Questions Asked on
April 4, 2016

  1. Trigonometry

    If sin(x) = 4cos(x), then what is (sin(x))*(cos (x))?

    asked by Katie
  2. Bus. Math

    What is the effective interest rate of an 8% 13-week Treasury bill? Assume it is a $10,000 Treasury bill, and round your answer to the nearest hundredth percent. A. 8.20% B. 9.00% C. 8.17% D. 8.16% Answer: D??

    asked by Ashley
  3. Physics

    A 21-kg child starts at the center of a playground merry-go-round that has a radius of 3.5 m and rotational inertia of 500 kg⋅m2 and walks out to the edge. The merry-go-round has a rotational speed of 0.20 s−1 when she is at the center. What is its

    asked by Jordann
  4. Health

    The functional unit of the nervous system is.. A. The Neuron B. The Brain*** C. A reflex D. The cerebrum

    asked by Dylan
  5. algebra

    a 38 inch piece of steels is cut into three pieces so that the second piece is twice as long as the first piece, and the third piece is three inches more than four times the length of the first piece. find the lengths of pieces.

    asked by maria
  6. English

    1. My favorite food is a cookie. 2. My favorite food is cookies. 3. My favorite fruit is a pear. 4. My favorite fruit is pears. 4-1 My favorite fruits are pears. 4-2. My favorite fruits is a pear. (?) 4-3. My favorite fruits is pears. (?) (Are they all

    asked by rfvv
  7. Math-soh cab toa

    The towrope pulling a parasailor is 70m long. They estimate that the angle between the towrope and the water is about 30°. Find the height of the parasailor above the water, to the nearest 10m.

    asked by Lacy
  8. math

    Mila jogged 4.6 miles in 48 minutes. If she jogged at a constant rate, what was her jogging speed?

    asked by skyler heigh
  9. math

    You traveled from Paris to London averaging 40 kilometers per hour and it took 3 and a half hours. What was the distance you traveled? kilometers

    asked by skyler
  10. History

    what were the environmental consequences of industrialization in the american northeast? a.) destruction of citrus crops b.) extinction of the Carolina parakeet c.) pollution of the Pacific Ocean d.) remove of large tracts of tress

    asked by jai
  11. History

    Which of the following was a direct consequence of Andrew Jackson's Bank War? People were no longer able to buy land on credit. Financial institutions closed, leading to unemployment. The value of paper money decreased, leading to inflation. Fewer

    asked by jai
  12. Engineering science

    2. A wooden block slides directly down an inclined plane, at a constant velocity of 6 m/s. a. How large is the coefficient of kinetic friction if the plane makes an angle of 25 degrees with the horizontal? b. If the angle of incline is changed to 10º, how

    asked by Bombwe
  13. Math

    On a shelf of length 7 m . mathematics and English books r to be arranged. Mathematics books occupied 4 m. Then 1)find d fraction of shelf left for English books.

    asked by Anil
  14. English

    in the opening scene Prince escalus is referring to whom when he says "rebellious subjects, enemies to peace,profaners of this neighbor-stained steel" A:Romeo and Juliet B:Lord Capulet and Lord Montague C: Tybalt and Mercutio I Say B is this correct? Thank

    asked by Marylyn
  15. Business Math

    Jane is having difficulty deciding whether to put her savings in the Mystic Bank or in the Four Rivers Bank. Mystic offers a 12% rate compounded quarterly, and Four Rivers offers 14% compounded semiannually. Jane has $40,000 to invest and expects to

    asked by Ash
  16. math

    BOOKS A library contains 2000 books. There are 3 times as many non-fiction books as fiction books. Write and solve a system of equations to determine the number of non-fiction and fiction books.

    asked by Sally
  17. Bus. Math

    a. Graduated payments result in the borrower paying A. more at the beginning of the mortgage. B. less at the beginning of the mortgage. C. the mortgage at 1¨M2 the standard rate. D. less at the end of the mortgage. Answer: B 2. When are annuity due

    asked by Amy
  18. L.o

    16days of activisim campaign is making a positive impact to our country in terms of addressing human rights violation

    asked by style
  19. English

    1. He beat me at chess. 2. He won me at chess. 3. He beat the tennis game. 4. He won the tennis game. (Which ones are grammatical? Would you let me know the differenbe between 'beat' and win'?)

    asked by rfvv
  20. English

    Which sentence shows correct capitalization and use of end marks inside parentheses? I put your guitar (The dog keeps knocking it over) back in your room. I put your guitar (The dog keeps knocking it over.) back in your room. I put your guitar (the dog

    asked by Need Help!
  21. science

    why does nicotine make it difficult for a smoker to quit using cigarettes it helps with weight loss for for many people it makes people sleep long hours many people experience intense headaches the cost of nicotine is very affordable for teens

    asked by little dark one
  22. Geometry

    One advantage of the prismoidal formula is that you can use it to A. determine volumes of figures that aren't prismoids. B. estimate the volume of solids that are combinations of other solids. C. calculate precise volumes of all prismoids. D. calculate

    asked by marceline
  23. PHYSICS!!

    The human body loses heat at a rate of 120W when sitting quietly at rest. If a 65 kg student takes 100 hours to read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, how high could they have been lifted if all the heat energy lost was utilised to lift them against gravity

    asked by Vanessa
  24. help please

    which sound would be louder? a.) a wave with an amplitude of 0 b.) a wave with an amplitude of 0.1 c.) a wave with an amplitude of 1.0 d.) a wave with an amplitude of 0.5

    asked by jai
  25. Math

    The figure below are similar (their rectangles) find The value of x. Skinny rectangle has 2 on the top, and it has 4 on the side. Bigger rectangle it's side ways, it has 8 on the top and x on the side

    asked by Erica
  26. History

    12.)Which of the following best describes assembly line production? A.)A process using interchangeable parts that constructs products entirely instead of by individual piece*** B.)A process using workers to construct products more efficiently by dividing

    asked by jai
  27. English

    A college student is generally expected to do all of the following except?

    asked by Margaret Seaman
  28. math

    Anna is designing rectangular garden that has an area of 182 square feet, and the length is longer than the width. The table lists the possible whole number dimensiones for the garden. Which dimensiones are missing?

    asked by Jessica
  29. Math

    find the slope of the line that goes through the following points (0,-4),(1,-3),(2,-2),(3,-1) a.) -1 b.)1 c.) -4 d.) -7

    asked by jai
  30. math

    determine the amplitude, period, and phase shift of the following functions: y=3cos(2x-pi), y=3sin(2x-pi),y=-5sin(2x=pi over 2)

    asked by anonymous
  31. math

    Nick would like to purchase a vacation timeshare, but he can only afford a $350 monthly loan payment. He wants the loan to extend 20 years, and the annual interest rate is 6%. How much money will Nick need to borrow if he repays the loan at $350 per month

    asked by Cindy
  32. add math

    a particle moves in a straight line so that t seconds after passing a fixed point O its acceleration a cm per second is given by a=4t-16. It passes O with a velocity of 30cm per second. Find an expression for the velocity of the psrticle in terms of t and

    asked by sadhna
  33. Science

    A boat moves at a speed of 15 km/h in still water. The river it is traveling in flows at a rate of 3 km/h downstream. What is the velocity of the boat if it travels downstream? What is the velocity of the boat if it travels upstream?

    asked by Ryan
  34. english

    3. The principal parts of a verb are A. present tense, present participle, past tense, past participle. B. base form, helping verb, past participle. ** C. base form, past tense, past participle, future tense. D. present tense, past tense, future tense.

    asked by sling
  35. chemical engineering technology

    a gas cylinder contains N2 at 200 Kpa and 80°C as result of cooling the pressure drop to 190 Kpa and 30°C. how much work was done on the gas? can i please a solution for that equation.

    asked by Oliveira
  36. math

    You traveled from Paris to London averaging 40 kilometers per hour and it took 3 and a half hours. What was the distance you traveled? kilometers Thank you.

    asked by skyler heigh
  37. History

    what were the environmental consequences of industrialization in the american northeast? a.) destruction of citrus crops b.) extinction of the Carolina parakeet c.) pollution of the Pacific Ocean d.) remove of large tracts of tress

    asked by jai
  38. Math

    Find service area of a cylinder Formula = 2(pi x r^2) + 2(pi)(r)(H) Diameter = 1ft. Height = 4ft. 2(3.14 x 6^2) + 2(3.14)(6)(4) 2(113.04) + 6.28 x 24 226.08 + 150.72 SA = 376.8 ft.

    asked by Sue
  39. Algebra

    It took 4 hours for a biker to travel from one city to another going at a certain speed. On the return trip, the biker traveled at the same speed for the first 100-km and then for the rest of the trip he traveled at a speed which was 10 km/hour slower than

    asked by Alec
  40. Transformations ALGEBRA

    write a function that is shifted 2 units up from the function f(x)=|x|+3 Write a function that is shifted 4 units down from the function f(x)=|x-3|+1

    asked by Lina
  41. Chemistry-Dr.Bob222

    Determine [OH-] of a solution that is 0.135 M in CO3^2-. I got 0.00532.

    asked by Nevaeh
  42. PHYSICS!!!!

    It is 5.0 km from your home to the Physics lab and your car is out of gas. You could run that distance at 10 km/h, which uses up energy at the rate of 700 W; or you could walk it leisurely at 3.0 km/h, which uses energy at 300 W. (a) Calculate how much

    asked by TOM
  43. science

    The reaction H 2 CO 3 + H 2 O ↔ H 3 O + + HCO 3 – takes place in water. What happens to the equilibrium when the pressure is increased ? A-It favors formation of reactants. B-It favors formation of products. C-It does not change. *** D- It is

    asked by Macarena
  44. Algebra

    Let A= {3, 7, 2}. List all the subsets of A

    asked by Zoe
  45. science

    density of gold is 19.32 g/cm^3.A piece of gold leaf is 2.50 cm on each side and 0.100 mm thick,How many atoms of gold are in this piece of gold leaf?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Chemistry

    Calculate the Ksp for silver sulfate if the solubility of Ag2SO4 in pure water is 4.5 g/L. Ag2SO4(s) 2Ag^+(aq) + SO4^2-(aq)

    asked by Ayaka
  47. chem.

    The combustion of a polymer gives only carbon dioxide and water. Its average molar mass is 10500g/mol and its degree of polymerization is 2500. Determine the molar mass the formula and the name of the monomer. Draw the formula of the polymer what is its

    asked by sara
  48. algebra

    A pair of lines intersect at the point (-3,4). which pair of equations could represent these lines? a. 2x+3y=6 y=x-7 b.2x+3y=6 y=-3x+4

    asked by aron
  49. Health

    what might happen if a person with bad asthma was trapped in a room with 15 ladies who all had lots of perfume on.

    asked by Avery
  50. organic chemistry

    In an eudiometer 20cm^3 of a gaseous hydrocarbon A is mixed with 150 cm^3 of oxygen. The combustion of A is initiated by an electric spark. After cooling and condensing the vapor the volume of the gaseous mixture is 110cm^3 of which 80cm^3 causes turbidity

    asked by angy
  51. english help please!!

    Which of the following is a strong post-reading strategy? Paraphrase each line of the entire story by hand. Write an essay without looking at your notes. Discuss difficult concepts with other people. *** Loan the book to a friend to read after you. is it c

    asked by Oscar
  52. Physics

    A circular dam has a radius of 10.0 m and a height of 3.0 m. Of the dam will be filled with water from a pipe with an inside diameter of 10 cm and a water flow of 10 litres per second, calculate the time taken to fill the dam to a point 10 cm from the top

    asked by Basil
  53. English

    1. I am bored with the lecture. 2. I am bored by the lecture. 3. I am bored at the lecture. 4. I am bored about the lecture. =========== Which prepositions do we have to use? Can we use all the prepositions? Which preposition is commonly used? 5. The

    asked by rfvv
  54. Math HELP!

    For how many integers x does a triangle with side lengths 10,29 and x have all its angles acute. how do I know which side is the hypotenuse or does it not matter? Please give me an explanation.

    asked by Mark
  55. History

    Which of the following is true regarding deaf and blind children in the 1800s? a.)Deaf and blind children were required to live in group homes or institutions. b.) Deaf and blind children were sent to orphanages once they reached age five. c.)Deaf and

    asked by jai
  56. Physics

    A force of 5.0 N acts on a 15 kg body initially at rest. Compute the work done by the force in (a) the first,(b) the second, and (c) the third seconds and (d) the instantaneous power due to the force at the end of the third second.

    asked by Hammad
  57. English

    Look at this cell phone. It's like a chameleon. - What do you mean by that? -It changes its color accoring to the temperature. It's yellow now, but when it's hot, it becomes red. But when it's cold, it changes into blue. - Wow! I just can't believe it!

    asked by rfvv
  58. Math

    3. Determine which ordered pair is a solution of y = –5x + 10. (1 point) (–15, 5)•• (2, 0) (–1, –5) (3, 25) Correct my answers

    asked by Zachary
  59. MATH

    Customer borrowers $2,200 loan at 7% interest for 100 days. Use the Banker's rule. Compare to the amount using a 365- day year

    asked by PATRIS
  60. Math lit eng economic bs tour

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women

    asked by Thandiwe
  61. Finance

    BUNYAN LUMBER, LLC Bunyan Lumber, LLC, harvests timber and delivers logs to timber mills for sale. The company was founded 70 years ago by Pete Bunyan. The current CEO is Paula Bunyan, the granddaughter of the founder. The company is currently evaluating a

    asked by Conroy Williams
  62. life orientation

    Six ways that the human rights violations influences individuals,groups and the broader south african community

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    Divide $160 among Sue Jane and Harry so that Sue has $20 more than Jane and $30 more than Harry..?? Please help..thanks 😃

    asked by Vick
  64. English

    When somebody gets angry, we can say, "Chill out." In the expression 'chill out,' what is the meaning of 'out'? Does 'out' mean 'completely?

    asked by rfvv
  65. physics

    A space station consists of two donut-shaped living chambers, A and B, that have the radii shown in the drawing. As the station rotates, an astronaut in chamber A is moved 1.99 102 m along a circular arc. How far along a circular arc is an astronaut in

    asked by jb
  66. PHYSICS!!

    A person thought it would be a good idea to change a tire on the side of a hill. The tire has a width of W = 0.30 m and a radius of R = 0.40 m. The inside of the wheel is empty, but the wheel is solid from a radius of R/2 to R with uniform density. The

    asked by Vanessa
  67. math

    A three-digit number between 600 and 700 is one less than 30 times the sum of the digits. Of the tens digit is one less than the unit digit, what is the number?

    asked by roel
  68. life orientation

    Three human rights violations or discriminations and give example of such violations

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math Algebra 2

    Help please. I know how to compute for the rest mass but how can you solve this problem. Solve for v in m = m0/(sqrt of 1 - (v^2/c^2)

    asked by Anonymous
  70. English

    Look at this cell phone. It's like a chameleon. - What do you mean by that? -It changes its color accoring to the temperature. ================ Can we use "What's that supposed to mean?" instead of 'What do you mean by that?" Are both the same? When do we

    asked by rfvv
  71. Physics--Angular Momentum

    A square shaped block of mass m travels to the right with velocity v on a frctionless table surface. The block has side-length 2a. The block hits a very small, immovable obstacle on the edge of the table and starts to tip. The block has moment of inertia

    asked by Help PLZZZZZZZZ
  72. english

    18. A/an _______ verb ends in -ed in the past tense and in the past participle. A. being B. action **C. helping (my sec)D. regular

    asked by sling
  73. stas

    find the probability of correctly answering the first 2 questions on a multiple choice test if random guesses are made and each question has six possible answers

    asked by bill
  74. English

    What verb is missing If alexa Me about the homework , I might have forgotten it .

    asked by Debs Massey
  75. Chemistry

    Number of Moles of AgNO3 when 0.25 grams of NaCl react with AgNO3

    asked by melanie
  76. Algebra

    What is two positives n two negatives numbers on a number line in order from their absolute values from greatest to least

    asked by Noah miller
  77. geography

    The locations of three cities on a map of Yunnan province, China, have distances that form a right triangle (see figure below). Estimate the distance from the cities of Tadizhai to Xiaojiezhen. Round your answer to the nearest mile.

    asked by mason
  78. chem

    Magnesium is a chemical element with symbol Mg and atomic number 12. Magnesium only occurs naturally in combination with other elements. It is the one of the least dense of all metals and burns in air with a brilliant-white light. Magnesium is a highly

    asked by ecquation
  79. History Help!

    1.How did New England's textile industry affect women? -New technologies required men to work far from their wives and families -The jobs in this field were considered "mens work," and women were not hired -The need for unskilled labor provided low-paying

    asked by John
  80. Reading

    Draw a line under the complete predicate. Circle the predicate verb.

    asked by Naz'riya
  81. math

    If 3 mangoes cost 40.00,how much would you pay for 1 1/4 dozens?

    asked by iza
  82. Physics

    a merry-go-round of radius 2 m and a moment of inertia 651 kgmm is stationary. a 78 kg woman runs at 1.6 m/s and jumps on tangentially to the rim of the merry-go-round. what is the final angular velocity of the merry-go-round?? 0.383 rad/s? 17.672 rad/s?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Geography

    What was the border dispute between India and Pakistan? Was it with water

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Chemistry

    5.88 moles of nitrogen and 16.2 moles of oxygen are mixed until the equilibrium is established 11.28 moles of nitric acid are formed calculate the value of equilibrium constant

    asked by Mohammad
  85. Chemistry

    Calculate the concentrations of Cd ⁺ ², [Cd (CN)₄-²] and CN at equilibrium when they dissolve mole of 0.42 Cd (in the ₃)²⁺ 2.50 M. Given: Kf = 7, 1 x 10 ^16

    asked by Kelly
  86. math

    The age of a man and his son adds up to 36years old.if the father is 30years more than his son .how old is the father and the son?

    asked by john
  87. Math

    The minute hand 7 inch long . How dar does The point través in 60 minutes

    asked by La
  88. organic chemistry

    In an eudiometer 20cm^3 of a gaseous hydrocarbon A is mixed with 150 cm^3 of oxygen. The combustion of A is initiated by an electric spark. After cooling and condensing the vapor the volume of the gaseous mixture is 110cm^3 of which 80cm^3 causes turbidity

    asked by angy
  89. PHYSICS!!

    It is 5.0 km from your home to the Physics lab and your car is out of gas. You could run that distance at 10 km/h, which uses up energy at the rate of 700 W; or you could walk it leisurely at 3.0 km/h, which uses energy at 300 W. (a) Calculate how much

    asked by Vanessa
  90. calculus2

    The object weighing 20 N is hung on the bottom of the spiral spring , so that stretch as far as 9.8 cm after a state of balance , the weight pulled down as far as 5 cm , measured from idle after burdened . Find the equation of motion generated assuming no

    asked by drJon
  91. Math

    The figure below are similar. Their rectangles, find the value of x. Skinny triangle has a 2 on top, and a 4 on the side. Bigger rectangle is side ways, it has a 8 on top and a x on the side

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Writing

    Please, need help. Anyone, I'll appreciated! For western history class, what did Arab culture look like before the appearance of Muhammad and Islam?

    asked by Sarah
  93. Chem

    Consider the following cell: Pt|H2(g,1atm)|H+(aq,?M)||Ag+(aq1M)|Ag(s) If the voltage of this cell is 1.04V at 25C and the standard potential of the Ag+/Ag couple is .8V, calculate the hydrogen ion concentration in the anode compartment. I just need help

    asked by Dustin
  94. english

    20. Which of the following singular nouns does not form an irregular plural? (my sec) A. mouse B. tooth C. ox ** D. tree

    asked by sling
  95. Math

    Evelyn rolled two 1-6 number cubes 72 times. How many times should she predict she will roll a sum of 5?

    asked by Blanca
  96. geometry

    If the measures of the acute angles of a right triangle are 3x + 4 degrees and 4x + 2 degrees, what are the measures of all three angles of the right triangle?

    asked by luci
  97. Math/Algebra

    Rashid picks 420 strawberries in 5/6 hour. Write and solve an equation to find how many strawberries can she pick in the space of an hour? I'm not good with word problems, and am completely lost. I can do everything except the equation (I think). Please

    asked by Anna
  98. Hard math question

    Find the volume of the rectangular prism. The numbers on the shape is 1m 2m and 4m. 4m3 8m3 7m3 28m3

    asked by Cassie really needs help!!!!!!!
  99. Geography

    Border Dispute between India and Nepal Did it relate to a river?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Spanish

    Instructions: Modifique el párrafo por cambiar las palabras entre comillas al tiempo FUTURO. Modelo: Mi familia ‘va a visitar’ a nuestros abuelos este verano. Mi familia visitará a nuestros abuelos este verano. 1. Este año ‘vamos a hacer’ una

    asked by Dalton
  101. Science

    PLEASE HELP 1. Katie is bowling. She starts with the ball in her right hand and her arm as far back as it will go. She swings the ball forward, applying a force of 78 Newtons the whole time. When her hand has traveled through a path of 0.9 meters, she

    asked by Alex
  102. civics

    Since 1998, polio cases have decreased by over 99%. Which international organization is concerned with this statistic? 1.World Health Organization 2.World Trade Organization*** 3.Executive Committee on Humanitarian Affairs 4.United Nations Children’s

    asked by doglover
  103. BIO ASAP!!

    So I'm making a project and I decided to choose the hula-skirt siphonophore. BUT, I need to know how it maintains homeostasis. I can't change animals know; HELP!

    asked by Astral Tellurian
  104. math

    Three friends bought school supplies for $12.06. They will split the cost equally. How much does each person have to pay?

    asked by perla
  105. health

    what is the best way to lose one pound?

    asked by keke
  106. Science

    What is the best explanation for why scientific theories are modified? A)Theories more than ten years old are usually out of date. B)Scientists want to prove that the work of other scientists is wrong. C)New evidence that supports a revision prompts

    asked by Gaby
  107. Physics

    A sledder has 800 J of potential energy and 200 J of kinetic energy at one point on a steep hill. How much kinetic energy will the sledder have at the bottom of the hill? (Assume negligible air resistance and friction.)

    asked by Rickyia
  108. home economics management

    What are the careers in home economics

    asked by Jessica
  109. Spanish

    Instructions: Modifique el párrafo por cambiar las palabras entre comillas al tiempo FUTURO. Modelo: Mi familia ‘va a visitar’ a nuestros abuelos este verano. Mi familia visitará a nuestros abuelos este verano. 1. Este año ‘vamos a hacer’ una

    asked by Dalton
  110. physics

    consider an inductive circuit suppose we want the current amplitude in a radio receiver to be 250*10^-6 A when the voltage amplitude is 3.6V at a frequency of 1.6MHz. what inductance reactance is needed?what inductance is needed?

    asked by selina
  111. English

    why traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only not for women?

    asked by Mncedisi myeni
  112. Career res & desc

    Can someone please help me with this?!? Stella believes that it is important to be able to stay home with her children when they are sick or have a day off school. For Stella, spending time with her children is: A)An intrinsic career value. B)An extrinsic

    asked by Help
  113. math

    Kim bought a total of 48 cookies. Each cookie costs $.55, including tax. Of the cookies she bought, 3/8 were lemon cookies. What was the total cost of only the lemon cookies?

    asked by sonia
  114. Math

    in trail mix the ratio of cups of peanuts to cups of chocolate would be needed if you had 1 or 5 cups of peanuts

    asked by Kailyn
  115. Science

    Karen is studying types of spacecraft. Which of these spacecraft can people use to travel to and from orbits close to Earth? A)space probe B)space shuttle C)space station D)space telescope I think the answer is C.

    asked by Grady
  116. physics

    consider a series R-C circuit consisting of a 30 ohm resistor and 20*10^-6F capacitor connected to a 100V,50Hz power supply.find the magnitude of the current and the angle by which the current leads the voltage.

    asked by ruth
  117. Science

    Refracting telescopes use lenses. Reflecting telescopes use mirrors. However, both types of telescopes have something in common. How are both types of telescopes similar? A)They both magnify tiny nearby objects. B)They both reflect light that enters the

    asked by Mark
  118. world history

    how did the schlieffen plan war on the eastern front differ from the war on the western front

    asked by Anonymous
  119. History

    2.)Which of the following best describes the contributions of Samuel Howe? A.)He researched blindness and helped increase the printing of Braille materials.*** B.)He helped develop American Sign Language in an effort to educate deaf children. C.)He brought

    asked by #FreeGucci
  120. Science

    If you find a mysterious organism, how can you figure out whether or not it is a plant?

    asked by Light
  121. Science

    Why do scientists study images made with parts of the electromagnetic spectrum other than visible light? A)These images are the only way to observe galaxies beyond our own. B)These images reveal information that visible light does not show. C)These images

    asked by Cam
  122. PHYSICS!!!

    A skier traveling 12.0 m/s reaches the foot of a steady upward 18 degree incline and glides 12.2 m up along this slope before coming to rest. What was the average coefficient of friction?

    asked by Anne
  123. English

    1. Bend down, then I'll jump over you. 2. Bend down, and I'll jump over you. 3. If you bend down, then I'll jump over you. --------------------- Is #1 grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  124. Chemistry

    How much energy will be liberated upon the combustion of 12.5 grams of ethene? C2H4(g) + 3O2(g) ----> 2CO2(g) + 2H2O(g) Delta H = -1387.4 kj

    asked by Rose
  125. Rela

    Satire meme ideas?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Math

    Use the properties of logarithms to rewrite each expression so that it contains only one logarithm. A. log3(5) + log3(m)

    asked by Anonymous
  127. English

    1. I try to eat healthy food every day. 2. I try to eat healthful food every day. ---------------------------- Can we use both 'healthy' and 'healthful'? According to the dictionary, healthy sometimes means 'healthful,' and helathul means 'healthy.' It's a

    asked by rfvv
  128. Math

    He wanted to make another quilt with an area of 42 square feet. What are its possible dimensions if they must be a whole numbers? Which length makes most sence for a quilt?

    asked by Amy
  129. Math

    I have 9 coins, and they equal .60cent. I need two combinations.... myou're first combination is: 1 quarter 3 dimes 5 pennies What's the 2nd combo?

    asked by Klo
  130. math 2

    The time needed to paint a wall varies directly with the area and inversely with the number of painters.If it takes 5 people 2 hours to paint 100 square meters,how much area could 6 people paint in one hour.

    asked by Beonca
  131. Physics

    You and your little cousin sit on a see-saw. You sit 0.39 m from the fulcrum, and your cousin sits 1.53 m from the fulcrum. You weigh 620 N. How much does she weigh?

    asked by Tim
  132. Math

    What is the question to 3x5(5x6)?

    asked by Gabriel
  133. Biology

    what does it mean for two species to be reproductively isolated from each other??

    asked by Sheldon Shelley
  134. Physics

    water leaves a hose at a rate of 1.5 kg/s with a speed of 20m/s and its aimed at the side of a car, then splashes back from the car at a speed of 18m/s. what is the average force between the water and car during contact?

    asked by Gabrielle
  135. math( surface area )

    The height of a rectangular prism is 20 centimeters. It has a surface area of 2,400 square centimeters. What are two possible sets of lengths and widths? Find one set of dimensions with l and w equal in length as well as a set of dimensions that are not

    asked by julia
  136. math

    the supplement of the measurement of an angle is 9° less than twice the angle. Find the measure of the angle and its supplement. pls

    asked by Unknow
  137. math 4th grade no algebra

    Jen is 26 years younger than her mom. Together, their ages total 50. How old is Jen? How old is her Mom? My 4th grader has not learned algebra yet, so how do we solve this?

    asked by kim
  138. Pre-Algebra

    A fair number cube, numbered 1 though 6 is rolled 200 times. About how many times can it be expected to on the number 4? I tried to do 200 divided by 6 which is 33.3333333333 and then I did 100 divided by 6, so then I tried to use a ratio, but I could find

    asked by Jillian
  139. math

    he table below shows the number of deaths in the U.S. in a year due to a variety of causes. For these questions, assume these values are not changing from year to year, and that the population of the United States is 312 million people. table: Cause Deaths

    asked by Anonymous
  140. precalc

    4^log16 (7) the base of the log is 16. 4 is being raised to the entire log16 (7). show all steps please!

    asked by help!
  141. L.o

    So, ok 6 particular actions that you can take to address human rights violations of xenophobia in your community

    asked by style
  142. Math

    Brain Teaser : Jimmy was born on January 12 2004. Today is September 22, 2008. How many days has he lived? 365 x 4 = 1,460 + 2 for the leap years, = 1,462? Is this correct?

    asked by Random
  143. 7th Grade Civics

    I really need help with this because I'm not sure who the person is I'll put the answer I think it is with an asterisk. Please help! Which entrepreneur named below took over and expanded a family business begun by his or her father? A. Joseph Unahue** B.

    asked by MusicLover14
  144. L.o

    It practical action that can be it can be taken to address human right violation of xenophobia in your community

    asked by style
  145. English

    1. They grow rice in France. 2. They grow goats in the country. 3. They raise rice in France. 4. They raise goats in France. 5. He raises apples and goats in the field. ---------------- Which ones are ungrammatical? Can't we put 'animals' after 'grow'?

    asked by rfvv
  146. History

    3.)Which of the following best describes the contributions of charles loring brace? A.)He work resulted in the creation of mental hospital across America. B.)He founded the children's Aid Society to help New York City's poor children. C.)He developed child

    asked by #FreeGucci
  147. English

    1. Junhee, doesn't "dangeun" mean a carrot? 2. Yes, A carrot is "dangeun" in Korean. 3. I'm confused. I asked my friend, Bora, if she liked spicy food, she said, "dangeuniji." 4. What did she mean by that? 5. Oh, she meant "Of course." It's Korean slang.

    asked by rfvv
  148. English

    William Shakespeare wrote comedies, histories, blank, and blank? A:Novels and plays B: Tragedies and sonnets C: Tragedies and fables I chose B is this correct? Thank you

    asked by Marylyn
  149. Math (Rounding #s)

    How would I round 0.598958333 to the thousandths? Would it be 0.6000 or 0.5990? Also, could you please tell me why the answer is what it is? If I had something like, 0.55998, as in two 9s in the row, what would I do then? Thank you!

    asked by Lena
  150. Chemistry

    If the hydrogen ion concentration is 5.32 x 10–9 M, find the hydroxide ion concentration.

    asked by Damla
  151. math- geometry

    A dilation with a scale factor of 4 maps figure A onto A'. By what scale factor would another dilation map figure A' back to figure A? is it 1/4?

    asked by renee
  152. Math PLZ

    You have four more nickels than dimes, altogether worth 95 cents. What is x and what is y. What are the TWO equations? I tried this but my teacher marked me wrong so I need to know it. Thx

    asked by Sophia Raf
  153. Algebra

    Diane Gray and Lucy Hoang together can prepare a crawfish boil for a lagre party in 4 hours. Lucy alone can complete the job in 2 hours less time than Diane alone. Find the time in which each person can prepare the crawfish boil alone. Round to the nearest

    asked by MArk
  154. Math

    Each pail of plaster covers 90 square feet of ceiling. What is the least number of pails of plaster you would need to buy to cover the ceiling of a square room with walls 14 feet long? 5 pails 6 pails 3 pails (my answer) 4 pails

    asked by Sally
  155. math

    find an equation of the line that passes through (-5,-5) and that is parallel to 5x+6y+18=0 . give the answer in slope intercept form .

    asked by Anonymous
  156. physics

    A cricket ball is thrown vertically upward and it ups and downs for 6 seconds.what is the maximum height of it and how much does it take time to reach the height?

    asked by Zarine
  157. math

    Divide the following by both long division and synthetic division a). x^3 + x^2 - 2x + 4 by x-2 b). x^5 + 4x^4 + x^3 - x^2 + 2x - 7

    asked by fatma
  158. Algebra

    A ladder is placed against the side of the house. The top of the ladder is 12 ft above the ground. The base wof the ladder is 5feet away from the house. Find the length of the ladde.

    asked by Joey
  159. physics

    From the roof of a 64 metres high building a ball was thrown which is of 5kg long it takes to reach the ground? Please show the process with answer

    asked by Zarine
  160. social studies

    how did the federal blockade of new orleans affect the citizens of louisiana

    asked by xoria
  161. English

    1. Please make yourself at home. 2. Please make yourself comfortable. 3. Please make yourself relaxed. 4. Please make yourself _______. 5. Take it easy. ================ Are they all the same in meaning? Can We use other expressins which are suitable for

    asked by rfvv
  162. Science

    .a sodium atom has the following distribution of electrons in its energy cells: shell1: 2 electrons shell2: 8 electrons shell3: 1 electron I think its shell 2

    asked by Benny f
  163. Business Statistics

    (a) Of the next 10 cars entering a petrol station, what is the probability that exactly three of them should have their oil topped up?

    asked by John
  164. English

    Chill out! Calm down! Relax! ================ Are they the same in meaning? Do you have some other similar expressions?

    asked by rfvv
  165. simultaneous equation help

    x^2-2xy=3...1 3x^2-y^2=26...2

    asked by oscar
  166. physics

    Can the value of equilibrant be equal to zero? If yes, why?

    asked by christina
  167. English

    1. The photo was taken from an unusual angle. 2. The photo was taken at an unusual angle. (Which preposition do we have to use? Are both OK?) 3. Bend your knees and bend your body at 45 degree angle. 4. Bend your knees and bend your body from 45 degree

    asked by rfvv
  168. math

    points a(-2,1), B(-2,6), and C(1,3) are the vertices of a triangle. Ex[plain how to find the length of segment BC

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Algebra

    Hi guys, Im doing algebraic fractions and I got this fraction: (x^2+2x+1)/(x^2+1) , but the answers say that this is correct: (x^2-1)/(x^2-2x-1). So is (x^2+2x+1)/(x^2+1) = (x^2-1)/(x^2-2x-1)? Thanks in advance

    asked by William
  170. Statistics

    A sign on the petrol pumps of a chain of petrol stations encourages customers to have their oil checked, claiming that one out of every four cars should have its oil topped up. Assuming this claim is true: (b) What is the probability that at least half of

    asked by John
  171. Teacher aid

    I have tried to find the answer to my question can someone help me? According to the SMCR model, problems in communications can arise when the speaker fails to do what? A)have a neat appearance B)have outside interests C)maintain eye contact with the

    asked by Maybell
  172. life orientation

    identify human right violation

    asked by Anonymous
  173. Math

    The temperature went from 83'F at noon to 72'F at midnight. What is the percent of decrease in the temperature from noon to midnight?

    asked by Josh
  174. geography

    different between sea and ocean

    asked by pinky
  175. History

    4.)Which of the following best describes the contributions of charles loring brace? A.)Was more widespread but less significant for American society B.)Was more widespread & had greater effects on american society C.)Was mostly a Southern event & had

    asked by #FreeGucci
  176. Math

    Larry hit 24 home runs last season and 50 this season. What is the percent of increase in the number of home runs Larry hit from last season to this season?

    asked by Jonathan
  177. Science

    Is all light energy Solar energy?

    asked by Anonymous
  178. Math

    Jack is going to fill his beach ball with water. The radius of the ball is 24in. How much water will it take to fill the beach ball? V = 4/3 (pi)(r^3) 4/3 x 3.14/1 = 1.395 1.395(24^3) 1.395 x 13,824 V = 19,284.48

    asked by Sue
  179. physics

    How to distinguish between a stationary wave and a progressive wave?

    asked by Aya
  180. History

    5.)In contrast to the conversion Finney at revivals, Phoebe Palmer believed which of the following? A.)Conversation is personal & calm, but faith need not play an active role in one's life. B.)Conversion is public & energetic, but faith not play an active

    asked by #FreeGucci
  181. physics

    A car cruise down an expressway at 25m/s it decelerates for 2m/s and last for 3secs. (a) what velocity will the car have at the end (b) calculate the distance the car would cover

    asked by Olamide
  182. physics

    When a spring is compressed by 3 cm it's P.E. Is's P.E when it is compressed by 6 cm

    asked by kritika
  183. Math

    draw one diagonal in the shape for exercise 8

    asked by Mimi
  184. English

    1. She was confused at his error. 1-2. She was confused by his error. 2. He was confused about something. 3. He is confused in mind. (Are they all grammatical? Which prepositions are commonly used?) 4. That is very confusing to the public. 5. That is very

    asked by rfvv
  185. math

    Debra is x years old and her mother is 3 years less than twice as old as Debra. How old is Debra's mother?

    asked by nicholle
  186. Geography

    For my project it says "Circle all physical characteristics that are used as a part of your country's boundaries" I am doing the country of India so wwhat would be an example of the physical characteristic used for a boundary I suppose?

    asked by Anonymous
  187. English

    1. Don't make me a fool. -------------------- What does this sentence mean? In which situation can we use this expression? 2. She is the apple of my eye. - ______________________________ (What are suitable responses to the statement? Could you name them?)

    asked by rfvv
  188. Calculus

    Linear Approximation Function is y=x2 . Take three points, x=2, x=3, x=4. Approximate this function at these three points for a deviation Δx =0.1. Which of the three points does the approximation works best? Which point does it works worst?

    asked by Fred
  189. Math HELP!

    For how many integers x does a triangle with side lengths 10.29 and x have all its angles acute. how do I know which side is the hypotenuse or does it not matter? Please give me an explanation.

    asked by Mark
  190. English

    1. I just can't believe it! (What does 'just' mean in this sentence? Does 'just mean 'exactly' or 'simply? How can we distinguish the usage?)

    asked by rfvv
  191. Chem

    How do I write a balance chemical equations? solid tin(ii) oxide with aqueous hydrogen fluoride to produce aqueous tin(ii) fluoride and water. SnF2(s)+H2(g)

    asked by Ramona
  192. English

    1. Would you give me a hand with the dishes? 2. Would you give me a hand to do the dishes? 3. Would you give me a hand doing the dishes? (Are they all grammatical and do they have the same meaning?) 4. Would you give me help with the dishes? 5. Would you

    asked by rfvv
  193. Maths

    Use each number once to make 135 Numbers to use are=100, 75, 50, 25 and 6

    asked by Hazel
  194. Math

    two sides of a polygon are parallel line segments.what number of sides the polygon could have

    asked by flameclaw
  195. Math

    Paul wants to plant seeds in his circular vegetable garden that has a diameter of 20 feet. Each bag of seeds cover 10 feet^2. How many bags will he ned to cover his entire garden?

    asked by Anonymous
  196. History

    6.)During resistance efforts, how did Elijah Parish Lovejoy die? A.)He was an escaped slave who also speak out against slavery, & he was caught & hanged for his defiant opposition. B.)He was a sea caption who helped slaves escape, & U.S Marshals arrested

    asked by #FreeGucci
  197. mathematics

    if7 times the 7th terms ofan arithmetic progression is equal to 11 time is 11th terms, show that its 18th term is 0 can you find the 1st terms andthe common difference -justify your answer

    asked by rajeswari
  198. Math

    Divide 160 among Sue Jane and Harry so that Sue may have $20 more than Jane and $30 more than Harry? Please help...thanks...

    asked by Vick
  199. Science

    The compound KCIO3 decomposes according to the following equation 2KCIO3- 2KCI + 3O2

    asked by Ophelia
  200. English.

    1. I just can't believe it! 2. I simply can't believe it! 3. I exactly can't believe it! ------------------- Thank you very much for your help. You said #1 mean #2. Then, what about #3? What is the meaning of #3? What is the difference between #1 and #3?

    asked by rfvv
  201. math

    determine the amplitude and period for each function: y=4sin x, y=2sin4x,y=-3sin2pi x, y=-3cos x, y=-3cos pi over 2 x

    asked by anonymous
  202. Math Algebra 2

    Help please. I know how to compute for the rest mass but how can you solve this problem. Solve for v in m = m0/(sqrt of 1 - (v^2/c^2)

    asked by Anonymous
  203. Geography

    What are some boundary disputes India is having with a neighbor country?

    asked by Anonymous
  204. Math

    Jack is going to fill his beach ball with water. The radius of the ball is 24in. How much water will it take to fill the beach ball? V = 4/3 (pi)(r^3) 4/3 x 3.14/1 = 1.395 1.395(24^3) 1.395 x 13,824 V = 19,284.48

    asked by Sue
  205. American Intercontinental University


    asked by Anonymous