Questions Asked on
March 12, 2016

  1. math

    a retailer buys an article at a discount of 15% on printed price from a wholesaler. He makes up the price by 10%. Due to competition in the market, he allows a discount of 5% to buyer. If the buyer pays rupees 451.44 for the article inclusive of sale tax

    asked by rushil
  2. Math

    John chooses a 5-digit positive integer and deletes one of its digits to make a 4-digit number. The sum of this 4-digit number and the original 5-digit number is 52713. What is the sum of the digits of the original 5-digit number?

    asked by Amitabha
  3. Physics

    A solid sphere of uniform density starts from rest and rolls without slipping a distance of d = 4.8 m down a θ = 36° incline. The sphere has a mass M = 3.2 kg and a radius R = 0.28 m. If there is no frictional force, what is the translational kinetic

    asked by Kyle
  4. Math

    Prove that tan3x-tan2x-tanx=tan3xtan2xtanx

    asked by trouble
  5. Phi

    How should one ethically engage in verbal argumentation? (Points : 1)

    asked by Dawne
  6. math

    The base of a solid is the region bounded by the parabola x^2 = 8y and y=4. Each cross section perpendicular to the y-axis is an equilateral triangle. Find the volume.

    asked by dee
  7. Math

    If a parallelogram has a base of 13 mm and an area of 78 mm2 what is the height? 78/13 = 6 H = 6mm

    asked by Sue
  8. Chemistry

    A 1.0 L ball containing Ar at 5 atm is connected to a 10.0 L ball containing N2 at 2atm. A)Calculate the partial pressures and mole fractions of Ar and N2 after the valve is opened and the gases are allowed to mix (they fill the balls on both sides). My

    asked by Nevaeh
  9. Social Studies

    As a result of the 1763 Treaty of Paris, Great Britain gained complete control over?

    asked by Jonah
  10. Chemistry

    At 700 k the equilibrium constant Kc for the reaction between NO(g) and O2(g) forming NO2(g) is 8.7*10^6. The rate constant for the reverse reaction at this temperature is 0.54 M^(-1)s^(-1). What is the value of the rate constant for the forward reaction

    asked by Shay
  11. Maths Vector

    ABCDEF is a regular hexagon. If AB=a,BC=b,express vector,AD AND AE in terms of a and b.

    asked by Rabin
  12. Math

    The sum of the first and fourth terms of an arithimetic sequences is 2 and the sum of their squares is 20 1. Find the common difference 2.find the sum of the first eight terms of the squence

    asked by Ishimwe
  13. Spanish

    Madrid fue lugar de encuentro de tres culturas: musulmana, cristiana y (1) judía . Los musulmanes, por ejemplo, introdujeron los famosos baños árabes, que eran lugares de (2) (what is the word) donde las personas iban a (3) (what is the word) a lugares

    asked by LOl
  14. math

    Given: __ AB ∥ __ DE m∠BAE=70°, AD=AE. Find: m∠DAE. Sorry if format is terrifiying or broken.

    asked by HALP ME
  15. Information Literacy lesson 2

    Which of the following options are available under "filters" in Expanded Academic ASAP

    asked by DALE
  16. American government

    Which of the following bodies sets the term for debate and voting on legislation in the house of Representatives? A. The democratic B. The Republican caucus C. The committee on committees D. The rules committee Is it C or D?

    asked by sallie
  17. Geometry

    3.In step 1, you found the volume (in cubic feet) of the main tank. If the maximum density of killer whales per cubic foot is 0.000011142, what is the maximum number of killer whales allowed in the main show tank at any given time? You must explain your

    asked by Jessie
  18. college math

    The mass of Saturn is about 5.688 10^23 metric tons. The mass of the sun is about 1.998 x 10^27 metric tons. About how many times the mass of Saturn is the mass of the sun? Give answer in scientific notation. The mass of the sun is about ----- times the

    asked by angella
  19. American government

    Under pluralism, a member of two interest groups competing over an issue such as health care or the environment would likely A. Resign his or her membership from both group B. Decide to remain neutral on the issue C. Try to have both groups reach a

    asked by sallie
  20. Math

    One number is 10 less than twice a second number. Find a pair of such numbers so that their product is as small as possible. These two numbers are_ and _. (Use a comma to separate your numbers.) The smallest possible product is_. The number are NOT 5,15 or

    asked by Barb
  21. english

    Who said the line,"To be banished from Rome is but to live outside of Rome"?

    asked by Niniva
  22. maths

    two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 3.5cm and 5cm. what is the ratio of their altitudes

    asked by Alana
  23. math

    what percent of 300 is 60

    asked by liam
  24. Math

    Two bases of a trapezoid equal 16 km and its area equals 32 km^2. What is its height? 16/2 = 8 32/8 = 4 (8 + 8) x 4 16 x 4 = 64 64/2 = 32 Height = 4 km^2

    asked by Sue

    Nate the Skate was an avid physics student whose main non-physics interest in life was high-speed skateboarding. In particular, Nate would often don a protective suit of Bounce-Tex, which he invented, and after working up a high speed on his skateboard,

    asked by Jacob
  26. Algebra

    Since 2000, world population in millions closely fits the exponential function y=6084e^0.0120x (everything after the ^ is an exponent) where x is the number of years since 2000. Answer the following questions: 1.The world population was about 6853 million

    asked by Brittini
  27. American govt

    Approximately _________ of the country's adult population has Internet access. A. One-third B. Two-thirds 3. One-quarter 4. Three-quarters Is the answer d?

    asked by sallie
  28. Chemistry-DrBob222

    I got 62.9 mL. Is this correct? I think HCl is the LR. A piece of solid magnesium is reacted with hydrochloric acid to form hydrogen gas: Mg (s) + 2HCl (aq) ---> MgCl2 (aq) + H2 (g) What volume of hydrogen gas (in mL) is collected over water at 25 degrees

    asked by Nevaeh
  29. a level chemistry

    variation of the rate constant with temperature for the first order reaction 2N2O(g) = 2N2O4(g) + O2(g) is given in the following table. determine graphically the activation energy for the reaction. |t(k)|273 298 318 338 |k(second)| 7.87 x 10^3. 3.46 x

    asked by chancy
  30. Geometry

    How would I find the ratio of the lengths of corresponding sides in two similar triangles?

    asked by Kyle
  31. American government

    The number of total congressional employees is close to a. 35,000 b. 5,000 c. 25,000 d. 15,000 Is it b?

    asked by sallie
  32. c++

    1. Create a class called Faculty that includes three pieces of information as data members: a. a first name (type string) b. a last name (type string) c. a monthly salary (type int). They should be private. 2. This class should have a constructor that

    asked by Anonymous
  33. American government

    Thus is the political institution that sets national policy by interpreting the law. A. The appellate court B. The state court C. Court of Appeal D. Supreme Court Is it d.

    asked by sallie
  34. Algebra

    There are 14 animals in the field. Some are cows and some are geese. There are 42 legs in all. How many of each animal are in the field? 14=c+g 42=? Help me figure out the rest of the equation

    asked by Aaliyah
  35. American government

    A political party ________ political power. A. Polarized B. Centralizes C. Decentralized D. Balance Is it A.

    asked by sallie
  36. Math

    50 lbs of oats @$2 a pound = how much

    asked by Tammy
  37. Statistics

    a study shows that 16% of household appliances break during any given year. If a person has 4 household appliances, what is the probability that exactly 1 of them will break next year? I just need a formula and I can get it from there.

    asked by T
  38. eee

    calculate normality oh hcl ? given specific gravity 1.18 and w/w 36.5

    asked by saabiq
  39. Careers

    Can someone check this please? 5. When completing matching, if many of your characteristics are very different from those of people in the job then: A.) this would be a good career match for you B.) this career is unlikely to be a good fit for you********

    asked by Dildine
  40. American government

    These rights have been extended to state criminal trials and to other settings, such as educational and social service hearing. A. Rights of free speech B.civil rights C. due process right D. Civil liberties Is it c?

    asked by sallie
  41. American government

    Most Americans view themselves as member of the _________ class. A. Upper B. Middle C. Lower D. None of the above (they do not define themselves. Is it d?

    asked by sallie
  42. science

    A ball from a height 'h' on a horizontal floor.If it loses 60% of its energy on hitting the floor then height upto which it will rise after first rebounce is?

    asked by anagha
  43. university chemistry

    the oxygen produce was colleced by displement method at (22c)at a total pressure of (754torr)the vapor pressure of water at (22c) in (21torr) calculate the pershel pressure of oxygen in the collected

    asked by Muhammad
  44. Math

    ratios of opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateral is 5:4 find the angle

    asked by Abhishek
  45. Algebra

    You plan to build four identical rectangular sheep pens in a row. Each adjacent pair of pens share a fence between them. You have a total of 368 feet of fence to use. Find the dimension of each pen such that you can enclose the maximum area. 5w+8L=368

    asked by Barb

    A missile is fired with a launch velocity of 15000 ft/s at a target 1200 miles away. How long after it is fired will the target be hit? Use g = 32 ft/s.s Express your answer in seconds

    asked by kim
  47. Physics

    Hi I am having difficulty with this question: Consider a simple “system” of a thin lens with focal length 12 cm, an input plane at 25 cm in front of the lens and an output plane at 11 cm beyond the lens. a) Find the matrix for the simple system b) Why

    asked by John J.B
  48. chem 121

    What volume of a 0.179 M barium hydroxide solution is required to neutralize 25.6 mL of a 0.377 M perchloric acid solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. math

    Construct a quadrilateral ABCD if AB=3.5cm, BC=4.5cm, CD=6cm, angle ABC=135º and angle BCD=60º.measure AD

    asked by rizwin
  50. math

    find the volume of iron required to make an open box whose ,external dimensions are 36 cm *25 cm *16.5 cm, the box being 1.5 cm thick throughout . if 1 cm ^3 of iron weights 8.5 grams , find the weight of the empty box in kilogramsfind the volume of iron

    asked by yasir
  51. Physics

    A bullet of mass 0.01kg Is fired into a sandbag of mass 0.49kg hanging from a tree. The sandbag, with the bullet embedded into it, swings away at 10m/s.find a)the momentum after collision b)the momentum before collision c)the velocity of the bullet. ILOVE

    asked by Yaekob
  52. Math

    Use equal intervals to make a frequency table for the average number of movies per person. You do not need to show tally marks. Country Average Number of Movies Turkey 0.5 Japan 1.2 UK 1.3 Finland 1.3 Austria 1.5 Germany 1.8 Spain 2.2 Sweden 2.2 Denmark

    asked by math
  53. Maths Vector

    ABCDEF is a regular hexagon. Show that vecotr AB+AD+FA+EA=3AB

    asked by Rabin
  54. Math Vector

    ABCDEF is a regular hexagon. Show that vecotr AB+AD+FA+EA=3AB

    asked by Rabin
  55. maths

    If the circumference of a base of a hemisphere is 2 pie then it's volume is ---' cm3

    asked by sanjay
  56. maths

    State the theorem of triangle which is used for dividing a line segment in a given ratio.

    asked by PrAcHi
  57. Math

    The ratio between the height of the in a sink (h) in centimeters and the number of minutes it has been filling (m) is 0.95. The sink has been filling for 40 minutes. What is the height of the water in the sink.

    asked by Jennifer
  58. Spanish

    In Spanish, when do you use upside down exclamation points and question marks? Do you use it for EVERY question or EVERY statement involving an exclamation mark? Or do you use it for only certain questions

    asked by Anonymous
  59. maths

    if the denominator of fraction is 6 more thanthe numerator if the numretor is increased by 1 and denominator is decreased by 2 new fraction becums 3/4 find the fraction

    asked by mona
  60. math

    A baker buys some eggs at 18k each. He finds out that 8 of them are broken,he sells the rest at 24k each and makes a profit of #2.88. How many eggs did he buy?

    asked by Ann
  61. math

    In a group of 30 soldiers have food enough for 40 many soldiers should leave the group so that food is enough for 100 days? Find it

    asked by bishrant
  62. chemistry

    a 500ml stock solution of NAOH has a purity of 70% and a density of 1.9g/ml. calculate the concentration that would be in a 1L solution. calculate the molarity. What volume would we have to take to prepare 250ml of a solution of 0.1 mol/l

    asked by helen
  63. Algebra

    1.An experiment consists of rolling two dice and the sum of faces is observed. How many observations are there (i.e. the possible outcomes)? 2. A bowl contains 10 red balls and 8 blue balls. If five balls are to be drawn, determine the number of ways that

    asked by Miguel
  64. Math Vector

    ABCDEF is a regular hexagon. Show that vecotr AB+AC+AD+EA+FA=4AB

    asked by Rabin
  65. Maths

    A port has two radar stations at P and Q which are 20 km apart.The radar at P is set to a range of 20 km,whilst the radar at Q is set to a range of 15 km. a)draw a scale diagram to show the above information b)Shade the region in which a ship must be

    asked by Prisha
  66. Algebra

    If the area of a triangle is 110 square units and the base is 2x+12 and the height is x+5, what is the numerical base and height?

    asked by Ashley
  67. criminal justice

    which of the following is not an advantage of probation

    asked by Anonymous
  68. maths

    a man holds a note of $6,000 that has an interest rate of 13% annually the note was made on march 17 and is due november 11 he sells the note to a bank on june 14 at a discount rate of 12% annually find the proceeds on the third-party discount rate.

    asked by Reuben
  69. Calculus

    Find the equation of the line tangent to the curve y=(x^2+3)^1/2 that is perpendicular to the line 2x-y+7=0

    asked by Courtney
  70. geography

    what are some settlement patterns in the Sahara desert

    asked by jasmine
  71. Math

    Vasya wrote down several consecutive integers. Which of the following could not be the percentage of odd numbers among them? (A) 40 (B) 45 (C) 48 (D) 50 (E) 60

    asked by Amitabha
  72. Physics

    A partide of mass m moves along a trajectory given by x= a cos δ1 t and y = asinδ2 t . Find rand y component of the force acting on the patde, potential energy, kinetic enenev of the partide and hence show that the total energe E= KE + PE =1/2 m(a*2

    asked by fatma999
  73. Calculus

    Find the specific solution of the differential equation dy/dx = 4y/x^2 with condition y(−4) = e. y= -1 - 4/x

    asked by Una Rosa
  74. Calculus

    The temperature of a pan of hot water varies according to Newton's Law of Cooling: dT/dt=-k(T-A), where T is the water temperature, A is the room temperature, and k is a positive constant. If the water cools from 90°C to 85°C in 1 minute at a room

    asked by Una Rosa
  75. phi 103

    Identify the form of the following argument. Either the Pacers or the Kings will win tonight. The Pacers will win. Therefore, the Kings will not win. a. not a valid form b. disjunctive syllogism c. modus ponens d. hypothetical syllogism e. modus tollens

    asked by david
  76. Quick calc question

    The particular solution of the differential equation dy/dt=2*y for which y(0) = 60 is y = 60e2t y = 60 e0.5t y = 59 + et

    asked by Babe Mckay
  77. Physics

    A pendulum is constructed of a mass m connected to a mass ess rigid rod of lengthl. As shownin the figure, the other end of the rodis suspended from a point on the ring ofradius R. The pendulum is free to swing in a vertical plane that is also the plane of

    asked by fatma999
  78. chemistry

    what volume of .1 M solution of NaOH is required to precipitate all of the nickel 2+ ions from 250 mL of a .273 M solution of nickel (II) nitrate?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. chemistry

    how many grams of silver carbonate will precipitate when excess ammonium carbonate soln is added to 41.0 mL of a .518 M silver nitrate solution?

    asked by JJ
  80. Chemistry

    How many grams of water will be produced by the complete combustion of 10.00 g of octane (C8H18)? Mass of water = g H2O

    asked by Carmen
  81. Life orientation

    Explain in detail five socio economic factors that can influence your study choices and your future career

    asked by Nompilo
  82. Math

    There are 12 gum balls,(each a different color), in a bag. One of them is red. What is the probability of reaching into a bag without looking & selecting a color that is not red?

    asked by Cindy
  83. History

    Why do you think women and children remain the most vulnerable populations on the planet ? plez help me

    asked by Hannah
  84. math

    Find the area and perimeter of a room with dimensions of 8,5 metres by 9,3 metres

    asked by Dalene
  85. math

    If the curves of f(x) and g(x) intersect x=a and x=b and if f(x)>g(x)>0 for all x on (a,b) then the volume obtained when the region bounded by the curves is rotated about the x-axis is equal to

    asked by dee
  86. math

    The region bounded by y = x^2 and y = 4 is rotated about the line y = -1. The volume of the solid generated is given by

    asked by dee
  87. Math

    find both unit rates. 30 white cars for every 12 red cars?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. maths

    the radius of a circle is 13cm and its one of its chord is 10cm. find the distance of the chord from the centre

    asked by nithin
  89. chem 12

    2H2S(g)---2H2(g) + S2 delta H=220KJ k eq is 0.40 a 10.0L vessel containing 2.0 mol of H2S, 2.2 mol of H2, and 2.5 mol of S2 Calculate a trail k eq value to see whether the reaction is at equilibrium. trail k eq =(h2)^2(S2)/(H2S)^2 = (0.22)^2(0.25)/(0.2)^2

    asked by George
  90. Physics

    An unfortunate astronaut loses his grip during a spacewalk and finds himself floating away from the space station, carrying only a rope and a bag of tools. First he tries to throw a rope to his fellow astronaut, but the rope is too short. In a last ditch

    asked by Jacob
  91. calculus

    The region bounded by y=x^2 and y=4 is rotated about the line y=-1. Find the volume.

    asked by dee
  92. language arts

    what is the most impressive example of anne's inner strength in act 2?

    asked by Sean
  93. Capital One bank question

    Case: A uber like company wants to enter a city, what are factors you want to consider. They then gave numbers and we had to calculate break even price, profit, basic calculations. Behavioural: tell me about a time that you overcame barriers and challenges

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  94. math

    Raina's Coffee Shop makes a blend that is a mixture of coffee types A and B. In one bag of the blend, there are 5 kilograms of type A. Eight bags of the blend are a total of 80 kilograms. How many kilograms of type B are there in one bag. what is the

    asked by sheri
  95. American government

    A shift toward cooperative federalism was evidenced by President Obama support of the silly bill that included temporary ________ funding for ________ function such as education and public safety. A. Federal;federal B. State;state C. State;federal D.

    asked by sallie
  96. Lab Math

    What is osmolarity of a 0.20M MgSO4 solution, which is 50% dissociated?

    asked by Kay
  97. American government

    President George W. Bush became a "democratic priest-king" immediately after A. Proposing sweeping educational reform. B. September11, 2001 C. Proposing his tax cut D. Winning the vote in 2004 Is the answer B?

    asked by sallie
  98. Chemistry-DrBob222

    What is the final temperature and physical state if water when 47.50 kJ of energy is added to 15.0 g of ice at -10.0 C? Helpful information: Cs (ice) = 2.1 J/g C Heat of fusion (water) = 6.02 kJ/mol Cs (water) = 4.184 J/g C Heat of vaporization (water) =

    asked by Nevaeh
  99. American government

    The number of total congressional employees is close to A. 35,000 B. 5,000 C. 25,000 D. 15,000 Is it B.

    asked by sallie
  100. American government

    A political _______ would not favor judicial restraint concerning the current legal status of __________. A. Conservative; education B. Conservative; abortion C. Conservative;gun laws D. Liberal; abortion Is it D?

    asked by sallie
  101. American government

    Thus is a political institution that sets national policy by interpreting the law A. The appellate court B. The state court C. Court of appeals D. Supreme Court Is the answer D?

    asked by sallie
  102. American government

    Roughly how many former members of Congress and staffers serving as a lobbyists were involved in the health care reform debate in 2009? A. About 100 B. About 350 C. Former members of Congress and staffers are permanently barred from lobbying. D. About

    asked by sallie
  103. English

    Can you please check if my answers are correct? 1.)The pupil had not(brang, brought) the homework. Answer: The pupil had not brought the homework. 2.) Has the choir ever(sung,sang) that tune? Answer: Has the choir ever sung that tune? 3.) The seamstress

    asked by Lori
  104. American gov

    Conspiracy theorist generally ________ the view that government is a reflection of group compromises. A. Accept B. Reject C. Support D. Undermine

    asked by sallie
  105. American government

    Unlike ______, interest groups do not compete for ________office. A. Lobbyist; private B. Lobbyist; public C. Political parties; private D. Political parties; public Is the answer A?

    asked by sallie
  106. Math

    A hospital was out of juice at the end of September. They bought 200 cases on Oct. 1 at $10.00 each. and 200 more cases on Nov. 1 for $12.00 each. There were 100 cases left at the end of Oct. What would be first case expensed on Nov. 2 using the average

    asked by Angela
  107. MATH Help!

    Mr. Davis wants to buy some oranges. He visits a local grocery store and finds that 6 oranges cost $2. Write an equation that represents the relationship between the number of oranges, n, and their total cost, c. Express the rate of change in simplest

    asked by John Doswell
  108. Math

    21 less than Craig's height is 50

    asked by Anonymous
  109. American government

    A political party _______ political power. A. Polarized B. Centralizes C. Decentralized D. Balance Is it B?

    asked by sallie
  110. American gov

    Conspiracy theorist generally _________ the view that government is a reflection of group compromises. A. Accept B. Reject C. Support D. Undermine Is it D?

    asked by sallie
  111. Chemistry -DrBob222

    How many gallons of ethylene glycol, molar mass 62.07 g/mol, density = 1.1 g/mol do you need to add to each gallon of water ( 1 gallon = 4 liters and kf = 1.85 C/m) in your radiator to get the water to freeze at -15 C? Is it 0.458 gallon?

    asked by Nevaeh
  112. American government

    What is the underlying bargaining compromise process in pluralism? A. One leader asserting his or her authority B. A ew leaders merging their ideas C. Lobbyist assertions D. A Consensus It's either b or c

    asked by sallie
  113. Biology

    How do I set up a trihybrid punnett square if the cross is TTRRPp x TtRrPp?

    asked by Liz
  114. Chemistry

    A 10.00 mL aliquot of 0.100 M NaOH is added to 15.00 mL of 0.100M HCl in a coffee cup calorimeter. The initial temperature of the two dilute liquids were both 25.0 degrees C and the final temperature of the mixture was found to be 37.8 degrees C. What is

    asked by Nevaeh
  115. Chemistry- DrBob222

    What is the equilibrium constant for a weak acid HA that dissociates 1% at an initial concentration of 0.05 M according to the following balanced chemical equation? HA H+ + A-

    asked by Nevaeh
  116. American government

    The constitution convention A. Was a series of open meetings involving public input B. Was a set of secret meetings initially held to revise the articles of confederation C. Involved the governors of all the states in one private meeti mf to discuss

    asked by sallie
  117. American government

    James Bryce believe that the constitution was fine example of A. Mass democracy B. Development of an oligarchical system of government. C. An incrementally improved system not far removed from the magna Carta D. A governing system that encouraged the

    asked by sallie
  118. Physics

    Hi, I am having difficulties approaching and solving the following question: A Michelson interferometer is used with red light of wavelength 632.8 nm and is adjusted for a path difference of 20 µm. Determine the angular radius of the a) first (smallest

    asked by Brandon Tom
  119. American government

    power is a. the influence another person's behavior by. having many advanced weapons c. achieving voluntary consensus among groups d. persuading people to act independently of government authority Is it D?

    asked by sallie
  120. American government

    Which is not an example of government successfully restrictions civil liberties? A.the gag rule of 1840 B. Suspension of printing of socialist newspapers during WWI C. president Nixon attempt to halt publication of the pentagon paper D. Internment of

    asked by sallie
  121. MATH

    Mr. Davis wants to buy some oranges. He visits a local grocery store and finds that 6 oranges cost $2. Write an equation that represents the relationship between the number of oranges, n, and their total cost, c. Express the rate of change in simplest

    asked by John Doswell
  122. algebra

    The length of a rectangle is 8 feet more than its width. If the width is increased by 4 feet and the length is decreased by 5 feet, the area will remain the same. Find the dimensions of the original rectangle.

    asked by Child
  123. Physics

    A 1000kg car is driving toward the north along a straight horizontal road at a speed of 20.0 m/s. The driver applies the brakes and the car comes to a rest uniformly in a distance of 150 m. What is the magnitude applied to the car to bring it to rest?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. American government

    sexual harassment law is an example of A. Affirmative action B. A political question C.the zone of privacy D. Protective legislation Is it c?

    asked by sallie