Questions Asked on
February 26, 2016

  1. Art

    what is the symbol behind the eye on top of the pyramid on the united state dollar and what does this image say about the american national identity? A. The eye represent god's clarity and America's identity as a nation protect by God.•• B. The eye

    asked by Tj
  2. Math

    Hugh bought some magazines that cost $3.95 each and some books that cost $8.95 each. He spent a total of $47.65. If Hugh bought 3 magazines, how many books did he buy? The equation that models the problem is 3.95m + 8.95b = 47.65, where m is the number of

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Math

    If the area of parallelogram ABCD = 246 mm2 and h = 20.5 mm, what is the length of the base of triangle ABD? A.12 mm** B.24 mm C.123 mm D.There is not enough information given.

    asked by Naomi
  4. Math

    How many different arrangements can be made with the letters from the word MATH? 12 24

    asked by Cydney
  5. math/algebra

    What are the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression n(n-1)-5?

    asked by Kandy
  6. Art

    in modern printing technology what important type of plate is created a nickel salt solution? Copper plate •• Printing plate Master plate Money plate Correct this if you can

    asked by Tj
  7. math

    Write the number of permutations in factorial form. Then simplify. How many different ways can you and four of your friends sit in the backseat of a limousine? a) 4!; 24 b) 4!; 120 c) 5!; 120 *** d) 5!; 720 Below are the results of tossing a number cube 7

    asked by Constance
  8. English

    Edgar Allan Poe uses a pair of rhyming words to describe trying to hold sand in “A Dream Within a Dream.” In a short paragraph, tell what the words are and how they express the speaker’s feelings. Use details from the poem to support your answer. I

    asked by Julia
  9. algebra

    BASEBALL The equation h = –0.005x2 + x + 3 describes the path of a baseball hit into the outfield, where h is the height and x is the horizontal distance the ball travels. a. What is the equation of the axis of symmetry? b. What is the maximum height

    asked by Sally
  10. English

    Which of the following did NOT contribute to the Harlem Renaissance? A.The Emancipation Proclamation. B. By 1930, the population of African Americans in Harlem grew to over 200,000.

    asked by Kelly
  11. Geometry

    The endpoints of AB are A(2, 3) and B(8, 1). The perpendicular bisector of AB is CD , and point C lies on AB. The length of CD is √10 units. The coordinates of point C are_____ . The slope of CD is _____ . The possible coordinates of point D are_____

    asked by Nathan
  12. Math - Help!

    The sample space for a roll of two number cubes is shown in the table. (1,1)|(1,2)|(1,3)|(1,4)|(1,5),(1,6) (2,1)|(2,2)|(2,3)|(2,4)|(2,5)|(2,6) (3,1)|(3,2)|(3,3)|(3,4)|(3,5)|(3,6) (4,1)|(4,2)|(4,3)|(4,4)|(4,5)|(4,6) (5,1)|(5,2)|(5,3)|(5,4)|(5,5)|(5,6)

    asked by Sandy
  13. Math

    A 154-lb person burns 420 calories per hour riding an exercise bicycle at a rate of 15 mi/h. Write a function rule to represent the total calories burned over time by that person. I don't understand how to explain this nor write a rule of the total calorie

    asked by Anastasia
  14. Math

    Demarcus drew a pair of complementary angles. He drew one angle that had a measure of 48 degrees. What was the measure of the other angle he drew? A. 42 degrees** B. 48 degrees C. 132 degrees D. 138 degrees

    asked by Naomi
  15. social studies

    1. Which most precisely describes the location of Southwest Asia? (1 point) west of India south of the Arctic Circle north of the equator east of the Mediterranean Sea*** 2. In which way are the legal differences among men and women in Saudi Arabia most

    asked by Help please
  16. Pre- Algebra

    Theo made the table below to show the number of middle school students who attended the last football game. If the data were displayed in a circle graph, how many degrees would be in the sector representing the eighth graders? Grades:6,7,8 Number of

    asked by #FreeGucci
  17. Social Studies

    Could someone please check my answers? 1. How did the Radical Republican Reconstruction plan affect life in South Carolina? a. The law did not give African Americans equal protection. b. The state gained the right to decide local matters. c. White males

    asked by Blair
  18. physics

    Four point charges are located at the corners of a square with sides of length a. Two of the charges are +q, and two are -q. Find the magnitude and direction of the net electric force exerted on a charge +Q, located at the center of the square, for each of

    asked by need help
  19. Please check Ms. Sue on math!

    An ice cream shop offers the toppings shown below. How many 4-topping ice cream sundaes can you make? chocolate chips walnuts strawberry sprinkles caramel hot fudge whipped cream gummy bears 11 28 ** 30 35

    asked by Eliza
  20. Art

    what value is most likely encouraged when citizens look at the rising eagle on the unit state dollar bill? Wisdom Patriotism Endurance•• Creativity Correct this if you can

    asked by Tj
  21. Science HELP PLS

    how are earth and venus similar? how is venus different from earth? provide two similarities and two differences

    asked by Zach
  22. Pre- Algebra

    1. Grade 7 students were surveyed to determine how many hours a day they spent on various activities. The results are shown in the circle graph below. Find the measure of each central angle in the circle graph. a. Sleeping b. Eating School 25% Sleeping 33%

    asked by #FreeGucci
  23. math

    A cookie jar contains 6 chocolate chip cookies, 4 oatmeal cookies, 8 peanut butter cookies, and 2 sugar cookies. If a cookie is pulled from the jar what is the probability that it is oatmeal or peanut butter?

    asked by moses
  24. Grammar

    Preposition: Sri Lanka is __ the south of India. And what will happen if Sri Lanka is replaced with any other state within the country India ?

    asked by Ri

    1. According to the National Clearing House for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI), most children under the age of _____ , who do not participate in drug and alcohol abuse, is virtually certain to never do so. 20 21**** 23 19 2. The average age when

    asked by GOY
  26. Probability! Check please!

    An ice cream shop offers the toppings shown below. How many 4-topping ice cream sundaes can you make? chocolate chips walnuts strawberry sprinkles caramel hot fudge whipped cream gummy bears 11 28 ** 30 35

    asked by Eliza
  27. Physics

    A proton is fired from far away toward the nucleus of a mercury atom. Mercury is element number 80, and the diameter of the nucleus is 14.0 fm. The proton is fired at a speed of 1.80×107 m/s. When it passes the nucleus, how close will the proton be to the

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Physics

    In the nail puller shown in the figure below you exert a force 49.6 cm from the pivot and the nail is 1.90 cm on the other side. What minimum force must you exert to apply a force of 1460 N to the nail to pull the nail up?

    asked by Emily
  29. Math Word Problem

    Each course at college X is worth either 4 or 5 credits. The members of the​ men's swim team are taking a total of 52 courses that are worth a total of 22 credits. How many ​4-credit courses and how many 5​-credit courses are being​ taken?

    asked by Rebel
  30. pre-algebra

    Use the figure to answer the following questions. figure for questions 1–3 1. Name a pair of complementary angles. (1 point) angle sign1 and angle sign4 angle sign1 and angle sign2 angle sign3 and angle sign4 angle sign1 and angle sign6 2. If mangle

    asked by cupcakesss

    Top Kitchens handles 17% of all the kitchen production in the area for new construction. It is estimated that the cost of kitchens is 14% of the total cost of constructing a new house. New home construction in the area for the next year is estimated to

    asked by BRAD
  32. Physics

    A 83.2-kg man stands on his toes by exerting an upward force through the Achilles tendon, as in the figure below. What is the force in the Achilles tendon if he stands on one foot?

    asked by Emily
  33. English

    Which sentence contains a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A. The best person for the job is she. B. The ground is sloping and uneven. C. We wondered what happened to him. D. Amy is employee of the week. I think it is either A or D

    asked by Me
  34. History

    3. Support for the Mexican-American War are most closely connected with support for which of these ideas? A.) Manifest Destiny**** B.) Transcendentalist Movement C.) Great Awakening D.) Monroe Doctrine 4. Read the information below: During the 1820's and

    asked by TESSA
  35. History

    5. Which of the following best summarizes why the Missouri Compromise needed to be replaced by the Compromise of 1850? A.) Members of the Congress wanted to end the question of slavery in the U.S. B.) The U.S. wanted to sell the territory gained after the

    asked by TESSA

    How did this group, made up mainly of Roman patricians, contribute to democracy? A. Patricians formed assemblies to write and enforce the laws. B. Patricians elected Consuls, !@#$%^&mained in power for life. C.Patricians formed the Senate, who advised the

    asked by dasha
  37. History

    How was the South Carolina constitution of 1868 different from previous state constitutions? A-Woman lost their right to own property. B-Representation was based on population alone. C-Counties and districts were organized into parishes. D-Education became

    asked by ?
  38. Chemistry

    An interference filter is to be constructed for isolation of the nitrobenzene absorption band at 1537 cm-1. (a) If it is to be based on first-order interference, what should be the thickness of the dielectric layer (refractive index of 1.34)? (b) What

    asked by Joseph
  39. Ms. Sue Please Check My Answers!

    15. Which of the following was a consequence of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo? A.) Texas gained independence from Mexico B.) The war between the United States and Mexico ended C.) The Bear Flag Republic was officially recognized as a state D.) The debate

    asked by Anonymous
  40. english

    Which of the following did NOT contribute to the Harlem Renaissance? A.The Emancipation Proclamation. B. By 1930, the population of African Americans in Harlem grew to over 200,000. C.F. Scott Fitzgerald

    asked by Kelly
  41. Math

    The sum of third and ninth terms of arithmetic series is 20 and the difference between the twelfth and fourth term is 32.determine the value of the first term and the constant difference.

    asked by Matumbashudu
  42. Physics

    Even when the head is held erect, as in the figure below, its center of mass is not directly over the principal point of support (the atlant-ooccipital joint). The muscles at the back of the neck should therefore exert a force to keep the head erect. That

    asked by Emily
  43. 10 grade literature

    Correct punctuation of , That is in my opinion depressing.

    asked by Debbie
  44. chemistry

    The formula for rust can be represented by Fe2O3. How many moles of Fe are present in 27.6 g of the compound?

    asked by jessie
  45. Someone Please Check My Answers?!?!?

    18. Which action during westward expansion had the most negative impact on the lives of slaves? A.) The Fugitive Slave Act**** B.) The Mexican-American War C.) The Treaty of Washinton D.) The Missouri Compromise 19. Which answer best describes why towns

    asked by James
  46. math

    How many cubes with 1/2 inch side lengths will fit inside a prism with a volume of 56 cubic inches? I'm thinking 112, since 56 * 2 =112, but I'm not sure if that's the right thinking.

    asked by mary
  47. Statistics

    In a shipment of 21 parts, four of the parts are defective. If three parts are selected at random without replacement, find the probability that : a.) All three parts selected are defective. 4/21*3/20*2/19=.003 b.) None of the tree parts selected are

    asked by Grace
  48. Language Arts, Ms. Sue please help me!

    Why, who makes much of a miracle? As to me I know of nothing else but miracles, Whether I walk the streets of Manhattan, Or dart my sight over the roofs of houses toward the sky, Or wade with naked feet along the beach just in the edge of the water, Or

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Science( please help)

    In a cathode ray tube, the number of electrons that reach the fluorescent screen is controlled by the A. cathode. B. deflecting plate. C. anode. D. grid. ? The part of the atom that accounts for electricity is the A. nucleus. B. electron. C. neutron. D.

    asked by Brooklyn
  50. Math

    Which ordered pairs are solutions to the equation? y = 2x + 5 A. (5, 15) and (2, 9) B. (5, 10) and (2, 9) C. (15, 5) and (2, 9) D. (5, 15) and (9, 2)

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    A baseball diamond is a square with side 90 ft. A batter hits the ball and runs toward first base with a speed of 19 ft/s. (a) At what rate is his distance from second base decreasing when he is halfway to first base? (Round your answer to one decimal

    asked by abhishek
  52. Math

    Brand A granola is 25​% nuts and dried fruit and brand B granola is 20​% nuts and dried fruit. How much of sweet item A and sweet item B should be mixed to form a 10-lb batch of sweets that is 22​% nuts and dried​ fruit?

    asked by Rebel
  53. U.S History

    Are advertisements valuable primary sources/reflections of culture? Why or why not?

    asked by Dan
  54. Social Studies!!!!!!!!!!!

    how did the radical republican reconstruction plan affect life in south carolina? A. The law didn't give African Americans equal protection. B. The state regained the right to decide local matters. ***** C. White males who participated in the war were

    asked by Kylie
  55. chemistry

    Imagine that you have a 5.50 L gas tank and a 3.50 L gas tank. You need to fill one tank with oxygen and the other with acetylene to use in conjunction with your welding torch. If you fill the larger tank with oxygen to a pressure of 155 atm , to what

    asked by lily
  56. Chemistry

    What will be the volume of ammonia formed from 2L of nitrogen and 2L of hydrogen

    asked by Mohammed
  57. stat

    You take a trip by air that involves three independent flights. If there is an 72 percent chance each specific leg of the trip is on time, what is the probability all three flights arrive on time? (Round your answer to 3 decimal places.)

    asked by ashley
  58. Urgent! PLZZ HHEELLPP!!

    8. Which answer best describes a main benefit of the Transcontinental Railroad? A.) It proved to the world that the United States was capable of great feats of engineering B.) It created safe, high-paying jobs for immigrants who wanted to work building the

    asked by TESSA
  59. math

    If you draw one card from a standard deck, what is the probability that you draw a king or queen? A) 1 13 B) 2 13 C) 1 169 Eliminate D) 1 26

    asked by moses
  60. Physics

    A test tube in a centrifuge is pivoted so that it swings out horizontally as the machine builds up speed. If the bottom of the tube is 160.0 mm from the central spin axis, and if the machine hits 40500 rev/min, what would be the centripetal force exerted

    asked by Kevin
  61. Chemistry

    Hi! I'm having trouble solving this question, not sure how to go about starting it: Magnalium is a solid mixture of aluminum metal & magnesium metal. An irregular shaped chunk of a sample of magnalium is weighed twice, once in air (211.5g) and once in

    asked by Mila

    ATCE Learning Center would like a possible net profit of $650,000 on its new resource manual it sells to schools. The fixed costs for producing the manual are $780,000 and the variable cost per package is $19.85. If the estimated unit sales are 1,250,000

    asked by BRAD
  63. math-finance

    suppose you are offered two identical jobs: one paying a starting salary of $40,000 with yearly raises of $2,000 and one paying a starting salary of $36,000 with yearly raises of $25,000. Which job will pay more over a 10 year period? I=PRT = 40,000 x 0.05

    asked by charles
  64. Physics

    An air puck of mass 0.19 kg is tied to a string and allowed to revolve in a circle of radius 0.85 m on a frictionless horizontal table. The other end of the string passes through a hole in the center of the table, and a mass of 0.437 kg is tied to it as

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math 11

    The time for a swing to move forward and backwards is determined by this formula. T=2pi sqrt L/9.8. T is the time, in seconds,taken for the swing to move through one complete cycle. L is the length of rope supporting the swing. Determine the length of the

    asked by Cherie
  66. Calculus

    Water is leaking out of an inverted conical tank at a rate of 13500.0 cubic centimeters per min at the same time that water is being pumped into the tank at a constant rate. The tank has height 12.0 meters and the diameter at the top is 5.5 meters. If the

    asked by Taylor
  67. Math Algebra

    Learning Center would like a possible net profit of $650,000 on its new resource manual it sells to schools. The fixed costs for producing the manual are $780,000 and the variable cost per package is $19.85. If the estimated unit sales are 1,250,000 units,

    asked by Matthew
  68. math

    For speeds between 40 mph and 65 mph, a diesel truck gets 400/x miles per gallon when driven at a constant speed of x miles per hour. Diesel gasoline costs 5 dollars per gallon. The driver is paid 22 dollars per hour.

    asked by Xiaoyue
  69. Physics

    anybody help me to my homework please.!thanks TRUE or FALSE 1.the north pole of a permanent magnet is attracted to a south pole 2.iron,aluminum, and nickel are all ferromagnetic materials 3.all permanent magnets are surrounded by a magnetic field 4.the

    asked by Shelle
  70. english 3

    The primary way children learn language is through books and school work. True False

    asked by lyndale
  71. History

    What was "king" and the main topic oof conversation in the south? A. politics B. sugarcane C. cotton D. Slavery Because many southerners were unwilling to sell slaves to raise funds to build factories, they had no money to invest in business. Another name

    asked by Anonymous
  72. gtuc


    asked by jojo
  73. Math

    Use the sequence: 1,2,4,8... B. Write a rule for the sequence.

    asked by Guesshwyalolll
  74. Math

    Students build a float for homecoming parade. The float is rectangular shaped. The float 6 feet wide and 10 feet long. The students make a scale drawing of the float that is 14 inches long. What is the width of the scale drawing of the float?

    asked by Kiki
  75. Math

    A circle has a diameter of 8 inches. What is the area of the circle to the nearest tenth? Use 3.14. A. 25.1 in^2 B. 50.2 In^2 C. 100.4 In^2 D. 201.0 Inch^2

    asked by Anonymous
  76. science

    An electric lamp rated at 48w,12-v supply. Calculate the current flowing in the lamp and the resistance

    asked by wisdom Andrew

    Future Sporting Goods has traditionally had about 25% of the retail business in Martin County. The total estimated sporting goods business in the county for next year is $15,430,000. What sporting goods business can Future project for next year? I CANNOT

    asked by BRAD
  78. Physics

    A conical pendulum rotates at 100 rev/min. The cord is 150mm long and the mass of the bob is 1.35kg. Find (a)the amount by which the bob rises above its lowest position , (b)the periodic time , (c)the tension in the cord . ( PLEASE HELP ME FOR MY REPORT )

    asked by Lairjan
  79. Physics

    A small object with a mass of m = 615 g is whirled at the end of a rope in a vertical circle with a radius of r = 123 cm. When it is at the location shown, (mid-height), its speed is v = 5.60 m/s. Determine the tension in the rope. Calculate the magnitude

    asked by Kevin
  80. Geometry

    1. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 50cm and the length of the altitude to the base is 5cm. Find the length of the base. 2. In quadrilateral QRST: TQ=8cm; (angle)R=60; (angle)T=90; QR=RS; ST=8cm. Find the exact length of the longer diagonal of the

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Math

    Amy ran twice as many miles on Tuesday as she ran on Monday. Amy ran 2 mi on Monday. What is the total number of miles that Amy ran on Monday and Tuesday

    asked by Dasha
  82. Chemistry

    Calculate the entropy change accompanying conversion of 1 mole of ice at 273 K and 1 atm pressure into steam at 373 K and 1 atm pressure, given that at 273 K, the molar heat of fusion of ice is 6 kJ/mol and at 373 K, the molar heat of vapourization of

    asked by Mahesh
  83. Chemistry

    For the gratings (84.0 lines per millimeter and 15.0 mm of illuminated area) calculate the wavelengths on the first and second-order diffraction spectra at reflective angles of (a) 20 degrees and (b) 0 degrees. Assume the angle of incidence is 45 degrees.

    asked by Joseph
  84. Math

    A garden has 2.6 lbs for each tomatoe plant. What formula represents y, the total yield of tomatoes, for a garden containing x plants?

    asked by Kiki
  85. Algebra

    What is the slope and y-intercept of the equation? Y=7/10x-4

    asked by Guesshwyalolll
  86. Grammar

    Tranformation of Sentences ? 1.He wont show me his papers,he wont tell me who he is (use neither -nor) 2.This is all i posses.(Turn to negative) 3.No man in tge street came forward to help her.(Turn to Assertive) Plz post in the answers directly.. I will

    asked by Ri
  87. Math

    bill ate 1 jelly bean on sunday, 2 jelly beans on monday and 3 jelly beans on tuesday. if this continues for the rest of the week, how many jelly beans will bill have eaten in all by the end of saturday?

    asked by Nikki
  88. Math

    If I spend t hours every night on my homework and 1/4 of the time studying math, what equation can I write to represent the number of hours I will spend doing my math homework during the next 5 days?

    asked by Kiki
  89. MATH

    What quadrilateral has exactly one pair of parallel sides? F trapezoid H rhombus G kite J rectangle

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Math

    The scale factor of two pyramids is 7. The surface area of the smaller pyramid is 28 square feet. What is the surface area of the largest pyramid? F - 196 ft^2 G - 392 Ft^2 J - 1,372 ft^2 H - 457 ft^2

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Chemistry

    what is the oxidation number of Chlorine in KCIO4???

    asked by kevin
  92. Dividing Polynomials

    How does writing a polynomial in standard form help you name the polynomial?

    asked by Trinity
  93. MATH

    Nicole deposited $2,000 at 6% simple interest. How long will it be before she has $2,600 in her account?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Pre calculus

    Dternine the unknown side and angles of each triangle give both solutions. In Abc. Angle C is 31 degrees. a is 5.6 cm and c is 3.9 cm. solve this triangle and give both solutions along with all the steps. tanks

    asked by Pre cal 11
  95. Algebra 2

    Liz has a rectangular garden with a walkway around the edge. with the walkway included the entire garden area has a 20 foot length and an 18 foot width. At the edge of the walkway it is twice as wide as it is at the edge of the width. The area of the

    asked by Ashley
  96. Math

    Find the percent change if 20 is decreased to 15 a 15% b 20% c 25% d 33%

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Social studies

    What will a soilder at Valley Forge say in a letter to his family.

    asked by Maya
  98. CHE 2B

    A buffer solution of volume 50.0 mL contains 12.5 mmol HNO2 and 9.25 mmol KNO2. 1. What is the pH of this solution? 2. If 1.00 mmol of Ca(OH)2 is added to the solution, what will be the new pH? 3. If 2.00 mL of 2.00M HCl is added to the original solution,

    asked by Smi
  99. physics

    a car starts from rest and accelerates at 6m/s^ far does it travel in 3s?

    asked by lesiba
  100. Math

    What quadrilateral has exactly one pair of parallel sides? F Trapezoid H Rhombus G Kite J Rectangle

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Chemistry

    27% of heat produced by the stove's gas burner is transferred to the soup in the covered pot, the rest is lost. Determine the total mass in grams of methane that must be burned to heat 800 ml of water from 22 to 90 degrees C. The density is 1.08 g/ml and

    asked by Dan
  102. life orientation

    Name three courses and their study fields

    asked by Thapelo
  103. chemistry

    I need help. I have no clue how to find this. A flask is charged with 1.680 atm of N2O4(g) and 1.220 atm of NO2(g) at 25 degrees celcius. The equilibrium reaction is N2O4 2 NO2 After equilibrium is reached, the partial pressure of NO2 is 0.550 (a) What is

    asked by Alexus
  104. math

    Martha is 15 years older than bob. the sum of their ages is 68. how old are they

    asked by Natasejah
  105. Calculus

    Estimate the area of the plane region bounded by the graph of f(x) = e^x, the x-axis, and the vertical lines x = 0 and x = 8 using the trapezoidal method with trapezoids of equal width. Round your answer to 4 decimal places. I got the answer 6892.7480 but

    asked by Andrea
  106. Math help Mrs.Sue

    Which ordered pairs are solutions to the equation? y = 2x + 5 A. (5, 15) and (2, 9) B. (5, 10) and (2, 9) C. (15, 5) and (2, 9) D. (5, 15) and (9, 2)

    asked by Anonymous
  107. science

    a bike weighs 200 n. if it starts from rest and travels 100 m in 5 s undergoing constant acceleration, what net force is causing the acceleration

    asked by David
  108. Math

    Trisha rides her bike 5 miles on Saturday in 30 minutes. She rides another 13 miles in one hour. What is the average rate of her speed on Saturday?

    asked by Kiki
  109. Grammar

    Preposition: I would like to pay the amount __cheque ? The boat goes__river ?

    asked by Ri
  110. MATH

    A shopkeeper sets marks up price at 20% higher than it cost price and discount of 10%. If the cost price is Rs. 220, what is the sell price?

    asked by DIPTIMAYEE
  111. ELA 9

    about how many editors work at a newspaper?

    asked by nini
  112. Math

    A shipping crate carrying e-readers has a length of 19 1/3 feet, a width of 7 2/3 feet and a height of 7 5/6 feet. What is the volume of the shipping crate. Please Help.........

    asked by Lucy
  113. Math

    Which type of figure has only one base? A - Prism B - Sphere C - Cylinder D - Pyramid

    asked by Anonymous
  114. World History

    1. Which of the following introduces the views of Locke’s thoughts? “Government should leave business alone…” “The royal power is absolute and the prince need render…” “Men are born free and remain free and equal…”

    asked by Boberto
  115. Algebra

    Check my answers please 😁 6.-4-5(x+8) A) -5x - 44 B) -5x + 36 C) -x - 8************** D) -20x + 8 7. 3x+4(x-6)-3(x-7) A) 4x - 45************ B) 4x - 3 C) 10 X -3 D) 10x + 45 8. 8 + 8 < -28 A) x12 D) r>45 Please and thanks :)

    asked by Amb.
  116. maths lit,business studies and geography

    what careers I can follow after my matric

    asked by Esihle Magogo
  117. Writing

    Help, please!!!! I need to write a paragraph How do I write a good one? What types of paragraphs are there?

    asked by Sarah
  118. physics

    use a scale diagram to determine: 1.the image distance 2.magnification for an object placed 1cm in front of a convex lens of 10cm

    asked by elsea
  119. MATH

    EQUATION: 5(3+4)-{8-(9+6)]} MY WORK: = 5(7)-{8-[5-(9+6)]} = 35-{8-[5-(9+6)]} = 35-{8-[15]} = 35-{8-[-10]} = 35- {8+10} = 35-18 = 17

    asked by Shae
  120. math


    asked by nona
  121. physics

    current in a parallel resistive circuit remains the same in all parts of the circuit (true /false)why

    asked by suzy
  122. Algebra

    Can someone help me with this? You have 2 tests with scores of 83 and 92, assuming you can't get a score over 100 on any test. Determine all possible scores you can get to score an average of 90 on all 3 tests. Represent the answer algebraically.

    asked by Sandy
  123. khan

    Force acting between two identical masses is 6.67*10^-11 N...Distance between them is 2m..calculate the magnitude of force .

    asked by Marisha
  124. Grammar

    Tense: 1.Unless we ___ (start) now we cant be on time ? 2.He thanked me for what i ___(do) for him? 3.The fatal car accident __(occur) at 10.30 this morning. Are these correct ? 1.start 2.had done 3.occured

    asked by Ri
  125. Math

    If m th tern of the geometric sequence is 1/n and n th term is 1/m then show that sum of first term s(mn)=1/2 (mn+1).

    asked by Rabin
  126. English

    Hello!! I have to write paragraph. What I do, english is my second language. Help thank yuo.

    asked by Rosita de la Cruz
  127. Maths

    Is this statement true? Give an example to support your answer. "If two numbers are divisible by another number then their difference is also divisible by that number". I think that its like this: 3 and 4 is divisible by 12 then 4-3=1 so the answer is no?

    asked by Katy
  128. physics

    calculate the value of the resistor that will give a total resistance of 4 ohms if it is connected in parallel with a 12 ohm resistor.

    asked by ruth
  129. Math

    Kathy drove 305 miles on Sunday and 190 miles on Monday. What is the average speed in miles per hour for the two days?

    asked by Kiki
  130. math

    Harry is 20 years older than Ian. Five years from now, Ian will be 3/5 as old as Harry. How old is each now?

    asked by eco
  131. Math

    If m th term of the geometric series is 1/n and n th term is 1/m then show that sum of first (mn) th term of this series is 1/2 (mn+1).

    asked by Rabin
  132. Math

    Find the circumference of 15in and round your answer to the nearest tenth

    asked by Tiffany

    What type of story(genre) is "The Crucible" most likely to be classified as?

    asked by Lilly♥
  134. Math

    A full grown hippo weighs 70 times as much as a baby hippo. The baby hippo weighs 95 pounds, what is the difference in weights of the full grown hippo and the baby hippo?

    asked by Kiki
  135. Math

    Which set of numbers cannot be the legs of a right triangle? F 8 , 12 , 15 G 6 , 8 , 10 H 5 , 12 , 13 J 8 , 15 , 17

    asked by Anonymous
  136. biology

    In which part of the body are the crypts of Lieberkuhn?

    asked by matty
  137. Maths

    I need to solve this inequality: 3(x-1)^2 > 0 The answer is x ‚ 1, but I don't understand why the answer is not allowed to be equal to 1? Thanks :)

    asked by Maria
  138. Math

    How do you make 4.166 in to a frashin

    asked by Jimmie
  139. Math

    Joe can read 24 pages of a book in 1/3 of an hour. What is Joe's reading rate in pages per hour?

    asked by Kiki
  140. math

    Mario plays basketball for 30min on Monday,60 min on Tuesday, 90min on Wednesday, 120 min on Thursday,150 min each on Friday and Saturday, and rests on Sunday. How many hours does he spend playing basketball in 1 week?

    asked by alijah urbiztondo
  141. algebra or algebra1

    simplify square roots(2^3/-7^2)

    asked by dog
  142. Real Analysis (Math)

    Prove x < y + ϵ for every ϵ > 0 is equivalent to x 0. I thought it may be trivial, but I am not sure. HELP!!

    asked by Mimi
  143. Quick Citation Question

    I am citing books in MLA format and I am wondering about the publisher. If the publisher is: Smith and John Publication, Inc. Do I include the "inc." part with the period?

    asked by Jack
  144. Mathematics

    EQUATION: 3{[7(8-2)+4]-[2(2•8-5)+6]} MY WORK: (YES THERE ARE MANY STEPS) 3{[7(6)+4]-[2(2•8-5)+6]} 3{[42+4]-[2(2•8-5)+6]} 3{[46]-[2(2•8-5)+6]} 3{46-[(16-5)+6]} 3{46-[2(11)+6]} 3{46-[22+6]} 3{46-28} 3{18} 54

    asked by Lilly♥
  145. Precal

    How do i find the asymptotes? y=(1/x-4)+3

    asked by Maxx
  146. Math

    How do i find asymptotes without graphing?

    asked by Samuel
  147. physics

    calculate the maximum working current of an appliance rated at 2.4kw with an operating voltage of 240v

    asked by ruth
  148. Math

    EQUATION: 3{[7(8-2)+4]-[2(2•8-5)+6]} MY WORK: (YES THERE ARE MANY STEPS) 3{[7(6)+4]-[2(2•8-5)+6]} 3{[42+4]-[2(2•8-5)+6]} 3{[46]-[2(2•8-5)+6]} 3{46-[(16-5)+6]} 3{46-[2(11)+6]} 3{46-[22+6]} 3{46-28} 3{18} 54

    asked by Lilly♥