Questions Asked on
March 5, 2016

  1. Chemistry

    When perturbing the equilibrium with heating and cooling, how many times do you think the equilibrium can be shifted before it stops working? Why? How about modification of the equilibrium through changes in concentration?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. English

    I want some of you to come up here and talk about your/their worries to your classmates. The other students should give some tips on the problems/worries/matters. Then they/you should add the expression "Everything will be okay." After that the student who

    asked by rfvv
  3. calculus

    a) Let f(z) = z^2 and γ(t) = 1 + it^3, t ∈ [0,1]. i) Write out the contour integral ∫γ f(z)dz as an integral with respect to t. You do not need to evaluate this integral. ii) Evaluate the integral ∫0,1+i z^2dz iii) What is the relationship between

    asked by jack
  4. algebra or algebra1

    What is the set of all values of x for which the expression x + 6 /x2 −2x−8 is not defined? A) {−6,−4,2} B) {−6,−2,4} C) {−4,2} D) {−2,4} E) {−6}

    asked by amy
  5. algebra or algebra1

    A rectangle has length 21 inches and width 16 inches. What is the length of a diagonal from one corner to the opposite corner, rounded to the nearest inch

    asked by amy
  6. algebra or algebra1

    If f (x) = 2x + 9, and f(a) = 7, then a =?

    asked by amy
  7. Physics

    A 55.3 kg skier is moving at 14.9 m/s on a frictionless horizontal, snow covered plateau when she encounters a rough patch 1.7 m long. The coefficient of kinetic friction between this patch and her skis is 0.27. After crossing the rough patch, what is the

    asked by Desperate Student
  8. Physics

    A soccer ball of mass 550g is at rest on the ground. The soccer ball is kicked with a force of 108N. The player shoes is in contact with the ball for 0.3m. What is KE of the ball? What is the ball's velocity at the moment it loses contact with the soccer

    asked by Sam
  9. Physics

    An elastic cord can be stretched to its elastic limit by a load of 2N. If a 35cm length of the cord is extende 0.6cm by a force of the cord when the stretching force is 2.5N

    asked by Cryptic
  10. algebra or algebra1

    x−8/7=y-t/5 solve for x

    asked by amy
  11. Science

    What is the charge on 500 mg of electron?

    asked by Shahkar
  12. chemistry

    In the red cabbage lab, we just took the cabbage juice and in 5 separate cups mixed it with 5 different liquids, ex: coke, milk, cleaning agent, etc, and matched the color to a ph chart to tell if it was a base or an acid. Simple lab. The question needs a

    asked by lulu
  13. algebra or algebra1

    If x and y are positive numbers, then (20)(x^3y^4)^3

    asked by amy
  14. algebra or algebra1

    If x and y are positive numbers, then√20(x^3y^4)^3

    asked by amy
  15. physics

    calculate the de-broglie wvelenth of the electron orbitting in the n=2 of hydrogen atom

    asked by sajid
  16. parabola

    Architechture A modern building has an entry in the shape 24.2.ft wide at the base. Find an equation for the parabola case (see the figure) if the vertex is put at the origin of the coordinate sytem. Height is 32.5 ft.

    asked by erwin
  17. English

    I¡¯m worried about my height. 1. Why don¡¯t you buy a jump rope and jump rope from time to time? 2. Why don¡¯t you play basketball with others in the gym? 3. Why don¡¯t you do gymnastics on a regular basis? 4. Why don¡¯t you do yoga at home? 5.

    asked by rfvv
  18. chemistry

    Calcium carbonate, CaCO3, when heated decomposes to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. Calculate the mass of calcium oxide formed when 2.0 grams of CaCO3 is decomposed.

    asked by Unknown
  19. trigonometry

    A plane flew 50 km on a bearing 63° 20', and then flew on a bearing of 153°20' for 120 km. Find the distance between the starting and ending point.

    asked by ymme
  20. Algebra

    find the 12th term of the arithmetic progression 1/2, 1/6, 1/10

    asked by cici
  21. Algebra

    The first and second term of a progression are "a" and "b" respectively. What is the third term if the progression is harmonic?

    asked by cici
  22. Allgebra

    The geometric and arithmetic mean of the two numbers are 8 and 17 respectively. 1. Find the bigger number. 2. Find the smaller number. 3. Find the harmonic mean.

    asked by cici
  23. chemistry12

    Calcium carbonate, CaCO3, when heated decomposes to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. Calulate the mass of clacium oxide formed when 2.0 grams of CaCO3 is decomposed.

    asked by Anonymous666
  24. chemistry12_2016

    Calcium carbonate, CaCO3, when heated decomposes to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. Calulate the mass of clacium oxide formed when 2.0 grams of CaCO3 is decomposed.

    asked by Anonymous666
  25. Math

    If a pie was cut into sixths and one cut into eighths how many pieces are there altogether?

    asked by Scott
  26. vrije universiteit

    Harley Davidson has its engine assembly plant in Milwaukee and its motorcycle assembly plant in Pennsylvania. Engines are transported between the two plants using trucks. Each truck trip costs $1,800. The motorcycle plant assembles and sells 3200

    asked by emal
  27. maths

    Q- Two samples of sizes 8 and 10 are drawn from two normally distributed population having variance 20 and 36 respectively. Find the probability that the variance of the first sample is more than twice the variance of the second sample.

    asked by ashok yadav
  28. English

    My shoes are the same as yours. ================ What is the part of speech of 'same' in the sentence? Is 'same' an adjective or an pronoun?

    asked by rfvv
  29. english

    provide the correct singular /plural form of the verbs in brackets in the below . sandra (do).......not believe in the new year resolution.she (think) ......we (need)....... new day resolution instead .sandraa (have).....had many failed attempts to live up

    asked by job
  30. Life orientation

    3 corses or study fields you are interested in following after grade 12

    asked by William
  31. Math

    Two numbers are in the ratio of 3 to 4. If the smaller number is increased by 10 and the bigger number is decreased by 10, the results are equal. Find the numbers?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. MATH

    The moon's distance from the earth is 360000 km and its diameter subtends an angle of 31 minute at the of the observer on the earth . Find the radius of the moon.

    asked by Pankaj
  33. maths

    Akalya bought two pumpkins. the larger was 3 kg. the smaller pumpkin was only one-third the weight of the larger pumpkin. what is the weight of the smaller pumpkin

    asked by ellya
  34. college algebra

    there are three consecutive even integers such that twice the first is 20 more than the second. find the largest integer

    asked by ashley
  35. Physics

    If the sky diver releases her chute and an upward force of 800 Newtons is developed due to wind resistance, what will be the net force acting on her?

    asked by Jamie
  36. English

    1. I don't know anyone in my class. 2. In my class, I don't know anyone. ============================= In #1, what is the part of speech of 'in my class'? Does 'in my class' modify 'anyone' or 'know'? In #2, 'In my class' is an adverbial phrase, right?

    asked by rfvv
  37. School subject mathe


    asked by Algebra
  38. trigonometry

    verify sinx/secx = 1/tanx+cotx

    asked by Anonymous
  39. english

    Stereotyping is a three-part procedure. In the first stage, we identify a group to which we believe another person belongs. For example, if a man is wearing a turban, one might assume he is a Muslim. In the next stage, we recall a generalization other

    asked by help
  40. math

    A jet A is flying above 2 ships B and C which are 18km apart. If the angles of depression of B and C from are 60 and 32 degrees respectively, find the height of the jet above the sea level, correct to the nearest m.

    asked by someonestupid
  41. maths

    useful websites for maths that are the way im doing gsce soon

    asked by help
  42. LA

    1. It shall flash through doing ages, 2.It shall light the distant years; 3.And eyes now dim with sorrow 4. Shall be brighter through their tears 5. It shall flush the mountain ranges, 6. And the valleys shall grow bright; 7. It shall battle the hills in

    asked by Anonymous (Help ASAP)
  43. Math

    22.6 is an outlier for which of the following sets of data? A. 22.6, 21.5, 23.7, 22.6, 28.9, 22.6, 20.9 B. 2.4, 5.3, 3.5, 22.6, 1.8, 2.1, 4.6, 1.9 C. 20.5, 20.8, 21.6, 22.6, 23.7, 24.5, 25.1 D. 13.6, 31.7, 25.8, 22.6, 18.9, 21.6, 30.5

    asked by jai
  44. science

    Calculate the wavelength of a wave of frequency 40 MHz propagating in a medium Speed of light-(3*10to the power 5. )

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Maxima, Stationary Points

    Long shot but does anyone have experience of using Maxima (maths program) for finding stationary points. My user guide offers no help, ive tried to manipulate the following derivative to find the stationary points however its not proving helpful.

    asked by Mat
  46. Functions, graphs

    f(x)=(x+1)/(1+x^2) a) explain why the graph lies above the x axis on the interval x=0 and x=sqrt(3) b)write an expression using the indefinite integral that gives the area between the graph f and the x axis between the values x=0 and x=sqrt(3). c)use

    asked by Matthew
  47. physics

    Force charges +q,-q,+q,-q placed at 4 corners of a square of sides 'a' calculate the resultant force on +Q charge at the intersection of 2 diagonals

    asked by chandan
  48. good mornin i need some help on Texas history

    1.until 1954,all jurors in texas were male t or f ***i thing is f**** 2.after brown v. board of education all texas schools immediately complied t or f **i don't know this one at least help me understand thnks*** plz help me on num two and check num 1

    asked by coolguy321
  49. science-math

    A pharmacist has an 18% alcohol solution. How much of this solution and how much water must be mixed together to make 10 liters of a 12% alcohol solution?

    asked by wonka
  50. math

    A confectioner has 300 pounds of a chocolate that is 1 part cocoa butter to 7 parts caramel. How much chocolate that is 1 part cocoa butter to 15 parts caramel should be combined with the first in order to create a new chocolate that is 1 part cocoa butter

    asked by john
  51. Math

    Factor the expression 5x^2 + 26x + 5 express in factored form.

    asked by Kaashif
  52. Business study

    4.1.Describe the factors that Darren &Anathi should be considering when choosing their form of ownership?4.2. Dareen&Anathi cannot decide between a partnership & private company as the best form ownership.discuss how division of profit ,liability&taxation

    asked by Rosina
  53. Mathematics

    The co-ordinates of point A and B are (2,3) and (4,-3) respectively,find the length of AB

    asked by Daniella
  54. science

    How can we measure the Gravitational field intensity of any place on earth ?

    asked by Sabbu..
  55. LA

    which of the following sentences includes a predicate noun? A. Justin and Meg are the winners of the contest B. the winners of the contest are they C. the winners of the contest are Justin and Meg D. the winners of the contest are excited. i think D?

    asked by nobaody
  56. LA

    which sentences has a proper subject verb agreement? A. Grandma and Aunt Louise gets you a present. B. Grandma and Aunt Louise bought you a present. C. Grandma and Aunt Louise buys you a present. D. Grandma and Aunt Louise getting you a present. i think B

    asked by hello help
  57. Algebra

    Did I get the right answer for this problem as an Integer or Decimal? 5.75 - (-7.84)= 13.59

    asked by Dee365
  58. History

    Describe the functions of the three different branches of the United States government. In your description, be sure to identify the purpose of each branch and provide examples of how each branch can check the power of the other two branches of government.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. maths

    A contractor supplied some items to a school. The contractor's bill is shown below. If each amount includes 5% VAT calculate how much the government receives as VAT. Electrical fittings = #52 500.

    asked by Charles
  60. LA

    whats 15/18 like there is 18 questions and you got three wrong what percent is it.

    asked by hello help
  61. maths

    A contractor supplied some items to a school. The contractor's bill is shown below. If each amount includes 5% VAT calculate how much the government receives as VAT. Electrical fittings = #52 500.Stationery #84 000 ;sports equipments #262 000;computers

    asked by Frank ch
  62. Math

    in a recent survey of middle school students about pizza toppings, it was found that 25 students like pepperoni pizza, 31 like banana peppers pizza, and 5 likes both pepperoni and banana peppers on their pizza. if 66 students were surveyed, how many

    asked by jai
  63. TX history

    10.a committee may take all of the following actions Except -passing a bill into law -recommending a bill for further consideration -not recommending the bill******* -listening to testimony about a bill 5.the leader of the house of representatives is the?

    asked by coolguy321
  64. math

    Juan will rent a car for the weekend. He can choose one of two plans. The first plan has an initial fee of $57.98 and costs an additional $0.09 per mile driven. The second plan has an initial fee of $49.98 and costs an additional $0.14 per mile driven. How

    asked by unknown
  65. Statistics

    TRUE or FALSE: The p-value of a hypothesis test is the probability that the null hypothesisis true given the sample statistic obtained.

    asked by Sara
  66. Math

    Short answer The back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot below shows the ages of patients seen by two doctors in a family clinic in one day. Compare the ages of the patients of doctor 1 and doctor 2 using the mean and the median of each data set. Doctor 1 Doctor 2

    asked by jai
  67. Statistics

    he level of nitrogen oxides (NOX) in the exhaust of a particular car model varies with mean 0.7 grams per mile and standard deviation 0.19 grams per mile . (a) What sample size is needed so that the standard deviation of the sampling distribution is 0.01

    asked by zoolo
  68. History

    Did France intended to export its revolution to the other countries?

    asked by Tinashe chiwaka
  69. Business math

    I have a loan made april 5th, face value 8500 length 90 days, simple interest 8%, discount May 3. what is the discount?

    asked by sue
  70. Climate Physics

    Find the insolation in Wm^-2 at summer solstice for a low obliquity of 22 degrees? I used the following: h_0=cos^-1(-tan(phi)* tan(delta)) cos(theta)=[sin(phi)*sin(delta)+cos(phi)*cos(delta)*cos(h_0)] Result was 397 Wm^-2 This looked like an easy problem,

    asked by Alice
  71. math

    verify for sqrt(1-cosx)= sin/sqrt(1+cosx). I multiplied the right side by sqrt(1-cosx) and got sqrt(1-cosx)= sin*sqrt(1-cosx), but I don't know what to do with the sin.

    asked by unknown
  72. math

    A pair of shoes that normally costs $75 is on sale for $55. What is the percent decrease in the price, to the nearest whole percent? THANK YOU!

    asked by Tim
  73. English

    Which one of the following sentences contains an incorrect usage of the singular possessive?     A. Icarus's fate was sealed when he approached the sun.B. The north forty has always been my family's land.C. Mary was dominant among Jesus'

    asked by tanesha
  74. Algebra

    Using the equation, y=-2/3x-2, find the equation of the line that is parallel and has the ordered pair (3,3). Write the answer in standard form.

    asked by Grant
  75. math

    A farmer is using a random sample to predict the number of broken eggs in a shipment of 3,000 eggs. Using a calculator, the farmer generates the following random numbers. The numbers 1-250 represent broken eggs. 477, 2116, 1044, 81, 619, 755, 2704, 900,

    asked by Tim
  76. Math

    Michele wanted to measure the height of her school’s flagpole. She placed a mirror on the ground 48 feet from the flagpole, then walked backwards until she was able to see the top of the pole in the mirror. Her eyes were 5 feet above the ground and she

    asked by Anonymous
  77. math ples help

    Please help.. How to answer if.. 2log8/6 + 2^2log3 - 2log12 Thank you so much

    asked by darren
  78. Calc Derivatives

    Find the critical points of (4x-3)/(3x^(1/2))

    asked by Isabella
  79. math help pls pls

    The correlation coefficient for poor health and not exercising in a group of people is 0.67. Analyze the following statement: Poor health is caused by not exercising. Is this a reasonable conclusion? Yes; everyone who doesn't exercise is by definition

    asked by Oscar
  80. math

    3 girls share a number of apples in the ratio 5:3:2. if the highest share is 40 apples, find the smallest share

    asked by josephine
  81. math help pls pls

    Analyze the following statement: Marcus notices that he runs faster in the mornings rather than the evenings. Is the statement an example of correlation or causation? Correlation, because time of day doesn't cause a person to run faster or slower

    asked by Oscar
  82. math

    Please I just cant figure out how to get the discount, thank you I have a loan made april 5th, face value 8500 length 90 days, simple interest 8%, discount May 3. what is the discount?I have the answer just cant figure out how to get it

    asked by sue
  83. math help pls pls

    You suspect that the spiciness of food served in a restaurant is positively correlated with number of soft drinks ordered. You have gathered several observations of people ordering food of different spice-levels and the number of soft drinks they ordered.

    asked by Oscar
  84. Physics

    Does the total kinetic energy of an isolated system necessarily have to be conserved when its total momentum is conserved?

    asked by Terry
  85. Math

    Six friends share 4 apples equally. How much Apple does each friend get?

    asked by Rina
  86. business math

    Joanne and Ed Greenwood built a new barn with an attached arena. To finance the loan, they paid $1,261 interest on $52,600 at 5%. What was the time, using exact interest?

    asked by aisha
  87. Math

    Sally painted a picture that has an area of 480 square inches. The length of the painting is 1 1/5 its width. Which of the following could be the dimensions of Sally’s painting? A. 20 inches by 24 inches B. 12 inches by 40 inches C. 16 inches by 30

    asked by Ilana
  88. Social Studies

    What is Obama's last name?

    asked by prisoner
  89. Math

    A taxpayer is in the 28 percent tax bracket and invests it in a San Diego City Bond paying 7 percent. What taxable interest rate will provide the after-tax return? I don't understand the formula, so can you show me how it's calculated,please.

    asked by Larry
  90. Geometry

    I have a rectangle MNOP ~ rectangle STUV. What is the length of line TU?? First rectangle is MNOP with 10 on top and 4 on the side. Second rectangle is STUV. With the top marked X for the unknown number and n the side is 6. I need help solving this. Do you

    asked by R
  91. math

    Mike had a jar of nickels that had five more nickels than he originally thought. If the total amount of nickels was $4.35, how many nickels did Mike think he had originally?

    asked by Michael

    A sample weighing 1.25 mg containing a certain compound M (FW 292.16 g/mol) was dissolved in solvent in a 5.00 mL volumetric flask. A 1.00 mL aliquot was drawn up, placed in a 10.00 mL volumetric and diluted to the mark with solvent. The absorbance of this

    asked by KAMBOYI K
  93. Algebra

    One skier covered the distance of 20 km 20 minutes faster than the other skier. Find the speed of both skiers if one of them is travelling 2 km/hour faster than the other one.

    asked by Anish Panda
  94. math

    What is the largest integer n that 4n+1 is a multiple of n+1?

    asked by Andre
  95. math

    What is the largest integer n such that 1440/(n^2-1) is an integer?

    asked by Andre
  96. Algebra


    asked by Anish Panda
  97. Math

    Bank A pays 4.79% compounded monthly, while Bank B pays 4.8% compounded quarterly. Which bank pays more?

    asked by Devin
  98. Math

    A seed company claims that 90% of its bean seeds will germinate. If seven of these seeds are planted in warm, moist, soil, what is the probability that exactly 6 of them will germinate? Round answer to nearest ten-thousandth (4 places after decimal)

    asked by Greg
  99. Calculus

    Integrate dx/(sqrt(x^2+16)). I have no idea how to start and which method to use. Thinking some sort of trig substitution? But it doesn't look like it. Step by step? Answer key says ln|x+ sqrt(x^2+16)|.

    asked by Cindy
  100. physics

    At 20°C, a brass cube has an edge length of 34 cm. What is the increase in the cube's surface area when it is heated from 20°C to 67°C?

    asked by Jim
  101. 6th Grade Math - Ms. Sue plz

    What is the formula for the area of a trapezoid? Thanks.

    asked by Geek Girl
  102. political science

    According to Justice William O. Douglas, where can zones of privacy (the right to privacy) be found in the Constitution? A. throughout the Constitution B. in the penumbras of the Bill of Rights C. in the First Amendment D. in the writings of the Founders

    asked by Anonymous
  103. political science

    Which of the following conditions was NOT a part of the Lemon Test, as established by the Supreme Court? A. They must not entangle the government exclusively with religion B. The primary effect must not be to advance or inhibit religion C. There must be a

    asked by Anonymous
  104. political science

    The former Soviet Union cannot be considered a democracy because A. it did not regularly hold elections B. it permitted no acts of conventional participation C. it had no legislature D. there was only one political party

    asked by Anonymous
  105. History

    A Story that contains little or no policy content and is not related to the days event but that commonly discussed popular personalities and is designed to draw greater viewer interest is what? I think is biased media coverage

    asked by Sarah
  106. College history

    Social order and norms of behavior are often learned in what era or school time? I think it's either college or adulthood

    asked by Sarah
  107. physics

    What is the final equilibrium temperature when 40.0 grams of ice at 0°C is mixed with 5.00 grams of steam at 120°C? The specific heat of ice is 2.10 kJ/kg °C, the heat of fusion for ice at 0°C is 333.7 kJ/kg, the specific heat of water 4.186 kJ/kg °C,

    asked by athirah
  108. Physics

    An Alaskan rescue plane traveling 38 m/s drops a package of emergency rations from a height of 105 m to a stranded party of explorers. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2. Where does the package strike the ground relative to the point directly below

    asked by Blake
  109. math

    how many envelopes can be made out of a sheet of paper 3m 24cm by 1m 72cm,if each envelope requires a piece of paper of side 18cm by 12cm?

    asked by vipin rawat
  110. Calculus Derivatives

    Determine the concavity of f(x)=xlnx I end up with F''(x)=1/x, where it would be concave up when x>0 and concave down when x

    asked by Isabella
  111. College history

    The former Soviet Union cannot be considered a democracy because Of what? I have info on it already I just want someone else's option and thoughts on it so I can add it to my essay

    asked by Farrah
  112. political science

    The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was passed by President Obama in 2007 in order to address what issue?

    asked by sammie
  113. Biology

    How do ATP and ADP function in capturing and releasing energy?

    asked by Halle
  114. math

    find two numbers such that one of them is five times the other and their difference is 132.

    asked by bebo
  115. Social science

    The Second Amendment continues to be a controversial issue. One of the main questions is whether it was meant as a _______ freedom or _______ freedom. Question 4 options: individual; group absolute; conditional temporary; permanent good; bad

    asked by Gates
  116. Social science

    According to Justice William O. Douglas, where can zones of privacy (the right to privacy) be found in the Constitution? Question 2 options: throughout the Constitution in the penumbras of the Bill of Rights in the First Amendment in the writings of the

    asked by Gates
  117. Electronics

    Is a circuit a bandpass filter only when it's a high pass filter followed by a low pass filter? Or can it ever be a low pass filter and then a high pass filter (cascaded together)? Does the order matter if it's then followed by a gain/amplifier stage?

    asked by Jennifer
  118. Business

    I wonder if someone can help me on question please , Analyse the impact of relevant legislation/regulations on any two types of part time &full time employment contract ?

    asked by Sara
  119. geography, history, life science and maths literacy

    what courses can I do at university( NWU )

    asked by mpho
  120. Maths

    if the radius of a sphere is increased by 10%, prove that its volume will be increased by33.1%.

    asked by Manish
  121. Chemisrty

    Assuming equal concentrations, rank these solutions by pH: hclo4 caoh2 NH3 koh hbro

    asked by Carlos
  122. math

    Here is bob's test score math 65 arts 86 science 84 social studies 78 if his average score is 80 ,how many marks did he make in gramma

    asked by cherise
  123. chemistry

    Dr Bob, Thanks for your help. Ihad googled for 3 hours before asking you. For future reference, if anyone asks this question again, 10th grade chemistry, I found a video on You Tube that makes it easy to understand. It is, The Sci Guys, Ph indicator,

    asked by lulu
  124. chemistry

    At 1500 °C, Kc = 5.67 for the reaction CH4(g) + H2O(g) CO(g) + 3H2(g) Calculated value of ΔG°1773 for the reaction at this temperature.

    asked by Ann
  125. chemistry

    Calculate the value of the thermodynamic equilibrium constant for the following reactions at 25.0 °C. (a) N2H4(g) + 2O2(g) 2NO(g) + 2H2O(g) Kp = H20=-228.6 NO= 86.69 N2H4= 159.3 02 = 0

    asked by Lia