Questions Asked on
February 19, 2016

  1. Math (Pre-Cal) (Exponential Functions)

    A car was valued at $38,000 in the year 2003. The value depreciated to $11,000 by the year 2009. Assume that the car value continues to drop by the same percentage. -What will the value be in the year 2013?

    asked by Ray
  2. Math

    Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods bought a baseball glove from Rawlings Sporting Goods for $66.00. They want to mark up the glove 70% on selling price. What should Johnny's sell the glove for? A. $113.22 B. $179.82 C. $246.42 D. $220.00 I came up with 112.20 66

    asked by debbie
  3. math

    A ladder of length 6m leans against a vertical wall so that the base of the ladder is 2m from the wall. calculate the angle between the ladder and the wall

    asked by tina
  4. Math

    How do Federal Reserve banks, as well as the federal government, typically calculate simple interest? A. Using 31 days in each month B. Based on exact interest C. Based on ordinary interest My answer is B

    asked by debbie
  5. science

    You burn 6 grams of carbon in plenty of air: C ( s) + O2 ( g) = CO2 ( g) a What volume of gas will form (at rtp)? b What volume of oxygen will be used up?

    asked by Maya
  6. geomerty

    a baseball team played 161 regular season games. The ratio of the number of games they won to the number of games they lost was 4/3. how many games did they win? how many games did they lose? i don't understand what the question is asking.

    asked by jada
  7. science

    3 Nitroglycerine is used as an explosive. The equation for the explosion reaction is: 4C3H5(NO3)3 ( l ) 12CO2 ( g) 1 10H2O ( l ) 1 6N2 ( g) 1 O2 ( g) a How many moles does the equation show for: i nitroglycerine? ii gas molecules produced? b How many moles

    asked by Maya
  8. Maths

    If the first,second and fifth terms of AP are three consecutive terms of a GP,find the common ratio?

    asked by Mr Mwitchi
  9. Art

    Which of these is the best definition of freedom of expression? A. expression that doesn't cost anything to have or share B. uncensored speech, art, or other means of communication. C. wild, uncontrolled expression of ideas D. information and ideas that

    asked by Wyatt
  10. Math

    Jay discounts a 100-day note for $25,000 at 13%. The effective rate of interest to the nearest hundredth percent is _______ %. A. 13.49 B. 13.48 C. 13.03 D. 13.02 a is my answer

    asked by debbie
  11. math

    Use the table, graph, and equation to answer the following questions about three different sub shops. 1. What is the unit rate for Fred’s Sub Shop? 2. What is the slope-intercept equation for the cost of a sub at Fred’s Sub Shop? y = 2x y = 10x y = 5x

    asked by boPy
  12. Social studies

    Select the phrase that correctly completes the sentence. The value of the dependent variable in a function is always __________ the value of the independent variable. A.greater than B.dependent on (MY ANSWER) C.equal to D.less than

    asked by LOVE
  13. nutrition,health,and safety for young children

    what should early childhood teachers do when children are interested in exploring frightening topics

    asked by sandra
  14. reading

    Except for a few pigeons, Central Park was deserted. Mist hung above the chilled grass. Patches of old snow, scattered here and there, looked like white puddles. The sun hung just above the horizon, casting red and orange streaks across low-hanging clouds.

    asked by brandi
  15. Physics

    Calculate the thermal energy required to convert 5kg of ice at 0 Celsius to steam at 100 Celsius

    asked by Lina
  16. calculus

    A ladder 29 feet long leans against a wall and the foot of the ladder is sliding away at a constant rate of 3 feet/sec. Meanwhile, a firefighter is climbing up the ladder at a rate of 2 feet/sec. When the firefighter has climbed up 6 feet of the ladder,

    asked by milly
  17. physics

    A machine with v.r requires 1000J of work to raise a load of 500N through a vertical distance of 1.7m . find the efficiency and m.a of the machine.

    asked by Azeez
  18. physics

    A machine with a velocity ratio requires 1000J of work to raise a load of 500N through a vertical distance of 1.7m . find the efficiency and mechanical advantage of the machine.

    asked by Azeez
  19. History

    Immediately after World War II, General MacArthur’s responsibilities included the demilitarization of Japanese society and the: A. elimination of the Japanese emperor. B. trial of American officials charged with war crimes. C. laying of the foundations

    asked by angela
  20. Math

    1.Male and female high school students reported how many hours they worked each week in summer jobs. The data is represented in the following box plots: two box plots shown. The top one is labeled Males. Minimum at 1, Q1 at 3, median at 10.5, Q3 at 14,

    asked by Can someone please help
  21. physics

    A machine with v.r requires 1000J of work to raise a load of 500N through a vertical distance of 1.7m . find the efficiency and m.a of the machine.

    asked by Azeez
  22. Chemistry-Dr.Bob 222

    1. The rate constant for a second order reaction has units of L mol^-1 s^-1. What are the units of the frequency factor, A, for a second order reaction?

    asked by Student
  23. accounting

    Specify which of the following cash transactions would have resulted in the $4,100 posting to the account. (You select more than one answer. Single click the box with a check mark for correct answers and double click to empty the box for the wrong

    asked by Irina
  24. Algebra 1

    There are 8 boys on a bus. Each boy has 8 backpacks. In each backpack, there are 8 big dogs. For every big dog there are 8 little dogs. How many legs are there in the bus?

    asked by Math
  25. History

    Which of the following statements is NOT true of the Islamic revival in the Middle East? A. Islamic "fundamentalism" may be a practical attempt to try to counter hedonism and other destabilizing forces. B. It has resulted solely from a clash between modern

    asked by angela
  26. Science

    Why are sedimentary rocks more useful than metamorphic or igneous rocks in establishing the relative ages of rock?

    asked by Sue
  27. MATHS

    village ABCD are such that B is 4km due east of A,C is 3km due south of B and D is 4km,550 degree west from C .calculate the distance and bearing of A from D.

    asked by FAITH
  28. history SUE HELP MEEEE

    Which of the following correctly describes an example of how climate affected the settlement of countries in North America? Most of the people in the United States settled in the Midwest, where temperatures are less extreme.*** Most of Canada’s

    asked by PLS HELP ME
  29. Earth science

    Why didn't the early geologic time scale include the number of years ago that events happened?

    asked by Sue
  30. Health and Physical Ed

    If you choose to smoke, your body will use this substance less efficiently. 1:microorganisms 2:carbon dioxide 3:plasma 3:oxygen I think it is #3

    asked by Gabby
  31. Language Arts

    1. When you paraphrase a line of poetry, what do you do? A.You turn it into a question. B.You put it in your own words. C.You add humor to it. D.You copy it down exactly HELP!!

    asked by Audrey
  32. Math

    The manager of the ice cream shop noticed that 90% of all club members brought along a family member who spent an average of $18 in the shop. The tax on their bill was 5.5%.What was the total amount spent by the family members in one year? What would each

    asked by Bookgeek
  33. Calculus

    Given the table below for selected values of f(x), use 6 trapezoids to estimate the value of x 1 3 4 6 7 9 10 f(x) 4 8 6 10 10 12 16

    asked by John
  34. history

    The United States decided to help South Korea mainly because of which of the following? A need to create more equal trade A need to keep a military base in Asia*** A need to keep the Soviet Union out of Asia A need to protect the American economy

    asked by PLS HELP ME
  35. Math

    Similar polygons are ______ the same shape a) Always b) Sometimes C) Never

    asked by Kaden
  36. english

    dyslexia-'please describe a typical reaction'

    asked by Jane
  37. Health

    1. The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen takes place in the A. alveoli** B. asthma C. bronchi D. diaphragm 2. ________ is a substance in tobacco smoke that reduces the blood ability to carry oxygen A. Tar B. Nicotine C. Asthma D. Carbon monoxide**

    asked by Carmen
  38. Calculus

    Find the length of the entire perimeter of the region inside r=5sin(theta) but outside r=1. 1=5sin(theta) theta=arcsin(1/5) r'=5cos(theta) I tried the integral between arcsin(1/5) and pi-arcsin(1/5) of (((5sin(theta))^2+(5cos(theta))^2))^1/2 which gives me

    asked by Joe
  39. Math

    How many perpendicular bisectors can be constructed for a line segment? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. infinitely many I think D!

    asked by Audrey
  40. History

    What did John Locke believe? Absolute monarchs have the right to rule through divine right. God should not be involved in the affairs of mankind. All governments should have three branches with equal power.

    asked by Jessica
  41. Chemistry

    what volume of 0.120 M NaOH must be added to 100 ml of 0.100 M NaHC2O4 to reach ph of 4.70? H2C2O4 Ka1 = 5.9 x 10-2 HC2O4^- Ka2 = 5.1 x 10-5 The answer is 60 ml but I don't know how to find it. Can you please show me the steps and how to do it please

    asked by Steve
  42. math

    In an adjacent figure triangle ABC and triangle DBC are two triangles such that AB=BD and AC=CD Show that triangle ABC congruent triangle DBC?

    asked by shaheen
  43. writing

    What should i do to improve my writing? give me suggestion please.

    asked by alisha
  44. L.A

    Onomatopoeia: The rusty spigot sputters, utters a splutter,spatters a smattering of drops, gashes wider, slash, spatters, scatters,spurts, finally stops sputtering and plash! gushes rushes splashes clear water dashes. What is happening in ''onomatopoeia''?

    asked by me
  45. History

    What does Vinicius’s life reveal about economic, cultural, and geographic divisions in Brazil? What opportunities exist for young people to build better lives for themselves and their families in Brazil? What challenges might people from poorer regions

    asked by Help!!!!!
  46. Maths

    A 73kg workers need to transport concrete bricks using a trolley to the construction area via an elevator. The trolley weighs 100kg while 5 concrete bricks weigh 330kg. If the elevator has a maximum capacity of 1500kg, how many bricks can the worker

    asked by Nan
  47. math

    Zared plays basketball on his high school team. One of the things he needs to practice is his free throws. On his first shot, there is a probability of 0.6 that he will make the basket. If he makes a basket, his confidence grows and the probability he

    asked by chels
  48. math

    Bella rolls 2 number cubes 60 times. How many times can she expect the sum of the numbers to be greater than 10? THANK YOU!

    asked by Tim
  49. Biology

    In what way are bacteria and fungi similar? Ecological function Cell wall components Design of the nucleus Ribosome structure help

    asked by kristina
  50. english

    HE ran away and was gone for a year. When he came home he told me the silly story Of being kidnapped by pirates on Lake Michigan And kept in chains so he could not write me. I pretended to believe it, though I knew very well What he was doing, and that he

    asked by mausa
  51. Math

    If no digit may be used more than once, how many 2-digit numbers can be formed using only the digits 5, 6, 3, and 2?

    asked by Cynthia
  52. Chemistry

    Using the equation: 2C2H6 + 7O2--> 4CO2 + 6H20 How many moles of CO2 are produced by the reaction of 21.0 mol O2? Again, not sure how to write it correctly, but if I multiply 7O2 by 3, then I should do the same to the other side of the equation to make it

    asked by Eric
  53. Calculus

    The number of building permits in Pasco t years after 1992 roughly followed the equation n(t)=400e^.143t.what is the doubling time?

    asked by Agata
  54. Math help please

    Gabriella wants to tile a room with an area of 320 square feet. The width of the room is 4/5 its length. What are the length and width of the room?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    A science class planted a tree in the school courtyard that was 6 inches tall. It is growing 4 inches each week. Write a function rule for the height, h, of the tree based on the weeks, w, since it was planted. h = 6w + 4. h = 4w + 6. (MY ANSWER) h = 4w. h

    asked by LOVE
  56. MATHS

    What is the probability of rolling 4 on two number cubes? The answer I got was 1/36. Is this correct? Please help.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. science

    Iron is produced in a single displacement reaction with iron II cyanide and tin. How many grams of iron are produced when you use 1.98 g of tin?

    asked by Siri
  58. math

    Use the Sampling Distribution for a Mean option in StatKey to create a sampling distribution using samples of size n equals 10 from Table 1 showing the number of minutes to finish the marathon at the Olympics. Generate at least 1000 samples in your

    asked by Anonymous
  59. MATH

    Marco paints a wall and charges $20 as set up fee. He charges at least $60 per big wall and he for small walls he charges no more than $40 per wall.He has just completed painting either all big walls or small walls. His invoice states that he received

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Maths

    Find the perimeter of a sector if r=7cm and q=45degree

    asked by Janvi
  61. math

    Minutes 126.53 127.27 130 130.35 130.4 130.58 130.87 131.18 131.98 132.55 133.28 133.42 133.43 133.55 133.65 134 134.37 134.62 134.73 135 135.95 136.12 136.17 136.23 136.28 137.7 137.83 137.93 138.18 138.25 138.43 138.67 139.13 139.72 140.25 140.38 140.4

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Health

    1. The functions of the respiratory system are (choose 2) A. to pump blood to the body** B. to deliver oxygen to the body** C. to remove carbon dioxide from the body D. to absorb nutrients 2. ______ is a substance in tobacco products that causes stained

    asked by Hanna
  63. Physical Science

    Suppose the jumbo jet of mass 30000 kg flies against an air resistance of 82000 N while the thrust of all four engines is 100000 N. Find the acceleration

    asked by Ehhhh
  64. Chemistry

    Gasoline, which can be represented by the formula octane, bulk density is 704 g / l. To estimate the variation in enthalpy when burning 28.5 liters gasoline, based on the binding energies: 0 = 0 (117 kcal); C = 0 (173 kcal); 0 h (111 kcal); C-C (83 kcal);

    asked by Anonymous
  65. statistics

    Minutes 126.53 127.27 130 130.35 130.4 130.58 130.87 131.18 131.98 132.55 133.28 133.42 133.43 133.55 133.65 134 134.37 134.62 134.73 135 135.95 136.12 136.17 136.23 136.28 137.7 137.83 137.93 138.18 138.25 138.43 138.67 139.13 139.72 140.25 140.38 140.4

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Math

    What is 108% of 50? Round to the nearest hundredths if necessary

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Finance

    If you borrow $25,500 for 18 months at the rate of 9% compounded monthly, how much must you repay at the end of the 18 months?

    asked by Mike
  68. Math- 2 questions!

    1. To __________ means to cut into 2 congruent parts A. intersect B. bisect** C. construct D. divide I think B 2. Which tool is not needed to construct a perpendicular bisector? A. compass B. pencil C. protractor** D. straightedge I think C Please check!!

    asked by Monika
  69. math

    K square minus k minus 3division we is works

    asked by jegede
  70. Writing

    Hi! So I have to make a book for my writing class. I'm making a Cinderella story. Elizabeth is the "Cinderella" and so she has to save the prince and she has a dragon by her side. Sorry if this is lame. What should I call the book???

    asked by shygirl
  71. Health

    What happens when anabolic steroids are used in high doses? A. Increases irritability and aggression B. Decreases irritability and aggression C. Increases feelings of complacency D. Decreases feelings of complacency

    asked by kelly
  72. Science

    The half-life of randon-222 is 8 days. What was the original mass if 6 grams remains after 24 days?

    asked by Sarah
  73. Math

    Why are units squared in area but cubed in volume? In perimeter they are just straight units.

    asked by Anonymous
  74. history

    The United States decided to help South Korea mainly because of which of the following? A need to create more equal trade A need to keep a military base in Asia A need to keep the Soviet Union out of Asia A need to protect the American economy I think it

    asked by PLS HELP ME
  75. Biology

    what compounds (fats, starch, protein and simple sugar) do the following foods have? Oatmeal Margarine Salmon Whole milk Chocolate chip cookies Peach

    asked by Mary
  76. science

    why didn't the early geologic time scale include the number of years ago that events happened?

    asked by Sue
  77. english

    I don't understand what the question is asking. Can someone help me understand. What can you take greater responsibility for as a student, and if you were to do so, what outcome(s) might you create?

    asked by SANDRA
  78. Social studies

    how do scholars describe islam's golden age? A. As a dangerous period in world history B. As a period when many gold objects were made C. As a brilliant period in world history D. As a period when arts suffered What I'm finding is that the answer points to

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Creative Writing

    I need a cool name for a land where warriors, fairies, warlocks, and other different types of magical creatures live. Thank You

    asked by Isabelle Lightwood
  80. math

    Kim is 15 more than three times her nephew’s age. If Kim is 36, how old is her nephew

    asked by Brandon
  81. Mems,maths

    Write 5 sets which cannot be expressed in roster form

    asked by Tips
  82. macroeconomics

    Suppose you borrow $900 of principal that must be repaid at the end of two years, along with interest of 5 percent a year. If the annual inflation rate turns out to be 10 percent, (a) What is the real rate of interest on the loan?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Math

    7/10 of the people in the clubhouse are adults. If there are 48 more adults than children, how many are there in the clubhouse?

    asked by Carlos
  84. science

    why echo is weaker than original sound

    asked by ayesha
  85. Statistic

    Your search for statistics test questions a professor is trying to convince her colleagues that peer tutoring works. she compares the results of students in two classes one with and one without the peer tutoring. for the non-tutored group the mean score

    asked by Dhelp
  86. physics

    why physics is not understandable?

    asked by namera
  87. computer math

    lader led 5m less of the storing building forming an angle of 60digree on the groud how far bottle of the building?

    asked by yohanna
  88. Math, please help me.

    This is the last question of my quiz, I need help with it. I need just one question answered. Question: The angles opposite the congruent sides of an isosceles triangle are congruent. Find the value of x in the triangle. Show all your work. The triangles'

    asked by Lily
  89. Social Studies

    9th amendment The enumeration [listing] in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Based on this text, what can you infer about the founding Father's concerns in forming a

    asked by please
  90. precal11

    without usig technology determine is cos135 degres= sin225 degrees

    asked by GOD OF GODS
  91. world history

    was copra dried meat of coconut encountered, exchanged, and explored in history?

    asked by liza
  92. Calculus

    Internal 1/sqrt(1+x^3) from [0,2] and n=10 (a) Use the Trapezoidal Rule to approximate the given integral with the specified value of n. (b) Use the Midpoint Rule to approximate the given integral with the specified value of n. (c) Use Simpson's Rule to

    asked by Kaitlyn
  93. Math

    Hello, I'm Bunny and I'm not sure about my answers to these questions. 1. Which angles are adjacent angles? My answer to this was C.

    asked by Bunny
  94. History

    The controversial Indian writer who uses the technique of magical realism and who has angered Moslems is: A. Anita Desai. B. Salmon Rushdie. C. R. K. Narayan. D. V. S. Naipaul. Answer : B

    asked by angela
  95. History

    The Western presence in Africa left a legacy that: A. was entirely negative. B. disappeared immediately when the colonial powers withdrew. C. was overwhelmingly positive in its impact. D. mixed, with both positive and negative results. Answer: D

    asked by angela
  96. Physics

    A spherical satellite has 12 identical monopropellant thrust chambers for attitude control with the following performance characteristics: thrust (each unit): 5 lbf; Is (steady state or more than 2 sec): 240 sec; Is (pulsing duration 20 msec): 150 sec; Is

    asked by Matthew
  97. History

    What are the non-defining characteristics of the Progressive period?

    asked by IJamie
  98. AP Chemistry

    Determine the pH of the following solutions. 1) 0.600 M HCl 2) 0.052 moles of H2SO4 dissolved in 4.2 L of water. 3)5.6 grams HNO3 dissolved in 450 ml of water. 4) 2.5 grams of NaOH dissolved in 500 mL of water. 5) adding 2 grams NaH dissolved in 0.56 L of

    asked by Tyra
  99. Art

    what idea did the halos on the heads of Pichore's main subjects emphasize A) plentiful wisdom •• B) Exceptional power C) Divine connection D) extraordinary creativity Correct me

    asked by Justin
  100. Math

    What are the coefficients in the expression -8y(exponet 2) + 12x + 5y+7?

    asked by Rainbow Dash
  101. Maths

    A tank is one-third full of oil.after taking out 7 litres from it,it is now only one-fourth full. How much oil does the tank hold? Please provide how you solved the problem thanks

    asked by Aren
  102. social

    why Nepal is not able to implement the federal system?

    asked by rima
  103. Earth Science

    why didn't the early geologic time scale include the number of years ago that events happened?

    asked by Sue
  104. geometry

    One leg of an isosceles right triangle measures 5 inches. Rounded to the nearest tenth, what is the approximate length of the hypotenuse?

    asked by Melissa

    Calculate the amount (in mL) of 1.520M NaOH that is required to add the following acetic acid solution to prepare a buffer with the corresponding pH: 30.00mL of a 5.00% (w/v%) acetic acid; the resulting acetate buffer has a pH of 5.75. pKa of acetic acid =

    asked by Mike
  106. geography,life science, business and maths lit

    What career can I use as an option after my matric??????

    asked by granny
  107. Math

    7. Identify the independent variable in this relationship. A person burns a total of c calories by walking m miles. A.miles.A.calories, c. B.miles, m. (MY ANSWER) C.neither c, calories or m, miles. D.both c, calories and m, miles.

    asked by LOVE
  108. Math

    Length of a rectangle is12m and the breadth is 10m and the inner area of the rectangle is 1.5m find the inner rectangle area

    asked by Prithvi
  109. Physics

    How long it takes a car at 20m/s to come to a stop without friction, obstacles, or breaks ?

    asked by Nour
  110. Math

    A store has a $179.99 item on sale for 25% off, plus an additional 20% off. What is the sale price you would pay on this item?

    asked by Dedrick
  111. Math

    A basement has 864 square feet. The width of the basement is 2/3 its length. What is the length of the basement?

    asked by London
  112. Social Studies

    1. Which BEST describes the differences that divide Maayan and Muhammad? A. age and interests B. physical barriers C. culture and politics** D. economic status 2. How does Maayan most directly experience the conflict in Israel? A. through treating victims

    asked by Audrey
  113. Statistics

    ATM transaction times are normally distributed with a mean of 150 seconds and a standard deviation of 45 seconds. What is the probability a person takes less than 60 seconds to complete their transaction?

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Statistics

    Country Insurance wants to estimate the cost of damage to cars due to accidents. The population standard deviation of the cost is assumed at $200. They want to estimate the mean cost using a 95% confidence interval with a maximum margin of error of $10.

    asked by Anonymous
  115. science

    which kind of reproductive structure is not within the fungi? is it anthers

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Math

    A store has a $159.98 item on sale for $79.99. What is the percentage off on this item?

    asked by Dedrick
  117. chemistry!

    what observations are made when you bubble chlorine into a solution of potassium iodide?

    asked by laura
  118. Science

    Actively dividing cells can be found in? meristems. xylem tissue. epidermal tissue. center of stems. phloem tissue. help

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Painting

    why did painter meissonier place napoleon at the front and center of this art work? The Walters Art museum Baltimore. A. To show his small size B. To show his central importance C. To show his entire figure D. To make wise use of space•• Correct this

    asked by Tia
  120. Statistics

    If, for a given sample size, 10% of all possible confidence intervals do not contain the unknown population parameter value, what is your confidence level?

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Statistics

    The distribution of student loan amounts for students is normally distributed ranging from zero to $100,000. Use your knowledge of the Empirical Rule to approximate the standard deviation of the dataset? A) approximately $21,000 B) approximately $12,500 C)

    asked by Anonymous
  122. History

    1. Which contributed the most to San Francisco's population change? (5 points) The Gold Rush*** The Mexican-American War The Monroe Doctrine The Trail of Tears B?

    asked by #FreeGucci
  123. Pre-Calculus

    What are the holes of the function f(x) = (x^2 + 3x - 4)/(x^2 + 9x + 20)?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Math

    A trapezoid has an area of 24 square meters. The lengths of the bases of the trapezoid are 5 meters and 7 meters. What is the height of the trapezoid? (1 point) 4 meters•• 144 meters 2 meters 1 meter Correct this

    asked by Tia/Justin
  125. statistics

    Suppose the temperature of a cup of coffee is normally distributed with a mean of 142 degress F. If a cup of coffee has a z score of 1.5, which of the following is true?

    asked by PLZ HELP
  126. History

    In 1846, the population of San Francisco, California, was only 200. By 1852, the city's population was 36,000. 1. Which contributed the most to San Francisco's population change? (5 points) The Gold Rush The Mexican-American War The Monroe Doctrine The

    asked by #FreeGucci
  127. life orientation

    propose 6 practical that you can take to address human trafficking right violation of xenophobia in your community.

    asked by daniel brown
  128. Chemistry

    1. Would it be advisable to determine the freezing point of pure p-dichlorobenzene with one thermometer and the freezing point of the solution with a different one? Explain. 2. If 0.150 mole of a nonvolatile non-electrolyte solute is present in 1200g of

    asked by Allie
  129. physics 12th

    two halves of a round homogenous cyl inder are held together by a thread wrapped round the cylinder with two weights m are same.the complet cylinder has mass m1=31.4kg find minimum value of m for equlibrium of a cylinder

    asked by abhijit
  130. Social Studies

    I am doing this project where I have to write a dialogue where Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay are talking about there hopes and dreams for the future. Except when I look it up online, I get the same answers. I have done a lot of research, but can't figure

    asked by Faith
  131. Math

    Which set of output values correctly competes the function table. (y=2x-4) Input (x) 6 ? 2 ? -4 ? 1. 8,2,12. 2.8,0,12. 3.8,0,-12. 4.-8,0 12. Please give me step by step of how to solve this.

    asked by LOVE
  132. Math

    The area of a certain state (state 1) is four times the area of another state (State 2). If the sum of their areas is 25,000,000 square miles find the area of each state?

    asked by Brittnee
  133. Civics

    The United States decided to help South Korea mainly because of which of the following? A need to create more equal trade * This is the one i choose A need to keep a military base in Asia A need to keep the Soviet Union out of Asia A need to protect the

    asked by Marshall
  134. Math

    6y^2 +13y - 8

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Art History

    What idea did halos on the heads of Pichore's main subjects emphasize? 1. plentiful wisdom 2. Exceptional power 3. Divine connection 4. extraordinary creativity (My Correct answer)

    asked by Rosa Guadalupe de las Fuentes
  136. Math

    There were three questions on my homework sheet: X^2/5-8=-3 (by / I mean fraction bar) X(x-10/x)=-46 3x^2-5=7x^2-5 Also describe some work thx

    asked by Arianna
  137. Physics

    some quantity of charge is distributed uniformly over the surface of a thin walled hollow sphere of radius 0.5m. The magnitude of the field is 4.0×10^2N/C at a distance of 6.0m from the center of the sphere. Calculate the quantity of charge on the sphere

    asked by Love
  138. Math

    1. 150 + x = 300 A. 200 B. 150** C. 50 D. 190

    asked by Kathy
  139. Math

    How do you find the height and radius of a cylinder that has a volume of 26

    asked by Bleh
  140. math

    When determining the slope of a line, what is the correct way to leave the answer? For example, my problem is: Find the slope of the line passing through (-7,9) and (5, -7) After subtracting the y's and the x's,I know the slope is -4/3, but do I leave the

    asked by Carly
  141. chamistry

    formula: 2Cl- ==> Cl2 + 2e- in one experiment, the volume of chlorine gas formed was 18cm3. i) calculate the amount, in moles, of chlorine gas in 18cm3.(the volume of 1 mol of a gas at room temperature and pressure is 24000) ii) calculate the quantity of

    asked by laura
  142. Tech

    What information do you consider critical for adults to know when it comes to identity theft? What information can make an impact on how parents participate online? Use the Identity Theft resource sheet to start to develop content for your presentation.

    asked by Anonymous
  143. math

    f(x)=5x^2-3x+1 A. f(0) B. f(-4) C. f(2)

    asked by mike
  144. Language

    As which parts of speech can the multiple meaning word cry be used? 1. Noun and verb (My correct answer) 2. Noun only 3. Adjective and noun 4. Adjective only

    asked by Rosa Guadalupe de las Fuentes
  145. chemistry

    Calculate RAM of Cu and S from the percentage abundances of their isotopes Use your answers to find the RFM of Copper (II) Sulfide, Cus 63Cu- 69.1% 65Cu - 30.9% 32 Sulphur-95.0% 33 S-0.76% 34S-4.22% 35S-0.20%

    asked by vidya
  146. Chemistry

    What is the required volume in ml to prepare a liter of solution 0.1 mol of nitric acid. molar mass 63 g / mol Density 1.41 g / ml, 75% weight by weight...

    asked by Anonymous
  147. Language

    Recall that transitions are useful in showing relationships in a comparison and contrast essay. Which of the following transition shows a comparison? Although However Just as (My Correct Answer) Whereas

    asked by Rosa Guadalupe de las Fuentes
  148. Math-Geometry

    "No rush this is study material" The intersection of roads P and Q creates a 71* angle. What are the complementary and supplementary angles of his inter section? A-The complementary angle is 71* and the supplementary angle is 29* B-The complementary angle

    asked by Fieroh
  149. Math

    Jason and Mary are married taxpayers in 2015. They are both under 65. For the tax year, they have a total of $41,000 in wages and $500 in interest income. Their deductions for adjusted gross income is $5,000 and their itemized deductions equal $7,950. They

    asked by Larry
  150. Solid

    the altitude of the pyramid is 30cm and its base is enclosed by a rectangle whose dimension are 12cm by 18cm respectively. what is the distance from the vertex of a section parallel to the base whose area is 72cm^2?

    asked by Kent
  151. accouting

    On 1st September 2015, the opening balances of ABC Company were as follows: Accounts Debit $ Credit $ Cash 4,880 Accounts Receivable 3,520 Supplies 1500 Equipment 15,000 Accumulated Depreciation 1,500 Accounts Payable 3,400 Unearned Service Revenue 1,400

    asked by tani
  152. Calculus

    Which of the following integrals cannot be evaluated using a simple substitution? the integral of the square root of the quantity x minus 1, dx the integral of the quotient of 1 and the square root of the quantity 1 minus x squared, dx the integral of the

    asked by Jana
  153. chemistry

    An 11.1-g sample of CaCl2 is dissolved in 123 g water, with both substances at 24.0°C. Calculate the final temperature of the solution assuming no heat loss to the surroundings and assuming the solution has a specific heat capacity of 4.18 J/°C·g.

    asked by Zelzin
  154. science

    Why it is important to know the history of science in 300 words?

    asked by deepak
  155. algebra

    If mark put 1/3 of his pay aside for July and spends the rest which was $90.00, what was the total amount of his pay for July?

    asked by me
  156. Social Studies

    2. What happened to the price of goods in south carolina during the civil war? A- deflation caused prices to rise. B-Deflation caused prices to fall C-Inflation caused prices to rise*** D-Inflation caused prices to fall 3. Which of the following BEST

    asked by Makayla Caldwell
  157. math

    A reads a book in 4 hrs. B reads it in 6 hrs. In how much time in hrs will A have read twice the part B have read?

    asked by bishwajit
  158. geography

    express the following stetement scale as RF scale 0.5cm to represent 2metres 2cm to represent 4kilometre 2 inches to represent 1mile 1.5cms to represent 2.5kilometres

    asked by fancy
  159. Math

    Which rule matches the function graphed below? I cant post sites and I need to post my graph. 1.y = –2x (MY ANSWER) 2.y = 2x 3.y = x – 4 4.y= x + 4

    asked by LOVE
  160. math

    Are the diagonals of a parallelogram perpendicular? Why or why not? Explain. They can be, for example if in a parallelogram the two diagonals are perpendicular then the parallelogram is a rhombus

    asked by Mike
  161. algebra

    A hotel swimming pool measures 25 m by 9m. The hotel manager wants to put a 3m wide deck around the pool. Calculate the area of the deck

    asked by Joe
  162. Trig

    a road is inclined at an angle of 45degrees. After driving 300 feet along this road, find the driver's increase in altitude.

    asked by Scott
  163. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following circumstances poses the greatest benefit and challenge to economies in the region? A. lack of water B. trade with foreign nations C. dependence on oil D. growth of tourism** 2. From where did Islam spread? A. from India to Arabia

    asked by Lucie