Questions Asked on
January 23, 2016

  1. Calculus

    Suppose that 5 J of work is needed to stretch a spring from its natural length of 28 cm to a length of 36 cm. (a) How much work is needed to stretch the spring from 32 cm to 34 cm? (Round your answer to two decimal places.) (b) How far beyond its natural

    asked by Kaitlyn
  2. calc 1

    If a ball is thrown in the air with a velocity 46 ft/s, its height in feet t seconds later is given by y = 46t − 16t2. (a) Find the average velocity for the time period beginning when t = 2 and lasting 0.5 second 0.1second 0.05 second 0.01 second i tried

    asked by feather
  3. Algebra

    The back of George's property is a creek. George would like to enclose a rectangular area, using the creek as one side and fencing for the other three sides, to create a pasture. If there is 300 feet of fencing available, what is the maximum possible area

    asked by Cruz
  4. Related Rates

    Sand is falling into a conical pile at the rate of 10 m3/sec such that the height of the pile is always half the diameter of the base of the pile. Find the rate at which the height of the pile is changing when the pile is 5 m. high. h= r=5 V=

    asked by Dimple
  5. Math

    How many gallons of water should be added to raise water level 2 inches in a 40 x60 feet pool

    asked by Bbanks
  6. Calc 1

    The point (1,0) lies on the curve y=sin(10π/x). A) if Q is the point (x,sin(10π/x), find the slope of the secant line PQ. Points are 2,1.5,1.4,1.3,1.2,1.1,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,0.9 Do slopes appear to be approaching a limit? There is no 10π/x on the unit

    asked by Feather
  7. Math

    Question: Name a fraction between 1/4 and 5/16

    asked by Rick
  8. Physics

    A proton is released from rest inside a region of constant, uniform electric field E1 pointing due North. 14.8 seconds after it is released, the electric field instantaneously changes to a constant, uniform electric field E2 pointing due South. 8.07

    asked by Joe
  9. Physics

    A student drops a lead ball 4" in diameter from the top of a large live oak tree. As the ball is falling, a bird flies under it, slowing the ball's velocity to 30 feet/sec. Two seconds later the ball strikes the ground. What is the coefficient of friction

    asked by Johnny
  10. Chemistry

    6g of metal M react completely with 23.66g of chlorine to form 29.66g of the metallic chloride. Find the empirical formula of the metallic chloride. (M=27,Cl=35.5)

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Astronomy

    "If the Sun were magically replaced with a giant rock that had precisely the same mass, Earth’s orbit would not change. Explain why not." I'm a little confused as to how to answer this. Is it because Earth doesn't orbit the exact center of the sun.

    asked by mc
  12. Observation of children

    A child who has not developed a secure attachment with you.

    asked by Dill
  13. geography

    What are three characteristics that mid-latitude cyclones have in common with all cyclones?

    asked by melissa


    asked by WASEEM
  15. Math

    Simplify the following ratio. Use values in terms of the smaller measurement units. 4 cups to 5 pints

    asked by Kill Aura
  16. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up at 24.0 m/s. Ignore the effects of air resistance in your calculations.After 2.00 s?

    asked by Kayla
  17. History

    17. In the 1910s, segregation of the Chinese in Oakland, California was _____________. A. illegal B. carried out by vigilantes C. a matter of preference among the Chinese D. the results of "white only" zoning laws E. legal It says "During the 1910s the

    asked by Anonymous
  18. History

    19. Many small business owners in South Central Los Angeles are _______________. A. Korean B. White C. Hispanic D. Black E. Pakistani B?

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by WASEEM


    asked by WASEEM
  21. math

    Add .003, 265.8, 83.04, 1972 in decimal form

    asked by latondra
  22. Math 3rd Grade

    Toddrick has a photo album. Some pages have one photo on them, and other pages have two photos on them. If Toddrick has 9 photos, how many different ways can he put in the album?

    asked by Tsamg
  23. algebra

    For the following sequences whose nth terms are given, write down the first six terms of each (a) 4n-1 (b) n3 (c) 5-2n (d) (-1)N *n (e) (n +1)2 (f) n¦ n+2 Thank you, Sir

    asked by hussaini
  24. Economics

    Why do you think this country has been on recession over the years, irrespective of the number of great Economists in the country. Why didn't they prevent the recession in the first place? I think the fear of failure in forecast was a contributing factor.

    asked by Tessy
  25. History

    15. In the Sub-Saharan realm, ___________ remains the rule rather than the exception. A. male dominance B. female dominance C. no dominance by gender D. dominance of older members of society E. none of the above What does the qustion mean

    asked by Anonymous
  26. math

    Can somebody solve this system of euation :2^x+3^y=17 2^x+2+3^y+1=5

    asked by Akbar
  27. Science

    Sometime ago Ununseptum was discovered. However, why was element 117 not considered an element at that time?

    asked by Aster Calico
  28. Science

    An airplane from rest accelerates on a runway at 5.50 m/s2 for 20.25s until it finally takes off the ground. What is the distance covered before take off?

    asked by Jonna mae
  29. Math

    1. Find the midpoint AB. Point be is located at (6,6) and point A is located at (-3,-3). There's a straight line connecting them. A) (4.5, 4.5) B) (1.5, 1.5) C) (3,3) D) (2,2) Is the answer D?

    asked by Tim
  30. science


    asked by piyush
  31. math

    A bag contains 15 green ,12 red, 11 blue,10, yellow,8 black and 4 white balls what is the minimum number of balls that at least 9 balls of the same color are there

    asked by Anonymous
  32. maths

    A group of visitors paid a total of $380 for entrance tickets to a zoo. The entrance ticket for a childs cost $4. The entrance ticket for an adult cost twiceas much. If there were 10 more adults than children, how many adults were there.

    asked by anisah
  33. chemistry

    A 43.20 mL sample of 0.3260 M sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is required to react completely with 36.70 mL of a phosphoric acid (H3PO4) solution. What is the molarity of the phosphoric acid solution?

    asked by T
  34. maths

    The number 8100 can be factorised as a2×b4×c. What is the value of (a+b)? With method

    asked by sanjay
  35. Maths whole number.

    A group of visited paid a total of $380 entrance tickets for a zoo. The entrance ticket for a child cost $4. The entrance ticket for an adult cost twice as much. If there were 10 more adult the childrens, how many adult were there?. My workout 1 chlid -$4.

    asked by Viperhayati
  36. English assignment

    How do I start off an essay about racial inequality?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. s

    , what would be the pH of a solution of 0.1 M acetic acid and 1 M sodium acetate if the pKa for acetic acid is assumed to be 4.74?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. math

    find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle, the other tow sides of which measure 9 cm and 12 cm.

    asked by Abhay
  39. History

    20. Most of the workers in maquiladoras are _____________. A. immigrants B. young females C. young males D. unionized E. children B

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Maths

    I am thinking of a number. I multiply it by 8 and add 15. I get the same answer if I multiply by 2 and add 81.

    asked by Meg
  41. Chemistry

    A carbohydrate P contains 40% carbon,6.67% hydrogen.If P has a relative molecular mass of 60.Determine it; 1)Empirical formula 2)molecular formula [H=1,C=12,O=16]

    asked by Aanu
  42. Math

    Can you explain this: For my math problem 23 4/7 divided 4 it says to estimate. What do I do?

    asked by Sam
  43. Algebra


    asked by Sham
  44. math

    A circular flower bed is surrounded by a path 4m wide . the diameter of the flower bed is 66m . what is the area of this path

    asked by teju
  45. Sta 112

    This is my question every one . Please help me have it already I had 6 as my answer. In a class of 50 student 28,22,20 of them offer physics,chemistry and biology respectively also 4 of them offer physics and chemistry but not biology,3 offer physics and

    asked by Anonymous
  46. maths

    I am a two digit no. If you subtract my second digit from my first digit the difference is 6. (i.e. 9-3= 6 or 8-2=6 or 7-1=6) The product of my digit is 0. What number am I? Could you please answer it as I did not understood the meaning of product of my

    asked by ray
  47. math

    A circular flower bed is surrounded by a path 4m wide . the diameter of the flower bed is 66m . what is the area of this path

    asked by Anonymous
  48. English & Composition

    I need help with writing a topic sentence that briefly but accurately takes into context the quote below. This is a long quote so its difficult to make a topic sentence that deems appropriate in the sense of Allusion D. Topic Sentence Three (Allusion) :

    asked by Jamie
  49. maths

    there are two taps, the small one uses forty five minutes to fill a tank and the big one uses thirty minutes to do the same how many minutes will the tank be filled when the two taps were opened at the same time to fill the same tank.

    asked by de lover
  50. Math

    For my math problem seven tenths exceeds seven thousandths by what number would I subtract seven tenths from seven thousandths (0.7- 0.007) or subtract seven thousandths from seven tenths. (0.007-0.7)

    asked by Saul
  51. Social studies

    Can someone make me a fractured fairy of Cinderella. Exposition? Initial incident? Rising Action? Climax? Resolution? THANK YOU.

    asked by Dj
  52. math

    the supplement of an angle is 20 degrees less than 3 times its complement. find the ratio of the supplement to the complement.

    asked by hannah
  53. Chemistry

    concentration of ammonium chloride produced when 21.0 mL of 11.9 M HCL and 18.0mL of 7.50M NH3 are mixed?

    asked by Trevor
  54. Math

    file:///G:/STAAR-G7-2014Test-math.pdf please help

    asked by Harleen
  55. math

    R,O,C,A are the midpoints of the sides of the rhombus DJSB. if DJ= 16 sq rt of 2 cm and d=120 degrees, what is the perimeter of ROCA?

    asked by jana
  56. algebra

    ``if Tn =2- 3 which term of sequence is. (a) - 43 (b) - 82 (c) 91''.

    asked by Habu
  57. algebra

    In a sequence given by Tn = a + b bn the 6th and 13th terms are 22 and 71 respectively. Find the values of a and b.

    asked by Habu
  58. Algebra

    (x-2)+1/x+1 is a fraction it equals 2/3.find x and the fraction

    asked by Sham
  59. math

    in triangle abc, a line parallel to AC intersects at AB at D and BC at E . If db is 6, ad is 2 and bc is 24, find de if ab and bc include a 60 degree angle

    asked by vhena
  60. algebra

    In a sequence given by Tn = a + b bn the 6th and 13th terms are 22 and 71 respectively. Find the values of a and b.

    asked by hussaini
  61. arthmetic sequence

    the third of an arithmetic sequence is 14 and the ninth tern is -1. Find the first four terms of the sequence.

    asked by antonia
  62. Physics 30

    A system containing a frictionless pulley is described in the diagram on the right (the 2.0 kg box is on the floor while the 3.0 kg box is 0.5m high) . If this system is released, what will be the momentum of: A. the 2.0 kg box when the 3.0 kg box hits the

    asked by Mona
  63. Maths

    the scale of a map is 1:20000. Find the length of a road in real life it is 6 cm long on the map

    asked by Tim
  64. Intro to Paralegalism I

    In what state a person may take the bar examination without a formal legal education?

    asked by beth
  65. Maths

    It takes 3 artists 24 days to paint a building. Calculate how long it will take 6 artists to paint the building if they work at the same rate

    asked by Chantell
  66. Math

    Mrs. Alvarado gets a raise that increases their income to $6,500 a month. Their mortgage stays the same. What percent of their monthly income do they now spend on the mortgage? Some things to know: Mrs. Alvarado's income before the raise was 6,000 dollars.

    asked by Light
  67. math

    marcel is standing 5 meters away from a street light. he is 2 meters tall and the light is 6 meters high. how long is marcel's shadow?

    asked by margoth
  68. Maths

    The scale of a map is 1:500. Find the length of a road in real life if it is 6cm long on the map

    asked by Jack
  69. Math

    How do you find a measure of a triangle?

    asked by smart1111
  70. physics

    A ball is thrown straight up at 20.0 m/s. How fast is the ball moving after 2.00 s?

    asked by elli
  71. Chemistry

    concentration of ammonium chloride produced when 21.0 mL of 11.9 M HCL and 18.0mL of 7.50M NH3 are mixed?

    asked by Trevor
  72. Math

    What is the simple interest on Rs.4500 from January 5 to May 31 at 8% per annum?

    asked by Gobinda
  73. History

    Where is the natural resource located in Canada and/or the United States? I am stuck on this and I need some help.

    asked by Frankie
  74. Pre-Algebra Calculus

    NEED HELP PLEASE Mixture Problems 1.Joe created a metal containing 40% platinum by combining two other metals. One of these other metals weighed 12 lb. and contained 45% platinum. If the other weighed 3 lb. then what percent of it was platinum? 2. 12 gal.

    asked by michele
  75. Physics 30

    A system containing a frictionless pulley is described in the diagram on the right (the 2.0 kg box is on the floor while the 3.0 kg box is 0.5m high) . If this system is released, what will be the momentum of: A. the 2.0 kg box when the 3.0 kg box hits the

    asked by Mona
  76. Physics

    A pickup truck (2268 kg) and a compact car (1100 kg) have the same momentum. If the same horizontal net force were exerted on both vehicles, pushing them from rest over the same distance, what is the ratio of their final kinetic energies? (ratio: truck to

    asked by random guy
  77. Math

    Find the discount or intrest to the nearest cent. $500 television, 15% off

    asked by Amy
  78. Operations

    what does this mean please help .Does their facility location reflect their global strategy?

    asked by Jeremiah
  79. Chemistry

    At stp 10 liters of N2 contains the same total number of molecules as how many liters of He.

    asked by Matheus
  80. Operations

    Could someone what do they mean by this question please.How does their work force reflect their global strategy?

    asked by Rose
  81. math

    Ms. Sue I have a question. For this math problem: Name a fraction between 1/4 and 5/16 how do I do that

    asked by Anonymous
  82. maths


    asked by nick
  83. Birthday

    Today is my daughters birthday .Thank you for helping her with her homework.Thank you Ms.Sue aslo she really like you, her name is Kaylah.

    asked by Julie
  84. Math

    So is this correct for this question: Name a fraction between 1/4 and 5/16 1/4, 8/32, 5/16

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math

    For this question 3/4% of 75 would I change 3/4 to a decimal and put it over 100?

    asked by Fred
  86. Chemistry

    Name the element that has a density of 4.700 g/mL at STP

    asked by Leila
  87. physics

    The weight of a solid in air is four times greater than the weight of solid in water. Find its weight of which solid in water if it has relative density is 64.

    asked by Jefferson
  88. Math

    So would it be this: 1/4, 9/32, 5/16

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    Im stuck on this question of b) and c),i already got a) which is as it can be the distance k can be given as k=squareroot d^2+(10+x)^2 Suppose a ship is sailing at a rate of 35km/h parellel to a straight shoreline. The ship is 10km from shore when it

    asked by Tamar
  90. Math

    Is this the answer to 3/4% of 75: 0.5625

    asked by Fred
  91. physics

    John pushes on a 400 kg refrigerator with a force of 800 N. While sliding a friction force of 300 N acts on the refrigerator. What is the acceleration of this refrigerator?

    asked by vincent
  92. Math

    On the graph of f(x)=2sin(6πx), points P and Q are at consecutive lowest and highest points with P occuring before Q. Find the slope of the line which passes through P and Q.

    asked by Cameron
  93. Math

    Can you help me? My math problem is: 23 4/7 divided by 4 and it says to estimate. What do I do?

    asked by Sam
  94. Chemistry

    A mass of 0.100 mg TIOH is mixed with 174 ml of pure water. Calculate the pH of this aqueous solution?

    asked by Kelly
  95. Science

    How to find the amount of diploid cells, haploid number of chromosoems, and number of autosomes

    asked by Anonymous
  96. physics

    A 400N weight is sitting on a piston. The diameter of the piston is 8 cm. How much pressure does the weight exert on the piston?

    asked by sabrina
  97. maths

    if aman sells an artcile for Rs 1600 he inesures a loss equal to the profit if he sells that artcile for Rs2000.find the cp of that artcile

    asked by anusha
  98. statistics

    Identify the conditions of the independent variable , the dependent variable , their scales of measurement , which measure of central tendency and variability to compute and which scores you would use in the computation . We test whether participants laugh

    asked by pam
  99. English

    Help!!!! I need a sample of English formal letter. immediate plzzzzz

    asked by Ali
  100. english

    can anybody can write a creative story not bookish easy on the topic honesty is the best policy

    asked by nida
  101. History

    Did president Truman make the right decision by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan? Write details into your answer about lives saved or lives lost,alternative decisions, and the USA being the only country to ever use atomic weapons. (USE THREE DETAILS)

    asked by Anonymous
  102. none

    anybody can help me in studies

    asked by nida
  103. Writing

    You know how there is muggle and mundane, representing humans who do not know of specific worlds? Well, I need a word representing humans who don't know about a world called "Enchantrum". -Make sure the name is magical. Thank You! :)

    asked by Royal
  104. science

    Which of the following factors is the most likely explanation for an energy deficit that results in exercise-induced exhaustion. A.Insufficient protein production B.Insufficient mitochondrial function. C.Impair urea elimination. D.Absence of oxygen

    asked by Tessy
  105. Science

    In a vacuum the coloured particles would move very quickly... why did they move so much more slow in your solutiin.

    asked by Davian mullings
  106. math

    compare the models for 1/3 and 2/6. How does the number of parts relate to the size of the parts.

    asked by A
  107. Science

    New seafloor rock is continually being formed at mid-ocean ridges and old seafloor rock is continually removed at ocean trenches. If the rock on the continents compare with the age of the oldest rocks on the seafloor ?

    asked by SHABRAELNN
  108. math

    the product of ritas savings and 2 is 36

    asked by billly
  109. PHYSICS

    Do the mass of a body determine the gravity they possess(sun)

    asked by STEVIUM
  110. Physics

    Car A travelling at 13 m/s [N] is 190m behind car B which is travelling at 9.0 m/s [N]. At this moment car A starts to accelerate at 6.0 m/s^2 [N] to catch up with car B. After 1.0s, car B also starts to accelerate at 2 m/s^2 [N]. How long will it take car

    asked by jerry
  111. science

    Large craters are visible on the moon but not common on the earth's surface. Which of the following is the beady explanation of why large craters are not evident in the earth's surface in photos taken from space. A.three quarters of the earth's surface is

    asked by Tessy
  112. History

    5. Residential segregation in the United States today is _______________. A. the result of restrictive state and local laws B. increasing C. decreasing D. a phenomena which has virtually disappeared E. unchanged from the 1960s What does A mean

    asked by Anonymous
  113. History

    6. In New York, Puerto Ricans moved into the Jewish neighborhood of East Harlem (Bronx) and assumed a dominant presence in the neighborhood. This process is best described as: A. succession B. residential segregation C. racism D. immigration E. recession

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Science

    It has been hypothesized that chloroplasts originate from photosynthetic cyanobacteria that became symbiotic inside a host cell.Which of the following observations provides the strongest evidence for this suggestion. A. Microscopically, chloroplasts appear

    asked by Tessy
  115. History

    8. We think of the border region between the United States and Mexico as being an Anglo-Hispanic meeting point, but one of the largest groups of _____________ in Mexico can be found just outside the city of Mexicali. A. Germans B. Japanese C. Chinese D.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. English

    I am given this topic to write an essay on..."Do we overprotect our young people or is our young people becoming prematurely tough?" but I have no idea what to write and how to start.

    asked by Crayoron
  117. History

    10. Many geographers, such as Elder, Knopp, and Nast, refer to theories that explain or inform our understanding of sexuality and space as........ A. queer theory B. heteronormative theory C. gender studies D. spatial theory E. modernization theory A

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Math

    1.The number of apples, a, is 6 less than half the number of pears, p. Write an expression that represents the number of apples in terms of the number of pears. 2.Which equation can be used to solve the following word problem? Jason has 4 more nickels than

    asked by Anonymous
  119. History

    11. Groups in Northern Ireland and gangs in major U.S. cities create “exclusive” areas by....... A. government programs B. street names C. Jim Crow laws D. graffiti demarcating territories E. religious laws C?

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Physics

    Hail forms high in the atmosphere and can be accelerated to a high speed before it reaches the ground. Estimate the terminal speed of a spherical hailstone that has a diameter of 2.8 cm. Hint: The mass of a piece of hail that has a volume of 1 cm3 is about

    asked by Kirsten
  121. Physics 30

    A frictionless pulley (a 2.0 kg is on the floor while the 3.0 kg is 0.5m high) . when released, momentum of the 2kg is?

    asked by Mona
  122. Chemistry

    16.6ml of a solution is run into an empty flask. the mass of the flask is 145.0 g. the mass of the flask plus solution is 158.5 g. what is the density of the solution?

    asked by Gabby
  123. math

    Please help solve 0.3x -1=0.2

    asked by mary
  124. trig

    In a certain right triangle, the two sides that are perpendicular to each other have lengths h = 4.40 m and b = 8.70 m. What is the length of the third side of the triangle?

    asked by jojo
  125. Physics

    A car starts from rests and accelerates at a rate of 4 feet per second squared. How far does the car travel in 10 seconds?

    asked by Robin