Questions Asked on
March 16, 2016

  1. Health

    Another term for alcohol poisoning is.. A)Hangover B)Blackout C)Intoxication D)Overdose I would think either C or D

    asked by Cassie
  2. language arts

    "this question asks about your independent reading selection. compare and contrast your independent reading selection with one or two other selections you have read this unit. support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from your independent

    asked by help!!
  3. Science-The Solar System

    What are two major differences in the composition of the inner and outer planets? I know that the inner planets are small, hard, and rocky, and the outer planets are large and gaseous. What is another difference?

    asked by Person
  4. Chem

    In the aqueous solution of H2SO4 its mole fraction is 0.2 then closest value of molality of solution is (1) 13.9 (2) 9.8 (3) 10.2 (4) 11.2

    asked by Naman
  5. math

    Grandpa Mick opened a pint of ice crew. He gave his youngest grandchild 1/5 of the ice cream and his middle grandchild 1/4 of the remaining ice cream. Then, he gave his oldest grandchild 1/3 of the ice cream that was left after serving the others. Who got

    asked by teresa
  6. Physics

    The force between two identical charges separated by 1 cm is equal to 90 N. What is the magnitude of the two charges?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. 4th grade math fractions

    can anyone please answer and explain this A little monkey had 75 peaches. Each day, he kept a fraction of his peaches, gave the rest away, and then ate one. These are the fractions he decided to keep: 1/2,1/4,3/4,3/5,5/6,11/15 In which order did he use the

    asked by kk
  8. Math

    1. Which would you measure in meters? A. The length of a pencil B. The capacity of a cup C. The mass of a puppy D. The length of a car

    asked by keykat
  9. chemestry

    Among the following Ka values, which represents the strongest acid? A. Ka = 1.2 x 10-3 B. Ka = 3.4 x 10-5 C. Ka = 8.7 x 10-8 D. Ka = 5.8 x 10-10 would the answer be A? please explain, don't just give me the answer.

    asked by louren
  10. geometry

    Find the missing value to the nearest hundredth. tan ___ = 73 a- 81.61 b- 64.61 c- 60.61 d- 89.22 My answer is D

    asked by Steve
  11. math

    Find c and I. Choose the right answers. Hint: c = total of payments - amount financed Amount Financed (m) = $3,500 Number of Payments per year (y) = 12 Number of Payments (n) = 36 36 payments of $104.50 each. To the nearest penny, total interest(c) = $ To

    asked by sarah
  12. math

    At Laurita's bakery 3/5 of the baked goods are pies and the rest are cakes. 1/3 of the pies are coconut. 1/6 of the cakes are angel-food. What fraction of all of the baked goods at Laurita's Bakery are coconut pies? What fraction of all of the baked goods

    asked by teresa
  13. Geography

    which demographic group is correctly matched with its issue A.religious people - farm subsidies B.midwesterners - farm subsidies C.single parents - affirnmative action D.all are matched correctly

    asked by AJ
  14. chemestry

    How would you classify a solution if [OH-] = 4.2 x 10-8 M? A. Acidic B. Basic C. Neutral D. It is impossible to tell based on the information given would it be B? please explain

    asked by louren
  15. Stats

    Suppose you pay $1.00 to roll a fair die with the understanding that you will get back $3.00 for rolling a 6 or a 3, nothing otherwise. What is your expected value?

    asked by Jonell
  16. Science

    A slab of granite has a mass of 1400.0 grams. The specific heat of granite is 0.040 J/gC. How much heat must be absorbed to raise the granite slab's temperature by 75 degrees C? 11.8 kJ 80.5 kJ 88.2 kJ 19.5 kJ I've tried solving this several times and I

    asked by Rachael
  17. Geometry

    A construction crew wants to hoist a heavy beam so that it is standing up straight. They tie a rope to the beam, secure the base, and pull the rope through a pulley to raise one end of the beam from the ground. When the beam makes an angle of 40 degrees

    asked by NORA
  18. History

    magine you work in a steel mill in a large industrial city in England in the late 1800s. You live in a neighborhood with other factory workers, and share the same living and working conditions they do. Write a letter to your representative in Parliament

    asked by Jessica
  19. Physics

    A lift of mass 200kg moves upward with a uniform velocity of 4 m/s . if efficiency of motor is 70% then input power of motor is?

    asked by rpzubaern
  20. Math

    Seventy-five times a negative integer minus 36 equals negative 21 times the square of the negative integer.Which equation could be used to solve for the unknown negative integer

    asked by Shalin
  21. U.S. History (Check)(REED)

    1. Name 5 aspects of New Morality. A: 1. Glorified youth. 2. Glorified personal freedom. 3. Challenged traditional ways of seeing and thinking. 4. Ideals of those of the loving family and personal satisfaction. 5. Influenced various aspects of American

    asked by Victoria
  22. History

    Why was shipbuilding important to the Romans international trade? A. A major part of Romes economy was the selling of ships to foriegn merchants. B. Italy was covered with forests, which provided the lumber needed to build ships. C. Romans could build

    asked by History
  23. Math

    3. Select the measurement that is most reasonable. A. A cat has a mass of 5 grams. B. A street has a width of 5 meters. C. A swimming pool has a capacity of 5 liters. D. A beetle has a mass of 5 kilograms.

    asked by keykat
  24. Math

    2. Which would you measure in kilograms? A. the mass of a butterfly B. the capacity of a bottle C. the mass of a dog

    asked by keykat
  25. Math

    You borrow $2,000 for a period of 4 years. You are charged simple interest at a rate of 3%. How much will you repay at the end of 4 years? Please answer. Thank you

    asked by Luke Airhart
  26. Science

    15)Which of the following shows the correct sequence of what happens to the water molecules in an ice cube when it is removed from the freezer? 1. the molecules gain enough energy to break free from each other. 2. the ice begins to melt 3. the molecules

    asked by #FreeGucci
  27. Math

    9 friends share 12 pounds of pecans equals how many pounds of pecans does each friend get? Please answer soon! :-) :-( :-(

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    Grandpa Mick opened a pint of ice crew. He gave his youngest grandchild 1/5 of the ice cream and his middle grandchild 1/4 of the remaining ice cream. Then, he gave his oldest grandchild 1/3 of the ice cream that was left after serving the others. Who got

    asked by teresa
  29. Physics

    Using energy considerations and assuming negligible air resistance, find the speed of a rock just before it hits the water if it is thrown from a bridge 20.2 m above water with an initial speed of 13.4 m/s? (Verify that the speed is independent of the

    asked by Anonymous
  30. physics

    A concave spherical mirror forms an inverted image different in size from the object by a factor a > 1. The distance between object and image is d. Find the focal length of the mirror. (Use any variable or symbol stated above as necessary.) (b) Suppose the

    asked by Anonymous
  31. chemistry

    Calculate the Molarity of the unknown acid if 25.0 mL of the acid reacts with 17.50 mL of 0.14 M NaOH solution. Assume that NaOH and acid react in 1:! ratio. Show your work. (Hint: Find the moles of NaOH from the given molarity and volume. mols of NaOH =

    asked by shosho
  32. Geometry

    Write the equation of circle O centered at origin that passes through (9,-2) Circle B with center (0,-2) that passes through (-6,0) >For circle B, is the radius 6 in this case? So equation would be x^2+(x+2)^2=36, correct? If this is the case, how would I

    asked by Peluche
  33. maths,agricultur;life science,business

    identify three courses or study fields you are interestedin following after grd12.write them down in order of preference.provide 2 reasons why you find this a suitable course for each choice

    asked by precious
  34. Maths

    The rain water from a roof top of 44m*20m drain into a cylindrical tank having diameter of base 4m and height 3.5m if the tank is just full.find the rainfall in cm?

    asked by Lidiya
  35. Spanish

    translate this to english please but do not use google tanslate because it is not accurate they don't give you good enough answers please help me as soon as possible thank you so much ms. sue! el parque nacional

    asked by Ethan Michaelson III
  36. Math help asap!!! or someone help please

    4. Which explains why the sequence 81, 3, 1/9,... is arithmetic or geometric? A)The sequence is arithmetic because it decreases by a factor of 1/27 B)The sequence is geometric because it decreases by a factor of 1/27 C)The sequence is arithmetic because it

    asked by Miranda Lambert
  37. Physics

    Calculate the force needed to bring a 1100–kg car to rest from a speed of 83.0 km/h in a distance of 118 m (a fairly typical distance for a non-panic stop). Suppose instead the car hits a concrete abutment at full speed and is brought to a stop in 1.82

    asked by Emiliee
  38. physics

    A police car moving at 75m/s is initially behind a truck moving in the same direction at 14m/s. The natural frequency of the car's siren is 1000Hz. What is the change in frequency observed by the truck driver as the car overtakes him?

    asked by maryam
  39. English 10th grade

    1. Read the prompt below. Consider your position on the issue. Then write an essay response. You have 30 minutes to complete this assignment. Your assignment will be graded based on the Persuasive Prompt Grading Rubric. The rubric can be found in your Unit

    asked by Yesenia Castillo
  40. Math (statistics)

    The probability of obtaining heads on a biased coin is 0.4. The coin is tossed 600 times. a. i. Write down the mean number of heads (240) ii. Find the standard deviation of the number of heads (12) b. Find the probability that the number of heads obtained

    asked by Myra
  41. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of KHP (molar mass 204.44 g/mol) that reacts with 15.0 mL of the 0.15 M NaOH solution (molar mass 40.00 g/mol) required for standardization of the NaOH solution. Show your work.

    asked by shosho
  42. MATH

    An urn contains 5 white and 6 black balls. Four balls are randomly drawn from the urn in succession, with replacement. That is, after each draw, the selected ball is returned to the urn. What is the probability that all 4 balls drawn from the urn are

    asked by DEBBIE
  43. History

    What was Samuel Slater's main contribution to textile manufacturing in New England? Getting children jobs in factories Finding work for women on farms Copying designs for machines in English factories**** Studying processes for assembly line workers

    asked by Candace
  44. History

    What was the key difference between the government of the Roman Republic and the government of the Imperial Rome? A. The government of the Roman Republic preffered peace; the government of Imperial Rome was warlike. B. The Roman Republic was ruled by

    asked by History
  45. History

    Which statment explains why Britain became a part of the Roman Empire much later than nearby Gaul? A. Mountains near the coast of Gaul were an obstacle. B. Rome was not interested in local resources from Britain. C. Fierce tribes in Britain held off Roman

    asked by History
  46. Math

    A pencil, eraser and notebook cost a total of $1. If a pencil costs more than 2 erasers, 8 erasers cost more than 3 notebooks, and 5 notebooks cost more than 6 pencils, find the cost of a pencil. I don't know what to do. please help!!!!

    asked by Tianze
  47. math

    Problem Page Translate this sentence into an equation. 96 is the product of Han's height and 6 . Use the variable h to represent Han's height.

    asked by Nan
  48. Physics

    The observed frequency of a train whistle is 513Hz as it approaches a stationary observer and is 432Hz as it recedes. Find the speed of the train

    asked by maryam
  49. Science

    13.)How can substance A and B be compared? Choose all that apply. A.)The particles of substance A have more energy than the particles of substance B.*** B.)The particles of substance A are more tightly held together than the particles of substance B.

    asked by #FreeGucci
  50. experimental psychology

    Given that on one section of the SAT the mean is 500 and the standard deviation is 100, what is the approximate probability of a student scoring 600 or higher on the test? Round as appropriate.

    asked by Tatiana
  51. math.

    In Mrs. Harrington’s history class, 80% of the students speak English and 60% speak German. There are 30 students who can speak only one language. What is the maximum number of students who may speak both English and German in her class? so I think i'm

    asked by Jacob
  52. Data Management

    You are thinking of using some leftover ceramic tiles to make a decorative border for a patio. You have ten blue, four gold, and six white tiles. In how many ways can you make the border if it requires 15 tiles and you use only blue and white ones? Explain

    asked by Rose
  53. chemestry

    Which for the following is considered a weak base? A. Lithium hydroxide B. Aluminum hydroxide C. Sodium hydroxide D. Calcium hydroxide would this be C? please explain

    asked by louren
  54. maths

    find the encentricity,the foci and vertex and the equation of directrix and asymptote to the equation give the ellipse below 25x^2+4y^2-50x-16y-59=0

    asked by daniel
  55. civics

    Fiscal conservatism is the belief that government should not have large debts, and that government programs should not be paid for on borrowed money. How could both Democrats and Republicans be considered fiscally conservative?

    asked by namine
  56. statistic

    A machine for filling 2-liter bottles of soft drink delivers an amount to each bottle that varies from bottle to bottle according to a normal distribution with standard deviation 0.002 liter and mean whatever amount the machine is set to deliver. If the

    asked by kuhel
  57. Algebra 2

    Suppose $500 is deposited into an account that earns 6.5% annual interest and no more deposits or withdrawals are made.o What is balance in 1 year 1 month 29 M0nths

    asked by Ibra
  58. Analytical Chem

    Equilibrium involving SO2(g), O2(g) & SO3(g) is important in sulfuric acid production. When a 0.0200 mol sample of SO3 is introduced into an evacuated 1.52 L vessel at 900 K, 0.0142 mol, SO3 is found to be present at equilibrium. What is the value of Kp

    asked by Maria
  59. Social studies

    Which of the following were effects of the Holocaust? (Choose all that apply) A. Hitler's "final solution" successfully reached its goal. B. Six million Jews were killed by the Nazis. C. Jews in Georgia worked on fighting anti-Semitism at home. D. Some

    asked by Amber
  60. Health

    What is an example of smokeless tobacco? A. Snuff B. Chewing tobacco C. Plug D. All of the above B?

    asked by Martin1162
  61. Math

    A farmer wants to create a rectangular pen in order to raise chickens. Because of the location of the pen, the fence on the north and south sides of the rectangle will cost $5 per metre to construct whereas the fence on the east and west sides will cost

    asked by Emily J
  62. Math

    Mrs.Perry hires a landscaper that charges $15 per hr. The landscaper says the total charge for the work done is $120.00 Write an inequality to show h, the number of hours it took to do the work and solve the inequality.

    asked by Amy
  63. math

    It takes a hose 5 minutes to fill a rectangular aquarium 9 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 12 inches tall. How long will it take the same hose to fill an aquarium measuring 31 inches by 32 inches by 33 inches? minutes

    asked by Chistopher
  64. Physics Magnetic Field

    In an experiment on the shuttle, an electron with a speed of 6.3 x 105 m/s [N] and a mass of 9.11 x 10-31 kg is shot through an external magnetic field. Determine the strength and orientation of the magnetic field required so that the electron's direction

    asked by Matt Damon
  65. algebra

    A garden has the shape of a right triangle with one leg 8 meters longer than the other. The hypotenuse is 8 meters less than twice the length of the shorter leg. What is the length of the shorter​ leg?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. achieving academic excellence

    Achieving Academic Excellence involves :

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math functio. rules

    Which set of x and y values reprsent a function ?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Social studies

    How did World War 2 affect life in Georgia? (Choose all that apply.) A. More Georgians were out of work than ever before B. Many people moved to the North or West C. People made sacrifices for the war effort. D. African american Georgians moved to the

    asked by Amber
  69. Physics

    When an 81.6 kg adult uses a spiral staircase to climb to the second floor of his house, his gravitational potential energy increases by 2.14E+3 J. By how much does the potential energy of a 18.6 kg child increase when the child climbs a normal staircase

    asked by Emiliee
  70. math help pls pls pls

    The map of a biking trail is drawn on a coordinate grid. The trail starts at P(−7, 6) and goes to Q(4, 6). It goes from Q to R(4, −6) and then to S(6, −6). What is the total length (in units) of the biking trail? 25 12 13 21

    asked by Oscar
  71. Physics

    The 2nd harmonic of a string of length 60cm and linear mass density 1.7g/m has the same frequency as the 5th possible harmonic of a closed pipe of length 1.2m. Find the tension in the string.

    asked by maryam
  72. friction

    State four examples in the workshop where friction is desired ?

    asked by O'brien
  73. statistic

    A regulation hockey puck must weigh between 5.5 and 6 ounces. In an alternative manufacturing process the mean weight of pucks produced is 5.75 ounce. The weights of pucks have a normal distribution whose standard deviation can be decreased by increasingly

    asked by kuhel
  74. math

    James ran 8 laps around a track to run a total of 1 mile. How many laps will she need to run 3/8 of a mile?

    asked by Harmony
  75. Physics - Repost because of no response

    In an experiment on the shuttle, an electron with a speed of 6.3 x 105 m/s [N] and a mass of 9.11 x 10-31 kg is shot through an external magnetic field. Determine the strength and orientation of the magnetic field required so that the electron's direction

    asked by Matt Damon
  76. maths help!!!

    the first four terms in the expansion of (1-x)^n are 1-6x+ax^2+bx^3.find the n and also the respective value for a and b

    asked by daniel
  77. Physics - Repost because of no response

    In an experiment on the shuttle, an electron with a speed of 6.3 x 105 m/s [N] and a mass of 9.11 x 10-31 kg is shot through an external magnetic field. Determine the strength and orientation of the magnetic field required so that the electron's direction

    asked by Matt Damon
  78. history

    Which of the following required land to be paid for in gold or silver, instead of paper money? a. the Tariff of 1828 b. the Specie Circula**** c. the corrupt bargain d. the Nullification Convention How did farmers in New England respond to the Industrial

    asked by Candace
  79. English

    Based on reading “Desiderata” and knowing that this word means “the items you needed for an archive to make it useful,” what can you conclude was the author’s purpose in writing this story? A. to inform B. to justify C. to recommend D. to

    asked by Noemi
  80. maths

    let f(x)=3x-3 and g(x)=2/x-1. evaluate: a)2fg(2) b){f/g-2f)(3) c)(f-g)(4)

    asked by plese help me
  81. statistic

    X is a normally distributed random variable X with mean 15 and standard deviation 0.25. Find the values xL and xR of X that are symmetrically located with respect to the mean of X and satisfy P(xL < X < xR) = 0.80. (Hint. First solve the corresponding

    asked by kuhel
  82. math

    Find the range of the function for the given domain. f(x) = 3 x – 5; A- {–14, –5, –2, 10} B- {–9, 0, 3, 15} C- {–5, –2, –1, 3} D- {0, 3, 4, 8}

    asked by Macarena
  83. Physics current directions

    I need help In studying the cross section of a straight current carrying wire, you notice that the magnetic field lines run counter-clockwise. What is the direction of the current in the wire and how do you know? 2. You are looking into a current carrying

    asked by Matt Damon
  84. physics

    A car of mass 1400kg moving south at 11m/s collides into another car of mass 1800kg moving east at 30m/s.The cars are stock together after the collision.Determine the velocity of the cars immediately after the collision.

    asked by Pihu
  85. history

    going against the church’s teaching was considered heresy. When Martin Luther went against the church he became known as a: Question 22 options: martyr heretic enemy of the state

    asked by sydnie
  86. Physics

    A 68.2 kg person jumps from rest off a 2.90 m-high tower straight down into the water. Neglect air resistance during the descent. She comes to rest 1.06 m under the surface of the water. Determine the magnitude of the average force that the water exerts on

    asked by Anonymous
  87. U.S. History (Check)(REED)

    1. Why did Marcus Garvey call for African Americans to settle in Africa? A: Marcus Garvey called for African Americans to settle in Africa because he believed African Americans would never find justice or freedom in America. 2. What were some of the

    asked by Victoria
  88. Physics current directions

    I need help In studying the cross section of a straight current carrying wire, you notice that the magnetic field lines run counter-clockwise. What is the direction of the current in the wire and how do you know? 2. You are looking into a current carrying

    asked by Matt Damon
  89. algebra

    What is the GCF of 5y + 30?

    asked by Irene
  90. science physics

    A penny is dropped from a window and takes 1.82s to reach the ground. From what height was it dropped.

    asked by melisa
  91. Biology

    Which tissue type forms glands? connective epithelial muscle nervous glandular help? hard

    asked by Anonymous
  92. English

    She turned green after eating the shellfish, which the waiter had recommended, it went without saying, but she said it anyway, "I don't feel too good." Which of the following is an error in the passage above? A. The word "had" is used instead of "have" B.

    asked by AMGCSTRNBSN
  93. algebra

    In a movie stunt, a car is driven off a cliff and falls into the ocean 200 feet below. If the car is going 50 feet/second (horizontally) when it goes over the cliff, its horizontal position is described as x = 50 t, where t is the time in seconds. Its

    asked by leigh
  94. science

    acetic acid has a pka of 4.8 how many ml of 0.1M acetic acid and 0.1M sodium acetate are required to prepare 1L of 0.1M buffer with a PH of 5.8? solve

    asked by ruth
  95. Math

    One number is 10 larger than another. Write a function in standard form to represent the sum of their squares. The minimum sum of squares is ___. So I said that the function is f(x)=x^2+x+10 and since the question comes from an assignment on completing the

    asked by Emily J

    A balloon, with a final volume of 40 cm3, took 4 min to fill. At what rate was the balloon filled? Choose exactly two answers that are correct. A. B. 40 cm3 = 4 min • r C. 40 cm3 • r = 4 min D. r – 4 h = 14 in.

    asked by DEE
  97. statistics

    From experience, the manager of a bookstore knows that 40% of the people browsing in his store will make a purchase. If on a certain day, 360 people come into the store a) what is the probability that exactly 144 of them make a purchase? b) what is the

    asked by McKinsley
  98. biology

    Muscle tissue that is under voluntary control and contains cells with many nuclei is cardiac. skeletal. smooth. cartilage. squamous.

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Chemistry

    If I am doing a fractional distillation, is the temperature of the first few drops of the distillation considered part of the boiling range? Or do you wait until later in the distillation?

    asked by Danny
  100. Maths

    Tom has more money than Bob. If Tom gave Bob R20 , they would have the same amount. While if Bob gave Tom R22 , Tome would then have twice as much as Bob. How much does each one actually have?

    asked by Hope
  101. Math

    Nine less than the product of 2 and a number is 4

    asked by Amber
  102. Maths

    IF length of rectangle is 20 & breadth 5cm, find the side of square which is equiangular with rectangle.

    asked by Anushka
  103. statistics

    Find the following: P(z > 2.43)

    asked by Ray
  104. Math

    3/5 of the seats in a concert hall were occupied. The ratio of adults to children was 6:4. If 60 more adults attended the concert, the number of adults would be 3 times the number of children. How many seats were in the concert hall?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Chemistry DR BOB

    Under standard conditions of 1 atm and 298.15K, the half-cell reduction potential E,zero for the anode in a voltaic cell is 0.37V. The half-cell reduction potential E,zero for the cathode of the cell is 0.67V. The number of moles, n, of electrons

    asked by Brooke
  106. Chemistry

    Under standard conditions, the Gibbs free energy of the reactants G,std(reactants) in a redox reaction in aqueous solution is 360.65 kJ and the Gibbs free energy of the products G,std(products) is 158.14 kJ. The number of moles, n, of electrons transferred

    asked by Daphne
  107. Geometry

    Find the value of x. There is two lines, they are not parallel. In between (connected) those two lines is a shape. A trapezoid by the looks of it. It is wide at the bottom and thin at the top. There are equations outside of the shape, so external angles.

    asked by SkatingDJ
  108. Math

    The ratio of guppies to angelfish in the shop was 2:5. The number of angelfish was 2/3 the number of goldfish. The shopkeeper decides to replace 1/2 of the guppies with some angelfish. The number of angelfish she added was equal to the number of guppies

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Math

    A company that made $2.4 million in profits the previous year is on pace to make $3 million in the current year. If the company makes this figure, which of the following is the percent increase in profits? A. 6% B. 11% C.20% D.25% I'm stuck between c & D

    asked by AMGCSTRNBSN
  110. math

    a well of diameter 3 m is dug 14 m deep . the earth taken out of it has beem spread evenly all around of it in the shape of circular ring of width 4 m to form embankment. find the height of embankment .

    asked by Avi
  111. Math

    A farmer had 250 ducks and 150 chickens. He gave a total of 100 chickens to his sister. Later, the farmer bought 5 more ducks and 35 chickens. As a result, the number of ducks decreased by 10% and the number of chickens increased by 20%. A) How many ducks

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Data Management check

    A fabric store has 44 bolts of fabric on its clearance table. Of these bolts 28 are broadcloth, 17 floral prints, 22 have a blue background, 12 floral prints on broadcloth, 10 arare broadcloth with a blue background, and 5 are floral prints with blue

    asked by Rose
  113. Social Studies

    in which of the following ways are japan and south korea similar

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Science

    Describe the importance of maintaining the ocean ecosystem.

    asked by Sue
  115. Math

    What is the range between 58 degrees and -88 degrees

    asked by Bobby
  116. Integral calculus

    find the work required to pull up the anchor if the cable weighs 20 lb/ft in water

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Literature

    Why does Shelley have Frankenstein choose England for the creation of the second creature. What possibilities from her life might be reflected in this? How does this choice relate to Romanticism?

    asked by Kayla
  118. physical science

    Balance of the following equation Ca+O2=CaO

    asked by mariana
  119. maths

    find the value of cos(60degress+45degress) leaving ur answer in surds

    asked by ezinne ogb
  120. Reading

    Of all the gods and goddesses of Olympus, perhaps none was loved by humans as much as Demeter. Demeter was the goddess of the soil and of the crops, to which she tended with great care all through the year. Demeter enjoyed her duties because she cared for

    asked by Helen
  121. physics

    If I solved for centripetal acceleration how can you determine the magnitude of the force required to produce this centripetal acceleration? Next step please.... v=15m/s r=35m m=1300 kg 15 squared/35m=225/35= 6.43m/s squared

    asked by Marie
  122. Math

    s0lving One step equation 5 1/4 - h = 2 3/4

    asked by sai
  123. Geometry

    There are three points at the rim of the circle: (-4,1) (-2,-3) (5,-2). Where is the center of the lake? What is it's diameter if each unit of a coordinate plane represents 3/5 of a mile?

    asked by Peluche 🐻
  124. ela

    From the storyteller, what does paragraph 9 Reveal about the story a)they agree with the bachelors opinion of the story b)they have little respect for their aunt c)they don't understand what their aunt has said d)they believe that the story is probably

    asked by Tiana
  125. Physics

    On a frozen pond, a 11.7 kg sled is given a kick that imparts to it an initial speed of v0 = 2.01 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction between sled and ice is μk = 0.111. Use the work kinetic energy theorem to find the distance the sled moves before

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Physics

    The exact mass of the moon was not determined until the Apollo lunar orbiter went into orbit around the moon. They used the period and the orbital radius to find the mass. But since you already know the mass of the moon, if the spaceship was orbiting 485

    asked by Ron
  127. physics

    A basketball player makes a jump shot. The 0.593 kg ball is released at a height of 1.95 m above the floor with a speed of 7.12 m/s. The ball goes through the net 3.10 m above the floor at a speed of 4.08 m/s. What is the work done on the ball by air

    asked by Anonymous
  128. Math

    If a class has a population where 5% of the students have red hair and 12% have blonde hair, what's the probability that if we select one student at random that they'll have either red or blonde hair?

    asked by Deborah
  129. Math

    A picture has a width of 8 em and a length of 14 em. If the perimeter of the picture is increased by 50 percent, which of the following dimensions is possible for the new perimeter? A. 4 em by 7 em B. 8 em by 28 em C. 12 em by 21 em D. 16 em by 28 em

    asked by AMGCSTRNBSN
  130. stats

    It is a multiple choice exam with 12 problems, each problem has 5 options. You need to answer 10 correctly to pass, what is the probability that by guessing you will answer at least 10 problems correctly?

    asked by susan
  131. Social Studies

    Choose two famous individuals to research that lived between 1820 and 1860. Keep in mind—your famous Americans MUST have DIFFERENT opinions on the SAME topic. Can you help me choose the two different individuals? Here's a list that I can choose from: 

    asked by Erin
  132. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of copper (ii) sulphate which needs to be used to prepare 500cm³ of a 0.1M solution.

    asked by Livingstone
  133. Integral calculus

    find the work required to pull up the anchor if the cable weighs 20 lb/ft in water

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Math

    29. 4(x-3) = 5(x+1) Solve the equation above for x. Which of the following is correct? A. -17 B. -4 C. 4 D. 17 I think c

    asked by AMGCSTRNBSN
  135. Reading

    Of all the gods and goddesses of Olympus, perhaps none was loved by humans as much as Demeter. Demeter was the goddess of the soil and of the crops, to which she tended with great care all through the year. Demeter enjoyed her duties because she cared for

    asked by Helen
  136. calculus help!!!!! plz


    asked by daniel
  137. Math/Precal

    how do i solve so left hand side equals right hand side? cos2x=(1-tan^2x)/(1+tan^2x)

    asked by Manny
  138. Math

    My daughter is struggling to grasp the concepts of her counting. She misses many numbers and my son who is 5 is trying to teach her numbers 1-10 but she constantly misses. If you have some practice problems for my daughter that would be great. PS. my son

    asked by Please Help My Child!!
  139. Marh

    An automobile manufacturing plant produces cars according to a fixed pattern. During one day, the first five cars have the following colors and equipment. blue with a stereo and dark interior white with a stereo and.light interior- green without a stereo

    asked by Sandy
  140. math

    Aiden is 12 years older than Tim. Mical is 4 times older than Tim.

    asked by Jennifer
  141. math

    The area of corcular playground is 22176 m*m. Find the cost of fencimg this ground at the raye of Rs per 50 metre

    asked by chiku
  142. Math/precal

    Find the exact value of: (1-sin^2 pi/2)/(cos^2 28 degrees + sin^2 28 degrees)

    asked by Maxx
  143. maths

    Show that log(1+2+3)=log 1 + log 2 + log 3( with the formula)?

    asked by pooja
  144. sequence help!!!!! plz steve,reiny,damon,bob...anyone!!!!

    find the expression in terms of n of the nth term of following squences 5,13,32,69,129, plz show it work

    asked by emmanuel
  145. physics

    compute the mass of the following assuming if it to be a sphere of radius 6370km

    asked by daniel
  146. Math

    What is the answer? 3x - 4y when x = 9.8 and y = 82. I don't know how to solve it please help!

    asked by Tayler Bannockburn-Bloomingdale
  147. Health

    Residential treatment programs typically last for ________. A. 3-5 years B. 6-8 weeks C. 6-12 months D. 3-5 months i'm in between a or c

    asked by Martin1162
  148. Physics

    How can you figure out the work done by the frictional force if the friction is 80 Newtons against a horizontal force of 290 newtons. Is it simply subtracting 290 - 80 = 210?

    asked by Marie
  149. Reading

    Of all the gods and goddesses of Olympus, perhaps none was loved by humans as much as Demeter. Demeter was the goddess of the soil and of the crops, to which she tended with great care all through the year. Demeter enjoyed her duties because she cared for

    asked by Helen
  150. Math literature, Life Science, Geography and Tourism

    What job can I do will doing those subjects

    asked by TEBOGO
  151. Math

    Which of the following is the number of milliliters in 2 gallons? (Note: 1 gallon = 4.4 liters; 1 liter= 1,000 milliliters) A. 440 B. 880 C. 4,400 D. 8,800 i think its D

    asked by AMGCSTRNBSN
  152. Physics

    A flywheel rotates

    asked by Aditya
  153. Reading

    Of all the gods and goddesses of Olympus, perhaps none was loved by humans as much as Demeter. Demeter was the goddess of the soil and of the crops, to which she tended with great care all through the year. Demeter enjoyed her duties because she cared for

    asked by Helen
  154. Math

    Solving one step equation 2 1/2 + b = 3 1/4

    asked by sai
  155. Science

    What should I take next year? I am in the 5th grade. I want to know what classes i should take for 6th grade.

    asked by Lokelani Kekumu
  156. History/Social Studies

    I was wondering is someone here could help me. I need to know what the Morris Act is, I'm not sure, and I couldn't find it on the internet. Please help me. Thank you!

    asked by Olivia
  157. Precal/Math

    how do i make the left hand side equal right hand side? (sec^2A)(sin^2A)= (sec^2A-1)

    asked by Timm
  158. Reading

    Of all the gods and goddesses of Olympus, perhaps none was loved by humans as much as Demeter. Demeter was the goddess of the soil and of the crops, to which she tended with great care all through the year. Demeter enjoyed her duties because she cared for

    asked by Helen
  159. Math

    Square ABCD and triangle APB lie on same base AB. If area of square is 16 cm square find ar (triangle ABP) where P is a point on side CD.

    asked by Reyajkhan
  160. geometry

    In a right triangle, the angles are 90, 66, and 24. The length of the base is 11. What is the length of the hypotenuse?

    asked by Steve
  161. Health

    The MTF survey has measured drug, alcohol, and cigarette use and related attitudes among adolescent students nationwide. What does MTF stand for? A. Monitoring the future B. Managing the functioning addicts C. Mentoring the future D. Maintaining the

    asked by Martin1162
  162. Math- Average Costing

    Hi, Can you please help me answer this question using the average costing methodology? A hospital was out of juice at the end of September. They bought 200 cases on Oct. 1 at $10.00 each. and 200 more cases on Nov. 1 for $12.00 each. There were 100 cases

    asked by Angela
  163. algebra 1

    What's the GCF of 48xy and 64x^2y?

    asked by Irene
  164. English Essay Proofread

    My teacher has gave us an assignment to write a story on the Great Depression from the eyes of someone from the Great Depression. It has to be in a fourth grade readability level. Can you please lok over this essay and see if it is appropriate? Essay: I

    asked by Sada
  165. amx

    which question would best help you write a report regarding the changes to the political system during jackson's presidency jishka

    asked by Anonymous
  166. Physics

    How do you determine the work done by the frictional force?

    asked by Marie
  167. math

    write an expression that is equivalent to (7+6)*(3+9)using the same digits and the same operations.

    asked by Lakshmi
  168. math

    write an expression that is equivalent (7+6) *(3+9) using the same digits and the same operations,

    asked by Lakshmi
  169. Maths\relation&function

    If f={(1,2),(-3,2),(2,5)} and g={(2,4),(1,5),(3,2)}.find: a)f+g and f-g b)the domain of (f+g)

    asked by Yaekob
  170. Math/Precal

    Prove left hand side equals right hand side: (sinx)/(1-cosx)=(1+cosx)/(sinx)

    asked by Maxx
  171. business

    disadvantage located near to other pharamacies

    asked by hellp
  172. Physics

    Ball A is attached to a string of length l=13.4 m and is released from rest. Ball B is released from rest and falls straight down. Which of the following statements for what happens at point P are correct, and which are incorrect? Explain your reasoning

    asked by Supansa
  173. physics

    two trains pass each other on parallel track. the first is 180m and travel at 60k/m. the second is 120m and travel at 46k/h. calculate the total time taken to pass each other. (a) if travelling on the same direction (b) if travelling on opposite direction.

    asked by mr. peee
  174. maths

    can anyone help me ,how i can find maths higher past paper of 4 November 2015 by Mr barton?

    asked by maryam
  175. Health

    Drugs work in the brain by tapping into the brain’s communication system and ________ with the way nerve cells normally send, receive, and process information. A. Exploring B. Assisting C. Interfering D. All of the above D?

    asked by Martin1162
  176. Health

    ________ a synthetic opiate that blocks the effects of heroin and eliminates withdrawal symptoms, has a proven record of success for people addicted to heroin. A. Methadone B. Codeine C. Morphine D. Tetracycline C?

    asked by Martin1162
  177. math plz its urgent

    what values of the function y=-2x -4 for x= 0, 1, 2, and 3? A. 0,-6,-8,-10 B.-4,-6,-8,-10 it think its this one? C -4,-2,0,2 D. 0,6,8,10

    asked by coolguy321
  178. Geography

    Which country could use the Crimea situation to their advantage in their own dispute situations?

    asked by Anonymous
  179. Language plz help | Essay Help

    So I was told to write/type a 300 word "oneshot" story but I don't know what that is. What is a oneshot story? Thank you! Ally

    asked by Ally
  180. maths

    IF the sum of areas of two squares is 610msquare and the difference of their perimeters is 32m,then find the lengths of their sides?

    asked by pooja
  181. 4th grade math

    I have 5 more red pins than yellow pins and 8 more yellow pins than green pins. The green pins are 3 centimeters shorter than the red and yellow pins. I have 18 green pins. How many red, yellow and green pins do I have

    asked by Maria
  182. Calculus

    (b) Find a solution of the initial-value problem. (Hint: First verify that all members of the family y = 4/x + C are solutions of the given equation.) y' = −1/4y^2 y(0) = 0.25

    asked by Kaitlyn
  183. mathematics-Algebra

    3^x=9x please show workings

    asked by p1
  184. U.S. History

    I have to do a slide presentation, and just needed some ideas to write about. Students will create a 3-slide presentation on any development in culture, science, and technology from 1914-1945, in America. So can you give me some ideas to write about?

    asked by Jay
  185. Mathematics- abstract maths

    If I am a three digit number and my first digit is seven less than second digit and the second digit is four times that of third digit. What digit am i?

    asked by p1
  186. math

    Start time 1:00pm End time 8:00pm

    asked by Destiny
  187. algebra

    what is the slope-intercept form of y+9=3/5(x+7)

    asked by Anonymous
  188. maths

    in d given figure,AB=12cm and pt=8cm.if PAxPB=PTsquare(square is only for PT), then write a quadratic equation for finding the length of PA?

    asked by pooja
  189. math

    The base area of a prism is 140 square feet. Its height is 6 feet. What is the volume of the prism? A. 280 ft^3 B. 840 ft^3 C. 420 ft^3 D. 146 ft^3

    asked by anonymous
  190. Science

    Sammy and Andy wanted to measure their classroom. Would this work? Why or why not

    asked by Ana
  191. algebra 1

    What's the GCF of x^3y and x^7?

    asked by Irene
  192. Health

    According to NIDA, _______ has continued to decline among high school seniors. A. Marijuana use B. Alcohol use C. Ecstasy use D. All of the above D?

    asked by Martin1162
  193. Math

    What is more than half of 16?

    asked by Anonymous
  194. maths


    asked by daniel
  195. calculus!!!! help


    asked by daniel
  196. Math

    The price for a shirt went down 2 dollars each day for 3 days what integer represents overall change in price?

    asked by Anonymous
  197. function:maths

    let f(x)=2/x-1 and g(x)=2x-2/3x+3.find. a)f+g b)fg c)domain of(f+g)and fg

    asked by plz help me
  198. Statistic

    What percentage of the area of the standard normal distribution is between z = -2.00 and z = +2.00? How do you know this?

    asked by Ray
  199. Math

    I give out 16 family questioners and would need more than half of that number back? What would the correct number I need back?

    asked by Anonymous
  200. business math

    a man borrows rm5000 at 15%.He pays rm2000 in 2 months and rm2000 in 4 months . how much would he have to pay in 6 months to cancel the debt by merchants' rule?by united states rule?

    asked by fifi
  201. mathematics-simultaneous eqn

    x+y+z=2 x^2+y^2+z^2=14 x^3+y^3+z^3=20 please help show workings thanks in advance

    asked by p1