimum amount of subjects is eight, and the maximum amount of subjects is 12. When the program

  108. Education technology

    Which of the following is an effect of intellectual property theft? Record companies lose money because people download songs for free online Book companies lose money because of used bookstores Book companies lose money because people download books

  109. English

    1. He is good at imitating other people's voices. 2. Doing voices is his specialty. 3. She is good at doing imitations. ============= Are they all right expressions? Which expression is commonly used?

  110. Math

    hello, I'm trying to find the derivative of: y= 1+cos (x) / sin (x) thank you! :)

  111. science

    I believe the angle of refraction will be ___________ when it goes from a ________ to a _______________ because ____________________________________. Please help

  112. Math

    Mandy runs 4 km in 18 minutes if she planes to run in a 15 km race how long will it take her to complete the race

  113. SS

    I'm doing a thing called a portfolio in ss and I need to know what the orgin of a recipe is.

  114. Science

    How test tube babies are born?

  115. math

    A cockroach traveling 2 feet per second takes how long to scurry a distance of 46 feet?

  116. Math

    Final all the solutions for ONE + ONE = TWO each letter stands for a different digit

  117. Urgent =Math

    17. Tell whether this survey describes a good sample and if so, name the method of sampling used. Every sixth person leaving a restaurant is surveyed to determine their favorite food from the menu. yes, random******** yes, systematic yes, stratified not a

  118. math

    Find the point in the xy plane which is equidistant from (1,1), (7,1), and (1,9). Please and thanks.

  119. Urgent =Math

    Tell whether this survey describes a good sample and if so, name the method of sampling used. A phone company randomly calls 6 names from the phone book to find whether the person is satisfied with the phone service. yes, random yes, systematic***** yes,

  120. Stat

    An SRS of size n is taken from a large population whose distribution of income is extremely right-skewed and the mean income is calculated. Which of the following statements is false? a) When n > 30, the sampling distribution of is approximately normal. b)

  121. math

    suppose there 10 marbles in a bag and 3 of them are defective.Two marbles are to be selected one after the other without replacement.What is the probability of selecting a defective marble followed by another defective marble?

  122. English

    In which of the following besides the irony in the short story "The Gift of the Magie" and "The necklace?" A.The protagonists value objects more than people. B.The ptotagonists want to escape their low social status. C.The protagonists struggle for

  123. Geography

    Which of the following characterizes a stage 3 population? produces many offspring lives in rural areas experiences a sharp increase in crude death rates consists of primordially urban dwellers***

  124. calculus help

    Integrate:(3x^5-5)^-3 dx thanks

  125. Math

    Find all of the solutions for this addition problem. Each different letter in the puzzle stands for a different digit. Letters that are the same stand for the same digit. Remember to include all of the criteria from the guidelines. ONE + ONE = TWO

  126. math

    Two cars started at sunrise and travelled at a constant speed,one from city A to city B and the other from city B to city A on the same highway.They met at noon and without stopping and arrived respectively at city B at 4 p.m. and at A at 9 p.m.

  127. science

    why do we put salt on sidewalks when it snows?

  128. Social Studies

    8. How did the economic boom of the 1920s affect the majority of South Carolina? A. More people were able to invest in new cars farmers had their impo to invest in new cars B. farmers had the opportunity to purchase more land C. electricity was made

  129. Social studies

    I don't want links I want answers please and please make sure it's in your own words. What are the causes of problems the Mayans and other Native American groups fate in Guatemala? How are people trying to solve these problems?

  130. physics

    A convex mirror of focal length 30cm.produces a real and inverted image of magnification 0.5. By how much distance the object should be brought closer to obtain a virtual and erect image of magnification 2?

  131. physics

    A convex mirror of focal length 30cm. produces a real and inverted image of magnification how much distance the object should be brought closer to obtain a virtual and erect image of magnification 2?

  132. Math

    What is 10*10? A) 2 B) 26 C)20 D) 100

  133. calculus help

    integrate:dx/(3x^3-5)^3 help plz show step

  134. math

    Jocelyn has read 156 pages of a book. This is 4/5 of the entire book. How many pages does the book have?

  135. math

    (3.6−1 1 8 ÷ 3/4 )·15 how to solve

  136. college algebra

    QUESTION 14 The game commission introduces 100 deer into newly acquired state game lands. The population N of the herd is modeled by where t is the time in years. Find the populations when t=40. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.) 1,442 deer

  137. math

    how to find the slope of the line passing through: A(a, b) and B(c, d)

  138. english

    I've got a research paper about diamonds and I need to limit my topic about it . Can somebody tell me topics about diamonds please?

  139. college algebra

    QUESTION 25 The populations (in thousands) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 2000 through 2007 can be modele by where t represents the year, with t = 0 corresponding to 2000. Use the model to find the population in the year 2001. 2,418,774 2,419,774

  140. math help!!

    Please help 25= 2r+3 A 28=2r B 22=2r C 50= r + 3 D 25/2=r3

  141. college algebra

    QUESTION 21 Condense the expression to the logarithm of a single quantity. ln310 + ln3x ln3(10 - x) ln310/x ln3(10 + x) ln310x ln310x

  142. Math

    How can you find the distance of each number from the mean? 50,56,52,46,48,42,38 Im not sure so please help.

  143. Social Studies (new question)

    Compare and contrast of Chile and Venezuela.

  144. calculus

    calculus. suppose dR/dt= (d/R)^(2) and P(1) 4. separate the differential equation, integrate both sides

  145. calculus

    find the derivative of d^2x/dt^2 if x^3=at^2 thanks

  146. Math

    Explain how the area of a parallelogram is related to the area of a triangle when both figures have the same base and height

  147. math

    A certain sum is deposited in a bank which gives compound intrest at certain rate. The intrest on the amount is rs.440. In the first 2 years and rs.728 in the first 3 years what is the rate of interest per annum.

  148. science

    This isn't a question, but I noticed that over half the questions don't even get answer...

  149. Geography

    What are the political, economic, and social reasons why the stamp act was not not fair to the colonist?

  150. Education technology

    Which of the following does not qualify as intellectual property? a)a poem that you write b)a CD your friend bought that you borrowed c)a story that you wrote based on a book you read d)an idea that you cam up with•• Correct me

  151. math

    The farmer sells a 41.9915-tonne load to a buyer who takes a single scoop of tomatoes from a random spot in the load. If the sample has approximately 300 tomatoes and 92% are acceptable, how much is the load worth? Tomatoes sell for $94.40 per tonne.

  152. Math

    If a 2-inch pipe will fill a tank in 6 hours, how long will it require for a 3-inch pipe to fill it?

  153. Social Studies

    Can you please help me out with a few problems? 1. Which of the following most caused the Civil War? A.) different views on communism and democracy B.) different views on the use of the atomic bomb C.) the division of Germany, Austria, and Berlin into

  154. Math

    Which data set does the box plot represent?

  155. Average

    In a class 20% students failed 60% students scored average marks and the remaining above average marks find number of students in the class ?