Questions Asked on
April 11, 2016

  1. AR

    How many 5-pound bags of apples can be made from 400 apples, each weighing ¼ pound?

    asked by Jacob
  2. Language arts unit 3 lesson 5 second read

    If you have answers to 1-5 that would be great. 1. In act 1, scene 5, Scrooge sees himself as a child at school. What is revealed about his childhood in this scene? 2. In act one scene two Scrooge's nephew stops by to wish Scrooge a Merry Christmas and to

    asked by Abd
  3. Math

    the 64 people who answered "yes" to a question, 6 were male. Of the 70 people that answered "no" to the question, 8 were male. If one person is selected at random from the group, what is the probability that the person answered "yes" or was male?

    asked by Help
  4. English

    1.) What does the following quote from “The cask of Amontillado “ reveal about the relationship between Montresor and his servants? "I had told them that I should not return until the morning and has given them explicit orders not to stir from the

    asked by Hello
  5. Chemistry

    Explain why the solubility of PbF2 is pH dependent, but the solubility of PbCl2 is not. I know the solubility of PbF2 is pH dependent because the solubility would increase as the solution becomes more acidic because the F^- ion is the conjugate weak base

    asked by Robin
  6. English

    1.) In "The Raven" which details of the setting contribute least to the poem's mysterious and despairing mood? a.) The room is dimly lit b.) The room is decorated with busts of ancient gods. c.) The story takes place on a "Midnight dreary" during a "Bleak

    asked by Hello
  7. physics

    A spring has an unstretched length of 10 cm . It exerts a restoring force F when stretched to a length of 12 cm . For what total stretched length of the spring is its restoring force 3F? At what compressed length is the restoring force 2F? I keep doing

    asked by jessica
  8. Math

    Please help ! 1.)a catapult launches a boulder with an upward velocity of 122 feet per second. the height of the boulder, h, in feet after t seconds is givin by the function h(t)=-16t^2+122t+10. what is the boulders maximum height ? and how long does it

    asked by Hannah
  9. Math

    Find how many numbers bigger than 2,999 and less than 8,999 can be formed from the odd digits, if no digits can be repeated

    asked by My question wasn't answered....
  10. ELA

    In the multi­draft reading process, what does a reader look for in the second reading of a drama? A.the theme of the drama each scene moves the story forward C.when and where the action takes place D.the internal and external conflicts is it B?

    asked by Emoni
  11. Bus. Math help!

    A $104,000 selling price with $24,000 down at 81∕ % for 25 years results in a monthly payment of 2 A. $654.60. B. $546.06. C. $645.60. D. $644.80. Answer: C????

    asked by Tally
  12. Math

    What type of relationship is shown between the x- and y-values on the graph?

    asked by Jonah
  13. Math

    1) A plane is located at C on the diagram. There are two towers located at A and B. The distance between the towers is 7,600 feet, and the angles of elevation are given. a) find BC, the distance from Tower 2 to the plane, to the nearest foot. b) find CD,

    asked by Tim
  14. Math

    "Jocelyn has 6 birds, their mean age is 10. The mode of their ages is 8. What might their ages be." I need to figure out all 6 birds' ages, but how would I be able to find the answer?

    asked by Roro
  15. 4th grade math

    Ryan is making small meat loaves. Each small meat loaf uses 3/4 pound of meat. How much meat does Ryan need to make 8 small meat loaves

    asked by mercy
  16. Mathematics

    Determine which pair of points has a positive slope. a (5, –4), (–2, 1) b (5, –1), (–6, 6) c (–10, –2), (6, 6) •• d (6, –10), (2, 10) Check my answer

    asked by Queen/Halle
  17. Math

    Seven different models cars, from which there are three blue and four red, are to be parked in a row. Find how many different arrangements there are if no two cars of the same color are to be parked next to each other.

    asked by Hola
  18. Math

    Can anyone help me with this? A homeowner wants to build a circular patio. If the diameter of the patio is 20 feet, what is its area to the nearest whole number? A)1,257 B)314 C)63 D)31

    asked by rebekah
  19. help!!

    An investment banker received a bonus and invested that money in two investments. He put a certain sum of money in the first investment that returned 7% interest after one year. In the second investment he invested four times that of the first investment

    asked by Anonymous
  20. science pls pls pls help me

    The lake water in a location in Florida had an unusual color and smell. Investigations revealed that the lake? water contained high levels of toxic fertilizers and pesticides which were carried into the lake from gardens and common areas in the location.

    asked by Oscar
  21. maths

    A rectangular room is 2m longer than it is wide.if the width of the room is wm, express its length in terms of w.hence find the width of the room

    asked by Angel chisuse
  22. Physics

    What is common to all light sources, including incandescent, fluorescent, neon, halogen, laser, and sodium vapor devices?

    asked by Brianna
  23. Chemistry

    Mark all statements that are true....numbers 1⎕ Molecular solids are not crystalline. 2⎕ Molecular solids can be held together by ALL TYPES of intermolecular forces 3⎕ Molecular solids are ONLY EVER composed of molecules. 4⎕ Ionic solids are NOT

    asked by Brandt
  24. Health

    The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, or ______, into the hair shafts. A. Hormones B. Oil C. White blood cells D. Red blood cells I don't have a clue maybe B

    asked by Bryce
  25. science help pls pls

    Which of these is the most practical method to prevent global water shortage? Stop planting trees and shrubs in gardens. Conserve, recycle and reuse water in households. Stop using appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Discourage setting up of

    asked by Oscar
  26. Calc

    Find the point on the line −4x+2y+4=0 which is closest to the point (1,−5).

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    What is the smallest fraction you can write using the digits 2, 3, and 4. Is it twenty three fourths?

    asked by Jacey
  28. Business math - question help

    At the beginning of each year for 14 years, Sherry Kardell invested $400 that earns 10% annually. What is the future value of Sherry's account in 14 years? A. $14,000 B. $13,100 C. $12,309 D. $12,709 Answer: D? I've calculated several times and come out

    asked by Ashley
  29. 4th grade math

    Ellie and Heather drew floor models of their living rooms. Ellie's model represented 20 feet by 15 feet. Heather's model represented 18 feet by 18 feet. Whose floor model represents the greater area? How much greater?

    asked by Anthony
  30. Math

    Transform arctan x + arctan y = pi/4 into algebraic expression A) x+xy-y = 1 B) x-xy-y = 1 C) x+xy+y = 1 D) x-xy+y = 1 Plsss help

    asked by Dangdang
  31. Science

    2.)A car driver accelerates to a speed of 35 mph and then takes her foot of the gas pedal.Even though she does not press the brake pedal at any time,she eventually rolls to a stop.which of the following most likely causes the car to come to a stop?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  32. Data management

    A security code consists of either five or six different letters. How many distinct security codes are possible ANS:173659200

    asked by Leo
  33. mathematics-root of cubic eqn

    The roots of the equation x^3 + 2x^2 + 3x - 4 = 0 Are m, n , k (a) write down the value of m + n + k (b) write down the value of mn + nk + km (b) find the value of m^2 + n^2 + k^2 please show detailed solutions #thanks

    asked by P1
  34. Algebra

    The length of a rectangular garden is one foot less than five times its width. The area is 18sl square feet. Find the width.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physics

    A 1.00-kg beaker containing 2.29 kg of oil (density = 916 kg/m3) rests on a scale. A 2.33-kg block of iron is suspended from a spring scale and is completely submerged in the oil (see figure below). Find the equilibrium readings of both scales. top scale N

    asked by anna
  36. Math

    Sally wants to build a fence around her pool. The pool is 26 feet long by 21 feet wide. The fence is to be 15 feet from the edge of the pool. What are the outside dimensions of the area surrounding the pool? How many feet of fencing will Sally need? A.) 41

    asked by Anonymous
  37. History

    Pls check my answers.. The Northwest Ordinance established all of the following, except.. A. Rules for territories to become states B. Denying slavery to new states formed from the territory C. Preventing new states from entering the US D. The right to

    asked by Mina
  38. computers

    Your boss it trying to console into an old switch that he found in storage and wants to configure it. He asks you to describe what the serial port would look like. What do you tell him?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. yakima community college

    If a certain city had a record low for the year of -30 degrees Celsius, and a record high of 38 degrees Celsius, find the temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. health

    Which of the following is found in the cavities of bone? A. Periostreum B. Endostreum C. Bone marrow D. Fibrous tissue

    asked by snow
  41. math

    The student to teacher ratio is 19:1 at a local school and there is a total of 500 students and teachers. How many teachers and how many students are there. I'm not sure how to begin to set this up since I have two unknowns and not only one.

    asked by Julie
  42. math

    We are planning a reception for our daughter. The hall that we are renting charges a $70 cleanup fee. In addition to the cleanup fee, they charge $28 per guest for food and drinks. If we have $1,800.00 available, what is the maximum number of guest we can

    asked by wendy
  43. Geography

    What kind of shape is India? Is it compact, protruded, elongated, fragmented, prorupted, etc?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. social studies { somebody please help me please

    1. What was the effect of world war I on south Carolina ? a. The state economy shrunk significantly.** b. Citizens used more resources, such as meat and fuel, than before war. c. Factory production slowed and trade decreased with other countries d. Some

    asked by hellooo kitty
  45. history

    Which of the following is true regarding deaf and blind children in the 1800s? a.)Deaf and blind children were required to live in group homes or institutions. b.) Deaf and blind children were sent to orphanages once they reached age five. c.)Deaf and

    asked by jai
  46. Health

    The skin helps eliminate waste from the body through _____. A. Striation B. Respiration C. Irritation D. Perspiration B?

    asked by John
  47. U.S history

    Please check my answers! Which of the following was not a purpose of the Declaration of Independence? A. List grievances against the king. B. Denounce the king as a tyrant. C. Establish the Bill of Rights. D. Embrace the enlightenment ideas of natural

    asked by sage

    (a) Suppose 10 astronauts are sent to Mars and then back to Earth. The average power usage of each astronaut is 10,000,000 joules per day. What is the average power usage of each astronaut in watts and horsepower? (b) It will take approximately 2 years for

    asked by Ben
  49. Calculus

    f(x) = (x-4)/ (x^2) I need to use interval notation to indicate where f(x) is concave up or down. Concave up is (12, inf) but I can't figure out concave down. Help!

    asked by Anonymous
  50. PHYSICS!!

    (a) Suppose 10 astronauts are sent to Mars and then back to Earth. The average power usage of each astronaut is 10,000,000 joules per day. What is the average power usage of each astronaut in watts and horsepower? (b) It will take approximately 2 years for

    asked by tom
  51. PHYSICS!!

    Squids and octopuses propel themselves by expelling water. They do this by taking the water into a cavity and then suddenly contracting the cavity, forcing the water to shoot out of an opening. A 6.50 daN squid (including the water in the cavity) that is

    asked by Jessica
  52. Language arts

    The walrus and the Carpender The sun was shining on the sea Shining with all his might He did his very best to make The Billows smooth and bright And this was odd because it was the middle of the night The moon was shining sulkily Because she thought the

    asked by Summer
  53. History

    Read the text below and answer the following question: "Camp­meeting with thy presence crown, And show't O Lord, they blessings down; Fill every head with holy zeal, And all thy righteousness reveal, O'er all our hosts do thou preside, And all our

    asked by jai
  54. Social Studies

    1. What was the effect of world war I on south Carolina ? a. The state economy shrunk significantly. b. Citizens used more resources, such as meat and fuel, than before war. ** c. Factory production slowed and trade decreased with other countries d. Some

    asked by Sierra Elizabeth
  55. Question

    what factor should you consider when determining the beat graph or display to represent a given set of data?

    asked by Queen/Halle
  56. Math

    Marcus wants to put a 6 1/2 foot bookcase against a 12 1/4 foot long wall. If he centers the bookcase, how far will it be from each end of the wall?

    asked by Gianna
  57. Science

    4.)which of the following is the best example of transforming electromagnetic energy into thermal energy? A.when trees absorb sunlight for photosynthesis. B.when the interior of a car absorbs sunlight and warms up.*** C.when a solar panel absorbs sunlight

    asked by #FreeGucci
  58. Art HELP PLEASE!! part 2

    Artists make shapes in the backgroud smaller than shapes in the foreground to communicate their distances from the viewer. How else might a landscape artist show shapes in the background to depict their distances from the viewer? A. show shapes with

    asked by Sydney
  59. PHYSICS Collision of two Balls Momentum!! HELP

    A ball A of mass .202 kg is moving at a velocity of 2.0 m/s toward a ball B that is at rest. (a) Calculate the initial momentum for Ball A and Ball B. (b) Calculate initial Kinetic energy for Ball A and Ball B. My doubt since its asking for initial moment

    asked by Pam
  60. Math

    5. Joe Sullivan invests $9,000 at the end of each year for 20 years. The rate of interest Joe gets is 8% annually. Using the tables in the Business Math Handbook that accompanies the course textbook, determine the final value of Joe's investment at the end

    asked by Ashley
  61. Math

    What is 18 millionths written in standard form

    asked by Bob
  62. Geometry

    There is a triangle shaped pyramid with sides 6 cm base 8 cm and height 7cm. If I enlarge it using scale ratio of 1.2. What is the new perimeter and area of the new triangle pyramid? Please help. Thank you

    asked by Tami
  63. Math

    Points J and K, plotted on the coordinate grid, are two vertices of rectangle JKLM. Rectangle JKLM has an area of 7 square units. Point J is located at (2, 1) and point K is located at (-5, 1). Each vertex of the rectangle is located at a point that has

    asked by Bill
  64. Factor out the Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

    Factor out the Greatest Common Factor (GCF): 45d^3-18d^2

    asked by Claire
  65. quim

    A 453 K and 755 mm Hg , what volume of N2 completely react with 22.2 L H2 to produce NH3 ? N2 ( g ) + 3 H2 ( g ) -> 2 NH3 ( g ) I doubt if I use the ideal gas formula PV = nRT or another , but having only a pressure and a temperature which is not used

    asked by Marie
  66. Pre-Algebra

    which of the following describes a situation in which a data set with a low mean absolute deviation is preferable? A. a car dealership sells cars at different prices B. a factory manufactures computers of different sizes and shapes. C. a food processing

    asked by Sara
  67. Vectors, Math

    A is (3, 2) and point B is 4 units from A in the direction (1,-1) Find AB(arrow). Find the coordinates of B. I can't do this question, Ive attempted it many times.

    asked by William
  68. maths

    if 13 cos a=12, find the the value of sec a+sina?

    asked by sindi
  69. Geometry

    I have a model of a triangle shaped pyramid with sides 6cm base 8cm and height 7cm. If I enlarge the pyramid using a scale factor of 1.2, what will the new perimeter and area be?

    asked by Tami
  70. Math

    A certain ball, when dropped from a height rebounds to one half of the original height.Suppose thos ball is dropped from a point 8ft above the ground, how far has it traveled, counting up and down distance only, when it hits the ground for the eight time?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Geography help plz due tommorrow

    If colonial boundaries have produced a large number of problems for Aftican countries, could the continenta people revert to the boundaries that existed before European colonialism? What other solutions might there be to the problems created by Aftica's

    asked by Bella
  72. English

    1.) Many horror nd suspense stories such as "The Lottery" use stereotypical ______ instead of complex individuals because readers readily relate to them a.) Archetypes b.) Foils c.) Stock characters d.) Unreliable narrators A and C mean basically the same

    asked by Hola
  73. chemistry

    Would it be possible to make polymers out of amino acids? Why or why not? Polypeptides are very important biological compounds, also know as proteins. How are polypeptides similar in structure to polyamides or polyesters?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Math

    Find how many numbers bigger than 2,999 and less than 8,999 can be formed from the odd digits, if no digits can be repeated.

    asked by anon
  75. pre algebra

    the length of a rectangle is 6 cm more than its width. if 3 cm are taken from the length and added to the width, the figure becomes a square with an area of 64sq cm. what are the dimensions of the original figure.

    asked by rachel
  76. math !

    using the following set of data, calculate the lower quartile, the upper quartile, and the interquartile range.20, 22, 25, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34 ? NEED HELP !

    asked by JacqueesWifee
  77. Geography

    If colonial boundaries have produced a large number of problems for African countries, could the contient's people revert to the boundaries that existed before European colonialism? What other solutions might there be to the problems created by Africa's

    asked by Maddie
  78. Alegbre

    What's the total cost of a triangular sail if the materiel costs $22.50 per square foot and it's 16 in base and 25 in height.

    asked by Rhonda
  79. Science chemestry

    calculate the average rate of a reaction. He placed 10.00 g piece of aluminium into 6.0 M HCl. After 20 s. he found that 4.50 g of unreacted magnesium remained. Calculate the average rate at which magnesium was consumed by the acid. #not I really do not

    asked by Sisanda mkhwanazi


    asked by EDWARD
  81. Social studies

    Can you check my answers? 1;what was the effect of WWI on SC? A;state economy shrunk*** B;citizens used more resources C;factoryy production slowed D;women worked mens jobs 2;How did the end of WWI affect farmers in SC? A;crop prices dropped*** B;rural

    asked by please help!!
  82. Math

    An airplane flying at 390 mph has a bearing of N 28°W. After flying 3 hours, how far north and how far west has the plane traveled from its point of departure?

    asked by Nicole
  83. Chemistry

    In a constant-pressure calorimeter, 50.0 mL of 0.300 M Ba(OH)2 was added to 50.0 mL of 0.600 M HCl. The reaction caused the temperature of the solution to rise from 23.77 °C to 27.86 °C. If the solution has the same density and specific heat as water

    asked by Paul83
  84. Math

    A jet took of at a rate of 310 ft per second and climbed in a straight path for 2.4 minutes. What was the angle of elevation of its path of its final altitude was 13,000 ft? Don't know what to convert 2.4 mins to. I got sin of the angle of elevation =

    asked by Nicole
  85. Algebra 2

    How does tan^4x-sec^4x equal -2tan^2x-1 If someone could please explain to me then that would be awesome. Thank you ^^

    asked by Ann
  86. Geography

    In which countries are the borno people found? What challenges might this create? Could there be any advantages to these circumstances?

    asked by Chloe
  87. Math

    The Christmas Day parade in Manhattan, New York started on 145th St. The people walked north on this road for 4 miles. Then they turned on 34th street and walked for three more miles. 34th street has a bearing of N46°E. How far is the parade from their

    asked by Nicole
  88. Chemistry

    For a particular isomer of C8H18, the following reaction produces 5104.1 kJ of heat per mole of C8H18(g) consumed, under standard conditions. (deltaH_rnx = -5104.1kJ) What is the standard enthalpy of formation of this isomer of C8H18(g)?

    asked by Tiffany
  89. Chemistry

    If the heat of combustion for a specific compound is -1250.0 kJ/mol and its molar mass is 35.39 g/mol, how many grams of this compound must you burn to release 352.40 kJ of heat?

    asked by Robert
  90. philosophy

    Of the ethical theories kantian, utilitarian and virtue which approach do you think is best for deciding tough ethical issue?

    asked by Gina

    1. why is it rare for the soft parts of an organism to become a fossil a. the soft parts take a long time to decay. b. the soft parts can be eaten by other animas. c. The soft parts cannot be buried in sediment.>>>my answer d. the soft parts from petrified

    asked by FluttershyK22
  92. additional mathematic

    A triangle has vertices A(0,2), B(3,7), C(0,6). Given that ABCD is a parallelogram, find i)coordinates of D

    asked by flora
  93. Geometry

    The outside diameter of a pipe is 5 cm. The inside diameter is 4 cm. The pipe is 4 meters long. What is the volume of the material used for this length of pipe?Round your answer to the nearest cubic centimeter. (Hint: be sure that all units are in

    asked by Nevaeh
  94. algebra

    The equation f(x) = 4x2 − 16x + 9 represents a parabola. What is the vertex of the parabola? (2, −7) ( −2, 57) (4, 9) ( −4, −137)

    asked by al
  95. Chemistry

    How do you find the mass of iron in audio tapes per metre of tape?

    asked by Jenna
  96. science

    Here are all the word you can use chemical property mixture heatcapasity homogeneous viscosity sublimitation physicalproperty compound chemicalformula substance density mass tempurature pressure heterogenerous A _________ property of matter describes its

    asked by jacob
  97. Math

    An average dog weighs about

    asked by Ceren
  98. math!!! help

    if 2x^2-(b-4)x-4(b+2)=0 has equal root then.the value of b?

    asked by philip!!!
  99. chemistry

    what is the molarity of an unknown acid if 40.5 ml. of the acid can be titrated to an end point by 20.5 mL. of 0.2250 M NaOH

    asked by linda
  100. math

    make a table and graph each quadratic function. use integers from -3 to 3 inputs 1. y=-x^2 2. y=2x^2 3. y=-8x^2 4. x^2 + 2

    asked by samuel
  101. Math

    a triangle has vertices at S(1,1), T(2, -3) and U(4, 0). the triangle is translated up 3 units. what are the coordinates of the vertices of the image? A. S(4,1) T(5,-3) and U(7,0) B. S(1,4) T(2,0) and U(4,3) C. S(1,4) T(2,-3) and U(4,0) D. S(1,-2) T(2,-6)

    asked by Please give me the answers! I'm studying!
  102. algerbra

    a rectangle with width 2x+5 inches has an area of 2x^4+11x^3-5x^2-98x-120 square inches. Write a polynomial that represents its lenght

    asked by JACK
  103. physics

    A light spring of constant k = 95.0 N/m is attached vertically to a table (figure (a)). A 2.70-g balloon is filled with helium (density = 0.179 kg/m3) to a volume of 4.00 m3 and is then connected to the spring, causing the spring to stretch as shown in

    asked by anna
  104. science

    I believe the angle of refraction will be ___________ when it goes from a ________ to a _______________ because ____________________________________. I have this on a question and I'm not sure how to answer it. Help?

    asked by Amber
  105. science help pls pls

    The information about groundwater recorded by a student is valid when it is not biased its results cannot be repeated it is not obtained from a primary source its findings do not have to be shared with others is it a pls help me

    asked by Oscar
  106. Math

    A piece of wire 9 m long is cut into two pieces. One piece is bent into the shape of a circle of radius r and the other is bent into a square of side s. How should the wire be cut so that the total area enclosed is: I need help finding the radius and side

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Calculus

    Find a cubic function f(x)=ax^3+cx^2+d that has a local maximum value of 9 at -4 and a local minimum value of 6 at 0. Find a, c, and d. I know that d = 6 but I am worked for hours trying to find a and c. Please help!!

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Algebra 2

    So the problem is asking to find cos(α+β) The problem gives me sinα= 12/13, 0

    asked by Ann
  109. Math

    mr and mrs smith, their 2 children and fog want to cross a river in a boat that would hold only 80 kg and both mr. amd Mrs Smith have a mass of 80 kg and both the children have a mass of 40 kg and the dog has a mass of 5 kg explain how they can cross the

    asked by Steve
  110. Math

    Chris just ran four laps around five 500 m track how many kilo meters did Christopher run I just don't understand

    asked by Papaya
  111. Chemistry

    if a sample of gas has a volume of 8.88 ml at -12.0 C and .975 atm. what volume would this sample have at STP?

    asked by Ash
  112. Math Grade 7

    you want to put a place mat that is 11.5 inches long directly in the center of a table that is 40 inches long. How far is the place mat from either edge of the table?

    asked by Cindy
  113. maths help!??

    A man run a distance of 9km/hr for a distance of 4km.And 2km/hr for the rest of the distance.The whole run takes him 1hour.his average speed for the first distance in 4km is?

    asked by philip!!!
  114. algebra

    Perform the indicated operation if possible simply 6/7÷(-6/5)=

    asked by missy
  115. Math grade 7

    Chelsea has a hole exactly in the middle of her 15 foot long walk, right where the floor and the wall meet. If the hole is 2.3 feet wide, how far are the edges of the hole from the edges of the wall?

    asked by Cindy
  116. SS

    Can you check my answers? 1;what was the effect of WWI on SC? A;state economy shrunk*** B;citizens used more resources C;factoryy production slowed D;women worked mens jobs 2;How did the end of WWI affect farmers in SC? A;crop prices dropped*** B;rural

    asked by HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. Geography

    Are there any conflicts India is having due to the shape of the country? I tried looking for some, but I couldn't find any. Can anyone help? Or maybe there is no conflict due to the shape..?

    asked by A
  118. Social Studies

    Challenges facing southeast Asia how can we help fix them...Pollution, over population, terrorist attacks, and endangered animals what can we do to fix these problems?...

    asked by Senpai were all gunna die
  119. Pre algebra

    How do we set up this problem. The product of a number and 6 is decreased by 8. The result is 13 greater than the product of 4 and the same number increased by 3. What is the number? He set it up like follows: 6N-8=4N+3 6N-4N=8+3 2N=11 N=11/2 but I can't

    asked by Harris
  120. Physics

    Along solenoid is wound with 500 turns permeter and the current in its windings is increasing at rate of 20A/s .If the cross sectional area of solenoid 5cm^2.what will be the rate change of magnetic flux

    asked by Ermias
  121. probability

    The time it takes me to wash the dishes is uniformly distributed between 11 minutes and 16 minutes. What is the probability that washing dishes tonight will take me between 13 and 15 minutes?

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Physics

    Two electrically-charges spheres are suspended from insulated threads a certain distance from each other. There is a certain amount of electrostatic force between them. Describe specifically (not just increase or decrease) what happens to this force in

    asked by Alea
  123. science

    if a force of 3000 N can move a crate at an acceleration of 4.0 M/S what is the mass of the crate

    asked by danielle
  124. Social Studies

    Which of the following materials creates the glossy look on a magazine page? link please.

    asked by Amber
  125. Physics

    An electron is held 2.10 cm from an vertically aligned infinite charged plane and then released from rest. It accelerates toward the plane to the left and collides with a speed of 1.50×107 m/s .

    asked by James
  126. Physics

    Suppose the thickness of an oil film on water is just the right thickness for canceling red light. What color will your eye see? Explain using 3 – 4 complete sentences. Would I see all the colors except for red? Or would I just see the color green? I am

    asked by Alea
  127. Writing

    I need an amazing title that rhymes and includes the name Garza.... Same Thing with the name Coffee #i want these name to stand out as a title

    asked by Sara
  128. Math

    A 2009 by 2009 square has its length decreased by 50 and its width increased by 50. By how much does its area change? Thank you for your help!

    asked by Lola
  129. Social Studies

    Please check! Thanks!!! How did business owners use the large profits made during the 1920s? a. dramatically increased wages for workers b. significantly reduced the cost for consumers c. reinvested into the business expanded production*** d. purchased

    asked by SpitFireRedHead
  130. Math

    The equation y=-4.9t^2+3.5t+5 describes the height (in meters) of a ball thrown upward at 3.5 meters per second from 5 meters above the ground. In how many seconds will the ball hit the ground? Express your answer as a common fraction. Thank you for your

    asked by Lola
  131. English

    Is English the language of opportunity?

    asked by marsha-lee
  132. Word problem middle school

    Kirk loves furbies. He has 68 curviest, each of which cost 50 percent more than the last, owing to scarcity. If his first furby cost $4, how much did his first 3 cost all together?

    asked by Laniqua
  133. Science

    when you turn on a battery powered flashlight, you transform A - Heat energy into light and chemical energy. B - Chemical energy into electrical energy and light.*** C - Heat energy into chemical energy and light D - Electrical energy and light energy into

    asked by #FreeGucci
  134. Math

    What is the sum of all values of k such that the equation 2x^2-kx+8=0 has two distinct integer solutions? Thank you for your help! :)

    asked by Lola
  135. Geography

    Type of government and branches of government India has?

    asked by A
  136. Science

    2.)A car driver accelerates to a speed of 35 mph and then takes her foot of the gas pedal.Even though she does not press the brake pedal at any time,she eventually rolls to a stop.which of the following most likely causes the car to come to a stop?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  137. Science

    3.)Shoe companies imbed unique designs on bottom of the sneakers they manufacture.what is the made n purpose? A.)to increase potential energy B.)to decrease friction C.)increase friction D.)to decrease potential energy C?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  138. science (URGENT!! CORRECT PLEASE))

    (1) in order for an organism to develop specialized tissues the organism must be which of the following A) A Plant B) An Animal C) Unicellular D) Multicellular ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My answer: D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (2) Which foods

    asked by Yuno Gasai
  139. Math

    How many different sums of money are possible using at least 3 coins from a collection consisting of one penny, one nickel, one dime, on quarter and one loonie?

    asked by Timm
  140. art help please

    I'm trying to make a cigar box guitar for a school project, but I can't figure out what I should do for DIY tuning pegs (you can't use pre-made parts except for the strings)

    asked by anonymous
  141. Math about weight

    Pedro has Abadia back and can only lift 32lbs. He is going hiking and has packed his sleeping bag, two pairs of socks, and 2 bottles with 4 liters of water each. If Pedro is carrying his limit, one pair of socks weighs .8 lbs, and his sleeping bag weighs 3

    asked by April
  142. Physics

    A photon of light has a wavelength of about 600 nm (1nm = 1 x 10-9 m). What is the energy of this photon of light? how do I solve this step by step?

    asked by Alea
  143. Chemistry- Dr.Bob222

    What is the pH of a solution that is 0.150 M in acetic solution and 0.300 M in sodium acetate? The Ka of acetic acid is 1.8 x 10^-5. My work: pH= pKa + log (base/acid) pH= -log (1.8 x 10^-5) + log (0.300/0.150) pH=5

    asked by Nevaeh
  144. Chemistry

    You have a tank of wine that needs a 20 ppm addition of SO2. Answer the following questions. 1. To make 5 gallons of a 6% w/v SO2 solution (expressed as SO2) how much K2S2O5 (222 g/mol) should be weighed out? 2. How much of this solution (in mLs) should be

    asked by Sasha
  145. Physics

    How high would you have to lift a 0.294N mouse to do the same amount of work that you would do if you lift a 6.87 kN elephant 1.00cm?

    asked by Chad
  146. English

    Posted by rfvv on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 3:37am. 1. Try to do this at least 5 to 10 times. 2. Try to do this at least from 5 to 10 times. (Doe s#1 mean #2? Can we use 'from' before 5?) •English - Writeacher, Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 8:38am The two

    asked by rfvv

    A radio signal travels at 3 x 10^8 meters per second. How many seconds will it take for a radio signal to travel from a satellite to the surface of Earth if the satellite is orbiting at a height of 3.54 x 10^7?

    asked by Sydney
  148. math

    Last week Camille walked on the treadmill for 13 and one fourth hours.She spent the same amount of time on the treadmill each day except Sunday. On Sunday,she spent 1 and one fourth hours walking on the treadmill.How many minutes did she walk on the

    asked by Gabriella Fernandez
  149. English

    1. You can do this at least 5 to 10 times. 2. You can do this at least from 5 to 10 times. (Is #2 grammatical? Do we need to use 'from' as in Sentence 2?)

    asked by rfvv
  150. Math

    Trying to find the volume of a rectangle. The lenght is 8/9 the wideth is 1/6 and the height is 1/3. And can't seem to solve the problem. Can you please help

    asked by Joseph
  151. help my son's math

    Jamie won the spelling bee.she completed 8 more rounds than Antonio,who completed three times as many rounds as beth.If beth completed 6 rounds, how many rounds did jamie completed?

    asked by Mark
  152. math,economics,geography and life science

    what courses can i apply for with the following subjects Math Geography Economics Life science

    asked by kgaogelo
  153. algebra

    In a theater that will hold 180 people. The cost for each adult is $16 and each student $8. for every two adults there is one student.How many adults and students each will maximize your profit/

    asked by rob
  154. english 9b

    what can you infer about the haida culture by examining their mythology?

    asked by genesis
  155. chemistry

    How many joules of heat are removed to completely covert 70.0 grams of water to ice at zero Celcius?

    asked by Tammy
  156. Chemistry

    At STP potassium chlorate (KClO3) decomposes to produce solid potassium chloride (KCL) and oxygen gas (O2) according to the balanced chemical equation: 2KClO3(s)->2KCl(s)+3O2(g) What volume of oxygen gas, measured at 40 degrees celsius and 85.4 kPa, will

    asked by Abby
  157. Economics

    You have a credit card that charges 18% per year interest or 1.5% per month . You buy a tv for $1000 on the credit card but at the end of the month you only pay $100. You continue to pay $100 the next month. You pay the entire balance in the third month.

    asked by Angie
  158. Statistic

    Thanks, no can delete my post.

    asked by June
  159. Economics

    You buy 100 shares of stock at $4.00 per share. You receive one dividend of 10 cents per share. You sell the stock 1 year later for $5.50 per share. The fee for selling the stock is $15.00. What is the total profit you made on the entire transaction?

    asked by Angie
  160. algerbra

    The function h = -t2 + 95 models the path of a ball thrown by a boy where h represents height, in feet, and t represents the time, in seconds, that the ball is in the air. Assuming the boy lives at sea level where h = 0 ft, which is a likely place the boy

    asked by Crystal
  161. Science

    Acetylene gas many grams of carbon dioxide and grams of water are produced when 52.0 g of acetylene burns ?

    asked by Tan
  162. chemistry

    How many joules of heat are required to completely covert 95.0 grams of water to steam?

    asked by Sandrine
  163. Chemistry

    If you had .1 ml in a 1M solution of HCl how much water would you need to dilute it to a pH of 7?

    asked by Sabrina
  164. Science

    Calculate the number of g-atoms in 3.5g nitrogen

    asked by Anonymous
  165. Calculus

    Determine the following limits if it exists. a. lim x-->5 (4x/x-5)

    asked by Marc
  166. Physics

    Imagine a vessel containing 2.000 kg of liquid whose specific heat equals 1.50 kcal/kg/°c. Suposse that all of the liquid exists at its vaporization temperature of 450 k. We transfer 150 cal of heat energy to the liquid. What is the temperature of the

    asked by Jazz
  167. math

    14000 6/10 in standard form

    asked by victoria
  168. Math

    Points J and K, plotted on the coordinate grid, are two vertices of rectangle JKLM. Rectangle JKLM has an area of 7 square units. Point J is located at (2, 1) and point K is located at (-5, 1). Each vertex of the rectangle is located at a point that has

    asked by Juan
  169. fds

    Which of the following self-concepts do you think is false?

    asked by rwt
  170. Chemistry

    Can you please check my answer? Balance the following equation: Cl2 + KI --> I2 + KCl How many grams of Cl2 are used to form 6.8 g of KCl? So 6.8 grams of KCl divided by 74.55g Kcl x 1molCl2 divided by 2mol KCl multiplied by 70.91 g Cl2/mol.... 3.2 grams

    asked by Brandt
  171. calculus 2

    Use Euler's method with a step size of 0.2 to estimate y(1), where y(x) is the solution of the initial value problem y' = 6x+y^2, y(0)=0. Round your final answer to 4 places, but keep more places on the intermediate steps for accuracy.

    asked by TayB
  172. SS

    Can you check my answers? MY NEW ANSWERS ARE............ 1-C 2-A 3-D 4-D 5-A 6-C Correct now?!! 1;what was the effect of WWI on SC? A;state economy shrunk*** B;citizens used more resources C;factoryy production slowed D;women worked mens jobs 2;How did the

    asked by HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  173. math

    Joe junk 8 1/3 feet this was two and two feet further than lay a jump how far did Leia jump

    asked by Anonymous
  174. Science

    A 1 420kg car coasts in neutral down a 2.0 degrees hill. The car attains a terminal velocity of 24.3 meters per second. How much power must the engine deliver to drive the car on a level road at 24.3 meters per second?

    asked by Lionel
  175. Chemistry

    What is and isotope pair?

    asked by Bethany
  176. algebra

    A family has a coin jar that is now full. The children count the change and calculate the total value to be $29.42. Let Q represent the number of quarters and use the information below to find the number of each coin. There are: 138 more dimes than

    asked by Anonymous
  177. math

    the diagonal of a rectangle with side A,B(B>A)makes an angle 60 degree with one of its sides.the ratio of the volumes of the cylinders generated by revolving the rectangle about each of the adjacent sides is

    asked by shaheb
  178. Math

    If pasta sells for $3.55 for a 20-ounce box a. What is the price per ounce? Round to the nearest cent. $3.55/20 = $.18 per ounce b. How many ounces do you get per dollar? Round to the nearest tenth of an ounce. I'm not sure how to solve this answer. Thank

    asked by Julie
  179. chemistry

    magnessium chloride can be used to distinquish between cabonate and hydrogencarbonate ions. Descrbe how this done with experimental observations

    asked by jay
  180. algebra

    A girl has been getting her parents change every day for a year. She has pennies and half-dollars worth $32.45. If she has five times as many pennies as half-dollars, how many of each type of coin does she have?

    asked by Anonymous
  181. command economy

    how does agriculture affect the command economy

    asked by lindokuhle
  182. Physics

    An egg is thrown from the top edge of a 22.9 m high building down onto an unsuspecting person standing on the ground 6.2 m from the base of the building. If the egg is tossed horizontally, at what speed, in m/s, must the egg be thrown such that it lands on

    asked by Bira
  183. Chemistry

    NO2 +H2O --> HNO3 + NO 3*NO2 +H2O --> 2*HNO3 + NO Properly balanced right?

    asked by Brandt
  184. Physics

    A volleyball is sent over a net, having been launched at a speed 5 m/s at an angle 42.7 degrees above the horizontal, from the ground. What is the ball’s speed, in m/s, 2.97 seconds after being launched?

    asked by Bira
  185. Physics

    A baseball is hit and leaves the bat horizontally at a speed of 6.7 m/s. The ball lands 10.3 m from where it was hit. What was the height of the bat at the time it hit the baseball, in m?

    asked by Bira
  186. Physics

    James Bond is chasing a runaway villain across the tops of several buildings. In order to make it from one building to another safely, Bond needs you to calculate how much horizontal speed he needs to jump from one building’s roof to another, with the

    asked by Bira
  187. prealgebra

    I need help understanding this problem. Can someone help me????

    asked by Summer
  188. Physics

    A ball is tossed upward and returns to its original position after 19.7 seconds. If another ball is thrown at an angle of 41.4 degrees above the horizontal, at what speed, in m/s, must it be thrown such that it returns to the same height at the same time

    asked by Bira
  189. Physics

    A volleyball is sent over a net, having been launched at a speed 4.6 m/s at an angle 28.2 degrees above the horizontal, from the ground. What is the maximum height, in m, that the net can be placed such that they ball can make it over?

    asked by Bira
  190. Physics

    You’re riding your bicycle first west a distance of 7.7 km, then south a distance of 14.1 km. (a) In what direction does your average velocity vector point, in degrees south of west? (b) If the total trip took 18.3 minutes, what is the magnitude of this

    asked by Bira
  191. chemistry

    magnessium chloride can be used to distinguish between cabonate and hydrogencarbonate ions. Describe how this is done with experimental observations

    asked by jay
  192. Geography

    When did India join the SAARC

    asked by Anonymous
  193. Calculus Help Stuck Part 2?

    b.Determine the lim x-->4 (x^2+x-20/8-2x) What Im stuck on is this f(4)= 4^2+4-20 / 8-2(4) f(4)= 0/0 x^2+x-20/8-2x = (x-4)(x+5)/-2(x-4) What do I do next I'm so confused ik i would eliminate the x-4 from numerator and denominator but what would i do with

    asked by Marc
  194. calculus

    Use a(t) = -32 ft/sec2 as the acceleration due to gravity. (Neglect air resistance.) A ball is thrown vertically upward from a height of 4 feet with an initial velocity of 79 feet per second. How high will the ball go? (Round your answer to two decimal

    asked by Sam
  195. biology

    How does meiosis and fertilization in humans and other sexual reproductive organisms maintain the normal chromosomes number for each species?

    asked by Hannah
  196. EASY Pre-Algebra

    In the following situation, determine whether you are asked to determine the number of permutations or combinations. Then do the calculation. How many ways can the four offices of chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and treasurer be filled from a club with

    asked by Sarah
  197. Science

    What Gases Are Produced When A Chicken Is Being Flied Or Cooked? That Aroma Which We All Identify From A Distance And Say I Smell Chicken

    asked by Ackron.Z
  198. English

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women

    asked by Sthabile
  199. Maths, mechanics, stat

    A molecule has a rotational inertia 14000amupmsquare spining at an angular speed of 4. 30x10exponent12 radpersecond a) express the rotational inertia in kgmsq b)calculate rotational kinetic energy in EV.

    asked by Sam amjad
  200. Science

    Starting with 100 grams of uranium-238, after one half life has gone by, how many grams of uranium-238 will remain?

    asked by Lamont Sanders
  201. Science Help

    Can someone briefly describe thermal energy?

    asked by Leet Speaker
  202. Math

    f(x)=x−9x^(1/3) I need help finding where function increases and decreases. I found the critical numbers which are -3sqrt(3), 3sqrt(3), and 0.

    asked by Anonymous
  203. Science

    I want answer for force at a distance examples

    asked by Priyamvada
  204. Math/fraction

    The sum of the numerator and denominator is 16

    asked by Desiree
  205. Physics

    a lawnmower with a mass of 12 kg is being pushed by a force of 150n horizontally and 40 n down. if the kinetic coefficient of friction between the grass is 0.9, find the force of friction on the lawnmower. Please explain this as well, I am getting an

    asked by lomonoyan
  206. Math

    A plane flies 430 miles at a bearing of S27°E, then turns and flies N63°E for 135 miles. Find the distance and the bearing from the starting?

    asked by Nicole
  207. Geography

    What supranational organization is India a part of? I had ASEAN at first, but then I realized they aren't a part of it

    asked by Anonymous
  208. math

    How many “words” can be formed using the letters of the word ARRANGEMENT?

    asked by tess
  209. english(speech)

    Traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicines in hospitals and clinics.

    asked by lebo
  210. math

    I am thinking of two numbers.What will my number be if their sum is 5 and their product is 6?

    asked by Keena
  211. Physics 101

    on a uniform beam of length 5m, hangs a mass 30kg at one end. the beam then balances at a point 1.5m from this end. find the mass of the beam(g=10ms-1)

    asked by DOLAPO
  212. Chemistry-Dr.Bob222

    When titrating 50.0 mL of 0.10 M H2SO4 with 0.10 M NaOH, how many mL of NaOH will you have added to reach the 1st equivalence point?

    asked by Nevaeh
  213. algebra

    A girl has been getting her parents change every day for a year. She has pennies and half-dollars worth $32.45. If she has five times as many pennies as half-dollars, how many of each type of coin does she have?

    asked by Anonymous
  214. 7th Grade Science

    Hi, I really need help with this. I'm asked to write a paragraph about this. I just need some help working it out so I can get everything correct. I'm not cheating its just confusing this part of the assignment for me. So please help! I also have to study

    asked by Music Lover 14
  215. Chemistry-Dr.Bob222

    A student completes a titration of an unknown diprotic acid. In this experiment, 0.79 g of the acid is dissolved in 250.0 mL of water. It requires 13.48 mL of 1.0 M NaOH to reach the second equivalence point. What is the molar mass of the acid?

    asked by Nevaeh
  216. Math

    A man buys a book for P200 and wishes to sell it. What price should he mark on it if he wishes a 40 percent discount while making a 50 percent profit on the cost price? A) 667 B) 567 C) 467 D) 867 But my answer is 300. Plss help.

    asked by Anonymous
  217. math investment problem

    If $4,400.00 is invested at 5% simple interest, how much needs to be invested at 9% simple interest so the total interest per year is $697.00.

    asked by Anonymous
  218. Geography

    European colonial powers were not concerned with keeping kingdoms or cultural groups intact. What factors might have contributed to the borders they created?

    asked by Lexi
  219. physics

    Argon is a monatomic gas whose atomic mass is 39.9 u. The temperature of eight grams of argon is raised by 95 K under conditions of constant pressure. Assuming that argon behaves as an ideal gas, how much heat is required?

    asked by jose
  220. Geography

    What is a regional organization India is a part of?

    asked by Anonymous
  221. Math

    A pitcher of ice-tea is about?

    asked by Kimmy
  222. Geography

    When did India join the IORARC

    asked by Anonymous
  223. Math

    f(x) = 3cos(x)−cos^3(x) for 0 < x < 2π I need help finding where it increases and decreases and where it concaves up and down. The inflection points I have found are pi/2 and 3pi/2. Help!

    asked by Anonymous