Questions Asked on
March 29, 2016

  1. math


    asked by LUTHER_E
  2. math

    You and your friend are selling tickets to a charity event. You sell 7 adult tickets and 16 student tickets for $120. Your friend sells 13 adult tickets and 9 student tickets for $140. What is the cost of a student ticket?

    asked by libby
  3. Geometry (check)

    Mario’s company makes unusually shaped imitation gemstones. One gemstone had 12 faces and 10 vertices. How many edges did the gemstone have? A. 23 edges B. 22 edges C. 25 edges D. 20 edges****

    asked by CarpeDiem
  4. Social Studies

    1. Which fact best supports the claim that Southeast Asia has diverse cultural influences? A)Singapore has a thriving economy based on exports to other nations B)Minangkabau wedding ceremonies blend Hindu and native traditions*** C)Southeast Asia is made

    asked by Scarlet
  5. geometry

    for triangle ABC find the measure of AB given measure of angle A=55 degrees, measure of angle B=44 degrees, and b = 68

    asked by Buddy
  6. Chemistry

    What size container do you need to hold 0.0459 mol of N2 gas at stp

    asked by Jimmy B
  7. Spanish

    Choose the closest meaning of "aquella gorra." a. this cap (I see) b. that cap over on the other side c. that cap right there*** d. a cap (I see) confused between b and c

    asked by Kaai97
  8. Social Studies

    What was the outcome of the Three Governors Controversy? Link please?

    asked by ?
  9. us history

    What was the main effect of the Civil War on the women's movement? A. The women's movement shifted their focus to helping widows of the Civil War. B. The movement was put on hold while women focused on anti-slavery reform and the war effort. C. The

    asked by anon
  10. Math

    A researcher tagged 40 giant turtles in 2008.In 2009 she returned and captured 50 turtles,16 of which were tagged.In 2010,she returned again and captured 30 turtles,8 of which were tagged. ....use a proportion to estimate the turtle population for both

    asked by Senpai
  11. Language Arts

    4. In which sentence does the prepositional phrase act as an adverb? A. Last Evening, Anne suffered from a headache. B. The door to the attic was left open. C. Mr. Frank discussed the problem of noise in the annex. D. He bought a drink for Mr. Dussel. ***

    asked by Drew
  12. math

    which graph represents the function y= -2x^2-5

    asked by saliha
  13. Social Studies

    1) Analyze the effect that plentiful harvests had on population in the ancient civilizations of the mainland's river valleys. 2)In addition to the financial reward it already offers for the birth of new babies, what other steps could the government of

    asked by Scarlet
  14. Chemistry

    What is the OH- concentration of a solution whose pH is 12.40?

    asked by Trinity
  15. Geography,maths lit,life science,physical science,xhosa,life orientation and english

    Will i be able to do law with the following subject maths lit,geography,life science,physical science and english

    asked by Amanda mnyaka
  16. english

    In the website I was able to learn about the English language very well, because in the website there are a lot of menus that english grammar, english vocabulary, english basics, english lesson, english pronunciation, english fun and games, english test,

    asked by ina
  17. Chemistry

    A chemist dissolves 0.096 g of CuSO4 · 5 H2O in water and dilutes the solution to the mark in a 500-mL volumetric flask. A 10.8-mL sample of this solution is then transferred to a second 500-mL volumetric flask and diluted. What is the molarity of CuSO4

    asked by Eva
  18. Social studies

    How has the geography of western Europe influenced the growth of large European urban areas? Please give me some info And thank u for helping me with my answers :).

    asked by LOVE
  19. History

    Which of the following contributes most to low educational achievement among Native Americans? lack of access to public schools\ widespread poverty among Native Americans resistance to modern education methods on reservations the use of educational testing

    asked by Macarena
  20. History

    Which project would have been most likely to be funded under the National Reclamation Act of 1902? a dam to divert waters to a reservoir a scientific study to investigate changes in plant life near a river a national laboratory to develop defense weapons

    asked by Macarena
  21. History

    What is one effect of the Native American presence near Taos? Taos has many buildings in the modernist style. Tourists come to the city to witness Native American celebrations. A tribal government oversees the city of Taos. Taos has a museum dedicated to

    asked by Macarena
  22. Social studies

    15.which of the following best describes the legacy of the crusades? A.muslim nations in the middle east experienced a renaissance. B.western europe experienced dark age created resentment between christian and muslim nations. (MY ANSWER) D.christian

    asked by LOVE
  23. History

    8.)Andrew Jackson was a supporter of which of the following? A.)Abolition of slavery B.)Limited federal government*** C.)Implied powers of the Supreme Court D.)Preservation of Native American land B? 9.)Which answer best describes an important outcome of

    asked by #FreeGucci
  24. Math

    A bank offers two interest account plans. Plan A gives you 6% interest compound annually. Plan B gives you 13% annual simple interest. You plan to invest $2,000 for the next 4 years. Which account earns you the most interest (in dollars) after 4 years? How

    asked by Pablo


    asked by ADEOSUN
  26. physics

    Why is the following situation impossible? Emily challenges David to catch a $1 bill as follows. She holds the bill vertically with the center of the bill between, but not touching David’s index finger and thumb. Without warning, Emily releases the bill.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. History

    What was one negative consequence of laws and policies that manage the Colorado River? Nearly all plant and animal life near the river has died off. Federal investment in the Southwest has ceased. Some parts of the river region have gone dry. Farms receive

    asked by Macarena
  28. History

    Which of the following most contribute to Native American health problems? ( 2 points) Few doctors and hospitals operate in rural areas. Native Americans live both in large cities and on reservations. High poverty and unemployment levels are linked to

    asked by Macarena
  29. Health and physical education

    Nausea, vomiting, or headache after taking a drug may be due to? A.Dependency B.Addiction C.Side effects* D.Tolerance

    asked by Senpai
  30. Geometry

    Find the surface area of a conical grain storage tank that has a height of 46 meters and a diameter of 16 meters. Round the answer to the nearest square meter. A. 1375 m^2 B. 3151 m^2 C. 2548 m^2 How would I go about doing this?

    asked by CarpeDiem
  31. help i hate world history

    Which social reforms were most directly related to the Second Great Awakening? A freedom of religion and freedom of the press B the abolition of slavery and the right of women to vote C social acceptance of Native Americans and African Americans D the

    asked by Netflix and Chill
  32. ENGLISH 3

    In which sentence does the underlined infinitive phrase function as a subject? 1)The commuters were excited to ride on the new high-speed trains. 2)The goal of the new train station is to move more trains from the station to the city. 3)To quickly move

    asked by AMAND

    Which answer best describes why women were active in early reform movements? A. Many Americans believed women had higher morals than men. B. Many Americans believed women could better bring about change than men. C. Women in the 19th century had plenty of

    asked by JAMIE
  34. SS

    You have a large farm made up of mostly flat terrain in Eastern Europe. You use mechanized equipment to plant and harvest grains, like wheat and barley. Which statement is most likely true? A. You live in Greece. B. You live in southern Russia C. You live

    asked by Like I'd Tell You.
  35. History

    18.)What did people in the both the North & the South have in common during the late 1800's? A)People increased their use of both renewable and non-renewable natural resources. B)Factories, railroads, and industry were more important to the economy than

    asked by #FreeGucci
  36. Spanish

    If I say "estos calcetines" which am I most likely referring to? a. a pair of socks in the store b. a pair of socks across the room c. a pair of socks in my hand*** d. a pair of socks in a store window

    asked by Kaai97
  37. History

    15.)How did the cotton gin, with it's interchangeable parts, help further the industrial Revolution? A.)Workers picketed against assembly lines. B.)It helped increase farmers' cotton yields.*** C.)It paved the way for mass production. D.)It sent workers

    asked by #FreeGucci
  38. us history

    The idea of "conversion" is best explained as which of the following? A. the process of cultural change brought about by immigration B. the process of changing the frontier into settled communities C. the process of spreading United States territory across

    asked by anon
  39. Chemistry

    How many moles of oxygen (O2) are required to completely react with 27.4 mol of H2?

    asked by Dylan
  40. math

    find the area and circumference of the circle. Use 3.14 for pie and round to the nearest hundreth

    asked by max
  41. math

    Find the circumference of the circle. using 3.14 as pie and round to the nearest hundredth. The diameter is 14.9 in

    asked by max
  42. math

    Deandre is a software salesman. His base salary is $1900 , and he makes an additional $50 for every copy of English is Fun he sells. Let P represent his total pay (in dollars), and let N represent the number of copies of English is Fun he sells. Write an

    asked by tremayne
  43. Social studies

    11.what was the cause of the crusades? A.a muslim ruler captured the holy land in the middle east. (MY ANSWER) B.islamic and christian nations disagreed about the trade routes known as the silk road. C.christisn nations wanted to conquer the middle east to

    asked by LOVE
  44. us history

    Which of the following best describes the contributions of Dorothea Dix? Dorothea Dix helped found the first homeless shelter for poverty stricken families in the late 1800s. Dorothea Dix educated people about mental illness and the possibility of recovery

    asked by anon
  45. History

    14.)What problem did Eli Whitney's cotton gin resolve? A.)Planting & growing cotton B.)Separating the seeds from the cotton*** C.)Picking cotton in the field D.)Removing cotton from the stalks B?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  46. physics

    a girl on a swing 2m above the ground at her highest point and 1m above the ground at her lowest point. what is the girls maximum speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Social studies

    17.which region of western europe experiences an artic climate? A.the iberian B.italy and greece C.the british isles D.northern scandinavia (MY ANSWER) western europe,the land closest to the mediterranean sea experiences? A.wet winters and dry

    asked by LOVE
  48. History

    11.)Before the cotton gin, how long it take a skilled person to remove the seeds from one pound of cotton? A.)1 Hour B.)3 Hours C.)An entire Day*** D.)2 Entire Days C?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  49. math

    A baker bought some butter. He used 360 grams to make some pastry. This was 5/6 of the butter he had. How much butter did he buy at first?

    asked by Reily
  50. History

    10.)Use the following text from the Twelfth Amendment to answer the following question: The person having the greatest Number of votes for president, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of whole number of Electors appointed; & if no person

    asked by #FreeGucci
  51. chemistry

    Experimental Design: From the work you have done this semester, choose a topic and design an experiment you would be able to perform. In your design (1) state your hypothesis, (2) identify your dependent and (3) independent variables, (4) your control

    asked by louren
  52. us history

    Which of these Transcendentalist ideas had the most direct impact on the civil rights movement of the 20th century? (6 points) A. God and nature are one and the same thing. B. People should peacefully protest unjust laws. C. Self-reflection is the most

    asked by anon
  53. History

    17.)Which of the following best describes a consequence that Specie Circular had in the United States? A.)It caused the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832 to be passed. B.)It caused widespread panic and started a depression.*** C.)It caused an increase in the use

    asked by #FreeGucci
  54. SS

    Which circumstance most directly contributed to the environmental hazard of acid rain in Eastern Europe? A. the use of nuclear energy B. the lack of coal reserves C. the lack of oil and natural gas reserves D. the increase in mechanized farming D?

    asked by Like I'd Tell You.
  55. Law and Ethics

    What type of advance medical directive that the AMA recommends is what?

    asked by shawna
  56. AP Chemistry

    A 190 mL sample of 0.293 M NaCH3CO2(aq) is diluted to 750 mL. What is the concentration of the acetic acid at equilibrium? Ka =1.8×10−5. Answer in units of mol/L.

    asked by Samantha
  57. History

    16.)Which answer best describes the impact of the McCulloch vs. Maryland court case? A.)The case proved that federal banks had to follow state laws. B.)The case established the right for states to tax federal agencies. C.)The case proved that the states

    asked by #FreeGucci
  58. History

    7.)Which answer correctly explains why most factories were located along the eastern coast? A.)The first factories took over ship building areas B.)Shipping companies were the first to switch to factory building C.)Early factories needed sea water for

    asked by #FreeGucci
  59. math

    sonya spent 3/8 of her money and had $15 left. how much money did she orginally start with?

    asked by greg
  60. Social studies

    13.the physical feature of western europe where most major cities are found is called A.the plains (MY ANSWER) B.the glacier C.the tundra D.the taiga 14.what made the rhine river one of europes most polluted rivers? A.urbanization B.loess C.industrial

    asked by LOVE
  61. History

    6.) Which of the following required land to be paid for in gold or silver, instead of paper money? A.)The Tariff of 1828 B.)The Specie Circular*** C.)The Corrupt Bargain D.)The Nullification Convention B?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  62. chemistry

    A 190 mL sample of 0.293 M NaCH3CO2(aq) is diluted to 750 mL. What is the concentration of the acetic acid at equilibrium? Ka =1.8×10−5.

    asked by Anonymous
  63. arttt

    public spaces such as playgrounds or skate parks often serve the purpose of meeting which significant human needs? A. needs for conflict and stress B. needs for solitude and meditation C. needs for recreation and challenge D. needs for creativity and art

    asked by shiiiy
  64. physics

    A child of mass 54.7 kg sits on the edge of a merry-go-round with radius 2.3 m and moment of inertia 222.81 kgm2. The merrygo-round rotates with an angular velocity of 1.6 rad/s. What radial force does the child have to exert to stay on the merry-go-round?

    asked by a
  65. Biology

    What is considered the most critical function of erythrocytes? the transport of oxygen the transport of carbon dioxide buffering against changes in blood pH assisting in clot formation All of the answers are considered the most critical functions of

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Physics

    A mixing beater consists of three thin rods, each 10.9 cm long. The rods diverge from a central hub, separated from each other by 120°, and all turn in the same plane. A ball is attached to the end of each rod. Each ball has cross-sectional area 3.70 cm2

    asked by Amy
  67. History

    12.)Which of the following best describes assembly line production? A.)A process using interchangeable parts that constructs products entirely instead of by individual piece*** B.)A process using workers to construct products more efficiently by dividing

    asked by #FreeGucci
  68. History

    What was the main reason women wanted to be active in early reform movements? A)Women believed it was their civic duty to improve society. B)Being active in reform groups was a social outlet for many women. C)Women wanted to gain the right to vote by being

    asked by Help
  69. Math

    A rug has an area of 2/3 of a square meter and has a length of 5/6 of a meter. Determine the width of the rug

    asked by Anonymous
  70. us history

    What was the result of the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848? (6 points) A. Paulina Davis' shocking speech B. The Declaration of Sentiments C. the push for anti-slavery legislation D. the creation of the National Woman Suffrage Association I THINK IT IS D.

    asked by anon
  71. Language Arts

    what is the participle or participial phrase in the following sentence: The art students, brought by bus, toured the museum.

    asked by Mel
  72. chemistry

    Magnesium nitride is formed in the reaction of magnesium metal with nitrogen gas in this reaction: 3 Mg(s) + N2(g) --> Mg3N2(s) How many grams of product are formed from 2.0 mol of N2 (g) and 8.0 mol of Mg(s)? i havent been able to figure this one out, can

    asked by louren
  73. mathd

    From point A,the angle of elevation to the top of a tall building is 20 degrees.On walking 80 m towards the building,the angle of elevation is now 23 degrees.How tall is the building?

    asked by Mayiisah
  74. Physics HELP!!

    The pressure increases by 1.0 x 104 N/m2 for every meter of depth beneath the surface of the ocean. At what depth does the volume of a Pyrex (bulk modulus 2.6 x 1010 N/m2) glass cube, 6.4 x 10-2 m on an edge at the ocean's surface, decrease by 5.8 x 10-10

    asked by James Houl
  75. Algebra

    Use 3.14 for Pi and round to the nearest tenth. Find the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 8 cm. A)267.9 cm2 B)803.8 cm2 C)2143.6 cm2 D)201.0 cm2 Is it B?

    asked by CrendyGal
  76. History

    9.)Which answer best describes an important outcome of the Gibbons v. Ogden court case? A.)The case set definition for navigation & placed state control over all coastal & river trade B.)The case set definitions for navigation & placed federal control over

    asked by #FreeGucci
  77. science

    Can you unscramble these two words? ACGIJJ 2nd word is KMNPKSU

    asked by Tracey
  78. Math

    In middle school computer club, 3/8 of the members are girls. Of the girls in the club, 2/5 are 6th-graders. Write and solve an equation to find the fraction of the members of the club that are 6th-grade girls.

    asked by Jaden
  79. math

    The ratio of the ages of ramu and his sister is 3:4 . If the age of his sister is 36,how old is ramu?

    asked by math
  80. Physics

    A pulsar is a rapidly rotating neutron star that continuously emits a beam of radio waves in a searchlight manner. Each time the pulsar makes one revolution, the rotating beam sweeps across the earth, and the earth receives a pulse of radio waves. For one

    asked by Emily
  81. math

    a 12.0 gallon gasoline tank holds 66.0 pounds of gasoline. If this gasoline cost $3.50/gallon, what is the cost of 1 gram of gasoline.. I need help with just the set up part.. I don't know where to start.. help please

    asked by sarah
  82. History

    Read the text below and answer the following question: "Camp­meeting with thy presence crown, And show't O Lord, they blessings down; Fill every head with holy zeal, And all thy righteousness reveal, O'er all our hosts do thou preside, And all our

    asked by MsHemmoPenguin
  83. Chemistry

    A chemist dissolves 0.096 g of CuSO4 · 5 H2O in water and dilutes the solution to the mark in a 500-mL volumetric flask. A 10.8-mL sample of this solution is then transferred to a second 500-mL volumetric flask and diluted. What is the molarity of CuSO4

    asked by Eva
  84. Physics

    In a skating stunt known as "crack-the-whip", a number of skaters hold hands and form a straight line. They try to skate so that the line rotates about the skater at one end, who acts as the pivot. The skater farthest out has a mass of 76.7 kg and is 6.18

    asked by Emily
  85. Physics

    At an amusement park there is a ride in which cylindrically shaped chambers spin around a central axis. People sit in seats facing the axis, their backs against the outer wall. At one instant the outer wall moves at a speed of 3.21 m/s, and an 75.7 kg

    asked by Emily
  86. Math

    Mr.Anders wants to put a fence around his back yard.his backyard is rectangular. The lengths of the sides are 75 yards,45 yards,75 yards,and 45 yards.How much fencing will Mr.Anders need?

    asked by Hank
  87. Biology

    The normal flow of blood through the heart would be right atrium → right ventricle → lungs → left atrium → left ventricle. right atrium → left atrium → left ventricle → aorta. lungs → right atrium → right ventricle → aorta. right atrium

    asked by Anonymous
  88. math

    Mrs Lopez has $9,118 in her bank account on March 1 she saves $609 in March. Then, she must pay $1,011 in taxes in April. Mrs Lopez is able to save $705 in May. At the end of May approoimately how much greater or less is her account balance than it was on

    asked by luna
  89. English grammar

    1.This figure is wrong;please strike it-----(fill in with suitable preposition)

    asked by R
  90. health

    which one of the following statements is an example of hearsay?

    asked by shawna
  91. History

    Which of the following statements is most correct when comparing the Second Great Awakening with the First? A)The Second Great Awakening was smaller in size but more influential than the First Great Awakening. B)The Second Great Awakening was both larger

    asked by MsHemmoPenguin
  92. Physics

    At the moment of release each plane has the same speed of 186 m/s, and each tank is at the same height of 3.11 km above the ground. Although the speeds are the same, the velocities are different at the instant of release, because one plane is flying at an

    asked by Bel
  93. Math

    An auditorium has 150 rows of seats. The first row has 15 seats, the second row has 17 seats, the third row has 19 seats, and so on, each row having two more seats than the previous row. How many seats are there together in the auditorium.

    asked by Jay
  94. Math

    Why is it a good idea to put one nickel, one penny,and one quarter in a different order to find the total?

    asked by Amanda
  95. Chemistry

    Which element has an ion that is smaller than an ion of calcium?

    asked by Lisa
  96. Physics

    A car is driving with a velocity of 108km/h suddenly a child crosses the road 100m in frond of the car. the driver applies brakes and comes to a stop in 5 second. Calculate the acceleration of the car

    asked by Physics
  97. Check my answers for world history please!

    9. Which Battle was Germany’s counter attack and last offensive of WWII which was in response to the Invasion of Normandy. a. Battle of the Coral Sea b. Battle of Stalingrad c. Battle of the Bulge**** 10. Japanese used suicide pilots to purposely fly

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Chemistry

    A single dose of a certain antacid contains 250. mg of Mg(OH)2 and 300. mg of CaCO3. How many mmol of H+ can be neutralized by one dose of this antacid? Do not include units in your answer

    asked by Chris
  99. English

    1. The drinks are on the house tonight, so enjoy yourself. 2. The drinks are for free tonight, so enjoy yourself. 3. The drinks are free tonight, so enjoy yourself. ========================== Are they all the same in meaning? What does 'on the house' mean?

    asked by rfvv
  100. Calc 2

    Find the solution of the differential equation that satisfies the given initial condition. du/dt= (2t + sec^2(t))/(2u), u(0) = −4

    asked by TayB
  101. History

    How did Transcendentalists try to make their ideas part of daily life? (1 point) by attempting to create perfect communities, or utopias by creating group farms, such as Brook Farm in Massachusetts by establishing a church­centered community called

    asked by MsHemmoPenguin
  102. S.S.

    hi is any one from Connxus cuz I was hoping some one could help with my lesson 11 Unit 2? plz help I need answers thx

    asked by :-) (HELP PLZ)
  103. Check My Answer! :)

    What is the surface area of the square pyramid if the altitude is 4 cm, the length is 6 cm, and the height is 5 cm? a. 48 cm^2 b. 144 cm^2 c. 156 cm^2 d. 96 cm^2 i think the answer is 144 cm^2. Please show me how you did the work so then i know that i at

    asked by MICHAEL
  104. Physics

    A block of mass 0.61kg starts from rest at point A and slides down a frictionless hill of height h. At the bottom of the hill it slides across a horizontal piece of track where the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. This section (from points B to C)

    asked by Emily
  105. programming

    draw a flow chart and write algorithms description that accept three mark of students and print the mark which greater than the average mark of the students?

    asked by seid
  106. Math

    Do you have any 3rd grade math practice worksheets that I can use with my students? One of my students has a predicament of not doing his homework. Please implement your time and implementing a few practice worksheets for my students. Sincerely, Mrs. Raja

    asked by Mrs. Raja
  107. math

    What is the circumference of the circle if the diameter is 63ft. use 3.14 for pie and round to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by max
  108. MATH

    2, 12, 22, 32, 42... Find the difference between the 102nd and the 105th term. a. 20 b. 30 c. 40 d. 70 e. 90 is a correct?

    asked by Lorelai<3
  109. Check my answer for 1 history question?

    11. In 1935, Hitler and Germany enacted laws which denied German citizenship to Jews, banned marriage between Jews and non-Jews, and segregated Jews at every level of Society. What were these laws called? a. The Nuremberg Laws b. The Anti-Jewish Laws c.

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Math

    19 yards in 2.5 minutes express each rate as a unit rate round to the nearest tenth

    asked by Lol
  111. Calc 2

    Find the solution of the differential equation that satisfies the given initial condition. dy/dx= x/y, y(0) = −7

    asked by TayB
  112. Physics-mechanics

    A child's toy car runs off a battery that can supply 105 Wh of energy. If all losses (including friction) consume 45.0% of the energy available and the rider and car have a combined weight of 910 N, determine the height of the largest hill the child can

    asked by John
  113. Physics

    A square has sides of length L. In the lower-right and lower-left corners there are two sources of light waves, one in each corner, that emit identical in-phase light waves of wavelength 8.28 m in all directions. What is the minimum value of L such that

    asked by A
  114. Chem

    What is the major(s) products of 2-methyl-1,3-cyclopentadiene with the addition of HBr(conc) at 40C ?

    asked by Pete
  115. Physics

    A 9.37 kg monkey is hanging by one arm from a branch and swinging on a vertical circle. As an approximation, assume that the radial distance between the branch and the point where the monkey's mass is located to be 86.8 cm. As it swings through the lowest

    asked by Emily
  116. Physics

    A cyclist starts from rest and accelerates at 2m/s2, for 2second. Her velocity remains constant for the following 4second. The brakes are then applied and the bicycle decelerates uniformly until it comes to rest after 10 second. Find(a) the distance moved

    asked by Physics
  117. Chemistry

    Suppose that 85 mL of 0.4 M NaF and 50 mL of 0.4 M HCl are mixed. What is the K for the dominant equilibrium in terms of Ka's, Kb's, Kw etc.? Ka of HCl 1/Ka of HCl Ka of HF 1/Ka of HF Kb of F- 1/Kb of F- Kb of Cl- 1/Kb of Cl- Kw 1/Kw There is no reaction.

    asked by Sarah
  118. Chemistry

    Suppose that 30 mL of 0.5 M CsOH and 55 mL of 0.1 M NaHS are mixed. What is the K for the dominant equilibrium in terms of Ka's, Kb's, Kw etc.? Ka of HS- 1/Ka of HS- Kb of OH- 1/Kb of OH- Kb of S-2 1/Kb of S-2 Kw 1/Kw There is no reaction.

    asked by Sarah
  119. Business Math

    An investor has 98 000 to invest. If part is invested at 5% at the rest at 10% how much should be invested at each rate to yield 8% on the total amount? How much will be the interest on the total?

    asked by pypski
  120. math

    Jay is twice as old as Sandy and 2 years younger than Mike Mike is 7 years older than Sandy how old is jay ? 6 years old? 8 years old? 10 years old? 12 years old?

    asked by kimmy
  121. Science

    When the right atrium contracts, the right ventricle always contracts simultaneously. left atrium always contracts simultaneously. left atrium always relaxes simultaneously. left atrium and left ventricle always relax simultaneously. Help

    asked by Anonymous
  122. English

    Thank you for your help. 1. She teaches well. 2. She is good at teaching. 3. She is well-teaching. 4. She is ___________. .................. Is #3 not correct? What is suitable adjective which is similar to #1 and #2? What adjectives can we use in the

    asked by rfvv
  123. Chemistry

    Write the balanced equation when 9 grams of water undergo electrolysis and calculate the amount of oxygen gas liberated?

    asked by Ravalipriya
  124. math

    Jay is as twice as old as Sandy and 2 years younger than Mike Mike is 7 years older than Sandy how old is jay? 6 years old 8 years old 10 years old 12 years old

    asked by kimmy
  125. algebra

    I have 3 flavors of ice cream and 38 toppings how many combinations can I make

    asked by Anonymous
  126. mathematics

    find the volume of the parallelepiped having u= 3i-5k+k, v=2j-2k and w=3i+j+k as adjacent edges

    asked by stanley
  127. English

    1. What do you mean by that? 2. What do you mean by saying that? (Does #1 mean #2?) 3. What do you mean by "TGIF"? 4. What do you mean by saying "TGIF"? (Is #3 from #4? Is 'saying' deleted before "TGIF"?) 5. This room is for VIPs only. 6. This room is for

    asked by rfvv
  128. Cartesian Equation

    Determine the Cartesian equation of each of the following planes: b) through the points (3,0,1) and (o,1,-1), and perpendicular to the plane with equation x-y-z+1=0 My teacher told me to find a direction vector, cross that with the normal, and set up my

    asked by Lily
  129. Physics

    A double lens system is made of +35.0 cm lens (lens #1) and a - 26.0 cm lens (lens #2). Lens #1 is placed at x = 0 cm on a meter stick and lens #2 is placed at x = 30.0 cm. Where on the meter stick will the final image be formed when looking at a distant

    asked by A

    Q: A 5.0 kg block is placed on top of a 10. kg block.(DIAGRAM : ww i f) A horizontal force of 45 N is applied to the 10. kg block and the 5.0 kg block is tied to the wall. The coefficient of friction

    asked by out of time
  131. Math

    Casandra Jones has a job offer in which she will receive $600 per month plus a commission of 2.5% of the total price of the cars she sells. At her current job, she receives $1000 per month plus a commission of 1.7% of her total sales. What is the total

    asked by Maple Tree
  132. Algebraic

    Determine the roots of the quadratic equation by completing the square. Solve for exact solutions and approximate solutions. Check your solutions. Y=x2-6x-12

    asked by rian
  133. Chemistry

    85.0 mL of 1.50 mol/L ammonium chloride solution is added to 250 mL of water. Calculate the molar concentration of the final solution. Using the formula C(Concentration)=n(moles)/v(Volume measured in litres.) How am I supposed to solve this question given

    asked by AlphaPrimes
  134. science computer

    The program will accept the final marks of a group of students in a class. The lecturer can choose '1' to finds the highest and lowest marks in the class. The lecturer choose '2' to find the average marks of that class. If user enter other number, message

    asked by hisham
  135. Calculus

    Use the function f to solve the following: a) Local minima, local maxima, and stationary points if any. Show work. b)Intervals of upward concavity and downward concavity if any. Show work. c) Inflection points if any. Show work. f(x)=2x+1/x-2 Please, don't

    asked by Alice
  136. Biology

    The major vein that delivers blood from the lungs to the heart is the femoral vein. inferior vena cava. superior vena cava. pulmonary vein. jugular vein.

    asked by Anonymous
  137. computer design

    design a progaram that accepts a number representing a class and then displays the class name

    asked by jea
  138. Chemistry

    @DrBob222 I got the last question that I posted wrong and I solved it the same way. Could you show me the answer and how you got it? My test is Friday and this is a practice problem. Suppose that 30 mL of 0.5 M CsOH and 55 mL of 0.1 M NaHS are mixed. What

    asked by Sarah
  139. Calculus

    How do you find the derivative of sqrt(x+sqrt(x+sqrt(x+.......)))?

    asked by Andre
  140. Check my answers for world history please!

    1. Following the German invasion of the Soviet Union, what were the two main reasons Germany failed to defeat the Soviets? a. Russian winter and strong resistance b. Russian summer and lack of water c. Germany withdrew troops due to an invasion on the

    asked by Anonymous
  141. Math

    The question says h= -5t^2-25t models a football being kicked in to the air. And asks for the roots. I found that the roots are -5 and 0. But the answer is 5 and 0. I know time can't be negative. But u can't just switch -5 to 5. Can you.?

    asked by Annoym
  142. Math

    Mrs.Unisko made 60 cookies.She sold 2/3 and gave away 3/4.How many did she have left?

    asked by Dianthus
  143. math

    To find the formula to find the volume of a cylinder is pi r-sqrt.h the dimensions of the cylinder are h=10inches and the radius is 1.25 inches the supposed answer is 39.26 but I am having a hard time calculating the formula to match that help

    asked by meshel
  144. English

    1. She teaches well. 2. She is well teaching. ..... Are both the same?

    asked by rfvv
  145. pre calc 12

    During intermission, at a hockey game, small foam hockey pucks are launched from a height. How long is a puck in the air if a student in the stands catches it on its way down 12m above ice lvl? The model for the vertical motion of the puck can be

  146. maths

    A.If 0 is less than or equal to thita is less than 360 ,find all possible value of thita such that : 1.Sin thita =0.5623

    asked by Rose
  147. Foreign Languages

    Read the paragraph. Can you figure out what the conversation is about? Rocio: Bueno? Rogelio: Hola, se encuentra Raquel? Rocio: No, ahora no esta. Puedo tomar un mensaje? Rogelio: Si. Soy Rogelio. Le puedese decir que me llame al 81-88-55-21? Rocio: Claro

    asked by Santiago R.
  148. PHYSICS

    1)At the instant traffic turns green, an automobile that has been waiting at an intersection of roads accelerats with 5ms-2. At the same instant a truck traveling with a constant velocity. (i) how far beyond its starting point will be automobile overtake

    asked by PEACE
  149. math

    I also have a question for finding the formula of two rectanguler prisms I know the formula to find the volume is b x h x l Prism A dimensions is a height of 10 inches and the width is 2 inches but how do I find the length of the prism same senario with

    asked by meshel
  150. History


    asked by #FreeGucci
  151. Algebra

    I need help Solving the system of equations algebraically and Showing all the steps involved. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20

    asked by GummyBears16
  152. Physics Circuit Problem

    (dot) webassign (dot) net / s e r c p 9 / 1 8 - p - 0 2 1 - a l t . g i f Determine... (a) the current in each resistor (Indicate the direction of the current flow through each resistor through the sign of your answer. Take upward current flow as

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Science

    The solubility of potassium nitrate is 40 at 30 degree celcius. Calculate the mass of water required to make a saturated solution by dissolving 15 gram of potassium nitrate at that temperature. Could u guys help me to get answer of this question. Plz help

    asked by Dõniyā
  154. math

    Find the zeros of each function. Then graph the function. y= (x-1) (x+2) Can you show me how to do this please?

    asked by kelley
  155. social studies

    The introduction of maize most likely contributed to which major Native American cultural shift?

    asked by nijah
  156. social studies

    The introduction of maize most likely contributed to which major Native American cultural shift?

    asked by nijah
  157. Hypothesis Testing - maths

    Data were collected on the differences in weight gains of 12 people one month after they stopped smoking, compared with their weight at the time when they stopped smoking. The data are given in Table 2. A positive quantity corresponds to a gain in weight,

    asked by Jay
  158. Sociology

    According to Parsons, evolutionary change occurs through a two step process involving A) the ideational and the sensate B) differentiation and integration C) core societies and peripheral societies D) industrialization and modernization

    asked by Mack
  159. Biology

    Systolic blood pressure is the pressure in veins. pressure in major arteries caused by the contraction of the left ventricle. pressure in major arteries when the heart is relaxing. difference in pressure that causes the pulse. hard im thinking its B

    asked by Anonymous
  160. math

    the product of a number and five decreased by eight

    asked by chris
  161. maths lit,business studies,economics and mechanical technology

    Which career/degree can I study with the above mentioned subjects

    asked by gift moeketsi
  162. The 5th Wave

    In the 5th Wave, when Evan met Grace after he was injured, and after they fought each other, what happened to Grace? Was she killed by Evan? Another Silencer? By Commander Vosch?

    asked by Caitlyn
  163. algebra

    How do you find the approximate and rewriting a radical

    asked by rian
  164. World history check my answers please

    my answers have a ***star next to them 1. Who coined the term “Iron Curtain”? a. Harry Truman b. Joseph Stalin c. Winston Churchill*** 2. What best describes the Truman Doctrine? a. Provide food and goods for post-Nazi Germany b. Provide for the

    asked by Anonymous
  165. Literature

    A Long Way Gone In Chapter 7, what happens to the imam?

    asked by KAROLYN Q.
  166. Physics

    A car travels at a constant speed around a circular track whose radius is 2.59 km. The car goes once around the track in 380 s. What is the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of the car?

    asked by Emily
  167. math

    Byron and his band are touring for 6 weeks along the East coat. If they have 12 nights off and play a concert on each of the remaining nights, how many concerts will the band play while on tour?

    asked by Anonymous
  168. English

    Why does the Rabbi's son abandon his father on the march to Buchenwald? He believes his father is better off without him. He wants to be free from the responsibility of his father. He doesn't want to tell his father he doesn't believe in God.

    asked by Jessica
  169. Math

    Marcus has a large supply of rectangular wooden tiles. He wants to lay them out to form a square such that there are no gaps, and no tiles overlap. Each tile measures 44 mm wide and 56 mm long a) What will be the dimensions of the smallest square he can

    asked by Jay
  170. Physics- Circuits Current & Voltage Problem

    Please find this question onto y a h o o s e a r c h e n g i n e b y c o p y & p a s t e. Determine... (a) the current in each resistor (Indicate the direction of the current flow through each resistor through the sign of your answer. Take upward current

    asked by Frustrated College Student
  171. English

    1. Take the down escalator on the right. 2. Take the up escalator on the left. 3. Use the escalator to go to the third floor. 4. Use the elevator to the third floor. 5. Take the elevator to the third floor. 6. Take the stairs to go to the first floor. 7.

    asked by rfvv
  172. Science

    How to work out the weight on mercury Jupiter and Saturn

    asked by Ana
  173. English

    1. I'm gonna take the bike to the station. 2. I'm gonna ride the bike to the station. 3. I'm gonna use the bike to the station. ----------------- Which verbs can we use? Are they all acceptable? Which verb is commonly use? Do we have to use the verb 'ride'

    asked by rfvv
  174. Math

    Suzzie has 36 marbles in her pocket. Twelve of them are red. Write this fraction in simplest form, and define the parts of the fraction.

    asked by Allison Saka
  175. Maths - Statistics

    A large school in the UK offers its pupils the opportunity to learn several non-English languages. It turns out that: • 55% of pupils in this school choose to learn French; • of the pupils who learn French, 40% also learn German. (a) For pupils in this

    asked by Jay
  176. Mathematics

    The cuboid undergoes a reduction by a scale factor of0.6, draw a sketch of the reduced cuboid labelling its dimensions clearly.

    asked by Gangadari
  177. math

    What is 78 / 9 x 3 + (6 - 9)?

    asked by Andy
  178. Math

    1-(sinx tanx / 1+secx)

    asked by Loved Chilapu
  179. PHYSICS

    A ball is projected horizontally with a velocity of 2.5m/s. Find its position and velocity after one second. pls show ur workings.

    asked by PEACE
  180. Authors

    In the 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, what happens to Grace? Grace used to be the Silencer Evan Walker's friend.

    asked by Alexander

    If today is tuesday, WHAT WILL IT BE IN 300 DAYS? I have no idea where to start HELPPPP

    asked by Raini
  182. Physics

    Advanced electronic techniques utilize microscopic structures. Consider a single-turn solenoid in which the radius and the length of the solenoid are both of the order 10 microns, and a parallel plate capacitor in which the plate separation and the radius

    asked by SomeoneSexy
  183. Math

    you bought 10 gallon jugs of juice for $26 if apple juice cost $2 per gallon and orange juice costs $3.50 per gallon how many of each type did he buy

    asked by Kaitlyn
  184. Derulo

    13 more than the product of M & 5

    asked by Alex
  185. Math

    If there are 380 seniors and 29 out of every 40 plan on going to college how many plan on going to college?

    asked by Senpai
  186. permutation

    In how many words can a committee of 5 people be chosen out of 8 people

    asked by abubakar
  187. science

    space craft is heading towards the sun which is located 150,000,000 km. away from earth at a speed of 17,000 km, per hour. what is the approximately to the nearest year how long will it take to arrive at the sun's surface? show work

    asked by Anonymous
  188. Maths

    The ratio of girls to bus in Year 8 at a particular school is 2:5. How many total students are there in Year 8 if there are 26 girls?

    asked by Kylie
  189. owens

    i need help in writing an essay for more details- written in APA style

    asked by michael
  190. math

    another cylinder question volume formula is pi r-sqrt*h the dimensions are 8 inches with a 1.6 radius

    asked by meshel
  191. English

    can you use credible celebrities like Steve jobs or bill gates as an example in a PERSUASIVE essay?

    asked by Boberto