Questions Asked on
April 3, 2016

  1. MAth

    The sale price of a spring break vacation package was $179.99 and he travel agent said by booking early you saved $20. What is the percent reduction in price? 179.99/20

    asked by Cheryl
  2. Business financing

    If you sign a simple discount note for $2500 at a bank rate for 7%, for 3 months, what is the effective interest rate?

    asked by Ashton
  3. Chemistry

    A saturated aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2, is approximately 0.13% calcium hydroxide, by mass, and has a density of 1.02 g/mL. What is the pH of such a solution?

    asked by Ayaka
  4. Algebra

    2 hour 40 min after a raft left pier A and traveled downstream, a motorboat left pier B and traveled upstream toward the raft. The two met 27 km away from B. Find the speed of the raft if the speed of the motorboat in still water is 12 km/hour and the

    asked by Alec
  5. science help PLS

    Which of the following is a sign of poor quality water? Zero turbidity A pH of 7.0 High phosphate content High dissolved oxygen

    asked by Oscar
  6. science help pls pls

    Which of the following is typically associated with a large amount of organic material in a water supply? Lower turbidity Higher phosphates Fecal coliform High dissolved oxygen is it c pls help

    asked by Oscar
  7. Chemistry

    I need help with this question Which would have a higher boiling point? a.1.0 M KNO3 b.1.5 M KNO3 c.0.75M KNO3 d.2.0M KNO3

    asked by rebekah
  8. Math 1 question plz help thx!

    john wants to build a fence around his pool the pool is 22 ft long by 23 feet wide the fence is to be 15 feet from the edge of the pool. what are the outside dimensions of the area surrounding the pool? How many feet of fencing will john need? ( PLZ HELP

    asked by Sparkles_01
  9. Math

    Let $f(x) = \dfrac{2-3x}{5-2x}$. For what value of $a$ is $f(a) = 3$? Thanks!

    asked by Joe
  10. chem

    An impure sample of (COOH)2 ·2 H2O that has a mass of 3.4 g was dissolved in water and titrated with standard NaOH solution. The titration required 42.7 mL of 0.156 molar NaOH solution. Calculate the percent (COOH)2 · 2 H2O in the sample. Answer in units

    asked by lois
  11. UAB

    a store manager obtained a loan of 25,000, at 6 3/8 % interest, for 15 months to purchase supplies. Find the amount of the simple interest.

    asked by ashton
  12. maths

    A) In an arithmetic progression the sum of the first ten terms is 50 and the fifth term is three times the second term (1) Calculate the first term (2)Calculate the sum of the 20 terms

    asked by oliver
  13. maths(pls help me out) has been reported that 83% of government employees has been migrated onto the single-spin salary structure.if a sample of 200 government employees is selected,find the mean variance and standard deviation of the number migrated onto the scheme. 2.if a

    asked by Ras
  14. Math (1 question)

    estimate the area of a circle with a radius of 27 meters. Use 22/7 for pi. A. 258 square meters B. 1,125 square meters C. 2,291 square meters D. 5,253 square meters

    asked by nada
  15. Algebra

    If the universal set is {a, b, c, d, e}, A = {a, d} and B = {b, e, d}. Find the following sets: A∩B^c

    asked by Veronique
  16. Math

    !@#$%^& just hired a new employee to work in your bakeshop. In one hour the employee burned 55 chocolate chip cookies. If this represented 15% of the day’s production, how many cookies did you plan on producing that day? I am getting the answer as 36666

    asked by Israa
  17. Trig

    How do I write cos(11x)cos(x)+sin(11x)sin(x) as a single trigonometric function? Please show steps.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. chem

    Magnesium can react with aqueous nitric acid, HNO3, to form hydrogen gas and magnesium nitrate. Write down the balanced chemical equation for this reaction, remembering to use the state symbols.

    asked by ecquation
  19. science

    Magnesium can react with aqueous nitric acid, HNO3, to form hydrogen gas and magnesium nitrate. Write down the balanced chemical equation for this reaction, remembering to use the state symbols.

    asked by ecquation
  20. Math

    Let f(x) = x^2 + 4x - 31. For what value of a is there exactly one real value of x such that f(x) = a? Thank you!

    asked by Candice
  21. geometry

    given the points A (-4 ,3) B (12 ,11) and C (4,7) .point c divides AB into what ratio?

    asked by roseanne
  22. English

    In Romeo and Juliet, which of the following illustrates Shakespeare's use of comic relief? A) A servant explains to Capulet that cooks should lick their own fingers. B) Capulet believes that Juliet is dead when she is really only sleeping. C) "Honest good

    asked by Gina
  23. Maths - calculus

    equation for the hyperbola which has vertices (0;9) and asymptotes y= 18/5 x

    asked by candice
  24. Math plz help it only one question

    What is the volume of the rectangular prism? (there is a rectangular prism with a height of 7 mm width of 9.6 mm and a length of 5 mm) Plz help and can you show me how its done? thanks!

  25. Chemistry

    You are completing tests using a weather balloon and want to check the temperature at 3000 meters into the air. You check if the balloon will not burst before it gets to that altitude. You will need to perform a few calculations. The manufacturer of the

    asked by Anonymous

    when the temperature is 68F'the speed of sound is approximately 343 meters per second. Approximately how many kilometers does sound travel in 5 seconds? PLZ HELP SHOW ME TELL ME JUST LET ME UNDERSTAND!!!thanks!

    asked by Sparkles_01
  27. Need ideas

    I am doing a presentation on Consumerism... I need ideas on activities that have to do with Consumerism I can do with the class... To engage them

    asked by Rose
  28. Operations with Integers

    On a summer day, the low temperature of 75°F was reached at 6 am. The high temperature was reached 9 hours later, after the temperature rose 16°F. What was the high temperature that day?

    asked by Sandy
  29. Chemistry

    I need help with this question, I don't know how to set up the formula to work it out? Calculate the dissociation constant of a weak monoprotic acid if a 0.08 M solution of this acid gives a hydrogen-ion concentration of 0.0001 M?

    asked by rebekah
  30. math( surface area)

    write a product that represents the surface area of any rectangular prism with length l, width w, and height h. Expain.

    asked by Julia
  31. Math

    Let f(x) = 2-3x/5-2x. For what value of a is f(a) = 3?

    asked by Joe
  32. Math

    Explain how you could find the volume of a pyramid given a prism with the same base are and height. Justify your answe

    asked by Helen
  33. Chemistry

    Is the formation of C2H2 endothermic or exothermic?

    asked by Angie
  34. Biology

    What is the effect of of adding more sugar to a solution? What will happen to its consistency?

    asked by Isaiah
  35. MATH

    If a rectangular prism is h=10 inches an W=2 inches would the length be 8 inches how do I find the length Same question for a Rectanguler prism with a h=8 inches w=2.5 inches would the length be 8 inches or 5 inches

    asked by meshel
  36. Math

    Company A charges $5 plus $0.10 per kilometre, company B charges $1 plus $.50 per km how far could you go and still pay less then company A? you need to use a inequality is what the teacher said

    asked by Taylor
  37. Kris

    A gas mixture containing 0.400 mol He, 0.184 mol CH4 and 0.0374 mol Ne was placed in a 3.00-L flask at 301 K. What is the PRESSURE (atm) in the flask?

    asked by Chemistry
  38. maths

    The cost of a dairy milk carton is Rs. 500/- which excludes handling charges of each carton that is Rs. 77/-. If a carton is damaged this mean there is a loss of Rs. 577/- to the dairy factory directly. If the carton is delivered to market safely, then

    asked by javeria
  39. chemistry

    When 23g of C8H18 is combusted at STP, how many liters of carbon dioxide is produced?

    asked by Justin
  40. Math

    Jan is making a pencil holder out of plastic canvas. The pencil holder is 4 inches high. It will not have a top. Each edge of the square base is 3 inches long. How much plastic canvas does Jan need?

    asked by Lin
  41. Science

    which of the following statements best describes the energy of a waterfall? A) The water has Kinetic energy because of its position at the top of the water fall B)potential Energy changes to Kinetic Energy as the waterfalls. C)kinetic energy changes to

    asked by Benny f
  42. Chemistry

    I need help with this question. If the solubility of a gas in water is 6.0 g/L when the pressure of the gas above the water is 2.0 atm, what is the pressure of the gas above the water when the solubility of the gas is 3.0 g/L?

    asked by rebekah
  43. Math

    A girl bought mangoes at 7.50 each. There were two types of mangoes: good ones and not so good ones. She sold the good ones at 7.90 each and the not-so-good ones at 7.70 each. If she earned 34, how many mangoes did she buy?

    asked by Sarah
  44. chemistry

    Which one has more hydrogen bonding- ethanol or methanol

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    Victoria rolls a number cube numbered 1-6 three times. What is the probability that she will roll a 5 on each roll?

    asked by Alexis
  46. trigonomentry help!!!

    if one of the root of the equation ax^2+bx+c=0 is four times the other show that 4b^2-25ac=0... help please show working plz

    asked by Philip
  47. Math

    Let f(x) = 3x-7/x+1 Find the domain of f. Give your answer as an interval. Thank you!

    asked by Candice
  48. math

    The grass of a lawn grows slower the larger it gets. The length of the grass L is expressed in cm and the growth of the grass W in mm/day. If the grass is 2.7 cm tall at the end of day X, than it will be taller than 4cm 20 days later (assuming it will not

    asked by jacob
  49. Maths (Need Help)

    A(0,1) B(-2,3) C(2,-1) are the vertices of a triangle ABC. P and Q are the midpoint of the side AB and AC. (a) find the equation of PQ, (b) show that PQ is parallel to BC. (c) show the length PQ = 1/2 length BC.

    asked by SAMA
  50. math

    A box contained fruits such as apples, oranges and pears. 3/5 of the fruits were apples. 1/4 of the remaining fruits were oranges and the rest were pears. If there were 60 pears in the box, how many oranges were there?

    asked by Pat
  51. Chemistry

    For the following chemical reaction HCN(aq)+KOH(aq)--->H2O(l)+KCN(aq) Write the net ionic equation, including the phases.

    asked by Ann
  52. Algebra

    Give the list of elements and write in the form with condition the following sets: the set of natural numbers that are multiples of 3

    asked by vivian
  53. English

    Is Mercutio a foil to the Nurse? I think they are not, but can you please check my answer? Thanks

    asked by Sarah
  54. Math

    Matt tried to make 15 baskets in a game. He made 40% of the baskets he tried. How many baskets did he make?

    asked by Christina bellar
  55. Chemistry - Dr.Bob 222

    The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. What is the range of the hydronium ion concentration covered by this scale?

    asked by Nevaeh
  56. math

    how to factor -4x^2-4x+15? it becomes a fraction when i divide by -4??

    asked by Anonymous
  57. physics

    A mass hung from a spring stretches the spring by 11 cm when the mass is resting at its equillibrium position. What will be the frequency of oscillation of this system if the mass is put in motion?

    asked by Zac
  58. Math

    A one-meter rod is suspended at its middle so that it balances. Suppose one-gram on the rod at the following distances from one end. 20cm 27cm 38cm 44cm 58cm 70cm 83cm 94cm Where must a one gram weight be hung so that the rod will balances at the 50

    asked by Kaleigh
  59. physics

    What is the maximum velocity of a spring oscillator with a mass of 0.7 kg and a spring constant of 74 N/m that is released from rest at a position of x = 0.1 m?

    asked by Zac
  60. Chemistry

    320.0 gallons of 15 M nitric acid were added to a lake. The initial pH p the lake was 6.30 and the final pH was 4.60. What is the volume of the lake?

    asked by Meg
  61. Math

    The angle of elevation of the top of a flagpost from a point on a horizontal ground is found to be 30 degree. On walking 6m towards the post, the elevation increased by 15 degree. Find the height of the flagpost.

    asked by Thejesh
  62. algebra

    a boat leaves the harbor and travels 11 mph toward a small island. 3 hours later, a cabin cruiser leaves the same harbor and travels 33 mph. how many hours after the cabin cruiser leaves the harbor will be next to the motorboat

    asked by mo
  63. Chem

    What is the pH of a 0.115 mol/L solution of sodium acetate, CH3COONa, at 25oC? (pKa=4.74 at 25oC for CH3COOH.)

    asked by M
  64. college general chemistry 2

    a chemist titrates 70 ml of .7889M HClO solution with .6221M KOH. calculate pH at equivalence. pKa of HClO is 7.50 I am getting pH of 17.72 Is that right?

    asked by osp
  65. Geography

    how does a government promote nationalism

    asked by Anonymous
  66. accounting

    Royalties can be earned from allowing others the right to use:

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Springville Middle School

    A cone shaped water bucket will hold 7800 ft3 of water. If the radius of bucket is15ft,what is the height of the water bucket?

    asked by Matt Grimes
  68. math

    Julia works at a music store. One of her jobs is to stock new CDs on the shelf. A recent order arrived with 215 classical CDs, 125 jazz CDs and 330 soft rock CDs. Julia needs to place the CDs on sale racks with 5 CDs in each group. Write two different

    asked by silvy
  69. Physics

    In the figure below, a wheel of radius 0.275 m is mounted on a frictionless horizontal axle. A massless cord is wrapped around the wheel and attached to a 1.95 kg box that slides on a frictionless surface inclined at angle θ = 32.7 ° with the horizontal.

    asked by Kimberley
  70. Chemistry

    calculate the amount of heat released, in joules, in converting 75.0 g of steam at 115 degrees of Celsius to steam at 110 degrees Celcius

    asked by Brandi
  71. Statistics

    Bookstore has a website for which 90 percent of their book sales are to out of state customers and not subject to the collection of sales tax . The sample proportion of all sales to out of state customers from samples of size 100 will vary in repeated

    asked by Teresa
  72. chemistry

    to complex ( K2[Cu(C2O4)2]H2O, add 1 com of dil. H2SO4. Add KI; then add 1-2cm3 choloform and shake gently. what are the observations.

    asked by jamie
  73. physics

    find heat 45 g at 43c to 23 caculate sph

    asked by nuradiin
  74. Math Algebra 2

    Can someone help me with my assignment? The question is, Give three different quadratic functions that have the same zero/s. Show that they have the same zero/s. Draw their graphs in one Cartesian Plane.(Don't graph it anymore, I'll be the one to graph it

    asked by Anonymous
  75. english

    What might be the cause of this “condition”? What might be the circumstances? Are these questions grammatically correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. career

    Geography,Agriculture,Life Sciences,English and Maths Literacy can I Study Journalism

    asked by Sydwell
  77. Chemistry

    You have 1.0 liter of .45 M HCLO (aq). At 25 degrees Celsius, Ka= 3.5x10^8 for this acid. Calculate the pH of .45 M HCLO and the concentration of CLO- at equilibrium. Thank you very much for any amount of help you are willing to give me.

    asked by Nurah
  78. Manufacturing of sterile pharmaceticals

    Can someone help me with a term paper? I don't have a time to complete.

    asked by Naza
  79. Chemistry

    Boron trifluoride (BF3) has properties ordinarily associated with acids. According to what acid base theory or theories is it considered an acid? Is it an Arrhenius, Brønstead, Or Lewis Definition? Or is it all? Thank you very much.

    asked by Nurah
  80. Chemistry

    What is the difference between an Arrhenius acid/base, a Brønstead Lowry a/b and a Lewis a/b?

    asked by Nurah
  81. Chemistry- Dr.Bob222

    Ammonium hydroxide is commonly advertised as an ingredient in some window cleaners. Rank the following in order of decreasing concentrations in these solutions: NH4OH, NH4+, OH-, NH3. Explain your reasoning. (Note that kb for ammonia = 1.8 x 10^-5. So does

    asked by Nevaeh
  82. maths

    Find the LCM of x cube minus 2 x squared minus 13 x minus 10 and x cube minus 8 squared minuscule

    asked by Kailash
  83. physics

    prove that I=square root of (I^2avarage). using I=Iosin(wt)

    asked by ruth
  84. math

    Carla needs 9 1/2m of canvas to make a tent. She will make another tent that is 2/3 as big. How many meters of canvas will she need to make the smaller tent? What is the number sentence? What is the srategy you used?

    asked by perla
  85. Physics 203

    A spring has its right end fixed and is installed on a horizontal table so that the free end, at equilibrium, is at x=3.00m. A 1.65kg block coming from the left slides along the table. When it passes the origin, it is moving at 5.58m/s. It strikes the

    asked by Dorian
  86. Life orientation

    Evaluate the physical , social and economic consequences of fraud and corruption to the country

    asked by Maifo tumelo
  87. Maths

    Prove that: (sinx-2sin2x+sin3x)/(sinx+2sin2x+sin3x)= -tan^2 x/2.

    asked by Mahlatse
  88. Math

    I. Memorandum D. Explain the tax effect based on providing $180,000 per year for the client’s salary and $70,000 per year for his daughter’s salary if they withdraw cash from the business or pay dividends as appropriate. E. Justify the percentage of

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Chemistry

    I need help with this question, I don't know how to do it. If 210 mL of isopropyl alcohol is diluted with water to a total volume of 300 mL, what is the percent by volume of isopropyl alcohol in the solution?

    asked by rebekah
  90. Math

    What fraction of the volume of the rectangular prism is the volume of the rectangular pyramid?

    asked by Helen
  91. Geography

    How does space influence devolutionary movements

    asked by Anonymous
  92. english

    pl clarify : english book or an english book

    asked by r s telagathoty
  93. Math

    Explain how you could find the volume of a pyramid given a prism with the same base are and height. Justify your answer.

    asked by Helen
  94. maths

    Equation for the hyperbola which has a vertices of (0;+_9) and asymtotes = y= +-18/5

    asked by candice
  95. Chemistry

    Describe how you would make a 125 mL of 0.025 M solution of potassium dichromate?

    asked by Alicia
  96. Finance

    I. Memorandum D. Explain the tax effect based on providing $180,000 per year for the client’s salary and $70,000 per year for his daughter’s salary if they withdraw cash from the business or pay dividends as appropriate. E. Justify the percentage of

    asked by Anonymous
  97. chemistry

    How many grams of NaC2H3O2 are needed to prepare 350. mL of a 2.75 M solution? i got 79.0 ??

    asked by Boberto
  98. Math

    If 12 less than 4 times a number is 8, the number is 5. Write a different sentence where the unknown number is also 5.

    asked by Cheyanne
  99. maths help!

    find the mass of the earth assuming the radius is 6400km

    asked by newton
  100. Math

    Given the data 12, 39, 21, 18, 24, 17, 12, 25

    asked by sb
  101. math 2 questions this time

    Find the area of the parallelogram. A height of 8 and a base of 24 then there is a another number I think its length but its 8 and im confused because its B*H for parallelogram sooo yea can someone help me and show me how. thanks. what is the surface area

  102. Math

    4 people share 7 feet of ribbon equally. How much will each get.(write a division expression that matches the situation). I said (7 divided by 4), my sister disagreed . She says it is 4 divided by 7

    asked by Me
  103. math

    4 pizza bought, 1 1/2 have pepperoni. 5/6 of pizza with pepperoni eaten, what fraction of total pizza left has pepperoni

    asked by payton
  104. Math

    The ages of three siblings combined is 27. The oldest is twice the age of the youngest. The middle child is 3 years older than the youngest. Write and solve an equation to find the ages of each sibling.

    asked by Cheyanne
  105. Chemistry

    If 210 mL of isopropyl alcohol is diluted with water to a total volume of 300 mL, what is the percent by volume of isopropyl alcohol in the solution? Would it be 70%??

    asked by rebekah
  106. Math

    Find three mixed numbers so that the sum is 18 and the difference between the greatest number and the least number is 5 1/5

    asked by Anonymous