Questions Asked on
April 1, 2016

  1. Math(PLZ HELP)

    1)Choose an appropriate metric unit for the mass of a paper clip. A. meter B. gram C. kilogram*** D. centimeter 2)Which is likely to have a mass close to 3 kilograms? A. small feather B. five year old cat C. grown elephant D. peach*** 3)which measure

    asked by sparkels_01
  2. Art

    a museum decides not to include a plain plastic mixing bowl in an exhibit of functional american kitchen art what statement best explains this choice A.The bowl is not functional art because it has no designs or patterns B.The bowl is not functional art

    asked by Janet
  3. science

    How does driving a car or using electricity lead to global warming?

    asked by Gabby
  4. Language Arts

    Concrete Mixers by Patricia Hubbell The drivers are washing the concrete mixers; Like elephant tenders they hose them down. Tough gray-skinned monsters standing ponderous, Elephant-bellied and elephant-nosed, 5 Standing in muck up to their wheel-caps, Like

    asked by Pacman
  5. math

    Three-Dimensional figures 1). B 2). A 3). B 4). C 5). D

    asked by aryannaneill
  6. math

    what is the constant of proportionality for the values in the table? miles: 2 3 minutes: 12 18 1) 1/6 2) 4 3) 6 4) 10

    asked by help pls
  7. Math

    FIND THE FUNCTION RULE x: -2, -1, 0, 1 , 2 y: 9 , 4, -1, -6, -11

    asked by Diamond
  8. Chemistry

    10.5g of zinc trioxocarbonate(iv) were heated very stronglu to a constant mass and the residue treated with excess Hcl.calculate the mass of zinc chloride

    asked by Peace
  9. chemistry

    What is the oxidation number of chlorine in Al(ClO4)3? I don't understand this question, can someone help? Thank you!

    asked by louren
  10. math

    which three-dimensional figure has all triangular faces? A. triangular prism B. triangular pyramid***i pick B.*** C. rectangular pyramid D. cone

    asked by Jess
  11. trig

    Angle θ lies in the second quadrant, and sin θ = 3/5. Find cos θ and tan θ.

    asked by Britt
  12. Personal Fitness

    Dehydration is known to: A- not affect brain functions. B- slow or stop efficient fat elimination and metabolism.*** C- lead to cases of diarrhea. D- cause skin to take on a soft, supple texture.

    asked by Macarena
  13. Math

    Each sales associate at an electronics store has a choice of two salary options. $115 per week plus 9.5% commission on the associate's total tax sales or $450 per week with no commission. The average of the total sales amount for each associate last year

    asked by Miles
  14. Math

    Draw and label examples of all rectangular prism built with 16 unit cubes

    asked by Kiki
  15. History

    3.)Which of the following best describes the contributions of Horace Mann? A.)Horace Mann helped establish child labor laws that required children to attend school. B.)Horace Mann was the first person to print educational materials in Braille for blind

    asked by #FreeGucci
  16. Art (Please Help!)

    which art professional selects works for display and chooses the theme for an exhibition? Collector Conservator Critic Curator Is it b? Thank you! ¢¾

    asked by random person who probly takes the same class as you
  17. Social Studies

    In a command economy, poor planning is likely to lead to a. lower prices b. reduced consumer spending c. more farms d. product shortages and waste My answer is d, am I right?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Biochemistry

    The ΔG°' for the reaction Citrate isocitrate is +6.64 kJmol-1= +1.59 kcalmol-1. The ΔG°' for the reaction Isocitrate α-Ketoglutarate is -267kJmol-1 = -63.9 kcalmol-1 What is the ΔG°' for the conversion of citrate to α-Ketoglutarate? Is that

    asked by Jazmine
  19. math

    the scale model of a building id 5.4 ft tall if the original building is 180 meters tall what was the scale used to make the model.

    asked by julien
  20. physics 1

    calculate the net electric charge of 1.25 moles of sodium ions ( a sodium ion consist of 11 protons and 10 eletrons).

    asked by Masixole Mnqiwu
  21. Art

    Over time, abstract art has become a recognized and valued part of art history. This is an example of. Deterioration of artistic standards.(MY ANSWER) Changes in artistic style over time. Different interpretation of what makes good art. The way fads come

    asked by sparkels_01
  22. Math

    The table below shows the number of deaths in the U.S. in a year due to a variety of causes. For these questions, assume these values are not changing from year to year, and that the population of the United States is 312 million people. a) What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  23. GA State History

    1. Which of the following are educational improvements made in Georgia after World War II? (Choose all that apply.) (2 points)

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    Write the equation of lowest degree with real coefficients if two of its roots are -1 and 1+i. The answer is x^3-x^2+2=0. I don't understand why.

    asked by Bethany
  25. Health

    Alcohol is categorized as A. a drug. B. a simulate. C. a depressant.***** D. a carcinogen.***** (PICK 2)

    asked by Diamond
  26. Algebra 2

    Mrs. Jones algebra 2 class scored very well on yesterday's quiz. With one exception, everyone received an A. Within how many standard deviations from the mean do all the quiz grades fall ? Ó =3.1 95, 92,94,88,96,99,91,93,94,97,95,97

    asked by Cam
  27. Art

    Grieving and surrounding the body of deceased loved one is an example of? A cultural rule. A community norm. (MY ANSWER) An uncommon ritual. A community job.

    asked by LOVE
  28. Art

    artists make shapes in the background smaller than shapes in the foreground to communicate their distance from the viewer. how else might a landscape artist show shapes in the back ground to depict their distance from the viewer? a. show shapes with bright

    asked by bunny64
  29. Algebra

    Find the missing coordinate to complete the ordered-pair solution to the given linear equation. 2x−3y=3 (a) (−3, ) (b) ( ,1)

    asked by Dee365
  30. Basic Finance

    Suppose we observe the following rates: 1R2= 8%, 1R2= 10%. If the unbiased expectations theory of the term structure of interest rates holds, what is the 1-year interest rate expected one year from now, E(2r1)?

    asked by Maria
  31. Maths

    A glass contains 30ml of whisky which is 40% alcohol if 45ml of water is added and the mixture is stirred,what is now the alcohol content?

    asked by Nickson
  32. Math

    Mariah has a flower bed that is 10 feet long and 5 feet wide. She wants to put a fence around the flower bed to keep the deer from eating her flowers. She also wants to leave enough space to walk between the fence and the flower bed. What is the perimeter

    asked by Diane
  33. Math

    mathan cut a rectangular tiles in half for his kitchen floor design. the tile was not a square. he made one cut along a diagonal from one vertex to another vertex. classify the two triangle resulting from the cut by their angle and their side length

    asked by Kiki
  34. statistics

    what is the probability that the random variable has a value between 5.3 and 5.7

    asked by dianne
  35. Art

    What type of community art would likely hang on the walls of a Greek sanctuary? A plaque to honor the gods. (MY ANSWER) A carving of everyday activities. A painting of a common citizen. A plaque depicting local plants.

    asked by LOVE
  36. History

    4.)In contrast to the conversion practiced by Charles Finney at revivals, Phoebe Palmer believed which of the following? A.)Conversation is personal & calm, but faith need not play an active role in one's life. B.)Conversion is public & energetic, but

    asked by #FreeGucci
  37. math

    2. find the next three terms of the sequence. -6, -24, -96, -384 1) -768, -1536 , -3072 2) -768, -3072, -12288 3) -1536, -6144 , -24567 4) -1536, -9216, -36864

    asked by HELP PLS
  38. Mathematics

    Which equation has (2,-1) as a solution. Y=2x - 1•• Y=x + 3 Y=x - 3 Y=-2x+1 Check my answer

    asked by Tula
  39. Life Orientation

    Six suggestions on how to combat the violations of human rights.

    asked by Kabelo
  40. english composition

    as you analyze an essay, you can use your own words to summarize the authors key ideas and map out the organization of the essays key points. this is called a. critiquing b. anchoring c. summation d. transcribing my answer is D

    asked by gigi
  41. Chemistry

    Why is methyl orange not suitable indicator for h2c2o4 and naoh

    asked by Ifunanya
  42. Chemistry

    10.5g of zinc was heated to a constant mass and the residue treated with excess Hcl: ZnCo3+Hcl-----ZnCl2+Co2+H2O. Calculate the mass of zinc chloride that would be obtained

    asked by Peace
  43. Math

    A garden measuring 12m by 16m is to have a pedestrian pathway installed all around it. The pathway and the garden have a total area of 285m^2. What will be the width of the pathway? (Please explain as you go)

    asked by Megan
  44. Math- quadratic equation

    A garden measuring 12m by 16m is to gave a pedestrian pathway installed all around it. The pathway is the same width all the way around the garden. The pathway and the garden have a total area of 258m^2. What will be the width of the pathway? ( I know the

    asked by Lacy
  45. Math

    An elementary school is offering 3 language classes: one in Spanish, one in French, and one in German. These classes are open to any of the 107 students in the school. There are 42 in the Spanish class, 32 in the French class, and 23 in the German class.

    asked by Yasmine
  46. Chemistry

    A 26.8 mL sample of a solution of RbOH is neutralized by 15.71 mL of a 1.918 M solution of HBr. What is the molarity of the RbOH solution?

    asked by Sarah
  47. math

    two movie tickets cost 19.00. three movie tickets cost 28.50 what is the costant of proportionality? 1) 0.5 2) 9.0 3) 9.5 4) 11.0

    asked by help pls
  48. math

    how many distinct letter words can be made from the word "CHRISTYNA"?

    asked by humayrah
  49. math

    Which of the following is the number of ouces in 3 pounds? (NOTE: 1 ounce= 0.0625 pounds) A. 0.0208 B. 0.1875 C. 15 D. 48 I think b

    asked by AMGCSTRNBSN
  50. math

    identify the sequence 3888 , 216 , 12 , 2/3 , as arithmetic geometric neither of both

    asked by HELP PLS
  51. Health

    why does the blood returning to the heart have very little oxygen in it

    asked by Michael
  52. Math

    what is the distance between points A and E? A is located at (3,4) and E is located at -1 on the x-axis answers: a. 2.8 b. 3.2 c. 4.9 d. 5.7 is the answer A?

    asked by Jay
  53. physics

    ten identical resistors connected in parallel have an equivalent resistance of 2 ohm.when they are connected in series what will be its effective resistance?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    Determine which ordered pair is a solution of y = 2x - 3 1. (-2, 7) 2. (0, 3) 3. (-4, -11) 4. (5, -7)

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Health

    the main parts of the central nervous system consist of the brain and the

    asked by Michael
  56. Chemistry

    An impure sample of (COOH)2 · 2 H2O that has a mass of 2.9 g was dissolved in water and titrated with standard NaOH solution. The titration required 32.4 mL of 0.144 mo- lar NaOH solution. Calculate the percent (COOH)2 · 2 H2O in the sample.

    asked by Bella
  57. He

    which organ is part of both the respiratory and digestive systems

    asked by Michael
  58. chemistry

    Net Ionic Reaction and molecular Equations of Ca3(PO4)2

    asked by Anonymous
  59. physics

    A small block of mass 2.7 kg is released from rest at the top of the curved frictionless ramp shown. The block slides down the ramp and is moving with a speed of 13.9 m/s when it collides with a larger block (1.5 times the mass). (Use g=10m/s²). If the

    asked by juan
  60. math

    8. (10x-3y) (5x + 2y) Simplify the expression above. Which of the following is correct? A. 50x2+ 5xy -6y2 B. 50x2+ 5x2y2-6y2 C. 50x2+ 35xy-6y2 D. 50x2+ 35x2y2-6y2 I think A

    asked by AMGCSTRNBSN
  61. chemistry

    A certain elementary gas is triatomic and has vapour density 48 . The atomic mass of the gas is (a) 48 (b) 96 (c) 32 (d) 16 ..

    asked by jay
  62. Social Studies

    The Belief that the United States was set apart to extend its boundaries to the pacific was called A) America's Destiny B) Redezvous C) Manifest Destiny***** D) Joint Occupation Is C correct?

    asked by Ali
  63. Chemistry

    How much NACl do i need to dissolve in grams to make 0.9%solution of 0.25l saline

    asked by Kasey
  64. Art

    Grieving and surrounding the body of deceased loved one is an example of? A cultural rule. A community norm. (MY ANSWER) An uncommon ritual. A community job.

    asked by LOVE
  65. trigonomentry out of ideal help ah!crying

    compute.. Cos(1degree)+cos(3degree)+cos(5degree)+...+Cos(179degree) plz show working even an hint can,t help me.Have been do maths alday my brain is fried..Ah thanks

    asked by david
  66. MATH

    A bakery sold 2/5 of its loaves of whole wheat bread before noon. What percent of its loaves of bread were sold?

    asked by aaliyah
  67. Math

    Ramon has 2,340 in his savings account write an expression for the amount in his account after he deposits d dollars and withdraws w dollars if he deposits 100.00 and then withdraws half as much as he deposited, how much is in his account

    asked by Mavis Lover
  68. Math

    Karthi had RS.5000 with him. he lent a part of 12% per annum simple interest and the remaining at 15% per annum. his total annum income was Rs.700.find the sum lent at12% per annum.

    asked by Priya
  69. math

    The tax on an item is $60. Given a tax rate of 8.5%, which of the following is the price of the item, to the nearest dollar, before taxes? a. $408 b. $510 c. $650 d. $706 I think D but not for sure. Can u show me how u set this problem up?

    asked by AMGCSTRNBSN
  70. Brief Calculus

    Increasing and Decreasing Functions. Let f(x) = 4x^3 - 9x^2 -30x +6 A. Find all critical numbers of f(x) B. Give the open intervals where f (x) is increasing and decreasing and clearly label each.

    asked by Jeremy
  71. math

    If a rectangular prism is h=10 inches an W=2 inches would the length be 8 inches how do I find the length Same question for a Rectanguler prism with a h=8 inches w=2.5 inches would the length be 8 inches or 5 inches

    asked by meshel
  72. umd

    The figure(Figure 1) is the velocity-versus-time graph of a 500 g particle that starts at x=0m and moves along the x-axis. Draw graphs of the following by calculating and plotting numerical values at t = 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 s. Then sketch lines or curves of

    asked by pradeep sharma
  73. 10 lit

    Whenever I see a competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee, I am inspired to join a team. Which type of clause is underlined? adjective clause adverb clause noun clause independent clause

    asked by niyah
  74. Calculus

    Find the exact value of cot(arcsin(12/13)) and cos(arcsin(1.7/2)) I know that cos(arcsin(x))=sin(arccos(x))=sqrt(1-x^2). I'm having more difficulty with the first one. Please help! Thank you

    asked by Emily
  75. Math

    Find the exact value of indicated trignometric function of theta. Sin= -4/9 , tan theta>0 find sec

    asked by Zunaira
  76. precalc

    use the sum to product formula to simplify sin 42degrees+sin 18 degrees=sin A degrees 0

    asked by roger
  77. english help please!!

    An independent clause can make sense on its own be a fragment serve as a comma splice be a run-on sentence is it a pls help

    asked by Oscar
  78. Fluid Mechanics

    We have a gate (3 meter long and 3 meter wide) at a 40o angle being held onto the slab by the pressure of the water with a hinge at the base. The distance z is 0.75 m. Assume that air at atmospheric pressure is above the water on the right hand side and on

    asked by Daksh
  79. MATH

    Chef Lee bought 20 kilograms of rice. He cooked 7 kilograms of it. What percent of the rice did Chef Lee cook?

    asked by aaliyah
  80. english help please!!

    Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment? Let’s play a video game. Do you have this one? Since you don’t have it. We can play something else. is it c pls help

    asked by Oscar
  81. Math

    If you randomly select a card from a well-shuffled standard deck of 52 cards, what is the probability that the card you select is a Queen or 5?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. social studies

    what was the supreme court's ruling on the dred scott case?

    asked by sarah
  83. Accounting

    1. If GameStop Corp chose to issue another round of corporate bonds in 2009, how much interest rate should they offer?

    asked by BonnieB
  84. English

    I have to identify prepositions and their objects. I was never really good at prepositions last year and still am not. Can someone please explain prepositions and their objects in detail?

    asked by Guest
  85. english help please!!

    A comma splice is a(n) incorrect use of a comma to correct a run-on sentence correct use of a comma to correct a run-on sentence incorrect combining of two dependent clauses way to correctly combine two dependent clauses is it a pls help

    asked by Oscar
  86. math

    The sum of the digits on a digital clock is 15. The number of minutes is 5 times the number of hours. Wheat time is it?

    asked by stephanie
  87. english help please!!

    Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment? He wrote a book. It is short. Many people like it. Mostly the ending. is it d pls help

    asked by Oscar
  88. Public Speaking

    Which topic would be a "persuasive speech"? 1) cellphones should be banned while driving 2) Benefits of retirement 3) Hardships young adults face when becoming a newly independent

    asked by CarpeDiem
  89. math


    asked by me dilshad ansari
  90. Maths,Setswana,EMS,NS,LO,Technology,English,SS

    What is the energy

    asked by Itumeleng Dipheko
  91. trigonomentry i need help!!

    ball is ..!-------------- ! 1!\ / ! ! \90/ ! !----\/--------! 2 a rectangular pool table has it with to be 1.A ball is hit from one corner to another by bouncing off the wall,what is the lenght of the pool as shown in the diagram

    asked by Philip
  92. Math

    Suppose that INT{pi to t} g(u)du= e^(cos(t)). Show that INT{0 to t}g(u)du= e^(cos(t))- e. I have no idea how to prove. Tried taking derivative of the result, but didn't think that would help with anything.

    asked by Cindy
  93. Math (Real Analysis)

    Prove if f(p) = 0 where abs(f) is continuous at p, then f is continuous at p. Note: we have only learned continuity, discontinuty, and epsilon-delta proofs (no limits)!

    asked by Mari
  94. Science

    A transformer with 1890 turns in its primary coil has to decrease the voltage from 4620 V to 220 V for home use. How many turns should there be on the secondary coil?

    asked by Brian
  95. Math

    Solve for x: In23x+1=5

    asked by Kor
  96. math

    Karen mixed 1/2 cup of orange juice, 3/4 cup of pineapple juive , and 1/3 cup of grapefruit juice. How many cups of juice did she use?? Please help:)

    asked by andrea
  97. English Comp

    Parallelism can be defined as________.

    asked by Tom
  98. Math

    Carla will make two twnts. She needs 9 1/2m plus two thirds of 9 1/2m for both. What is the number sentence for this question?

    asked by mona
  99. maths lit, life science,History,English,Afrikaans,

    I want to become an astronomer so I was wondering if it's possible to study for one or wht help me plz ???

    asked by Angela
  100. History

    5.)While the 1st Great Awakening took place mostly in New England, the 2nd Great Awakening A.)Was more widespread but less significant for American society. B.)Was more widespread & had greater effects on American society. C.)Was mostly a Southern event &

    asked by #FreeGucci
  101. English

    1. !@#$%^& and Terry started to raise money. 2. !@#$%^& and Terry started to collect money. 3. We are rasing money for charity. 4. We are collecting money for charity. 5. We are raising volunteers to do the work. 6. We are collecting volunteers to do the

    asked by rfvv
  102. Trig

    Find the exact values of sec(x)=7. I know that cos(x)=1/7. I know that sin(x)= sqrt(1-91/4900). I know that tan(x)=1. I know how to do the problem but I'm not really sure why, and I'd like to know. I got 4sqrt(3). Please help!

    asked by Emily
  103. Math

    Find the function rule... (X) -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 (Y) 9, 4, -1, -6, -11 This is my first question ever.......

    asked by ????????????????????
  104. math

    Find the wages for a person who earned $8 an hour and worked 45 hours from Monday through Friday.

    asked by Destine
  105. gdp

    what does gdp tell us about the level of labour productivity in a country

    asked by petrus
  106. english help please!!

    Sentence fragments should be: routinely used when writing avoided when writing used to express a complete thought combined using a semicolon is it b pls help

    asked by Oscar
  107. SCIENCE


    asked by ENOCH
  108. english

    Write five sentence about birtheday

    asked by shanu
  109. Physics

    If length a = 0.6 m width b = 0.8 m, Q = -6.0nC and q = 4.0nC, what is the magnitude of point P? LAYOUT: q is found on the bottom left corner of a square. point q is perpendicular to point Q from the top and from point P from the right, creating a 90

    asked by Lily
  110. Dosage calculations

    Ms. B.B is discharged home with a home care nurse visiting once a day for 8 days. 1. the doctor scribes an antibiotic in oral liquid form to be taken until prescribtion is completed order is amoxil, 1 teaspoon three times a day x 10 days. Calculate amount

    asked by Jonny
  111. English

    1. Raise your head and bend backward. 2. Raise your head and bend it backward. 3. Raise and bend your head backward. -------------- Are they all the same in meaning and grammatical? Do they have any difference?

    asked by rfvv
  112. Religion

    How does St.Therse of Lisieux exemplify the qualities from the parable the Good Samaritan

    asked by Rose
  113. EMS

    -what is government? -what is provincial?

    asked by Itumeleng Dipheko
  114. mathematics

    A student scores 86% in the first terminal and 75% in the second terminal.What percentage must he score on the final exam to obtain an average of 80%. The exams are weighted as first terminal 20%,second terminal 40% and the final exam 40%.

    asked by ansita
  115. maths

    How can we find the g.p h.p

    asked by deepak
  116. History

    What are two important ways in which the mind and behavior of the non-conventional white-collar criminal are similar to the mind and behavior of the conventional street criminal, and what are two important ways in which they are different?

    asked by Angel
  117. Social Studies

    is obama democratic or republic and why?

    asked by sparkels_01