Questions Asked on
January 14, 2016

  1. math

    Mike has 3 planting boxes for her flowers . each boxes is 4 feet wide and 8a feet long how much area for planting flowers does mike have altogether ?

    asked by eduardo
  2. Physics

    A negatively charged balloon has 4 μC of charge. How many excess electrons are on this bal- loon? The elemental charge is 1.6 × 10−19 C. Answer in units of electrons.

    asked by Lily
  3. math

    A composite figure is formed by combining a square and a triangle. Its total area is 32.5 feet squared. The area of the triangle is 7.5 ft squared. What is the length of each side of the square? Explain. THANK YOU!!

    asked by Tim
  4. probability

    Consider a medical screening excersis for a disease that in the case that indicte that 5 people of 1000 people screenedhave the disease.the screening process is known to give a false positive 3% at times and a false negative 1% at times.what is the

    asked by israel
  5. English

    I'm told to write a title page for my research essay. My question is, do I have to give a page just for the title and other details, or can I start including the main parts of the essay on that same page?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    The cash price of a new care is $34700. A person pays a deposit of 20% and agrees to pay the balance over 3 years at a flat interest rate of 14% per annum. Calculate: a) the deposit b) the balance owing after the deposit c) the interest on the balance

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Maths

    John has a piece of wood 2.4m lon. He cuts of a piece 0.8.4m long. How long is the remaining piece?

    asked by Joe
  8. Maths

    A figure skater scores 74.92 in her first skate and 144.19 in her second skate. What is the total score?

    asked by Joe
  9. Maths

    Write the decimals in ascending order. 5.78, 5.08, 5.8, 5.287, 5.078

    asked by Joe
  10. Maths

    Round 4.389 to 2 decimal places.

    asked by Joe
  11. Maths

    Work out 0.14 x 0.87 0.52 x 6.57 0.36 x 5.24

    asked by Joe
  12. Maths

    Write < or > for each pair of numbers -6.9 is < or > -6.85 -7.02 is < or > -7.2

    asked by Joe
  13. Maths

    There are 20 questions in a test. Faye answers 17 correctly. a. What fraction of questions does faye answer correctly? b. What percentage of the questions does Faye answer correctly?

    asked by Joe
  14. English

    I have to write a rational for my English class, however I'm stuck on what to write next. The question is: What are the obstacles we face in life, and how they help us become who we are? We are supposed to both relate to real life, and a text that we read

    asked by Matt
  15. Possessive form

    Cross out each incorrect possessive noun. Write correct possessive form. .......Small acts of kindness made the outcast's lives better. Answer Cross out outcast's Replace outcasts'

    asked by Lt
  16. English

    Change underline phrase to show possession.... Did they sleep on the benches of the park? benches of the park is what is underlined Answer Did they sleep on the park's benches?

    asked by Tt
  17. biochem

    dna template of auc? dna template of met? would that be ATC or TAG? Met's rna temp would be AUG. so its dna is TAC? or ATG? im confused.

    asked by sheen
  18. BEHRIA


    asked by KAMRAN
  19. Math

    If a1,a2,…,a100 are real numbers such that a1=1 and a100=.01, evaluate ∑(j=1 to 99) (aj−aj+1).

    asked by Chris
  20. English

    And yet the books will be there on the shelves, separate beings, That appeared once, still wet As shining chestnuts under a tree in autumn, And, touched, coddled, began to live In spite of fires on the horizon, castles blown up, Tribes on the march,

    asked by mstv
  21. math

    given that 4x^2-6x+9=A(x-1)(2x+1)+B(x-1)+C for all values of x, find the values of A, B and C

    asked by Nicole
  22. Homework for Math

    How is the quadratic formula derived from the quadratic equation?

    asked by Sylvestre Felis
  23. math

    find the numerical values of the constants A, B and C such that 2x^3 +7x^2-x-6=(Ax+1)(x-1)(x+B)+4x-C

    asked by raechel
  24. Social Studies

    Why is ecotourism better for the environment than traditional tourism a.It changes native cultures b.there is a shortage of clean water c.traditional tourism only highlights d.ecotourism use few natural resources tourism is essential to the economies of

    asked by Sid.V
  25. Math

    ABC LTD bought a new motor van from park motor LTD on credit basis. What will be the journal entry in the book of ABC LTD to record this tranasation?

    asked by Pappu
  26. Geometry

    There is a geometry diagram I am looking at and I need to attach the image to be able to have it explained. All the numbers are all over the place and I need to figure this out.

    asked by This is confusing
  27. Biology

    Where the CD8 receptor is located: On Ts cells or Tc cells or both of them.

    asked by Asmaa khalaf
  28. Science

    What does the term adaption mean? How does adaption explain the patterns of distribution of plant and animal species in the world?

    asked by Abby
  29. Science

    State how matter moves through the biosphere. State how energy moves through the biosphere. Explain each statement using examples to illustrate your explanation.

    asked by Abby
  30. Science

    Which piece of children's play ground equipment could be used to model and explain the movement of matter in the biosphere? Slide Merry-go-round Swing Seesaw

    asked by Abby
  31. Math

    If one side of a parallelogram whose perimeter is42cm is 12cm , the measure of its adjacent side is.......................

    asked by Snehdeep
  32. physics

    Find the turn ratio in a transformer which deliver a voltage of 120volts in the secondary coil form a primary voltage at 60v. Please someone should help me with this

    asked by khalid idris
  33. chemistry

    What would be the mass ratio of Pb-208/Th-232 in a meteorite that is approximately 4.5 × 10^9 years old? The half-life of Th-232 is 1.39 x 10^10 years i'm used t= 3.32 t(1/2) logNo/N but the result is not correct !?

    asked by ahmed
  34. Civics

    Al Smith was accused of stealing a television set and arrested. The police told Al that witnesses saw him take the television set. During his court trial, the witnesses are not revealed to the defendant. What should happen, according to the principle of

    asked by Khaiguy0900
  35. business accounting

    The current liabilities of Mohit Ltd are Rs. 150000 and its current ratio is 3:1 and liquid ratio is 1:1. Calculate the value of current assets, liquid assets and stock of mohit ltd?

    asked by rinky
  36. science

    A 10 ohms, 8 ohms, and 5 ohms resistor connected in series to a Volts source. Find the current in each resistor.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 154 feet. The length of the rectangle is 55 feet. What is the width of the rectangle?

    asked by Amber
  38. math,

    in a class of 35 students 26 play football and play 20 long tennis, if 17 play above, many play neither.

    asked by khadijat
  39. math

    Use fraction bars to find the difference for question 1/3 - 1/2 I need a visual step by step instructions

    asked by monte
  40. Maths, Function image sets

    Need a bit of help. Trying to find the image sets of two recipricol functions. The first g(x)=1/(x-2)+5 (x not equal to 2) The second g(x)=1/(x-2)+5 (x>2) Now its quite easy to draw/sketch the graph but ive not really dealt with image sets of recipricol f

    asked by Matt
  41. chemistry

    in todays experiment what length of magnesium ribbon would be required to generate 42.00 ml's of H2?

    asked by Mahnoor
  42. Math

    complex numbers: Evaluate z=(-j 3/4)^-j^3/4

    asked by Jhun
  43. chemistry

    the half-life of tritium is 12.26 y what would be the decay of tritium atoms per second in 1.00 L of hydrogen gas at STP containing 0.15% tritium atoms ?

    asked by kiloa
  44. math

    What is the length of the diagonal for the given rectangular prism to the nearest whole unit? the unit is the length=6, width=5, height=9 A. 8 cm B.10 cm C.11 cm D.12 cm

    asked by help me asap
  45. Geometry

    a ramp is 15 meters long and rises to a height of 4 meters. What is the angle form by the ramp and the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Maths,Geography,life science

    Um a grade 11 learner doing maths,life science,geography . What causes do my subjects fit

    asked by Ntando
  47. english

    coaching classes for IIT-JEE and medical enterance exam

    asked by deepika
  48. Maths,Geography,life science

    I am a grade 11 learner doing maths,life science,geography . What causes do my subjects fit

    asked by Ntando
  49. Maths

    Can anyone help. What is the rule of the following function? (9-2x)/(5-x)

    asked by Emma
  50. Science

    Two forces of 60N and 80N act simultaneously at a point dertermine their resultant by using tail to head method

    asked by Machanics (forces)
  51. Math literacy,Life science,Geography and Tourism

    Im a grade ten learner and ii wud really like to know,uhm which careers will this subjects give confused

    asked by Makgotso
  52. Math

    1.what is the slant height for the given pyramid to the nearest whole unit. pyramid base= 12 cm height=8 cm A.5 cm B.9 cm C.14 cm D.10 cm What is the length of the diagonal for the given rectangular prism to the nearest whole unit? the unit is the

    asked by HELP ASAP
  53. math lit,geo,life.s , life.o,b.studies,eng,sepedi

    What can i do with this subject (occupation) and im in grade 11

    asked by TEBOGO
  54. Science HELP

    Placental mammals develop _______ A) In an egg laid in water B) A pouch of their mother's body C) Inside the mother's body**** D) Inside an amniotic egg

    asked by Miranda Lambert
  55. math

    A school play earned over 250 dollars from selling tickest, which cos(t)11 dollars each. Which of the following inequalties models this situation

    asked by mellissa
  56. Math

    1. Is it possible for a composite number to have more than one prime factorization? 2. Is it possible for a number to have no prime factors? Why? 3. Give an example of how prime factorization could be used in the real world

    asked by Ali
  57. Physics

    An airplane needs to accelerate at 4.7 m/s2 to reach take-off speed before reaching the end of the runway. The mass of the airplane is 4500 kg. How much force is needed from the engines?

    asked by Harry
  58. geography

    what did the netherland do in the past to create more land now

    asked by malaysia
  59. math

    an express train makes a run of 240 km at a certain speed. another train whose speed is 12km/hr less takes an hour longer to cover the same distance. find the speed of the express train in km/hr.

    asked by yaekob
  60. Math

    two rectangles are similar, If the length of the larger is 8 and the width is 5, find the width of the smaller rectangle if the length is 6

    asked by Randee
  61. math

    which of the following ratios are equivalent 5/20? Choose all that apply. A. 1/4 B. 1/5 C. 20/100 D. 25/100

    asked by ........................
  62. Physical science and math


    asked by Sindiswa
  63. Physical science and math


    asked by Sindiswa
  64. chemistry

    calculate the ph of a buffer solution containning 0.1M acetic acid and a 0.1M solution of sodium acetate

    asked by dagi
  65. math

    A square canopy is supported on 4 corners by poles. Each pole is supported by 3 cables, each cable is attached to the top of the 12 foot pole and 5 feet away from the base. Find he total length needed for all of the cables.

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Science

    Hi if you know about static electricity can you explain how lightning strikes form? Can you think about when lightning occurs to formulate your answer to my question please. Thank you so much!!!

    asked by Rosey

    I need some help because its due tomorrow. And these are the questions: 3. According to economists, almost everything we do, has costs and benefits. Identify the costs and benefits of each of the following: going to the dentist for a checkup, doing your

    asked by Jaden
  68. history

    which statement best describes the location of south west Asia A( north of Australia, west of Europe B( west of Indian ocean, east of the Mediterranean sea C( south of artic circle, north of Antarctica D( east of Americas, west of Asia

    asked by ........................
  69. chemistry

    the half-life of tritium is 12.26 y what would be the rate of decay of tritium atoms per second in 1.00 L of hydrogen gas at STP containing 0.15% tritium atoms ?

    asked by kiloa
  70. physics

    Solid A of mass 50 kg resting on a smooth 45º incline is maintained in equilibrium by means of the light string passing over the pulley and holding at its other end a solid B of mass m. Make the inventory of the forces acting on A. Determine graphically

    asked by angy
  71. physical science

    When will the resultant of the two vectors be at a maximum?

    asked by maliviwe
  72. math

    During a triathlon, Sharon swims 1/4 of the total route and cycles 3/5 of the remaining route. She runs the rest of the route. If she runs 3,600 meters, find the total distance if the route

    asked by K
  73. Geometry

    A line segment has the endpoints (2,-5) and (-1,-1). What is the slope? -1/6 -6/1 -3/4 -4/3 My answer: -3/4

    asked by Nicole
  74. Calculus AB

    The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer. r = 4 in. h = 12 in. V = pi*r^2 * h =

    asked by Vik

    Which of the following locations is farther south? A. 25 degrees N, 78 degrees W B. 36 degrees N, 75 degrees W C. 25 degrees S, 15 degrees E D. 45 degrees S, 77 degrees W my answer B

    asked by Miranda Lambert
  76. History

    What is one thing Anti-Imperialists and Pro-Imperialists agreed on? I have been looking for one thing for weeks. Thank you

    asked by Help!
  77. SS

    You are a migrant worker from India who has come to Kuwait. In which industry are you most likely to seek work? (1 point) fishing oil farming -------- livestock

    asked by school
  78. Finance

    Calculate the annualized rate of return on a 200-day commercial paper. This loan does not pay periodic interest; it is a discount security. The face value of the paper is $1 million and the current market value is $980,000.

    asked by Brandon
  79. Finance

    What is the amount of money created in the banking system due to an initial deposit of $1,000 if the required reserve is 5%? The banks are not holding any excess reserves.

    asked by Brandon
  80. Geometry

    The lengths of the sides of a triangle are 17, 8, and n. Which of the following must be true? A. 9 < n < 25 B. n > or equal to 25 C. n < 9 D. 9 < or equal to n < or equal to 25 At first I thought it was B, then I thought it was A or D... is it A? Please

    asked by SkatingDJ
  81. English

    I'm in grade 10 and i have to write a five paragraph essay about my holidays in 200-250 words.can i get some ideas for my planning atleast 7

    asked by keamogetswe
  82. math

    solve for m and n if mn=1300 (m+15)(n-30)

    asked by maths of grade 6
  83. Math

    What is the ratio of the measures of side BC to side RS in simplest form? (1 point) A.2:1 B.6:2 C.1:2 D.none of these @Ms.Sue My answer is A. can you please check

    asked by Anastasia
  84. Geometry

    A line has a slope of 2 and passes through the point (4,0). What are the coordinates of another point that is on the line? (0,2) (2,0) (6,4) (4,6) My answer: (0,2)

    asked by Nicole
  85. math

    please show step by step! solve for m and n if mn=1300and (m+15)(n-30)=1300

    asked by maths of grade 6
  86. Math

    Identify the sampling method. You want to determine the number of text messages students at your school send in a month. You go to the cafeteria and randomly ask students as they come out of the lunch line. A. Random B. Systematic C. Stratified D. None of

    asked by Lana
  87. English

    what are the different way to start a paragraph

    asked by bulus
  88. maths

    there are 12 sweets in a bag. 7 of the sweets are strawberry flavou. 5 of the sweets are lime flavour. harriet takes 2 sweets at random work out the probability that she takes at least one strawberry sweet.

    asked by charlie
  89. Spanish

    What are hinchas? a. Most popular futbol players b. Highest paid futbol players c. People who don't like futbol or beisbol d. Extremely passionate futbol fans***

    asked by Kaai97
  90. maths

    Find the cost of 100gram at 85p per 1/2 kg?

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Spanish

    Who was Roberto Clemente? a. A famous tennis player who built schools in Mexico b. A famous soccer player from Mexico who donated a lot of time, equipment, and food to help the needy c. A famous soccer player who is considered one of the best in the world

    asked by Kaai97
  92. Re

    Could somebody help me with my homework,please..Why is the Last Supper referred to as the New Covenant?What was the Old Testament Covenant that was linked to a meal?

    asked by Damian
  93. Spanish

    Who is an Olympic gold medalist tennis player from Espana? a. Javier Hernandez Balcazar b. Rafael Nadal*** c. El Chicharito d. Lorena Ochoa

    asked by Kaai97
  94. Spanish

    What do “clubes de fútbol” refer to in the Spanish-speaking world? a. Soccer fan clubs b. Soccer teams*** c. Football fanclubs d. Football teams

    asked by Kaai97
  95. Spanish

    Whose team won the national basketball championship in 1995? a. Sammy Sosa’s team b. Lorena Ochoa Reyes’ team c. Rebecca Rose Lobo-Rushin’s team*** d. Alfonso Soriano’s team

    asked by Kaai97
  96. Math

    I don't understand Positive and Negative Square Roots? How do you find them?

    asked by Help
  97. Math

    How is using a conversion factor different than using proportions to convert measurement units? Explain which is easier and why.

    asked by Ali
  98. Spanish

    What statement best summarizes the differences in the role of sports in high schools in Chile compared to high schools in the U.S.? a. In U.S. high schools there is more emphasis on sports than in Chile, while schools in Chile place more emphasis on

    asked by Kaai97
  99. Language

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics. The public is upset about the political view of the author, so people are going to boycott the film based on this book. Abandon Write about Quit Reject••

    asked by Estephania
  100. Spanish

    Which statement is accurate? a. Fútbol is more important that béisbol in all Spanish-speaking countries. b. Béisbol is more important than fútbol in México. c. Béisbol is more important than fútbol in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and la República

    asked by Kaai97
  101. Spanish

    Whats’s the more informal way to say that you will study a lot tomorrow ? a. Voy a estudiar mucho mañana*** b. Estudiar mucho mañana c. Estudio mucha mañana d. Estudiar mucha mañana

    asked by Kaai97
  102. geometry and spatial sense

    If a quadrilateral has exactly one pair of sides parallel it must be a

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Spanish

    How would you ask a teacher if you can go to study at the library? a. ¿Poder ir a estudiar a la biblioteca? b. ¿Puedo ir a estudiar a la biblioteca?*** c. ¿Podo ir estudiar a la biblioteca? d. ¿Pudo ir a estudiar a la biblioteca?

    asked by Kaai97
  104. Language

    Which of the following statements best illustrates the social and political climate of the United States during the 1960s? a. The economy was strong and poverty in big cities was declining. b. The auto industry was faltering and it was difficult for trade

    asked by Estephania
  105. math

    the horizontal,vertical and diagonal columns and rows of a magic square all add to the same sum.use the digits 1-16 one time each to make a magic square

    asked by samuel
  106. Spanish

    What is the correct way to say “They play football this weekend.” a. Ellos juegan del fútbol este fin de semana. b. Ellos juegan al fútbol este fin de semana. c. Ellos juegan al fútbol americano este fin de semana.*** d. Ellos juegan del fútbol

    asked by Kaai97
  107. Geometry

    If a quadrilateral has exactly one pair of sides parallels it must be a

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Spanish

    How would you say that you are going to dance at the party tonight? a. Voy a bailar en la fiesta esta noche*** b. Voy a bailar en la fiesta este noche c. Vas a la fiesta de bailar esta noche d. Esta noche yo bailar en la fiesta

    asked by Kaai97
  109. Spanish

    how would you ask a friend if he or she wants to go to the beach with you? a. ¿Puedes al ir a la playa? b. ¿Tu puedo venir a la playa? c. ¿Puedes ir contigo a la playa? d. ¿Quieres ir a la playa conmigo?***

    asked by Kaai97
  110. science

    Which direction will the box move in the diagram below? (Its a square in the middle and it has a long arrow pointing to it on the left side which is 5 N and then on the right side theirs a short arrow pointing to it which is 3 N) A. It will move to the

    asked by Amber
  111. Spanish

    What would you say if you want to compliment a friend on his or her good game? a. Sabes a jugar b. Se jugar muy bien c. Sabes jugar muy bien d. Sabes al jugar bien***

    asked by Kaai97
  112. computer

    reasoms for computer bee a dull machine

    asked by Umseey
  113. Spanish

    What is the correct way to say “ I have to work this weekend”? A. Tengo que trabajar este fin de semana*** B. Tengo a trabajar esta fin de semana C. Tienes a trabajar la fin de esta semana D. Tienes que trabajar esta fin de semana

    asked by Kaai97
  114. use of library

    identify the readers service department and state it's functions and features

    asked by bulus
  115. language

    Based on the text preview as well as research about the background of the novel in and the authors life, a reader can predict the novel will mostly be about A. A young boy who marches in Washington as part of the civil right movement B. Family who is

    asked by Estephania
  116. science

    When_____forces act on an object, they cause the object to move. A. Balanced B. Unbalanced C. friction D net B?

    asked by Amber
  117. Spanish

    What’s the correct way to ask a friend if they would like to study with you? A.¿Me gustaria estudiar conmingo ? B.¿Tengo que estudiar contigo? C.¿Quieren estudiar conmingo?*** D.¿Te gustaria estudiar conmigo ?

    asked by Kaai97
  118. maths

    there are 54 rows of26 seats in a movie theatre.estimate the number of seats in movie theatre.calculate the actual number

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Math

    What is the simplified expression for 4 to the power of negative 3 multiplied by 3 to the power of 4 multiplied by 4 to the power of 2 whole over 3 to the power of 5 multiplied by 4 to the power of negative 2 ? 3 over 4 4 over 3 4 to the power of 2 over 3

    asked by Marc-Anthony
  120. Spanish

    1. What’s the correct way to ask a friend if they would like to study with you? A.¿Me gustaria estudiar conmingo ? B.¿Tengo que estudiar contigo? C.¿Quieren estudiar conmingo?*** D.¿Te gustaria estudiar conmigo ? 2. What is the correct way to say “

    asked by Kaai97
  121. Science

    When the energy of a light wave is transferred to a particle and causes it to vibrate and generate heat, the energy of the light wave is.. A) absorbed B) reflected C) refracted D) transmitted D?

    asked by Anon
  122. Art

    Which inference about Near Eastern cultures is best supported by this image? (Its a image of Cappadocian Tablet with Cuneiform Inscription Assyrian) A. All citizens of the ancient Near East were excellent writers. B. This tablet describes the only god

    asked by Amber
  123. chemistry

    the half-life of tritium is 12.26 y what would be the rate of decay of tritium atoms per second in 1.00 L of hydrogen gas at STP containing 0.15% tritium atoms ?

    asked by ahmed
  124. Science

    Certain seismic waves travel as.. A) electromagnetic and transverse waves. B) visible light and longitudinal waves. C) longitudinal and transverse waves. D) compression and visible light waves. I have no idea I never learned this:(

    asked by Anon
  125. Spanish

    1. What’s the correct way to ask a friend if they would like to study with you? A.¿Me gustaria estudiar conmingo ? B.¿Tengo que estudiar contigo? C.¿Quieren estudiar conmingo?*** D.¿Te gustaria estudiar conmigo ? 2. What is the correct way to say “

    asked by Kaai97
  126. Math

    Two sets are equal if they contain the same element for equal sets

    asked by Sadiya
  127. Health

    5. Using _______ helps some smokers quit by gradually decreasing their dependence on nicotine. Answers: A. Stimulants B. Nicotine Substitutes C. Inhalers D. Nicotine Inhibitors My answer: C- Inhalers

    asked by Suzy-- Su-Ji
  128. physics

    a boy of mass 40 kg hanging from the horizontal branch of a tree .the tension in his arms is minimum when the angle between the arms?

    asked by sheethal
  129. ci

    What does it mean to be a good citizen? Be sure to include the three actions you listed in Step 2. What is the difference between a civic duty and a civic responsibility? Be sure to give an example for each to help explain. When have you experienced a

    asked by Ali
  130. physics

    light year is a unit of?

    asked by neema
  131. Language Arts

    Based on the text preview as well as research about the background of the novel in and the authors life, a reader can predict the novel will mostly be about. The novel is: Setting Background for Watsons A. A young boy who marches in Washington as part of

    asked by Baileybmx1
  132. physics

    a string of lenght l and mass m is lying on a horizontal table. a force f is applied at one of its end.tension on the string at a distance y from the end at which the fprce applied is ?

    asked by neema
  133. Physics

    A 40kg mass hangs from two cables. One cable is at a 25 degree angle. The other cable is horizontally attatched to the mass. Find the tension for each cable

    asked by Maria
  134. physics

    a disk i = 0.7 kgm and radius 60 cm is rotating a 12 rpm. there is an external torque applied to the outer edge and the rotational speed increases to 35 rpm in 8 sec. angular acceleration? angle the disk rotates? magnitude of applied force (assume

    asked by kathy
  135. English

    In "the sound of thunder," the author builds to Eckels' death by doing all of the following except.. a. describing the antigravity path b. asking Eckels' to sign a release before leaving c. Travis threatening to leave him back in prehistoric time d. having

    asked by Help!
  136. general physics

    a person horizontally pushes a 25 kg couch. Applied force is 18N and average resistive force is 7N. its pushed from rest to a final speed of 2.3 what is the distance pushed the time taken and the power delivered to push couch

    asked by Dani
  137. Science

    Which of the following can be used to explain why fossils of the same kind of organisms can be found in different regions of the world? Biogeography Adaptation Continental drif Dispersal Which of the following would best explain why a species of wildflower

    asked by Abby

    -6q+5.8=23.8 q=3 q=-3 q=1.83 q=4.93 i really need help im stuck i have 3 othere Q but ill figure them out

    asked by the girl that has no friends
  139. calculus 1

    The point P(2,-1) lies on the curve y=1/(1-x) If Q is the point (x, 1/(1-x) find slope of secant line. these are the points 1.5 1.9 1.99 1.999 2.5 2.1 2.01 2.01 2.001 when i calculated it i got a negative number 1/(1-1.5)=-2 but the answer is 2. also would

    asked by feather
  140. Math

    1. If you flip a fair coin 10 times, what is the probability of a) getting all tails Is it 1/1024? b) getting all heads Is it 1/1024? c) getting at least one tails? Is it 1023/1024? 2. If you roll a pair of fair dice, what is the probability of a) getting

    asked by Lana
  141. Language Arts

    1. Choose the meaning that best matches the word in capitals: After eating a second piece of cake, my CONSCIENCE began to eat me! A. being fully aware B. gaining knowledge C. feeling of satisfaction D. knowing what is right and wrong** I think D

    asked by Claudia
  142. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following sentences from the text contains an example of a metaphor? A. He looked like one of those ballerinas that dance just on the tips of their toes. B. Momma’s horrible snake-woman voice came out again and said “If you ever,

    asked by Linda
  143. Science

    Which of the following determines the type of biome classification that will be made for a particular region? Climate Size Mineral deposits Number of human settlements Think about how the amount of energy changes as you move stepwise from producers to

    asked by Abby
  144. Math

    A line passes through the point (0, 5) and has a slope of -1/2. Which is the equation of the line in slope-intercept form? A) 2x + y = 7 B) y = 3x + 5 C) y = -2x + 7 D) y = -1/2 x + 5 B?

    asked by Sara
  145. Chemistry

    CH4 + O2 = CO2 + H2O AND the change in heat is minus 890. Now the question is what is the energy bond of (C=O)?

    asked by Akhter
  146. science


    asked by Mirale .A.Dayen.
  147. C s s oberkom

    Find the frequency and period of a spring that makses 60 revolutions in a 10 second

    asked by Favour
  148. accounting II

    if direct labor for the month is $300,000, overhead is applied based on direct labor, annual overhead is estimated to be $500,000 an annual direct labor is estimated to be $80,000, what is the entry to apply overhead to production?

    asked by suzzie
  149. Science

    What will happen when the sun is exposed to oxygen

    asked by TRYSYENS
  150. Physics

    An archer shoots and arrow horizontally at a target 15m away. The arrow is aimed directly at the center of the target, but it hits 52 cm long did it take for the arrow to reach the target

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  151. math

    A line has a slope of 1/2 and passes through the point (0,5). What is the equation of the line? A) y = 1/2x + 5 B) y = 1/2x - 5 C) y = 5x + 1/2 D) y = -5x + 1/2 How do i figure this out? is it D?

    asked by Sara
  152. Math

    Noah made 1 1/2 dozen blueberry muffins and 1 3/4 dozen lemon muffins. He needs to take 5 dozen muffins to the bake sale. How many dozen more muffins does he need to bake?

    asked by Felicity
  153. Math

    In an isosceles triangle, the perimeter is 8 more than 2 times on of the legs. If the perimeter is 28 in, find the length of the base. A. 16 in B. 18 in C. 10 in D. 8 in Given triangle ABC with A(-3, 2), B(-1, -4), and C(4, 1), write the equation for the

    asked by SkatingDJ
  154. geometry h

    The midpoint of Line AB has coordinates (-3,2) and the coordinates of point A are (1.4). What are the coordinates of point B?

    asked by tom
  155. Math

    a saleperson earn 400$ per week plus 4% commission on sales that week. What dollar value of sales in the week person must have to earn $1100 that week?

    asked by Tram
  156. math

    A line crosses the y-axis at (0,4) and has a slope of -2. Find an equation for the this line. A) y = 2x + 4 B) y = -2x + 4 C) y = -2x - 4 D) y = -4x + 2

    asked by Sara
  157. math

    -6 is given as a fourth term,-34 is a eleventh term what are the first three terms?can i solve it simultaneously

    asked by mbali
  158. Pre-Algebra

    Three times the sum of a number and is 5 at least 26.

    asked by Tyauna
  159. English grammar.

    Please check my answer! What is the capitalized phrase? TO SCORE ACCURATELY, bowlers must learn what the terms spare, strike, and split mean. Infinitive phrase**** Gerund phrase Adverb phrase none of the above I though that the capitalized phrase was an

    asked by Becca
  160. Math

    how many solutions does the equation have 4x + 3=2(2x +9) 1 one solution 2 no solution 3 an infinite number of solutions 4 impossible to determine My answer 1

    asked by Anonymous
  161. chemistry

    A sample of nitrogen has a volume of 50.0L at a pressure of 760mmHg. What is the volume of the gas at each of the following pressures if there is no change in temperature? A. 1500mmHg B. 4.00 atm C. 0.500atm

    asked by brian
  162. Language Arts

    Which of the following answer choices contains a METAPHOR? a. His skin was sandpaper. b. The sun sparkled like a diamond. * c. Sh wanted to be like the birds and fly away. d. They felt free when they ran through the doors. What is a key characteristic of a

    asked by Bobby
  163. math

    Satelite Corporation projects a year-end net income of $64,497. The net income represents 31% of its projected annual sales. What are Satelite's projected annual sales?

    asked by stephanie
  164. Chemistry

    Combustion of natural gas (primarily methane) occurs in most household heaters. The heat given off in this reaction is used to raise the temperature of the air in the house. Assuming that all the energy given off in the reaction goes to heating up only the

    asked by Lana
  165. math [last]

    Write the equation of the line with the given slope and y-intercept. slope = 1/2 y-intercept = 7 A)y = 7x + 1/2

    asked by Sara
  166. Math

    1.Which solid has one base that is a triangle and three lateral surfaces that are triangles? A:triangular pyramid*** B:triangular prism C:rectangular prism D:rectangular pyramid 2:Sara needs to cover the top and the sides of the cylinder below. 8in 12in

    asked by YRN DJ
  167. Chemistry

    Write a balanced chemical equation and determine the enthalpy of combustion for carbon in the diamond allotropic form. Is this the correct chemuc eq? C + O2 ----> CO2?

    asked by Lana
  168. Chemistry

    A 15.00 g chunk of lustrous silver metal is heated to 50.0 degrees C and is then placed in a coffee cup calorimeter containing 50.0 mL of water at 15.30 degrees C. After equilibrium, the water temperature is measured to be 16.56 degree C. Suggest which

    asked by Lana
  169. Math

    how many solutions does the equation have -2(6x-4)= -12x A. one solution***** B. no solution C. an infinitive number of solutions D. impossible to determine Select all the equations that have one solution A. 4(2x+2)=8x+9**** B.3x+(-4)=6x-4****

    asked by Anonymous
  170. Geometry H

    what is the distance between points (-3.2) and (5,-6) express to the nearest tenth?

    asked by Anonymous
  171. Spanish

    1. What’s the correct way to ask a friend if they would like to study with you? A.¿Me gustaria estudiar conmingo ? B.¿Tengo que estudiar contigo? C.¿Quieren estudiar conmingo?*** D.¿Te gustaria estudiar conmigo ? 2. What is the correct way to say “

    asked by Kaai97
  172. Math

    How do you find the nearest integer? ( for √ expressions?)

    asked by Hello
  173. LA

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you

    asked by Homie
  174. Spanish

    If a friend invites you to the movies and you are busy, what would be a appropriate answer? A. Tengo que bailar B. Lo siento , estoy ocupado/ocupada*** C. Estoy muy cansado/cansada D. No quieres

    asked by Kaai97
  175. Spanish

    What would you say to invite a good friend to a party? A. ¿Quiere va a la fiesta contigo ? B. ¿Queremos venir de la fiesta contigo? C.¿Quieres ir a la fiesta conmigo?*** D.¿Quiere ir a la fiesta con usted ?

    asked by Kaai97
  176. Spanish

    What is the correct way to say “at 8 o’clock”? a) es ocho b) la hora es ocho c) a las ocho*** d) de las ocho

    asked by Kaai97
  177. Math

    Find 30% of 70. a. 40 b. 21 *** c. 2.1 d. 0.4 Find 20% of 55. a. 22 b. 11 *** c. 35 d. 30 Find 12% of 200. a. 22 b. 24 *** c. 34 d. 40 What is the best estimate of 42% of 756? a. 320 *** b. 240 c. 400 d. 420 Find 11% of 400. a. 46 b. 40.6 c. 50.6 *** d. 56

    asked by Rhonda
  178. Science

    Without this system in the body, you would get really sick because toxins and waste would build up? (A) Cardiovascular (B) Excretory (C) Integumentary (D) Muscular I think its A, I really need this answered.

    asked by I need help
  179. History

    In ancient civilizations, job specialization was a result of what? A. surpluses of food B increased interests in art C peace between rival clans D a new system of royal clans I think it is A

    asked by ILOVEcake
  180. Pre Algebra

    (√a)^2 How do I solve this? THank you!!!

    asked by Hannie
  181. math

    what is 0.220t=

    asked by kayla charles
  182. Algebra

    5x (5x3+9^2)+4 I got 28x^2+88 I know i wrong but idont know how to do the problem.

    asked by Elaina
  183. science

    Does carbon dioxide or water have a higher boiling point and why?

    asked by Kelley
  184. math

    grantvilles governor receved 3 times as many votes as carys governor.carysgovernor received 790 votes. how many people voted altogether

    asked by justin
  185. Math

    Standing 8 feet from a puddle of water on the ground Gretchen whose eye height is 5 feet 2 inches, can see the reflection of the top of a flagpole. The puddle is 20 feet from the flagople. How tall is the flagpole

    asked by Anonymous
  186. Math

    the great white shark can grow length of 4.9 m. the mako shark can grow to a length of 40 dm.which shark can grow to the greater length? explain answer

    asked by Margaret
  187. English

    How can i make my essay on mary mcleod bethune more narrative and interesting?

    asked by Anonymous
  188. science

    which of the following is a constant, or control variable, in this experiment?

    asked by Brooke
  189. math

    A rectangualar grass has a perimeter of a circular track 36metros and exercise has a circumference of 36metro contained the dog will give pedro de Ricardo more area to run

    asked by jenifer mendoza
  190. Math

    The two-way table shows the number of fourth and fifth graders who do or do not have a savings account. What percent of fourth graders have a savings account? % Savings account No savings account 4th graders 7 3 5th graders 12 5 I believe the answer is 26%

    asked by Marc-Anthony
  191. Math

    Given triangle ABC with A(-3, 2), B(-1, -4), and C(4, 1), write the equation for the line containing altitude line AR in standard form. A. x - y = 1 B. x + y = -1 C. x + y = 1 D. x - y = -1 I can't figure this out at all. It's been confusing me for a long

    asked by SkatingDJ
  192. Science help please.....

    What happens to the density of the air in the balloon as it is heated? Also, based on this question.... What would be the Independent variable, Depended Variable, controlled Variab

    asked by Diana
  193. math help please

    Jimmy made a scale drawing of his house. The actual dimensions of his house are 50 feet by 100 feet. He used the scale 1 inch : 10 feet. What arethe dimensions of Jimmy’s house in the drawing?

    asked by ivey
  194. history

    in what ways was Abraham Lincoln life remarkable, admirable, or even despicable?

    asked by Anonymous
  195. English

    It's about identifying types of sentences I struggle in English so I was gonna ask if these answers are right: 1. "To build a fire" is set in the Yukon where a man is journeying alone. - complex 2. The Yukon lay under three feet of ice. -simple 3. He could

    asked by Ashley
  196. math

    In a private school the ratio of boys to girls is 5:3 if there are 50 more boys than girls. How many students are there in total?

    asked by anonymus
  197. history

    How was abraham lincoin made an impact on other's lives?

    asked by Anonymous
  198. English Language

    which of the following phrases follows the rules of punctuation. a)the spring semester b)the school PrinciPal c)the long war for Independence d)the states of the northeast my answer is c though not too sure.

    asked by Tessy
  199. Physics

    Ive tried numerous methods, but I cant seem to get this right. Please help, and explain step by step. An object's position is given by x=bt+ct^3, where b=1.50m/s and c=0.640m/s3. To study the limiting process leading to the instantaneous velocity,

    asked by Ronnie
  200. Algebra

    The perimeter of a rectangular booth at the craft festival must be at least 58 feet. The width of JOhn's booth is 7 1/2 feet. What lengths of the rectangle will meet the required perimeter? 1. Define variable and write and inequality 2. Solve the

    asked by Evan
  201. Physics

    You have two tuning forks. One is a known frequency of 200 Hz. The second for his plate, there is a big frequency of five beats per second. What a piece of gum is placed on the second fork, the frequency increases three beats per second. What is the

    asked by Caroline
  202. Chemistry

    A student calculates the empirical formula of a compound to be C1.5H3.5. Express this as a correct empirical formula.

    asked by Anonymous
  203. Language Arts

    which of the following incidents involving Byron is intended to have the most humorous effect on the reader? Watson, Chapter 1-2 A. Byron gets his lips stuck to the car mirror. B. Byron tucks his blanket into the couch cushion so he will not to be touched

    asked by Baileybmx1
  204. math

    what has one end point and continues on forever in one direction

    asked by Anonymous
  205. English

    What are some benefits of: Social media helps strengthen relationships among teens. be sure to explain and if you can please add a counter claim. and prove it wrong

    asked by Anonymous
  206. what would be the answer and why

    Sarah made a scale drawing of a dinosaur. • She made the height of the dinosaur inches. • The actual height of the dinosaur is 9 feet.What scale did Sarah use for her drawing? A. 1 in. = 3.6 ft B. 1 in. = 4.5 ft C. 1 in. = 18 ft D. 1 in. = 22.5 ft

    asked by bubb;le
  207. what would be the answer and why

    A map has a scale of 1 cm = 5 km. On the map, two cities are 3 cm apart. What is the actual distance between these cities? A. 1.7 km B. 5 km C. 15 km D. 17 km

    asked by bubb;le
  208. Math

    How do u graph a system of equations

    asked by Hill
  209. math

    your parents invest $500 on each birthday since the day you were born until you're 25. each investment earns 6.4% simple interest. how much will you have on your 25th birthday?

    asked by Anonymous
  210. Algebra

    Write an equation of the line with a y-intercept of -4 that is parallel to 6x-2y=13

    asked by LadyPhantomhive
  211. MATH

    You are asked to calculate the weight that a hotel elevator can safely carry. You should expect your answer to be

    asked by JOSEPH
  212. English

    My homework is about identifying independent and dependent clauses The sentence in () marks is the clause they're asking for. 1. The narrator's mother worked on her inventions at night, (after her husband fell asleep) - Dependent Clause 2. She would work

    asked by Sophia
  213. Math

    Harrison has a total of 30 red and green bowling balls at his bowling alley. Each red ball weighs 8lbs and each green ball weights 9 lbs. If the total mass of green balls is 49 lbs heavier than the total mass of red balls, how many red balls does he have.

    asked by Anonymous
  214. Math

    The three Smith children have a combined age of 50. The youngest is half as old as the oldest. Ten years ago, the oldest was 7 times as the youngest. How old were the children ten years ago? (3 answers) I don't know if this is correct, can you help?

    asked by Sidney
  215. Math

    Explain why the great white shark can grow to a length of 4.9 m.

    asked by Margaret
  216. math

    serena wants to borrow $15000 and pay it back in 10 years. the bank gives her 2 options 1: borrow the money at 10% compounded quarterly for the full term option 2: borrow the money at 12%compounded quarterly for 5 years and after 5 years that interest rate

    asked by Anonymous
  217. Math

    I need help please. Assume that one dollor is equal to 1.14 euros. If 500 g of an item is selling for 25 euros, what is its price in dollars per kg?

    asked by Jack
  218. geometry

    Jackson is painting the side of his school. He paints a wall that has an area of 41 1/3 square yards. He uses 2 1/3 gallons of orang paint. What is Jackson's rate of paint coverage in square yards per gallon? The label on the paint container says that the

    asked by asford
  219. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular concrete patio is 38 meters. The area is 90 square meters. What are the dimensions of the patio?

    asked by samuel
  220. Algebra

    What is the side length of a square with an area of 25x^2 -30+9 ? I'm completely confused on this problem. I do not understand how to factor using the GCF.

    asked by Tristien
  221. Help

    What happens to the density of the air in the balloon as it is heated? Also, based on this question.... What would be the Independent variable, Depended Variable, controlled Variable.

    asked by Diana
  222. English

    It is always ----- who pays the bills. which of the following options correctly completes the sentence above A)He B)Her c)Me D)Us my answer c

    asked by Tessy
  223. Chemistry

    Why are the atomic masses of elements usually decimal numbers?

    asked by Mads
  224. Chemistry

    A compound contains 69.9% iron and 30.1% oxygen. What is its empirical formula?

    asked by Anonymous
  225. Math

    At Jefferson School, both 6th grade & 7th grade classes take a math test. The average score for the 6th grade is 80 and for the 7th grade is 90. If there are twice as many students, in the 7th grade as there is in the 6th grade, what is the average test

    asked by Sidney
  226. problem solving

    pasha is thinking of a number such that when twice the number i added to three times one more than the number she gets the same result as when she multiplies four times one less than the number. what number is pasha is thinking about

    asked by Anonymous
  227. Art

    ART what characteristic of the work is being described? a.aesthetics b.critique c.heritage d.culture

    asked by Bongladite
  228. Math

    A rectangle prism is 8 cm long. a)How many 2 x 2 x 2 cm cubes can the prim be cut into? b)What is the total surface area of all the 2 x 2 x 2 cm cubes? c) What is the total volume of all the 2 x 2 x 2 cubes?

    asked by Anonymous
  229. i really need help but dont know how to do it

    Taylor made a scale drawing of his room using a scale of 0.25 inch = 1 foot. On the drawing, the length of his room is 3.25 inches and the width is2.75 inches. What is the area of Taylor’s actual room? A. 36 square feet B. 48 square feet C. 143square

    asked by jhon
  230. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following passages from the novel best describes the setting? A. It was one of those super duper cold Saturday. B. One of those days that when you breathed kind of hung frozen in the air like a hunk of smoke and you could walk along and

    asked by Baileybmx1
  231. math

    Steve wants to have $25000 in 25 years, he can only get 3.2% interest compounded quarterly. his bank will guarantee the rate for either 5 or 8 years in 5 years he can get 4% compounded quarterly for the remainder of the term in 8 years he can get 5%

    asked by Anonymous
  232. Conceptual Physics

    A paperback is 106mm in width. What is the width in centimeters? In meters? (I need to see this in steps)

    asked by Sonya
  233. physics

    the sidewalk moves left at 0.5 m/s. it is 2m long. a cat runs a 1m/s and it wants to run straight across to get to its food. at what angle should the cat direct itself? and how long would the cat take to cross the sidewalk

    asked by dude please
  234. Math

    The sum of three numbers equal 92. The second number is 8 more than the first number. The third number is 2 times the second number. What is the first number?

    asked by Anonymous
  235. Social Studies

    Which occurrence is not characteristic of global warming? a. melting mountain glaciers in the south pole b. stabilization in the sea level due to warm weather*** c. greater amounts of precipitation d. loss of habitat for certain species

    asked by Kaai97
  236. math

    I seem to get stuck on finding this answe 4+(16-4)+(12-9)

    asked by Lamonica
  237. i need your help damon

    Jill’s room is 12.5 feet long and 11.5 feet wide. She made a scale drawing of the room with a scale of 0.5 inch = 2 feet. What is the perimeter of Jill’s room in the drawing? A. 12 inches B. 24 inches C. 48 inches D. 96 inches

    asked by jhon
  238. Social Studies

    Which is not an impact of global warming on ecosystems? A- population explosion among various species B- warmer weather cause some species to migrate out of their natural habitat in search for cooler temperatures C- centain species face extinction D- food

    asked by Kaai97
  239. Social Studies

    Which factor contributes to the strength of hurricanes? A- warmer ocean temp B- cooler ocean temp C- risimg sea levels D- increasing levels of pesticides and other pollutants***

    asked by Kaai97
  240. Math

    Find ∑(j=12 up to 99) of 2j+1/(((j+1)^2)j^2)

    asked by Kim
  241. Social Studies

    Which practice does not protect the environment? A) efforts to regulate carbon dioxide emissions B) increased use of wind and solar power sources C) frequent usage of a SUV*** D) decreased use of fossil fuels

    asked by Kaai97
  242. Social Studies

    Which vehicle is most likely to be fuel efficient? A. SUV (Sport-Utility-Vehicle)*** B.1978 station wagon C.gas-electric hybrid car D.pickup truck

    asked by Kaai97
  243. algebra

    how do you solve q(x) = 6 - 5x ; 21

    asked by jill
  244. Social Studies

    Scientists predict that global warming will cause Ethiopia to experience a- greater amounts of heavy precipitation b- greater frequency of earthquakes c- greater frequency of hurricanes d- greater frequency of drought-related conditions***

    asked by Kaai97
  245. World History

    Which of the following tools would NOT help a geographer to understand the ways that a country’s boundaries changed over time? B.timeline C.graph D.aerial photography

    asked by Sam
  246. Social Studies

    A majority of the greenhouse-gas emissions released into the atmosphere is comprised of a. methane b. carbon dioxide*** c. oxygen d. nitrous oxide

    asked by Kaai97
  247. Physics

    An 89.5 kg fullback moving east with a speed of 5.7 m/s is tackled by a 81.5 kg opponent running west at 2.58 m/s, and the collision is perfectly inelastic. (a) Calculate the velocity of the players just after the tackle. m/s (b) Calculate the decrease in

    asked by Help please
  248. math

    A jet flies at an altitude of 52,800 feet. What is the height of the jet in miles?

    asked by alex
  249. Social Studies

    This is the main human activity that contributes to global warming. a. massive dumping of pesticides into the world's oceans b. high demand and depletion of the world'd oil supply c. burning of fossil fuels*** d. increase of levels of chlorine poured into

    asked by Kaai97
  250. Language Help me

    1. Which of the following passages from the novel best describes the setting? A. It was one of those super duper cold Saturday. B. One of those days that when you breathed kind of hung frozen in the air like a hunk of smoke and you could walk along and

    asked by Estephania
  251. math

    Adding= Sum What are those kind of words for subtract divide and multiply? I am not for sure what they are called.

    asked by Sam
  252. Math

    Suppose each plain bagel has .53 gram of salt and each sesame bagel has .65 gram. Use a percent to compare the amount of salt in a plain bagel to that in a sesame bagel.

    asked by Larissa
  253. Social Studies

    Which factor contributes to the strength of hurricanes? A- warmer ocean temp B- cooler ocean temp C- risimg sea levels D- increasing levels of pesticides and other pollutants***

    asked by Kaai97
  254. Social Studies

    Which is true regarding where pollution is most evident? a. areas with high population density*** b. areas with low population density c. polar regions d. desert regions

    asked by Kaai97
  255. damon i need your help again

    Julie deposited $300 into a simple interest savings account that earns 1.34%. If no money is added or withdrawn from the account, about how long will it take for the interest to equal the deposited amount? A. 8 months B.

    asked by jhon
  256. math

    how can I solve: 6³ + 6 ÷ 2¹ - 4² I got the answer wrong on the test and the teacher told me the answer was 203 but I want to know how to do it. I was to embarrassed to ask because all the other students knew how to do it

    asked by asher
  257. Social Studies

    Which human activity would best support global efforts to improve the environment and to reduce global warming? a. driving a pickup truck across the countryside b. riding a bicycle to a nearby playground*** c. purchasing a SUV from a nearby dealership d.

    asked by Kaai97
  258. Math

    Chin went to a store where he spent one half of his money and$14 more.He then went to another store where he spent one third of his money and $14 more. If he then had no money left, how much did he have when he entered the first store?

    asked by Anonymous
  259. Social Studies

    Which factor contributes to the strength of hurricanes? A- warmer ocean temp B- cooler ocean temp C- rising sea levels D- increasing levels of pesticides and other pollutants****

    asked by Kaai97
  260. FRENCH ! (:

    Dialogue practice: Please check my grammar and sentence structure. This is meant to be an interview dialogue. ** whatever is in () I know I have to add the accents later on. I just wasn't able to on my device now. 1.) Qu'est-ce qui arriv(e) heir? (what

    asked by PAMELA
  261. math

    My cousin's car gets 32.81 miles per gallon. She only has 6 gallons left in her tank. How many more miles can the car last?

    asked by Elizabeth
  262. math

    A new automobile costs $23,782, but after one year it is worth $17,668. What is the approximate percent of decrease in the value of the automobile?

    asked by jhon
  263. math

    how do i translate: the sum of a number times 5 and 29 is at most 23 into an inequality sentence number

    asked by cindy
  264. Language Arts

    I’d been throwing rocks and things at birds since I was born and had never even came close to hitting one, I’d seen a million people throw a million things at birds and no one had ever really hit one, not even a pigeon! 1. The sentence above contains

    asked by Kathy
  265. Algebra

    Use the method of substitution to solve this: 9x+4y=9/2 and y=2x-1

    asked by Amy
  266. Physics

    If the substance of 1kg mass is converted completely into energy then how many kilowatt energy will be produced?

    asked by Akhter
  267. Computer Sciemce

    Where the iterator for finding square root of two comes from?

    asked by Computer Sciemce
  268. ethicsand morals

    Leon Kass argues that the primary responsibility of physicians is to: (Points : 1) respect the autonomy of the patient. make decisions on the basis of compassion and good intention. benefit sick by the activity of healing. preserve a patient’s life by

    asked by Christopher
  269. math

    jenny needs to make a total of 85 deliveries this week. so far she has delivered 34 of them. what percentage of her total deliveries has jenny completed? how do u figure this out please

    asked by cindy
  270. math

    the price of lemonade went from .20 to .25 what is the percentage increase?

    asked by marie
  271. Math- Please Help

    Solve Each inequality. 1. m-71 x>0.1 x

    asked by Connections Academy Student
  272. math

    When Paula went to sleep, it was 6 degrees Fahrenheit. When she woke up, the temperature has dropped to -4 degrees. What was the change in temperature while Paula was asleep?

    asked by Anonymous
  273. chemistry

    1 gm of magnesium is burnt in a closed container which contains 2 l of air at ntp containing 21 percent oxygen by volume find limiting reagent, mass of excess reagent left over, mass of mgo produced, number of mg and oh ion formed by dissolving it with

    asked by David
  274. History

    1. Which of these was a precedent that George Washington set? (5 points) constitutional amendment process formal presidential dinners singing of the national anthem use of a presidential cabinet 2. "The time for the new election of a citizen to be

    asked by YRN DJ
  275. math

    A billboard is 4.0 meters by 2.5 meters. A scale diagram of the billboard must fit in a space that is 15 centimeters by 12 centimeters. Write a reasonable scale for the scale diagram.

    asked by Emily
  276. math

    How many different ways can a team have a final score of 11 points in NFL football?

    asked by briana
  277. History

    13 The colonists designed a school calendar so that children would attend school nine months a year, leaving the summer months off. Which answer best explains why? A. School buildings were too hot in the summer. B. Children needed to help on farms in the

    asked by YRN DJ