Questions Asked on
April 7, 2016

  1. Chemistry

    What is the mole fraction of NaBr in an aqueous solution that contains 20.1% NaBr (weight/weight%)?

    asked by Steve
  2. Starcatcher

    PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS!! Which of the following is the best definition of a suspense story? (1 point) a story that tells the gory details of violent acts a story that keeps the reader on edge about its outcome** a story that tells about the struggle

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Maths

    Find the sum of the following series: 1024 - 512 + 256 - 128 +...+ 1 So a = 1024, r = -0.5, but I need to know what n is in order to use the formula. So I tried ar^(n-1) which is: 1024(-0.5)^n-1 = 1 but I don't know how to find n from there. Thanks in

    asked by Rebecca
  4. Mathematics

    In a class of 32 students, 17 study Music and 20 study Art. What is the LEAST number of students who are studying BOTH Music and Art?

    asked by Mishana
  5. science

    if sulfur is in excess then production of 2 moles of ferrous sulfide requires how many gram of iron?

    asked by tanzila
  6. pre ap math

    a toy rocket is launched from a platform that is 48 feet high. the rockets height above the ground is modeled by h=-16t^2+32t+43. find the maximum height of the rocket find the time it will take for the rocket to reach the ground.

    asked by kenia
  7. chemistry

    Fluorine-20 has a half-life of 11.0 s. If a sample initially contains 49.0 μg of this isotope, how much remains after 66.0 s ?

    asked by susan
  8. chemistry

    In Europe, gasoline efficiency is measured in km/L. If your car's gas mileage is 27.0 mi/gal , how many liters of gasoline would you need to buy to complete a 142-km trip in Europe? Use the following conversions: 1km=0.6214mi and 1gal=3.78L.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Stat

    Of the 64 people who answered "yes" to a question, 6 were male. Of the 70 people that answered "no" to the question, 8 were male. If one person is selected at random from the group, what is the probability that the person answered "yes" or was male?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. calculus

    Consider a particle moving along the x-axis where x(t) is the position of the particle at time t, x'(t) is its velocity, and x''(t) is its acceleration. A particle moves along the x-axis at a velocity of v(t) = 5/√t, t > 0. At time t = 1, its position is

    asked by Sam
  11. Math

    Suppose a(x) = 3x - 7 and b(x) = 2 - x^3. Find a(b(3)) - b(a(3)).

    asked by Justine Keeps
  12. Math

    How many ways are there to put 6 balls in 3 boxes if the balls are distinguishable but the boxes are not?

    asked by Help plz
  13. mathmatics

    sachin read 3/5 of a books. he finds that there are still 80 pages left to be read, totoal number of pages in book are

    asked by s.k panigrahi
  14. Neutons Second Law

    A 1200 kg car travelling at 50 km/h experiences an air resistance of 5000 N and road friction of 2200 N. If the wheels push with a force of 7500 N, what is the car's acceleration?

    asked by Jen
  15. Math-soh cah toa

    A bridge is 140m long.From the ends of the bridge, the angles of depression of a point on the river under the bridge is 41° and 48°. How high is the bridge above the river to the nearest meter. ( I know the answer is 68m, I just need to know how to get

    asked by Kennedy
  16. math

    The rails on a railroad are 30 feet long. As the train passes over the point where the rails are joined, there is an audible click. The speed of the train in miles per hour is approximately the number of clicks heard in: A. 20 seconds B. 2 minutes C. 1.5

    asked by Gaurav
  17. Chemistry

    Calculate the amount of water you need to add (in mL) to 30mL of 1.5M HCl to dilute it to a concentration of 1.25M.

    asked by Liyah
  18. Algebra II

    A car’s headlight contains a parabolic reflector. A special bulb with two filaments is used to produce the high and low beams. The filament placed at the focus produces the high beam and the filament placed off-focus produces the low beam. The equation

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  19. Statistics

    Roulette wheels in Nevada have 38 pockets. They are all numbered 0, 00, and 1 through 36. Of all 38 pockets, there are 18 red, 18 are black, and 2 are green. Each time the wheel is spun, a ball lands in one of the pockets, and each pocket is equally

    asked by Jennifer
  20. math

    The coordinates of an ordered pair have opposite signs. In which quadrant(s) must the ordered pair lie? Explain? PLZZ HELP ME I NEED TO ACE THIS TEST OR ELSE I FAIL

    asked by really
  21. chemistry

    What is the molarity of the following solutions? A. 0.96 g MgCl2 in 500 mL solution B. 9.33 g Na2S in 450 mL solution C. 2.48 g CaF2 in 375 mL solution

    asked by justin
  22. LA NOW.

    Write a brief essay discussing the use of imagery in both "Grandma Ling" and "your little voice." Examine the ways in which each poem uses images to convey the emotions or attitudes of its speaker. Okay, I already did the "Grandma Ling" part but I need

    asked by Mariana W.
  23. English

    Please help me with these question about Romeo and Juliet!!! They really are confusing me!! 1. In act 4 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet, Paris tells Friar Laurence, "Immoderately she weeps for Tybalt's death, / and therefore have I little talked of love." What

    asked by Becca
  24. Math

    Sophia bought 3 yards of trim to put around a 'rectangular scarf. She wants the width of the scarf to be a whole number that is at least 6 inches and at most 12 inches. If she uses all the trim, what are the possible dimensions of her scarf?

    asked by Kaia walker
  25. Health

    Stiff consequences for breaking the rules is often referred to as a... A. zero-tolerance policy. B. suspension. C. risk. D. law. I think either A or B.

    asked by Arliene
  26. American History

    Which statement below summarizes President Richard Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization. A. Train the South Vietnamese so America can slowly withdraw its troops B.Order an immediate removal of Americans from Vietnam. c. Meet with the North Vietnamese and

    asked by Angie
  27. math

    Can the figure below tessellate a plane? Explain your answer. 20.gif

    asked by really
  28. Geometry

    Regular pentagons A and B are similar. The apothem of Pentagon A equals the radius of Pentagon B. Compare the areas. The area of Pentagon A is equal to 1.49 times the area of Pentagon B. The area of Pentagon B is equal to 1.49 times the area of Pentagon A.

    asked by SkatingDJ
  29. Math

    Find the surface area of the prism 5m 9m 12m 1.426m 2.306m

    asked by Someone
  30. Math

    If f(x)=5x-12, find a value for x so that f^-1(x)=f(x+1). Thank you so much

    asked by Lance
  31. engg

    a test car of mass 1250 kg is traveling at a speed of 72 kmph, when it is suddenly braked by locking the wheels. the average vehicle comes to a stop in a distance of 50 m. skid resisting force is.

    asked by rajat
  32. Algebra

    Person A can paint the neighbor's house 2 times as fast as Person B. The year A and B worked together, it took them 5 days. How long would it take each to paint the house? So, i know how to setup the problem, but i'm not sure what steps I need to take to

    asked by Mark
  33. Chemistry

    Radium-223 nuclei usually decay by alpha emission. Once in every billion decays, a radium-223 nucleus emits a carbon-14 nucleus. Write a balanced nuclear equation for alpha emission. Write a balanced nuclear equation for carbon-14 emission.

    asked by mark
  34. Chemistry

    In 2006, Soviet dissident Alexander Litvinenko was murdered when Polonium-210 was added to his tea; he died three weeks later. Polonium-210 is an alpha emitter. What other product is formed?

    asked by Jessie
  35. Statistics

    A card is drawn from a well shuffled deck of 52 cards. Find P (drawing an acre or a 9)

    asked by J
  36. calculus

    Use a(t) = −9.8 meters per second per second as the acceleration due to gravity. (Neglect air resistance.) A canyon is 2300 meters deep at its deepest point. A rock is dropped from the rim above this point. Write the height of the rock as a function of

    asked by Sam
  37. Chemistry

    A chemist reacted 0.05 moles of sodium with water to form 50cm3 of sodium hydroxide solution. Na + H2O -- NaOH + H2 (unbalanced) What mass of sodium was reacted?

    asked by Jo
  38. grade 7 mathematics

    A bag contains 14 green tiles, 10 red tiles, and 16 blue tiles. What is the theorectical probability that you will randomly select a blue tile?

    asked by angel
  39. physics

    A mass-spring system oscillates on a horizontal frictionless surface with an amplitude of 3.35 cm. If the spring constant is 222 N/m and the mass is 0.580 kg, determine the mechanical energy of the system. Determine the maximum speed of the mass. Determine

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Physics

    A 2.30 kg block is initially at rest on a horizontal surface. A horizontal force ModifyingAbove Upper F With right-arrow of magnitude 4.92 N and a vertical force ModifyingAbove Upper P With right-arrow are then applied to the block (see the figure). The

    asked by Sara
  41. Math

    How much greater is the surface area of the rectangular prism than the surface area of the cube.

    asked by Latoya
  42. English

    1. How long did it take him to read the book? 2. How long did it take for him to read the book? (Are both grammatical?) 3. It took him five days to read the book. 4. It took him 5 days to read the book. (Which one is commonly used?)

    asked by rfvv
  43. Art

    what national values were the Japanese likely trying to convey by including a portrait of famous philosophers Yukichi Fukuzawa on the following pieve of currency? A. wisdom and education ** B. power and prosperity C. strength and indurance D. peace and

    asked by Lou
  44. Bio

    How to I determine the sequence of amino acid assembled when given the following +DNA code: CCA, AGT ? I'm asked to give the :-DNA, mRNA, tRNA codes, and also the amino acid. If I'm not mistaken I know that I must replace "T" thymine for "U" uracil.

    asked by Jamie
  45. Physics

    An 80 kg hunter gets a rope around a 400 kg polar bear. They are stationary and on frictionless level ice, initially 60 m apart. When the hunter pulls the polar bear to him, the polar bear will move: 1. 10 m 2. 30 m

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Chemistry

    Both ethanol (CH3CH2OH, MM=46.07g/mol) and methanol (CH3OH, MM=32.04g/mol) have been considered as fuels for automobiles. Which is the better fuel, on a per gram basis, when burned with oxygen? CH3CH2OH(g) DeltaHf(KJ/molrxn) = -235.10 H3OH (g)

    asked by Sarah
  47. Chemistry

    Cells use the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (aTP) as a source of energy. This reaction can be written as, ATP(aq) + H2O(l) --> ADP(aq) + H2PO4-(aq), wehre ADP represents adenosine diphosphate. For this reaction, Delta Grxn = -30.5KJ/mol. If all the

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Chemistry

    Radium-223 has a half-life of 11.4 days. Approximately how long would it take for the activity of a sample of 223Ra to decrease to 2.00 % of its initial value?

    asked by sierra
  49. Physics

    A certain circuit consists of an inductor of 50 mH in series with a resistor of 130 Ω. At one moment, the current in the circuit is 12 A, and decreasing. How long will it take for the current to fall to 4.8 A? Answer in units of s.

    asked by Ayo
  50. Math

    A picture frame is 6 1/2 inches wide. The ratio of the length of the frame to the width is 3:2. What is the length of the frame in inches?

    asked by Lee
  51. Geometry

    mollys rectangular backyard has 300 ft of fencing. one side is 40 ft find the area of the backyard

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Algebra

    Segment FG begins at point F(-2,4) and ends at point G(-2,-3). The segment is translated by the less than symbol x-3,y+2 greater than symbol and then reflected across the y-axis to form segment F'G'. How many units long is segment F'G'? a. 0 b. 2 c. 3 d. 7

    asked by Watkins
  53. Physics

    A man is in a boat out away from shore. The mass of the man and the boat is 188 kg. The boat is not moving. The man throws and anchor with a mass of 22 kg straight out from the boat with a speed of 13.8 m/s. What is the resulting speed of the boat?

    asked by Kevin
  54. calculus

    Find the particular solution that satisfies the differential equation and the initial condition. f ''(x) = x^2, f '(0) = 8, f(0) = 8 f (x) = ?

    asked by Sam
  55. calculus

    Use a(t) = -9.8 meters per second per second as the acceleration due to gravity. (Neglect air resistance.) A baseball is thrown upward from a height of 3 meters with an initial velocity of 7 meters per second. Determine its maximum height. (Round your

    asked by Sam
  56. science

    What does the surface temperature of the water affect?

    asked by Nina
  57. math

    a company is designing a juice box. the box is in the shape of a rectangular prism. the base of the box is 8 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches, and the box is 4 inches high. if the juice fills 80% of the boxes volume, find the volume of juice in the box.

    asked by onel22
  58. Technology in the classroom

    What is the ideal computer arrangement to use when you want to integrate computers directly into the classroom curriculum? A. One computer located in each classroom B. One computer that's shared among several classes C. A central computer lab, with one

    asked by Susan
  59. linear equations in one variable

    I have a total of ₹300 in coins of denomination ₹1,₹2 and ₹5.The number of ₹2 coins is 3 times the number of ₹5 coins.The total number of coins is 160.How many coins of each denominations are with me?

    asked by sunil
  60. Geometry

    Quadrilateral MNPQ is the same shape but different size than quadrilateral MNPQ.tell whether one figure is a dilation of the other or not. Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Khan
  61. biology

    if a person exercise in a warm environment and if he exercise in a cool environment, will there be any difference between the amount of calorie he will lose?and if,in which environment he will lose more calorie? please explain the reason.

    asked by tasnuba
  62. World History

    How did England and France, and the international community in general, deal with the threat of Hitler’s rise to power and his acts of defiance initially?

    asked by Boberto
  63. Math

    In a class of 32 students, 17 study Music and 20 study Art. What is the LEAST number of students who are studying BOTH Music and Art?

    asked by Mishana
  64. chemistry

    A nickel is about 2 millimeter thick or 2/1000 of a meter. How many nanometers is this?

    asked by Tom S
  65. Algebra

    If the study had included these data, would this change the model relating average body weight and average pulse rate. -----Avg Body Weight----Avg Pulse Rate cat--------1-----------------250 dog--------2.5---------------265

    asked by Dre
  66. Chemistry

    A ground state hydrogen atom absorbs a photon of light having a wavelength of 93.03 nm. It then gives off a photon having a wavelength of 1005 nm. What is the final state of the hydrogen atom? What is the equation to solve this?

    asked by Emma
  67. Math

    The vertices of ΔABC are A(2, –5), B(–3, 5), and C(3, –3). The triangle is reflected over the x-axis. Use arrow notation to describe the original triangle and its reflection. a. A(2, –5), B(–3, 5), C(3, –3) --> (2, –5), (–3, 5), (3, –3)

    asked by Queen
  68. Chemistry

    A saline solution with a mass of 400 g has 30 g of NaCl dissolved in it. What is the mass/mass percent concentration of the solution?

    asked by Sabrina
  69. Statistics

    Roulette wheels in Nevada have 38 pockets. They are all numbered 0, 00, and 1 through 36. Of all 38 pockets, there are 18 red, 18 are black, and 2 are green. Each time the wheel is spun, a ball lands in one of the pockets, and each pocket is equally

    asked by Jennifer
  70. Unknown

    Carl is asked to draw a triangle with the following specifications: -all sides have whole number lengths in centimeters -the sum of the lengths of the two shortest sides equals 9 centimeters -when the side lengths are placed in order from least to

    asked by Unknown
  71. Geometry

    Quadrilateral MNPQ is the same shape but different size than quadrilateral mnpq

    asked by Khan
  72. Math

    Vinay made a Password that consists of 3 digits. None of the digits are the same. How many possible passwords did Vinay choose from?

    asked by Sherin
  73. algrbra

    the volume of the shape below is placed into a bow that is 10 feet tall and the area of the base is 48ft squared feet. to the nearest tenth what is the remaining space. The figure is a sphere that has a radius of 6 ft. r=6ft I really need help figuring how

    asked by hello2248
  74. math

    3y+x=10 x=2y-1 3y+x-×=10-x

    asked by nancy
  75. math

    Write4.1x10 to the 5th power in standard form

    asked by bobby
  76. Math

    How many more yellow and red lollipops than blue and green lollipops were pulled out of the bag?

    asked by Priscilla
  77. Bio.

    How does the genetic code is transferred from the nucleus to the cytoplasm to the amino acids ? Does it have something to do with transferring DNA-RN A ?

    asked by Jamie
  78. math

    A trapezoid with an area of 48m2 has a height of 6m. One of its bases is 12m. Write and solve an equation to find the length of its other base. Also explain the work so I can understand when I do the test. Thanks

    asked by Adri
  79. Chemistry

    How do you prepare one liter of phosphate buffer 0.01 M at pH 12.0 from 85% phosphoric acid (density 1.69g/ml) and NaOH 1.0 M

    asked by Phil
  80. Bio

    How does a change in one nucleotide in one triplet code can change the nature of a protein and therefore the form of the trait ? I believe this has something to do with mutations. I know that mutation may result from errors in DNA replication or

    asked by Jamie
  81. Algebra

    Write an algebraic expression for the quantity. Let x represent the unknown value. Seven times a quantity decreased by thirteen

    asked by Matt
  82. Algebra

    Can someone show me how to Simplify the radical expression ã363-3ã27 in steps please

    asked by GummyBears16
  83. Physics

    An ocean liner leaves New York City and travels 26.9 ° north of east for 217 km. How far east and how far north has it gone? In other words, what are the magnitudes of the components of the ship's displacement vector in the directions (a) due east and (b)

    asked by Jane
  84. Mathematics

    Does the figure of a star have rotational system? if it does find the angle of rotation?

    asked by Queen
  85. Physics

    A(n) 12600 lb railroad car traveling at 7.4 ft/s couples with a stationary car of 6490 lb. The acceleration of gravity is 32 ft/s2. What is their velocity after the collision?Answer in units of ft/s. What impulse did the first car receive?Answer in units

    asked by Anonymous
  86. History

    Which region of the country was a beneficiary of deindustrialization during the 1970s? A . Northeast B. Northwest C, midwest D. southwest my answer is D southeast

    asked by Angie
  87. bio

    which invertebrate phylum contains the sub phylum vertebrata

    asked by Ariana
  88. Algebra

    Let f(x) = x^2 - 2x. Find all real numbers x such that f(x) = f(f(x)). Thanks.

    asked by Annonymous
  89. Math

    What is 500 percent of 25?

    asked by Nina
  90. math

    Which ordered pair is not a solution of y = 4x -9 (-9, 27) (3, -21) (-6, 15)I think this one? (5, -28)

    asked by really
  91. Bio

    What is being asked of me, the question reads: Extrapolate single trait genetic flow to human disorders and diseases.

    asked by Jamie
  92. Accounts

    A farmer bought a machine for $ 3200 it is to be depreciated at a rate of 25% using the reducing balance method .what would be value after 2 years?

    asked by Patience
  93. physics

    A mass of 6•5 kg has a weight of 20N on a certain planet calculate the acceleration due to gravity on this planet?

    asked by boniface
  94. math

    solve for x if 1/15(6+x)=1/6(x+3)

    asked by Nita
  95. English

    apple of my eye: One's favorite person; the one you love most. In Old English, the pupil of the eye (the round, dark center) was called the 'apple'. It was thought that the pupil was a round object much like an apple. When you look at someone, their

    asked by rfvv
  96. chemistry

    the solubility of CaF in water is 7*10^-2 gm/l. find its solubility in 0.5m CaCl2 soln

    asked by s
  97. English

    1. First, we should raise the price of cigarettes. (What is the opposite of 'raise'? Is it 'lower?)

    asked by rfvv
  98. math

    find three solutions of the equation y= -2x - 6 (-2,-10),(1,4),(2,-1) (-2,-10),(1,-4),(0,6) (0,-6),(3,-2),(-2,-10) I think this one? (1,-4),(0,-6),(-1,-9)

    asked by really
  99. Math

    A mural on the school wall has an area of 4800 square inches. If the length of the mural is 1 1/13 times the width, what are the dimensions of the mural?

    asked by Evie
  100. science

    a 600 g pool ball moving at 2.0m/!@#$%^&s a second pool of the same mass at rest. the first ball moves off at 1.5m/s at an angle of 30 degrees from the original direction. assume the surface of the pool table to b frictionless find the angle at which the

    asked by hope
  101. math

    the shorter leg of a right triangle is 9 inches shorter than the longer leg. the hypotenuse is 9 inches longer than the longer leg. find the side lengths of the triangle

    asked by Tammie
  102. Math

    A portrait has an area of 180 square inches. If the length of the portrait is 1 1/4 times the width, what are the dimensions of the picture?

    asked by Evie
  103. Math

    Trina is planning on spending 2/5 as much time this week as last week practicing the piano. Is this more or less time than she spent last week?

    asked by Evie
  104. Chemistry

    A sample has a molar mass of 162g/mol. When a sample of mass 0.385g was burned , 1.072g of CO2 ,0.307g H2O and 0.068g of nitrogen were produced. What is empirial and molecular formular of a sample . Write equation for combustion

    asked by Marie
  105. math

    find three solutions of the equation y= -2x - 6 (-2,-10),(1,4),(2,-1) I think this one (-2,-10),(1,-4),(0,6) (0,-6),(3,-2),(-2,-10) (1,-4),(0,-6),(-1,-9)

    asked by really
  106. Physics

    A meter stick has mass 39 g, and has a pivot placed at the center at the 50 cm mark. A mass of m1 is place at the 5 cm mark. Another mass of 10 g is placed at the 70 cm mark. What mass m in grams has to be placed at the 80 cm mark to create translational

    asked by Dridien
  107. Math

    Today Enrique read 4/3 of the pages he read yesterday. Did he read more or less pages than he read yesterday?

    asked by Evie
  108. Math

    Julia made a 1/8 scale drawing of her dollhouse. Her dollhouse is 38 inches tall. Will her drawing be more or less than 38 inches tall?

    asked by Evie
  109. Physics

    A string of length L vibrates with a fundamental frequency f when under a tension of 100 N. What is the fundamental frequency of the string when its tension is increased to 2500 N?

    asked by Ayden
  110. Physics

    A 0.26 mH inductor has a length that is four times its diameter. If it is wound with 34.4 cm−1 turns per centimeter, what is its length? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Ayo
  111. Chemistry

    15.0 ml of 0.50 M NaOH is added to a 100.-mL sample of 0.442 M NH3 (kb for NH3= 1.8 x 10^-5). What is the equilibrium concentration of NH4+ ions?

    asked by Aisha
  112. Social Studies (Reed)(Check)

    Which countries did the following leaders lead during WWII? Adolf Hitler: Germany Benito Mussolini: Italy Joseph Stalin: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Winston Churchill: Great Britain, United Kingdom

    asked by Victoria
  113. Math

    Roulette wheels in Nevada have 38 pockets. They are all numbered 0, 00, and 1 through 36. Of all 38 pockets, there are 18 red, 18 are black, and 2 are green. Each time the wheel is spun, a ball lands in one of the pockets, and each pocket is equally

    asked by Jennifer
  114. Math

    Find the missing number that completes the table of values what's the Function Objective a function table Example:y= X+2

    asked by Alyssa
  115. chemistry

    How do I prepare 100mL of 10g/L HCl from concentrated HCl(37%HCl, density 1.19g/mL) Is it 2.28mL of conc HCl dilute to 100mL with water? Please show the calculation steps.

    asked by haji
  116. Chemisty

    I was told to find the concentration of acetic acid in vinegar when only using baking soda and common lab equipment. Can someone tell me how Thanks

    asked by David
  117. Math

    6.2, 6 1/2 , 6 3/5, 6.7, 6 1/3

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Physics

    A girl standing on a stationary uniform plank 10m long. The plank can move with negligible friction along the surface of the water. A) the girl walks along the plank with a velocity of 2ms-1 relative to the plank until she reaches the end of the plank. The

    asked by Peter
  119. Chemistry

    If it takes 45 days for 80.0 mg of a particular radioactive isotope to decay to 10.0 mg what is its half-life?

    asked by Kelly
  120. chemisrty

    the ph of a 4.0 mol/L solution of hydrogen fluoric acid is 3.0 is this a concentrated or diluted explain I believe it is concentrated because 3.0 is higher then 0.5 mol/L but it can also be diluted

    asked by Anonymous
  121. chemistry

    A radionuclide undergoes alpha emission, and thorium-234 is produced. What was the original radionuclide?

    asked by chris
  122. Pre cal

    A right triangle sides is 7 and 4 find the hypotenuse

    asked by Sam
  123. Chemistry

    What is the [H3O+] of a solution if its pH = 8.26?

    asked by Emma
  124. Calc 2

    Find the center of mass for the region bound by y= -2x+6, x=0, and y=0

    asked by Tayb
  125. Physics - urgent

    A pipe 0.14 meters long and capped at one end exists in a room where the speed of sound is 350 m/s. Determine the three lowest frequencies that will resonate within the tube. [Enter the frequencies in order from lowest to highest.]

    asked by Ayden
  126. life orientation

    Critically discuss six ways that the human rights violations influences individuals,groups and the broader south African community

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Algebra

    Sue, an experienced shipping clerk, can fill a certain order in 5 hours. Jim, a new clerk, needs 12 hours to do the same job. Working together, how long will it take them to fill the order?

    asked by Mark
  128. English

    Traditional africa marriage is an advantage for men only not women

    asked by Nkosingiphile gugu
  129. Algebra

    HOURS STUDYING----- AVG GRADE 0-------------------- 62 1-------------------- 78 2-------------------- 85 5-------------------- 74 WHICH TYPE OF FUNCTION IS MOST LIKELY TO MODEL THESE DATA? A. LINEAR FUNCTION W/POSITIVE SLOPE B. LINEAR FUNCTION W/NEGATIVE

    asked by Kimmy
  130. physics

    A simple harmonic oscillator has a frequency of 2.05 Hz. What will be its amplitude of oscillation if it's started from its equillibrium position with a velocity of 1.9 m/s? Express your answer in m to three significant digits.

    asked by Zac
  131. Math

    Last week Jorge ran 25 2/3 miles. This week he ran 5/6 of this amount. Did he run more this week or last week?

    asked by Evie
  132. math

    fred has saved 4300 cent over 2 days from selling lemonade. how many dollars dose fred have ?

    asked by amari
  133. Pre cal

    sin55=12/b what is b

    asked by Sam
  134. Statistics Math

    There are 3 men sitting in a row facing the same way. Their names are A,B, AND, C. a hat has been placed on their heads without them seeing their own or anyone else's. A can see B and C, B can see only C, C sees none. The game goes as follows: (it can have

    asked by lola
  135. STATS

    The average number of applications of one gallon of car wax is 450; with a stdev of 23.9; if the bottom 5.2% of the wax containers is defective from the factory; what is the lowest amount of applications will pass and not be rejected.

    asked by MAX
  136. physics

    With what frequency would you have to push a child on a swing that had supporting chains that were 2.3 m long? Express your answer in Hz to 3 significant digits.

    asked by Zac
  137. physics

    A house painter stands 3.0 m above the ground on a 5.0-m-long ladder that leans against the wall at a point 4.7 m above the ground. The painter weighs 680 N and the ladder weighs 120 N. Assuming no friction between the house and the upper end of the

    asked by nada
  138. Physics

    Two golf carts are driving towards each other. The first has a mass of 390 kg and is driving east at 20 m/s. The second has a mass of 500 kg and is driving west at 8 m/s. When the two collide their bumpers lock and are stuck together, what is the final

    asked by Kevin
  139. American History

    What is Nell Irvin Painter’s best counter-argument to Bob Dole’s claim that “fighting discrimination should never become an excuse for abandoning the color-blind ideal. A. The color-blind ideal is unrealistic, and abolishing affirmative action will

    asked by Angie
  140. English

    Are nature, dreams and visions, imagination, religion and spirituality, and the supernatural features of romanticism? Because I have to describe three features of romanticism found in a poem, and those are the features I found online.

    asked by Justine
  141. Algebra

    Give one number in each space to create an equation that has no solution. 8x-3x+2-x= ___x+ ___

    asked by J.J
  142. english

    I need 2 words out of these letters aalsimekats. They have to be a 5letter word and 6 letter word.

    asked by Bev Holdsworth
  143. Sarah

    -----□----------- | | | | ○ | □ resistor | | □ - | _____ | _ : DC power | _____ | supply - | | ○ :ammeter _ | | ___ |_________/ \_____| ___:capacitor 1 2 /\: key (open or closed switch). Could someone please give me the explanation of the

    asked by capacitor
  144. physics

    A certain pendulum on Earth has a period of 1.6 s. What would be the period of this pendulum if it were taken to another planet that had 1.75 times the mass of the Earth and 2.5 times the Earth's radius? Express your answer in seconds to three significant

    asked by Zac
  145. English

    English is the language of opportunity.Why bother to teach indigenous languages?

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Algebra

    TeaPots n Treasures sells loose Oolong tea for $2.15 per ounce. Donna mixed Oolong tea with shaved almonds that sell for $0.95 per ounce to create the Market Street Oolong blend that sells for $1.85 per ounce. One week, she made 300 oz of Market Street

    asked by Lee
  147. Math

    is 2/3 larger than 4/7

    asked by Morgan
  148. Math

    Factorise Completely 9y^2-81

    asked by Ackron
  149. chemistry

    How much energy is obtained if 11.2g of hydrogen gas are allowed to react with excess fluorine? H2 (g) + F2 (g)--- 2HF (g) + 124kcal

    asked by angie
  150. maths

    what is the four digit number which satisfies these conditions; The last digit is twice the first digit. The second digit is twice the third digit. The sum of the first and last digits is twice the third digit.

    asked by somay
  151. maths

    If it takes five men six hours to dig seven holes, how long does it take one man to dig half a hole?

    asked by somay
  152. Math

    Baichung's dather is 26 years younger than Baichung's grandfather and 29 years older than Baichung.The sum of the ages of all the three is 135 years.What is the age of each one of them?

    asked by Sunil
  153. maths

    A farmer has 23 ears and he uses a deer to transport them to the store house. If the deer carry three ears a day to the store house, how many days will it take to carry them to the store house?

    asked by somay
  154. science

    describe the function of each of the above organelles. in addition, compare each organelle to something else (examples: the nucleus is like a boss because both are in control of something larger

    asked by cristina
  155. math/graphing

    Graph the direct variation y=−1.5x. Using the graph, find:The value of y corresponding to the value of x equal to 1; 0; 2; 3

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Science

    What are the basic points of Lewis and langmiur theory of electrovalency

    asked by Lunathi
  157. Calculus

    A festivals being planned. The planners need to enclose to adjacent 200 M^2 areas with fencing. They have budgeted $1000 for fencing. Fencing currently cost $10/meter. The diagram of the area is as follows: (The diagram is 2 adjacent squares, the areas of

    asked by Roygbiv
  158. calculus

    Use a(t) = -32 ft/sec2 as the acceleration due to gravity. (Neglect air resistance.) A ball is thrown vertically upward from a height of 4 feet with an initial velocity of 79 feet per second. How high will the ball go? (Round your answer to two decimal

    asked by Sam
  159. calculus

    The maker of an automobile advertises that it takes 15 seconds to accelerate from 15 kilometers per hour to 70 kilometers per hour. Assuming constant acceleration, (a) The distance the car travels during the 15 seconds (Round your answer to two decimal

    asked by Sam
  160. American History

    According to the protest footage who organized the American demonstrations? A. The student Nonviolent Coordinating committee. B.Anonymous leadership c.A loose coalition of antiwar groups d. students under the leadership of abby Hoffman my answer is D

    asked by Angie
  161. maths

    x^2 + xy - Ky^2=0 , the angle made by the line pairs of this equation is 45 degree. I got the value of k as 0 and -2, do we need to reject k=0 and conclude our answer as k=-2 ?

    asked by clive
  162. Math

    Who were John Venns peers or any mathematicians working on the same thing as John during the same time as him?

    asked by Elizabeth
  163. math probability

    Two friends were each rolling a die. After they rolled, they found the sum of the numbers showing on each die. What is the probability that the sum is 7? I added the sides together and simplified to get 1/6, but I don't think that's right.

    asked by Anna
  164. Chemistry

    Acid in vinegar has pka value of 1.85 x 10^-5 at 25oC find the pkb value of its conjugate base?

    asked by Ahmad
  165. Math

    Quadrilateral MNPQ is the same shape but different size than quadrilateral now.tell one figure is dilation of other or not.explain your reasoning.

    asked by Khan


    asked by Anonymous
  167. math

    shirley is making 4 dozen cookies for a bake sale .she does not want to spend more than $9 making the cookies. write and solve an inequality to find the maximum cost per dozen cookies.let c represents the maximum cost per dozen cookies.

    asked by lakshmi
  168. mathematics-equadratic equation

    Given that, x^2-4x+4 is a root of x^3+ax^2+bx-4. Find a and b please show workings #thanks

    asked by P1
  169. chemistry

    what is the molarity of the solution comtaining 2.5g of acetic acid in 75g of benzene

    asked by saira
  170. pre ap math

    a toy rocket is launched from a platform that is 48 feet high. the rockets height above the ground is modeled by h=-16t^2+32t+43.

    asked by kenia
  171. health


    asked by anonymous
  172. math

    A manufacturing company manufactures a cardboard box with a square base and a height of 15 inches. Suppose the equation 2 x x 60 7,200 0 can be used to find the length and width of the base of the box, each measuring x inches. Use the zero product property

    asked by crissy
  173. maths help me urgently!!!!!!

    rationalise [1-(2i^2)]/i Plz help show we working so that i can learn

    asked by david
  174. World History

    Which famous general warned against the danger of Hitler? ERICH LUDENDORFF?

    asked by Boberto
  175. Algebra

    A silo is filled at a constant rate for a total of 10 hours. Number of Hours---Amt of Corn(cu ft) 0----------------- 0------------- 3------------------2475--------- 5------------------4125---------- 8------------------6600---------- Enter the "percent" of

    asked by Blake
  176. calculus

    Use a(t) = -32 ft/sec2 as the acceleration due to gravity. (Neglect air resistance.) A ball is thrown vertically upward from a height of 4 feet with an initial velocity of 79 feet per second. How high will the ball go? (Round your answer to two decimal

    asked by Sam
  177. American History

    how did spiro agnew characterize the anti war protesters’ A. Militant and socialist B. Emotional and Illogical c. Angry and wrong D. Unorganized and radical My answer is B

    asked by Angie
  178. Math

    Mr Wee bought t-shirts at $5 each and sold them at $9each. Those who bought 2 t-shirts from him were given one t-shirt free. At the end of the sale, Mr Wee made a total of $1288 and 120 t-shirts were given free. How many customers bought only 1 t-shirt?

    asked by Izzah
  179. Hydrology

    I am having difficulty analyzing my lab data. I don't know whether to analyze a chart or use calculations to define the data. I am trying to use the Cooper-Jacob method. I also need to calculate transmissivity and storativity, but am having difficulty

    asked by Max
  180. hansen

    the family is taking three gift-wrapped presents(using the same boxes.)How much wrapping paper will they need? Draw a net to represent one of boxes

    asked by Anonymous
  181. Algebra, Mathematics

    A $40 000 car depreciates at a rate of 13% per year. a) Write an equation to represent this situation. b) Find the value of the car in 3 years. c) How long does it take for the car to be worth half it's value?

    asked by Jacob
  182. American History

    How would Spiro Agnew characterize the antiwar protesters’ A. Militant and socialist B. Emotional and Illogical c. Angry and wrong D. Unorganized and radical

    asked by Angie
  183. chemistry

    In the lab, you mix 30mL of 0.30M Na2SO4 with 10mL of 0.25M Ba(OH)2 to produce BaSO4 and NaOH. Calculate the theoretical yield (in moles) of BaSO4 produced from this reaction. State your answer in decimal form and round to two sig. fig. (not scientific

    asked by Liyah
  184. Pure Science

    What Happens(in terms of floatation and sinking )When A Solid Object e.g a stone is placed in a liquid like water if they both have equal densities?

    asked by Ackron.Z
  185. Physics

    A 5.8 kg object is accelerated from rest to a speed of 53.3 m/s in 55 s. What average force was exerted on the ob- ject during this period of acceleration? Answer in units of N.

    asked by Bob
  186. American History

    What did John Kerry view as a chief disservice to returning soldiers that illustrated that they were unwanted by America. A. Americans viewed soldiers with distrust, and the administration viewed them with apathy. B.Soldiers returned with psychological

    asked by Angie
  187. science

    according to wegeners hypothesis of continental drift ? A. Earths surface B. The continents C. Earth is slowly cooling and shrinking D. The continents joined

    asked by Xxoreo_~chan_xX
  188. Physics

    A 0.19 kg ball of dough is thrown straight up into the air with an initial speed of 13 m/s.The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s. b) What is its momentum halfway to its maximum height on the way up? Answer in units of kg · m/s.

    asked by Anonymous
  189. math

    A girl is × years old and her cousins age is ×- 5 years. How old is her cousin if she is 7years old?

    asked by Tebogo
  190. math

    write the equation Eighteen less than 6 times a number is the same as 12 more than the number.

    asked by Anonymous
  191. L.O

    Suggestions on how to combat the violation of human rights

    asked by Anonymous
  192. math

    if the numbers 16 64 400 and 784 are they a variable or a constant???

    asked by jazmin
  193. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=xsqrt(36−x^2), −1≤x≤6. This function has an absolute minimum value equal to what?

    asked by Anonymous
  194. World History

    how countrys react to threats for example terrorism,ISIS, Wars?

    asked by Boberto
  195. Bio

    Define and give key feature to the word pollen

    asked by Anonymous
  196. Math

    A computer was purchased at a sale at a discount of 15%. If $688.50 was paid for it, and this price includes 8% sales tax, then what was the original price without tax or discount?

    asked by Matt
  197. Calculus

    Suppose the derivative of a function f is f′(x)=(x−8)^7(x−1)^4(x+19)^8. Then the function f is increasing on the interval what?

    asked by Anonymous
  198. Calculus

    Find a cubic function f(x)=ax^3+cx^2+d that has a local maximum value of 9 at -4 and a local minimum value of 6 at 0. Find a, c, and d.

    asked by Anonymous
  199. Math

    Let ABCD be a square, and EFGH be a square whose area is twice that of ABCD. Prove that the ratio of AB to AC is equal to the ratio of AB to EF

    asked by Kenny
  200. Algebra

    A basketball player makes 53 points on 24 shots. How many 3 pointers and 2 pointers did he shoot. Show your work. I know that the answer is 5 for the 3 pointers and 19 2 pointers but I don't know how to show it.

    asked by Alex
  201. Math

    How many 4 digit multiples of 5 can be form d using the digits, 1,2,5,7,9,0 if repitions are not allowed?

    asked by Bobbie
  202. Maths

    2x^3 - 12x^2 - 32x

    asked by John
  203. Chemistry

    How many gallons of water at 70 deg. F is required to cool a gallon of water at 212 deg f?

    asked by Fritz
  204. Math

    A true-false test consists of 10 items. What is the probability that Chris gets 80% or more for the test?

    asked by Denzil
  205. Algebra II

    Thomas says that you can take the square root of each side of an equation. Therefore, he feels that (x+5)^2 + (y-7)^2 = 49 and (x+5) + (y-7) = 7 are equivalent. However, Mark says that they aren't equal. Who is right? Explain.

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  206. Geometry

    Triangle RST has angles 38 and 75.Triangle rst has angles 67 and 38.the side are proportional.

    asked by Khan
  207. Math

    Triangle WXZ is a right triangle. Triangle XYZ is a right triangle. Angle WXY is 86 degrees. What is angle YXZ's measure?

    asked by Anonymous
  208. calc 2

    Find the orthogonal trajectories for the family of curves y=(kx)^6.

    asked by TayB
  209. Math

    For what values of x is it true that x^2 - 5x - 4 < 10? Express your answer in interval notation. Thank you!

    asked by Candice
  210. Hiistory

    Why is it that only 2% of Americans are involved in agriculture but in other parts of the world such as Asia and Africa about 60% are involved

    asked by Anonymous
  211. physics

    Consider air to be a mixture of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. How much work is required to raise the temperature of 7 mol of air by 9 ∘C in an adiabatic process?

    asked by lizbeth
  212. Chemistry please help

    The reaction through which carbon changes from graphite to diamond form is represented by the equation C(graphite) ---> C(diamond) delta H: ? Using the reactions below, determine the amount of heat absorbed in the change of one mole of graphite to one mole

    asked by Rose
  213. Math

    The equation x^2+12x=73 has two solutions. The positive solution has the form (sqrta)-(b) for positive natural numbers a and b. What is a+b? Thanks

    asked by Linda
  214. phy

    A block of mass m = 3.45 kg slides along a horizontal table with speed v0 = 2.00 m/s. At x = 0 it hits a spring with spring constant k = 80.00 N/m and it also begins to experience a friction force. The coefficient of friction is given by ¦Ì = 0.250. How

    asked by xianhua
  215. phy

    A block of mass m = 364 g is dragged with a string across a rough horizontal table. The string tension is T = 3.59 N, and it pulls upward at an angle of ¦Õ = 47.0¡ã with the horizontal. At one particular instant the block is moving at a speed of v =

    asked by xianhua
  216. Math

    Define a#b=ab-a-b+1 for all real numbers a and b. x # 7 = 42. What is the value of x?

    asked by Cooper
  217. History

    Opposition to strong environmental protection regulations was motivated by A, Concern that regulation would hurt the economy and kill jobs. B. conservative resistance to expanding federal authority. C.refusal to believe that pollution was a serious problem

    asked by Angie
  218. Math

    Jessica was responsible for making party bags for her sister's birthday party. She noticed that there were 6 times as many balloons as stickers and 1/3 as many bubbles as balloons. If there were 135 party items, how many are stickers?

    asked by Anonymous
  219. Math

    Let f(a,b) = 2a - 3b^2 + 7. If f(b,3) = 90, then what is b? Thank you for helping!

    asked by Lance
  220. Math

    Kate won a bag of candy at a raffle. She gave 1/5 of the candy to her brother, 1/4 of the candy to her friend, and had 11 pieces left over. How many pieces did she give her Brother?

    asked by Kate
  221. Precal


    asked by Bo
  222. Algebra

    Write the following as an inequality. Y is less than or equal to 3 and greater than -7

    asked by Kt
  223. English

    1. We'll leave after lunch. 2. We'll leave in lunch. (Can we use both preposition? Are both OK? What is the difference between them?) 3. He was dead in a few seconds. 4. He was dead after a few seconds. (is there any difference between them? Can we use

    asked by rfvv
  224. English

    1. After 10 days, the dogs will be put to sleep. 2. In 10 days, the dogs will be put to sleep. (Are both grammatical? Do we have to use 'in' or 'after' in this case? Do they have the same meaning?)

    asked by rfvv
  225. Art

    what value is most likely encouraged when citizens look at the rising eagle on the unit state dollar bill? Wisdom Patriotism Endurance Creativity I think either wisdom or patriotism

    asked by Sierra
  226. Mathematics

    Tessellation are made by repeatedly overlapping a figure. True or False I think it's false Tell me if I'm wrong or right

    asked by Queen
  227. math

    Scale on a map is 1:1000 What does 1cmsquared on a map represent

    asked by tally
  228. Chemistry please help!

    The reaction through which carbon changes from graphite to diamond form is represented by the equation C(graphite) ---> C(diamond) delta H: ? Using the reactions below, determine the amount of heat absorbed in the change of one mole of graphite to one mole

    asked by Rose