Questions Asked on
February 6, 2016

  1. Physics

    A block of mass m = 2.00 kg is released from rest h = 0.500 m from the surface of a table, at the top of a theta = 30.0° incline. The frictionless incline is fixed on a table of height H = 2.00 m. (a) Determine the acceleration of the block as it slides

    asked by Edge
  2. English Grammar

    Prepositions 1. The examination is ____ hand. 2.The office is closed ____ the second and fourth saturday.

    asked by Ri


    asked by MOHLALA
  4. English Grammar

    Change to Affirmative 1.No man in the street came forward to help her. 2.None of them were bad. 3.Nobody was present in the family function.

    asked by Ri
  5. Spanish

    Conjugate the following irregular verbs in the simple present tense (Indicative). 6. tener (to have) yo ________________________ 7. tener (to have) nosotros ________________________ 8. venir (to come) tú ________________________ 9. venir (to come)

    asked by jake
  6. math

    The master bedroom of Julie's new apartment measures 10.5 feet by 16 feet. What is the area of the room?

    asked by Jessica
  7. statistics

    the ages of the members of a gym have a mean of 44 years and a standard deviation of 12 years. what can you conclude from Chebyshev's theorem about the percentage of gym members aged between 26 and 62?

    asked by dianne
  8. Physics

    Real world trampolines lose energy since they are damped springs with much internal friction. How much energy does the sumo wrestler lose on each bounce in this situation? Information I was given: mass=400 kg gravity=10N/kg k = 12000 N/m I also know from

    asked by Charlotte
  9. statistics

    1. Suppose you administered an anxiety test to a large sample of people and obtained normally distributed scores with a mean of 45 and a standard deviation of 4. Do not use the web calculator to answer the following questions. Instead, use the Z

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    two boats p and q are at points whose position vector are 4i+8j and 4i+3j respectively. both of the boats are moving at a constant velocity of p is 4i+j and q is 2i+5j. find the position vectors of p&q and pq after t hours, and hence express the distance

    asked by Joshua
  11. physics

    The vector position of a particle varies in time according to the expression r with arrow = 6.60 i − 9.00t2 j where r with arrow is in meters and t is in seconds. (a) Find an expression for the velocity of the particle as a function of time. (Use any

    asked by Mohammed
  12. sinusoidal functions

    State an equation of a sinusoidal graph with the following properties. The central axis is at y = 5 Two consecutive minimums are found at (3, −1) and (13, −1 find values for a,b,c and d

    asked by jordan
  13. math

    Which of the following is an example of a variable expense? A rent B groceries C wages D car insurance cant figure this out! help?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Chemistry

    Equilibrium is established between Br2(l) and Br2(g) at 25.0*C. A 250.0 mL sample of the vapor weights 0.486g. What is the vapor pressure of bromine at 25.0*C, in mmHg?

    asked by Yvette
  15. algebra

    June has $1.95 in dimes and nickels. She has a total of 28 coins. How many of each type of coin does she have?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution is composed of 7.50 g NaCl (MM = 58.44 g/mol) diluted to 0.100 L. Calculate the osmotic pressure of the solution at 298 K a. 5.83 atm b. 9.22 atm c. 18.3 atm d. 62.8 atm

    asked by Kat
  17. pysics

    The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 500g of copper from 16oc +116oc assuming the specific heat capacity of copper =400j /kgk

    asked by Damilola
  18. Physics

    A ball is projected horizontally from the edge of a table that is 1.14 m high, and it strikes the floor at a point 1.40 m from the base of the table. It's initial velocity is 2.9 m/s. How high is the ball above the floor when its velocity vector makes a

    asked by C
  19. chemistry

    . In the following reaction: Fe2O3 + 3C → 2Fe + 3CO; how many grams of C are needed to react with 16.5 g Fe2O3?

    asked by john
  20. Maths

    A pedestal is constructed in the form of frustum of a pyramid, the sides of the square ends of the frustum being 360cm and 160 cm and slant height 260cm. Find volume , lateral surface area including area of the top and the cost of construction @ rs.50

    asked by Chaitanya
  21. Math

    For each of the functions below, state the domain and range, the restrictions, the intervals of increasing and decreasing, the roots, y-intercepts, and vertices. b) f(x)=+squareroot x−2

    asked by Carter
  22. math

    A parking garage charges $K for the first hour or fraction of an hour and $2/3K for each hour thereafter. Bill parked 7 times as long as Ray. If Ray parked for 1/2 hour, Bill paid _____ times as much as Ray.

    asked by Jessey
  23. Math

    Poor Delbert has been asked to do some tiling at home. He doesn't really understand the pattern. Can you help? How many black tiles to white? (1to every 2) There are 12 tiles in the pattern. Suppose there ere 60. How many black tiles will Delbert need

    asked by Sameeha
  24. math

    Two trains started at the same time from the same station and traveled in opposite directions.One traveled at a rate of 50mph and other at a rate of 60mph.In how many hours were they 660 miles apart?I want to know if my answer is correct. 50t+60t=660

    asked by Kiki
  25. math

    An aeroplane taking off from a field has a run of 500 meters. What is the acceleration and take off velocity if it leaves the ground 10 seconds after the start ?

    asked by younis
  26. physics

    A 3.6-kg cat is sitting on the edge a merry-go-round that is spinning at 2.7 rad/s. The diameter of the merry-go-round is 5.6 m. How large is the static friction between the cat’s paws and the surface of the merry-go-round if it does not slip off?

    asked by Mary
  27. math

    31 gallons of gas cost $82.15. what is the unit rate for 1 gallon of gas

    asked by shynice
  28. math

    if the unit price for a cantaloupe cost 0.65 per pound and sally pays 1.95 for a cantaloupe how many pounds does her cantaloupe weigh? A. 2 pounds B. 3 pounds C. 4 pounds D. 5 pounds

    asked by shynice
  29. Calculus

    The fuel consumption (gallons per hour) of a car traveling at a speed of v miles per hour is c = f(v). 1) What is the meaning of the derivative f ' (v)? answer: rate of change of fuel consumption as miles go up 2) What are its units? answer: miles per

    asked by Maia
  30. math

    4 Luke can purchase a 12-pound item from several different retailers. Which of the following is the best buy? A Buy online for $15 plus pay shipping and handling costs of $0.79 per pound. B Buy online for $17 plus pay shipping and handling costs of $0.69

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Calculus

    How do I use three vertices to calculate the area of a triangle? The three vertices are (0,0), (2,1), and (-1,6). I've figured out that the equations of the lines that make up the triangle are y = -6x, y = (1/2)x, and y = (-5/3)x + 4.34ish. Now I have to

    asked by Anonymous
  32. chem 12

    1.00 mol of N2O4 and 1.00 mol of NO2 are placed in an 800 mL container. Calculate the initial concentrations of each gas. N2O4= 1.25 mol/L NO2=1.25 mol/L When equilibrium is reached, the concentration of NO2 increases by 0.50mol/L. Calculate the

    asked by George
  33. math

    If 14 out of 20 people like chocolate milk, what percent of the people do not like chocolate milk? a.5% b.30% c. 40% d.70%

    asked by shynice
  34. maths

    a bicycle wheel has a diameter of 42 many revolutions will it make to cover a distance of 13.2km

    asked by daniel
  35. Is444

    A newspaper carrier has $5.30 in change. He has ten more quarters than dimes but two times as many nickles as quarters. How many coins of each type does he has?

    asked by tony
  36. calc

    The quantity (in yards) of a certain fabric that is sold by a manufacturer at a price of p dollars per yard is Q = f(p). 1) What is the meaning of the derivative f ' (16)? 2) What are its units? 3) Is f ' (16) positive or negative? Explain.

    asked by molly
  37. master chemistry

    The rate constant of a chemical equation has increased from 0.100s^-1 to 2.70s^-1 upon raising the temperature from 25C to 45C. Find the activation energy. So far I done 3.30=(Ea/8.314)(-2.11x10^-4)

    asked by Jay
  38. Calculus

    An architect wants to design a window in the shape of a rectangle capped by a semicircle. If the perimeter of the window is constrained to be 24 feet, what dimensions should the architect choose for the window in order to admit the greatest amount of

    asked by Ethan
  39. Physics 30

    A. Calculate the net force on q2? b. calculate the net force on q3? q1= +2.0 MC q2=+3.0 MC q3=+6.0 MC q1-----30cm-----q2-----------45cm----------q3

    asked by elaine
  40. Physics 30

    calculate the netforrce on q2? calculate the net force on q3? q1=+3.0 MC q2=+3.0MC q3=-6.0MC q1-------20cm-------------q2 I I I 50 cm I I I q3

    asked by elaine
  41. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only,not women?

    asked by masoka jabulane
  42. physics

    Two 4 meter lorry cars are moving along the same direction on a straight road with a constant speeds of 70 km/hr and 90km/hr. if a passenge falls asleep when the faster car is 20m behind the slower car but wakes up after it is 20m ahead of the slower car.

    asked by Israel
  43. maths

    In triangle PQR QM perpendicular to PR, RN perpendicular to PQR, H is ortocentre of triangle PQR then PNHM is -----

    asked by sanjay
  44. physics

    a ball thrown by a boy is caught by another after 2 second soome distance away in the same level. If thr angle of projection is 30 degree, the velocity of projection will be?

    asked by shikha
  45. Math and Physic

    an egg parachute was drop at a building with a time of 7.57 sec. what is the height of the building and velocity.

    asked by Evangeline
  46. physics

    What's the solution of a body of weight 100N resting on a plane which is inclined at 30° to the horizontal with the components of the weight parallel and perpendicular to the plane?

    asked by Rose khonje
  47. Physics

    A rubber ball of mass 0.12kg is held at a height of 2.5m above the ground, and then released.

    asked by Onofiok
  48. Math

    Poor Delbert has been asked to do some tiling at home. He doesn't really understand the pattern. Can you help? How many black tiles to white?(1 to every 2) What is the proportion of black tiles to the whole pattern(1/3) What is the proportion of white

    asked by Sameeha
  49. Mathematics


    asked by Williams
  50. Maths lit, economics, lifesciences, agriculture, lifeorientation, sepedi, english

    What career would I do nd which course will I do at University?

    asked by V-mash
  51. Math

    Can you show me how to do this problem: Find the missing dimensions of triangle XYZ. The info it gives me is side X has the number 2, Side Y has the letter m , and Z has the letter n. What do I do for this?

    asked by Mary
  52. SyEd

    IUPAC name of (CH3)3.C.CH2

    asked by ZulFi
  53. Math

    Can you show or explain how to do this? Julio uses a scale of 1/8 inch= 1 foot when he paints landscapes. In one painting, a giant sequoia tree is 34.375 inches tall. How tall is the real tree?

    asked by Lenny
  54. Math

    Fehima has 4 times as many dimes as quarters.If her dimes and quarters have a value of $3.90, how many of each coin does she have?I want to know if my answer is correct. D=4(q) 0.10d+0.25q=3.90 0.10(4q)+0.25=3.90 0.40q+0.25q=3.90 65q=3.90 65 q=0.06 65q

    asked by Kiki
  55. statistics

    "using the descriptive statistics for the weight of the babies in ounces, suppose a friend of yours has given birth to a 10 pound 3 ounce baby"

    asked by Perry
  56. mathematical Literacy, Economics and Business Stud

    What career(s) can I pursue with these subjects? Please help. I am very lost.

    asked by Sharon
  57. English Grammar

    Please check if its correct Change from Positive to Negative 1.None of them were bad - All of them were good 2.Nobody was present in the funeral function -Everybody was absent from the funeral function

    asked by Ri
  58. English Grammar

    Change it to positive without changing the meaning. No man in the street came forward to help her. Should it be "Every man in the street stood where they were."??

    asked by Ri
  59. english

    Which value is reflected in Heracles ?

    asked by mike colbra
  60. Algebra

    the length of bill's backyard swimming pool is 60ft longer than the width of the pool. the surface area of the water is 1600 square feet. what is the width of the pool?

    asked by Vict
  61. physics

    A disc has a mass of 340kg, and is mounted to a frictionless axle and is free to rotate around it. Model the shape of the disc as a hollow shaft on axis where the inner and outer diameters are 600mm and 1200mm respectively. A wire is wrapped around the

    asked by Jeff
  62. Geography

    Draw a table like the one below into your exercise book. With reference to the Simple model of an ecosystem (on page 2), suggest possible ways that each of the components of an ecosystem can influence each other. Climate Vegetation Fauna Landforms &

    asked by Sara

    Pls...,need help. QUESTION=Water flows through a pipe of diameter 300mm with a velocity of 5m/s.if the coefficient of friction is given by f=(0.015)+(0.08/Re^0.3) where Re is the Reynoid number. Take kinematic viscosity of water as 0.01stoke. *Find the

    asked by Ekingdeft
  64. geography

    Suggest 2 ways people in LEDCs could prepare for an earthquake...and also suggest 2 ways people in MEDCs could prepare for earthquake...Thank you for all your help..

    asked by Damian

    How did the results of the presidential election in 1860 influence South Carolina’s decision to secede from the Union?

    asked by ^-^
  66. physics (mechanics)

    find the constant force necessary to accelerate a car of mass 1000kg from 15m/s to 20m/s in 10s against resistance of 270N ? pls show work (answer is 770N just in case to check)

    asked by sam
  67. English

    What's a good website to check writings: paragraphs? If free much better.

    asked by Eliabeth
  68. social studies help

    How did the Mexican-American War ignite a conflict over slavery between the North and the South?

    asked by KJMLNMONO
  69. Calculus with Analytical Geometry

    Find the present value (PV) of the annuity with each payment of $3500 at the end of each year for 3 years in an account that pays 6% compounded annually.

    asked by Sherianna
  70. Maths

    In a group of 60 people, 27 like cold drinks and 42 like hot drinks and each person likes at least one of the two drinks. What is the probability that a person chosen at random likes both coffee and tea?

    asked by TJ
  71. physical science

    Determine the magnitude and direction of a resultant force on 500N,200N and 300N by calculating or by accurate construction and measurement use scale 10mm=50N

    asked by mongi
  72. Algebra

    the length of bill's backyard swimming pool is 60ft longer than the width of the pool. the surface area of the water is 1600 square feet. what is the width of the pool?

    asked by Vict
  73. physics

    calculate numerical value of current in inductor resistant circuit. l=1mH r=3k (ist=1ma at t=0) i1(t=1us)in ma. i0=1ma my work. i=i0(1-e^-(t/T)) 1*10^-3(1-e^(-1/0.33) i=0.952ma this is wrong do I need to add initial current to this(1ma). why is this

    asked by bearinthewoods
  74. Math

    Please help. Julio uses a scale of 1/ 8 inch  1 foot when he paints landscapes. In one painting, a giant sequoia tree is 34.375 inches tall. How tall is the real tree?

    asked by Sal
  75. Math

    9/2 written as an integer or simplified fraction

    asked by Skylar
  76. Math

    What is the formula The value of Dave's Camaro decreased by 30%. The car is worth $14,000. What was the purchase price?

    asked by Michael
  77. Physics

    Two capacitor plates are equally and oppositely charged. They are separated by 1.30 cm. An electron is released from rest at the surface of the negative plate and, at the same time, a proton is released from rest at the surface of the positive plate. Where

    asked by Sam
  78. Math Radicals

    (2√5+3)(2√5+3)= a + b√c+d Figure out the binomial to find a,b,c,d

    asked by Chad
  79. math

    which pair of ratios can form a true proportion 9/12,5/8 25/20,16/21 6/27,2/9 7/12,10/15

    asked by shynice
  80. Physics

    Tow force are acting 50 degree apart, one of 200g grams and one of 300 gram. Fine the resultant force, its magnitude and the direction it makes with the original tow vectors

    asked by Roben
  81. Chmistry

    how to calculate ph if given contain 0.63g og hno3 pet 100 ml solution

    asked by Fofo
  82. english

    is this sentence a predicate pronounMy boyfriend became my best friend

    asked by ginger
  83. Social Studies

    How do the branches of government work together?

    asked by bopper
  84. math

    at a local sports event students paid $3.00 each and non students paid $5.00. There were 120 more students at the event than non students. if the total receipts were 2960 how many tickets of each were sold?

    asked by angel
  85. math

    Order from greatest to least 1/8,36%,0.05,0.078

    asked by shynice
  86. English

    Why I can't concentrate to write an essay? I don't want to fail the class. Please, I need help.

    asked by Eliabeth
  87. Math

    The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 36 meters.Five times the length of the base is 2 meters less than three times the length of each of the congruent sides.How long is each side of the triangle? Work- a+b+c=36. 5(b)=3(c)-2

    asked by Genell
  88. math

    Juan's father is 4 times as old as Juan.Twenty-two years from now he will be twice as old as Juan.What are their ages now? My work- 4(F)=J 22(2)=J

    asked by Gigi
  89. math

    Order from greatest to least 1/8,36%,0.85,0.078

    asked by shynice
  90. algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 19.Five times the lesser number is four more than twice the great.What are the numbers?I'm trying to figure out if my answer is correct. 5(-b+19)=4+2(b) a+b+19 -b a=-b+19 5(-b+19)=4+2(b) -5b+95 =4+2b -2b -95 -2b -7b -7b =-95 -7

    asked by Remi
  91. algebra 2

    what is the domain for x^2-2x ?

    asked by Alicis
  92. Math

    Can someone help or show me how to do this problem? On a scale drawing of a house plan the master bathroom is 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 5/8 inches long. If the scale of the drawing is 3/16 inches=1 foot, what are the actual dimensions of the bathroom?

    asked by Max
  93. Linear Algebra

    True/False question Suppose that A is a 2 x 3 matrix such that A[1, 1, 1]^t = [2, 3]^t = A[2, 3, 4]^t. Then [1, 2, 3]^t belongs to the nullspace of A. I have no idea how to start this question/what it means.

    asked by Anon
  94. Math

    Ingrid walked her dog and washed her car . She spent 3 times as much time washing her car as she did walking her dog. it took Ingrid 1 1/2 hours to wash her car .How long did it take Ingrid to walk her dog ? Equation: Variable represents:

    asked by Anonymous
  95. math

    the distance between spice island and Kay island is 3.4 inches on a map if the scale on a map is 1inch=25 miles what is the actual distance between the 2 islands? A. 28.4 miles B. 75 miles C. 85 miles D. 850 miles

    asked by shynice
  96. Do I have time

    Today is Saturday in New York my birthday is in 3 day and my report is due in three days so I have written 2 paragraph I have to write 6 I have Monday off this report is about Dr.Daniel Hale Williams I am turning 10 in the fourth grade plz tell me if I

    asked by Essence loves math
  97. Accounting 100

    a) Purchased equipment on account for $950 b) Paid $600 on equipment purchased in transaction (a) How do I post (b) to the journal?

    asked by Cami
  98. science

    a 2kg stone is dropped from the top of a 20 buliding (a) at what height does its potential energy energy equal to its kinetic energy?

    asked by richard
  99. Pre-Calculus

    f(x) = 7x^3 + 8x^2 - 3x + 8 Find f(7) using synthetic division, and list the numbers in the bottom row of the division. My answer: The numbers in the bottom row are 7, 58, 403, and 2829. The answer is 7x^2 + 58x + 403 + 2829/x - 7.

    asked by Anonymous
  100. business studies, maths lil, tourism and economics

    if i am doing these subjects what can I be pls help

    asked by Jeanette Rasilwela
  101. business studies, maths lil, economics and tourism

    Iam doing, economics, business studies, tourism and maths lil can I be a manager pls help meee

    asked by Jeanette Rasilwela
  102. Algebra

    Given the equations y=16 and y=3. Determine the slope and y-intercept if any exist. I have determined that the slope is 0 for both equations because it is a horizontal line, but I don't know what the y-intercepts are?

    asked by David
  103. maths

    the diagonal of a rectangular plot is 250m long. If the length of a side is 125m, find the angle of the diagonal makes with this side

    asked by jaya
  104. Pre-Calculus

    x = 2/7 is a root of 49x^3 - 126x^2 + 60x - 8 = 0. Factor the polynomial completely and list all real solutions. My answer: (x - 2)(7x - 2)^2 = 0 factored, and the solutions are x = 2 and x = 2/7.

    asked by Anonymous
  105. maths

    how to construct 57.5 degree angle using a ruler and a compass

    asked by Hari
  106. Spanish

    Empezar in Affirmative tu positive, negative and empezar in negative usted and ustedes commands

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Physics

    A body of mass m falls from rest through the air. A drag force D = bv^2 opposes the the motion of the body. The acceleration due to gravity is g. A) What is the initial downward acceleration of the body? B) After some time the speed of the body approaches

    asked by Lauren
  108. physics

    If you jump off a 10 meter cliff on the Moon, and the acceleration of gravity is 1.6 m/s^2. How fast are you going when your feet hit the bottom of the cliff?

    asked by Jules
  109. calculus

    How to calculate the volume of rotating object formed by the area between curve y=x^2 and y=3x which is rotating through : a. x axis b. y axis ; using skin tube methode

    asked by bruge
  110. math

    What is -(-(-8)) I believe it's -8 because of the double negative if you work inside the parentheses first?

    asked by John
  111. Verbal reasoning

    which words among the three (Rapid;jump and fly) are best opposite in to these three words: Slow;crawl and fly ?

    asked by Johnson
  112. Math

    Given the equations y=16 and y=3. Determine the slope and y-intercept if any exist. I have determined that the slope is 0 for both equations because it is a horizontal line, but I don't know what the y-intercepts are?

    asked by David
  113. chemistry

    how do i decide which stationary phase to choose if solute i want to separate is relatively non-polar??

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Math

    On an airplane there are two seats on the left side in each row and three seats on the right side. There are 150 seats altogether. Can someone help me?!

    asked by Anna
  115. Math

    If a valid time on a 12 hour time period has the hour hand and minute hand switched, how many times will that result in another valid time? I have found 11, which is when the hour hand points at the same place as the minute hand. I know there is much more,

    asked by Andre
  116. Writing

    What types of essays are there, and when do you use each one? It's an assignment.

    asked by Alie
  117. English

    I have to write an essay, but I feel that I really need help, don't know how to structure one, connections and so on. What do you suggest I need to do to start off?

    asked by Suhna
  118. Calculus (polar coordinates)

    Use polar coordinates to set up the double integral x dA, where the bounds are given by the region lying in the intersection of the 2 circles r = 2 sin (theta) and r = 2 cos theta. Thanks for any help!

    asked by Lucie
  119. math

    Tom and Burt are to take turns removing either 1 or 2 marbles from a circle. There are 7 marbles. The person selecting the last marble is the loser. If Tom goes first and each of them makes the best possible removals, then who will lose the game?

    asked by dero
  120. Physics

    A stone is dropped from the roof of a high building. A second stone is dropped 1.08s later. How far apart are the stone when the second one has reached a speed of 15.0?

    asked by Kelli
  121. physics & math

    If you jump off a 10 meter cliff on the Moon, and the acceleration of gravity is 1.6 m/s^2. How fast are you going when your feet hit the bottom of the cliff?

    asked by Jules
  122. physics

    Two capacitor plates are equally and oppositely charged. They are separated by 6.30 cm. An electron is released from rest at the surface of the negative plate and, at the same time, a proton is released from rest at the surface of the positive plate. Where

    asked by niro
  123. Social Studies

    (blank) taught that people need a strong ruler to maintain order -daoism (i picked) -legalism -buddhism -none of these

    asked by little dark one


    asked by JORGE ORDENEZA
  125. math

    A man seated on a chair has a mass of 85 kg. Known that the mans weight is distributed so the chairs back legs support twice as much as the front legs. What is the mass taken by each leg?

    asked by Daniel
  126. PHYSICS

    how far apart are two point charges of 5.0x10^-6 C and 6.0x10^-6 C if they produce an electric force on each other of 0.62 N?

    asked by elaine
  127. Physics 30

    Two point charges objects produce an electric force on each other of 3.6x10^-2 N. What is the electric force between them if the distance is increased five times?

    asked by elaine
  128. Physics 30

    A circuit with a single 25.0 omega resistor runs for 5.00 s. During this time10.0 C pass through a point in the circuit. a. What is the power rating of this circuit? b. How much energy is used?

    asked by elaine
  129. Physics 30

    The circuit has two resistors? V= 22V R= 27 Komega R=? I= 12mA

    asked by elaine