Questions Asked on
February 5, 2016

  1. us history

    A subversive is someone who is trying to overthrow or undermine a government or political system from within. With this in mind, explain what the cartoon's artist was trying to convey about American society in 1947?

    asked by cassie
  2. Science

    Hydrogen peroxide can be prepared in several ways. One method is the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, another method is the reaction between water and oxygen. Calculate the ΔG°rxn of each reaction below? 1) H2(g) + O2(g) H2O2(l) ΔG°rxn=? (in kJ)

    asked by Dan
  3. Math

    Which congruence statement says the same thing as triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DEF? (1 point) triangle ABC is congruent to triangle EFD triangle ACB is congruent to triangle DEF triangle ACB is congruent to triangle DFE•• triangle BCA is

    asked by Tala
  4. biology

    Explain the processes that take place in the stroma including the reactants going in and the products produced from these processes in (a) bright sunlight and in (b) darkness. (c) What happens over an extended period of darkness of many days? I need HELP

    asked by blah
  5. i really need help and i dont ask alot so plzz

    I NEED HELP WITH THIS its a TEST: 1. Which of Earth’s spheres contains most of its mass? (1 point) atmosphere hydrosphere geosphere biosphere 2. Erosion and weathering are examples of which types of forces? (1 point) constructive forces destructive

    asked by the girl that has no friends
  6. Math

    a rug in the shape of a regular quadrilateral has a side length of 20ft what is the perimeter of the rug? 4ft 5ft•• 40ft 80ft Correct me if I'm wrong!!

    asked by Vanessa
  7. Math

    Which statements are always true about regular polygons? Select all that apply. All sides are congruent •• Pairs of sides are parallel All angles are congruent •• All angles measure 90 degree Correct me if I'm wrong!!

    asked by Vanessa
  8. Art

    was marcel duchamp's reaction to the public outcry against his work nude descending a staircase (No.2)? Duchamp was crushed; he wanted to be accepted by the public Duchamp simply ignored the controversy and created more Art Duchamp was delighted; even

    asked by Vanessa
  9. Math

    1. Write the following reversible as a biconditional: If two perpendicular lines intersect, they form four 90* angles. A) Two intersecting lines are perpendicular if and only if they form four 90* angles. B) Two intersecting, perpendicular lines do not

    asked by Tim
  10. Statistics

    Sickle cell anemia is a genetic blood disorder where red blood cells lose their flexibility and assume an abnormal, rigid, "sickle" shape, which results in a risk of various complications. If both parents are carriers of the disease, then a child has a

    asked by Neveah
  11. physics

    Jessica stretches her arms out 0.6 m from the center of her body while holding a 2 kg mass in each hand. She then spins around on an ice rink at 1.1 m/s.

    asked by kylie
  12. Geometry

    What is the midpoint of CD given the coordinates C(-4,8) and D(8,-4)? (0,0) (2,2) (4,4)** (6,6) Am I right?

    asked by Asher
  13. Social studies

    which is the best location for farming? A( east of Jordan river B( central Syria C( southern Israel D( the coast of Lebanon

    asked by jjiiddss
  14. Art

    a viewer examines a work of art in a style he normally does not appreciate. This is an example of what kind type of action? Reluctant consideration Creative consideration Respectful consideration Practical consideration••

    asked by Steve h
  15. science

    Which of the following activities would contribute the most to global warming? -driving a solar-powered car -snowmobiling around a national park(i picked) -launching an engineless glider -trekking by horseback

    asked by ???
  16. Mathematics

    A rug in the shape of a regular quadrilateral has a side length of 20ft what is the perimeter of the rug? 4ft 5ft 40ft 80ft•• So this girl/ boy posted this question and I'm really sure they were wrong but is my answer right or wrong??

    asked by Triston
  17. Math

    Which unit would you use to measure the amount of juice in a glass? Gallons. Quarts. Pints. (MY ANSWER) Ounces.

    asked by LOVE
  18. World History

    05.06 HC)Suppose a historian wanted to argue that the Enlightenment had a more positive influence on the American Revolution than on the French Revolution. Which statement below would be the strongest evidence for the historian's view? The French

    asked by Please Help!
  19. Math

    which statement is a true statement? All rectangles are squares All squares are rectangular •• Every rhombus is a rectangle Every rectangle is a rhombus Correct me if I'm wrong!!

    asked by Vanessa
  20. math college readiness

    A ball is thrown from a height of 105 feet with an initial downward velocity of 9/fts . The ball's height h (in feet) after t seconds is given by the following. =h−105−9t16t2 How long after the ball is thrown does it hit the ground? Round your

    asked by 902
  21. Physics

    A man uses a crowbar 1.5 meter long to lift a rock weighing 600 newton. If the fulcrum is 0.50 meter from the end of the bar touching the rock, how much effort must the man apply?

    asked by Chadero
  22. World History

    Which statement supports the claim that the political philosophy of John Locke was as revolutionary as the scientific revolution of Copernicus? *****a. Just as Copernicus replaced the Earth with the Sun at the center of the solar system, Locke replaced the

    asked by Please Help!
  23. Health

    Which of the following is part of the cycle of dating violence? (Select all the apply) Period of calm Violent Episode Making up Tension-building Can someone help?!

    asked by Dahntai
  24. algebra

    Find four consecutive terms in A.P whose sum is 72 and the ratio of product of the extreme terms to the product of means is 9:10

    asked by sahil
  25. Science: Drifting Continents

    Sandstone is a sedimentary rock. Which of the following characteristics would you look for in a piece of sandstone? A) Rock has sparkly or alternating color layers that are bent or folded B) Rock has layers and smaller pieces of rock in it. It also has

    asked by TikiKiwi
  26. MATH

    Tasha earns $400 per week plus a commission of 10% on her weekly sales. Each week she saves of her earnings. In the expression , what does the expression 400 + 0.1s represent in this situation?

    asked by TEMNISTOKES
  27. science

    which of the following is a consequence of using fossil fuels as an energy source • decreased carbon dioxide levels • increased biodiversity • increased acid rain • decreased ecosystem disruption

    asked by kyran
  28. Statistics

    Achusband and wife with brown eyes who have 0.75 probability of having children with brown eyes, 0.125 probability of having children with blue eyes, and 0.125 probability of having children with green eyes. (a) What is the probability that their first

    asked by Neveah
  29. Art

    an environment artist created a piece in protest of trash. Anticipation negative public reaction, the artist decided to display the work anyway. what is the most likely reason? A. The artist believed that the purpose of the work was to stir up awareness B.

    asked by Vanessa
  30. Math

    What is the final price of a $24 sweatshirt if there is a 20% discount applied and then a 7% sales tax added?

    asked by Julie
  31. Art plz correct me!!!

    an artist places a notebook and pen in the gallery of his latest exhibition and asks viewers to leave comments about his work. he is trying to help audience members become what type of observers? Active observers Reluctant observers Passive observers

    asked by Tala
  32. Art

    An environment artist created a piece in protest of trash. Anticipation negative public reaction, the artist decided to display the work anyway. what is the most likely reason? 1. The artist believed that the purpose of the work was to stir up awareness 2.

    asked by Shown
  33. Chemistry

    A Sample of M2O3 weighing 11.205g is converted to 15.380g of MCL3, where M is the unknown metal, then what is the identity of M?

    asked by Justin
  34. Law and ethics

    A surgeon performs elective surgery on John Smith. Smith later complains to his surgeon about pain resulting from the surgery. His surgeon dismisses his complaints as not credible and eventually withdraws from the case. Smith is then treated by another

    asked by Holla
  35. Physics

    A child bounces in a harness suspended from a door frame by three elastic bands. (a) If each elastic band stretches 0.210 m while supporting a 7.35-kg child, what is the force constant for each elastic band? (b) What is the time for one complete bounce of

    asked by Bust Nuttington
  36. Math

    which polygons will always be irregular? Triangle Trapezoid•• Square Hexagon Correct me if I'm wrong!!

    asked by Vanessa
  37. Physics

    Two speakers, one directly behind the other, are each generating a 264-Hz sound wave. What is the smallest separation distance between the speakers that will produce destructive interference at a listener standing in front of them? Take the speed of sound

    asked by James
  38. Math

    The graph below shows the sales of a popular song each week it was in a Top 40 song chart. which statement most accurately describes the slope of the graph A. The sales increased by 1 hundred thousand every 2 weeks. B. The sales decreased by 1 hundred

    asked by Tala
  39. Math

    What is the final price of a textbook that costs $107.20 with an added tax rate of 6%?

    asked by Leah
  40. Calculus

    one top of a tower 50 m high is clock 3m in diameter. where a man 5 feet 6 inches stand on the ground so that he could have a possible view of the clock.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. physics

    A figure skater glides along a circular path of radius 4.70 m. (a) If she coasts around one fourth of the circle, find the magnitude of the displacement vector. m (b) If she coasts around one fourth of the circle, find what distance she skated. m (c) What

    asked by lina
  42. Surveying

    A manhole is 12 ft from the centerline of a 30-ft wide street that has a 6-in. parabolic crown. The street center at the station of the manhole is at elevation 612.58 ft. What is the elevation of the manhole cover?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. La

    What is the secret to reaching someone with words?which of the columns "concrete mixers" or "the city is so big" or "Harlem night" song best use his words to create a vision or an idea of the city for you in the paragraph state your opinion into port it

    asked by Brooke
  44. MATH

    How do you construct a perpendicular bisector

    asked by Charlie Shuler
  45. physics

    A ball is tossed from an upper-story window of a building. The ball is given an initial velocity of 7.50 m/s at an angle of 18.0° below the horizontal. It strikes the ground 5.00 s later. (a) How far horizontally from the base of the building does the

    asked by kim
  46. physics

    A charge of 16.0 nC is uniformly distributed along a thin, flexible rod of length 31.0 cm. The rod is then bent into a semicircle, evaluate the electric field strength from the centre

    asked by niro
  47. World History

    Question 16 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points) Please check: (05.05 LC)Which of the following is not considered a cause of the Enlightenment? increased availability of printed books the Scientific Revolution *******decline in the education system******** the

    asked by Jessie
  48. Social Studies

    What country, according to most canadians, has too much influence on their culture? Great Britain *** France the United States Spain

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME OUT
  49. English

    What are the reasons why boys should not help at the kitchen?

    asked by Rita
  50. math

    Two horizontal forces act on a wagon, 550N forward and 300N backwards. What force is need to produce a net force of zero? 500 N 300N -----> Object

    asked by johanna
  51. Science

    List at least three atmospheric properties that might change as you traveled from the Earth's surface to space. Temperature, gases, air pollutants?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Social Studies

    We read a article called, "The Coming of the Pink Cheeks" by Chief Kabongo and Richard Barbe Baker. The question that we have to answer is, What examples of eurocentrism and paternalistic attitudes can you find in the article?

    asked by Jess
  53. Chemistry

    Is the unbalanced reaction for copper + silver nitrate Cu + AgNO3 = Cu(NO3)2 + Ag or Cu + 2AgNO3 = Cu(NO3)2 + Ag?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    A train leaves New York at 4:00 PM a second train leaves the same city in the same direction at 6:00 PM the second train travels 24 mph faster than the first if the second tray overtakes the first at 10:00 PM what is the speed of each of the two trains

    asked by Sabri
  55. word problem math

    Hank has more money than Joe and Al combined. Joe has exactly twice as much money as Al. Al has more money than Steve. Hank has exactly four times as much money as Steve. None of the boys have more than 18tf. The total amount of money the fours boys have

    asked by dero
  56. Math

    Candy purchased the following items. •2 shirts that cost $15.00 each •1jacket that cost $28.00 she paid 4.5% sales tax on her purchase what was the total amount spent on this purchase including sales tax $55.39 $58.00 $60.61•• $44.94 Correct me

    asked by Tala
  57. general chemistry

    mercury has density of 13.53 g/mL. what is the mass of 345mL of mercury? D=13.53g/mL Mass=345mL 13.53/345=0.039217391 i just do not think i am doing this right

    asked by lisa
  58. English III (advice)

    My Assignment: Write a reflective essay in which you explore a personal experience or an event and reflect on its deeper meaning. I'm between a rock and a hard place with trying to find the perfect topic for this. I know you don't know anything about

    asked by Nirvana
  59. Chem

    For a substance to look red, describe how it interacts with white light?

    asked by Dee
  60. math

    Rochelle deposits $350 in an account that earns 6% annual interest, compounded quarterly. How much money will be in the account in 8 years? 350(1.06)^32 =2258.685339 Can anyone check what I'm doing is correct or not? Janet deposits %150 every month in an

    asked by Y
  61. math (sequence and series )

    Mr. Mensah starts a job with an annual salary of $240,every year. After working for eight years, Mr Mensah is promoted to a new post with an annual salary of $9500 which increases by $360 every year,calculate (a) Mr Mensah's salary in the fifteenth year of

    asked by Majors
  62. math (sequence and series )

    Mr. Mensah starts a job with an annual salary of $240,every year. After working for eight years, Mr Mensah is promoted to a new post with an annual salary of $9500 which increases by $360 every year,calculate (a) Mr Mensah's salary in the fifteenth year of

    asked by Majors
  63. physics

    Two capacitor plates are equally and oppositely charged. They are separated by 6.30 cm. An electron is released from rest at the surface of the negative plate and, at the same time, a proton is released from rest at the surface of the positive plate. Where

    asked by niro
  64. Converting Units in the Metric System

    Which container could hold 80,000 milliliters

    asked by zhenya
  65. math reasoning

    the library charges 5 cents for the first day and 2 cents for each additional day that the book is over due if the borrower paid 65 cents in late charges for how many days was the book overdue

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Maths

    A point A(4, k) and B(2, 4) subtend a right angle at the origin of the coordinate axes. Find the value of k.

    asked by Skyboy
  67. English, tourism, agricutural sciences ,geographyand mathematics lit

    What career or job could i do n can i go to vasity to study further with this subject

    asked by Anonymous
  68. algebra 1

    Alisha has 11 coins in her pocket. She only has quarters and dimes. The coins in her pocket add up to $2. How many quarters does she have? How many dimes?

    asked by bevin
  69. Help please? Math 141 (Pre-Cal) (Shapes)

    Hi everyone I am lost on how to do this math problem: A. You have 180 feet of fencing with which to construct a rectangular pen. What is the maximum area you can enclose? B. Going back to part A, you decide to build your rectangular pen next to a large

    asked by Gio
  70. Maths

    A plane is flying at an altitude of 880 m. Sarah is standing on the ground and she observes the angle of elevation to the plane as 67'40'. Twenty-five seconds later the angle of elevation had changed to 24'30'. (a) How far has the plane flown in that time?

    asked by Dana
  71. math

    jane gets 1/2 of a gold star each time she helps her teacher clean up the classroom after class. How many times would Jane need to help her teacher to earn 3 whole gold stars? Draw fraction. Strips to help.

    asked by Charles
  72. Pre-cal

    What is the area of triangle ABC if a = 19, b = 14, and c = 23?

    asked by sam
  73. math

    The length of a rectangular garden exceeds the width by 8 feet. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 28 feet, what are its dimensions?

    asked by tonya
  74. math

    The Sugar Sweet Company needs to transport sugar to market. The graph below shows the transporting cost (in dollars) versus the weight of the sugar being transported (in tons). there is a graph. 1. How much does the cost increase for each ton of sugar

    asked by shuluka
  75. physics

    A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of 22.0 m/s. The cliff is h = 38.0 m above a flat horizontal beach, as shown in the figure below. How long after being released does the stone strike the

    asked by lina
  76. Physics

    A uniform electric field with a magnitude of 6100 V m−1 points in the positive x direction. Find the change in electric potential energy when a +14 μC charge is moved 5 cm in the positive x direction. Answer in joules.

    asked by Peter
  77. Geometry

    Do you know how I would be able to draw figures on the computer to practice calculating perimeter and area? I want it to look like graph paper (so horizontal and vertical lines) and then make different shapes so I can practice.

    asked by John
  78. Racism Essay

    How do I start off an essay about racism? I need a topic sentence.

    asked by Matt Damon
  79. MATH

    Mr. Smith used 17 lengths of fence to enclose his gardens. He now needs 6 lengths of fence for a dog kennel. Show how he can remove 6 lengths of fence and still have 2 squares. Please help!Thanks!

    asked by VER G.
  80. Statistics

    A distribution of test scores of 600 examinees follows a normal distriburion with an everage of 80 having a standard deviation 12, how many examinees would you expect to find above a score of 100?

    asked by noel
  81. physics

    Three point charges are located away from a dot. charge 1 is 3 cm north of the dot and is 2.1 nC. Charge 2 is 5 cm east of the dot and is -5nC. Charge 3 is -10nC and is located 45 degrees northeast and 5.831 cm away from the dot. What is the net electric

    asked by niro
  82. Algebra

    Express in mathematical form using two variables(x,y) the sum of the numerator and the denominator of a fraction is greater by 1 than thrice the numerator

    asked by XYZ
  83. maths

    1)Find the cube root of 27i

    asked by henro
  84. precal

    She doesn't know the exact route to her friends house. She knows that the route is 3 blocks to the first turn, 2 blocks to the second turn and then 1 block further. She can walk east, west or north when she leaves school and the blocks are 1/8 mile long.

    asked by sydney
  85. Maths

    23. A group of people planned to contribute equally towards a water project which needed Ksh 200 000 to complete. However, 40 members of the group withdrew from the project. As a result, each of the remaining members were to contribute Ksh 2500. (a) Find

    asked by Umme-kulsum
  86. science

    2._____ clouds form at heights of 2,000 meters or less. A.Cumulus B.Cirrus C.Cirrostratus D.Altocumulus Erosion caused by waves can destroy ____. A.Rocky shorelines B.Sandy shorelines C.Beaches D.All of the above The horizontal distance between the highest

    asked by Debbie
  87. Math

    I'm having some difficulty understanding finding patterns to the nth degree. Here is my problem: -1, 1/3, 7/9, 25/27, 79/81, 241/243 I recognize the pattern in the denominators is multiplying by 3 and the pattern in the numerators is that they are two less

    asked by Anonymous
  88. math

    One cell phone plan costs $29.94 per month plus $.10 for MB of data. Another plan costs $32.99 per month plus $.05 for each MB of data. For how many MBs of data will the monthly bill for be the same for both plans?

    asked by C3P0
  89. Math

    A camera costs $175. Tia and his brother share the cost in the ratio 2:3. What is Tia's share?

    asked by Marÿsha
  90. chemistry

    I need help in the formula to calculate these types of problems 125ml of 0.43M of HCl + 17ml of 1.8M HCl Calculate the concentrations of solutions resulting from the mixture

    asked by michelle
  91. algebra

    Find the x- and y-intercept of the line. -7/5x -4y = 7 A. x -intercept is -7/4; y-intercept is 5 B. x -intercept is 5; y-intercept is 7/4 C. x -intercept is 5; y-intercept is -7/4 D. x -intercept is -5; y-intercept is -7/4

    asked by Nyah
  92. algebra 2

    you saved $25000 to buy a new car in time for graduation in 2020. in 2010 you invested in a certain amount of your savings in a blue chip stock that yields 5% interest compounded monthly. find out much money you started with before you saved enough to buy

    asked by uyen
  93. Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of pure water at 10C is 9.2 torr. How many grams of MgCl2 would you need to add to 500 mL of water to drop the vapor pressure to 8.0?

    asked by Andrew Smith
  94. science

    co2 +H2o=c6H12o6+6H2o+6O2 in this reaction what is the reoxidation number of glucose

    asked by Shovro
  95. Physics

    What would the experimental value of g be if the slope of the graph represents 1/2 g and the equation is y=5.00x-.0109639087

    asked by Taylor
  96. Calculus

    y = f(x) = x^2 - 3 x (a) Find the average rate of change of y with respect to x in the following intervals. from x = 2 to x = 3 Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. from x = 2 to x = 2.5 Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. from x = 2 to x = 2.1 Incorrect:

    asked by Anonymous
  97. agric*life science*geography n maths literacy.

    hi there! my question is which job of my subjects ?

    asked by rowlievhuwa
  98. Math

    Systems of equations with different slopes and different y-intercepts have more than one solution. A. Always B. Sometimes C. Never I think it's B.

    asked by Kinu
  99. pysics

    A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of 16.0 m/s. The cliff is h = 25.0 m above a flat horizontal beach, as shown in the figure below. How long after being released does the stone strike the

    asked by lisa
  100. US History

    What role did the media play in the development of popular thinking related to the Spanish-American War? What is the correct role of news media in war time?

    asked by Anthony
  101. physics

    A brick is thrown upward from the top of a building at an angle of 35° to the horizontal and with an initial speed of 15 m/s. If the brick is in flight for 2.7 s, how tall is the building?

    asked by lisa
  102. Chemistry

    Explain how conc. H2so4 catalysis the speed of the reaction between salicylic acid and acetic anhydride.

    asked by Alki
  103. Physics

    A person rides a motorbike 145 m along a road that slants upward at 4.5 o from the horizontal. How much higher will the rider be at the end of the trip? How far has the rider gone in the horizontal direction?

    asked by Edwin
  104. Math

    How do you DO THIS? 4+8+12+16+20... +392+ 396+ 400?

    asked by lucas
  105. Math.

    George has 2 quarters, 2 dimes and 2 nickels. Using at least one of the 6 coins, how many different amounts of money can he make?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. chemistry

    what is the mass of an empty 75 mm test tube?

    asked by anonymous
  107. algebra

    simplify by removing factors of 1: 2p^2+10p+12/4p^2-4p-48

    asked by mel
  108. chemistry

    what is the bond order of oxygen

    asked by kidist
  109. Math, Help me check my answers

    I took a screen shot of my answers can u tell me if i am right ht tp:/ /prntscr.c om/9zmlo2

    asked by ..........
  110. physics

    There is a thin rod of length L. The top half of the rod has a charge +Q, and the bottom half of the rod has a charge -Q. Evaluate the electric field E at a distance r = 7.40 cm if L = 7.30 cm and Q = 3.50 nC

    asked by niro
  111. English

    When referring to an entire class body, such as 500 students, is it correct to say freshmen or freshman?

    asked by Anonymous

    OK SO ALL I NEED IS LITTLE HELP ok resources led to the appearance of the industrial revolution in new england. i know its coal and wood and water i just need help explaining how i got the answer.... i will be your gf for hw long you want and i will love

    asked by the girl that has no friends
  113. Math

    Use Newtons Method to find 13^(1/4) correct to four decimal places. I know the formula X_(n+1)= X_n - [f(X_n)]/[f'(X_n)]. I am not sure how to go on from there. I made the equation into y=X^(1/4), but I can't seem to figure out how to go on. Please help?

    asked by Betty
  114. Physics

    What would the percent error of the experimental value of g be if the accepted value is 9.8 m/s^2? The slope equation is y=.5001430132x-.0109639087

    asked by Taylor
  115. Physics

    How do you calculator the percent error from a graph?

    asked by Taylor
  116. Complex number

    Express square root of(1-i/1+i) in form of a+bit where a and b are real numbers

    asked by henro
  117. S.E.U

    The area A of a triangle with base b and height h is given by A= 1/2 bh. Find the area when b= 22 m (meters) and h= 26 m. The area is ??? m2

    asked by loda
  118. shuluka

    hw w ogebv vbvobs osb vqph qhf bv bvbo?

    asked by shuluka
  119. Entrepreneurship

    successful selling methods appropriate for bakery business.

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  120. math

    a recipe calls for 5/7 cup of granola. how much is needed to make half the recipe.(1/2)(5/7)= 5/14 Is this correct?

    asked by andy
  121. Economics

    Which of the following is an advantage of a sole proprietorship? A. It is easy to expand if it succeeds. **** B. It faces few government rules. C. It is easy to get financing to start one. D. It has the lowest federal income taxes.

    asked by Nirvana
  122. Science help please

    Hello i need some help with this science project please. How long would it take to get to mars if i'm travel 600 miles per hour. Thanks :)

    asked by Meah
  123. Science

    The stage of viral replication in which the viral nucleic acid is released inside the cell is ?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Physics

    A man goes 123km North and then 123km to south.what is his displacement?

    asked by Lechisa
  125. math

    Sam buys 2 adult tickets and 3 child tickets for $44.40.John buys 3 adult tickets and 6 child tickets for $78.How much does a child ticket and adult ticket cost?

    asked by Julian
  126. Physical Education

    Describe the Cooper's 12 minute-run test. (4 marks)

    asked by Tiegan
  127. Physical Education

    Explain the term 'target zone' and 'training thresholds', and how they should be used.

    asked by Tiegan
  128. Physical Education

    Explain two physical reasons why players should warm up before playing sport.

    asked by Tiegan
  129. Solving Two-Step Inequalies (Math)

    solve -x + 6 > - (2x + 4).

    asked by Roxy
  130. Art

    What is a Neoclassical economist characteristics of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello? Monticello is based on a complex, asymmetric plan. Monticello contains columns, porticoes, and domes used in Roman architecture. Monticello is constructed with many fanciful

    asked by Arianna
  131. Physics

    I drop an object from a height of 500.0 m. How long does it take to hit the ground?

    asked by JR
  132. R.e.

    What Does It Mean That “the Word was made Flesh?” Thank you very much ..

    asked by Damian
  133. Linear Algebra

    Hi, If it asks you to create a 3x3 matrix that spans R^3 so that there is a solution for every b, how do I go about choosing numbers to be in the matrix? Thanks.

    asked by Kylo Ren
  134. Chemistry

    1,15g of a non-volatile compound is dissolved in 75,0g of benzene. The boiling point of the solution 0,125ºC has a value greater than the corresponding pure benzene. Calculate the molecular weight of the compound.

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Physics

    Calculate the distance travelled by a car with a velocity of 30m/s and it increase its speed to 60 m/s in 2 hours.assume acceleration is constant.

    asked by Grace perez
  136. Mat

    How u find surface area of each figure to the nearest whole number 4in 4in 2in?

    asked by Asia
  137. genetics

    1) Which of the following is a characteristic of RNA splicing in Eurkaryotes? a) Exon/intron boundaries are typically characterized by a 5' GU splice junction and a 3' AG splice junction. b) After splicing occurs, the U1, U2, U5, U6 snRNP complex removes

    asked by Zac
  138. history

    how did farming in the northeast differ from that in the south

    asked by xavier
  139. Calculus

    What is the derivative of f^3(g(x)) where both are continuous functions? I used chain rule and got 3f^2(g(x))f'(g(x))g'(x) but it is not right.

    asked by Andre
  140. Math

    What's eighteen and fourteen thousands in standard form?

    asked by Amy
  141. Maths

    the sides of my rectangle are in a ratio 1:3. my rectangle is scaled up by a factor of 4. what is the length of my new rectangle, shown below?

    asked by Yuvraj
  142. commerce

    Why is planning a mental exercise?

    asked by Nikhat zaka
  143. algebra

    Solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. Express the solution set in interval notation x^3+x^2+16x+16>0 What is the solution set? (Type your answer in interval notation.) Mike

    asked by MIKE
  144. system of equations

    Suppose you are organizing a social. Let a be the fixed cost and b be the cost per person.Suppose you know it costs $1300 for 30 people and $2200 for 80 people. (a) Set up a system of (two) equations in terms of a and b:

    asked by draven
  145. algebra

    Find the equation of a line that is parallel to the line y = −3x and contains the points (9,−4). Nicola

    asked by nicola
  146. algebra

    Find the midpoint of the line segment joining the points P1 and P2 P1= (5,2) P2= (-4,3) tom

    asked by tom
  147. algebra

    Find the distance d (P1, P2) between the points P1 and P2 P1 = (−4, 4) ; P2 = (1, 6) wayne

    asked by wayne
  148. math

    Find the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the line y = 1/4x + 5 and contains the point (-6, 0) Susan

    asked by Sue
  149. math/algebra

    Solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. Express the solution set in interval notation x^3+x^2+16x+16>0 What is the solution set? (Type your answer in interval notation.) shannon

    asked by shannon
  150. Hydraulics and hydrology

    Please i need help. QUESTION=Water flows through a pipe of diameter 300mm with a velocity of 5m/s.If the coefficient of friction is given by f=(0.015/1) + (0.08/RE^0.3). Where Re is the Reynoid number. Take kinematic viscosity of water as 0.01stoke. *Find

    asked by Ekingdeft Omamode
  151. Calculus

    Using the definition of the derivative, find the equation of the tangent line to y=2x-1/2 at (1/2,-1) Thanks!!

    asked by Sarah
  152. chemistry

    What are the names of Calcium in its ionic form the relationship of that element, in its ionic form, with our health? I understand calcium chloride is ionic form of calcium but the others what are others that have a relationship with our health?

    asked by Anonymous