Questions Asked on
February 29, 2016

  1. Science

    1.) when might preserved remains of an entire organism form? A.) when sediment buries the hard part of an organism B.) when an event such as a quick burial or freezing preserves an entire organism ******* C.) when minerals replace parts of an organism D.)

    asked by Zach
  2. Art

    war memorials honor those who fought and died for a nation. which of the following is not a reasons war memorials are important? A. Memorials honor the family of the dead. B. Memorials let the public experience wars reality. C. Memorials allow visitors to

    asked by Fisher
  3. math

    In the middle of the page, draw two circles an inch apart. Then draw a slight arch going up from the right edge of the left circle to the left edge of the right circle. Then draw a diagonal line out from the left edge of the left circle. This line should

    asked by Kim
  4. English

    What roles are played by the female characters you encountered in this unit? Describe some of these female characters, their traits, and the roles they played within the selections you read, especially considering that all of those selections had male

    asked by bobby
  5. Social Studies

    1. How did World War 1 change warfare? A. By introducing the atomic bomb B. By showing the effectiveness of trench warfare C. By using tanks, airplanes, and machine guns D. By demonstrating the success of the blitzkrieg 2. Which of the following was a

    asked by Brooke
  6. Language arts

    1.A saturated meadow, 2.Sun-shaped and jewel-small, 3.A circle scarcely wider 4.Than the trees around were tall: 5.Where winds were quite excluded, 6.And the air was stifling sweet 7.With the breath of many flowers, 8.A temple of the heat. 9.There we bowed

    asked by LOVE
  7. Art

    Why do some people feel the wall for peace in Paris is unsightly? The contemporary design was poorly constructed and falling apart. The contemporary design dose not convey ideas of peace with enough clarity.•• The contemporary design clashes with

    asked by Fisher
  8. algebra

    Find the lateral area oft he square pyramid 8m 8 m slant height 22m 1/2 8x22x3.14=4014.92

    asked by lost
  9. Social Studies

    What effect might the dry climate of Mongolia and western China have on the people who live there? In my opinion, I think that there might be less fresh produce (crops), which people need for part of their sustenance. Also, the dry climate may cause

    asked by Sammy
  10. Math!

    Which number is irrational A. 3/17 B. square root of 25 C. 0.6666666666... D. square root of 33

    asked by She who must not be named
  11. Language arts

    1.A saturated meadow, 2.Sun-shaped and jewel-small, 3.A circle scarcely wider 4.Than the trees around were tall: 5.Where winds were quite excluded, 6.And the air was stifling sweet 7.With the breath of many flowers, 8.A temple of the heat. 9.There we bowed

    asked by LOVE
  12. Art (1 question)

    An artist places a notebook and pen in the gallery of his latest exhibition and asks viewers to leave comments about his work. He is trying to help audience members become what type of observers? Answers: A. Active Observers ** B. Reluctant Observers C.

    asked by Misty
  13. Math

    The bottom of a shopping bag measures 8 inches by 10 inches. The bag has a height of 12 inches. How much paper is needed to make the bag?

    asked by Anon
  14. Science

    Air pollution can be controlled by? A. permitting more storm runoff B. burning more coal C. eliminating sewage D. putting scrubbers on power plants I think it is B

    asked by Faith Hill
  15. Social Studies

    I need someone to Pls. check my answers! 1)What event caused four additional southern states to secede from the union? A:The U.S. accepted West Virginia as a state?** B:The south fired on fort sumter C:Lincoln declared the Emacipation Proclamation.

    asked by Please Help me!!
  16. History

    I don't want the answer I just need someone to tell me if they are right or wrong. Thanks! 1. How did Reconstruction improve opportunities for African Americans in the South? a. Many became wealthy business owners. b. They could receive public education.

    asked by BeachHairDon'tCare
  17. math

    the area of a dog kennel is 20 square feet. If the length of the kennel is 4 feet, wha is the width of the kennel?

    asked by kidus
  18. Algebra

    Find the balance in the account after the given period. $3500 deposit earning 6.75% compounded monthly, after 6 months a. $3,619.80 b. $3,743.70 c. $3,748.22 d. $4,860.36

    asked by Kaai97
  19. Math

    The grocery store has bulk pecans on sale, which is great since you're planning on making 8 pecan pies for a wedding. How many pounds of pecans should you buy? First, determine what information you need to answer this question, then click here to display

    asked by Chistopher
  20. English

    5. Which of the following words has a negative connotation? A. Splendor B. Vibrate C. Murky D. Fringed

    asked by Me
  21. biology

    given the inefficiency of two of the pathway shown in figure 9-4 what advantage could there be to using these pathway to produce energy?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Algebra

    2. Find the balance in the account after the given period. $4000 principal earning 6% compounded annually, after 5 yr a. $6,726.28 b. $5,352.90 c. $5,395.40 d. $7,716.74

    asked by Kaai97
  23. Algebra

    Find the balance in the account after the given period. $500 principal earning 4% compounded quarterly, after 6 yr a. $1,281.65 b. $634.87 c. $709.26 d. $632.66

    asked by Kaai97
  24. Science

    A. alleles B. mitosis C. DNA D. phenotype E.chromosome F. codominance G. diploid H. meiosis I. incomplete dominance J. centromere K. reproduce L. RNA 8. Chromosome pairs contain different versions of genes, which are called __________________. (1 point)

    asked by HELP FAST PLEASE
  25. Algebra

    Identify the initial amount a and the growth factor b in the exponential function. y=5*0.5^x a. a=5, b=x b. a=0.5, b=5 c. a=5, b=0.5 d. a=0.5, b=x

    asked by Kaai97
  26. Statistics

    A particular fruit's weights are normally distributed, with a mean of 764 grams and a standard deviation of 33 grams. The heaviest 15% of fruits weigh more than how many grams? Give your answer to the nearest gram.

    asked by Bailey
  27. Art

    A viewer examines a work of art in a style he normally does not appreciate. This is an example of what type of action? A) Reluctant Consideration B) Creative Consideration C) Respectful Consideration ** D) Practical Consideration

    asked by Lova
  28. Global Studies

    Where do most people in Southwest Asia live?

    asked by Lesly
  29. physics

    Question: You live at the top of a steep (a slope of ???? degrees above the horizontal) hill and must park your 2200 kg car on the street at night. a) You unwisely leave your car out of gear one night and your handbrake fails. Assuming no significant

    asked by tom
  30. Algebra

    1. Identify the initial amount a and the growth factor b in the exponential function. f(t)=1.4^t a. a=1, b=0.4 b. a=1.4, b=0 c. a=1.4, b=t a. a=1, b=1.4

    asked by Kaai97
  31. Math 7B

    A bag contains 4 white, 3 blue, and 5 red marbles. 1. Find the probability of choosing a blue marble, then a red marble if the marbles are not replaced. a. 5/44 b. 15/35 c. 2/3 (i pick this) 2. 1/15 2. Find the probability of choosing two white marbles in

    asked by Sarah
  32. Calculus

    A rectangular box has a square base with an edge length of x cm and a height of h cm. The volume of the box is given by V = x2h cm3. Find the rate at which the volume of the box is changing when the edge length of the base is 10 cm, the edge length of the

    asked by jjoossiiee
  33. Social Studies

    1) Which of the following BEST describes the Southern attitude toward goods and supplies at the beginning of the Civil War? A:they believed they could get necessary goods from mexico B:they believed they needed to develop factories*** C:they believed they

    asked by Makayla Caldwell
  34. Math

    need direction on part c. Rosa and her friend build & paint a tree house. On monday they paint 2/5 of the tree house. On tuesday they paint 3/7 of the house. A - painting of the house need to be finished on wednesday. how much more work do they have to do?

    asked by Chris
  35. Science (Physics)

    Air becomes a conductor when the electric field strength exceeds 3.00 × 106 N/C. Determine the maximum amount of charge that can be carried by a metal sphere 8.5 m in radius. The value of the Coulomb constant is8.99×109 N·m2/C2. Answer in units of C. I

    asked by Lydia
  36. Physics

    You are on vacation in San Francisco and decide to take a cable car to see the city. A 5500 kg cable car goes 360 m up a hill inclined 19 ∘ above the horizontal. What can your learn about the work done by the cable to move car up the hill? Answer

    asked by James
  37. Art

    One local war memorial shows a statue of the goddess of victory while the other is a wall the list names of dead soldiers which answer best describes the different purposes of this memorials ? A. One celebrate sacrifice, the other honors leadership . B.

    asked by Fisher
  38. math

    a ball is dropped from a height of 48m and rebounds two-third of the distance it falls. If it continues to fall and rebound in this way,how far will it travel before coming to rest?

    asked by uchit
  39. Algebra

    identify the initial amount a and the growth factor b in the exponential function g(x)=14*2^x a=14, b=x a=14, b=2 a=28, b=1 a=28, b=x

    asked by Andrew
  40. Chemistry

    The pH of a 0.095 M solution of an unknown monoprotic acid is 5.42. Calculate the Ka of the acid. A) 3.8 x 10-6 B) 3.6 x 10-7 C) 1.5 x 10-10 D) 2.6 x 10-9 E) 2.8 x 10-8 ​

    asked by Bronwyn
  41. Math

    A trapezoid has an area of 24 square meters. The lengths of the bases of the trapezoid are 5 meters and 7 meters. What is the height of the trapezoid? A. 4 meters B. 144 meters** C. 2 meters D. 1 meter

    asked by Esther
  42. computing

    You are advising one of your neighbors about the HomeGroup feature of Microsoft. He wants to make sure that all of his computers support this feature. Which one of the operating systems below does not support HomeGroup? A. Windows 7 B. Windows RT C.

    asked by carol
  43. Math

    A carton can hold 1,000 unit cubes that measure 1 inch by 1 inch. Describe the dimensions of the carton using unit cubes?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    You estimate that a puppy weighs 12 pounds. The actual weight of the puppy is 14 pounds. Find the percent error. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of a percent. Help me Im stuck..!

    asked by Melissa
  45. world history check

    Which of the following would have been a source for dispute between the Eastern and Western Churches in the 11th century? claiming the pope was the highest Christian authority seeking to convert others to Christianity determining the day of the week on

    asked by Oscar
  46. Gifted and talented language arts

    Which is the best paraphrase of these lines from Paul Revere's ride? And the spark struck out by that steed and his flight, kindled the land into flame with its heat. Sparks from Paul Revere's horse started a brushfire Paul Revere's horse sparks fear and

    asked by Lesly
  47. math

    Can someone please check ny answers and tell me if I'm correct? I did the FOIL method for each of these.. 1.What is the simplified form of (x-2)(2x+3) My answer; 2x^2-x-6 2.What is the simplified form of (3x+2)(4x-3)? My answer; 12x^2-x-6 3.What is the

    asked by Sage
  48. Physics

    3. A skater with an initial speed of 7.6 m/s is gliding across the ice. The coefficient of friction between the ice and the skae blades is μk=0.1. a. Find acceleration of the skater b. How foar will the skater travel before coming to rest

    asked by Emily
  49. Social Studies

    Someone else posted this but, this is what I think the nswers are is it correct? 1)What event caused four additional southern states to secede from the union? A:The U.S. accepted West Virginia as a state? B:The south fired on fort sumter C:Lincoln declared

    asked by Check me pls!??!!!
  50. Math

    A class went on a field trip to see a play. Adult tickets cost $18 each and student tickets cost $12 each. There were 10 more students than adults that went to the play. If the trip cost $240 in all, how many adults and students went to see the play? Write

    asked by Unknown
  51. spanish

    Ahora yo ___ en Panama. Mi hermana y yo ___ altas,rubias y delgadas.

    asked by Bryan
  52. math

    f $3800 is invested in a savings account for which interest is compounded quarterly, and if the $3800 turns into $4300 in 2 years, what is the interest rate of the savings account?

    asked by derr
  53. Chemistry

    I got 1.11 x 10^-6 for K. Here is my work: x= 0.004 -2x= -0.008 (change for CH4) Equilibrium for CH4 is 0.087 - 0.008= 0.079 Change in eq for C2H2 is 0.004 and eq is 0.004 (=x) Change in eq for H2 is 0.012 Eq for H2 is 0.012 K= [C2H2][H2]^3/[CH4]^2 K=

    asked by Student
  54. Physics

    Please check my answers!! 1. A 75 kg. man steps off the end of a diving board, and hits the water at 7.7 m/s. Ignoring air resistance, what was the mans PE (potential energy) right before he stepped off the diving board? I got 2223.375 Joules after Damon

    asked by Becca
  55. Math

    A cheese pizza costs $5. Additional toppings cost $1.50 each. Write and graph an equation in two variables that represents the total cost of a pizza.

    asked by Sarah
  56. world history check

    How did the excommunication of Emperor Leo III affect the Roman Empire during the eighth century? It was a major break in relations between the East and the West. It represented a victory for the iconoclasts. It led to a truce between iconoclasts and

    asked by Oscar
  57. Geometry

    Triangle $ABC$ is isosceles with point $A$ at the point $(2, 7)$, with point $B$ at $(-2, 0)$ and with point $C$ at $(3, -1).$ Triangle $ABC$ is reflected over $\overline{BC}$ to form $\triangle A'BC$. Triangle $A'BC$ is reflected over $\overline{A'C}$ to

    asked by Praphul
  58. Math

    7. Ben earns $9 per hour and $7 for each dilivery that he makes. He wants to earn more than $120 in an 8-hour work day. What is the least number of deliveries he must make to reach his goal? A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8 E. 10 12. Mark went shopping with $110 to

    asked by Ariana
  59. Calculus/Vectors

    Two math students erect a sun shade on the beach. The shade is 1.5 m tall, 2 m wide, and makes an angle of 60° with the ground. What is the area of shade that the students have to sit in at 12 noon (that is, what is the projection of the shade onto the

    asked by HJ
  60. chemistry

    1. what mass of sodium hydroxide is required to make up 100 mL of 0.5000M solution 2.What volume of this solution must be diluted down to 100 mL if 0.100M solution of NaOH is required?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. History

    Use the chart titled "Population Growth in New York City, 1800-1890", to answer the following question. Between 1800 and 1890, the population of New York City changed by about how many people? A. Decreased by more than three-quarters B. Increased more than

    asked by Aaliyah
  62. physics

    an object is hung from a vertical spring, extending it by 24cm.if the spring constant is 35 N/m, what is the potential energy of the stretched spring ?

    asked by john
  63. Math

    find the quantity represented of 66% of 740 kilometers

    asked by Abbi
  64. calc

    For each function below find the best linear approximation (linearization) at the given value. f(x) = x^-1 at x = 2 y = 1/2 f ' (x) = -1x^-2 at x = 2 : -1/4 y - 1/2 = -1/4 (x-2) y - 1/2 = -1/4x + 1/2 y = -1/4x + 1 Use the appropriate linearization above to

    asked by river
  65. world history 6th grade

    which of the following was a drawback of trade among civilization of the vedic age? A. Traders shared new ideas. B. traders discovered new resources C. traders might be attacked by other civilization***** D. traders were exposed to be religions

    asked by dasha
  66. thermodynamics

    While the pressure remains constant at 689.5 kpaa the volume of a system of air changes from 0.567 m3 to 0.2283 m3. Determine (a) ΔU, (b) ΔH, (c) Q, (d) ΔS. (e) If the process is nonflow and internally reversible, what is the work? Cp = 0.24Btu/(lbm.°

    asked by abuan
  67. History

    Map of boston in 1814 As population increased, The borders of Boston A. Remained the same B. Shrunk to include less areas C. Expanded to include more are!@#$%^&** D. Changed shape but retained the same size

    asked by Aaliyah
  68. Physics

    Zak, helping his mother rearrange the furniture in their living room, moves a 42.3 kg sofa 7.2 m with a constant force of 17 N. A. What is the work done by Zak on the sofa? Neglect friction. Answer in units of J. B. What is the average acceleration of the

    asked by Sam
  69. Physics

    Block A is 4.5 kg and Block B is 2.25 kg. a. determine the mass of block C that must be placed on block A to keep it from sliding if the coefficient of static friction between block A and the table is 0.2 b. If the coefficient of kinematic friction between

    asked by Diana
  70. Physics

    If it takes an object 68 seconds to make 16 rotations, what would be the period of rotation? T=16/68 Is this right?

    asked by Leo
  71. Math

    Sandy spun a spinner with 5 equal parts labeled 1-5. What is the probability she will NOT spin a 4?

    asked by Cecilia
  72. algebra

    The population of a particular country was 29 million in 1985; in 1997, it was 38 million. The exponential growth function describes the population of this country t years after 1985. Use the fact that 12 years after 1985 the population increased by 9

    asked by kristie
  73. Utah State History. Mss or Mrs. Sue! Pls. Help!

    Describe two reasons the first pioneers to pass through Utah chose not to stay and settle. Please help me!

    asked by Talia
  74. science

    if A-B=2C,A+B=4C and C=3i+4j, then what are A and B?

    asked by kagisho
  75. thermodynamics

    There are 1.36 kgm of air at 137.9 Kpaa stirred with internal paddles in an insulated rigid container whose volume is 0.142 m3, until the pressure becomes 689.5 Kpaa. Determine (a) the work input, (b) Δ(pV), and (c) Q. Cp=1.0062 kj/(Kgm.°K), Cv = 0.7186

    asked by abuan
  76. physics

    A daredevil on a motorcycle leaves the end of a ramp with a speed of 35.5 m/s as in the figure below. If his speed is 34.0 m/s when he reaches the peak of the path, what is the maximum height that he reaches? Ignore friction and air resistance. m

    asked by sara
  77. physics

    a 55 kg satellite is in circular orbit earth with an orbital radius of 7.4 x 10^6 m . determine the satellite’s a)kinetic energy b)gravitational potential energy c)total energy d)binding energy

    asked by john
  78. thermodynamics

    There are 1.36 kgm of air at 137.9 Kpaa stirred with internal paddles in an insulated rigid container whose volume is 0.142 m3, until the pressure becomes 689.5 Kpaa. Determine (a) the work input, (b) Δ(pV), and (c) Q. Cp=1.0062 kj/(Kgm.°K), Cv = 0.7186

    asked by abuan
  79. math

    Mario cut a pizza into 9 equal slices. He put a slice of pizza on each of 5 plates. What is the measure for the angle of the slices that are left?

    asked by Jessica
  80. math

    prove that cos^4 x=1/8(3+4cos2x+cos 4x)

    asked by Goodness
  81. math

    4. A tree stands vertically on top of a hill whose angle of inclination is 30°. The top and base of the tree are 4√3 and 4 meters, respectively, from a point P at the foot of the hill. What is the angle of subtended by the tree at point P?

    asked by Rick
  82. Chemistry

    what is the concentration of each substance if a solution is prepared by mixing 5.00g of NaC2H3O2 with 15.0 ml of 1.45M acetic acid and then bringing the total volume to 250.0 ml?

    asked by Ali
  83. Chemistry

    what type of reaction occurs in Al+SnCl4 ? and what is the balanced equation

    asked by Camila
  84. Physics

    Rosie (mass 41 kg) pushes a box with a horizontal force of 140 N (31.472 lb) at a speed 25 m/min. A. What is Rosie’s power output? Answer in units of W. B.What energy is produced by a 300 W lightbulb lit for 4.1 hours? Answer in units of J

    asked by Sam
  85. Algebra

    The length of a swimming pool is 23 units more than its width. If the area is 420sq. units, What are their dimensions?

    asked by Rotchel
  86. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of 2.00 M NaHO solution are needed to neutralize a 8.00 mL of 3.50 M H2SO4 solution?

    asked by Hailey
  87. Organic Chemistry

    Hello, I have done an experiment in Organic Chemistry called :SN1 Reaction: Synthesis of t-amyl chloride from t-amyl alcohol, there are some questions that I am unsure about, 1) What are the 2 rules of HCl in this reaction? Can you use NaCl instead of HCl

    asked by Mohammed
  88. Chemistry

    CH4 (g)+ H2O (g) --->/

    asked by Student
  89. math

    Christa is standing on the top of head of gladwyn's shadow. If christa is 5 ft tall and Gladwyn's height is 6 feet and the length of their shadows combined is 15 ft, find the length of Christa's shadow

    asked by m
  90. Math

    A company finds that one out of five employees will be late to work on a given day. If this company has 42 employees, find the probabilities that the following number of people will get to work on time. (Round your answers to 4 decimal places.) (a) Exactly

    asked by Sarah Duensing
  91. math

    Simple interest for rs 850 on 2.5 rate of interest from 10fh march to 3rd august

    asked by sakshi
  92. Some Chemistry Questions

    I got three questions. If you were making a tool used to handle live electrical wires, which class of materials would you most likely use? ***Semimetals Metalloids Nonmetals Metals Which of the following changes gives no evidence that a chemical reaction

    asked by Leet Speaker
  93. math

    Find a number that makes the statement true 1/2 < /8

    asked by grandma
  94. Math

    Here were 25 words on a recent vocabulary test in Enhlish class, and Owen got four words wrong. What percent did he get correct?

    asked by Keilani
  95. Bn

    (a) A luggage carousel at an airport has the form of a section of a large cone, steadily rotating about its vertical axis. Its metallic surface slopes downward toward the outside, making an angle of 29.0° with the horizontal. A piece of luggage having

    asked by Mohammed
  96. Chemistry

    CH4 (g)+ H2O (g) --->/

    asked by Student
  97. Math

    If an amount of x dollars is invested at 3% interest compounded continuously, and at the end of 6 years the value of the investment is $4000, find x. x=___

    asked by kyle
  98. physics

    A 5 kg block is being held against the wall. What is the minimum force needed to keep the block from moving if the force is applied at an angle that is 15 degrees above the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction between the wall and the block is

    asked by Jamie
  99. physics

    There are 1.36 kgm of air at 137.9 Kpaa stirred with internal paddles in an insulated rigid container whose volume is 0.142 m3, until the pressure becomes 689.5 Kpaa. Determine (a) the work input, (b) Δ(pV), and (c) Q. Cp=1.0062 kj/(Kgm.°K), Cv = 0.7186

    asked by silent
  100. Math

    The dimensions of a box that is a rectangular prism are 3 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches. What is the length of the diagonal to the nearest tenth of an inch?

    asked by Guy Person
  101. Geometry

    A Ladder leans against a 15 foot tall building to form a right angle. The ladder is placed so it is 8 feet from the base of the building. What is the length of the ladder?

    asked by Marquise
  102. Math

    Five friends went to a baseball game. Three of the friends each bought a ticket for x dollars and a soda for $6.00. The other two friends each bought only tickets. Write and simply an expression the represents the amount of money spent.

    asked by Subrena
  103. biology

    hi. I would like to know in reference to wind and insects moving pollen to different species of flowers at the same time, why doesn't pollen in one species fertilize egg of a second species thus forming hybrids?

    asked by cat
  104. Math

    Find limit x->x/2 tan^ sqroot (2sin^x+3sinx+4-sin^x+6sinx+2)

    asked by Nuhu
  105. Life orientation

    Why do learners stop and fail studies in their first year in colleges and university

    asked by Kamogelo
  106. Math

    A sum of $850 is invested for 10 years and the interest is compounded quarterly. There is $1100 in the account at the end of 10 years. What is the nominal annual rate?

    asked by Samantha E
  107. maths

    A truck carrying 1000 apples loses an apple each 10 metres it travels. How many apples will be left after it travels 600 metres?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. physics

    A 61.0-kg runner has a speed of 3.20 m/s at one instant during a long-distance event. (a) What is the runner's kinetic energy at this instant? KEi = J (b) If he doubles his speed to reach the finish line, by what factor does his kinetic energy change? KEf

    asked by sara
  109. Chemistry

    calculate the bond energy for diatomic oxygen O2 given that standard enthalpy of atomization of oxygen (ΔH) = 249.17KJ

    asked by Solomon
  110. math

    the product of two whole number is 65 what is the sum of the two number

    asked by cyn
  111. world history pls pls help help

    Who was the power behind the throne during Justinian's reign? Belisarius Augustus Sophia Theodora is it d pls help

    asked by Oscar
  112. Mathematics

    A man is 4 times older than his son 7 years ago the man was 11 years older than his son

    asked by Boipelo
  113. Calculus

    Two sides of a triangle are 2 meters and 3 meters and the angle between them is increasing at 0.5 radians/second when the angle is pi/4. 1. How fast is the distance between the tips increasing? 2. How fast is the area increasing? I got part of #1 but I am

    asked by Mary
  114. Triginometry

    a yardstick, held vertically on a level surface, cast a shadow 1 foot 5 inch long. Find the tangent of the angles that the rays of the sun make with the horizontal.

    asked by Veronica
  115. science

    nitrogen and hydrogen combined in the ratio 14:3 by mass to form amonia molecule.find the formula of amonia molecule by calculating the molar mass (atomic mass of nitrogen = 144.4).

    asked by sachin sharma (sharma ji the rockstar)
  116. Chemistry

    What is delta h for reaction between h2o2 and ethene to give ethylene glycol if HO-OH is 49 kcal/mol and C=C 65 kcal/mol Please show ur work

    asked by Brahamanand
  117. science

    Who goes to connections? I would like to get answers to questions from the cyber school that im going to

    asked by LILLYJ
  118. Chemistry

    What is the value of the equilibrium constant for the overall reaction? ​​ AgCl (s) + 2NH3 (aq) Ag(NH3)2+ (aq) + Cl- (aq) Knet = ?

    asked by Bronwyn
  119. math

    After purchasing the apartment, Seth receives a street, sewer, and gutter assessment for $12,500 due in 2 years. How much would he have to invest today in a CD paying 2%, compounded semiannually, to fully pay the assessment in 2 years?

    asked by Michael
  120. cHEMISTRY

    What mass of AgCl(143.32g/mol) is formed from the reaction of a 0.109 M MgCl2 solution with excess AgC2H3O2?

    asked by lIZ
  121. maths

    determine the thrust produced if 1.5 x 10^3 kg of gas exits the combustion chamber each second, with a speed of 4.00 x 10^3 m/s

    asked by Jonathan
  122. Math

    Suppose f(x)=5/(x-2). f'(5)=-5/9. Use this to find the equation of the tangent line to the curve y=5/x-2 at the point (5,(5/3)). write your answer in the form y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. The equation of the tangent line is.....

    asked by Niki
  123. Math

    Consider the function f(x) for which f(0)=7 and f'(0)=7. Find h'(0) for th function h(x)= 1/f(x). h'(0)=

    asked by Niki
  124. Chemistry

    What is the final temperature and physical state of water when 250 grams of water at 85 degrees C is added to 80.0 grams of ice at -15 degree C? Is the physical state of water liquid? I don't understand the set up. The setup is like this (answered by

    asked by Student
  125. math

    the quotient of 100 by 4 is equal to yhe sum of 8?

    asked by race
  126. Science/biology

    A 62 year old man experiences sudden onset of difficulty breathing, followed by double vision, and later by abnormal kidney and liver function tests. Of the following conditions, which is most likely the cause of his problems? A. Vasculitis​​ B.

    asked by Anonymous
  127. physics

    calculate the electrostatic force between charges of -2.4 µC and +5.3 µC, placed 58cm apart in a vaccum.

    asked by Jonathan
  128. Math

    Vishnu planted 20 new trees along a rectangular field and cut all old trees.if the trees are planted at a distance of 1m from each other.what are the possible dimensions of the field?

    asked by Meghna
  129. Math

    On a map with a scale of 2 in. = 15 mi, what would be the demensions of a 72 mi by 120 mi rectangle?

    asked by Mason
  130. physics

    A light beam in air strikes the surface of a liquid at an angle 23.6 degrees from the normal. The angle of refraction in the liquid was measured to be 15.8 degrees, calculate the index of refraction for the object? calculate the speed of light in the

    asked by sam
  131. Chemistry (Food)

    The average energy yield per gram of carbohydrate and of fat is A).4 kcal and 9 kcal, respectively B).9 kcal and 4 kcal, respectively C).9 kcal each D).4 kcal each

    asked by Dominick
  132. Math

    How do i find the asymptotes of: y=(1/x-4)+3

    asked by Samuel
  133. English

    But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite you to sit down in front of your television set when your station goes on the air and stay there without a book, magazine, newspaper, profit-and-loss sheet, or rating book to distract you—and keep

    asked by Kenn
  134. Math

    The ratio of 7th and 8th graders in a soccer league is 16:24. If there are 200 students in all, how many are 7th graders?

    asked by Miles
  135. halth

    According to the government’s My Plate program, half of our plate should have

    asked by larry
  136. Math final exams

    Hi, my name is Anna. In a month we are taking final exams. What can i do to prepare and study?

    asked by Anna
  137. Global

    Compare and contrast Greece and japan

    asked by Anonymous
  138. English

    please help me ,i am doing level 2 English and i have reading and writing exam ,do you guys know Any good websites I can use to improve it ?

    asked by maryam
  139. math

    An electric mixer was purchased on the installment plan for a down payment of $60 and 11 monthly payments of $11.05 each. The cash price was $170. Find the annual percentage rate.

    asked by Michael
  140. science

    Calculate the amount of h2so4 required for preparing 500ml of 2MH2so4 solution.

    asked by v¨ªşhął
  141. math

    . Seth’s current bank offers a 1-year certificate of deposit account paying 2% compounded semiannually. A competitor bank is also offering 2%; but compounded daily. If Seth invests the $100,000, how much more money will he have in the second bank after

    asked by Michael
  142. math

    A friend of Seth’s who is a real estate developer needs to borrow $80,000 to finish development project. He is desperate for cash and offers Seth 18%, compounded monthly, for 2 ½ years. Find the future value of the loan using the future value liable.

    asked by Michael
  143. computer programing

    Little help here please Create a program that performs the following functions: uses character arrays to read a user’s name from standard input, tells the user how many characters are in his or her name, and displays the user’s name in uppercase.

    asked by Pooh23
  144. Chemistry

    What is the final temperature and physical state of water when 250 grams of water at 85 degrees C is added to 80.0 grams of ice at -15 degree C? Is the physical state of water liquid? I don't understand the set up that I have to set the equation equal to 0

    asked by Student
  145. math

    Calculate the present value of $1000 to be received at the end of 8years. Assume an interest payment rate of 5percent

    asked by mary
  146. Chemistry

    I need to write a hypothesis on limiting reactants.

    asked by Keron
  147. physics

    While the pressure remains constant at 689.5 kpaa the volume of a system of air changes from 0.567 m3 to 0.2283 m3. Determine (a) ΔU, (b) ΔH, (c) Q, (d) ΔS. (e) If the process is nonflow and internally reversible, what is the work? Cp = 0.24Btu/(lbm.°

    asked by silent
  148. physics

    An artificial Earth satellite, of mass 3.00 × 10^3 kg, has an elliptical orbit, with a mean altitude of 500 km. (a) What is its mean value of gravitational potential energy while in orbit? (b) What is its mean value of orbital kinetic energy? (c) What is

    asked by Jonathan
  149. alg 2

    xsquared= e (to the x)-2.4

    asked by cameron
  150. Calculus help, very confused!!

    A fundamental problem in crystallography is the determination of the packing fraction of a crystal lattice, which is the fraction of space occupied by the atoms in the lattice, assuming that the atoms are hard spheres. When the lattice contains exactly two

    asked by Sam Johnston
  151. Trigonometry

    Use a sum of difference identity to write the expression as a single function theta: cos(theta - pi). Okay so I know we will use cosAcosA+sinBsinB I got: cos(theta)cos(theta)sin(pi)sin(pi) I don't know how to solve from here and I'm not sure if that is

    asked by Abby
  152. Geometry

    Krista was vacationing in the jungle and wanted to ride a zip line. The platform was 173ft above the ground. The angle of elevation of the zip line was 40 degrees from the ground. Approx. How long was her ride down the zip line?

    asked by Naomi
  153. Social Studies

    How did this law lead to the development of democratic principles? 6-9. When the litigants settle their case by compromise, let the magistrate announce it. If they do not compromise, let them state each his own side of the case, in the comitium of the

    asked by Sam
  154. physics

    How much kinetic energy does a 0.03 kg bullet traveling at a speed of 300 m/s have?

    asked by Anonymous
  155. Physics

    Please help me with this!! I am really confused about it... 1. A 75 kg. man steps off the end of a diving board, and hits the water at 7.7 m/s. Ignoring air resistance, what was the mans PE (potential energy) right before he stepped off the diving board?

    asked by Becca
  156. physics

    Biophysics strikes back The Biophysics students are having their usual Saturday night biophysics party performing physics experiments at a classmate’s home. This Saturday it is in an apartment building and you notice a managemnt student (MS) passed out

    asked by Tom
  157. science

    Physic. You can walk at the average speed of 2.5 m /s. How long will it take to reach your school 1km away?

    asked by mandeep baral
  158. Math

    A Baker uses 1 3/4 sacks of flour when baking cakes for his bakery. How many sacks of flour will the in days

    asked by Susie
  159. Math 7th grade

    A recipe serves 12 people and requires 1/5 cup of eggs. If you wanted to make the same recipe to serve 4 people, how many cups of eggs would you need? Show your work.

    asked by Kristie
  160. math

    Eduardo thinks of a number between 1 and 20 that has exactly 5 factors. What number is he thinking of?

    asked by Emilio
  161. Business math

    Invoice date May 5 Terms 4/15, n45

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Math

    Graph the inequality w ≥ -1/4 on a number line

    asked by Hayden
  163. Chemistry

    I was given a list of 14 different solutions, and My homework question asks which of the solutions exhibit the common-ion effect and which ones are buffers? But, how would I be able to tell???

    asked by CeCe
  164. math

    Manually calculate the compound interest on a 13% loan of $1,600 for three years if the interest is compounded annually.

    asked by Michael
  165. Infinite math

    A company finds that producing 12 items costs $31, while producing 7 items costs $25. What's the company's marginal cost?

    asked by Stephanie
  166. math

    James wants to buy a 50-inch flat-screen television, and the model he wants costs $1,200. So far, he has saved $700, but still needs $500 more. The bank where he has a checking and savings account will loan him $500 at 12% annual interesting using a 90-day

    asked by Michael
  167. History

    what was the Rhode Island connection with the cotton gin?

    asked by Frank
  168. Trig

    Find the arc length of a circle that has a central angle of 270 degrees and a radius of 10 yards.

    asked by Hrc
  169. Purchasing Management

    The purchasing function has influence on other business function. Explain such influence with examples

    asked by itsuwe
  170. Purchasing Management

    Explain advantage if business are buying goods from distributor instead of a manufacturer

    asked by Itsuwe
  171. research methodology

    Conduct a research study to investigate the impact of management styles of CEOs in private sector on employees turnover

    asked by Itsuwe
  172. math

    The following table of values represents a line. x | y -10 | 19 0 | -1 10 | -21 50 | -101 Identify the equation of the line. Write the equation in slope-intercept form. My answer: −2x+(−1) The answer came out incorrect, and the correct answer was

    asked by John Doswell
  173. Chemistry

    I need major help with balancing redox reactions. I can't seem to get this one: (in basic conditions) NBr_3(aq)=> N_2(g) + Br^-(aq) + HOBr(aq) I don't know how to split this up properly, and when I do it is like impossible to balance it. Thanks!

    asked by Betty
  174. Math

    The following table of values represents a line. x | y -10 | 19 0 | -1 10 | -21 50 | -101 Identify the equation of the line. Write the equation in slope-intercept form. My answer: −2x+(−1) The answer came out incorrect, and the correct answer was

    asked by John Doswell
  175. middle school

    what is ratio of days in may to days in a year

    asked by yousif
  176. Science

    Lightning is actually van enormous display of the concept of ?

    asked by Keandra
  177. Math

    If I have the inputs of 0,1,2,3,4and the outputs of 2,14,26,38,50,what is the rule?

    asked by Kitten
  178. geometry

    . In , AD and BE are the altitudes to BC and AC respectively. If AD = 8 cm, BC = 10 cm and AC = 12 cm, find the length of BE.

    asked by HANNAH
  179. math

    mr. brunetti writes quadratic equations on a piece of paper and puts them in a hat and then tells his students each to choose two at random.After each student picks,his or her 2 papers go back into the hat. There are 5 papers in total,out of which 4 are

    asked by Anonymous
  180. Math

    Find the value of sin130

    asked by Kija
  181. biology

    I got a biology project that's about the excretory system & I have to write the word excretory & draw pictures inside of the word that compares it to real life. What pictures can something be compared that involves with the system?

    asked by Clarissa
  182. PT1420

    for x=0 to 5 display x end for

    asked by mike
  183. Economics

    What is South African government providing and to whom?

    asked by Hlumelo Makasi
  184. English

    ReWrite using APA format 1. Snow,C.E,Burns,M.S& Griffin, P.(Eds).(1998).preventing reading difficulties in young children. Washington,DC:National Academy Press. Suggests that the most effective way to build learners literacy skills is to begin by teaching

    asked by itsuwe
  185. Math

    Five times the larger of two numbers plus four times the smaller is 271. Three times the larger less twice the smaller is 57. find the numbers

    asked by Lisa
  186. Physics

    1. A box is placed on the end of a 3 meter plank. One end of the plank is gradually raised and it is observed that the box begins to slide when the board reaches an angle of 25 degrees. a. Determine how long the box will take to reach the end of the plank

    asked by Daniel
  187. Quick English help

    Select the term that is best represented by each statement below. The words are: acknowledgement, acquiesce, comprise, hierarchy, parity, potentate, subjugate, subservient, tyrant, usurp. Correct me if I'm wrong! 1. "I am equality and balance." (PARITY) 2.

    asked by Anonymous
  188. English

    please help me , its level 2 trinity / esol skills for life level 2 i have reading and writing exam ,do you guys know Any good websites I can use to improve it? its will be descriptive text,explanatory text,persuasive text for writing ,formal

    asked by maryam
  189. Math

    Tim is mixing blue and white paint to make pale blue paint. He uses 2 quarts of blue for every 3 quarts white. How many quarts of each color would he need to make 35 quarts of pale blue? Is the answer 14 quarts of blue and 21 quarts of white?

    asked by Nate
  190. Language

    cat is too dog as tree is too? squirell apple*** leaves branch

    asked by Aaliyah
  191. Math Algebra PLEASE EXPLAIN

    Cell Tell is expanding to a new area of town. The store's budget allows $2,500 per month to rent the needed 600 square foot kiosk. What is the maximum annual rate per square foot that Cell Tell can pay?

    asked by Bradley
  192. Math

    How do you find surface area?

    asked by help
  193. Chemistry

    If you make a solution in the laboratory that contains 0.1 M hydrochloric acid, what concentration of hydronium will you have?

    asked by Rose
  194. Chemistry

    If you make a solution in the laboratory that contains 0.1 M acetic acid (CH3COOH), what concentration of hydronium will you have once the solution equilibrates?

    asked by Rose
  195. Civic

    Expalin how the relationship between the north American colonists and great britiain affected the development of the undderiyin priciples and idead in the decelaration of independence and new state constitutation in North american inn the eighteenth

    asked by ANUP
  196. Math

    Raven found 30 coins. 1/6 were pennies, 1/5 were nickels, 1/3 were dimes and the rest were quarters. Tell how many of each coins Raven found. How did we find the answer.

    asked by Carrie
  197. Chemistry

    Highest ionization energy to lowest I be ci f

    asked by Anonymous
  198. math

    the mean is 100, standard deviation is 16. what is the % of scores between 52 and 148?

    asked by Anonymous
  199. Chemistry

    The three substances that can reduce Ag+ to Ag, but will not reduce Sn2+ to Sn are Zn, Pb, H2, Mg, Cu, I2, Al, Ca

    asked by Taylor
  200. Chemistry... again

    How does a polar bond differ from a nonpolar bond? Explain your answer. All I need are ideas, not the word-for-word answer.

    asked by Leet Speaker
  201. Chemistry

    In the voltaic cell that is represented as: Cu | Cu2+ || Fe | Fe2+. The only anion in solution in the cells and salt bridge is the nitrate ion. The directions the electron external circuit and NO3- flow in the salt bridge circuit will be: *electron flow is

    asked by Mikah
  202. math

    nikko knows that 20% of a number is 56. to find the number she uses the equation 56=2/3x . Is nikko correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  203. English

    Could you (whoever "you" are) please read my poem and give feedback? Thank you. -TinyPoet She sits at the automat waiting. Waiting in sullen silence, steeping in the same melancholy water her tea is. Hat drooping to hide her hastily painted face, a could

    asked by TinyPoet
  204. math

    Carlos sepnt 45% of his savings to buy a bike. The bike cost $126. How much did Carlos have left in his savings after buying the bike?

    asked by anonymous
  205. Math

    Marta can run a total of 6.25 miles on a 0.25 mile track. How many laps did she run?

    asked by Amy
  206. Chemistry (Food)

    Which of the following are B vitamins? Check ALL that apply. A). ascorbic acid B). retinol C). calciferol D). thiamine E). niacin

    asked by Dominick
  207. Social Studies

    How did Fredrick Douglass react to the key events happening in the united states?

    asked by Just a kids that needs help
  208. Writing

    Where is somewhere I can get a definition from that I can cite as a scholarly source? My prof said that we can't use an online dictionary.I need to find the definition of universal health care if that matters

    asked by Dan
  209. math

    y′=(2y+x)/x, y(1)=4 1. The resulting differential equation in x and u can be written as xu'=------ 2.Separating variables we arrive at -----du= dx/x 3.Integrating both sides and simplifying, the solution can be written in the form u+1=Cf(x) where C is an

    asked by Leahv
  210. maths

    using the information that 3.19 x 78.3 = 217.871 calculate 0.319 x 7.83

    asked by maryam
  211. math

    Find the amount of money that Keaton and Jana Smith must set aside today so that they will have $5,000 available to buy a home security system to one year if the annual interest reate is 5% compounded annually.

    asked by Michael
  212. Math

    The baker ordered 4 dozen eggs at the beginning of the week. By Friday the baker used 5/12 of the eggs. How many eggs did the baker have left

    asked by Carl
  213. calculus

    Find derivative of function g (t)=(6t^2+5)^3 (t^3-7)^4 thank you very much!

    asked by Danniela
  214. math

    prove that cos^4 x=(1/8) 3 + 4cos2 x+ cos 4 x using binomial expansion

    asked by Goke
  215. math

    Find the finance charge on a credit card with an average daily balance of $465 if the rate charged is 1.25%.

    asked by Michael
  216. English

    A single sex school is better than a mixed one

    asked by offeibea
  217. math

    After looking at the results from questions 1, and 2. Seth realizes that a 2% return in a certificate of deposit will never allow him to reach his goal of $1 million in 10 years. Presuming his apartment will indeed be worth $400,000 in 10 years, compute

    asked by Michael