Questions Asked on
February 27, 2016

  1. Biology

    Draw map of nigeria and indicate the local biomes in the different state

    asked by Lee Mitchell
  2. Algebra

    A boat traveled from Pier A to Pier B with the current in 2 hours. How far from each other are these piers, if the return trip took 6 hours, and the current speed is 2.5 mph?

    asked by Anish Panda
  3. Algebra

    For what value of x is the double product of the binomials x+2 and x–2 is 16 less than the sum of their squares?

    asked by Anish Panda
  4. English

    How does Margaret Atwood draw on source material in The Penelopiad? A: She tells The Odyssey from the view of Penelope's maids B: She tells The Odyssey from the view of a more modern woman C: She reveals Odysseus' true feelings about the events in the

    asked by SkatingDJ
  5. Math Word Problem

    A museum charges ​$13.50 for a​ one-day youth admission and ​$16.50 for a​ one-day adult admission. One​ Friday, the museum collected ​$1581 from a total of 110 youths and adults. How many admissions of each type were​ sold?

    asked by Soora
  6. physics

    A 25.0-kg child on a 3.00-m-long swing is released from rest when the ropes of the swing make an angle of 31.0° with the vertical. (a) Neglecting friction, find the child's speed at the lowest position. m/s (b) If the actual speed of the child at the

    asked by sherry
  7. physics

    A 5.3-kg block is pushed 2.3 m up a vertical wall with constant speed by a constant force of magnitude F applied at an angle of θ = 30° with the horizontal, as shown in the figure below. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between block and wall is

    asked by sherry
  8. Algebra 2

    Task: Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range -1

    asked by Anonymous
  9. physics

    A 56.0-kg runner has a speed of 3.10 m/s at one instant during a long-distance event. (a) What is the runner's kinetic energy at this instant? KEi = J (b) If he doubles his speed to reach the finish line, by what factor does his kinetic energy change? KEf

    asked by sherry
  10. Physics

    A closed inexpansible vessel contains air saturated with water vapour at 77 degree Celcius. The total pressure of the vessel is 1007mmHg. Calculate the new pressure if the temperature is reduced to 27 degree celcius. (svp water at 77 degree celcius and 27

    asked by Shredder
  11. calculus

    A ship, proceeding southward on a straight course at the rate of 12 miles/hr is, at noon, 40 miles due north of a second ship, which is sailing west at 15 miles/hr. a) How fast are the ships approaching each other 1 hour later? b) Are the ships approaching

    asked by Andrea
  12. Calculus Pre Test Monday Part 3

    The height, in metres, of an object that has fallen from a height of 180 m is given by the position function s(t)=-􏰀5t^2 􏰂+180, where t 􏰃>0 and t is in seconds. a. Find the average velocity during each of the first two seconds. b. Find the

    asked by Morris
  13. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution that results when 3.64 g KCl is dissolved in water and diluted to exactly 200.0 mL?

    asked by Van
  14. life orientation

    What can trigger spectator aggression in sport

    asked by nella
  15. Language Arts

    Why, who makes much of a miracle? As to me I know of nothing else but miracles, Whether I walk the streets of Manhattan, Or dart my sight over the roofs of houses toward the sky, Or wade with naked feet along the beach just in the edge of the water, Or

    asked by Riley
  16. Physics

    A certain spring stretches 6 cm when a load of 30 N is suspended from it. How much will the spring stretch if 50 N is suspended from it (and it doesn't rsach its elastic limit)? I don't understand what to do for this problem.

    asked by Jay
  17. math

    John is twice as old as his friend peter.peter is 5 years older than 5 years John will be three times as old as Alice .how old is peter now?

    asked by ganesh
  18. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of hydrogen produced at s.t.p when 25g of zinc are added to excess dilute hydrochloric at 3degree and 778mmhg pressure

    asked by Jubilee
  19. World History

    1.Reliance on secular thinking as opposed to decisions based on religion developed as a result of: a.the Scientific Revolution

    asked by Boberto
  20. Food Chemistry

    A heat exchanger is used to warm apple cider using steam as the heat source. The cider is heated from an initial temperature of 4°C to a final temperature of 65°C. The steam enters the heat exchanger as 50% quality steam and exits as water condensate at

    asked by Ashwaa
  21. Chemistry

    An interference filter is to be constructed for isolation of the nitrobenzene absorption band at 1537 cm-1. (a) If it is to be based on first-order interference, what should be the thickness of the dielectric layer (refractive index of 1.34)? (b) What

    asked by Aaron
  22. L.o

    6 practical actions that you can take to address human rights violation of xenophobia in a community

    asked by Ziyanda
  23. math

    A pharmacist has an 18% alcohol solution. How much of this solution and how much water must be mixed together to make 10 liters of a 12% alcohol solution?

    asked by Russian Math
  24. calculus

    Sand is falling into a conical pile so that the radius of the base of the pile is always equal to one half its altitude. If the sand is falling at the rate of 10 cubic feet per minute, how fast is the altitude of the pile increasing when the pile is 5 feet

    asked by Andrea
  25. chemistry

    calculate joules release when 175g of steam condenses at 100c and cool the liquid to 35.00c

    asked by linda
  26. math

    Julia measured the high temperature in her town for one week. Using the chart below, find the mean absolute deviation for the high temperatures. Be sure to show your work for finding: graph:sunday:50 monday:56 tuesday:52 wednesday:46 thursday:48 friday:42

    asked by Anon
  27. maths

    by selling at 77% some 9/4%shares of face value 100 and investing the proceeds in 6% shares of face value 100, selling at 110 a person got profit of 117. how many shares did he sell?

    asked by aarathy
  28. research statistics

    Forty-nine items are randomly selected from a population of 500 items. The sample mean is 40 and the sample standard deviation 9. Develop a 99% confidence interval for the population mean. (Round your answers to 3 decimal places.)

    asked by myke
  29. Math

    The line plot below represents the number of letters written to overseas pen pals by the students at Waverly Middle School. Each x represents 10 students. How many students wrote more than 6 and fewer than 20 letters?

    asked by Anon
  30. math

    Thirteen bowlers were asked what their score was on their last game. The scores are shown below. 190, 150, 154, 194, 182, 190, 170, 151, 190, 170, 178, 161, 180 Find the range of the bowlers’ scores.

    asked by Anon
  31. Science

    1. How does nanotechnology how engineers make products for the future? A. By changing a materials atomic structure, it can be made from elements that are easier to obtain. B. By changing a materials atomic structure, it's physical properties can also be

    asked by Rhyleigh
  32. Calculus Pre Test Questions Monday Part 4

    After t minutes of growth, a certain bacterial culture has a mass, in grams, of M(t) 􏰀=t^2. a. How much does the bacterial culture grow during the time 3􏰄

    asked by Morris
  33. accounting

    Harris Fabrics computes its predetermined overhead rate annually on the basis of direct labor-hours. At the beginning of the year, it estimated that 20,000 direct labor-hours would be required for the period? estimated level of production. The company also

    asked by sandra
  34. Math

    Johnson's house was $112.00 per square meter to build. The house is 12 meters wide and 18 meters long. How much did it cost to build the house? 12x18=216 $112x216=24,192 or $112x12=1,344 $112x18=2,016 Add=$3,360 to build the house??

    asked by Bella
  35. science

    How can i prepare a 100ml, 0.1M phosphate buffer solution (pH = 7) out of Na2HPO4 and NaH2PO4

    asked by mel
  36. jmh

    Which of the following was one of the policy changes Thomas Jefferson made when he became president? A. He used expensive displays to inspire the public’s respect. B. He planned to retire the national debt by paying it down. C. He wanted to build up the

    asked by shyhink
  37. microeconomics

    If a firm holds a pure monopoly in the market and is able to sell 5 units of output at $4.00 per unit and 6 units of output at $3,90 per unit, it will produce and sell the sixth unit if its marginal cost is 4.00 or less 3.40 or less 3.90 or less

    asked by anthony
  38. Chemistry

    Write the balanced equation for the neutralization reaction between H3PO4 and NaOH in aqueous solution. Phases are optional.

    asked by Dane
  39. life orientation

    Propose 6 practical action that you can take to address human right violatoib of xenophobia in your community

    asked by NOMFANELO Mbatha
  40. financial maths

    A loan is repaid at the rate of $200 per week for 15 years. if the interest rate is 6.65% per annum.Calculate the the total amount repaid

    asked by Louisa

    a body at rest is given an innital uniform acceleration of 8.0m/s-2 for 30s,acceleration reduce to 5.0m/s-2 for d next twenty sec.body mentains speed ten for 60s after brought to rest in 20s draw in graph 1.using d graph to calculate 2.maximum speed attain

    asked by TIMILEHIN
  42. algebra 1

    A man invests 10,000 dollars in two accounts, the first yielding 4 percent annual interest and the second, 5 percent. If x dollars is invested in the first account, how much annual interest does the man earn on his investement?

    asked by moonred

    please.!PLEASe PLEASE. help me. TRUE or FALSE 1.the north pole of a permanent magnet is attracted to a south pole 2.iron,aluminum, and nickel are all ferromagnetic materials 3.all permanent magnets are surrounded by a magnetic field 4.the direction of a

    asked by Clifford
  44. Economics

    What are the costs and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfare?

    asked by Yonela
  45. Calculus Pre Test Questions Monday Part 4

    After t minutes of growth, a certain bacterial culture has a mass, in grams, of M(t) 􏰀=t^2. a. How much does the bacterial culture grow during the time 3􏰄

    asked by Morris
  46. precal

    A wheel with a 22 inch diameter is turning at the rate of 31 revolutions per minute. What is the linear speed of a point on the rim, measured to the nearest inch per minute?

    asked by jre
  47. physics

    A daredevil on a motorcycle leaves the end of a ramp with a speed of 30.5 m/s as in the figure below. If his speed is 29.0 m/s when he reaches the peak of the path, what is the maximum height that he reaches? Ignore friction and air resistance. m

    asked by sherry
  48. college physics

    determine the displacement vector that must be added to the displacement) 25-16) m to give a displacement of 7m pointing in the positive x-direction?

    asked by mumbi
  49. finance

    A 10-year bond has a coupon rate of 7% annually and a principal payment of $1,000.00. Other similar bonds are paying 9% annually. To determine the value of this bond you must:'

    asked by sarah
  50. calculus

    An angler has a fish at the end of his line, which is being reeled in at the rate of 2 feet per second from a bridge 30 feet above the water. At what speed is the fish moving through the water towards the bridge when the amount of line out is 50 feet?

    asked by Andrea
  51. Physics

    help me to my homework please.!PLEASe PLEASE. TRUE or FALSE 1.the north pole of a permanent magnet is attracted to a south pole 2.iron,aluminum, and nickel are all ferromagnetic materials 3.all permanent magnets are surrounded by a magnetic field 4.the

    asked by Shelle
  52. Math Word Problem

    Each course at college X is worth either 3 or 4 credits. The members of the​ men's swim team are taking a total of 52 courses that are worth a total of 169 credits. How many 3​-credit courses and how many 4​-credit courses are being​ taken?

    asked by Soora
  53. math

    Glenn has 4 pants and 3 shirts. How many different pairs of pants and shirts can he wear?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    a box is 11 inches tall, 2 inches deep, and 8 inches wide. What is the surface area of the box that is needed for the cereal

    asked by Chrissy
  55. Science - Ms. Sue plz

    Which structures on the ocean floor are equivalent to mountains on land? Thanks.

    asked by Geek Girl
  56. masters

    A wheel with a 22 inch diameter is turning at the rate of 31 revolutions per minute. What is the linear speed of a point on the rim, measured to the nearest inch per minute?

    asked by jre
  57. Alg2

    How can (1/4)x-3=(1/2)x+8 be setup as a system of equations? 4y + 4x = −12 2y + 2x = 16 4y − x = −12 2y − x = 16 4y + x = −12 2y + x = 16 4y − 4x = −12 2y − 2x = 16

    asked by ?
  58. Physics

    I don't know how to go about this question. We only have an initial velocity and no final velocity, distance or time. A proton is fired from far away toward the nucleus of a mercury atom. Mercury is element number 80, and the diameter of the nucleus is

    asked by Thano
  59. stats

    3. A fitness center is running a discounted membership fee. Did the discount increase the membership sales? Write your hypotheses mathematically.Write null and alternative hypothesis.

    asked by kiki
  60. World History

    These documents(Declartion of the rights of man and the citizen, English bill of rights, Marna carta , declaration of independence) established a system in which: a.The power of a leader came straight from God b. The individual was more important than the

    asked by Boberto
  61. calculus

    The sales(in millions) of a DVD recording of a hit movie t years from the date of release is given by a) Find the rate of which the sales are changing at time t. b) How fast are the sales changing at the time the DVDs are released? c) How fast are the

    asked by Andrea
  62. Math

    integrate (x^2+8)/(x^2-5x+6) by partial fractions method. I first did long division, and came up with 1+((5x+2)/(x^2-5x+6)). Then I did partial fraction for (5x+2)/(x^2-5x+6) by going A/(x-3)+B/(x-2) and I got 17/(x-3)-12/(x-2) to take the integral of. But

    asked by Betty
  63. Chemistry

    If 10.0 L of hydrogen collected over water at 20' C and 750 mm Hg are produced, how many grams of iron metal must react with excess steam?

    asked by Yoni
  64. Physics

    A 20.0 kg block is connected to a 30.0 kg block by a string that passes over a light, frictionless pulley. The 30.0 kg block is connected to a spring that has negligible mass and a force constant of 260 N/m, as shown in the figure below. The spring is

    asked by JJ
  65. Algebra

    two friends sold many pieces of furniture and made $1720 during the garage sale. They had fourteen more $10 bills than $50 bills. They had 4 more than two times as many $20 bills as $50 bills. How many of each denomination did they have?

    asked by Emerald
  66. Science

    How many grams of sodium hydroxide are needed to react with 50 grams of phosphoric acid?

    asked by Kyle Brovlofski
  67. English

    hi I need help with this. It is a section from the story 'The Sniper' and it is a PEE (Point, Evidence, Explanation) question... PLEASE HELP ME. Here is the question: "The writer says that the sniper's eyes had 'the cold gleam of the fanatic' what does

    asked by Andrew
  68. physics

    How does a vaccum flask minimize heat change with surrounding

    asked by ISOBO Jack
  69. math

    show that the constant p cannot lie between 1 and 2 if the equation px^2-p+10=2(p+2)x has real roots

    asked by nicole
  70. math

    Assume it is known that the probability of birth is equal in all months. What is the probability that in the STAT 1025 class of 120 students, exactly 20 students have their birthdays in either August or September? Solve using (i) the exact Binomial

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Economics

    Are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed or added?

    asked by Yonela
  72. history

    What were arguments for maintaining the slave trade and slavery in general during the Constitutional Debates on Slavery? How did the delegates from Georgia and South Carolina in particular impact the debate?

    asked by Rose
  73. biology

    A positive control group contains the dependent variable under study. true or false i guess it's true

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Studing math.

    Hi. I got a question. I am almost about to take the state test(AZmerit) I feel worried. What may i do? I am in the fourth grade.

    asked by Anna
  75. Geography

    4. Islam is predominate in northern ___________, while traditional religions are predominate in the south. This led to a civil war and the eventual breakup of this country. A. Iraq B. Sudan C. Malaysia D. Ethiopia E. Yugoslavia B

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Physics

    A 12-V automobile storage battery has an internal resistance of 0.004 ohms. A) Find the current and power dissipation when the terminals are connected by a conductor of negligible Resistance B) The battery delivers 80A to the starter motor. What resistance

    asked by Rina
  77. World History

    What role did politics play in the Industrial Revolution?

    asked by Boberto
  78. Maths

    y = 2[cos1/2(f1 - f2)x][cos1/2(f1 + f2)x] let f1 = 16 let f2 = 12 therefore y = 2[cos1/2(16 - 12)x][cos1/2(16 + 12)x] y = 2cos(2x)cos(14x) derive y = 2cos(2x)cos(14x) y' = 2[-2sin(2x)][-14sin(14x)] is all of this correct? Additionally, I am unsure how you

    asked by Lola
  79. Accounting

    On April 1, 2013, Ringo Company borrowed $20,000 from its bank by using a 9%, 12 month note, with the interest to be paid on the maturity date. I do not understand this question, can you help me out, please.

    asked by Larry
  80. Calculus

    Hellp I have a calculus test on Monday 2. Calculate the slope of the tangent to the given function at the given point or value of x a. f(x)=3/x+1,P(2,1) b.h(x)=2/squareroot x + 5, P(4,2/3) ****Full solutions to please because I do not know what I'm doing

    asked by Morris
  81. english

    Out of the following ten sentences, 5 of them are correct in their use of apostrophes. Simply write the numbers of the five sentences that are correct. . The five sentences that I choose were correct were 3,4,6,7, and 8 Is this correct? Canada’s mens’

    asked by jennifer
  82. Math

    There are 44 learners in Mart's class.the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls is many boys are there in Mart's class?

    asked by rai
  83. Chemistry

    I have to summarize 10 articles relating to the topics we had covered in class. However, there are 3 sources out of the 10 that I don't understand. Could someone possibly go through the sources and summarize them. 1.) This article covers Nuclear Chemistry

    asked by Jess
  84. math

    a private jet flies the same distance in 6 hours that a commercial jet flies in 4 hours.if the speed of the commercial jet was 143 mph less than 2 times the speed of the private jet, find the speed of each jet

    asked by sally
  85. geometry

    Two persons each hold the end of a 20 ft long jumping rope. How far apart should they stand if they hold the rope 4.5 ft off the ground, and the middle of the rope just touches the ground? Assume the arc formed by the jumping rope is circular. I know that

    asked by jojo
  86. English

    Help me pleas!!! I need to write a good story (150-200 words)

    asked by Latishia
  87. math

    a fair die is tossed three times. Find the probability of getting a. Three 4s b. Three 5s c. Three 4s or three 5s

    asked by asdfghjkl
  88. hist/175

    Do you think that the Korean War was merely a civil war in which the United States supported one side, or should it be considered an international war in which the United States used the United Nations to further its anticommunist policies? Why?

    asked by lisa
  89. Mathematics

    How would I differentiate y = 4cos(2x)cos(3x) u = cos(2x) u' = -2sin(2x) v = cos(3x) v' = -3sin(3x) This is all I have so far

    asked by Hannah
  90. stats

    Assume it is known that the probability of birth is equal in all months. What is the probability that in the STAT 1025 class of 120 students, exactly 20 students have their birthdays in either August or September? Solve using (i) the exact Binomial

    asked by abcd
  91. Finance

    Sara has $2,500,000 and can earn 12.50 percent per year. If Sara plans on retiring when she has tripled her money, she can retire in how many years.

    asked by Edith
  92. Accounting

    On April 1, 2013, Ringo Company borrowed $20,000 from its bank by using a 9%, 12 month note, with the interest to be paid on the maturity date. Sorry about not being more descriptive. I need to find the maturity date, prepare a journal for it, and then

    asked by Larry
  93. L.O

    Assess the extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on the phisical,emotional,social and economic aspect to the family,country and community

    asked by Thabelo
  94. Geometry

    Two secants of a circle meet in a point out side to the circle. One Secant has 4 and x. The other Secant is 5 and 4. What will be x?

    asked by Boberto
  95. Geography

    what is the problem with a large scale religious map

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Math

    17) solve this linear system using the method of substitution. 2y-x=-10 y= -3/2x-1 20) simplify then solve by substitution 2(x-4)+y=6 3x-2(y-3)=13 just need help with these 2.

    asked by Ma names Jeff
  97. World History

    5.Because of the Industrial Revolution, anyone could attain wealth. This event led to a change in the political development in the newly industrialized nations. This was evident in: a.the rising middle class’s rejection of nationalism

    asked by Boberto
  98. MATH


    asked by DAVID
  99. Algebra

    Two trains, one going from Boston to New York and the other going from New York to Boston, started their trips at exactly same time. Speed of the first train was 10 miles per hour less than twice the speed of the second train. How far from Boston station

    asked by Anish Panda
  100. Math

    Six year old Rosie wants to write down all counting numbers up to one thousand. When she finished writing 12, she had 15 digits. Rosie gave up after she had correctly written 2358 digits. What was the last number she wrote?

    asked by Emily
  101. PHYSICS


    asked by HANNAH
  102. PHYSICS


    asked by HANNAH
  103. Physics

    hearing rattles from a snake, a boy make two rapid displacements of magnitude 1.8m and 2.4m in sketches show how the two displacements might add up to give magnitude of 4.2m, 3.0m and 0.6m?

    asked by Baseeruh
  104. History

    How did cooperatives in Texas help those living in rural areas?

    asked by Light
  105. physics

    a 25v heater has two elements, one of which is missing. if the resistance of the remaining element is measured to be 50 ohm,what must the resistance of a second element be when connected in parallel to maintain a current of 1 amp.

    asked by suzy
  106. algebra 1

    For some real number b, the graph of the line y = 3 x + b passes through the point (7, −3). What is its y-intercept?

    asked by kim
  107. math

    How would I go about solving this problem? (-6x^6)(-6x^2x^6)

    asked by Carly
  108. math

    Given that i=$700,p=$3,500 and t=4yrs. Find the rate

    asked by kenny
  109. algebra or algebra1

    f (x) =|x− 6|7−x, then f(−1)

    asked by amy
  110. math

    find the three consecutive even integers such that three times the first equals the sum of the other two

    asked by angelica
  111. math

    show that p= 4/5q if the equation px^2+3px+p+q=0 where p is not equal to 0 , has two equal real roots

    asked by raechel
  112. Calculus

    Calculate the slope of the graph of f(x)=4-x^2 if x1 at each of the following points: a.P(-1,3) b.P(2,5)

    asked by Morris
  113. math

    Problem 8. 5 pts. Find the exact values of the remaining 5 circular functions for angle θ, given that sinθ = 1/9 and θ is an angle in the 2 nd quadrant.

    asked by jre
  114. stats

    A car manufacturing company is interested in finding the average fuel consumption of one of its new models Leopard F-type. Hundred test drivers are chosen and asked to drive the car in urban conditions for 8 hours. The average fuel consumption of the 100

    asked by Anonymous
  115. World History

    which of the following describes socialism? a.the belief of laissez-faire b.private ownership c.developed in response to the exploitation (taking advantage) of workers

    asked by Boberto
  116. algebra

    I've tried this problem like 7 times and still struggling: f(x)=9x^3+2x^2-5x+4 and g(x)=5x^3-7x+4 so what is f(x)-g(x)? My answer was 4x^3+2x^2+2x...... is this correct? If not please help.

    asked by ninaaaa
  117. analytical chemistry

    what is the volume that must be added to dillute 20.0 ml of 0.1M Hcl to 0.02M Hcl

    asked by francime
  118. Biology please assist

    1. Where is pH found? 2.what is the function of pH? 3.what principle guides the phenomenon of pH? 4.what is acid rain ?how is it related to pH values?

    asked by Sarah
  119. physics

    calculate the maximum working current of an appliance rated at 2.4kw with an operating voltage of 240v

    asked by ruth