Questions Asked on
January 15, 2016

  1. Math

    write a ratio the situation in three ways comparing the first quantity to the second quantity. A zoo has 14 monkeys and 18 chimpanzees. A. 18 to 14, 18:14, 18/14 B. 14 to 28, 14:28, 14/28 C. 18 to 14, 14:18, 14/18 D. 14 to 18, 14:18,14/18••

    asked by Estephania

    1.A marble structure has been repaired and is ready for display. Which two specialists might work together to create written information tags for the display? A. Conservator and archaeologist B. archaeologist and curator C. curator and art historian**** D.

    asked by #LOVE#
  3. Health

    1. You witness 2 of your classmates yelling at each other in a heated argument. This is an example of A. conflict** B. harassment C. bullying D. learned emotion 2. _______ is the use of threats or physical force to intimidate or try to control another

    asked by Scarlette
  4. Math

    Write 16/75 as a percent. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent. 21.3% 2.13% 4.7% 59%••

    asked by Estephania
  5. Math

    Write 15% as a decimal 1.5 0.15•• 0.015 0.0015 Write 5.6 as a percent 56% 5.6% 560%•• 0.56% Write 0.5% as a fraction 1/2•• 1/20 1/200 1/500 Write 3 3/5 as a percent 360% 335%•• 36.0% 33.5%

    asked by Estephania
  6. Math

    The table shows the results of rolling a number cube labeled one through six 50 times. Number Rolled Frequency 1 7 2 9 3 11 4 6 5 9 6 8 1. What is the experimental probability of rolling a 3? 0.11 0.22 0.30 ** 0.27 2. Based on the experimental probability,

    asked by Friendly
  7. languege

    The speaker in I'm Nobody regards fame as A( a good thing B( the American dream C( a bad thing D( a reward for hard work poem by Emily !@#$%^&inson

    asked by Anonymous
  8. history

    1.The bicameral organization of the Georgia legislature consists of ___ a. the House and Senate. b. the Supreme Court and the governor. c. districts and apportionment. d. senior and junior members.**** 2. Which of the following are true statements about

    asked by please help
  9. Math

    write 3 16/25 as a percent 3.64% 3.80% 364%••• 380%

    asked by Estephania
  10. Math

    A school has an equal number of boys and girls. You use a coin to simulate the first three students to arrive at school each day, where “heads” represents a boy and “tails” represents a girl. The table below shows a sample of 20 coin tosses T H T T

    asked by unknown
  11. Math

    write three ratios equal to 4/36 A. 1/8,2/16,3/24 B. 4/36,4/40,4/44 C. 1/9,2/18,3/27•• D. 1/9, 1/18,1/27

    asked by Estephania
  12. AP Physics 1

    1. A delivery truck travels 21 blocks north, 16 blocks east, and 26 blocks south. What is its final displacement from the origin? Assume the blocks are equal length. 2. Vector V1 is 6.6 units long and points along the negative x axis. Vector V2 is 8.5

    asked by Vikram
  13. Math ASAP ASAP!!!!!

    Earl earns a weekly salary of $150 plus 20% of amount of his sales for the week. Last week he earned $230. The equation below can be used to find "s" the amount of his sales in dollars last week 230=150+0.2s What was the amount of Earl's sales last week?

    asked by Courtney
  14. Geometry

    A. Find the values of a and b that would make the quadrilateral a parallelogram. B. Make sure to show work Top 6b-3 Left 2a+6 Right 3a-10 Bottom 5a+1 Thank you

    asked by Genevieve
  15. Math

    Find the area of the roof which is just covered by 1050 tiles,each tile measuring 2 square decimeters?

    asked by Shaheen
  16. math

    which typing is faster? A( 320 words in 8 minutes B( 600 words in 12 minutes C( 350 words in 10 minutes D( 225 words in 5 minutes

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Art

    When creating a collection based on a message, an artist should consider all of the following except A. the audience the collection will the presented to B. the subject matter they most prefer using as a reference C. the dollar amount they wish to sell it

    asked by Caroline
  18. Physics

    A popular amusement park ride, shown on WB p. 8, operates as follows: riders enter the cylindrical structure when it is stationary with the floor at the point marked "a". They then stand against the wall as the cylinder then begins to rotate. When it is up

    asked by Cora

    Henry's current age is 10 times Justin's current age. in 6 years,Henry's age will be 4 times Justin's age. Which system of equations can be used to calculate H Henry's current age J Justin's current age? A. J=10h j+6=4(H+6) B.J=H+6 J+4=H+10 C.H=10J

    asked by Courtney
  20. Language arts

    In which sentence is "diverts" used correctly? 1)it diverts us to heat bad news 2)be counted the diverts in the story 3)changing the topic, she diverts me. 4)sports are a diverts from school work.

    asked by Flying pickles
  21. Math

    Write 0.5% as a fraction 1/2 1/20 •• 1/200 1/500 Write 3 3/5 as a percent 360% •• 335% 36.0% 33.5%

    asked by Estephania
  22. math

    Assume an 18-month CD purchased for $7000 pays an APR of 3% compounded monthly. What is the APY?

    asked by matt
  23. Social studies

    How has Aztec culture survived in Mexico? The Mexican military uses Aztec fighting tactics. Mexico still uses the Aztec calendar. The Mexican people have adopted many Nahuatl words into their language. My choice An Aztec Palace in Mexico city serves as the

    asked by Katy
  24. MATHS


    asked by TRYSYENS
  25. Language Arts

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in capitals: The president of the large company felt as if he had reached the PINNACLE of his career. A. lowest point B. pointed or towering formation C. highest point of achievement** D. rise toward success or

    asked by Sierra
  26. united staes history

    what generalization can you make about the abolition of slavery in the north?

    asked by william
  27. algebra

    4(7x-4) =124

    asked by lucas
  28. earth science

    During the early Paleozoic era, South America, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, India, and perhaps China comprised the vast southern continent of _____. (1 point) Europe Gondwana Laurasia Pangaea

    asked by freddy
  29. english2

    Activity: For this activity, you will be required to write a short play. It only has to be one scene, and it must follow the rules of Aristotle’s Poetics. Go back and review this material to ensure that you have a grasp of it. Your job is to pick a

    asked by crissy
  30. SS

    How are Environment and culture related? A) similar environments always produce similar cultures. B) different cultures respond similarly to similar environments. C) environment helps shape culture and culture helps shape environment. D) environment and

    asked by Help Please
  31. social studies

    which of the following would be the most important change in most women in Saudi Arabia? A)new styles of hi-jabs and sharshafs B)the right to vote C)the ability to move about in public without a male relative D)employment

    asked by shynice
  32. English

    Answer questions 1–4 in one or two sentences. Question 1a–1b is based on the following paragraph. A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressures of life. A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a mental escape to faraway

    asked by Anonymous
  33. social studies

    which of the following best characterizes laws in Saudi Arabia that treat woman differently from man a.restrictive b.protective d.inventive

    asked by shynice
  34. math

    Assume an 18-month CD purchased for $7000 pays an APR of 5% compounded monthly. What is the APY?

    asked by matt
  35. algebra 1

    The Fun Guys game rental store charges an annual fee of $20 plus $6.50 per game rented. The Game Bank charges an annual fee of $50 plus $3.50 per game. For how many game rentals will the cost be the same at both stores? What is that cost?

    asked by Lindsey
  36. ECE

    Assume that a device exists between two nodes A and B of a circuit and that the voltages of these two nodes A and B are equal to 2V and -3V respectively What is the voltage drop across the device? So I think I just go A-B , but it might also be B-A so

    asked by sara
  37. Math

    A cookie recipe calls for 2/3 of a cup of flour and makes half a dozen cookies. How many cookies can you make if you have 9 cups of flour and want to use it all? I came up with an answer of 81 cookies by using a proportion. 2/3 over 6 (because half a dozen

    asked by Sarah
  38. history

    which of the following has the greatest impact on human settlement in Iraq? A( oil resources B( mountain terrain C( coastal lands D( fresh water scources

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Math

    this is about 385 miles from San Francisco how far apart with the cities on the map with a scale 1 inch equals 15 mile if necessary round to the nearest hundredth. A. 26.33in B. 25.67in•• C. 24.33in D. 27.50in

    asked by Estephania
  40. history

    Which of the following best characterizes laws in Saudi Arabia that treat women differently from men? A.restrictive B.protective D.inventive

    asked by ........................
  41. math

    you went to lunch with your friend and the bill w!@#$%^& 27.00. your lunch is $8.00 more than your friend's. How much was your friend's lunch?

    asked by olivia
  42. Math

    I need help with setting up this problem. It took Melanie 1/3 of an hour to ride her bike 2 3/4 of a mile. How many miles per hour can Melanie ride her bike?

    asked by Tricia
  43. Chemistry

    Aqueous hydrobromic acid will react with solid sodium hydroxide to produce aqueous sodium bromide and liquid water. Suppose 61. g of hydrobromic acid is mixed with 41.1 g of sodium hydroxide. Calculate the maximum mass of water that could be produced by

    asked by Ryan
  44. math

    In 2013, the price of a business math text rose to $120. This is 10% more than the 2012 price. What was the old selling price?

    asked by stephanie
  45. Algebra

    Martina hits volley ball with an upward velosity of 13 M/s 1meterabove the grund. How long will it take for the ball to hit the ground.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. grammar

    She went to the party in spite of/ despite of her dislike for the host. which sounds better

    asked by rumika
  47. Math help plz!!

    In the survey one out of three people are named blue as their favorite color two out of seven named red is 1,092 people were included in the survey how many name either blue or red as a favorite color? 416 people 432 people 540 people•• 512 people

    asked by Estephania
  48. Science (physics)

    How does temperature affect the gas in a balloon?

    asked by Abby
  49. Math

    in the survey one out of three people are named blue as their favorite color two out of seven named red is 1,092 people were included in the survey how many name either blue or red as a favorite color? 416 people 432 people 540 people•• 512 people

    asked by Estephania
  50. Language arts

    Which of your sense can best help you picture this excerpt from a poem? while you float free into a cloud of sudden azaleas/luminous pink petal that have/never felt loneliness... a. sight - I picked this one. b. taste c. hearing d. smell In which sentence

    asked by Raja
  51. SS

    to supply energy needs in the future, A) we have unlimited supply of fossil fuels. B) Its not necessary to look for new sources of energy. C) renewable energy sources are being devolved. D) atomic energy provides a safe alternative to fossil fuel.

    asked by Help Please

    A random sample of clients at a weight loss center were given a dietary supplement to see if it would promote weight loss. The center reported that the 100 clients lost an average of 34 pounds, and that a 95% confidence interval for the mean weight loss

    asked by Anonymous
  53. economics,business,maths lit and tourism

    What that i should follow if i passed grade12 in higher setificat my subject is economics busines maths lit and tourism

    asked by Portia Sibana Mashefane
  54. Physics

    A 543-N physics student stands on a bathroom scale in an 805-kg (including the student) elevator that is supported by a cable. As the elevator starts moving, the scale reads 473 N A) Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the elevator.

    asked by Mohamed
  55. Algebra

    Martina hits a volleyball with a velosity of 13 m^s. When she hits the ball it is 1m above the ground. How long will ot take for the ball to hit the ground.

    asked by Ruth
  56. english help please!!

    Which of the following is not a common element of short stories? They are shorter in length. They keep stories simple. They often have twists. They include subplots.

    asked by Oscar
  57. science

    On heating 10grams copper sulphate crystals (CuSO4.5H2O),6.4 grams anhydrous sulphate was left .Find the value of X .

    asked by Kishan singh
  58. Chemistry

    Which of the following compounds contains both ionic and covalent bonds? SiO2 LiCN LiI PCl3

    asked by Jordan
  59. Math

    The record for the fastest speed on a bicycle is 133 kilometers per hour. How long would it take a person traveling at this speed to travel 365.75 kilometers

    asked by Sarah
  60. english help please!!

    Which of the following is not a common characteristic of a novel? It has fewer characters and events than a short story. It has more characters and events than a short story. It has more pages and words than a short story. It has subplots whereas a short

    asked by Oscar
  61. math

    according to the triangle inequality, the length of the longest side of a triangle bust be less than the sum of the lengths of the other two sides. the two shortest sides of a triangle measure 3/10 and x + 1/5 and the longest measures 3/2x. write an

    asked by j
  62. math

    Assume an 18-month CD purchased for $7000 pays an APR of 7% compounded monthly. What is the APY? (Fill in the blank below and round your answer to 2 decimal places.) APY = %

    asked by matt
  63. Science

    a simple machine that only changes the direction of the applied force?

    asked by Meek
  64. Math

    Which is the Best Buy? $10.88 for 7 cans of tuna•• $11.55 for 6 cans of tuna $17.25 for 9 cans of tuna $15.31 for 8 cans of tuna

    asked by Estephania
  65. Help!!! Maths number base

    If 321 base 4 is divided by 23 base 4 and leaves a remainder 'R' what is the value of 'R' ?

    asked by Collins
  66. help fast i need help with a bunsh

    5:15 and x:3 a.5 b.3 c.1

    asked by shynice
  67. geometry

    If a rectangular prism has a surface area of 198 square feet, a height of 6 feet and a lateral surface area of 144 square feet what is the base area of the prism? What is the volume of the prism?

    asked by Dylan
  68. mathsliteracy,lifescience and geography

    Are they required for fire fighter??

    asked by kgothatso

    The density of gas particles in a section of Earth’s atmosphere decreases. Which of the following is the most likely explanation for this event? The air pressure in that section of Earth’s atmosphere decreased. The air pressure in that section of

    asked by Oscar
  70. help social studies

    in what ways is Islam most likely to impact Muslim during their work days a.they most leave work early b.they will not participate in leisure actives after work c.they cannot have certain jobs d.they need to pause during they work to pray

    asked by shynice
  71. Math

    You are looking at a map with a scale of 1 inch equals 50 miles. If two towns are separated on the map by 8 ​inches, what is the actual distance between​ them?

    asked by Candy
  72. Math

    Five times the sum of a number and 17 is at most 25 translate ?

    asked by Nun
  73. Math

    1. –9x – 5 = –95 a) 17 b) 11

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Physics

    A boy throws a rock with an initial velocity of 1.67 m/s at 30.0° above the horizontal. If air resistance is negligible, how long does it take for the rock to reach the maximum height of its trajectory? Vi = 1.67 sin 30 = 0.835 m/s v = Vi - 4.9 t v = 0 0

    asked by Anonymous
  75. MATHS

    5yrs ago,a mother was twice as old as her 6yrs time,their ages sum 82,find their present ages

    asked by TRYSYENS
  76. Algebra

    A rectangular pig pen is made of 84 meters of fencing on three sides. The fourth side is a barn wall. Find the dimensions and greatest possible area of the enclosure.

    asked by Gabby
  77. Mechanics(Ms.Sue)

    In a practical machine, the power output is _______ the power input.       A. larger than B. multiplied by C. equal to D. smaller than  D?

    asked by Brooklyn
  78. chemistry

    why iron 56 has highest binding energy than oxygen 16 , although oxygen 16 more stable than iron 56 ???

    asked by ahmed
  79. math

    Write ( 1 9 ) 3 as a product of the same factor. Then find the value

    asked by paula
  80. algebra

    A student has scores of 72, 78, and 87 on three government exams. What score does she need on a fourth exam to give her an average of 80 or better?

    asked by kayla
  81. Chemistry

    When 46.0 ml of 0.18 M HNO3 and 58.0 ml of 0.23 M LiOH are mixed, the concentration of [OH-] after mixing is ?

    asked by Has
  82. biology

    A tall pea plants bearing violet flowers is crossed withshort pea plants bearing white flowers .work out the f1 &f2 generations.give f2 ratio

    asked by thanvi
  83. Math

    Two towns that are 31.5 km apart are 3 cm apart on a map what is the scale of the map? 1cm=29.5km 1cm=9.5km 1cm=10.5km 1cm=15.5km••

    asked by Estephania
  84. English

    which of the following areas of a textbook is likely to include those individuals the author wants to thank for reviewing the book. A.introduction B.index C.appendix D.table of content My answer is A. Right or wrong please.

    asked by Tessy
  85. please check my grammar

    AN.15,2016 From: Genecito Jimenez Dear sir/madam, The JIMENEZ INTERNET CAFE has been operating the business started last Oct.15,2015. There are 14 computers for the clients and 1 computer for server with the total of 15 pc's. The total amount of expenses

    asked by jessie
  86. geometry

    ma is ordering an ice cream dessert. She must order a size, a flavor of ice cream, and a topping. There are sizes, flavor, and toppings to choose from. How many different ice cream desserts could she order?

    asked by kid
  87. Social studies last one :)

    What is likely a major of weakness of empires? They lack recourses. They conduct far-flung trade. They make enemies. This one maybe A. They have superior weapons.

    asked by Katy
  88. chemistry

    the half-life of tritium is 12.26 y what would be the rate of decay of tritium atoms per second in 1.00 L of hydrogen gas at STP containing 0.15% tritium atoms ?

    asked by ahmed
  89. Geometry(Check My Answers)

    What is the measure of a base angle of an isosceles triangle if its vertex angle measures 30? 30 150 15 75

    asked by Nicole
  90. Geometry

    mary is 5ft 9 inches tall. she casts a 2 ft shadow. the tree casts a 7 foot shadow. how tall is the tree?

    asked by Kiara
  91. math

    A picture is 42 cm by 36 cm. A scale diagram of the picture must fit in a space that is 3 m by 2 m. Write a reasonable scale for the scale diagram.

    asked by Em
  92. physics

    A tiger leaps horizontally from a 5.7 m high rock with a speed of 3.9 m/s. How far from the base of the rock will she land?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Chemistry

    Would a substance that is shiny, does not dissolve in water, does not melt under a bunsen flame, and does not conduct as a solid have a covalent, ionic, or metallic bond?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Chemistry

    When its brakes are applied, a car moving at 10 m/s undergoes an acceleration of -1.2 m/s2. How far does the car travel before it comes to a stop?

    asked by Autumn
  95. science

    I really need help, I don't understand the question from my science assignment. If anyone is available that would be great.

    asked by panda kahindo
  96. statistics

    5 men, 1 woman and a chold are to be seated around a round table with seven seats. Find the no. of ways they may have be arranged if the woman and the child must sit together.

    asked by im
  97. Math

    Write each fraction as a percent rounded to the nearest percent 1/3

    asked by Joe
  98. mec113 or physics

    (1)what is welding (2)what are the advantage and disadvantage of welded point (3)list and explain the various types of joint normaly used in welding (4)what do you understand by welding (5)list out the equipment required for oxy-acetylene welding

    asked by YAKUBU
  99. Math

    What is the y-intercept of y = 2/3x + 2? I have to write it out but how? A line has a slope of 1/2 and passes through the point (0,5). What is the equation of the line? A)y = 1/2x + 5 B)y = 1/2x - 5

    asked by Walt
  100. science

    what wt. of hno3 is required to make 1lt. if 2N solution to be used as an oxidising agent 3cu+8HNO3=3cuno3+2NO+4H2O

    asked by anil
  101. Chemistry 101

    A rectangular prism has these dimensions and mass: Length = 12.6cm, width = 1.256 feet, and thickness = 456 mm. Its mass is 1.2347 pounds. Determine its density in g/cm3.

    asked by mike
  102. math


    asked by candy
  103. math

    The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 33.6 cm. How long is one side?

    asked by alex
  104. Physics

    A wave travels a distance of 60cm in 3s. The distance blw successive crests of thd wave is 4cm. What is the frequency?

    asked by Celdrick
  105. Chemistry

    In a closed container 1L of chlorine reacts with 1L of nitrogen and 1L of hydrogen. I need to give lewis structure, vsepr, box notation for valence electrons etc. (i know how to do this) But I'm doubting on what the reaction equation would be.

    asked by Nicolas
  106. Algebra

    how can you solve average rate of change in f(x)=4x^2+9 in following points? A) (c,g) (r,u) B) 2x+h

    asked by Sam S.
  107. Geography

    A march is been played in Accra at 6 P.M G.M.T, If the Commentry of the march is relayed over the local Radio Station tt New York (80 Degree West) At What Time (new York local time will the people of New York hear the Commentary?

    asked by Alonzo G Wilson
  108. math

    a closed rectangular tank 180cm height, 300cm long and 200cm wide is made of metal sheet which costs 850 naira per square meter. calculate the cost of metal sheet used in making the tank

    asked by NAFISAT
  109. please help me

    can someone please help me on my last question ?!!??! thank you

    asked by emogirl
  110. Calculus plz help!!!


    asked by Daniel
  111. Probabilistic Methods in Hydroscience

    1. A door-to-door salesperson has found that her success rate in selling an item to a customer is 0.2. If the salesperson contacts 20 persons, what is the probability that: a. She sells to all three? b. She sells to exactly one? c. She sells to no one?

    asked by ASRAT
  112. science

    How much energy would be required to raise the temperature of 1.25g of water from 17 to 31 degree celsius.

    asked by panda kahindo
  113. math

    the lenght of a rectangle field is twice of its breadth.if the perimeter of field is 27 metre,find its lenght and breadth

    asked by yusra
  114. PHYSICS

    Can light accelerate,explain,THANK YOU

    asked by TRYSYENS
  115. Math

    I am trying to help my child with this problem and I have no idea what to do to solve this word problem. Paul used 1 1/4 gallons of paint to cover 3/8 of the walls in his living room. How many gallons of paint will Paul need to paint all the walls in his

    asked by Jason
  116. statistics

    in a shipment of 7 items there are three defective items. at random 4 items are selected what is the expected number of defective items?

    asked by arun
  117. English

    Write about a time someone you know who used rhetoric/elements of persuasion to help them.

    asked by Karmen
  118. pre-calculus

    y=tanx -2π≤x≤2π y=cotx -2π≤x≤2π y=cscx -2π≤x≤2π y=secx -2π≤x≤2π

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  119. Geometry

    The slope of lien b is 1/3. What is the slope of a line perpendicular to line b? -1/3 -3 1/3 3 My answer: -1/3 Note: there is no graph for this

    asked by Nicole
  120. Chemistry


    asked by mike
  121. Math

    Measuring across a 14 inches how many square inches is in the circle

    asked by Lee
  122. SS

    ______ pioneered the field of corporate public relations. A. Henry Ford B. Ivy. L. Lee C. Samuel Gompers D. Margaret Robins is it b??

    asked by Jocelynn
  123. Physics

    A cat can move at 1ms it wants to get straight across a 2m wide sidewalk moving left at .5 ms what angle should the cat direct itself

    asked by Anonymous
  124. computer

    define simple basic statement 1 remthis program calculation the area of rectangle and print the lenght width and area etc

    asked by ademuyia
  125. Geometry

    What is the slope of the line that passes through (2,1) and (7,-2)? 5/3 -1/3 -3/5 1/5 My answer: -3/5

    asked by Nicole
  126. Math please.

    What is the y-intercept of y = 2/3x + 2? I have to write it out but how? A line has a slope of 1/2 and passes through the point (0,5). What is the equation of the line? A)y = 1/2x + 5 B)y = 1/2x - 5

    asked by Walt
  127. math

    A man can row 4 kilometers per hour in still water. When the river is flooded, he found out that it requires 6 1/2 hours to row upstream, a distance requiring 3 1/2 hours to row downstream. What is the rate of the current?

    asked by Kaneki
  128. Math

    which of the following expression is true? 2^4*2^3=2^12 3^3*3^6>3^8 4^2*4^2>4^4 5^5*5^2=5^10 i think is the c but please check for me.

    asked by the lost one
  129. Maths literacy and tourism,life science,geography

    Hi help me I do not know what job I can do with these subjects

    asked by Owami Dube/zikhali
  130. Pure Maths, Life Science, CAT, Business Studies

    I would like to know that with these subjects what can I study at University , so can you please help me with that?

    asked by Sihle Grati♥
  131. physics

    a book accidentally falls from a shelf 4.2 m high.a librarian is standing nearby and moves .80m,starting from rest, to catch the book.what must be his average acceleration if he catches the book when it is 1.8m above the floor?

    asked by ana
  132. Math

    A percentage that represents the yearly increase in prices of things you buy is called

    asked by Joseph
  133. Pure Maths, Biology , Business ,CAT

    What can I study in university with these subjects?

    asked by Sihle
  134. social

    Hi need help on learning more about income can someone tell me.

    asked by Gavin Blair
  135. Math-algebra

    5x(5x3+9^2)+4 I got 28x^2+88 I know i wrong but idont know how to do the problem. There isn't a value for x, it's an unknown variable.

    asked by Elaina
  136. physics

    A 19.62 kg block is sliding down a 34.52 degree incline at a constant velocity. What is the mu k of kinetic friction between the incline and the block?

    asked by zack
  137. physics

    A 550.27 N force is moving a 396.46 kg block at a constant velocity across a wooden plank. What is the kinetic friction force?

    asked by zack
  138. physics

    A 550.27 N force is moving a 396.46 kg block at a constant velocity across a wooden plank. What is the kinetic friction force?

    asked by Anonymous
  139. science

    The following forces act on a body:f1=5,3N upwards;f2=2,2N upwards and f3=10,7N downwards.determine the resultant of the three forces using vector addition

    asked by pleasure
  140. ratios and equlivent ratios

    2:x and 12:18 a.3 b.4 c.6

    asked by shynice
  141. Calculus help

    Y=|X^2+3x-4| find dy/dx?

    asked by Emmanuel
  142. ratios and equlivent ratios

    5:15 and x:3 a.5 b.3 c.1

    asked by shynice
  143. Math

    One year, Super Bowl commercial time sold for $4.5 million for 30 seconds of air time. What was the price per second. Round to the nearest cent. If I take 4,500,000 and divide by 30, I get $150,000. I'm not sure this seems right though because there are 60

    asked by Laci
  144. Quadratic Equation (math)

    Complete the square. x^2 + _____ + 36 Help me? I don't understand.

    asked by lucas
  145. Social studies

    During the early 1800s, the untied states tried to make peace with other countries in order to grow and develop. Give an example of one of these peace efforts and briefly explain what it hoped to accomplish.

    asked by Meeee
  146. Chemistry

    Would a substance that has a granular appearance, is not soluble, melts under a bunsen flame, and does conduct as a solid or liquid have an ionic, covalent or metallic bond?

    asked by Anonymous
  147. math

    kollies commission rate for selling cosmetic is 15% if he sold total of 200 a week how much commission did he receive?

    asked by shadrach
  148. Math Asap

    1. x/4 – 5 = –8 a) –27 b) –12

    asked by Anonymous
  149. Math

    1. A car travels 17 miles in 20 minutes. What is the rate in miles/min. Do I just divide the two so the car is going 85 miles per minute? But is that the correct label or would it be mph? 2. Compare 9 ft. to 7 yards. Write the ratio as a fraction in lowest

    asked by Fugel
  150. Math literacy, Geography, Life science, Agriculture

    Which career path can i follow with the subject above

    asked by Tekanyo
  151. History

    What happened in texas in the month immediately following the surrender of the confederacy?

    asked by Suzy-- Su-Ji
  152. english help please!!

    A character has a personal fear or an emotional struggle. What kind of conflict is this? Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature Man vs. Self Man vs. Society is it c

    asked by Oscar
  153. PHYSICS

    Why do tachyons increase in speed by decreasing in energy

    asked by TRYSYENS
  154. chemistry

    which of the following has highest binding energy (nuclear chemistry) Fe-56 , O-16 , H-3 , U-235 and explain why

    asked by ahmed
  155. Geometry

    There is a parallelogram labeled (from left to right on the top) A - B (from left to right on the bottom) D - E There is a line that connects A to the opposite side E, and a line that connects B to the opposite side D. The intersection of the lines is

    asked by Derrik