Questions Asked on
April 6, 2016

  1. English

    Can someone please check my answers for this? Thanks! 1. What is the latter tone of "The Morning of June 28, 1949 and 'The Lottery'"? a. offended and angry b. taken aback and sarcastic*** c. surprised and confused 2. Which of the following words is an

    asked by SpitFireRedHead
  2. ELA

    What can you infer about the speaker in “Rose Pogonias”? Support your answer with evidence by citing examples of three words or phrases from the poem. Explain why each word or phrase helps you know more about the speaker. A saturated meadow, Sun-shaped

    asked by Ivy awesome
  3. i need help plz

    fair use laws were created to make exceptions to allow who to use material without permission

    asked by mrs.oreo
  4. Language Arts

    Write a short essay in which you examine the figurative language in “Concrete Mixers.” Explain what the concrete mixers are compared to, what the parts of the mixers are compared to, and what the drivers of the mixers are compared to. Then, show how

    asked by <3
  5. Algebra

    Shirley is drawing triangles that have the same area. The base of each triangle varies inversely with the height. What are the possible base and height of a second triangle if the first triangle's base is 12 and its height is 8? Select one: a. 120 and 80

    asked by Makaila
  6. plz help on math

    the radius of a circular hat is 3.7 inches find the circumference

    asked by mrsoreo
  7. Math

    type of cookies|adults|children chocolate chip | 5 | 10 peanut butter | 8 | 6 oatmeal | 7 | 4 16. Based on the two way frequency table how many people chose chocolate chip cookies A. 20 B. 15 C. 14 D. 11 17. What percentage of the adults chose peanut

    asked by bunny64
  8. Math

    1. Find the horizontal change and the vertical change for the translation P(4,-4) (-4,7) A. Right 8; up 11 B. Left 8; down 11 C. Right 8; down 11•• D. Left 8; up 11 2. The point c(x,y) is reflected over the x-axis. Use arrow notations to describe the

    asked by Zachary
  9. Chemistry

    Complete the following equilibrium reactions that are pertinent to an aqueous solution of Ag2CO3. Physical states, s, l, g, and aq, are optional. So far I worked it out to be: Ag2CO3(s) 2Ag^+ + CO3^(2-) H2CO3(aq) + H2O(l) H3O^(1+) + (HCO3)^(-) HCO3^(-)(aq)

    asked by Craig
  10. Geometry

    Find the area of a hexagon with the indicated apothem: 6 sqr root 3 108 sqr root 3 in.^2 432 sqr root 3 in.^2 96 sqr root 3 in.^2 216 sqr root 3 in.^2 Last question, don't know. Please help? Thanks

    asked by SkatingDJ
  11. Science PLZ HELP NOW!

    hi,can someone check my science work...and please label like this 1.right 2.wrong thank you 1.which of the following could be true of two different species that have a competive relationship in the same ecosystem? species preys on the other B .the

    asked by IceLady900
  12. Math

    Mary has rehearsed her ballet solo for five and a half hours. A week from now she wants to have rehearsed at least a total of nineteen and a half hours. If she rehearses for the same amount of time each day for the next 7 days, at least how many hours must

    asked by Kory
  13. Geometry

    The area of a triangle is 96. If the base of a triangle is tripled and the height is reduced to one-third its original length, what is the new area? 3 1/3 9 The area would not change I'm stumped:/ Please help? Thanks

    asked by SkatingDJ
  14. Algebra

    A store is selling two mixtures of coffee beans in one-pound bags. The first mixture has 12 ounces of Sumatra combined with 4 ounces of Celebes Kalossi, and costs $15. The second mixture has 4 ounces of Sumatra and 12 ounces of Celebes Kalossi, and costs

    asked by Makaila
  15. Math 5th grade

    How can I use bar diagrams to divide unit fractions by whole numbers

    asked by catsr2cute
  16. Math

    The table below shows the number of deaths in the U.S. in a year due to a variety of causes. For these questions, assume these values are not changing from year to year, and that the population of the United States is 312 million people. Cause Deaths

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    A bag contains 5 red marbles, 3 green, 1 lavender, 3 yellow, 2 Orange. Q. How many sets of four marbles include none of the red ones? First I computed C(14,4) to find out how many sets of 4 could be formed. Total # sets =1001. Then I subtracted the number

    asked by Gilberto
  18. Physics 1

    A textbook of mass 1.95 kg rests on a frictionless, horizontal surface. A cord attached to the book passes over a pulley whose diameter is 0.100 m , to a hanging book with mass 3.08 kg . The system is released from rest, and the books are observed to move

    asked by David
  19. math

    1. the function rule c=10n+26 relates the number of people n who attend a small concert to cost in dollars of c of the concert. Make a table of the imput/output pairs to show the cost if 27,39, and 43 people attend. 2. explain how to write a function rule

    asked by Quzzy modo
  20. Trig

    Find the length of a chord intercepted by a central angle of 25 degrees in a circle of radius 30 feet

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    Four streets enter a traffic circle at points A, B, C, and D. Name six arcs formed by the streets and the traffic circle. I only know four, and I think they are: "Arc" AB, "Arc" BC, "Arc" CD, "Arc" DA...

    asked by fennelly
  22. slope

    Find the slope of the line passing through the given points using the slope formula. Enter the slope in simplest form. Describe the slope as positive, negative, zero, or undefined. (8,2) and (15,9) my answer = 1 the slope is posistive

    asked by pleasecheckmyanswer
  23. Math

    42is the diameter of a circle. Find the circumference of the circle to the nearest foot.

    asked by Latoya
  24. Math

    Similar polygons are _____ the same size. always sometimes** never I'm having a brain fart. ahh! please help!

    asked by Sally
  25. History (check answer!)

    During the mid-19th century, Transcendentalist writers had a strong influence over the formation of (5 points) labor unions new Protestant sects utopian communities*** nativist organizations I believe it's C. Can anyone assure this? Thanks :) I'll try and

    asked by Reb
  26. physics

    The distance between the lenses of a microscope is 18 cm. The focal length of the eyepiece is 1.8 cm. If the microscope is to produce an angular magnification of -260 when used by a person with a normal near point (20 cm from the eye), what must the focal

    asked by Orla
  27. History (Mrs. Sue, check answer?)

    Which of these Transcendentalist writings had the most direct influence on African American activists in the 1950s and 1960s? (5 points) "Ambition" "Orphic Sayings" "Woman in the Nineteenth Century" "Two Rivers" I believe it is D. but want to make sure :)

    asked by Reb
  28. Algebra


    asked by Blake
  29. Math

    Three Bases and home plate make a diamond that is 90 feet on each side. What is the perimeter of the diamond?

    asked by Ben
  30. Math

    Find the circumference of a circle. Which is 42 ft, to the nearest foot.

    asked by Latoya
  31. Chemistry

    Calculate the enthalpy of formation of maganese (IV) oxide based on the following information. 4Al(s) + 3MnO2(s) --> 3Mn(s) + 2Al2O3(s) Delta H = -1790 kJ 2Al(s) + 3/2O2 (g) ---> Al2O3 (s) Delta Hf = -1676 kJ

    asked by Rose
  32. chemistry

    Why is it important to use the same pipet through out the experiment?

    asked by Jimmy
  33. Physics

    When the rubber band in a slingshot is stretched, it obeys Hooke's law. Suppose that the "spring constant" for the rubber band is k = 44.2 N/m. When the rubber band is pulled back with a force of 9.38 N, how far does it stretch?

    asked by Shakira
  34. chemistry

    If 5.40 kcal of heat is added to 1.00 kg of water at 100⁰C, how much steam at 100⁰C is produced? Show all calculations leading to an answer. Please help?

    asked by emily
  35. History

    1.How did New England's textile industry affect both children and women? (5 points) ⦁ It allowed them to earn a living wage until the age of 25. ⦁ It gave them opportunities not available on family farms. ⦁ It permitted them to complete their

    asked by <3
  36. physics

    Use conservation of energy to determine the angular speed of the spool shown in the figure below after the 3.00 kg bucket has fallen 4.05 m, starting from rest. The light string attached to the bucket is wrapped around the spool and does not slip as it

    asked by david
  37. Chemistry of Life Science

    1. In the introduction to this experiment, it states that you reacted 2.5 grams of salicylic acid with an excess of acetic anhydride, meaning that there would be a higher number of moles of acetic anhydride then salicylic acid, proportionally. Assuming the

    asked by Tracy
  38. Math

    Find the circumference of the circle (2.5 cm). Round your answer to the nearest centimeter.

    asked by Latoya
  39. math

    An automotive insurance company has 25,000 policyholders. The accident rate is 0.07. The number of accidents the company will have to pay out for is If the payout for each claim (after deductibles) is $8,000, the company’s total payouts will amount to $

    asked by Cassie
  40. math

    If you were given the area of a figure and told that all the dimensions of the figure would be cut in half, how could you find the area of the new similar figure?

    asked by tonie
  41. Math

    How many apples are in a 5-lb bag of apples, assuming each apples weighs 9 oz? 5x (16 oz/ 1 ) x 9 = 8.8

    asked by Gigi
  42. Math

    The point (3,-1) is translated to the left 4 units and up 1 unit.write a rule to describe the translation.what are the coordinates of the image point? A) (x,y)->(x+4,y+1);(7,-2) B) (x,y)->(x-4,y-1);(-1,0) C) (x,y)->(x+4,y-1);(7,0) D)

    asked by Zachary
  43. math

    perry mixed 4 2/3 ounces of red paint and 3 1/3 ounces of yellow paint to make the right shade of orange paint. He needs 40 ounces of orange paint to paint the rest of the desk. How many ounces of red and yellow paint should Perry use to make enough orange

    asked by mira
  44. Science

    Why is a gas able to flow? It's particles have melted and can move around. It's particles have high viscosity and can move around. It's particles have enough energy to move around. It's particles have enough pressure to move around.** not sure of the

    asked by Sally
  45. math

    a soccer-ball was kicked off the top of the building and its height was monitored.regression equation is h= -4t^2+24.5t+146. what is the height of the building?

    asked by sumit
  46. describing data

    Sixty students were given a history exam. Their scores are shown below, sorted from smallest to largest. 6 36 36 38 38 39 39 40 41 41 42 42 42 45 49 50 53 65 66 71 72 72 72 73 74 76 76 76 78 78 79 79 80 80 81 81 81 81 81 82 82 82 82 83 83 83 84 84 85 86 86

    asked by tonie
  47. 11 physics

    a20Kg box is suspended from the ceiling by arope that weighs 1Kg . find the tension at the top of the rope.

    asked by biks
  48. Math

    The wheel of a unicycle has a radius of 14 inches. What is the approximate circumference of the wheel.

    asked by Latoya

    I pull out all the stops and start my thorough speculation. In line 8, which literary device does the author use to create a musical quality? a) allusion B) free verse C) alliteration D) onomatopoeia

    asked by sandra
  50. chemistry

    what is the approximate volume of gas in a 1.50 mol sample that exerts a pressure of 0.922 atm and has a temp of 10.0°C?

    asked by jackson
  51. Geometry

    A square pyramid has a surface area of 175 square inches. The square base has side lengths of 5 inches. Find the slant height of the pyramid.

    asked by Helen
  52. Physics

    1. Does the center of gravity coincide with the fulcrum? Why? 2. why does a meter stick balance if the moments in one side equals the moment on the right side? 3. When do you solve for percent difference? Percent error?

    asked by help me please
  53. calculus

    Find the length and width of a rectangle with maximum area that has a perimeter of (7P) units. units (smaller value) units (larger value)

    asked by Sam
  54. Language

    1. In the 1800s, it was believed women were good at working on projects to improve the community because (5 points) women were better leaders than men. women were better planners than men. women were more emotional than men. ****women were more moral than

    asked by Anonymous
  55. english composition ll

    Which of the following best illustrates a positive feedback loop?

    asked by lee
  56. Human Resources

    What economic, social and political forces have made employees training even more important today than it was in the past?

    asked by Rhonda
  57. Physics

    A figure skater is spinning with an initial angular speed of 5.6rad/s. He then pulls his arms in, reducing his moment of inertia to 0.31 times its original value. What is his angular speed after pulling in his arms?

    asked by Timone
  58. Chemistry

    what volume of 1.00M ca(oh)2 is needed to neutralize 250.0mL of 0.100M HCL?

    asked by Sierra
  59. Algebra

    when the price for admission to a sporting event was $100 per ticket, 50000 people attended the event. When the price increased to $108, the attendance decreased to 45000 people. Which linear equation represents the attendance (d) in terms of the admission

    asked by G-Money
  60. Science

    What is anything that has mass and takes up space? 1) Weight 2) Volume 3) Density 4) Matter When you measure the boiling point of mercury, you are investigating a ____. 1) Chemical change 2) Chemical property 3) Physical change 4) Physical property Ab

    asked by Lulu
  61. Math

    Ty is reading a book that is 456 pages. In the last 11 days, he has read 264 pages. If Ty continues to read at the same rate, write an equation that represents the relationship between the number of pages, p, Ty reads over time, t.

    asked by Steve
  62. Algebra II

    1. Which represents the first two terms of the sequence: a_1 = 2 and a_n = -2(a_n-1)^2 option a. -8, -128 option b. 16, 1024 option c. -2, 16 option d. 2, -8 2. Which is the seventh term in the sequence: a_n = -1/125 * 5^n-1 option a. -125 option b. -625

    asked by 1234White5678
  63. chemistry

    What volume of a oxygen at STP was collected? oxygen gas is collected over water at a temperaturee of 10 degrees C and a pressure 1.2 atm. The volume of gas plus water vapor collected is 293ml.

    asked by dee
  64. college chemistry

    calculate the equilibrium constant for the following reaction at 298k given that DeltaGrxn=2.8kj/mol N2O4-2NO2 I thought to get K you use the expression K=e^(-deltaG/(RT)) but I cant get the same answer my professor put down which is 3.1

    asked by Jeremy
  65. Social Studies

    Who is Cincinnatus? A.A dictator that served for 16 days B. A dictator that served till death c.A plebeian d.a member of the senate My answer:B Plz help me

    asked by anonymous
  66. Physics

    An object has an angular size of 0.0140 rad when placed at the near point (20.0 cm) of an eye. When the eye views this object using a magnifying glass, the largest possible angular size of the image is 0.0490 rad. What is the focal length of the magnifying

    asked by Orla
  67. Physic

    John carries a 200 N suitcase up three flights of stairs (a height of 10 m) and then pushes it with a horizontal force of 50 N at a constant speed of 0.5 m/s for a horizontal distance of 35 meters. How much work does Ben do on his suitcase during this

    asked by Help me
  68. Algebra

    Susan charges twice as much money on credit card with a 7.5% annual interest rate as she does on a card with 6% interest. If her total interest after 1 year is $840, how much did she charge on each card?

    asked by Patricia
  69. math

    In a science experiment, the temperature of a substance is changed from 42 degrees Fahrenheit to -54 degrees Fahrenheit at an average rate of -12 degrees per hour. Over how many hours does the change take place?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Algebra

    A bus covered the 400-km distance between points A and B at a certain speed. On the way back the bus traveled at the same speed for 2 hours and then increased the speed by 10 km/hour until it reached A, thus spending 20 fewer minutes on the return trip.

    asked by Hansel
  71. math

    prove that 2sinA + 1 / cosA+sin2A=secA

    asked by cindy
  72. History

    5.)While the 1st Great Awakening took place mostly in New England, the 2nd Great Awakening A.)Was more widespread but less significant for American society. B.)Was more widespread & had greater effects on American society.*** C.)Was mostly a Southern event

    asked by Broward
  73. Math

    A cookie recipe calls for 1/4 cup of brown sugar for one batch of 24 cookies. How many cups of brown sugar would be needed to bake 144 cookies?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Physics

    the weight of the block if wood is 96.5 N. the coefficient of static friction between the block of wood and vertical wall is 0.45. what minimum force is required to prevent the block from sliding down the wall

    asked by Serge
  75. Math

    The diameter of a circle is 15 in. Which measure below cannot be a chord on the same circle.

    asked by Latoya
  76. math

    Natasha stands 5.5 feet tall and has a shadow that measures 3 feet long. At the same time, a tree next to Natasha has a shadow that measures 12 feet long. How tall is the tree?

    asked by lashay
  77. science

    apparent change in wavelength of sound waves is 2.5cm when the source of sound is approaching stationary listener with velocity 8cm/s.Apparent decrease in the frequency of source when observer recedes from the same source at rest with a velocity of 30m/s

    asked by hussain
  78. Chemistry

    Consider the titration of 50mL of 2.0M HNO3 with 1.0M KOH. At eah step, add the following: 0ml, 25ml, 50ml. a) Write a reaction to show the initial reaction b)ICE table c) determine the spectators present after d)Calculate the pH

    asked by Gub
  79. History

    6.)Help me with 1 question! U.S. Marshals branded Jonathan Walker s hand with "SS." Why did slavery opponents say this meant "slave savior"? A.)Jonathan Walker was a sea captain who helped resistance efforts by transporting escaped slaves to freedom.***

    asked by Broward
  80. math

    At a bagel shop, 2 coffees and 4 bagels cost $6.00. Two coffees and 7 bagels cost $8.25. What is the unit price of one coffee and the unit price of one bagel? my answer: 1 bagel= $0.75 1 coffee= $1.00 Find the 5,550th term in the sequence 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2,

  81. Chemistry

    Oxalic acid & phosphoric acid are polyprotic acid. For both acids, provide the equilibrium reactions showing all of the dissociation steps and the expressions for each acid dissociation constans.

    asked by Ziera
  82. History

    4.)Which of the following best describes the contributions of Charles loring brace? A.)Was more widespread but less significant for American society B.)Was more widespread & had greater effects on american society C.)Was mostly a Southern event & had

    asked by Broward
  83. social studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. what is nativism? the partriotism that led to the americas success in ww1 the belief in the importance of rights for native americans the anti immagrant feeling that prevailed during 1920s the strenghthening of national military prowess

    asked by Quzzy modo
  84. science:chemistry

    magnesium trioxocarbonate (IV) decomposed according to the equation MgCO3(s) -MgO2(s) + CO2(g).if 6.0g of magnesium trioxocarbonate (IV) is completely decomposed ,calculate :i. the mass of carbon (IV) oxide produced

    asked by michael
  85. Math

    4) Jack is buying gift bags for his daughter’s 5th birthday party. His budget is between $20 and $30. He has a choice of $2, $3 and $4 bags. If he buys $4 bags he will have $3 remaining, if he buys $3 bags he will have $2 remaining, and if he buys $2

    asked by Jyoti
  86. English

    1. He stooped down to pick up a block. 2. He bent down to pick up a block. 3. He rounded his body to pick up a block. (Can we use all the verbs? Do they have the same meaning? Which one is commonly used?)

    asked by rfvv

    An amplified guitar has a sound intensity level that is 11 dB greater than the same unamplified sound. What is the ratio of the amplified intensity to the unamplified intensity?

    asked by Orla
  88. chemistry

    You have two sealed jars of water at the same temperature. In the first jar there is a large amount of water. In the second jar there is a small amount of water. Using 3 -4 sentences explain how the vapor pressure of water in the first jar compares with

    asked by emily
  89. civics

    Story Frame Template You and your sibling, whose name is _________________________, go to your favorite store called _________________________. There, _________________________ finds a toy to buy, called a _________________________. (He or She) really

    asked by really
  90. science (9th grade)

    A form of 18 karat white gold contains 75% gold and 25% palladium. What type of solution is this? Specify which element is the solute and which is the solvent. help???

    asked by tim
  91. math

    At a bagel shop, 2 coffees and 4 bagels cost $6.00. Two coffees and 7 bagels cost $8.25. What is the unit price of one coffee and the unit price of one bagel?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Physics

    A steam-electric power plant delivers 900 MW of electric power. The surplus heat is exhausted into a river with a flow of 2.91×105 kg/s, causing a change in temperature of 1.07 oC. A. What is the efficiency of the power plant? B. What is the rate of the

    asked by Abbey
  93. maths

    proof that (sinx+sin3x-2sin2x)/(sinx+sin3x+2sin2x)=-tan(x/2)

    asked by thato
  94. Physics

    A 3.50-kg bucket is attached to a cylindrical, massive pulley with a radius of 0.440 m. The bucket starts from rest and falls for 1.3 s into a well. The tension in the rope is 13.03N. What is the magnitude of the linear acceleration of the falling bucket?

    asked by Timone
  95. Chemistry

    Identify the following as either reduction or oxidation: a. 2I^- -> I2 + 2e- (my answer oxidized) b. Zn2+ + 2e^- -> Zn (reduced) could someone check my answers? I remember OIL RIG (oxidation is loss, reduction is gain.) but I'm still uncertain of what I

    asked by bubble dragon
  96. Geometry

    Henry has a patio next to his house that is 15ft by 10ft. He wants to put a uniform flower bed around three sides of the patio. The area of the flower bed is 100 ft^2. What is the width of the flower bed?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Biology

    I am supposed to make different ligations. These are the stocks I am given: Cut pET41a(+) DNA: 25 ng/ul egfp insert DNA: 7 ng/ul Uncut pET-41a(+)/EGFP recombinant plasmid DNA: 25 ng/ul This is the ligation I am supposed to make: Ligation #1: 1:1 molar

    asked by Anonymous

    Assuming an object at infinity, a person has far points of 5.2 m from the right eye and 6.2 m from the left eye. Describe the lens required (diopters) as seen in a prescription for the refractive power of each corrective contact lens.

    asked by Orla
  99. Chemistry

    For the H 3 CNCO molecule, (Note: The atoms are bonded in the order CNCO, with the three H atoms bonded to the first carbon atom.) answer the following questions. What is the ideal H-C-H bond angle? (0, 30, 45, 60, 90, 109, 120, 145, or 180.) What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Geometry

    a jewlery box in the shape of a rectangle prism has a volume of 90in.3 and a height of 2 1/2 in, What are possible demensions for the length and width of base

    asked by Emily
  101. chemistry

    A sample of gas at 42°C has a volume of 5.2 L and exerts a pressure of 1.00 atm. How many moles of gas are in the sample?

    asked by jackson
  102. Algebra

    Which equation has the rate of change GREATER THAN the rate of change for the line? y= 3x-1 y= x/2=4 y=2x+2 y=x/3-3

    asked by J.J.
  103. History

    The Roman Empire was largest during which emperors rule? Hadrian Nerva Marcus Aurelius Trajan*** please help!

    asked by Sally
  104. Algebra II

    1. Which represents the type of sequence: 33, 31, 28, 24, 19,... option a. option b. option c. option d. 2. A town has a population of 32,000 in the year 2002; 38,400 in the year 2003; 46,080 in the year 2004; and 55,296 in the year 2005. If this pattern

    asked by 1234White5678
  105. Bus. Math Need Help

    I don't even understand this question...can someone please point me in the right direction: Use the following information to answer the question: Cost of car: $26,000 Residual value: $6,000 Life: 5 years

    asked by Layla
  106. Math

    How many apples are in a 5-lb bag of apples, assuming each apples weighs 9 oz?

    asked by Gigi
  107. Pre-calc

    A bicyclist is riding at 27 km/hour. She is pedaling at 95 rpm. Her rear wheel has radius 0.34 m and her rear sprocket has radius 0.03 m. A. What is the radius of her front sprocket? B. Through what angle (in degrees) does her rear wheel rotate in 0.004

    asked by Niko
  108. maths literacy

    a carpenter has a length of timber 18,5 long.he wants to cut the timber onto 5 equal pieces.what will the length of each piece be in cm

    asked by noluthando
  109. Physics

    A horizontal circular platform (m = 110.1 kg, r = 3.21m) rotates about a frictionless vertical axle. A student (m = 98.3kg) walks slowly from the rim of the platform toward the center. The angular velocity, omega, of the system is 3.9 rad/s when the

    asked by Emily
  110. Geometry

    If the width of rectangle ABCD is 8 cm and the length of diagonal line AC is 14, find the length of rectangle ABCD. A2 + b2 = c2. 64+ b2 =196. square root of b2 = square root of 132. B =2square of 33. L = ?

    asked by Laura
  111. Chemistry

    A sample has a molar mass of 162g/mol. When a sample of mass 0.385g was burned , 1.072g of CO2 ,0.307g H2O and 0.068g of nitrogen were produced. What is empirial and molecular formular of a sample . Write equation for combustion

    asked by Marie
  112. math

    The factors of 3 are 1 and 3 and the factors of 5 are 1 and 5. Decide which of the following is the least common multiple of 3 and 5 and a correct description of what the value represents.

    asked by Nina
  113. chemistry

    how can we produce ethane from methane?

    asked by tasnuba
  114. English

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women

    asked by Seluleko
  115. History

    Describe the difference in the Parliament and the House of Lords. I need help determining how i can find the difference between the two as one has both the House of Lord and the House Of Commons which is the Parliament.

    asked by John Doswell
  116. Algebra

    Solve the system of equations and check your solution. x^2+y^2=25 x+2y=10 I tried but I got only the 2 x values 8 plus or minus the square root of 164 all over 2. I know the answer is wrong but I can't find my mistake. Can you show me step-by-step how to

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Calculus

    Function is y=x2 . Take three points, x=2, x=3, x=4. Approximate this function at these three points for a deviation Δx =0.1. Which of the three points does the approximation works best? Which point does it works worst?

    asked by Jack
  118. Math

    For what values of x is it true that x^2 - 5x - 4 < 10? Express your answer in interval notation. Thank you!

    asked by Candice
  119. Math

    Karl and his dad are building a playhouse, the floor is a rectangle that is 6 feet by 8 1/2 feet How much carpeting do they need for the floor? P= 6 plus 8.5 *2= 29.0 A= L*W= 6*8.5=51

    asked by Andrea
  120. physics

    !.How does work affect power with time constant? does the weight of the stair-climber affect work and power?

    asked by jerdean
  121. PHYSICS

    When a person wears a hearing aid, the sound intensity level increases by 35 dB. By what factor does the sound intensity increase?

    asked by Orla
  122. History

    My grandmother's mistress had always promised her that, at her death, she should be free; and it was said that in her will she made good the promise. But when the estate was settled, Dr. Flint told the faithful old servant that, under existing

    asked by Broward
  123. math

    find the area of rhombus if each side measures 5 cm and the shorter diagonal is 6 cm.

    asked by leslie
  124. science

    apparent change in wavelength of sound waves is 2.5cm when the source of sound is approaching stationary listener with velocity 8cm/s.

    asked by hussain
  125. math

    Jamie practiced the piano every four days. He had a piano lesson every nine days. When will Jamie practice and have a lesson on the same day?

    asked by Nina
  126. Algebra

    The body weight and pulse rate of a guinea pig and rabbit are: animal avg wt(kg) avg pulse(min) g.pig: 1 250 rabbit: 2.5 265 If the study had included these data, would this change the model relating avg body weight and avg pulse rate? How do you know?

    asked by Kimmy
  127. Physics

    An ac power supply with frequency 60 Hz is connected to a capacitor C=40uF. The maximum instantaneous current that passes through the circuit is 2.26A. What is the maximum voltage?

    asked by SomeoneSexy
  128. English

    1. He raises cows in the country. (Does 'cows' mean female animals only?)

    asked by rfvv
  129. English

    1. (Their, There, They're) a kind of bettle; sometimes they are called :lighting bugs." 2. (Their, There, They;re) glinting in between the trees. 1. They're 2, They're

    asked by Hayden
  130. social studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The first state to grant women equal suffrage was ______, in 1869 maryland whyoming califonia newyork 2. Which incident led to congress's declaring war on spain? explosion of the Maine arrest jose marti spanish ships on santinago capture of san juan

    asked by Quzzy modo
  131. PHYSICS

    A string on a violin is tuned to vibrate at a fundamental frequency of 65.0 Hz. If the tension in the string were increased by a factor of three, what would be the new fundamental frequency?

    asked by Orla
  132. Chemistry

    The following Chemical reaction produces a precipitate in an aqueous solution. NaOH(aq)+Mg(Cl)2(aq)NaCl(aq)+Mg(OH)2(s) With an equilibrium constant of K=1.3. If NaOH and Mg(Cl)2 are added in stoiciometric ratio and 1.20 mol of NaOH are present at

    asked by Bryce
  133. Math

    For the nonzero numbers a, b, and c, define J(a,b,c) = a/b + b/c + c/a. Find J(2,12, 9).

    asked by Candice
  134. Math

    Range invested $1000 for college in an account earning 5% simple interest. When she withdrew the investment , she had earned a total of $550 in interest. How long was the money invested. How long was the money invested? I did 1000(.05) (t) - whatever she

    asked by Lauren
  135. Chem

    The reaction through which carbon changes from graphite to diamond form is represented by the equation C(graphite) ---> C(diamond) delta H: ? Using the reactions below, determine the amount of heat absorbed in the change of one mole of graphite to one mole

    asked by Rose
  136. math

    Show the net of each solid and a diagram showing the net of each solid with broken lines to show where each fold should be made

    asked by Osheen
  137. Geography

    At Old Harry Rocks in Dorset, is there an arch, two caves, a stack and a stump, or an arch, a cave, a crevice, a stack and a stump? Thank you? :)

    asked by Stoof
  138. Physics

    Calculate the formula for coefficient of kinetic friction in an inclined plane with a pulley and two masses coonected by a rope. You can only use the weight of the two masses, the height where the second object is and the distance that the first object

    asked by Arthur
  139. math

    Abbi has 4 hats . yan has 7 times as many how many does yan have

    asked by hahhh
  140. math,science,tourism,geography

    First option i want to be a social worker.sec option to be a police.last option is be a tourism management. Where do i go to further my study and what are the reguirement for this courses?

    asked by nancy
  141. math

    a small mountain near tectonic plate line andes has been growing consistently in height each year. the first measured height was recorded i 1997. 1997; 997.7300 2000;997.7606 2005;997.7810 determine the regression equation for the data

    asked by sumit
  142. math

    a 4 -inc picture cube has pictures only on the front,back,and sides.what is the surface area of the cube that is covered by pictures?

    asked by lakshmi
  143. math

    Find the 5,550th term in the sequence 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2, 6, 6 1/2

    asked by Veronica
  144. english

    4. Shenzhen is a shoking place, like nowhere elseon earth that i have ever seen. (make a question with sentence " i have ever seen") 5. The new Hopewell Highway runs from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. (make a question with " where question") 6. So the traffic

    asked by anonim
  145. College Algebra

    Question: Given f(x)=x^2+3x x such that f(x)=4 (ie y=4, what is x?) I am honestly very confused by this question to even attempt to do it. Though here is what I have on the rest of my sheet as my answers. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you! Given

    asked by Anonymous
  146. math

    If the bike wheel is rolled along the ground 10 inches, through what angle does the wheel rotate?

    asked by hannah
  147. World History Honors

    I have to create 10 questions about the Guillotine? My first one is Why did Robespierre prefer suicide than being sentenced to death by the guillotine? However I also need the answer and I believe that it may have had to be because he was too embarrassed

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  148. U.S. History

    1. The admission of Missouri as a slave state was controversial in the Senate because... A. The senate was pro-slavery B. It would create sectionalism*** C. It would upset the balance D. The senate was anti-slavery

    asked by Dylan
  149. chemistry

    what increasing order of dipole moment among nitrobenzene methylbenzene phenol and toluene

    asked by rohit
  150. Algebra

    Time(hr) Water level (ft) 0 50 2 40 4 30 6 20 Enter the rate of change of the water level in feet per hour.

    asked by Gregory
  151. Geometry

    A rectangular grass area ub a park measures 50 yards by 100 yards. The city wishes to put a uniform sidewalk around the grass area which would increase the area by 459 yd ^2. What is the width of sidewalk

    asked by Anonymous
  152. geography

    an average of 760m, 96.2mm wide angled, height of 3 600m. what the scale of these photographs?

    asked by princess
  153. math

    what is the value of -3/4-(3/-8) (the 3/4 fraction only has the - on the 3, not the entire fraction) a -1 1/8 B -3/8 C3/8 D 1 1/8 What I did is first find a common denominator making the equation -6/8-(3/-8)= -9/16 this is not one of the choices Can you

    asked by sara
  154. percent discount (math)

    During a sale, Nancy found chalkboards on sale for $57 that had previously cost $75. What percentage is the discount?

    asked by Anonymous
  155. science

    7, 2g of sodium carbonate, Na2Co3.nH2O is strongly heated and a residue of 2.7g are produced..... Calculate the nber of moles of water

    asked by placide
  156. Math

    The ratio of boys to girls in a math class is 5 to 3. When 3 girls and 1 boy join the class, the ratio becomes 4:3. What is the least possible number of students in the class after the new students join?

    asked by Anonymous
  157. English

    I need to find John Venn's peers that were studying the same stuff as he was during the same time or any peers that helped John Venn. I reaserched and could only find George Boole but I knbow that there has to be more. Please help?

    asked by Maya
  158. Physics

    The mass of a string is 6 grams, and it is stretched so that its tension is 150 N. A transverse wave travelling on this string has a frequency of 160 Hz and a wavelength of 0.40 m. What is the length of this string? (ii) A chain saw has a measured sound

    asked by Orla
  159. chemistry

    Highlights the basic points in lewis and langmuir theory of electrovalency.

    asked by Yamkela Tshisa
  160. Geometry

    A rectangular grass area ub a park measures 50 yards by 100 yards. The city wishes to put a uniform sidewalk around the grass area which would increase the area by 459 yd ^2. What is the width of sidewalk Is it 9.18 feet

    asked by Anonymous
  161. english

    Which word in the following sentence is spelt incorrectly? “The ambidectrous student was conspicuously popular on the baseball team because he could pitch with either his right or left hand.” [L.11-12.2.b] A. pitch B. popular C. conspicuously D.

    asked by shunquala
  162. stat

    let x and y be continuous random variables having joint density f(xy)=a^2 e^-ay, 0

    asked by Daminda
  163. Math

    Her has $1500 in a retirement account earning 5% interest compounded annually. Each year after the first, she makes and additional deposits of $1500. After 5 years , what was her account balance if she did not make any withdrawals?

    asked by Lauren
  164. Math

    A circular sign has a radius of 4.5 inches. What is the area of the sign to the nearest hundredth of a square inch?

    asked by Anonymous
  165. Math

    A hardware store keeps 3/4 of each merchandise on the shelves and the rest in the back. On-tenth of the value of the store's merchandise is lumber. Of the remainder, 2/3 is tools and 1/3 consumables.If the tools are worth $6,000 how much is the lumber in

    asked by Maud
  166. General arithmetic and reasoning

    The ratio of the length to a width of a sheet is 3:2. If length is 24 meters, find out the width?

    asked by Abhay
  167. Math

    Simplify the following. Write your answer using positive exponents only: ( 5 c − 3 v 5 y − 8 )

    asked by EMCC
  168. Calculus

    A festivals being planned. The planners need to enclose to adjacent 200 M^2 areas with fencing. They have budgeted $1000 for fencing. Fencing currently cost $10/meter. The diagram of the area is as follows: 1. Write an equation representing the total

    asked by Roygbiv
  169. Stats

    8.0235% of the employees of the Acme Tire store are enrolled in a 401k at the store. If the company has 600 employees, what is the probability that less than 40 employees are entered in the 401k.

    asked by Sam
  170. math

    Solve the volume of a cylinder with diameter (4 +2x)m, height (5x+1)m v=pi [(4+2x) x (5x+1)]

    asked by Ellen
  171. mathematics-equadratic eqn

    Given that, x^2-4x+4 is a root of x^3+ax^2+bx-4. Find a and b please show workings #thanks

    asked by P1
  172. math

    a student budgets $25 for his cellphone each month. he pays $10 for the service and $0.05 per minute.he knows that his budget can be off by $5 in either direction. What is the maximum and minimum number of minutes? Write an absolute value equation

    asked by Munna
  173. maths, algebra

    Sakshi's height= 4 feet When she stood on the ground shadow is = 15 feet At the same time shadow near building ground is= 75feet What is the height of the building?

    asked by Aaditya
  174. Chemistry

    Write the dissociation equation for calcium chloride. Include a diagram of the resulting solution.

    asked by Jade
  175. Precal

    How would you work this out? This is verifying trigonometric equations. cot^3x+ cotx= cosx(csc^3x)

    asked by Lexi
  176. Human Resources

    How should an organization determine its training needs?

    asked by Rhonda
  177. english

    Please make a question 1. In 1982 it was a fishing village with two main roads, fields, and a population of 3 million. It is growing at an incredible speed (make a question with sentence "it is growing at an incredible speed ") 2. China is changing. It is

    asked by ina
  178. Math(Check answers)

    1. (3x + 4)(x – 2) A)3x^2 – 2x – 8 B)x – 8 C)3x – 2x – 8 *** D)3x^2 + 2x + 8 2. (2y – 1)(4y – 3) (1 point) A)–2y + 3 B)8y^2 – 10y – 3 *** C)8y^2 – 10y + 3 D)8y^2 – 2y + 3 Am I correct?

    asked by Rock on!
  179. English

    How do I diagram this Sentence?? Then said she, Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall: for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day

    asked by Tricia
  180. math

    A man waklks 6km in 1 hour how much distance will he walk 7 half

    asked by anota
  181. Check answers?

    1. (3x + 4)(x – 2) A)3x^2 – 2x – 8 B)x – 8 C)3x – 2x – 8 *** D)3x^2 + 2x + 8

    asked by Rock on!
  182. English

    1. The photo was taken from an unusual angle. 2. The photo was taken at an unusual angle. (Which preposition do we have to use? Are both OK?) 3. Bend your knees and bend your body at 45 degree angle. 4. Bend your knees and bend your body from 45 degree

    asked by rfvv
  183. College Algebra/pre-calculus

    Find the domain (This in fraction form) f(x)=x+3 x^2-4 f(x)= (This is in Radical:2-5x) Any help, thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  184. Math

    Carter bought a pair of jeans for $49.99 and a shirt for $23.59. He received $6.42 in change. How much did Carter have originally? Should I round or subtract? Please help me!

    asked by Dora_the_nerd
  185. Geometry

    Roy has a patio that covers 434 ft ^2. He wants to increase his patio 196 ft ^2 by adding 4 ft to both the length and width. The length of the original patio is 3 ft more than twice the width. What is the length of the new patio

    asked by Anonymous
  186. Math

    Each of my digits is add. They add up to 12. I have 4 digits. What am I?

    asked by Branndon
  187. Geography

    I need help labeling the parts of South Asia on the map Know where is Himalayas and mountains evesert is located

    asked by Ramesh
  188. biology

    Describe the function of each of the above organelles. In addition, compare each organelle to something else (examples: the nucleus is like a boss because both are in control of something larger)

    asked by cristina
  189. Math

    Let A(t) = 3- 2t^2 + 4^t. Find A(2) - A(1).

    asked by Candice
  190. Math

    Suppose a function f(x) is defined on the domain [-8,4]. If we define a new function g(x) by g(x) = f(-2x), then what is the domain of g(x)? Express your answer in interval notation.

    asked by Candice
  191. maths polynomial help!!!!

    x^2+2x+1 is a factor of ax^3+ax^2+bx+c then find a b c help!!

    asked by david
  192. Stats

    8.0235% of the employees of the Acme Tire store are enrolled in a 401k at the store. If the company has 600 employees, what is the probability that less than 40 employees are entered in the 401k.

    asked by Sam
  193. slope

    Find the equation of the line in slope-intercept form. Slope is −4, and (9,5) is on the line.

    asked by Anonymous
  194. Math/Stats

    The average monthly attendance to the senior citizen bowling league is 67 with a stdev of 6.5. What is the probability that a randomly selected day will see between 72 and 78 visitors?

    asked by Max
  195. Math

    The operation @ is defined as m/n@p/q = (m)(p)(q/n). What is the simplified value of 7/69@23/24$?

    asked by Candice
  196. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 24 inches. What is the number of square inches in the maximum possible area for this rectangle?

    asked by Candice
  197. Dosage calculations please

    Ordered: Tegretol 150 mg po BID Supplied: Tegretol 20 mg / tablet 1. How many tablets would you administer per dose? 2. How tablets would you administer per 24 hours? 1. 150/20 x 1 = 7.5 tablets per dose 2. 150mg/2 = x/24 =1,800 tablets ? I am very

    asked by John
  198. calculus

    a mass m is projected vertically upward with an initial velocity u. the air resistance is given as kv^2. the mass returns to point of projection with velocity v0. prove terminal velocity is given by vT=uv0/sqrt(u^2-v0^2). Hint distances travelled upwards

    asked by wes
  199. Physics

    An AC power supply operating at a frequency of 220 Hz is connected across an inductor. The maximum voltage of the source is 4 V, and the maximum current is 65 mA. What is the inductive reactance? What is the inductance of the circuit?

    asked by SomeoneSexy
  200. Algebra

    --------------MP3------NO MP3---TOTAL CELL PHONE-----57--------122------?? NO Cell Phone--30---------65------?? Total --------- ??---------?? ----?? Answer all "5 question marks." The same students responded to both questions. Complete the two-way

    asked by Jalen
  201. maths

    prove that b^2=4ac

    asked by damerucy
  202. Math

    I have the digits 1,3 and 9. I am greater than 300. I have 3 ones. What number am I?

    asked by Misi
  203. mathematics-equadratic equation

    . Given that, x^2-4x+4 is a root of x^3+ax^2+bx-4. Find a and b please show workings #thanks

    asked by P1
  204. math

    What are the prime factors of 42 and 56? Which prime factors do 42 and 56 have in common?

    asked by Nina
  205. Geomatry

    Leah fills the rectangular prism with cubes that have side lengths of 1/3inch.How many cubes does she need to fill the rectangular prism?

    asked by Justicr
  206. math

    Show the net of each solid and a diagram showing the nets with broken lines

    asked by Osheen