Questions Asked on
March 20, 2016

  1. chemistry

    When hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used in rocket fuels, it produces water, oxygen, and heat. 2H2O2(l)⟶2H2O(l)+O2(g)ΔH=−196kJ How many kilojoules are released when 2.65 moles of H2O2 reacts? How many kilojoules are released when 234 g of O2 is produced?

    asked by marcy
  2. Health

    The state in which a person's mental and physical abilities are impaired is called? A. Hangover*** B. Black out C. intoxication D. a coma

    asked by A girl with problems.
  3. Language arts

    In the multi-draft reading process, what does a reader look for in the third reading? A. How details about the characters come together to define a drama's themes*** B. Major details about the characters and conflicts C. The role that dialogue has in

    asked by Human
  4. Chemisrty

    if electricity of sufficient voltage is passed into a solution of potassium iodide in water, a reaction takes place in which elemental hydrogen gas and elemental iodine are produced, leaving a solution of potassium hydroxide. what is the unbalanced

    asked by Mandy
  5. math

    it is given that y is directly proportional to xn. write down the value of n when (i) y m square is the area of a square length x m . (ii) y cm cube is the volume of a cube of length x cm.

    asked by nurul
  6. science help PLS

    Which of the following types of stars started out on the main sequence with the largest initial mass? In Graph A, the curve peaks at 800 nm, in the red section of the visible light spectrum. In Graph B, the curve peaks at 550 nm, in the green section of

    asked by Oscar
  7. Math

    A ship is 60 miles west and 91 miles south of the harbor. a) What bearing should the ship take to sail directly to the harbor? (Round answer to nearest tenth of degree.) b) What is the direct distance to the harbor?

    asked by Blake D
  8. History

    Please check! 3. What is the effect of the depression of the 1890s on South Carolina? a. Gold was discovered in Alaska. b. Many banks failed and railroads went bankrupt. c. Paper money was no longer backed by gold.*** d. Inflation caused farmers to run

    asked by SpitFireRedHead
  9. reading

    (1) Scientists generally agree that Earth is getting warmer due to what's called the greenhouse effect. (2) A greenhouse stays warm because sunlight and heat coming through the glass roof are mostly trapped. (3) The heat doesn't radiate back into the

    asked by Anonymous
  10. maths

    A car travels 40 miles per gallon of petrol. How many kilometres can it travel on 5 gallons of petrol? (From a KS2 CGP SATs question book). The solution in the book says 40/5 = 8 8x8=64 64x 5 = 320Km I get the 64x5 =320Km, but not the first bit. Can anyone

    asked by Anna
  11. mathematics-Algebra

    I think of two whole numbers;the product of the average of the sum and difference of the numbers and the difference of the sum and difference of the numbers is 12.if three times the first added to the second makes up 11..find the two numbers please show

    asked by p1
  12. Chemistry Honors

    Nitrosyl chloride (NOCl)decomposes to nitrogen oxide and chlorine gases. The concentration of NOCl drops from 0.580 M to 0.238 M in 8.00 min. Calculate the average rate of reaction over this time interval.

    asked by Caden
  13. Math

    A 200-foot cliff drops vertically into the ocean. The angle of elevation from a ship to the top of the cliff is 22.3 degrees. How far offshore, to the nearest foot, is the ship?

    asked by Matthew Yeargin
  14. Math

    So, this "kiddo" needs some help plz! You are having a discussion about sequences with your classmate. She insists that the sequence is 2, 3, 5, 8, and 12 must be either arithmetic or geometric. Is she correct. Explain. HELP I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!!

    asked by No one special
  15. History

    Please check! 1. What was the effect of the rise of unions in the late 1800s? a. The population in cities quickly grew.*** b. South Carolina developed many unions prior to World War I. c. Workers had more bargaining power with management. d. Living

    asked by SpitFireRedHead
  16. Language Arts

    "Their flag to April's breeze unfurled ...." What's the symbol? And what does it represent? HELP

    asked by HELP
  17. chemistry 1020

    You have 67.0 mL of a 0.400 M stock solution that must be diluted to 0.100 M. Assuming the volumes are additive, how much water should you add?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. History

    Please check! 2. What changed almost every aspect of life in South Carolina in the late 1800s? a. the discovery of gold b. the rise of inflation c. the election of President McKinley d. the development of electric power***

    asked by SpitFireRedHead
  19. Maths

    I am a three-digit number. I am divisible by 6. My middle digit is a prime number. The sum of my digit is 9. I am between 400 and 500. My digits are descending order. What number am I?

    asked by Frotel Mana
  20. can someone help and explain plz

    can someone give me 3 examples of how where Carolina lives shapes her life and the opportunities available for her and her family. and then include how Caroline life would be different if she lived in a different region of mexico

    asked by im new here
  21. Physics

    A 5kg block is being pulled on a horizontal frictionless surface. The tension in the string is 30N. What is the total work done on the block as it moves a distance of 10 meters? Thank you very much!

    asked by Steve
  22. physics

    Given a slab with refractive index n=1.33 and incident light striking the top horizontal face at angle i.The maximum value of i for which total internal reflection occurs is:

    asked by Manu
  23. calculus

    Find the solution of the differential equation that satisfies the given initial condition. dp/dt=2 sqrt(pt), P(1)=5 my answer: P=(2/3t^(3/2)+(15sqrt(5)-10)/15)^2 how is it wrong?

    asked by kyle
  24. algebra

    using cross multiplication method solve 3x+5y=25 , 7x+6y=30

    asked by manikandan
  25. history

    can someone give me 3 examples of how where Carolina lives shapes her life and the opportunities available for her and her family and plus a pragraph in the tree examples

    asked by im new here
  26. Physics

    A 5kg block is being pulled on a horizontal frictionless surface. The tension in the string is 30N. If the block has an initial speed of 2m/s, what is the speed after moving 10 meters? Please help!Thanks

    asked by Donna
  27. Math

    Carol makes a spinner for a game. The spinner is divided into 10 equal sections. Each section is shaded 1 of these colors: green, red, yellow, or blue. On this spinner, the probability of spinning green is 3 times as great as the probability of spinning

    asked by Mason
  28. math

    At East Coast Dogs, 2 of the last 7 customers wanted mustard on their hot dogs. What is the experimental probability that the next customer will want mustard?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Algebra

    Lynn is tracking the progress of her plant’s growth. Today the plant is 5cm high. The plant grows 1.5 cm each day. Find the height of the plant after 20 days.

    asked by Natoutou
  30. Science AP Chemistry

    It is necessary to add iodide ions to precipitate the lead(II) ions from 250 mL of 0.076 M Pb(NO3)2(aq). What minimum iodide ion concentration is required for the onset of PbI2 precipitation? The solubility product of PbI2 is 1.4 × 10−8 . Answer in

    asked by Jacaria
  31. Algebra

    A building is 2ft from a 9ft fence that surrounds the property.A worker wants to wash a window in the building 13 ft from the ground. He plans to place a ladder over the fence so it rests against the building.He decides he should place the ladder 7ft from

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Algebra

    calculate the time for the colony to reach 1 million bacteria. Number of bacteria present. Doubles every minute 2 4 8 16 32 64

    asked by Suzanne
  33. Maths

    The probability a pupil takes a bus to school is 0.3. If a sample of 10 pupils are chosen at random. Using binomial distribution. Find the probability that a) exactly four pupils travel by bus. b) more than six pupils travel by bus.

    asked by Chris
  34. mathematics

    Find the angle of depression of a boat from the bridge at a horizontal distance of 25 m from the bridge if the height of the bridge is 25 m

    asked by Rahul
  35. Math

    A billboard is 2.5 times as long as it is wide. The area of the actual billboard is 2,250 square feet. A scale drawing is made of the billboard and the area of the scale is 160 square inches. What is the scale used in the scale drawing?

    asked by Blargh
  36. Algebra

    You had some cookies and milk for breakfast this morning. The total number of calories of your breakfast is 232. Each cookie has 25 calories and a bottle of milk has 57 calories. How many cookies did you have for breakfast?

    asked by Natoutou
  37. chemistry

    Ould you please offer me some insight to this, Calculate the hydrogen ion concentration (H+) for the aqueous solution in which (OH-) is1×10-15 mol/L. Is this solution acidic, basic or neutral? Thanks in advance

    asked by lulu
  38. Math

    How many different sums of money can U make with 4 pennies, two nickels and six quarters

    asked by Rose
  39. History

    I've been looking for the answers to questions on my study guide for a test I will have for a couple hours and I got a lot of them. However, there are some that I still have a hard time finding. Here are the questions. If I can be told even some of these,

    asked by Stefan
  40. Applied statistics

    A fireworks show is designed so that the time between fireworks is between one and five seconds, and follows a uniform distribution. a. Find the average time between fireworks. b. Find probability that the time between fireworks is greater than four

    asked by Nandini
  41. politcal science

    In Washington's Farewell Address, what type of policy did he advocate when dealing with foreign countries? Question 6 options: Complete isolation for all foreign countries Extensive treaties with other countries Expansion of US power over foreign countries

    asked by Gary
  42. chemistry

    Consider the following mechanism: STEP 1: A ---> B +C (slow) STEP 2: C+D ---> E (fast) OVERALL: A+D---> B+E Determine the rate law for the overall reaction (where the overall rate constant is represented as k). please help me. how do i do this problem?

    asked by Anna
  43. math

    You are on a 650-mile trip by car. Your car used eight gallons of gas to travel the first 210 miles of the trip at the same rate. How much more gas will you need to make it the rest of the way?

    asked by 7
  44. Algebra

    T wo hundred and fifty tickets are available for sale for a school dance. On Monday, 35 tickets were sold. An equal number of tickets were sold each day for the next five days. H ow many tickets were sold on one of those days?

    asked by Natoutou
  45. Math

    The rental rate at rent a wreck is 30$per day plus $0.25 per mile driven

    asked by Anonymous
  46. asomaning

    Aluminum has specific heat capacity of 900j/kg explain this statement?

    asked by nanaldo
  47. chemistry

    What mass of Na2SO4 is needed to make 8.5L of 4.0M solution? Is the answer 7480 grams?

    asked by lulu
  48. electric field

    Two equal positive charges q are placed at the opposite vertices of a square of side a. Determine and show on a diagram the electric field created by these three charges at the fourth vertex of the square. Thanks.

    asked by angy
  49. Physics

    a bird is flying through the air with an air speed 12.6m/s heading 27.7 west of north. it is a windy day with wind velocity blowing at 8.95m/s heading 12.5 south of west. what is the velocity of the bird as seen by a person on the ground

    asked by Jen
  50. physics

    the tires of a certain car begin to lose their grip on the pavement at acceleration of 5 m/s to the power of 2 if the car has this acceleration , how many seconds does it required reaching a speed of 25 m/s starting from 10 m/s?. Please help me

    asked by shiela vargas
  51. Math

    Sue bought a new dress while on holiday in the USA. The sales tax was 8%. If she was paid $6.40 tax, and if she was charged 15% duty on the original purchase (before tax), how much did she pay in all?

    asked by Matt
  52. Chem

    A student reacts 57g of salicylic acid with 21 mL of acetic anhydride producing 10.5g of acetyl salicylic acid. What is the percent yield of the reaction?

    asked by Kennedy
  53. Math

    Can someone point me in the right direction on how to solve this problem? Which algebraic expression is equivalent to the expression? -4(2x + 5)2

    asked by Destielforever
  54. algebra

    Square root of 39 (square root of 6 minus 4)

    asked by angie
  55. macroeconomics

    How are currency exchange rates determined?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    For a calculus quiz, the teacher will choose 11 questions from the 15 in a set of review exercises. How many different sets of questions could the teacher choose

    asked by Rose
  57. math

    Michael has 18 decorative square tiles to make a design on a kitchen backsplash. He wants to arrange them in a rectangular shape with the least perimeter possible. How many tiles will be in each row?

    asked by Lizzie
  58. Maths

    the product of two consecutive even numbers is 12 more than the square of the smallest number.Find the numbers

    asked by molf
  59. Chemistry

    When 28g calcium reacts with 25 grams oxygen, how many grams calcium oxide form? I have 2Ca+ 2O2= 4CaO its is not working. Stoichemistry. I have the Ca as the reactant that is limiting? Please help.

    asked by Sarah
  60. geometry

    Flower seeds will be planted at points that lie on a circle that has a diameter of 8 feet. The point where any seed is planted must be 2 feet away from the seefs on either side of it. What is the maximum number of seeds that can be planted.

    asked by nik
  61. Algebra

    The cost of a large pizza is $7.99 plus an additional $0.99 for each topping. Tom ordered a large pizza that cost $10.96. Write and s olve an algebraic equation to find the number of toppings on the pizza.

    asked by Natoutou
  62. politcal science

    Who is the only third-party candidate to win more than 25% of the popular vote? Question 7 options: Millard Fillmore Theodore Roosevelt George Wallace Ralph Nader

    asked by Gary
  63. Physics

    A stone A is dropped from the top of a very high platform. At the same time another stone is thrown vertically upward from the ground level with an initial speed of 50m/s. At the instance that the stone passes each other, the ration of the velocities of A

    asked by Jefferson Mckinley
  64. social studies help

    explain the advantages and disadvantages of independence of different countries? I chose the u.s. and cuba

    asked by sunshine
  65. Math

    Hi spent 53$ on tulips and orchids. The tulips cost $6 each and $7 for orchids. If she bought 8 flowers all how many tulips did she buy

    asked by Dicle
  66. Chemistry

    Aqueous sodium sulfide reacts with aqueous calcium chloride to make a solid. The % yield is 85%. Calculate the amount of each reactant needed to actually make 3.0g of the solid.

    asked by Dan
  67. Physics

    Bob (80 kg) lands with a resultant GRF of 1200 N at an angle of 80 degrees from the horizontal. Round answers to nearest whole number. What was his vertical acceleration during landing?

    asked by Matthew
  68. Economics

    How are long and short term equilibrium prices set?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math lit,life science,agriculture,geogrphy,L.O,

    Which good career path is good for the following subject

    asked by Thulani
  70. Algebra

    Jane wants to buy T - shirts at $12 each and dresses at $30 each. If Jane has a budget of 150 dollars, how many dresses can she buy if 5 T - shirts are bought?

    asked by Natoutou
  71. english

    Please can someone composed a short poem for me.?

    asked by lyn
  72. Pre-Calc

    Write the quadratic equation whose roots are 2 and 1, and whose leading coefficient is 1 Not sure even how to start?

    asked by Dee
  73. English

    1.I'm worried about my looks. I want to become more handsome. What should I do? - Why don¡¯t use organic cosmetics on your face? - Why don¡¯t put organic cosmetics on your face? - Why don¡¯t you wash your face more often? - Why don¡¯t you have

    asked by rfvv
  74. Algebra

    The foundation of a house is in the shape of a rectangular solid. The volume of the foundation is 2080 cubic feet. The height of the foundation is 10 feet and the width is 8 feet. What is the length of the foundation?

    asked by Dee365
  75. math

    This table shows the distances and time wade walked in two days. Friday 1.5 miles 0.5 hours Saturday 1.15miles 0.4 hours on which of these days did wade walk at a faster rate?

    asked by jessica
  76. chemistry

    Then the answer would be 4828 grams, right. I was using 2 molecules of SO4. What is the mass of Na2SO4 needed to make 8.5L of 4.0 M solution?

    asked by lulu
  77. math help pls pls pls

    Create an example of a polynomial in standard form. How do you know it is in standard form? pls help me

    asked by Oscar
  78. Physics

    Draw a FBD of an object that has forces acting on it that are not at right angles. If someone can provide me of some sort of example of what situation could represent this i would appreciate it.

    asked by Steve
  79. math

    The areas of two similar triangles are 16 and 25. What is the ratio of a pair of corresponding sides?

    asked by Charlotte
  80. math

    if 50,000 tons of freight imports came from japan and 200,000 came from the USA. Can you show the difference between the two in a percent? it says the the 50,000 tons from Japan is 30% less than what was imported from the USA which is 200000. But i can't

    asked by Jacob
  81. Science

    Belonging to one communtity

    asked by Jensy
  82. expansion help!!! maths

    write down the expansion of (1+x-x^2)^6 in Ascending other please show full working!

    asked by collins
  83. Math

    If an isosceles triangle has 2 side lenghts of 7 inches and 14 inches, what is the third side? Show you work.

    asked by Blargh
  84. Chemistry

    The first part of this questions answer is 4.291975376e-4 What mass of KI must be added for PbI2 to form? Answer in units of g.

    asked by Jacaria
  85. math-stats

    There are 40 items in which 8 are defective. if 6 items are selected at random, what is the probability that 4 are non defective?

    asked by
  86. Math

    How do i make a table of value for a quadratic relation? How do i know what x-values to use in the table? Can someone show me using this set of equations as an example. y= x^2 y= (x-2)^2 y= (x-4)^2

    asked by Parabola
  87. physics

    A ball of mass 0.50 kg is thrown vertically upwards, calculate the net force on the ball at the top of its flight

    asked by Duy
  88. Demography

    What is the current total world population??

    asked by Winniefred
  89. Math

    What is the difference between geometric patterns (with numbers) and arithmetic patterns?

    asked by No one special
  90. Science

    a bullet with mass 0.281 kg is fired from a rifle. It stick into a block of wood with a mass of 17.8 that was at rest. The block/bullet combo moves at 3 m/s. What was the initial velocity of the bullet?

    asked by lara
  91. Math

    billys bike has wheels of diameter 70 cm he invented a counter for his bike which counts the number of revolutions the wheels make one day the county shows 350 revolutions how far has Billy cycled

    asked by Alicia
  92. Discrete Math Help

    1) How would I prove that (n - 1 + 2 C 2) = n + (n C 2) 2) A cafeteria offers 17 types of pizza and 5 types of soda. Bob goes there everyday for lunch, always buying two slices of pizza and one soda. However, he never gets exactly the same thing on two

    asked by David
  93. math

    What type of different distance rate problems are there?

    asked by Ariana
  94. politcal science

    Which of the following is NOT one of the Republican party factions? Fiscal Conservatives Libertarians Organized labor Neoconservatives

    asked by Gary
  95. politcal science

    As of January 2015, how many members of the House of Representatives and the Senate are NOT members of the Democratic or Republican party? 0 123 100 2

    asked by Gary
  96. math

    if x is directy proportinal to y cube and y=2 when x= 1, (a) find an equation connecting x and y. (b) find the value of x when y = 1 (c) find the value of y when x=108.

    asked by nurul
  97. MATH

    Am I correct? A suit that normally sells for $300 is on sale for $225. By what percent has the price of the suit been lowered? 300-225=75, 75 x 100=7500, 7500/300=25 Answer 25%

    asked by Amie
  98. electronics

    Find the value of the remaining components of a common emmitter single stage amplifer circuit given Ic=3mA, Tr=ZTx300, hfe=80, F=40Hz, Ve=2.5, Vcc=8v show workings

    asked by kaycee
  99. Chemistry

    Which two conjugates could not undergo hydrolysis to act as buffers? C6H5COO- H2PO4- NH4+ ClO4- C5H5NH3+ F- Br-

    asked by Mikah
  100. science

    How much sodium bromide do I need to make 100 ml of 0.2m solution?

    asked by margaret
  101. Math

    If 1 > x > 9/8, which is bigger, ∛3x or √2x.

    asked by Lance
  102. Math haha

    Simplify: ( 7/2+5/6 )^2 - ( 7/2-5/6 )^2

    asked by Lance
  103. Math

    Expand (3-x)^7 Would i start like (3)^7(-x)0 etc....

    asked by Rose
  104. geometry

    In a square of compost 4 ft by 4 ft. Ms. Lee had 1000 worms. How many worms can she have if her square of compost has a side lenght that is 8 times longer?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. itü

    A block of mass 7.63 kg is sliding at a constant velocity down an inclined plane that makes an angle of 33.9° with respect to the horizontal. What is the friction force?

    asked by aslan
  106. physics 101

    A truck is moving at the speed of 30 miles per hour, what is it's speed in meter per second.

    asked by Grace
  107. Other

    What's a good way to tell a human skull from a rock at home

    asked by Glenn
  108. electrical electronics

    Find the value of the remaining components of a common emmitter amplifer circuit given Ic=3mA, Tr=ZTx300, hfe=80, F=40Hz, Ve=2.5 show workings

    asked by john
  109. Physics

    your car has stalled and has come to rest on a level section of a busy street. you and a passenger decide to push the car to the side of the road so it will not interfere with the trafic. together you excert a combine horizontal force of 1320N. the

    asked by Jen
  110. logarithm help!!!!

    k/k^5=logk find k

    asked by collins
  111. Math

    A bracelet is 8 inches long. The string to make it is sold by the foot. What fraction of a foot is used to make the bracelet? Anything would help! 12 inches= 1 foot

    asked by C
  112. electronics

    Find the value of the remaining components of a common emmitter single stage amplifier circuit given Ic=3mA, Tr=ZTx300, hfe=80, F=40Hz, Ve=2.5 show workings A

    asked by kaycee