Questions Asked on
March 3, 2016

  1. Language Arts

    This is the poem question 1 is talking about. Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes; Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suffer a sea change Into something rich and strange. Sea nymphs hourly

    asked by Gourami
  2. Physical Education

    What type of muscle is only found in one place in the body? Cardiac muscle. (MY ANSWER) Ligament muscle. Skeletal muscle. Smooth muscle.

    asked by LOVE
  3. Math, Please check answers

    I do not want to fail this, could you please help me with number 1 and 3.D, and then check my other answers? Thank you. 1. Find and simplify the volume-to-surface-area ratio for each of the three possible ice cube shapes. You can use this chart. |Shape|

    asked by Alexia Smith
  4. Chemistry

    Write an overall balanced equation for these unbalanced half-reactions: In --> In3+ Cd2+ --> Cd I multiplied both sides by integers to get the electrons to be equal on both sides but I don't know what the final overall balanced equation looks like.

    asked by Blake
  5. Language Arts - Dependent and Independent Clauses

    Question #1: Identify the dependent clause in the following sentence: "If we are going to make it to the movie on time, we really need to leave right now." a) If we are going to make it b) If we are going to make it to the movie on time c) we really need

    asked by Gourami
  6. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following has made flooding worse in the Koreas? A. lack of tree covers** B. lack of crops C. too many droughts D. too many dams 2. What is the most important agricultural product in Japan and the Koreas? A. corn B. rice** C. soybeans D.

    asked by Lola
  7. Algebra

    Radio signals travel at a rate of 3*10^8 meters per second. How many seconds would it take for a radio signal to travel from a satellite to the surface of Earth if the satellite is orbiting at a height of 4.2*10^7 meters? (Hint: Time is distance divided by

    asked by Kaai97
  8. science help pls pls

    The table below shows the average annual precipitation over a period of five years in three locations of Florida. Locations | Amount of precipitation 1 between 45- 65 inches 2 more than 96 inches 3 less than 8 inches Which of these statements is correct

    asked by Oscar

    WHICH of the following words rom the poem has a negative connotation? A. dumb B. patient C. gilds D. promise my answer is a or b

    asked by cutie
  10. Science

    1. Which of the following explains why sunlight is important to the aquatic ecosystems? A. Sunlight provides a source of heat and energy to increase water temperatures. B. Sunlight keeps harmful bacteria from taking over aquatic ecosystems. C. Sunlight

    asked by Em
  11. science !!

    1. how do scientists classify stars? by size distance and color by size distance and brightness by color brightness and distance by size brightness and temperature 2. which of The following factors determines how long is Star will live a stars color stars

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  12. Math

    The legs of a right triangle measure 24 feet and 45 feet. What is the length of the hypotenuse? A. 51 ft** B. 69 ft C. 38.07 ft D. 8.31 ft I think A

    asked by Ava
  13. Quick calc question

    Find the distance, in feet, a particle travels in its first 2 seconds of travel, if it moves according to the velocity equation v(t)= 6t2 − 18t + 12 (in feet/sec). 4 5

    asked by nan
  14. Language Arts 8B

    ANSWER THESE QUISTIONS WITH THE POEM CONCRETE MIXERS BY PATRICIS HUBBELL what are the concrete mixers compared too? what are the drivers compared too? how was the comparisons related? please help

    asked by cutie
  15. la

    what kind of poem is this? ONOMATOPOEIA by: EVE MERRIAM The rusty spigot sputters, utters a splutter, 5 spatters a smattering of drops, gashes wider; slash, splatters, scatters, 10 spurts, finally stops sputtering and plash! gushes rushes splashes clear

    asked by me
  16. Math

    Which of these cannot represent the lengths of the sides of a right triangle? A. 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft B. 6 in., 8 in., 10 in. C. 16 cm, 63 cm, 65 cm** D. 8 m, 9 m, 10 m

    asked by Victoria
  17. S.S Japan

    Which statement best describes Yokohama? (A) Yokohama is an ancient political center. (B) Yokohama is a rural farm village. (C) Yokohama is a large crowded city. (D) Yokohama is an important mining town. i think b.

    asked by Mia
  18. math

    one estimate for the ideal body weight of a woman is shown below. use this information to answer part (a) through (d) 55kg+1.5kg for each inch over 5 feet (a) find a linear model for an estimate of the ideal weight of a woman using W for ideal body weight

    asked by lauren
  19. Math \ algebra

    The table shows the amount of money made by a summer blockbuster in each of the first four weeks of its theater release. Which graph could represent the data shown in the table? A table showing the week and the money made; week 1, $19,600,000, week 2,

    asked by Cat
  20. chemistry

    How many kilojoules are required to melt 15g of ice at 0 degree celsius, and raise the temperature of the liquid that forms to 85 degree celsius?

    asked by Kate
  21. physics

    The front 1.20 m of a 1,350-kg car is designed as a "crumple zone" that collapses to absorb the shock of a collision. (a) If a car traveling 21.0 m/s stops uniformly in 1.20 m, how long does the collision last? s (b) What is the magnitude of the average

    asked by mark
  22. Physics

    Gold-198 with a half life of 2.6 days is used to diagnose and treat liver disease. Write a half life decay equation that relates the mass of au-198 remaining to time in days. What percentage of a sample of Au-198 would reamin after 1 day, 1 week? Given the

    asked by AlphaPrimes
  23. Physics

    Two soccer players, Mary and Jane, begin running from nearly the same point at the same time. Mary runs in an easterly direction at 4.43 m/s, while Jane takes off in a direction 60.2o north of east at 5.07 m/s. How long is it before they are 24.7 m apart?

    asked by Ron
  24. Physical Education

    When you are a baby, your bones begin as what type of tissue? a. cartilage (MY ANSWER) b. cells c. ligaments d. muscle

    asked by LOVE
  25. HISTORY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    *** = my answer choice. 1. Which of the following best describes the Klu Klux Klan during Reconstruction? A. a gun club for former Confederate Soldiers. B. a secret political terrorist organization. C. a social group whose members masqueraded in sheets and

    asked by Alisha
  26. Science

    Which of the following is not a benefit of wetlands? a) wetlands provide a place for exceptional weather to occur** b) wetlands provide a habitat for fish and wildlife c) wetlands clean and recharge water supplies d) wetlands reduce flooding risks 2. a

    asked by Katherine (please check my answers)
  27. Physics

    a box of mass 7 kg is pulled up a frictionless 30 degree incline by a force of 381 N which acts parallel to the incline surface. the box has an initial speed of 5m/s and is pulled 9m. what is the speed of the box at the end of the 9m.

    asked by Anon
  28. social studies plz help.

    what is the most exact location of southwest asia. a.west of china and east of united states. b.across atlantic oceon. c.near europe and africa. d.between the metiterranean and the urabian sea's*********

    asked by My name is jeff
  29. history :(

    which of the following best describe the ku klux klan during reconstruction? a. A gun club for former confederate solider b. a secret political terrorist organization c. a social group whose members masqueraded in sheets and pillowcases ** d. a part of the

    asked by cutie
  30. math

    the area of a circle PQR with centre O is 72 cm square. what is the area of sector POQ if angle POQ is equal to 40 degree?

    asked by folasade
  31. physics

    An older-model car accelerates from 0 to speed v in 10. s. A newer, more powerful sports car of the same mass accelerates from 0 to 4v in the same time period. Assuming the energy coming from the engine appears only as kinetic energy of the cars, compare

    asked by sherry
  32. Quick calc question

    Find the average value of f(x) = 1 over x over the interval [e, 2e]. the natural logarithm of 2 over e negative 1 over 2 times e squared Ln2

    asked by nan
  33. Chemistry

    Mole calculations: How much does 2.5 x 10^24 molecules of p2o3 weigh ?

    asked by Aria
  34. Consumer Math

    The amount left when you subtract last month's payment from last month's balance on a credit card statement is the (Points : 2) APR. unpaid balance. new balance. minimum payment.

    asked by Cody
  35. Physics

    a mass, m = 2.1 kg, is ejected horizontally from a compressed coil with a force constant, k = 5.2 N/m and compression, x = 25 cm, onto a rough ramp that is 1.5 cm long with one end raised to a height, h= 120 cm. the speed at the bottom of the rough ramp is

    asked by S
  36. Weight Is Force! Science

    A space ship has a mass of 9000kg. the space ship is launched from Earth and lands on a distant planet where it has a mass of 390000 N. What is the acceleration of the gravity on this planet?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. art

    what is the symbolism behind the eye at the top of the pyramid on a United States dollar , and what does this image say about America's national identity? A. the eye represents God's clarity and America's identity as a nation protected by God B. The eye

    asked by emma :))
  38. science help pls pls

    Which of these is an example of how the ocean plays an important role in climate change? The warm Gulf Stream helps maintain moderate temperature in coastal regions in southern Florida. Aquatic animals produce carbon dioxide during respiration which causes

    asked by Oscar
  39. Science.

    2. Select 3 terms that belong together. To do this, pick one term from each of the 3 sets. Set 1: intertidal zone, neritic zone, deep zone Set 2: moderate light levels, freshwater, temperature fluctuations Set 3: clams, squid, beavers. A. intertidal zone,

    asked by Help?
  40. Algebra

    Salary Increases: A man gets a job of $30000 a year. He promised $2300 raise each subsequent year. Find his total earnings for a 10-year period.

    asked by Gray
  41. Quick calc question

    An elementary student kicks a ball straight into the air with a velocity of 16 feet/sec. If acceleration due to gravity is −32 ft/sec2, how many seconds after it leaves his foot will it take the ball to reach its highest point? Assume the position at

    asked by nan
  42. Physics

    An Alaskan rescue plane traveling 43 m/s drops a package of emergency rations from a height of 129 m to a stranded party of explorers. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . Where does the package strike the ground relative to the point directly below

    asked by Meghan
  43. Social Studies

    1) In which of the following ways are Japan and South Korea similar? A) they both are peninsulas B) they both are made up of islands C) they both have dry summers D) they both have few mineral resources

    asked by Sammy
  44. Social studies

    What role did Marco Polo play in the age of exploration? a)He found the first sea route to Asia. b)He conquered native peoples in the Americas. c)He invented new tools and methods of navigation. (MY ANSWER) d)He increased European interest in foreign lands

    asked by LOVE
  45. Physics

    a box of mass 7 kg is pulled up a frictionless 30 degree incline by a force of 381 N which acts parallel to the incline surface. the box has an initial speed of 5m/s and is pulled 9m. what is the speed of the box at the end of the 9m.

    asked by S
  46. Science

    A girl standing on a bridge throws a stone vertically downward with an intial velocity of 15.0 m/s into the river below. If the stone hit's the water 2.00 seconds later what is the height of the bridge above the water?

    asked by Tyler
  47. Science

    How many valence electrons does magnesium (Mg) have? A. 12 B. six C. three D. two

    asked by Plz Help!
  48. physics

    A long straight horizontal wire carries a current I = 4.80 A to the left. A positive 1.00 C charge moves to the right at a distance 5.00 m above the wire at constant speed v = 4500 m/s . What is the magnitude B of the magnetic field at the location of the

    asked by k
  49. Algebra

    An investment account earns 4% per year compounded annually. If the initial investment was $4,000.00, how much is in the account after 3 years? Round your answer to the nearest dollar.

    asked by Kaai97
  50. Math

    Ten cousins share 3 pizzas equally. What fraction of a pizza does each cousin get? Answer: 3/10 Four boys share 9 yards of fishing wire equally. How many yards of fishing wire does each boy get? Answer:9/4 Please check on the above answers.

    asked by Patrick
  51. ratio

    Divide 6400 in the ratio 5:3

    asked by shan
  52. Algebra

    The masses of four different insects are given below. Insect A: 2.19*10^-4 g Insect B: 5.00*10^-3 g Insect C: 9.0*10^-2 g Insect D: 1.50*10^-3 g What is the order of these insects from heaviest to lightest? a. Insect D; Insect A; Insect B; Insect C b.

    asked by Kaai97
  53. physical science

    how many centimeters long is the proverbial "10 foot pole?" show work

    asked by anita
  54. math

    anthony wants to make two gardens, each with an area of 24 square feet. He will buy boards to go around each garden. the garden has side lengths that are whole numbers. draw two of the possible gardens. which garden will use boards

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    1. Find and simplify the volume-to-surface-area ratio for each of the three possible ice cube shapes. You can use this chart. |Shape| S/A Formula|Volume Formula Cube | S.A=6s^2 | V=s^3 Sphere|S.A+4 pi r^2|V=4/3 pi r^3 Cylinder| S.A=2 pi r^2+2 pi rh |V= pi

    asked by Alexia Smith
  56. Science

    Which solution will best allow the movers to achieve their goal? A) Change the width of the ramp from 4 meters to 3 meters. B) Change the length of the ramp from 4 meters to 5 meters. C) Change the height of the ramp from 3 meters to 4 meters. D) Change

    asked by Marc
  57. science help pls pls

    A student designed an experiment to demonstrate the interaction between Earth systems. The steps of the experiment are given below. *Take a pot full of dry soil. *Keep the pot in direct sunlight. *Do not water the soil for a week. *Observe cracks in the

    asked by Oscar
  58. Physical Education

    what is the best activity to do immediately after playing tennis? A.Drink plenty of juice and sit in the shade to cool your body down. B.Stretch the leg muscles by bouncing to reach as far as you can each time. C.Stretch your leg muscles by slowly bending

    asked by LOVE
  59. Physics

    A girl standing on a bridge throws a stone vertically downward with an initial velocity of 15.0 m/s into the river below. If the stone hit's the water 2.00 seconds later what is the height of the bridge above the water?

    asked by Tyler
  60. math

    A company separates iron, lead, and kryptonite from ore by the floatation separation process, which has three steps: oiling, mixing, and separation. These steps must be applied for 3, 4, and 1 hour respectively to produce one unit of iron; 3, 3, and 1 hour

    asked by Yasmin
  61. life orientation

    6 practical action you can to adress human rights violations of xenophobia

    asked by luyanda
  62. Physics

    Imagine a landing craft approaching the surface of Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons. If the engine provides an upward force (thrust) of 2784 N, the craft descends at constant speed; if the engine provides only 1879 N, the craft accelerates downward at 0.39

    asked by Kameron
  63. Physics

    a 2199 kg pile driver is used to drive a steel beam into the ground. the pile driver falls 8.8 m before contacting the beam, and it drives the beam 19 cm into the ground before coming to rest. using energy considerations, calculate the average force the

    asked by Anonymous
  64. geography

    During which time period is the Bourbon Triumvirate associated? A. Civil war Era *** B. New south Era C. Antebellum Era D. Reconstruction Era

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    You go to a team dinner with your aunt and uncle. The cost of a student meal is $5.50. Meals for adults cost $12.50 each. How much does it cost for the three of you to go to the dinner? 1.18.00 2.23.50 3.30.50 4.37.50 I understand this problem I know that

    asked by LOVE
  66. physics

    An archer pulls her bowstring back 0.420 m by exerting a force that increases uniformly from zero to 240 N. (a) What is the equivalent spring constant of the bow? N/m (b) How much work does the archer do in pulling the bow? J

    asked by sherry
  67. physical science

    a flower pot is dropped out a twentieth story window. how fast will it be moving after 7 seconds? how much is the acceleration 3 seconds after it falls?

    asked by anita
  68. back

    9.all were war efforts on the home front during world war 1 EXCEPT a)giving to the red cross. b)rationing food C)flying combat missions**** d) buying liberty bonds,victory bonds, and war savings stamps 10.the struggle for equality for women was only

    asked by coolguy321
  69. Trig application

    I'm having trouble with this trig application. The scenario goes: A ferris wheel has a diameter of approximately 65 meters. Assume it takes 110 seconds for the ferris wheel to make one complete rotation. find the angular speed of the ferris wheel in

    asked by Jane
  70. Math

    Nicole listed her homework scores from her mathematics class. 100, 97, 95, 80, 88, 84, 96, 60, 78, 83 Which box-and-whisker plot correctly displays the information?

    asked by Jorge Chavolla
  71. Math

    1. Which of the following is a possible measure of the area of a square rug? A. 18 square feet B. 24 square feet C. 36 square feet** D. 48 square feet 2. Based on your answer to the precious question, what would the length of one side of the rug be? A. 4

    asked by Serena
  72. calculus 1

    f(x) = 3x^3 - 9x + 5 find the: 1) zeroes or undefined values 2) intervals where the function is greater than zero 3) intervals where the function is less than zero 4) coordinates of all maxima and minima 5) intervals where the function is increasing 6)

    asked by i
  73. statistics

    a math class has 50 students , of these 22 students are math majors and 18 students are male. Of the math majors 16 are female. Find the probability that a randomly selected student is male or a math major . my answer 22/50 and 18/50 = 396/50= 7.29

    asked by brittaney
  74. Math Pre-Alegebra

    Please you have no idea how bad at math I am please just tell me if I am correct. :( thanks. For questions 1-2 use the following prism. The measurement's of the prism are width=41 ft. lenghth-32 feet. height-49 feet. 1 find the surface area for the given

    asked by Makyla Caldwell
  75. Physics

    A solid disk rotates in the horizontal plane at an angular velocity of 0.0684 rad/s with respect to an axis perpendicular to the disk at its center. The moment of inertia of the disk is 0.190 kg·m2. From above, sand is dropped straight down onto this

    asked by Anna
  76. Physics

    The equation of a transverse wave travelling wave on a string is: Y=3 cos[3.14(0.5x-200t)] Where x and y in cm and t is in second. a)find the amplitude, wave length,frequency period,velocity of propagation. b)if the mass per unit length of the string is

    asked by Megha
  77. Algebra

    The temperature y (in degrees Fahrenheit) after t months can be modeled by the function y=-3t^2+18t+53 where 1

    asked by Kylet davis
  78. Math \ algebra

    Which number is a solution of the inequality? x + 4 < 7 (1 point) A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5 I choose 3 please help

    asked by Idk
  79. Spanish

    Prepara (1) _____ para salir de viaje el lunes por la mañana. Para ello, haz (2) ______ las maletas, sal (3) _____ de la habitación y métete (4) _____ en el coche. Después, ponte (5) _____ el cinturón y ten (6) ____ paciencia porque el viaje será

    asked by Kayla
  80. physical science

    a piece of metal has a mass of 85 cg and a volume of 450L. What is its density in g/cm^3? What would be the mass of 300cm^3 of this metal? What would be the volume of 200 ounces of this metal?

    asked by anita
  81. SS

    1) How was South Carolina constitution of 1868 different from previous state constitutions? A. Women lost their right to own property. B. Representation was based on population alone. **** C. Countries and districts were organized into parishes.

    asked by Bella (pplease check!)
  82. algebra

    A photograph has a length that is 3 inches longer than its width, x. So its area is given by the expression x(x+3) square inches. If the area of the photograph is 70 square inches, what is the length of the photograph? The length of the photograph is _____

    asked by Sissy
  83. Math

    A rectangular park has an area of 6 square miles. The width of the property is 3/8 the length of the property. What is the width of the property? 6/1 x 3/8 = 18/8 = 2 and 2/8 = 2 and 1/4. 2 and 1/4 is my answer but in my test I got that wrong.

    asked by Kevin
  84. trigonometry

    A surveyor wishes to calculate the distance between the two trees B and C across a river from where he is standing. If the distance from his position, A to B is 70 meters, the distance from C to A is 100 m,and the angle of A is 56°42',determine the

    asked by ymme
  85. Physics

    A car traveling at 71 km/h hits a bridge abutment. A passenger in the car moves forward a distance of 63 cm (with respect to the road) while being brought to rest by an inflated air bag. What magnitude of force (assumed constant) acts on the passenger's

    asked by Kaley
  86. physics

    A 0.290-kg block along a horizontal track has a speed of 1.30 m/s immediately before colliding with a light spring of force constant 53.4 N/m located at the end of the track. (a) What is the spring's maximum compression if the track is frictionless? m

    asked by sherry
  87. Chemistry

    Ascorbic acid is a compound containing of three element C,H, and O when a 0.214g sample is burned in oxyzen 0.320g of CO2 and 0.0874g H2O are formed. What is the Empirical formula of ascorbic acid?

    asked by Asifur
  88. Weight Is Force! Science

    A space ship has a mass of 9000kg. The spaceship is launched from the Earth and lands on a distant planet where it has a weighted of 39000 N. What is the acceleration of gravity on this planet?

    asked by Cheetah Veite
  89. Mathematics

    A basket contains 80 mangoes and 60 oranges.if two fruits are picked one after the other without replacement,what is the probability that 1) one of each fruit is picked 2) one type of fruit is picked

    asked by Bright ulubi
  90. physics

    A 0.224-kg volleyball approaches a player horizontally with a speed of 18.0 m/s. The player strikes the ball with her fist and causes the ball to move in the opposite direction with a speed of 22.0 m/s. (a) What impulse is delivered to the ball by the

    asked by sara
  91. trigonometry

    A helicopter hovers at an altitude that is 2000 feet above a mountain peak of altitude 5280 feet. A second taller peak, is viewed from both the mountain top and the helicopter. From the helicopter, the angle of depression is 43° 55'. From the mountain

    asked by ymme
  92. history help

    Four major candidates ran in the 1824 election, all under the "Democratic-Republican" name. One of the candidates, Andrew Jackson, was already famous. In the 1780s, he earned the right to practice law and served in various offices of the state government,

    asked by nobody
  93. Physics 101

    Two ice skaters, each with a mass of 72.0 kg, are skating at 5.10 m/s when they collide and stick together. If the angle between their initial directions was 117°, determine the components of their combined velocity after the collision. (Let the initial

    asked by Lorelei
  94. Math

    Marco and his friends bought game tokens for $15 and three admission ticket. Determine if each statement below is true or false. If each admission ticket costs $2.50, then Marco and his friends spent $22.50 in all. True or False

    asked by Emily
  95. Hoover

    President herbert Hoover caused the great deppresion underestimated the depression started the new deal closed all the banks ****

    asked by coolguy321
  96. Science

    What is the force that results from a 3,000 kg car accelerating at 20.00 m/s2? A. 150.0 N B. 3,000 N C. 3,020 N D. 60,000 N** I think D

    asked by Esther
  97. Math

    A square has a side length of 18 feet . This square is dilated by a scale of 1/2 to create a new square . What is the side length of the new square

    asked by Brittney
  98. Quick calc question

    For an object whose velocity in ft/sec is given by v(t) = −t2 + 6, what is its displacement, in feet, on the interval t = 0 to t = 3 secs? 9.000

    asked by nan
  99. AP CHEM

    If 488 mL of 2.9 molar HCl solution is added to 191 mL of 2.8 molar Ba(OH)2 solution, what will be the molarity of BaCl2 in the resulting solution? Answer in units of M.

    asked by Kinsey
  100. Math

    1. Three student share 5 peaches equally. How many peaches does each student get? Answer: 1 2/3 2. Six friends share 4 sandwiches equally. What fraction of a sandwich does each friend get? Answer: 2/3 Please check the above two answers. Thank you

    asked by Patrick
  101. algebra

    Mike works part-time at a grocery store. He also mows lawns to earn some extra money. He earns $9.50 per hour at the grocery store and $12 per hour for mowing lawns. He worked for a total of 40 hours last week. Which equation represents the relationship

    asked by kameo
  102. Mathematics

    Two points C and P lie on straight line such that C is due north of P.Another point T is 6km away from the line CP on a bearing of 150 degree from C and 40 degree from P.what is the length of the line CP?

    asked by Bright ulubi
  103. Japan

    Which describes a difference between life in Japan and life in the United States? (A) More people in the U.S attend school. (B) Japan's growth is greatly limited by its geographical space. (C) Japanese people must work multiple jobs in order to make ends

    asked by Haruhi
  104. Math

    in figure LM = 18 ft, KM=16 ft and KN=14ft what is the area of KLM

    asked by teresa
  105. English

    Essays, articles, and speeches are all works of nonfiction. Which of the following is an accurate statement about the authors of nonfiction? A. They are always real people. B. Their style is always full of figurative language. C. They usually focus on

    asked by Noemi
  106. English

    Which of the following literary elements identifies the perspective from which a story is told? A. point of view B. character C. plot D. setting I know it's not C. and D. I think it's B.

    asked by Noemi
  107. social studies PLEASE HELP

    1. acupuncture is an example of chinese A. cooking B. medicine

    asked by keykat
  108. physics

    A 3.30-kg steel ball strikes a massive wall at 10.0 m/s at an angle of θ = 60.0° with the plane of the wall. It bounces off the wall with the same speed and angle (see the figure below). If the ball is in contact with the wall for 0.204 s, what is the

    asked by sara
  109. physics

    A block of mass m = 5.90 kg is released from rest from point circled A and slides on the frictionless track shown in the figure below. (Assume ha = 7.30 m.) point b is 3.20 m and point c is 2.00m. (a) Determine the block's speed at points circled B and

    asked by mark
  110. Physics

    A circuit consists of a 10 ohm resistor in series with 3 identical batteries each with an emf = 1.0V and internal resistance of 5 ohms. a) find potential difference between the terminals b) potential difference across the 10 ohm resistor c) power

    asked by Joe
  111. statistics

    if 3 couples sit in a row of chairs what is the probability that each couple sits together? what is the probability all the women sit together and the men may or may not be in the group? what is the probability that the women sit together and the men sit

    asked by brittaney
  112. Physics M/C Quesion

    Two cyclists are travelling at constant speeds around a 400 m track in opposite direction. The speed of Jeff is 1.5 times the speed of Rob. The cyclists find they meet every 20 s. What is the speed of Jeff? A) 9.0 m/s B) 12 m/s C) 13 m/s D) 20 m/s E) 30

    asked by the physics kid
  113. Social Studies

    2. Corn cultivations allow the Maya civilization to become powerful by: a) developing a calendar to know when to plant. b) limiting irrigation systems. c) providing plenty of food and a surplus to trade. d) causing city-states to go to war. Im pretty sure

    asked by Katilyn
  114. programming

    A store uses the following policy to award discount. If the customer purchases products costing more than ksh 30,000 she is given a discount of 10%, otherwise she is given a discount of 2%. Write a complete C++ program that allows a user to input the total

    asked by rona
  115. Physics

    Determine the acceleration of an electron placed in a constant downward electric field of 4.0X10^5N/C.

    asked by MeritGodwin
  116. Maths

    Two points C and P lie on a straight line such that C is due north of P.Another point T is 6km away from the line CP on a bearing of 150 degree from C and 40 degree from P.What is the length of the line CP?

    asked by Bright
  117. Math

    Which figures will always be similar to each other? A. Two rectangles* B. Two trapezoids C. Two equilateral triangles D. Two hexagons

    asked by Lol
  118. math calc

    A police cruiser hunting for a suspect pulls over and stops at a point 20 ft from a straight wall. The flasher on top of the cruiser revolves at a constant rate of 90 deg/sec, and the light beam casts a spot of light as it strikes the wall. How fast is the

    asked by Methendis
  119. math 8th

    The scores on a test are found by adding and subtracting points as shown in table below. If Salazar's score on a 15 question test was 86 points,how many of his answers were correct, incorrect and blank. Answers Points correct +8 incorrect -4 blank -2 86

    asked by Daniel
  120. physics

    ball of mass m = 1.70 kg is released from rest at a height h = 54.0 cm above a light vertical spring of force constant k. The ball strikes the top of the spring and compresses it a distance d = 8.80 cm Neglecting any energy losses during the collision,

    asked by sherry
  121. Math

    Your computer supply store sells two types of laser printers. The first type, A, has a cost of $86 and you make a $45 profit on each one. The second type, B, has a cost of $130 and you make a $35 profit on each one. You expect to sell at least 100 laser

    asked by Jess
  122. physics

    An egg is thrown nearly vertically upward from a point near the cornice of a tall building. It just misses the cornice on the way down and passes a point 8.5 m below its starting point 3.0 s after it leaves the thrower’s hand. Air resistance may be

    asked by kane
  123. math

    A recipe for chocolate chip cookies calls for 1 and one fourth1 1 4 cups of flour. If you are making 2 and one half2 1 2​recipes, how many cups of flour are​ needed? The number of cups of flour needed to make 2 and one half2 1 2 recipes of chocolate

    asked by sarahh
  124. 4th grade math

    A shirt costs $15. A pair of sneakers costs four times as much. How much does the pair of sneakers cost? A hat is as much as the sneakers, so how much does the hat cost? If Ken buys one hat, one pair of sneakers, and two shirts, how much has he spent?

    asked by Anthony
  125. math

    In an isosceles triangle ABC in which AB=AC=6cm is inscribed in a circle of radius 9cm .find the area of triangle

    asked by silent suman

    Determine the normal force for a laundry basket with a mass of 4.5 kg in each of the following situations (a) at rest on a horizontal surface? __ n (b) at rest on a ramp inclined at 12° above the horizontal? __N (c) at rest on a ramp inclined at 25°

    asked by Cheyenne
  127. Math

    A recipe calls for 4.5 cups of flour and makes 36 cookies. How much flour is in each cookie?

    asked by Lyle
  128. math help please

    Zarat Zim sells refrigerators. He earns 8% commission on sales. How much does he earn on sales of $3000

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Finance

    If a home buyer purchases a home in 2006 for $225,000 with a 10% down payment using a 30 year fixed mortgage rate at 6.5% and 3.5% closing costs added to the original mortgage, compute the following: a) the original amount of the mortgage loan b) the

    asked by Anonymous
  130. AP pre Cal

    Forces with magnitudes of 45 N and 90 N act on an object at angles of 20 degrees and 115 degrees respectively, with the X-axis. Find the magnitude of the resultant of these forces.

    asked by Boyd
  131. calculus

    a) Obtain all solutions of the equation z^3 +1 = 0 b) Let z = x + iy. Obtain the real and imaginary parts of the function f(z) = 1/1+z c) Let f(x + iy) = x^2 - y^2 + iv( x,y). Determine a function v such that f is differentiable in the whole complex plane.

    asked by jack
  132. chemistry

    2.) If the volume of a gas at -73 degrees celcius is doubled while pressure is held constant, what will be its final temperature in degrees celsius? 5.) A gas storage tank at a large industrial plant is designed to provide fuel under constant pressure.

    asked by Zoey
  133. Math

    Give examples of three functions and three relations, using at least three different representations (e.g., symbolic representations, graphical representations, diagrams, tables of values, lists of ordered pairs). Use the definitions for function and

    asked by Tyler
  134. English

    What's the conflict in the poem of A voice by pat mora?

    asked by Mona
  135. math

    abel is 3 times as old as ben.3 year ago abel is 4 times as old as ben. what is sum of their ages in 3year time

    asked by muneeb
  136. Pre calculus

    You have a wire that is 71 cm long. You wish to cut it into two pieces. One piece will be bent into the shape of a square. The other piece will be bent into the shape of a circle. Let A represent the total area of the square and the circle. What is the

    asked by Hai
  137. chemistry

    the reaction A+3B->2C+D is first order with respect to reactant A and second order with respect to reactant B if the concentration of A is doubled the concentration of B is halfed and the rate of the reaction would -------by a factor of --------

    asked by ruth
  138. BRCharter Academy

    Explain how the line plot would change if you measure a purple pen that is inches long

    asked by Karen
  139. business studies

    What is meant by a viable business idea

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Math

    In the questions below P(x,y) means “x and y are real numbers such that x + 2y = 5”. a) Determine whether the statement ∃x∀yP(x,y) is true. b) Negate the statement ∃x∀yP(x,y).

    asked by Nick
  141. history/present

    why do people want trump? how did he get so much power sorry who likes trump

    asked by coolguy321
  142. maths

    Mr. Ahmed age is 47 yes and sani's age is 15 years .In how many years will Ahmed 's age be double of Sani's age?

    asked by sanjay
  143. physics

    One of the conditions for Uniform Circular Motion is that the acceleration be centripetal and directed toward the center of motion. What would the effect be of a non-zero acceleration parallel to the tangential velocity?

    asked by lizbeth
  144. accounting

    pido corporation'd general ledger include

    asked by manny
  145. Science

    A 55 kilogram person and a 65 kilogram person climb 8 meters up a flight of stairs in 10 seconds. Compare power used by each person

    asked by abdul
  146. pre algebra

    a community has 1316 females. if 47% of the community is female and 16% of all the females are left-handed, how many people are in the community?

    asked by lucy
  147. Math

    Rita wants to buy a DVD for $24. The DVD is on Sale for )21.60. Rita said that the sale price is 10% off the original price. Is Rita's Statement reasonable?

    asked by Ysabella G
  148. Maths

    2a) assume that adult males have footless which are normally distributed with mean 24.6 cm and standard deviation 1.05 cm. Calculate the probability that an adult male has a foot length is greater than 27 cm. My answer - 2 2b) assume adult females have

    asked by Anonymous
  149. Quick calc question

    Find the velocity, v(t), for an object moving along the x-axis if the acceleration, a(t), is a(t) = 2t + sin(t) and v(0) = 4. v(t) = t2 + cos(t) + 3 v(t) = 2 + cos(t) + 1

    asked by nan
  150. Math measurement

    The gardener regularly maintains a circular garden.whose diameter is 5 meters what is the area of the garden?

    asked by Griffin
  151. chemistry

    the reaction A+3B->2C+D is first order with respect to reactant A and second order with respect to reactant B if the concentration of A is doubled the concentration of B is halfed and the rate of the reaction would -------by a factor of --------

    asked by ruth
  152. Math

    A statement Sn about the positive integers is given. Write statements S1, S2, and S3, and show that each of these statements is true. Show your work. Sn: 1^2 + 4^2 + 7^2 + . . . + (3n - 2)^2 = Not exactly sure how to do this! Could someone help?

    asked by Jess
  153. Grade 9 mathematics

    25 men complete a job in 60 hours.How long will it take 20 men to complete the same job?

    asked by Anonymous
  154. Physics

    Object Y is attracted to object B. If object B is known to be positively, what can we say about object A

    asked by MeritGodwin
  155. Mathematics

    Two points C and P lie on a straight line such that C is due north of P.Another point T is 6km away from the line CP on a bearing of 150 degree from C and 40 degree from P.What is the length of the line CP?

    asked by Bright ulubi
  156. Math

    1) a) Decide if (q  ( p~ q))~ p is a tautology using propositional equivalence and the laws of logic. b) Prove that the following argument is valid: q q r p r p ~ _________ ~    c) Replace p, q and r in 1b) by statements and construct an

    asked by Mark
  157. rental charges

    A rent-a-car charged a fixed daily rate plus a fixed amount per kilometer. A total charge for the first week was $830 with 1250 kilometer on the clock. The second week bill was $710 with 850 kilometer on the clock.Determine the rental charge and the cost

    asked by hiskiel
  158. Math

    Have been given a table of values and to complete it using the equation, y = x^2 - 3x + 10. (-1,14), (0,10), (1,8), (2,?), (3,10), (4,?) and (5,20). You draw a graph, using 2cm=1 unit on x-axis and 2cm=2 units on y-axis. Now my question do you

    asked by Christopher
  159. Math

    Mr. Njinga cycled a distance of 42km from his village. On his return journey he increased his speed by 2km/h and took half an hour less. Calculate the average speed on the journey from his village.

    asked by Christopher
  160. Help easy

    1.Which of the following waterfalls is the highest? ◦Niagara Falls ◦Boyoma Falls ◦Angel Falls ◦Mill Pond Falls

    asked by dasha
  161. Algebra II

    Suppose you are flying from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles, CA. The distance between the cities is 2,400 miles and the plane's speed is 450 mi/hr. What is the speed of the wind? Any help?

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  162. Discrete math

    TRUE OR FALSE ? Justify your answer. a. There exist real numbers a and b such (a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2. b. For any real number x, there exists a unique number -x such that x + (-x) = 0. c. Any integer n is either odd or even. d. Any real number x can be written

    asked by Alfonso
  163. geography

    Because of her reform activities, which group would not have supported Rebecca Latimer Felton? (1 point) supporters of educational opportunities for all citizens of the state supporters of the suffrage movement to gain voting rights for women supporters of

    asked by Anonymous
  164. Language Arts

    Rewrite each sentence below correcting the double negative. 1. He can't talk nicely to nobody. 2.The lady won't never find her lost cat. Answer: The lady won't ever find her lost cat. 3. There aren't no pictures in that book. Answer: There are no pictures

    asked by Patrick
  165. physical science

    a symmetric projectile spends a total of 20 seconds in the air. it reaches a peak height of 8 meters. how long does it take to reach its peak height? the projectile has a range of 80 meters. what is its horizontal velocity? what is the projectile's

    asked by anita
  166. chemistry

    the reaction A+3B—>2C+D is first order with respect to reactant A and second order with respect to reactant B if the concentration of A is doubled and the concentration of B is halved the rate of the reaction would---------------by a factor of-----------

    asked by ruth
  167. Math

    TRUE OR FALSE ? Justify your answer. a. There exist real numbers a and b such (a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2. b. For any real number x, there exists a unique number -x such that x + (-x) = 0. c. Any integer n is either odd or even. d. Any real number x can be written

    asked by Alfonso
  168. Biology

    1.,you drink salty beverages (clams to) and eat pretzels all day. At the end of the day your weight is way up. Why? I think it has something to do with the fact that our cells shrink in size ? I have no clue? 2. Athletes drink Gatorade . Why? Given the

    asked by Maya
  169. science

    if the mass of the earth is 598*10 to the power of 22km and the mass moon is 7.36*10 to the power of 22kg. calculate the difference in their masses, what is the answer in scientific notation

    asked by Anonymous
  170. Calculus Related Rates

    Two people leave from the same spot and walk at 4ft/sec going north and 5ft/sec going northwest. At 30 seconds, how fast is the distance between them changing?

    asked by Sally
  171. pre calculus

    A box with a square base and no top is to be made from a square piece of carboard by cutting 5 in. squares from each corner and folding up the sides. The box is to hold 23805 in3. How big a piece of cardboard is needed?

    asked by Hai
  172. statistics

    If a random password is 3 letters(a-z) and 1 number (0-9) what is the possibility that the password will have 2 of the same letters? 26x26x26=17576

    asked by brittaney
  173. history

    what events summarize what led to the ratification of south Carolina constitution of 1863

    asked by cutie
  174. precalc

    ln(e^(5)·3^log3(e)+1/2e^-3ln(2) the first base e has en exponent of 5 times 3 to the power/exponent of log with a base of 3 (3). the second base of e has a power/exponent of (-3In(2)

    asked by Jillian
  175. math

    Lani bought 12 yards of fabric. She cuts the fabric into 5-ft long sections. How many 5-ft sections, will she have?

    asked by Anonymous
  176. math

    0.333333333 US pints is equal to what

    asked by Gavin
  177. Math

    mr.gram is going to paint his rocket . the paint he selected is $20 per quart and it covers 50 square ft. How many quarts of paint does mr. gram need to paint his rocke if the area of the rocket was 44 ft. squared

    asked by Anonymous
  178. Calculus

    Find the y-intercept of the tangent line to y= -0.2/sqrt(6+5x) at(2.5,-0.04990597277) Thanks

    asked by Niki
  179. maths(Differential Equation)

    Solve the differential equation below (Y + y^3/3 + x^2/2)dx + 1/4(1 + y^2)xdy=0

    asked by BEN
  180. Physics M/C Quesion

    A car travelling on a straight track accelerates uniformly from rest for 5.0 s and then travels at a constant speed for the next 5.0 s, covering a total distance of 75 m in that time. Determine the constant speed that the car achieved. A) 7.5 m/s B) 10 m/s

    asked by The lost one
  181. Astronomy

    Newton’s version of Kepler’s third law is P^2 = 4pi^2/(G(M_1+M_2)) a^3. Since the square of the period P varies inversely with the sum of the masses (M_1 + M_2), the period itself depends on the inverse square root of the object masses. If a solar

    asked by Annonymous
  182. Maths

    Find the equation of a circle passing through the origin and the points where the line 3x + 4y=12 meets the axes of the co-ordinates..

    asked by Lleyton
  183. chemistry

    what mass of CdS is produced if 4.55g of cadmium reacts with 2.00g of sulfur?

    asked by tim
  184. Physics

    An electric field with constant magnitude and direction is said to be?

    asked by MeritGodwin
  185. English

    Which of the following is an example of an emotional appeal? A. Many organizations have offered recommendations. B. It will have global impact in the near future. C. It will be the greatest environmental tragedy. D. More than 90 percent of the scientists

    asked by Noemi
  186. Math

    A bag contains 5 red and 4 green discs , three discs are randomly drawn from a bag what is the probability at least 1 is red and the probability at most one is green?

    asked by Mark
  187. Biology

    The single defining characteristic of the mammals is the presence of? mammary glands. a placenta. hair. warm blood. a skul

    asked by Anonymous
  188. Math

    josh Won 4Matches at a chess tournament if he won 80% of the matches he played,how many matches did Josh okay total?

    asked by Ysabella G
  189. Maths

    1a) for an organic dairy cow, shortly after calving, assume that the amount of milk produced follows a normal distribution with a mean of 27 litres of milk per day and a standard deviation of 4 litres of milk per day. i) calculate the probability that an

    asked by Anonymous
  190. triggggg help

    Please help me find all solutions in the interval [0, 2π) for these equations: 1) sin^2 x cos x = 4 cosx 2) 1 - cos x = √3 sinx I need help.

    asked by Jane
  191. Math{N33D$ H3LP}

    Dan Got A Hair Cut At Styles-R-Us for $25. He tipped the barber $3.75. What % of $25 is 3.75?

    asked by Ysabella G
  192. Math

    Find the y-intercept of the tangent line to y=-0.2/ã(6+5x) at (2.5,-0.0464990554975277) Thanks

    asked by Niki
  193. MATH


    asked by SARA
  194. Precalc

    Simplify completely. e^(ln(7)+2ln(4))−log9(27/27) the log has a base of 9 and the top 27 is under a radical sign.. my computer doesn't have symbols for them. the base of e is raised to In(7)+2In(4)

    asked by Jillian
  195. algebra word problem

    Rectangle garden using a wall as one side of the perimeter. What are the dimensions if we have 16ft of fencing and an area of 30sqft. To be clear, you are only using the fencing for 3 sides of the garden.

    asked by hary
  196. Geometry

    Determine the relationship between the diagonals PR and QoS of rhombus PQRS with P(-3,-2),Q(-1,2), R(3,2), s(1,-1)

    asked by Mace
  197. Discrete math

    Consider the following theorem (p -> q): If the quadrilateral ABCD is a square, then its diagonals are perpendicular and have the same length. State the converse (q->p), inverse (~p -> ~q), and contrapositive (~q -> ~p). "->" is an arrow

    asked by Yash
  198. History

    discuss why critical diversity is an important concept to social justice, I need some ideas

    asked by Trish
  199. physics

    A 60ft aluminum at 60 degree farenhiet to 100 degree farenhiet. Whats is the final length of the aluminum?

    asked by marvin
  200. college algebra

    Rectangle garden using a wall as one side of the perimeter. What are the dimensions if we have 16ft of fencing and an area of 30sqft. To be clear, you are only using the fencing for 3 sides of the garden.

    asked by jim
  201. Astronomy

    What percentage of the star's surveyed show evidence of planets? (a) About 50% (b) Less than 5% (c) About 30% (d) Less than 1%

    asked by Annonymous
  202. English

    1. You aren't sick. 2. Tom isn't fat. ========== How do we pronounce the sentences? 1. In "aren't sick," is "t" omitted? 2. In "isn't fat," is "t" omitted when we pronounce them together?

    asked by rfvv
  203. maths

    Find angles between a vector and b vector if a vector + b vector + c vector = 0, a vector magnitude = 3, b vector magnitude = 5 and c vector magnitude = 7

    asked by jenisha dangal
  204. Math

    Flo had her car service for $155. If she tipped the mechanic 10%,how much did she spend?

    asked by Ysabella G
  205. Calculus Related Rates

    Mulch is dumped into a pile with height always 1/3 the diameter at a rate of 30 ft^3/hr. How fast is the height increasing when it is 6 ft tall?

    asked by Sally
  206. Math

    A basket of 50 golf balls contains 22 yellow balls. If 8 balls are selected at random from the basket, determine the probability that none of those selected is a yellow ball.

    asked by Jeri
  207. Language Arts

    Rewrite each sentence below correcting the double negative. 1. The shoppers looked for bargains at the store, but there weren't none. Answer: The shoppers looked for bargains at the store, but there were none. 2. She couldn't hardly say her own name.

    asked by Patrick
  208. maths lit,life science, geography and economics

    Which career should I follow with those subjects I don't know what to do

    asked by Kedibone Evenia masipa
  209. Math

    A piece of cable 85 cm long weighs 52 grams. What will a 10cm length of th same weigh?

    asked by Kimberly
  210. health

    What are examples of being physically active? A. Baking a cake with the family B. Playing Xbox gaming system while sitting in front of the television C. A brisk walk in the morning D. Planning an exercise regimen

    asked by nelly
  211. history

    name three greatest legacies the early/exploring/settling white Europeans in the new world left to the native americans?

    asked by summmer
  212. life orientation

    What is viable business idea what does it mean?

    asked by layla
  213. English

    Is it okay to say "on the very contrary"?

    asked by Anonymous
  214. Webshop

    Hello there I am lacking an idea/ideas to write my entrepreneurship hand in report. It doesnt have to be a great idea but useable idea/s that can fits canvas model....if any of you have one, write it down and few reason why you think it is great. Thanks

    asked by entrepreneurship
  215. life orientation

    what psycological impact abuse my have an a victim

    asked by Anonymous
  216. Math

    3 divided by 1/2=6 1/8 divided by 5=1/4 1/9 divided by 3= 1/27 Please let me know if the above are correct. Thank you

    asked by Patrick
  217. mathematics

    Write down the value of x that will make 5x+4÷√8-4x to be(a)non-real number,(b)undefined

    asked by Anonymous
  218. Math

    When you have the following problems 2 divided by 1/4 and 1/7 divided by 3 my question on this is the following: The first example would you do 2/1 x 1/4 or would you do 1/2 x 1/4 The second example would you 1/7 x 3/1 or 1/7 x 1/3? Please explain?

    asked by Patrick
  219. statistics

    after rolling 5 dice , what is the probability that all 5 of the values are different? 720/7776

    asked by brittaney
  220. English

    Paraphrase this passage. Each pair of spotted owls needs a large territory of its own for hunting and nesting. Nests are often constructed in snags that have hollows large enough for the owls. Females lay eggs in early spring, and the males bring their

    asked by Kaai97
  221. Astronomy

    What would be the approximate power-law slope of the 2-point correlation function if all galaxies were situated on thin filaments? (acceptable range of answers is +- 10% of the correct solution).

    asked by Annonymous
  222. Maths

    Metal components for a machine have lengths which are normally distributed with mean 8 cm and standard deviation 4 cm. A) the longest 10% of components require filling down. What is the smallest length of component which require filing down? B) the

    asked by Anonymous
  223. Math

    2 divided by 4/4=8 2. 1/7 divided by 3=1/21 3. 4 divided by 1/5=20 Can you please double check the above.

    asked by Patrick
  224. Why did Bruce Jenner become a woman?

    Why did Bruce Jenner become a woman?

    asked by Girl with questions.
  225. english

    i had a friend who brings sandwiches to campus each day.

    asked by jama