Questions Asked on
February 22, 2016

  1. Science

    Mohan travels at 20m/s from home and returns back at 25m/s.Find his average velocity for the entire journey?

    asked by Shaan
  2. Consumer math

    Could someone please check my answers? Secured Credit APR Excellent 4.75% Good 5.00% Average 5.85% Fair 6.40% Poor 7.50% -------------------------- Unsecured Credit APR Excellent 5.50% Good 5.90% Average 6.75% Fair 7.25% Poor 8.40%

    asked by Nikki
  3. Algebra

    A page should have perimeter of 42 inches. The printing area within the page would be determined by top and bottom margins of 1 inch from each side, and the left and right margins of 1.5 inches from each side. What should be the overall dimensions of the

    asked by fiona
  4. language arts

    Based on the passage, the reader can infer that some Haida families lived in homes that

    asked by jaquan
  5. math

    in greatest to least what is 0.1 0.125 and 0.12? i cant figure it out i think you need to convert to fractions im just not sure.

    asked by catherine
  6. Math

    you can draw a square inside another square by placing each vertex of the inner square on one side of the outer square. The large square in this diagram has side length 10 units a) Determine the area of the inscribed square as a function of x ( X is from

    asked by Annoym
  7. math

    A rectangle is 12 feet long and 5 feet wide. If the length of the rectangle is increased by 25% and the width is decreased by 20%, what is the change in the area of the rectangle?

    asked by madisyn
  8. math

    Children are usually ready to understand the concept of length measurement if:

    asked by Ty
  9. math

    Consider the series 1+(2+3)+(4+5+6)+(7+8+9+10)+(11+12+13+14+15)+.... (a) find an expression for the ith term in the rth bracket. (b) Given that 39×79 is the sum of all the numbers in the first 6 bracket in the series, find the value of K.

    asked by obeng manu
  10. Math

    A kite flying at a height of 55m is attached to a string which makes an angle of 55 degrees with the horizontal. What is the length of the string

    asked by Shredder
  11. math

    A ship leaves POrt P and sails 28km away on bearing of 70 degrees to POrt Q. The ship then turns on a bearing of 160 degrees and sails 21km to POrt R. Find angle PQR, calculate the distance PR, Determine the bearing of R from P. angle PQR = 180 degrees -

    asked by Pamela
  12. Language Arts

    1.Which Idea Is Conveyed In Both "Dust Of Snow" and Who Knows If The Moon's A.Nature can be playful (MY ANSWER) B.Nature can be harsh C.Nature can be annoying D.Nature can be mysterious 2.To Which Sense Do Both "Who Knows If The Moon's" and "Dust Of Snow

    asked by LOVE
  13. math

    which expression represents 5 less than y? A. y-5 B. 5-y C. y/5 D. 5y-1

    asked by Sam
  14. Science

    In pea plants, yellow seeds are dominant over green seeds. Round peas are dominant over wrinkled peas. Cross two pea plants that are heyerozygous for both traits.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. MUSIC

    1. What is the difference between composition and improvisation? Choose the correct. A. Composition is the art of making music spontaneously, while improvisations are carefully planned. B. Improvisation is the art of making music spontaneously, while

    asked by Shelby

    find the concentrations of H+, HCO3-, CO3 2- in a 0.025M in H2CO3 solutions

    asked by ADAM
  17. Chemistry1

    The questions asks to write a word equation and a balanced chemical equation for a reaction between aqueous copper (ii) sulfate and solid iron. Assume that iron forms the Fe2+ ion.) Include proper states of matter after each substance (s, l, g, aq). Here

    asked by Dina
  18. Chemistry

    Calculate the maximum wavelength of light capable of removing an electron for a hydrogen atom from the energy state of n=4 if it requires an energy of at least 1.36 x10^-19 J to do this. I just want to know how to find the second n value so i can solve

    asked by Maxx
  19. science/bioligy

    How would a scientist use DNA or protein sequences from three different organisms to construct a cladogram? need help!!! how do I do this??

    asked by Anonymous
  20. physics

    Drag race tires in contact with an asphalt surface probably have one of the higher coefficients of static friction in the everyday world. Assuming a constant acceleration and no slipping of tires estimate the coefficient of static friction for a drag racer

    asked by Jade
  21. Math/Physics

    I am unsure of what exactly I am looking for in this problem... One of the highlights of the Calaveras Fair, besides the bullfrog jumping contest, is the watermelon seed spitting contest. The seed spitting is being done in the direction of s ⃗=5i ⃗+j

    asked by Wendy
  22. Biology

    1.) Prophage occurs when a.) It bonds with carbohydrates to create a virus b.) Bacteriophage DNA embeds itself in host DNA c.) It detaches from carbohydrates to create a virus. d.) Bacteriophage DNA detatches itself from host DNA. D.

    asked by Help!
  23. Chemistry

    Why do warm temperatures speed up the fermentation of milk?

    asked by Ali
  24. history

    was the murder of Franz Ferdinand the main cause of ww1 Due on 24/2

    asked by hannah
  25. Language Arts

    Underline who or whom to complete each sentence correctly. 1.(Who, Whom) is your favorite athlete? Underline Who 2. I disagree with Alan, (who, whom) likes basketball players Answer: Not Sure 3. About (who, whom) is that article written? Answer: Not Sure

    asked by Patrick
  26. Math

    change rises 4 feet in 9 seconds into an equation with two variables and change moves 900 ft every 10 seconds into an equation with two variables

    asked by Anonymous
  27. English

    Help, Please! I don't quite understand what is asking in this assignment (Essay) Task: Write an essay that compares Frankenstein and his creation to a modern zombie story with the focus on how a monster might be used as a metaphor for science or scientific

    asked by Sarah

    Is graduate tuition is tuition for graduate school? I want to become a nurse. Graduate tuition Nursing $828.00 per credit But here the tuition is $17,166 The annual total list price cost to go to Mercy was $31,928 I'm sooo confused please help. Does it

    asked by Sarah
  29. Math

    A company reports the following income and expenses for a three-month period. What is the company's total profit or loss for the three month period? Great Reads Book Store Month Income Expenses ------------------------------------ June $12,458 - $10,968

    asked by Sam
  30. chemistry

    If you begin with 0.030 L of a 2.5M NaOH solution, what concentration will you end up with if you dilute it to 0.050?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. English

    Match Each word by definition by filling in the correct letter. Word Bank a.) Wise b.) Deceptively Charming c.) Enormous d.) Passion e.) Sound; fit f.) Competing g.) Awe-inspiring h.) Sinister; threatening 1.) Ardor d 2.) Sage a 3.) Contending g? 4.)

    asked by Help!
  32. biochem

    why do lipids less dense than proteins? PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS QUESTION. it really makes me wonder because lipids are much larger molecule compare to protein molecule but why protein is denser?

    asked by sheila
  33. Algebra

    A cell phone company charges each customer a base rate of $15.00 per month for its services. The company also charges each customer $0.02 per minute used Which algebraic expression represents each customer's monthly charge for m minutes?

    asked by Mohmed
  34. calc 1

    f(t)=cos(πt/4) finding velocity i got -π/4sin(πt/4) then i had to find velocity after 3 sec which is v'(3)=-π/4sin(π(3)/4) = -π/4sin(π√2/2) (-π) (π√2)/4 x 2 = -1/8√2 ft/s i now have to find when the particle is at rest? how would you do this

    asked by feather
  35. math

    Jeff uuses3 fifth_size strips to model 3/5. H3 wants to use tenth-Size stripes to model an equivalent fraction. How many tenth-tenth-size. Strips will he need

    asked by naysha
  36. calculus

    There is a shape first a regular triangle inscribed in a circle, and inscribed in a square, inscribed in a circle, inscribed in a pentagon, etc. so polygon circle polygon circle, etc. the radius of the first circle is 1, find an equation for radius n.

    asked by Andre
  37. science

    In the diagram above, the arrows represent momentum. A larger arrow indicates more momentum. Which of the following best describes how the balls will move after ball A collides with ball B? (1 point) 1. Ball A will bounce off of ball B and roll to the

    asked by help pls
  38. Physics

    P= 231fraction numerator f t asterisk times l b over denominator s end fraction t= 14.3s W= ?

    asked by Brooke
  39. English

    I m silver and exact. I have no preconceptions. Whatever I see I swallow immediately. Just as it is, unmisted by love ordislike. I m not cruel, only truthful-.The eye of a llittle god, four cornered.Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall.It is

    asked by sanjay
  40. Maths

    The speed of a falling object is directly proportional to the time for which it falls. The speed after 5 seconds is 49 metres/seconds. What is the speed of an object which falls for 8 seconds?

    asked by Taylah
  41. Math

    24 students in class. 3/6 are boys. How many boys are there in this class?

    asked by Carter
  42. Language Arts

    In which sentence is the word TRANSLATES used correctly? A. Until Monica translates this message, we won’t be able to understand it.** B. Do you want to go alone when Ron translates across the Atlantic? C. The desk was piled so high with translates,

    asked by Laci
  43. Algebra 2

    What is the solution of the equation? Sqrt x + 10^-9 = -7 –6 4 14 –8 You are my last hope to getting this.

    asked by Sandra
  44. Maths

    The speed of a falling object is directly proportional to the time for which it falls. The speed after 5 seconds is 49 metres/seconds. What is the speed of an object which falls for 8 seconds?

    asked by Taylah
  45. science

    Why is fresh water considered a limited resource?

    asked by briana
  46. trigonometry

    From a ship, the angle of elevation of the top of the lighthouse is 30 45. What is the horizontal distance of the ship from the lighthouse is 42 meters tall?

    asked by Lester
  47. Math

    In ∆ABC, AD median of BC where position vectors of A and D are 3i-2j and -3i-4j respectively. Find the position vector of centroid G of the ∆ABC.

    asked by Rabin
  48. Algebra

    A math class has 7 girls and 5 boys in the seventh grade and 4 girls and 4 boys in the eighth grade. The teacher randomly selects a seventh grader and an eighth grader from the class for a competition. What is the probability that the students she selects

    asked by Anesha
  49. English

    Help, Please! I don't quite understand what is asking in this assignment (Essay) Task: Write an essay that compares Frankenstein and his creation to a modern zombie story with the focus on how a monster might be used as a metaphor for science or scientific

    asked by Sarah
  50. csub

    an electron of mass 9.11*10^-31 kg has an initial speed of 4.00*10^5 m/s. it travels in a straight line and its speed increases 8.00*10^5 m/s in a distance of 5.40 cm assume acceleration is constant determine magnitued of the force exerted on the electron

    asked by neyra
  51. Math

    1.Male and female high school students reported how many hours they worked each week in summer jobs. The data is represented in the following box plots: two box plots shown. The top one is labeled Males. Minimum at 1, Q1 at 3, median at 10.5, Q3 at 14,

    asked by Caroline
  52. Math

    A bicyclist is traveling at an angular speed of 8pi radians per second. How fast is she traveling in miles per hour if her tires are 28 inches in diameter?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. 6th Grade Math

    How do you write (1/2) to the 5th power? (Not answered)

    asked by PJ Schrammel
  54. life oriantation

    explain in detail five socio economic factors that can negatively influence your study choices and your future carrer

    asked by nondumiso
  55. Social Studies check my answers please

    1. Who invented the sewing machine? A.Elias Howe******* B.Robert Fulton C.Samuel Morse D.John Deere Answer A. 2. By 1860 the Midwest and the east were united by a network of_____? A. Roads B. Railroad tracks**** C. Canals D. Steam-powered ships Answer B 3.

    asked by Sarah W.
  56. math

    the table shows the results of rolling a number cube labeled one through six 50 times. number rolled frequency 1 7 2 9 3 11 4 6 5 9 6 8 what is the experimental property of rolling a 3 A( 0.11 B( 0.22 C( 0.30 D( 0.27

    asked by jjiiddss
  57. Math

    write an expression to describe the rule for the pattern. 1, 4, 13, 40, 121, ...

    asked by Fred Clay
  58. English

    Where to find Description of the Problem, Population and Context of sex trafficking? Thank you.

    asked by Abby
  59. math

    From two holes atop a covered aquarium certain amount of water can evaporate in 6 minutes,however one hole takes 5 minutes more two evaporate the same amount of water than the other.find the time taken by each whole to evaporate the same amount of water?

    asked by wanderer
  60. Health (can someone plz check my answers??)

    1. The functions of the respiratory system are... (there are two answers) A. To pump blood to the body B. To deliver oxygen to the body*** C. To remove carbon dioxide from the body*** D. To absorb nutrients 2. The dome-shaped muscle that lies below the

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    Liz spent 1/10 of her allowance for a gift and 2/5 for a movie ticket.what part of her allowance did she spend in all

    asked by Milla
  62. math

    prove that 1-tan 4 A by1+tan 4 A =cosA + sinA by cosA - sinA

    asked by wanderer
  63. Language Arts

    How is the underlined word used? Write subject, object of preposition or direct object. 1. Who asked for athletic tape? The word Who is underlined 2. That is the gymnast with whom I study. whom is underlined 3. He is an athlete who once tried out for the

    asked by Patrick
  64. chemistry

    a.identity the phases that exist in a copper pan containing two iron nails ,a litre of water and four glass marbles b.A beaker contains clear, colourless liquid.How would you determine whether it contained dissolved table salt without tasting it? c.

    asked by snothile
  65. psych

    What is the Importance of Research in Behavioral Science?

    asked by sade
  66. math

    Tony stark and captain america won the basketball game 40 to 20. Tony says their team scored 2 points for every 1 point the other team scored. Is tony stark correct? Show ur work

    asked by hello help please ):
  67. MATHS

    x+y+z=1, x(x)+y(y)+z(z)=35. x(x)(x)+y(y)(y)+z(z)(z)=96 sor.myphonehasno'raise to power'

    asked by STEVIUM
  68. Chemistry

    The methane gas is formed by 25% hydrogen in mass which the ratio between the mass of carbon and hydrogen in this gas?

    asked by Michael
  69. Math

    A model car has a scale factor of The diameter of a tire on the model is 0.4 inches. What is the diameter of a tire on the actual car?

    asked by Dam
  70. Earth Science

    Why are there so many different species on Earth today?

    asked by Mike
  71. social studies

    why did farmers sell their land to aristocrats and become tenant farmers in ancient china?

    asked by Jerry Jones
  72. Math

    The height of a building in an architectural drawing is 10 in. Its actual height is 150 ft. What is the scale of the drawing

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Calculus

    A particle moves along the graph of the function y= 8/3x^(3/2) at the constant rate of 3 units per minute. The particle starts at the point where x = 1 and travels in the direction of increasing x. After one hour, what is the x-value, rounded to the

    asked by Annonymous
  74. physics

    Can the sun expand

    asked by TRIX
  75. math

    1.) A 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 meter hole was dug for the building's foundation. How many cubic meters of soil were dug? 2.) A cubical container is filled with 15,625 cm3 of sand. How long is each edge of the container? 3.) Kendy has 2 cardboard boxes. One has a

    asked by stefi
  76. oblique triangle

    reiny, am i doing it right ?? AB = 12.57(sin 54.23)/sin 57.36 = 12.11

    asked by alex
  77. Math

    A diagram measuring 20 cm long is reduced on a copy machine to 15 cm long. If the width of the original copy is 16 cm, what is the width of the reduced copy? Show your work.

    asked by Kiana
  78. Science

    A 2 N and 6 N force pull on an object to the right and a 4 N force pulls to the left a o 5 kg object. what is the net force on the object?

    asked by Anamaria
  79. Math

    A 3 pack of boxes of juice costs $1.09.A 12 pack of boxes costs $4.39. A case of 24 boxes costs $8.79. Which is the best buy? explain your reasoning.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. math

    The length of a shadow of a vertical flag mast 15.45 meters high is 22 meters.find the sun's altitude

    asked by akhil
  81. Math

    Write a word problem involving fractions for which you would use the work backward strategy and addition to solve.Include your solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. oblique triangle

    C = 20.83, A = 103.167, c = 132

    asked by alex
  83. math

    Are all relations equations? Is there any instances where a relation is not a relation

    asked by anon
  84. Math

    Please explain and show your work 2 3 -+- 3 4

    asked by Student
  85. math

    How do find determine fractions from the greatest to least

    asked by Charles
  86. Math

    A model car has a scale factor of 1/64.The diameter of a tire on the model is 0.4 inches. What is the diameter of a tire on the actual car?

    asked by Dam
  87. engineering science

    A solid cylinder rolls from rest down an incline 6m high without slipping. calculate the linear velocity at the foot of the plane

    asked by David
  88. Science

    Why are there so many different species on earth today?

    asked by Sue
  89. Maths

    The width of a rectangle is two-thrid of the length.if the perimeter is 192,find the width.

    asked by Edeki
  90. Chemistry

    Imagine that you have a pure sample of an unknown compound that you are told is either 2-naphthol OR benzoic acid. In the lab, you also have access to samples of pure 2- naphthol and pure benzoic acid. However, both of these pure substances melt at 123

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    Evaluate the algebric expression for the given value of the variable. 104-6c+3 if c=1 1/2

    asked by Amy
  92. math

    the radius r of a sphere is increasing at a rate of 3cm/min. find the rate of change of the area when r=3cm

    asked by ruth

    Millions of African slaves were brought to the Americas through the transatlantic slave trade between the 16th and 19th centuries. The type of slavery that came to exist in the Americas was known as chattel slavery. Chattel slavery is different from other

    asked by ashleydawolfy

    I'm showing the procedure of the lab and what was asked. What I have question on is towards the end. Much help would be appreciated a lot!! First I had to balance the equation given to me: 2 Na HCO3 (s) Δ over arrow (produces) Na2 CO3 (s) + CO2 (g) + H2O

    asked by Allie
  95. Language Arts

    which is the best definition of the term propaganda? A mission statement Creative advertising A proper code of conduct Representation in a misleading manner•• Correct this if you can

    asked by Tj
  96. Maths

    if a clock loses 2.5 minutes in every hour. how many minutes will it lose from 8 to 12

    asked by Diana
  97. Geometry

    How do I find the interior angles of an irregular polygon WITH one external angle? I have an image as an example, but Jiskha won't allow internet addresses. What do I do?

    asked by anonymous
  98. Math

    What is a counterexample for the conjecture? Conjecture: Any number that is divisible by 4 is also divisible by 8. A. 24 B. 40 C. 12 D. 26 i think D

    asked by Anonymous
  99. math

    find dy/dx assuming that y is differentiable with respect to x and x is also differentiable with respect to y. a)xy+x^2y^2=x^3y^3 b)xsiny+ycosx=xy

    asked by ruth
  100. Quantum numbers

    Which sets of the wuantum numbers are not allowed in the hydrogen atom? For the sets that are incorrect state what is wrong with them. A) n= 4 l=3 ml=4 B) n= 0 l= 0 ml= 0

    asked by Maxx
  101. math

    How long is 9/10 of a meter and also what is 5/8 of a yard?

    asked by Patti
  102. Math

    2. Reed is on the ground looking up at Aaron, who is in a hot air balloon that is 140 ft above the ground. Reed and Aaron are 350 feet apart. What angle is Reed looking up at?

    asked by Randy
  103. math, permutations and combination

    1. A group of 25 lecturers include six mathematician. In how many ways can a committee of 4 be selected from this group to include at least one mathematician? 2. In how many ways can the first, second and third positions be taken by ten candidates in a

    asked by anyanwu nnamdi david
  104. Algebra

    the length of a rectangle is 4cm more than the width of the rectangle. If you increase the length by 8cm and decrease the width by 4cm, the area will remained unchanged. Find the original dimensions

    asked by Will
  105. chemistry

    What volume of oxygen is required to completely combust 80 of butane

    asked by perpetual
  106. physics

    a wire has a resistance of 6 ohm it is stretched out to a new length which is three times its original length what is the resistance of the longer wire?assume uniform diameter.resistivity and density are constant

    asked by mat
  107. math

    A spinner is spun 100 times. It lands on brown 50 times,lands on red 25 times and lands on yellow 25 times.Draw a spinner which will give this theoretical probability distribution. How to draw this spinner? Plz help

    asked by Anonymous
  108. maths

    john thinks of 2 different numbers .they have a sum of 12 and a difference of 2 .what are tow numbers?

    asked by maryam
  109. science

    What is the pH of a mixture of 5ml of 0.1mol/litre sodium acetate and 4ml of 0.1mol/litre acetic acid? pKa= 4.76.... What is the pH on adding 1ml of 0?1mol/litre HCl to the mixture abouc

    asked by hmm
  110. math

    rachel is flying a kite.she lets out 70 yard string. The kite angle of elevation from the ground is 68 degree. How high is the kite?

    asked by shania
  111. Math

    A round cake pan that is 2in deep and has a 7in diameter, plus a 6in by 9in rectangular cake pan that is 2in deep. Which of these pans has the larger volume and why?

    asked by sam
  112. Chemistry

    Suppose you have 5.00g of powdered magnesium metal, 1.00L of 2.00M potassium nitrate solution, and 1.00L of a 2.00M silver nitrate solution. a) Which one of the solutions will react with the magnesium powder? I don't understand how to go about answering

    asked by Feufolia
  113. math's, combination

    A group of 25 lecturers includes six mathematicians. in how many ways can a committee of 4 be selected from this group to include at least one mathematician?

    asked by nnamdi
  114. physical science

    a crate of cooldrinks with a mass of 15kg over a smooth horizontal surface by exerting a force of 80N at 30° to the horizontal. Draw a diagram and aswers the following 1. Draw a force diagram showing and labelling all the forces acting on the crate. 2.

    asked by Thembelihle Shabangu
  115. MS. SUE HELP L.A.

    Which of the following transitions shows a comparison? a. although b. however c. just as *** d. whereas

    asked by Kelsea
  116. mathematics

    I. In how many ways can the first, second and third positions be taken by candidates in a test, assuming that there must be no tie.

    asked by nnamdi
  117. Algebra

    James has a 6-ft board that is 24 in. wide. He wants to cut it into five pieces to make a small bookshelf with two shelves. The front and back will not be covered. What should be the dimensions of the bookshelf to maximize the volume and use all of the

    asked by Julia
  118. math

    Describe the transformation in f(x)= -4x from its linear parent function. is it reflection and rotation?

    asked by Anonymous
  119. math

    the green paint jar is 4/8 full. The purple paint jar is 4/6 full. Which paint jar is less full?

    asked by L
  120. Math

    I am thinking of a year in the last decade. The sum of the digits in the 1000 and 100 place are 2 less than the sum of the digits in the 10 and 1 place?

    asked by Elija
  121. Biology

    MEIOSIS 1)name the process unique to meiosis that occurs during bivalent formation that may increase genetic diversity? 2)how are sister chromatic made and what is the structure that holds them together? 3)what do we call package of genetic information

    asked by sk
  122. Physics

    At 6400 km above the earth’s surface, an object weighing 71 N on the surface would weigh only 18 N. Acceleration due to gravity will be about ¼ that on the surface of the earth.

    asked by Joaquin
  123. physics

    Two railroad freight cars with masses 110 Mg and 150 Mg approach with equal speeds of 0.310 m/s . They collide, the lighter car rebounding opposite its original direction at 0.270 m/s. Find the velocity of the heavier car after the collision. Assume the

    asked by lizbeth
  124. psychology of human resources

    Develop own analogy to illustrate classical conditioning using industry related this analogy include all requirements of classical conditioning process.

    asked by itsuwe
  125. mathematics

    1. Six people sit at a round table. in how many ways can that be done if two of them must sit next to each other?

    asked by nnamdi
  126. Math

    Mark weighs 74 pounds. Together, he and his sister weigh six pounds more than three times the weight of his sister. What is the weight of Mark's sister? would it be 74=3(w)+6

    asked by Niasia Hunter
  127. Spanish

    Are all comic strips suppose to be made funny? Because I have to make a comic strip for Spanish but I don't know if I'm suppose to make it funny because My teacher never said anything

    asked by Anonymous
  128. oblique triangle

    C = 38.667, b = 9.72, c = 11.8

    asked by alex
  129. gen chem

    The rate constant of a first order reaction is 4.60 x 10-4 s-1 at 350 oC. If the activation energy is 104 kJ/mol, calculate the temperature in Kelvin at which its rate constant is 1.80 x 10-3 s-1.

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Philosophy

    exercise 5.8 write an informal proof of Premises: LeftOf(a,b) | RightOf(a,b) BackOf(a,b) | ~Leftof(a,b) FrontOf(b,a) | ~RightOf(a,b) SameCol(c,a) & SameRow(c,b) conclusion BackOf(a,b) State if you use proof by cases.

    asked by Anna
  131. Math

    The blue print for the Lewis' living room has a scale of 2 inches = 5 feet. The family wants to use a scale of 1 inch = 3 feet. What is the width of the living room on the new blue print?

    asked by Peaches
  132. Pre-algebra


    asked by Jessy
  133. Philosophy

    Does "identical" mean SameShape or SameSize in Tarski's World?

    asked by Anna
  134. Art

    what value does alfred jacob miller promote in his paintings don't give up that ship? Fear and discouragement Anger and resistance Heroic bravery and perseverance •• Peace and contemplation Correct this

    asked by Tj
  135. geography

    1) Which phrase best defines diversity? a) a region containing many cities b) special cultural practices unique to one group c) conflict over varying ideas and traditions d) a whole made up of many different parts*** 2) Which of these holidays would the

    asked by Pls help me Ms. Sue

    I'm showing the procedure of the lab and what was asked. What I have question on is towards the end. Much help would be appreciated a lot!! First I had to balance the equation given to me: 2 Na HCO3 (s) Δ over arrow (produces) Na2 CO3 (s) + CO2 (g) + H2O

    asked by Allie
  137. Chemistry

    When aluminum is reached in a closed container with 8.36 g of O2, how many grams of Aluminum oxide can form

    asked by Audrey
  138. Chemistry

    the longest wavelength of light that will cause an electron to be emitted from a metal is 520nm. what is the work function for this metal? (note: the work function is given as kJ/mole of electrons released)

    asked by Jen
  139. Physics

    So you chose to use a solid sphere and you give it a speed of 5.9m/s on a flat horizontal surface which is the speed it has when it reaches a 22degree incline. A) How far along the incline will it go?

    asked by Sierra
  140. Math

    Andre left his campsite and paddled to a fishing hole 1.5 km downstream. He timed his trip and found that it took him 9 min, His return trip upstream took him 22.5 min. Determine the speeed at which he paddled and the speed of the river? what steps did u

    asked by Timmy
  141. Language arts

    which is the best definition of the term ratio? An amount of one thing in relation to another•• A special mathematics number A set length of time A special mathematical tool Correct this

    asked by Tj
  142. Physics

    you strike a huge spring at a speed of 30m/s while strapped in a steel cage. When you hit the spring with combined mass of 320kg it is compressed 9.0m. A) What is the spring constant of the spring? B) How long are you in contact with the spring before it

    asked by Sierra
  143. Chem

    Interpretation of the data plots consistently show that the freezing points of three solutions are too high. As a result of this "misreading of the data," will the reported molar mass of the solute be too high, too low, or unaffected? Explain please.

    asked by Diana
  144. math

    Leah is two years old. She stacked cubes to make the figure shown. If one cube has a length of one centimeter and volume of one cubic centimeter, what's the volume of Leah's figure

    asked by Knyla
  145. science/biology (cladogram)

    How would a scientist use DNA or protein sequences from three different organisms to construct a cladogram? don't understand this how do I write this???? help!!!!

    asked by e,mma
  146. Algebra

    The amount of money you earn mowing lawns at $15 per lawn? A=$1.50+$.80

    asked by Anna
  147. Science

    A plane flies 118 km at 15 degrees south of east and then flies 118 km at 35 degrees west of north. Find the magnitude and direction of the total displacement of the plane?

    asked by Edlyn
  148. math

    Darleen gets $10 a week allowance. She walks her neighbor's dog 6 days each week and earns $3 each day. She earns $7 an hour doing odd jobs. Darleen wants to save $15 a week, give $5 a week to charity, and have at least $20 each week to spend. How many

    asked by audrey
  149. Math

    find the constant of proportionality of y=4: x=6

    asked by Judith
  150. maths

    the length of a rectangle is double its width.if its width 8cm,what is its perimeter?

    asked by scoop
  151. History

    1. Who invented the sewing machine? a. Elias Howe*** b. Robert Fulton c. Samuel Morse d. John Deere 2. By 1860, the Midwest and the East were united by a network of... a. Roads b. Railroad tracks*** c. canals d. steam-powered ships 3. Which invention

    asked by Alice
  152. Physics

    Sally has a mass of 50.0kg and earth has a mass of 5.98X10^24kg. The radius of earth is 6.371x10^6m. A)What is the force of gravitational attraction between sally and earth? B)What is Sally's weight?

    asked by Sam
  153. precalc

    4. REVIEW PROBLEM: Solve). √3-2x + √3x +13 =5 the term (3-2x) is under a radical as well as the term (3x+13). Please show all steps!! i keep on getting x=9 but plugging it in it is wrong!

    asked by Jillian
  154. Math

    You have two loans, for 2 years each. The total interest for the two loans is $138. On the first loan, you pay 7.5% simple interest on a principal of $800. On the second loan, you pay 3% simple interest. What is the principal for the second loan?

    asked by Suzie Q
  155. Physics

    A sphere of mass 85kg is 12m from a second sphere of mass 65kg. A)what is the gravitational force of attraction between them?

    asked by Sam
  156. Precalc

    let f(x)= (x / (6x-36)) and g(x)= (1/(x-6)). find all numbers x, if any, such that f(x) < g(x)

    asked by Jillian
  157. Art

    What symbol is often used around the head of Saint to signify importance? A crown A wreath of thorns A band of flowers A halo•• Correct this if you can

    asked by Tj
  158. Chemistry

    2g AgCl is obtainded by adding an excess of AgNO3 solution to a solution containing 1g of a mixture of NaCl and KCl.What is the ratio of moles of two salts in the mixture?

    asked by Anamika
  159. math algebra

    Can someone help me with this question? A can in the shape of a right circular cylinder is required to have a volume of 1,000 cubic centimeters. The top and bottom are made up of a material that costs 10¢ per square centimeter, while the sides are made of

    asked by Jacob
  160. Art

    why did artist such as leonardo da vinci use the golden ratio in their paintings? The enjoyed working with numbers It creates a balanced and intriguing visual composition The like to obey the rigid structure of the ratio Using mathematical principle added

    asked by Tj
  161. Discrete Math

    Let A = {x ∈ R| cos x ∈ Z}, B = {x ∈ R| sin x ∈ Z}. Is A ⊆ B? Is B ⊆ A? Is either A or B a proper subset of the where other?

    asked by Alex
  162. education

    in your opinion, Is vygotsky or Piaget theory is more relevant to the issues facing the modern classroom?

    asked by John
  163. Math

    Find the missing dimension. Height=15ft Area=285ft2

    asked by Samantha
  164. maths

    Kelly drives from town A to town B WITH an average speed of 30mph the journey takes her 2 hours 15 minus to get from town A to B .whats is the distance between the tow towns ?

    asked by maryam
  165. Chemistry

    A compound has the empirical formula CHCL .A flask with volume 253 cm3 at temperature of 373K and pressure of 1.0 atm contains 0.8 g of the gaseous compound. Find the molecular formula of the compound.

    asked by Amy
  166. TOURISM


    asked by CAROLINE
  167. math

    the radius r of a right circular cone is increasing at a rate of 2cm/min.the height h of the cone is related to the radius by h=3r.find the rate of change of the volume when r=6cm

    asked by ruth
  168. math

    Two people start at the same point One walks east at 2mph and the other walks southwest at 3mph. How fast is the distance between them changing after 30 minutes?

    asked by claudia
  169. MATH

    can someone explain. 3(cos(X)-1)=-1 thanks

    asked by Alicia
  170. Math

    What would be the rate if the Equation is y=2x+10 and x is days and y is height in ft. I think I heard somewhere that the rate is the coefficient so would the rate just be 2 ft per day? I was hesitant on this because of the y intercept.

    asked by Sage R.
  171. mechanics

    A turntable rotating at 78 rev/min slow down and stops in 32 second after the motor is turned off. a) Find its angular acceleration in rev/min^2. b)how many revolutions does it make in this this time

    asked by anaya
  172. Chemistry

    A 1.1% (w/w) solution of cocaine hydrochloride (molar mass 339.81 g/mol) in water. Calculate the molal concentration. Is it 0.0297 mol/kg?

    asked by Student
  173. physics

    a 50 kg astronautejects 100 g of gas from his propulsion pistol at a velocity of 50 m/s. what is his resulting velocity?

    asked by kyla
  174. Math

    Paula spent 3/8of her allowance on clothes and 1/6 on entertainment. What fraction of her allowence did she spend on other items?

    asked by Emily samuel
  175. Math

    Suppose h(x)= sqrt(f(x)) and the equation of the tangent line to f(x) at x=1 is y=4+5(x−1). Find h′(1).

    asked by Kyle
  176. Trig

    The Stratosphere Tower is Las Vega dominate the city's landscape by rising 1,149 feet above the desert floor. The restaurant at the top of the tower turns slowly and completes a full revolution in one hour. How many radians will the restaurant have rotated

    asked by Lux
  177. drivers ed

    1. When you are going through a crosswalk on foot, which part of the highway transportation system (HTS) includes you? (1 point) -roadway users - vehicles

    asked by patrickgevaras
  178. Math

    3/8 x 11/15 in its simplest form

    asked by Jen
  179. English

    How can I reword or connect the two parts of this sentence? The truth behind the controversy is more than the remembrance of soldiers during the American Civil War, but the enslavement to Caucasian slave owners and the many African American slaves whose

    asked by T
  180. physics

    A man tries to push a crate of 8kg across a rough surface. The static friction coefficient is 0.6 and the kinetic friction coefficient is 0.4. Calculate the friction force exerted on the crate if: a) a horizontal force of 45 N is exerted on the crate and

    asked by Stressed out
  181. statistics

    The second moment about mean oftwo distributions are 13.76 and 63.0 while the fourth moment about the men are 528.06 and 9500 respectively which of distribution is 1 leptokuric [2] mesokuric [3] platykurtic

    asked by shumaila
  182. Bio

    Is this considered an adaptive value? Brown beetles are resistant to this viral disease

    asked by Anonymous
  183. Bio

    What is the difference between cause adaptive variations and select adaptive variations

    asked by Anonymous
  184. oblique triangle

    B = 68°24'36", C = 54°13'48", b = 12.57

    asked by alex
  185. Chemistry

    Calculate the maximum wavelength of light capable of removing an electron for a hydrogen atom from the energy state of n=4 if it requires an energy of at least 1.36 x10^-19 J to do this. Please help with formulas to use?

    asked by Maxx
  186. math

    I have 3 balls in a box, one red, one blue, and one green. Am I more likely to draw a red ball followed by a green ball or a blue ball among the first two balls to be drawn?

    asked by Terri
  187. Math

    Lina is 4 years older than christy, five years from now , her age will be twice Christy's age 4 years ago. What are their present ages?

    asked by Kaye Anne
  188. Math

    Find the linear speed of a point that moves with constant speed in a circular motion if the point travels along the circle an arc length = 2178/23 kilometers in time t=11 seconds?

    asked by Holly
  189. Math

    a carpenter needs to buy either an 8 foot or a 10 foot piece of wood that will be cut into three pieces. these pieces will be 4 3/4 feet, 1 5/6, and 2 2/3 feet long. what length of wood should the carpenter buy?

    asked by Jenny
  190. Bio

    The high temperatures in the desert environment can kill Beetles Large Beedles cannot burrow into the sand to escape the heat. Therefore, fewer of the large Beetles will survive. The Beetles are affected by a deadly disease that spreads rapidly through the

    asked by Anonymous
  191. science

    a 2,8kg trolley is moving to the right with a speed of 0,45m.s^-1. A 1.9kg brick is dropped from rest and lands on the trolley. the trolley and bRick move together across the horizontal surface. Assume an isolated system. determine the change in momentum

    asked by Nomfundo
  192. History

    How did the war with Mexico lead to conflict between the North and the South?

    asked by Anonymous
  193. Math

    Suppose F(G(x))=x^(2) and G′(1)=5. Find F′(G(1)). F′(G(1))= ___

    asked by kasey
  194. Geometry

    A brick has a length of 22 cm and a width of 17 cm. If the volume of the brick is 3,740 cm3, then find the height of the brick

    asked by Gabs
  195. math

    A diagram measuring 20 cm long is reduced on a copy machine to 15 cm long. If the width of the original copy is 16 cm, what is the width of the reduced copy? Show your work.

    asked by annabelle
  196. physics

    a rectangular box of mass 400g has a diameter 20cm by 10cm by 5cm compute the pressure it exerts on each face of the box when it rests on a table take g=10m/s2

    asked by gelila
  197. math please help

    find the midpoint of a segment with endpoints at (7,9) and (-1,-1)

    asked by selena
  198. Math literacy,lo,geograph,life sciences,tourism,english,isizulu

    Which career path i can follow

    asked by Mcebo
  199. Algebra

    What is the answer for the following problem : [-7p-7]=-5 _______ 10

    asked by Ella
  200. physics

    a conductor is 2m long and 8mm diameter if its resistivity is 1.8*10^-8 ohmm calculate a,the resistance of the conductor b,the current in the conductor when a p.d of 10v is maintained across its ends c,the current density d,the electric field in the wire

    asked by sol
  201. accelerated science

    what is the energy level of visible light, infrared, and radio waves in joules?

    asked by Anonymous
  202. 6th Grade Science

    In the ____ temperatures can increase up to 1,700˚C.

    asked by Cupcake :D
  203. Math

    how do you find the x intercepts for the equation x^2 + 7x -12? like, I know you have to set it equal to 0 but I have no clue what numbers multiply to -12 and add to +7. plz help

    asked by Ash
  204. Math

    In what ratio the line segment AB divided by P where, OA= 4i+2j, OB=18i+4j and OP=8i+4j.

    asked by Rabin
  205. maths lit, life sciences, visual arts and business

    hi I am currently in grade 10 and I would like to know which courses are there for me when my subjects are maths literacy, business studies, visual arts and life sciences

    asked by mary
  206. maths

    the diagram below shows a fair spinner with 6 equally sized sections .mike did an experiment and carried out n spins , the spinner landed on the number 5 a total of 37 times .estimate the value of n?

    asked by maryam


    asked by vidya
  208. math

    a spherical ballon is inflated with gas at the rate 20cm^3 min. how fast is the radius of the ballon changing at the instant when the radius is 2cm

    asked by ruth
  209. exp 105

    Question 2. 2. Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. (Points : 1) The oil from Eucalyptus trees which are native, to Australia is known for its medicinal properties. The oil from Eucalyptus trees, which are native to Australia, is known for its

    asked by Anonymous
  210. math

    What is the relationship among the numbers and symbols in the expression (14 – 4) ÷ 2? Choose all answers that are correct. A. The difference between 14 and 4 is doubled. B. The difference between 14 and 4 is split into 2 parts. C. The expression has a

    asked by mark
  211. Math

    Formula. I = P x R x T. Is time is for 2 years do You $10,000 x .15 x 2 (or 24 months)

    asked by Mary
  212. math help azap

    The two-way table shows poll results for preferred flavor of ice cream, vanilla or chocolate, and preferred topping, sprinkles or nuts. Of the people polled, how many chose vanilla ice cream? Sprinkles Nuts Vanilla 9 2 Chocolate 6 7

    asked by liliana
  213. education

    The meaning of the "oxymoron" is a. dummy b. farty c. self-contradictory phrase d. single e. shadow around a flame

    asked by John
  214. Math

    You have $5 for lunch. You bought a turkey sandwich for $2.25. Write and Solve an inequality to show how much more you can spend. Thank you in advance for the help. I cannot seem to figure this out!

    asked by Mystery Girl
  215. Math- Calc

    Suppose F(G(x))=x^(2) and G′(1)=5. Find F′(G(1)). F′(G(1))= ___

    asked by Kim
  216. life oriantation

    suggest five practical actions that you can take to address human rights violations of xenophobia community

    asked by nonkazimulo
  217. Math

    A truck is carrying orange juice cherry juice and cranberry juice bottles in a ratio of 1:2:5. If there are 30 cherry juice bottles, then how many cranberry juice bottles are there?

    asked by Kristy
  218. science

    How can I prepare a acid with a specific concentration and volume. Example how can I prepare o.5M of HCl

    asked by adams
  219. science

    This type of auto-immune disease occurs when the immune system attacks the layer of insulation that surrounds the nerves and slows nerve impulses.

    asked by kevon