Questions Asked on
April 17, 2016

  1. Life Orientation

    What role do the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner?

    asked by Portia
  2. Math check, please

    A cube has a side length of x feet. Which expression represents the surface area of the cube? 4x square units 24x square units x'2 square units 6x'2 square units *** Find the surface area of the cylinder that has a height of 15 cm and a diameter of 2 cm.

    asked by Carter
  3. English speech

    traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe in hospitals and clinics

    asked by Evelyn
  4. math

    find the mean of the given porobbility distribution the number of golf balls ordered by customers of a pro shop has the following probability distribution x3 6 9 12 15 P(x) 0.14 0.05 0.36 0.35 0.10

    asked by kathleen
  5. English

    The pilot decided to return the aircraft to the gate after the warning lights indicated trouble with the landing gear. Identify the set of domain specific words from this sentence.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Physics

    An elevator and its load have a total mass of 800kg .find the tension T in the supporting cable when the elevator originally moving downwards at10m/s is brought to rest with constant acceleretion in distance of25m

    asked by Abidemi
  7. English

    is nationalism capitalized?

    asked by Boberto
  8. Math

    I am doing a practice test and I am stuck on a couple of questions. 1.) Write a rule for the following sequence 8, -1, -10, -19 2.) Find the next three terms of the sequence -2, -12, -72, -432 3.) Which explains why the sequence 81, 3, 1/9 thanks

    asked by KAYLA
  9. Life orientation

    Critically discuss six ways that the human rights violations influences individuals,groups and the broader south African.

    asked by Rollen
  10. Math - Check

    2. A cube has a side length of x feet. Which expression represents the surface area of the cube? 4x square units 24x square units x'2 square units 6x'2 square units *** 3. Find the surface area of the cylinder that has a height of 15 cm and a diameter of 2

    asked by Carter
  11. chemistry

    Aqueous sodium sulfate reacts with aqueous barium chloride to produce solid barium sulfate and aqueous sodium chloride. the solution contains 3.44g of barium chloride. you have a 0.282M solution of sodium sulfate. determine the volume of the sodium sulfate

    asked by sara
  12. Physics

    A string is 2.4 m long, and the speed of sound along this string is 450 m/s. Calculate the frequency of the wave that would produce a first harmonic. Assume the string has nodes at both ends. What I've Tried Ln=2.4m v= 450 m/s f=? n=2 Ln=(4-1)/4 *

    asked by AlphaPlus
  13. English

    Speech about English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous language

    asked by thuli
  14. Life orientation

    Critically discuss six ways that the human rights violations influence individuals, groups andthe broader south african community

    asked by Johanna
  15. Chemistry

    For the reaction 2 NO (g) + Cl2 (g) → 2 NOCl (g) If the concentration of NO is tripled, the rate of the reaction increases by a factor of nine. If the concentration of Cl2 is cut in half, the rate of the reaction is decreased to half the original rate.

    asked by Nicole
  16. English

    Speech about English is the language of opportunity .why bother to teach indigenous language?

    asked by Thulane
  17. American History

    Joseph Stalin was motivated to sign a nonaggression pact with Hitler. A,the Soviets’ need for economic and military aid B.Stalin’s desire to gain control of Eastern Europe c.Stalin’s sense that he needed to preempt a Nazi invasion. D.The need for an

    asked by Angie
  18. Math

    Exactly 120 tickets were sold for a concert. The tickets cost $12 each for adults, $10 each for seniors, and $6 each for children. The number of adult tickets sold was equal to the number of child tickets sold. Given that the total revenue from the tickets

    asked by Hddhjshshahahhh
  19. Trigonometry

    If the terminal side of angle theta passes through point (-3, -4), what is the valuse of sec theta? 1) 5/3 2) -5/3 3)5/4 4)-5/4

    asked by Jana
  20. Life orientation

    examples of human rights violations or discriminations 1identify your 3 human rights violations or discimination and explain in an introductory paragraph why you choose the specific human rights violations or discrimination

    asked by Ednah
  21. physics

    David Wetterman drops a 5 kg watermelon from the top of a 30 m building. What is the velocity of the watermelon as it smashes into the ground (neglecting air resistance)?

    asked by Eli Garrett
  22. Life orentation

    Make six suggestion on how to combat the violations of human rights(right to education,health and work) and indicate any arganisation you have come about in your research and indicate how they combat the human rights violations

    asked by Happiness
  23. math

    It takes Bill 24 minutes to type and spell check 10 pages. Find how many pages he can type and spell check in 5.5 hours. Round to the nearest whole number if necessary. A. 55 pages B. 138 pages C. 792 pages D. 229 pages

    asked by Anonymous
  24. interest

    Find the balance on an account if you invest $100 at 5% for 10 years compounded monthly.

    asked by julie
  25. Chemistry

    0.4276-g sample of a potassium hydroxide – lithium hydroxide mixture requires 31.20 mL of 0.3315 M HCl for its titration to the equivalence point. What is the mass percent lithium hydroxide in this mixture? 1.) 0.03120 L x 0.3315= 0.010343 moles HCl I'm

    asked by Anonymous
  26. math

    3/7 of a bottle is full.what fraction of the bottle is empty?

    asked by ptuthvy das
  27. interest

    Find the balance on an account if you invest $100 at 5% for 10 years compounded annually.

    asked by julie
  28. Algebra

    The function H(t) = -16t2 + vt + s shows the height H (t), in feet, of a projectile launched vertically from s feet above the ground after t seconds. The initial speed of the projectile is v feet per second. Part A: The projectile was launched from a

    asked by Ashlee
  29. Geometry

    Casey sights the top of an 84 foot tall lighthouse at an angle of elevation of 58 degrees. If Casey is 6 feet tall, how far is he standing from the base of the lighthouse?

    asked by Tati
  30. english

    complete the following sentence by filling in a suitable predicates 1,the cat 2,the school bus 3,all the students, 4,the class room 5,the boys

    asked by afsheen
  31. English

    Traditional healers should be allowed to prictise and prescribe medicine in hospital and clinic?

    asked by Zanele
  32. Physics

    Home Economics Math Music Physical Education Science Social Studies GRADE LEVELS Preschool Kindergarten Elementary School 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade High School 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

    asked by Rameel
  33. English

    English is the language of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous language.

    asked by Lerato
  34. english

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous language?

    asked by mohamed
  35. physics

    before 1900 the activity per mass of atmospheric carbon due to the presence of carbon-14 averaged about 0.255bq/g of carbon 1. what fraction of carbon is carbon-14

    asked by jay
  36. grewal

    Don has just received a cash gift of $70,000 from his rich eccentric uncle. He wants to set it aside to pay for his daughter Cynthia's college education. Cynthia will begin college in 10 years and Don's financial advisor says that she can earn 8% interest

    asked by parry
  37. English

    speech about ;Traditional African marriage it's an advantage for men only not for women. so my question is, How is the relationship between the wives in the polygamy?

    asked by Trinity Mahori
  38. Math 4

    There are 20 teachers and 705 students in Corey's school. What is the ratio of teachers to students? How would I solve this problem? PLZ help me! :(

    asked by Diane
  39. English

    English is the language of opportunity,why bother to teach indigenous language

    asked by Sihle
  40. life orientation, maths lit, geography

    Give xenophobia position on this issue

    asked by fortunate
  41. Life orientation

    Identify 3 human rights violation or discrimination and explain in an introductory paragraph why i choose the specific human rights violation

    asked by Thabisha
  42. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid generated by rotating the region bounded by 𝑦 = 𝑒2𝑥, 𝑥-axis, 𝑦-axis and 𝑥 = ln3 about (i) the 𝑥-axis for 1 complete revolution. (ii) the 𝑦-axis for 1 complete revolution. (iii) 𝑦 = −1 for 1 complete

    asked by Desperate Student
  43. physics

    The drawing shows a jet engine suspended beneath the wing of an airplane. The weight W with arrow of the engine is 11900 N and acts as shown in the drawing. In flight the engine produces a thrust T with arrow of 64500 N that is parallel to the ground. The

    asked by nj
  44. Science

    A man walks 5m towards east and turns right and moves 12m. The magnitude of displacement is

    asked by Sivasaran


    asked by NNOPE
  46. life orientation

    identify your three human rights violations or discrimination and explain in an introductory paragraph why you choose the specific human rights violation or discrimination

    asked by praise ramaabele
  47. american history

    What did leaders of Rhode Island believe would happen to religion if church and state were connected? A. Religion would grow at an alarming rate. B. Religion would become state-funded. C. Religion would become more powerful than government. D. Religion

    asked by Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  48. Math "Need Help Asap"!

    Please Help Me !!!!!! 1. Polynomials Add or subtract (4x2 + 15x – 3) – (–3x2 + 5) (1 point) A.7x2 + 15x – 8 B.x2 + 12x + 2 C.x2 + 15x – 8 D.7x2 + 8 2. 2. Simplify the polynomial. –3f2 + 4f – 3 + 8f2 + 7f + 1 (1 point) A.5f2 – 11f + 2 B.11f2

    asked by #FreeGucci
  49. Life orientation

    Identify three human rights violations and explain in an introductory paragraph why you choose the specific human rights violation

    asked by Happiness
  50. math

    A set of data items is normally distributed with a mean of 70. Convert the data item to a z-score, if the standard deviation is as given. data item: 80; standard deviation: 15

    asked by elizabeth
  51. math

    The sun hits a building of unknown height so that the building casts a shadow of 517 feet. If the angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the sun is 16 degrees, how tall is the building?

    asked by brad
  52. math

    If a short quiz consist of 10 True False questions, then how many different ways are there to answer the 10 questions? Assume each question is randomly answered.

    asked by sandra
  53. Chemistry 101

    Write the molecular, total ionic, and net ionic, for the reaction. 1). Aqueous sodium carbonate is reacted with aqueous nickle (11) chloride. 2). Aqueous potassium hydroxide is mixed with aqueous hydrochloric acid.

    asked by mike
  54. Math

    Two collinear points are given in the table, give a third point that is also on this line x 0 4. It is written vertically on a graph, the other side states y 0 -3. I do not understand how to find the third point for each problem. I missed this lesson, can

    asked by Dakota
  55. physical science

    How long will a 1.2 kW electric kettle take to heat 0.8 kg of water from 20°C to 100°C?

    asked by yah
  56. life orientation

    Make six suggestion on how to combat the violations of human right( the right to life)

    asked by estelinah
  57. physics

    a helium nuclide of mass M1 moving with initial velocity V is incident on a stationary of mass M1. After collision M1 was deflected through an angle x and M2 an angle y. If the velocities of the nuclides after collision were V1 and V2 respectively, show

    asked by Henry
  58. math

    As^5.V(s)+Bs^4.V(s)+Cs^3.V(s)+Ds^2.V(s)+Es^1V(s)+F.V(s)=1, where V(s) is the transformed transient output voltage. Rearranging the 5th order transient polynomial equation above we have: V(s) = 1 / H(s) where H(s) is a polynomial is a polynomial in s to be

    asked by Ak
  59. English

    Traditional healer should be allowed to practise and priscibe medicine in hospitals and clinics

    asked by Ntombikhona
  60. chemistry

    what volume of glycerine C3H8O3, with a density of 1.26 g/mL should be taken to obtain 2.50 ml of glycerine?

    asked by Jonathan
  61. science

    a boy whose mass is 69kg climbs a tree 10m high in 12s .calculate the work done and power developed

    asked by latela
  62. math

    prove alfa+Bita=90 degree,show the maximum value of cos alfa cos bita is 1/2.

    asked by deb chakraborty
  63. Math

    A box contained some red, blue, and green markers. For every 3 red markers, there were 2 blue markers. For every 3 blue markers, there were 7 green markers. A) Find the ratio of red markers to blue markers to green markers. B) When 7 markers were removed

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Life orientation

    Describe the three human rights violations or discriminaion you selected and give at least two examples of such violation you found in your research

    asked by Happiness
  65. English

    Speech about english is the languages of opportunity

    asked by Nosipho
  66. Math

    Which triangle is NOT possible to construct? Answers: A. A right isosceles triangle B. An acute equilateral triangle C. An Obtuse scalene triangle D. A right equilateral triangle My Answer: C. An Obtuse scalene triangle :)

    asked by Lani
  67. english first additional language

    why tradional healers must not be allowed in hospitals and clinics ?

    asked by lungile
  68. english

    Is this question to inform: The bank says that I have no money left in my checking account, but that can't be true. I have plenty of checks left!

    asked by jennifer
  69. english

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage of man only not for women

    asked by marry
  70. Math

    There are 20 teachers and 705 students in Corey's school. What is the ratio of teachers to students? Answers: A. 4/141 B. 141/4 C. 5/141 D. 141/5 My Answer: A: 4/141 Please check if I am right. Thanks!

    asked by Lani
  71. Stats

    The GRE has a combined verbal and quantitative mean of 1000 and standard deviation of 200. Scores range from 200 to 1600. a. what % of the persons score above 1300? b. above 800? c. below 1200? d. above what score do the top 20% of the test-takers score?

    asked by Terry
  72. maths-help damon,steve

    Suppose that p(A)=0.6 P(AuB)=0.7 P(AnB)=0.05 determine P when it is mutually exclusive independent hence duduce P(A'),P(B'),P(A'nB),P(AnB'),P(A'uB),P(AuB'),P(A'uB'),P(A'nB')

    asked by sam!!!
  73. precalc

    Find the exact value of each expression, if it exists: the -1 are representing the inverse functions! (a) sin -1 (-√2/2) (b) cos−1 (−1) (c) sin( 􏰀sin−1 (π)􏰁) (d) cos−1􏰀(cos􏰀(−4π􏰁􏰁/ 3)) (e) tan−1 (tan(0.6)) (f) cos−1(

    asked by help!
  74. Geography

    identify your 3 human right violation and explain in an introductory paragraph why you choose the specific human right violation

    asked by kateko
  75. calculus help

    integrate cos^10xdx.. .plz show working i really wanna learn these thanks anyway

    asked by newton
  76. phy

    A block of mass m = 331 g is dragged with a string across a rough horizontal table. The string tension is T = 3.59 N, and it pulls upward at an angle of ¦Õ = 43.0¡ã with the horizontal. At one particular instant the block is moving at a speed of v =

    asked by xianhua
  77. Chemistry

    Does either E1 and E2 involve a retention or inversion of stereochemistry? What happens to the stereochemistry in these reactions? I know stereospecificity is important for the reaction to occur, but I don't know what these means for the stereochemistry

    asked by Anonymous
  78. life orientation

    Evaluate the physical,social and economic consequences of this crime to the offender.

    asked by keletso
  79. science

    a helium nuclide of mass M1 moving with a velocity Vo is incident on a stationary nuclide of mass M2. After collision M1 was deflected through an angle x and M2 an angle y. If the velocities of the nuclides after collision were V1 and V2 respectively show

    asked by Henry
  80. life orientation

    Human rights violation or discrimination and explain in and introductory

    asked by shirley
  81. Physics

    Brett stats from rest on his skateboard and accelerates at 0.5 m/s2 [N] for 12s, and then maintains his velocity for 15s before falling off his board. He slides along on his back until he comes to rest, accelerating at -2.4 m/s2. a) Calculate the highest

    asked by Nancy
  82. Physics

    A Ball Of Mass 0.25kg Losses Half Of Its Velocity When It Makes A Head On Collision With An Identical Ball Q At Rest.After The Collision,Q Moves off with a speed of 2m/s in the original direction of p.calculate the initial velocity of p.

    asked by Richard
  83. English

    1. Food prices rise sharply in Egypt. (What is the meaning of 'sharply' here? 2. Sometimes be happy. 3. Be sometimes happy. 4. Be happy sometimes. (Can we use thises sentences? Which one is common?)

    asked by rfvv
  84. Math

    An actor invests some money at 6% and $35000 more than 4 times the amount at 11%. The total amount interest earned from the investment is $66350. how much did he invest at each amount?

    asked by Anonymous

    find all the real and complex zeros of the polynomial P(x)=x^4 -2x^3 -2x^2-2x-3

    asked by help!
  86. English

    I have a homework where i have to write a speech on this topic which says Mythical charector i admire and i don't have a clue on how to start please help

    asked by Phila
  87. Calcus

    Find a value of k that gives f(x)=x²+kx+2 a local minimum value of 1. I do not not what to do.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Math

    Mary borrows €8,500 for three years at an interest rate of 4.5% per annum.if she makes no repayments,how much will she owe at the end of the three years?

    asked by Keeva
  89. English

    Why bother to teach indigenous

    asked by Ntobe
  90. chemistry

    What is the equilibrium constant for 2A + 3B (double arrow) =4C Is it (C)^c/ (A)^a (B)^b

    asked by lulu
  91. Bio

    In organisms that reproduce sexually, ________ are the sex cells that carry the genetic information from each parent. diploid gametes diploid morulas diploid zygotes haploid gametes diploid gametes

    asked by Anonymous
  92. english

    substitute the nouns with the right pronouns ther was a little old man called geppetto,geppetto wanted to make a puppet.geppetto called the puppet pinocchino.geppetto noticed that pinoechio's eyes moved.the puppet stated at him and soon the puppets nose

    asked by afsheen
  93. Science

    What obstacles did Darwin's theory of natural selection and evolution face and how did he overcome these? I know one would be scientists in those days having different theories (obstacle)...

    asked by Stoof
  94. Trigonometry

    Suppose *u* is a quadrant IV angle with cos(u) = 3/5. Suppose *v* is a quadrant IV angle with cos(v) = 12/13. Find the exact value of sin(u-v) I have gotten to sin120cos150 - sin150cos120 but I am not sure I am correct up to that point and I don't know

    asked by Lydia
  95. history,maths literacey,english,xitsonga,religion,

    What should i study nextyear?

    asked by niah
  96. norland

    A vegetable pizza costs $8 and a chicken pizza costs $12. Find an inequality to determine the number of pizzas he can buy along with one vegetable pizza if he has $140 to spend.

    asked by Anonymous
  97. math

    A person rowed her boat upstream a distance of 45 mi and then rowed back to the starting point. The total time of the trip was 14 hours. If the rate of the current was 2 ​mph, find the average speed of the boat in still water.

    asked by Anonymous
  98. logic

    Which room has no window or door and no man can live in it?

    asked by somay
  99. American History

    The decision by Great Britain and France to sign the Munich Accord with Germany was considered an act of. A,isolationism b.internationalism. C.appeasement d.neutrality. My answer is B

    asked by Angie
  100. English

    Why bother to teaech indegenius languages? Please can you help(introduction and body)

    asked by Athini
  101. algebra

    Deshaun rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of $14.50 , and there was an additional charge of 8 cents for each mile driven. The total cost, C (in dollars), for driving x miles is given by the following function. =Cx+0.08x14.50 What is the

    asked by var
  102. algebra

    translate this expression into a mathematical problem the difference between one more than three times a number and a number is 19 find the smaller number

    asked by laverne
  103. precalc

    p(x)=x^3 -6x^2 +13x -10. find all the solutions to the equation p(x)=0. i am not allowed to use -b/2A

    asked by help!
  104. mathematics-need help urgently please

    A tank with a square base of side x has a capacity of 1000m^3. If the total area is pm^3, show that p=2x^2+4000/x. Hence find the least area of the flat sheet that may be used to build the tank. Please show workings #thanks

    asked by P1
  105. English

    How is the relationship between the wives in polygamy?

    asked by Trinity Mahori
  106. Math

    In 1995-96 academic year there were 86,087 bachelor degrees awarded. That number fell to 71,261 for 2002-2003 school year. In 2008-09 it rose to 120,488 . How much greater was the percent increase from 2003 to 2009? How much was the percent decrease from

    asked by Bryant
  107. math

    Write the following sets in set. Builder notation. B is the set of even natural numbers greater than 15 and smaller than 29

    asked by annie
  108. Biology

    Ovulation occurs by a surge in the secretion of what hormone? estrogen hormone luteinizing hormone follicle stimulation hormone progesterone hormone Tricky.. I believe its estrogen

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Math

    Study the equation below. 25=2x+3 Which equation has the same solution? Answers: A. 28=2x B. 22=2x C. 50=x+3 D. 25/2=x+3 My answer is B. 22=2x. Please check if I am right. Thank you!

    asked by Lani
  110. Math "Need Help Asap"!

    7.)2a(a^2+4a) A.)2a^2+6a^2 B.)2a^3 C.)2a+6!@#$%^&* D.)2a^3+6a^2 C?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  111. Chemistry

    A 110g piece of copper is heated and the temperature changes from 38C to 172C. The heat absorbed is 686 cal. What is the specific heat of copper. I think the answer is .385, but I have tried 100 different ways to get this answer or anything close, and I am

    asked by lulu
  112. MATHS


    asked by ADEOYE
  113. Scince

    Which metel particles are the first to react the heat

    asked by Salma
  114. life orientations

    3 human righs violations

    asked by kateko
  115. geography, maths liti, life sciences and economics

    Iwnt to become an economist, so Iwnt to knw that is this subject suitable for me to become an economist?

    asked by hope
  116. dramatic art .tourism. history and math lit

    I'm doing grade 11 next year grade 12 I don't know which job can do with this subject pls help me to found more information about it plss

    asked by annita
  117. Statistic

    If p=.0059538866 critical value is 3.72 is p greater than cv

    asked by Denise
  118. Algebra

    The first side is triple the second side and the third side is five times the second side. What are the sides of the triangle if the perimeter is 72ft?

    asked by Olivia
  119. life orientation

    Human rights violation and discrimination

    asked by Anonymous
  120. maths littercy ,agricultural science ,life science ,tourism , life orientatiom, ndebele and english

    i completed my matric last year , now i don't know which carrer should i do or follow and in which college or university

    asked by simphiwe
  121. Algebra

    How do you know there is no real solution to the quadratic equation x2+x+14=0?

    asked by Matisha
  122. Maths

    If 1 revolution = 360 degree ,then 5 revolution is equal to? Solution since 1 rev = 360 degree ,then 5 rev = X cross multiply X= 360 * 5 X=1800 So,5 rev is equal to 1800 degrees

    asked by Gift10613
  123. Science

    A car of mass 1200kg increases its velocity from 20m/s to 60m/s in 8seconds. Calculate the acceleration force on the car.

    asked by Lucky chembe
  124. English

    Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your help. One more question, please. If I want a person not to touch me, do I say 1) "Take your hands off me" 2) "Hands off" 3) "Take off your hands" (to me, it sounds wrong)? Thank you a lot.

    asked by Ilma
  125. Physics

    A brick has mass 10kg and dimensions (10*5*20)cm Find the maximum and minimum pressure it can exert on ground

    asked by Clive
  126. Math "Need Help Asap"!

    8.) Write the expression using a single exponent. 22 • 28 (1 point) A.410 B.210 C.416*** D.216 I belive "C", However my sister says " B", Who's corrected?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  127. World History

    What does the future of genocide look like?

    asked by Boberto
  128. maths help plz

    A certain number of children are arranged in a circular form,if they are evenly spaced,the 7th child is directly opposite to the 8th child.... how many children are their altogether? thanks

    asked by david
  129. logic


    asked by somay
  130. Hunger Games

    what are some quotations that show when Katniss defied the capitol with the berries act?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. english

    essay on the cruicble by arthur miller when elizabeth is accused of hurting abigail# DO NOT GIVE ME ADVICE ON HOW TO DO IT GIVE ME THE ESSAY!

    asked by spaz

    Can you provide me with links to help me out with the hunger games, like how you gave the wikia??

    asked by Anonymous
  133. science

    carbon moboxide reacts with hudrogen to produce methanol chemical equation: balanced equation:

    asked by sTanley
  134. physics little folks

    a mass is attached at the spring perform SHM with frequency of 15 hz find the acceleration when displacement is 1.6cm

    asked by raahim
  135. English

    1. He kept all her letters. 2. He is keeping all her letters. 3. He has kept all her letters for 10 years. 4. He has been keeping all her letters till now. (Are they all grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  136. Math

    How long will it take me to become a millionaire with my investment of $1330.00 compounded at 18% annually?

    asked by Nina
  137. English

    Which word in the dictionary is spelt Incorrectly?

    asked by somay
  138. Math "Need Help Asap"!

    8.)(3y)(3y-2) A.)9Y^2-6 B.)9Y^2+5Y C.)9Y^2+1 D.)9Y^2-6Y

    asked by #FreeGucci
  139. Hunger Games

    Which of the following was a more caring act, Katniss providing food for her family, volunteering as tribute, or helping Peeta?

    asked by Anonymous
  140. maths

    the number of positive integers less than 40000 that can be formed using all the digits 12345 is equal to

    asked by amar
  141. Life Orientation

    List & discuss any four factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of the media /// I really need an appropriate answer Thank you .

    asked by sazzy
  142. Hamlet

    How does Hamlet show his Heroism?

    asked by Thomas
  143. jAPANESE

    Complete a following sentence with the correct form of the verb / adjective. I gave a dog to my friends. わたしは _________ あげました いぬが ともだちに いぬのともだちを いぬを ともだちに

    asked by I
  144. Ed tech 1 question kinda understand =/

    Do research on an area of a technology that interest you. *****IDEAS PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***

    asked by Sparkles_01
  145. Ms Sue please helpp

    Find a fraction equivalent to the recurring decimal 0.435643564356....

    asked by Sahna
  146. economics

    are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed or added

    asked by nomkelor
  147. Math

    The length of each side of an equilateral triangle is decreased by 5 inches, so the perimeter is now 45 inches. What is the original length of each side of the equilateral triangle?

    asked by Vianka
  148. life orientation

    evaluate the physical ,social and economic consequences of this crime to offenders

    asked by machete
  149. maths

    You have group of 27 learners ,12 boys and 15girls You need to select 5girls and 4 boys to go on a trip.Describe sampling method you would use in this case to select the learners

    asked by Ayabonga
  150. english

    How to write appreciation of a poem

    asked by hjh
  151. Science

    Why the earth rotate each 24 hours?

    asked by The earth
  152. Math

    You charge $3.75 an hour for babysitting plus $5 for fixing lunch. How much did you make last saturday ?

    asked by Erin
  153. Math "Need Help Asap"!

    6.)-2r(8r+5) A.)-16r^2+5) B.)-16r^2+10 C.)-16r^2-10r D.)-16r^2-10 HELP?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  154. Math 3

    The length of a rectangle is 2 cm more than the width. If the area is 5 cm^2, find the dimensions

    asked by Diane
  155. science

    how does the electric field in space change when the air in the space is replaced be dielectric oil?

    asked by mukul
  156. science

    A charge of 10 coulombs has been travelling through the wire of a simple circuit,with a current of 3 A. How long has the current been flowing?

    asked by mihlali
  157. Cultural Anthropology

    Describe one informal and one formal means of social control that has recently been imposed/applied to you.

    asked by Nina
  158. essay

    does March change by Geraldine brooks

    asked by lola
  159. english

    How do we explain: Why the pattern of organization is addition?

    asked by angy
  160. english

    How do we know if the writer followed introduction body conclusion organizational pattern?

    asked by angy
  161. math

    A 25-lb bag of grass seed will cover 1200 square feet. If tour lawn is in the shape of a rectangle and measures 205 feet by 145 feet, how many bags of grass seed will you need to cover the lawn? how do i solve?

    asked by benny
  162. English

    Hello. I will be very grateful for some help. 1) Which is correct: "The woman fell and hit on the sidewalk", "hit against the sidewalk" or "hit the sidewalk"? 2) I want to say that the pain is extremely bad, so which is correct:"My leg hurts/is hurting

    asked by Ilma
  163. Math

    Richard brought a new car for $39905. He made a down payment of $15000 and payments are $614 monthly for 4 years. At the end of 30 months he was able to payoff the loan using the Rule 78 a. Find he unearned interest b. Find the payoff

    asked by Petra
  164. Maths

    Cub leader Akela purchases supplies for 15 cubs for a 12 day camping trip, with the understanding that each boy get equal shares of the supplies. At the last minute the boys are joined by 5 more cubs and there is no time to buy further supplies. If the

    asked by Anonymous
  165. stats

    Using the following data set a. Calculate the mean, mode, median, standard deviation, minimum, maximum and range. b. Draw the histogram of the data set. Use 100 as bin width.

    asked by Anonymous
  166. maths

    find the value of x if cos x = 3/5

    asked by olaitan
  167. English

    1. Dancing is my thing. 2. Dancing is ______________. (What other expressions can we use 'instead of 'my thing'?)

    asked by rfvv
  168. English

    Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your answers. May I ask you a few more questions? 1) I just want to make sure I understand it correctly. Does "Where are you hurting" mean the same as "Where do you hurt" the same as "Where does it hurt"? 2) Help me, please, with

    asked by Ilma
  169. Maths

    A bucket holds 6 litres of water. A paddling pool is in the shape of a cuboid with dimensions 700mm x 1800mm x 3000mm. How many buckets of water would be required to fill the pool to the brim? If the pool has a leak and loses water at the rate of 20ml per

    asked by Anonymous123
  170. Chemistry


    asked by Brenda
  171. Physics

    The volume of a fixed mass of a gas is 200cm cube at 27 degrees celcius.calculate its temperature when the volume is reduced to 1/2 its original at the same temperature

    asked by Nimi
  172. mensuration

    A floor 4m long and 305m wide is to be carpeted.find the area of the floor and find the cost if the carpet costs P42 per square metre

    asked by pearl
  173. English

    Dear Ms.Sue, I'm very grateful for your explanation. Please help me with a few more problems. 1) Which is correct: a) You can do whatever you want. b) You can do whatever you want to. c) You can do whatever you like. d) You can do what you want. e) You can

    asked by Ilma
  174. math

    mchael has 21 blue shorts one 3 of them are blue how many of michael t- shirts are blue

    asked by sckid30
  175. dividing fraction with brackets

    5/6-2(-1 3/4)/5 1/5

    asked by Anice
  176. Math

    Carter left town A at 8 a.m driving toward town B at an average speed of 60 mph. At 8:30 a.m, Mihn headed from town B to town A along the same road. At 11 a.m, they met each other along the way and Carter realized that he had completed 80% of his journey.

    asked by Ali
  177. Chemistry

    [2.0 mol (-285.91 kJ/mol)] + [1.0 mole (0 kJ/mol)] - [1.0 mole (50.61 kJ/mol)] = ??? I came up with the answer of -622.43 but im not sure what the correct amount of significant figures would be and why? would 0 kj/mol be considered significant making the

    asked by David
  178. Math

    Wendy is 8 years old. The product of Wendy's and Andy's age is 80. What is Andy's age?

    asked by Jade
  179. L.O

    Why is freedom of expression important for the media

    asked by Londekah

    Sketch the graph of f(x)=1/(1+x^2)showing y-intercept, intervals where the graph increase / decrease, intervals where the graph is concave up/ down , inflexion point and stationary point

    asked by BAGINILE
  181. Literature

    Hunger Games:Which of the following was braver, Katniss volunteering as tribute, defying the Capitol, or hunting in the woods?Explain,Thanks! In my opinion, they are all brave acts, however, volunteering for certain death was definitely maybe the most

    asked by Anonymous
  182. Literature

    Hunger Games:Which of the following was a more caring act, Katniss providing food for her family, volunteering as tribute, or helping out Peeta, when he was injured?ThankYou ! In my opinion,caring for peetas leg was pretty caring, when she couldve cared

    asked by Anonymous
  183. Foundation of Sociology

    Marx's notion of production

    asked by jessy Nombanza