Questions Asked on
January 9, 2016

  1. Maths

    the monthly charge C of an electricity company is made up of follows:A constant charge a and A charge which varies directly as N the number of units used . when N=80 C =820 naira . When N =124 , C =1040 naira find the relationship between C and N ,find C

    asked by Anita
  2. MATH Precalculus

    A baseball diamond is a square with sides of length 90ft. Suppose Manny hits a "double", so that he must run from home plate to second base. He runs at a constant speed of 15 feet per second. Express the distance (in feet) between Manny and home plate as a

    asked by Hai
  3. math

    Draw a diagram to show that there are two tangent lines to the parabola y = x2 that pass through the point (0, −25). Find the coordinates of the points where these tangent lines intersect the parabola.

    asked by Kyle
  4. Physics

    Charges q1 and q2 lie on the x-axis at points x= -a and x= +a respectively a) how must must q1 and q2 be related for the net force +Q placed at x= +a/2 to be zero?

    asked by Ibrahim
  5. Math And Science for Young Children

    After assessing your students, what question should you ask as you start organizing for teaching? A. What do my students know about this science topic? B. What is the appropriate science content that my students need to know? C. What do my students want to

    asked by Tonya
  6. ALgebra

    Brass is an alloy formed from copper and zinc in the ratio 3:2, based on weight. If 120g of copper is needed for a certain piece of brass, how much zinc will be needed?

    asked by BLANK
  7. Chemistry-Dr.Bob

    An unknown piece of metal weighing 100. g is heated to 90.0 degrees Celcius. It is dropped into 250 g of water at 20.0 degrees Celcius. When equilibrium is reached, the temperature of both the water and piece of metal is 29.0 degrees Celcius. Determine the

    asked by Sanaya
  8. math

    Jose invests money in two simple interest accounts. He invests twice as much in an account paying 10% as he does in an account paying 7%. If he earns $94.50 in interest in one year from both accounts combined, how much did he invest altogether? Total

    asked by brooke
  9. Math and Science for young Children

    Predictable student responses are likely during: A. narrow questions. B. open-ended questions. C. initiating activities. D. observational skills. is B the right answer

    asked by Tonya
  10. Math And Science for Young Children

    ll of the following EXCEPT __________ describes the personal learning style. A. visual B. auditory C. work-along D. colorful is D the correct answer

    asked by Tonya
  11. Geography

    3. Which of the following is an example of a non-material aspect of culture? A. Church Building B. An altar C. Religious decoration D. Burning of incense E. Burial site

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Physics

    A man can swim at a speed of 3km/hr in still water. He wants to cross a 500m wide river flowing at 2km/hr. He keeps himself always at an angle of 120¡ãwith the water flow while swimming. Find (A) The time he takes to cross the river (B) The point on the

    asked by Apurv
  13. walden university

    Which of the following is a temperamental characteristic that is associated with prosocial behavior? A. Low social anxiety B. Popularity among peers C. Coherent self-concept D. Intelligence

    asked by Lisa
  14. Chemistry

    The standard free energy of formation of nitric oxide, NO, at 1000. K (roughly the temperature in an automobile engine during ignition) is 77.5 kJ/mol. Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Algebra

    Does the following set of ordered pairs represent a function? (-1, 3) (0, 3) (1, 3) I think yes, it is a function, but I'm not sure.

    asked by Britney
  16. Math And Science for Young Children

    Concepts can be characterized as: A. the building blocks of knowledge. B. thoughts that are incomplete until adulthood. C. ideas that young children do not yet have. D. basic to math but not to science. Is D the correct answer

    asked by Tonya
  17. chemistry

    If 6.00g of carbon is heated in air, the mass of the product obtained could either be 22.0g or 14.6g depending on the amount of air present. Using calculations with what law will this be in accordance?

    asked by Divine phyavuh
  18. Direct variation algebra 2

    If V varies directly as G, and V =36 when G =4. Find V when G =11

    asked by Kate
  19. physic

    An in-ground swimming pool has the dimensions 20 m x 15 m. It is filled with water to a uniform depth of 3.00 m.What is the total force exerted on the bottom of the swimming pool?The density of water = 1.00 × 103 kg/m3.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    For what values of a and b is the line 4x + y = b tangent to the parabola y = ax2 when x = 5?

    asked by Kyle
  21. maths

    If the angle of elevation of sun is 30 degrees from the horizontal line, then the length of the shadow cast by a building 50 m high is.

    asked by samridhi
  22. Math

    760 men can eat food in 22 days. After 2 days how many man came so that they eat food in 19 days.

    asked by Tarukalpa
  23. PE

    1. True or False The number of calories consumed must equal the numbers of calories burned A.True B.False 2.Which of the following factors that contribute to your weight do you have the least amount of control over? A. Activity level B. Peers c. Body

    asked by HELP PLZ
  24. Math

    Tom sat two mental tests (each out of 10) his mean score for the test was 6 if tom scored 9 in the first test what must he have scored in the second

    asked by Emma Stewart
  25. Algebra 1 Honors

    Write an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence. Then graph the first five terms in the Sequence. -3,-8,-13,-18 I got 5n-8 as my formula. Then plugged 5 in for n and got 17 for the 5th number in the sequence. Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. History. Please Help!

    1. “Had this chief turned a deaf ear to Mr. Oglethorpe, refused his friendship and denied his request, opposing him on the part of the Creeks, then this settlement on the banks of the Savannah would have ended amid smoke and blood.” – Charles C.

    asked by Samantha
  27. math

    Solve the system x+4y=1,-x+y=4.What is the -coordinate of this solution x.

    asked by may
  28. calculus

    Find a cubic function y = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d whose graph has horizontal tangents at the points

    asked by Kyle
  29. Math And Science for Young Children

    The process skill that is most appropriate for use with older children is: A. observation. B. predicting. C. measuring. D. classifying. Is C the correct answer

    asked by Tonya
  30. physics

    a. A power plant burns coal and generates an average of 610.0 Megawatts (MW) of electrical power while discharging 915.00 MW as waste heat. Find the total electrical energy generated by the plant in a 30-day period. b. Coals vary a lot in their energy

    asked by shila
  31. Math And Science for Young Children

    The conventional problem-solving strategies usually taught have been: A. act out the problem, make a drawing or diagram, and solve the problem. B. look for a pattern, construct a table, solve the problem, and look back. C. understand the problem, devise a

    asked by Tonya
  32. physics

    A spelunker is surveying a cave. She follows a passage 120 m straight west, then 210 m in a direction 45∘ east of south, and then 280 m at 30∘ east of north. After a fourth unmeasured displacement, she finds herself back where she started. A. Use a

    asked by mohamed
  33. Maths

    the acute angles of a rhombus are 76 degrees if the shorter diagonal is of length 8 cm calculate of the sides of the rhombus to the nearest mm

    asked by Anita
  34. Physics- just verfiying an equation

    hello, so i'm doing a physics project where I have found the following equation for centripetal force: Fcent=mrù^2 Where f= centripetal force m=mass r=radius ù=angular velocity my question is to make centripetal force greater, does that mean mass, radius

    asked by Jesse
  35. Chemistry

    reacting 3 mol C4H10 and 12 mol O2 will occur as a complete combustion, true or false

    asked by RN
  36. Geometry

    Tyron developed a negative that is 1 inch by 1 1/4 inches into a photograph using a scale factor of 8 what are the dimensions of the photograph A. 6 inch by 8 in B. 6 2/5 in by 8 in C. 8 in by 10 in D. Not here

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Geometry

    Point B(-3,7) is reflected across the line y=-x and then dilated with a scale factor of 3 and the center of dilation at the origin. What are the coordinates of point B" under the composition of transformations

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Chemistry

    100 mL 0.1 M sodium acetate solution is mixed with 50 mL 0.1 M acetic acid. If now 0.937 mL of 1 M sodium hydroxide is added to the buffer what is the change in pH? pKa (acetic acid) = 4.76

    asked by Jamie
  39. mechanics

    please help solve these questions (1a). The gravitational field strength g on the earth’s surface is 9.8N/kg. explain what this means.(b) Using the law of gravity, show that gr2= k. Where g=gravitational field strength at a distance r from the center of

    asked by collins
  40. Algebra

    5/9 multiplied by (1/8+1/2) multiplied by 72/5=

    asked by Toni
  41. Grade 12 Chem

    For each of the following, write the chemical equation with appropriate equilibrium arrows, as shown in Table 5. Table 5: No reaction: 99%↔ or ➡️ a) The Haber process is used to manufacture ammonia fertilizer from hydrogen and nitrogen gases. Under

    asked by Avery
  42. Grade 12 Chem

    For each of the following, write the chemical equation with appropriate equilibrium arrows, as shown in Table 5. Table 5: No reaction: 99%↔ or ➡️ a) The Haber process is used to manufacture ammonia fertilizer from hydrogen and nitrogen gases. Under

    asked by Avery
  43. Math

    -3+.5(2+3) PEMDAS Is it .5 or -.5

    asked by Anonymous
  44. MATH Precalculus

    1) A radioactive substance decays exponentially. A scientist begins with 150 milligrams of a radioactive substance. After 26 hours, 75 mg of the substance remains. How many milligrams will remain after 46 hours? 2) A house was valued at $110,000 in the

    asked by Hai
  45. Geometry

    Triangle TUV is mapped onto T'U'V' by a dilation with a scale factor of 1/2 and center (2,-3) followed by a reflection over the x axis what are the coordiantes of T'U'V"

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Maths

    what is the formula for calculating area of shaded part

    asked by Anita
  47. Geography

    5. The fact that trends in popular culture proceed from large global centers through a series of progressively smaller cities is an example of.......... A. Hierarchical diffusion B. Migration C. Relative location D. Stimulus diffusion E. Absolute location

    asked by Anonymous
  48. physics

    1. A 12 kg wagon is being pulled at an angle of 38o above horizontal. What force is applied to the wagon if it accelerates from rest to a speed of 2.2 m/s over a distance of 3.4 m? (4 marks) 2. A 31.0 kg child on a swing reaches a maximum height of 1.92 m

    asked by Anon
  49. Science

    What is "spatial data" (or "geospatial data")? I am not sure, I think it either all or just A. Which one would you pick? A. Information that is tied to a specific location B. A dataset containing information about cities and populations C. Data that can be

    asked by Zara
  50. Geography

    18. Which of the following are concerns over the loss of local culture and distinctiveness? A. Rise of religious fundamentalism B. Establishment of semi-autonomous communes C. Promote local languages, religions, and customs D. Promote a nationalist

    asked by Anonymous
  51. science

    How far should be an undersea object/rock to hear theacho?Speed if sound in water is 1500m/s.

    asked by shivani
  52. Social Studies

    2.Which of the following is not a traditional Inuit food that Alyssa shares with her co-workers a.bannock, or fried bread b.raw narwhale c.caribou*** d.dried tea leaves 3.which groups make up Canada aboriginal population (select three) a.Quebecois****

    asked by Sid.V
  53. French

    12/12/08: Vol Air france 24 au départ de San Diego, escale à Chicago, arrivée Paris. 20/12/08: Aéroport Marignane, vol direct Air France 56, départ 11h45. 1. Le vol qu'Elaine va prendre à San Diego est direct. My answer: True 2. Au retour, l'avion

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    . Three numbers are chosen at random from the set {1, 2, . . . , 50}. Find the probability that the chosen numbers are in geometric progression.

    asked by kalpana
  55. chemistry

    explain why metal oxides tend to be basic if the oxidation number of the metal is low and acidic if the oxidation number of the metal is high

    asked by Faye
  56. Algebra

    A stamp collection consists of 3¢, 12¢, and 15¢ stamps. The number of 3¢ stamps is three times the number of 12¢ stamps. The number of 15¢ stamps is three less than the number of 12¢ stamps. The total value of the stamps in the collection is $2.43.

    asked by Steve
  57. Physics with Calculus

    qsub1:-2.8uC qsub2: 6.6uC qsub2 sits 7.9 cm away from qsub2, and in a previous question moved up the y axis 2.7cm. The question that I am having difficulty with has added qsub3 in the middle of of qsub1 and qsub2, changing the magnitude of Fsub2net= 7.954.

    asked by Jessica
  58. Maths


    asked by Anita
  59. Geography

    Local cultures are sustained through customs. A custom is a practice that a group of people routinely follows. People have customs regarding all parts of their lives from eating and drinking to dancing and sports. To sustain a local culture the people must

    asked by Anonymous
  60. English

    What were the factor that led to decline of private quelch? Do you think hos fall from grace justified? Support your answer with textual evidences.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Maths

    PQRS is a parallelogram . M is the point on PS. such that PM =1÷3 QR . Prove that the quadrilateral PNRM is a parallelogram.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Maths

    ABCD is a trapezium ,in which AB parallel to DC and AB=70cm ,DC=50cm .If P and a are respectively the mid points of AD and BC , Prove that :(1) PQ =60cm (2) area (DCQP ) = 9÷11 area ( ABQP ) .

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Geography

    8. Government efforts to discourage native practice and languages in the USA and Canada were attempts to __________________ native groups. A. Segregate B. Protect C. Eradicate D. Assimilate E. Support

    asked by Anonymous
  64. physics

    a particl rotating disc of radius 2m has a constant speed 16m/s.what is size of angular velocity of disc?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Bio

    Why were plants helpful in the early development of land? What is the one most important resource plants that moved to land had to develop a means of obtaining?

    asked by Lea
  66. Math

    a cylinder of wooden block has base radius 'r' cm height 'h' cm and a total surface area of 32pi cm^2 1)show that r^2+hr=16 2)given that its height is 4cm more than its base radius, find the value of 'r' and of 'h'

    asked by kaelyn
  67. geometry

    if a circle is divided into 12 parts then what is the measure of each part in terms of radius

    asked by rahul
  68. maths lit,business studies, accounting and CAT

    What can I study with these subjects.

    asked by anonymous
  69. Geography

    13. Distance - decay and Time-Space Compression represent the same thing within diffusion. True False True?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Chemistry

    calculate the initial concentration of HCOONa you would add to 0.10M HCOOH to make a buffer with a pH of 4.00 [Ka (HCOOH) = 1.8 x 10^-4]

    asked by Christabel
  71. Math

    Solve the proportion: The local technology store had discounted all of their products 40%. What will your purchase price be if the tablet you are looking at originally costs $475.00

    asked by Amy
  72. Math

    Solve the proportion: Jose purchased a new pair of jeans from the clearance rack for $41.25. The original price marked was $75. What was the total discount that Jose received in the jeans?

    asked by Amy
  73. Math

    Solve the proportion: You can find the distance from a thunderstorm by counting the number if seconds between the lighting flash and thunder. For example, if the time difference in 21 seconds, then the storm is 7 km away. How far away is the storm if the

    asked by Amy
  74. physics

    The sement bag has a mass of 50 kg an the small pulley has a mass of 2kg ,if the cement bag pulled upwards with an acceleration of 2m/s.fin the force pulling the rope

    asked by nurjamal
  75. science

    What is the ionic strength of 0.2M Na2HPO4 in a solution?

    asked by Prashant
  76. physic

    if the gravitational force f is given by F=GM1M2/r^2, derive the dimension if the constant G.

    asked by yaro
  77. physics dimension

    if the gravitational force F is given by F=GM1M2/r^2 derive the dimension of the constant G.

    asked by yaro
  78. Physics

    A long thin rod lies along the x-axis from the origin to x=L, with L= 0.750 m. The mass per unit length, λ (in kg/m) varies according to the equation λ = λ0 (1+1.410x3). The value of λ0 is 0.600 kg/m and x is in meters. 1) Calculate the total mass of

    asked by David
  79. chemistry

    55 gm laughng gas contains ---------gm N.

    asked by G.raju
  80. physics dimension

    in a gas equation (p+a/v^2)(v-b)=RT determine the dimension of the constant a and b;R being the gas constant, v is volume,p is pressure and T is temperature

    asked by yaro
  81. science

    An equation has carbon dioxide and water as its products, what type of reaction has taken place?

    asked by billy
  82. physics dimension

    write down the dimensions of moment of inertia and surface tension coefficient.

    asked by yaro
  83. Math

    Essay on a true hero is a unifying force in a diverse society ideas please

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Math

    The coordinates below represent two linear equations. How many solutions does this system of equations have? Line 1 x y –2 7 0 6 Line 2 x y 3 0 0 –3 A. 0 B. exactly 1 C. exactly 2 D. infinitely many

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math

    Elena bought 49 packets of red balloons, 66 packets of blue balloons, and 35 packets of yellow balloons. Each pack contained 12 balloons. She mixed them up and gave away some balloons. She then repacked the balance into packets of 25. How many balloons

    asked by Michael
  86. math10

    Find all the positive integers (x,y) that satisfy x^4=y^2+97?

    asked by manilen
  87. math

    find the area of right traingle of base 1.2m and hypotenuse 3.7.

    asked by math
  88. math10

    48. How many real numbers satisfy x^6+|x|=7?

    asked by manilen
  89. english vocab

    please help with word animist I need to create a sentence I beleive the defintion is an animist believes that a spirit for a period of time lives in a human being.

    asked by daniel 7th grade
  90. math10

    Determine all real number x that satisfy |x^2-x-3|>|x^2-x-3|?

    asked by manilen
  91. math10

    What is the minimum value of |x|+|x-1|+|x+2|?

    asked by manilen
  92. math10

    Let x=2^100,〖y=3〗^60 and z=〖10〗^30 . What is the smallest number among the three?

    asked by manilen
  93. history

    1. True or False The number of calories consumed must equal the numbers of calories burned A.True B.False 2.Which of the following factors that contribute to your weight do you have the least amount of control over? A. Activity level B. Peers c. Body

    asked by HELP PLZ
  94. math10

    simplify √(23+√408) -√(23-√408) ?

    asked by manilen
  95. math10

    If x and y are positive real numbers satisfying x+y≤xy, what is the smallest value of x+y?

    asked by manilen
  96. history

    Using at least three complete sentences, describe why Japan didn’t suffer the same fate as other Asian countries that were being conquered and dominated by imperial countries. Include why Japan stopped being isolated, who took power in Japan, and what

    asked by Anonymous
  97. math

    how to calculate vertical angle of cone

    asked by Vicky
  98. math10

    An item was already discounted by 10% but had to be discounted by another 10 % to make the price even more attractive to customers. Overall, by how many percent was the item discounted?

    asked by manilen
  99. History

    1. After winning the French and Indian War, Great Britain passed the Proclamation of 1763 which made the colonists angry because a. It did not allow them to settle on land west of the Appalachian Mountains. b. It passed a tax on items such as newspapers,

    asked by Samantha
  100. chemistry

    Is bp of para and meta and ortho isomer are same

    asked by debobrata
  101. English

    if i am writing a persuasive letter that schools should monitor kids social media,what would be a good counter argument,a good hook,a goood thesis satement,and supporting arguments?

    asked by Anonymous mlp nerd
  102. Quick English help

    Select the term that is best represented by each statement below. Use affinity, candid, chagrin, faculty, inherent, partisan, principle, rapt, trait, veracity. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 1. "I am truth." (VERACITY) 2. " i am what you cannot look away

    asked by Anonymous
  103. English

    How can i use ethos,pathos,or logos in my persuasive letter that schools should monitor students social media?

    asked by nerd1234
  104. math

    Susie loves Starbucks coffe today,while waiting to place her order for her salted caramel macchiato , she noticed the prices for the three sizes that were available 12oz for $3.60 16oz for $4.96 20oz for $5.20 which size is the better unit rate

    asked by brian
  105. science

    If the distance stays the same but they time increases what happens to the speed?

    asked by saad
  106. Math And Science for Young Children

    __________ is/are NOT a basic lesson plan component. A. Object B. Concept C. Materials D. Goals Is B the correct answer

    asked by Tonya
  107. Math And Science for Young Children

    Early childhood encompasses three of the four Piagetian stages. Which one of the stages is NOT reached during early childhood? A. Preoperational B. Concrete operational C. Sensorimotor D. Formal operations IS D the correct answer

    asked by Tonya
  108. Math

    derivative of lim x->infinite (2^x+5^x)^(1/x)? I do it till [2^xln(2)+5^xln(5)]/(2^x+5^x) and then I can't simplify anymore. Help me out?

    asked by Bob
  109. Chemistry

    How much of a 50.0 grams sample of Uranium-238 would remain after 26 minutes IF the half-live is 13.0 minutes?? This question has stummed me and I can't do it, ugh.

    asked by Isbale
  110. Math

    Zachary traveled from city A to city B. He left city A at 7:30 a.m. and reached city B at 12 noon. Find the average speed if city B is 180 miles away from city A.

    asked by Jerome
  111. math10

    A class of 30 students took two quizzes. Sixteen passed the first quiz and 20 passed the second quiz. If four students failed both quizzes, how many pass both?

    asked by manilen
  112. mechanics

    please help solve these questions (1a). The gravitational field strength g on the earth’s surface is 9.8N/kg. explain what this means.(b) Using the law of gravity, show that gr2= k. Where g=gravitational field strength at a distance r from the center of

    asked by collins
  113. math10

    If you randomly choose two different numbers from 1 to 10, what is the probability that one number is one more than the other?

    asked by manilen
  114. History. Please Help!!

    3. The French and Indian War is often viewed by historians as being a factor in causing the American Revolution. Which of these best explains why this might be the case? a. The Indians believed the colonists would return seized lands to them. b. The

    asked by Samantha
  115. physics

    What would the mass of a bowling ball be if it were to travel m/s with a momentum of 7000kg.m/s

    asked by juan
  116. geometry

    how can you find the geometric mean?

    asked by bob
  117. Math

    Tiffany’s pay varies directly with the number of hours that she works. If she earned $77.28 for 4 h of work, how much will she earn for 15 hours of work

    asked by Nerd1234
  118. Physics

    A ladder ABC of length 20m is leaning against a wall at an angle from the horizontal. There is a roller at the top of the ladder that rests against the vertical wall. The coefficient of friction between the ladder and the horizontal surface at A is 0.5.

    asked by Lisa
  119. physics

    a. A stone is dropped at t = 0 s. A second stone, with a mass 2.0 times that of the first, is dropped from the same point at t = 0.25 s. How far from the release point is the center of mass of the two stones at t = 0.52 s? Assume that neither stone has yet

    asked by shila
  120. english language

    Put iron expand when it is heated in the passive voice

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Chemistry

    Salts of barium, barium sulfate Particularly, When applied orally and because of its low solubility (Ksp = 1 x 10 ^ -10) Increase contrast for X-rays in medical diagnosis of the digestive system. Considering que Were reacted ^ 7 × 10 -5 mol of CaCl2 with

    asked by Igor
  122. Story writing

    What is a good danger for a dragon like what's something that it's really good at which will scare you to death.

    asked by Nerd1234
  123. Physics

    The coordinate of a boy running across a parking lot as a function of time is gives as :x0†3=3t*2 7.2t 28 and y0†3=0.28t*2 - 9.1t the boys position vector r0†3 and velocity v0†3 in unit vector rotation and find the magnitude

    asked by Kay
  124. Math And Science for Young Children

    sking the children to construct a graph to show how many beans have sprouted is an example of the process skill of: A. communication. B. predicting. C. inferring. D. classifying. Is D the correct answer

    asked by Tonya
  125. math And Science for Young Children

    The processes of awareness, exploration, and inquiry, and __________ are encompassed in the learning-cycle for young children. A. generalization B. utilization C. recognition D. coordination Is B the correct answer

    asked by Tonya
  126. english language

    Put the words in the bracket in the passive voice (they told her clothes and stole her books ),(they called her fat and told her),( they hit her with typewriter and kicked her).

    asked by Anonymous
  127. math And Science for Young Children

    Planning concepts experiences starts with: A. selecting objectives. B. selecting materials. C. assessment. D. evaluation. Is B the correct answer

    asked by Tonya
  128. Chemistry

    Salts of barium, barium sulfate Particularly, When applied orally and because of its low solubility (Ksp = 1 x 10 ^ -10) Increase contrast for X-rays in medical diagnosis of the digestive system. Considering que Were reacted 7 × 10 -5 moles of CaCl2 with

    asked by Igor
  129. Math!!!

    Suppose Y ∼ N(μ=0, σ). Find σ so that the normal population contains 90% of its probability between -1 and 1. Please round your answer to two decimals. . [Hint: The normal distribution is symmetric around 0, so you can simplify the problem and only

    asked by Help Please!!!
  130. Science

    Why is the Grand Canyon a natural physical system

    asked by Chloe