Questions Asked on
January 7, 2016

  1. Physics

    A man on a motorcycle plans to make a jump as shown in the figure. If he leaves the ramp with a speed of 29.5 m/s and has a speed of 28.0 m/s at the top of his trajectory, determine his maximum height (h) above the end of the ramp. Ignore friction and air

    asked by Jesse
  2. math

    A hollow cylindrical iron pipe is of length 35 cm . It's outer and inner diameters are 10cm and 8cm respectively . Find the weight of the pipe if 1 cube centimeter of iron weights 7 gram

    asked by anu
  3. Language Arts

    Which type of persuasive appeal is the represented in the following sentence? Shouldn't that determination be rewarded. A Appeal to authority B Appeal to reason C Appeal to majority D Appeal to emotion I THINK IT IS C? PLEASE HELP ASAP

    asked by Carly Johanson Miller
  4. Math - Ms. Sue, Check!

    Jose invests $3,250 at 6% interests compound annually. What will be the balance in the account after 3.5 years A:$3,932.50 B:$3,985.23 C:$4,752.00 D:$5,200.00 Is it B?

    asked by Marlene
  5. Math

    1. Find the value of the variables in the table. x = e, 5, 7, 10, 12 y = 18, 23, f, 48, 58 a. f = 33; e = 4 b. e = 33; f = 4 c. f = 30; e = 2 d. e = 30; 5 = 2 2. Which is D = 2zv solved for v? a. v - 2z/D b. v = D/2z c. v = D - 2z d. v = D/z For 1, a. For

    asked by Craine
  6. math grade 1

    Some bikes ad trikes are on a playground. There are 7 seats and 19 wheels. How many bikes? How may trikes are there? Show work.

    asked by toya
  7. Math

    In one hour, Ed used 2/5 of the time to complete his homework and 1/4 of the time to check his email. How much time did he spend completing his homework and checking email? Write your answer as a fraction. (Bonus: write the answer in minutes.)

    asked by Alianna
  8. F and t

    What are the reasons for controlling fullness

    asked by Tgaeth
  9. Chemistry

    Calculate pH and concentration of H2SO3, H2SO3- and SO32- in NaHSO3 c=0,05M. Ka1= 1,23*10^(-2) Ka2= 6,6*10^(-8) Results attached are: a) [H2SO3]= 1,04x10-4 M, [SO32-]=1,3x10-4 M, [HSO3-]= 0,05 M but i keep getting different numbers.

    asked by Anna
  10. Health

    Nausea, vomiting, or headache after taking a drug may be due to A . Dependency B . Addiction C . Side effects D . Tolerance •• ________ occurs when a person intentionally uses a drug improperly. A. A side effect •• B. Drug misuse C. Drug synergism

    asked by Amanda PlZ HELP ME!!!
  11. Physics

    A 16 kg canoe moving to the left at 12m/s collides with a 4 kg raft moving to the right at 6m/s. After the collision, the raft moves to the left at 22.7m/s. What is the velocity of the canoe after the collision? You can ignore any external forces from the

    asked by Victor Olidipo
  12. Science

    For an experiment, you place 15 g of ice with a temperature of -10 C into a cup and label A. You also place 25 g of ice at the same temperature into another cup and label it B. Which of the following statements is true? A) The average kinetic energy of the

    asked by I need help
  13. Math

    The distance from home to school is 3.25 miles, and the distance from school to the soda shop is 900 feet. What is the total distance from home to the soda shop?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics

    A 5.2 kg bucket of water is raised from a well by a rope. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s^2.If the upward acceleration of the bucket is 4.0 m/s^2, find the force exerted by the rope on the bucket of water. Answer in units of N.

    asked by Kenneth
  15. math

    The classroom has 4 desk each row. there are 5 rows. how many desk are there in the classroom.

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Geometry

    Three interior angles of a convex heptagon measure 125 degrees, and two of the interior angles measure 143 degrees. Which are possible measures for the other two interior angles of the heptagon? 1: 48 and 48 degrees 2: 39 and 100 degrees 3: 100 and 116

    asked by Emma
  17. Math

    Mr. Suarez want to paint his storage shed. He needs to calculate the surface area of the shed so that he will know how mush paint to buy. The shed is in the shape of a rectangular prism.Lenght of 14 feet width of 7 feet and height of 8 feet.CAN U HELP ME

    asked by Chasity mcclennon


    asked by BUSAYO
  19. science please help anyone

    I have a science project type of thing, I'm not asking for any answers. Just a breif and easier explanation on what to do, any help is appreciated. The length of a football field is 100 yards. When you compare geologic time (4.6 billion years) to the

    asked by river
  20. math

    The perimeter of an isosceles trapezium is 134 cm and the bases are 54 cm and 30 cm in length of the nonparallel sides of the trapezium and its area.

    asked by PAWAN PATWA
  21. math

    Nikki and her family are traveling to Geneva for winter holiday, and it is going to be cold! Today’s forecast says that Geneva is 12 ​ C colder than Nikki's hometown. Using the information in the table below, select Nikki's hometown. City Temperature

    asked by lwin
  22. Geometry

    I really need help with this question :( A pentagon has two exterior angles that measure (3x), two exterior angles that measure (2x + 22) and an exterior angle that measure (x + 41). If all of these angles have different vertices, what are the measures of

    asked by Michael
  23. Geometry

    Assume the following is a true statement. If it is raining, I will carry an umbrella. Which form of the original statement must also be true? a- converse b-- inverse c- contrapositive d- biconditional My answer is c contrapositive

    asked by Steve
  24. math

    A normal clock loses 3 minutes per hr and another clock gains 5 min per hr. How many hours after from now, both the clocks will show the correct time simultaneously?

    asked by aman
  25. Need all the help i can get

    Hi i'm pretty new to this and i don't know what to do?So i put these questions up im not sure if my answers will show up because i used color letters, but i need help checking and explaining steps N 108 is 36% of what number? Write and solve a proportion

    asked by Rainbow Dash
  26. math

    What is a volume of a sphere with a radius of 6 meters rounded to the nearest square meter? A. 905 m^3 B. 679 m^3 C. 452 m^3 D. 226 m^3 Is the answer C?

    asked by Awesomness
  27. Math 5

    The stilts increase a person's height by 1.5 yards. If Bonnie, who is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, walks on stilts, how tall will she be.

    asked by Versace
  28. physics

    Two chunks of ice are sliding on a frictionless frozen pond. Chunk A, with mass mA=5.0kg, moves with initial velocity vA1=2.0m/s parallel to the x-axis. It collides with chunk B, which has a mass mB=3.0kg and is initially at rest. After the collision, the

    asked by ash
  29. Physics

    A 31.9 N object is in free fall. What is the magnitude of the net force which acts on the object? Answer in units of N.

    asked by Leah
  30. Business

    Your sister wants to purchase Microsoft Office 2013 for her new laptop. She doesn’t want to pay for a subscription and she wants to pay the least amount of money possible. The applications she plans on using are Word, Excel, and Outlook. Which version of

    asked by Me
  31. History

    Despite great hardships, African Americans created a strong sense of culture through which of the following? A.) befriending landowner's families B.) joining with indentured servants C.) trading crops with Native Americans D.) making strong family and

    asked by Aaliyah
  32. maths

    the profit of acertain company is given by p(x)=10,000+350x-1/2xsquare where x is the amount (birr in tens) spents on advertising. What amount gives aprofit of more than birr 40,000?

    asked by eleni
  33. Math

    You borrow $2,000 for a period of 4 years. You are charged simple interest at a rate of 3%. How much will you repay at the end of 4 years? So, do I draw out the formula I = P x R x T. I = Interest - unknown P = Principal - 2,000 R = Rate - 3%, 3 / 100 =

    asked by Mae
  34. Math

    List five numbers that have 3,5,7 as prime factor

    asked by Jalisse
  35. Maths

    A ship is sighted from the top of a lighthouse. The angle of depression from the lighthouse to the top of the ship is 45 degrees. The distance from the top of the lighthouse directly to the ship is 4 miles. Calculate the horizontal distance of the ship

    asked by Rose
  36. Math

    1. An aircraft flies round a triangular course A, B and C. From A to B is 200km on a bearing of 115° and from B to C is 150km on a bearing of 230°. How long is the course from C to A and on what bearing must the aircraft fly? 2. AT is a tangent to the

    asked by Emem
  37. Algebra

    The total cost of renting a banquet hall is a function of the number of hours the hall is rented. The owner of the banquet hall charges $85 per half hour up to a maximum of 4 hours plus a $50 cleaning fee. What is the greatest value in the range for this

    asked by me
  38. Math

    If P varies jointly with Q and R, and P=420 when Q is 3 and R is 7, what is the value of P when Q is 2 and R is 1? Help me please...thx

    asked by Ck
  39. Physics

    A firefighter of mass 39 kg slides down a vertical pole with an acceleration of 3 m/s^2. The acceleration of gravity is 10 m/s^2. What is the friction force that acts on him? Answer in units of N.

    asked by Kitty
  40. Language Arts

    Chapter 1: The Cobbler's Son My name was Tommy Stubbins, son of Jacob Stubbins, the cobbler of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh; and I was nine and a half years old. At that time Puddleby was only quite a small town. A river ran through the middle of it; and over

    asked by Marc-Anthony
  41. Math

    4. The CGJ girls plan to string a set of lights diagonally from two vertical poles for overhead lighting for dancing on the right side of the deck (see the diagram). The string of lights is sold in foot increments only. How many feet of diagonal lighting

    asked by Johnathan
  42. Not cheating-math

    What is the surface area for a sphere with a meter of 4 meters rounded to the nearest square meter? A. 50 m^2 B. 101 m^2 C. 201 m^2 D. 268 m^2

    asked by Awesomness
  43. math

    A cone has the radius of 15 cm and a volume of 540 cm^3. What is the volume of a similar cone with a radius of 12 cm? A. 54 cm^3 B. 240 cm^3 C. 160 cm^3 D. 360 cm^3

    asked by Awesomness
  44. Language Arts

    Chapter I: The Cornerstone of Liberty Three little vessels—the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery—left England in December, 1606, under the command of Captain Christopher Newport, to found a colony on the distant shores of Virginia. Two

    asked by Marc-Anthony
  45. Math

    1quart of paint can cover 50 square feet, how much should I buy to cover 10 feet long and 8 feet tall.

    asked by Kayden
  46. math geometry

    Your friend constructs 𝑋𝑌 so that it is perpendicular to and contains the midpoint of 𝐴𝐵. He claims that 𝐴𝐵 is the perpendicular bisector of 𝑋𝑌. What is his error?

    asked by tyty lil
  47. Intro to Chem

    24.3 g of magnesium yield 40.3 g MgO upon combustion with oxygen. How much magnesium needs to be burned to yield 12.1 g MgO? Please help! I can't figure this out. Little guidance here!

    asked by Kimmy
  48. alegabra

    a company making rectangular fish tanks is restricting the sum of their total dimensions to 52 inches.for one group of designs.the length and width will be the same.which of the following functions represents the volume in terms of the width?

    asked by yae
  49. Physics

    An electric heating coil is immersed in a beaker of water and turned on. A current of 3.50 A floured through the coil. After the water starts to boil, it is found that 60.0 g of water vaporizes in 4.00 minutes. What is the resistance of the coil? (Iv = 540

    asked by Anonymous
  50. health

    in some cultures people choose not to eat any tupe of animal products how might these people get the protein they need

    asked by ........................
  51. History

    How did African Americans' slave quarters contribute in helping them build family ties and traditions? A.)the huts were built around a shared space with a fire for cooking which allowed many families to be together and share ideas. B.)African American men

    asked by Aaliyah
  52. maths

    the sum of anumber x and twice another is 20.if the product of these numbers is not more than 48 , whate are all possible values of x?

    asked by jabo
  53. Pre- Algebra

    1) Find the surface area for a sphere with a radius of 10 feet. Round to the nearest whole number. a. 1,256 ft2 b. 4,189 ft2 c. 1,089 ft2 d. 1,568 ft2 2) Find the volume of a sphere with a radius of 10 feet. Round to the nearest whole number. a. 1,257 ft3

    asked by YRN DJ
  54. Math

    The height of a room is 8 feet and 2 inches. If Maria is 64 inches tall, what is the distance from the top of her head to the ceiling?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. algebra

    How do you write the expression for 5 less than the quotient of a number and 2. Here is my answer but the quotient part is confusing me. 5

    asked by kate
  56. algebra

    two fewer than five times the number of eggs needed in the recipe

    asked by Anonymous
  57. English

    Essay on the rights and responsibilities of citizens in about 200-300 words

    asked by Diljaan singh
  58. Math

    1. As the geese are sitting in a row on their feeder, the first goose eats m kernels of cracked corn. Each goose in the row then eats 1 less than twice the number of kernels eaten by the previous goose. Which of the numbered choices expresses the total

    asked by Johnathan
  59. Physics

    A 4.0 kg bowling ball rolling at a velocity of 11m/s down the bowling lane makes a head on collision with a 2.5 kg bowling pin initially at rest. After the collision, the pink has a velocity of 13.54m/s down the bowling lane. What is the final velocity of

    asked by Victor Olidipo
  60. Physics

    An athlete whirls a 6.6 kg hammer tied to the end of a 1.2 m chain in a simple horizontal circle where you should ignore any vertical deviations. The hammer moves at the rate of 1.02 rev/s. What is the centripetal acceleration of the hammer? Assume his arm

    asked by Abby
  61. math

    a punch recipe says to mix 4 cups pineapple juice, 8 cup orange juice, and 12 cups seltzer in order to make 18 servings of punch. a. how many cups of each ingredient do you need to make 108 cups of punch? b. how many servings can be made from 108 cups of

    asked by kiki
  62. Math

    A company is purchasing nine pieces of machinery that cost $7886 each. If the cost of each machine is estimated to the nearest $100, which of the following is an appropriate estimation of the total cost of the purchase.

    asked by Moo
  63. Math

    Elliot's bed is 75 inches long. During hi growth spurt, Elliot grew 6 inches. Before his growth spurt... he was 5'11". How much shorter is elliots bed than Elliot?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Physics 11

    A skydiver [m=95kg] jumps out of an airplane and opens her parachute 45 seconds later. After another 15 seconds, the skydiver begins to descend gently at a constant speed of 7.8m/s. Draw a freebody diagram of the skydiver just after she's jumped out the

    asked by Rachel
  65. Math

    I am not sure which questions I got wrong but I am not getting the link correct to the next box. The website is mathbits(dot)com/caching/holiday/H30976.html I got these answers 1.) Choice 3 2.) Choice 2 3.) a.) Choice 2 b.) 63 4.) 8 To move on I need to

    asked by Johnathan
  66. Language Arts

    Chapter 1: The Cobbler's Son My name was Tommy Stubbins, son of Jacob Stubbins, the cobbler of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh; and I was nine and a half years old. At that time Puddleby was only quite a small town. A river ran through the middle of it; and over

    asked by Marc-Anthony
  67. Check My work ( math)

    1.) Years: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Height: 2.1 3.2 6.8 7.3 11.2 12.6 13.4 15.9 about about tall would you expect these trees to be after 22 years ? a.)22.31 ft b.)35.2 ft c.)44.25**** d.)46.2ft 2.)temp:68 77 83 85 89 94 96 99 number of cones:403 447 457 465 489

    asked by Beth
  68. Math

    1. Two of the risers are shown at the right. Find the length of the longest side of these triangular risers. cong1 2. Rope lighting is to be placed around the outer edge of these risers. Find the number of feet of rope lighting needed for both risers. tri4

    asked by Johnathan
  69. emmanuel

    in a class of 60 student,26 offer mathmatic and 28 offer physics if 8 student do not offer any of the two subject (1)how many student offer both subject. (2)how many student offer mathematic only. (3)how many student offer physics only. (4)how many student

    asked by toluwase
  70. algebra

    six times the price of gas minus 20

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Statistics

    Find the interquartile range given these data points: 57,66,69,71,72,73,74,77,78,7879,79,81,81,82,83,83,88,89,94. When I used the TI-84 calculator, I got ... Q1=72.5 Q3=82.5 IQR=Q3-Q1=82.5-72.5=10 But.... When I created a stem and leaf plot I found that

    asked by Sanaya
  72. History

    12. What was a significant effect of Shay's Rebellion? It forced the state government to stop taxing the farmers. It showed people the Articles of Confederation was effective. It convinced people that a strong federal government was needed.*** It persuaded

    asked by Aaliyah


    asked by Anonymous
  74. Statistics

    Find the interquartile range given these data points: 57,66,69,71,72,73,74,77,78,7879,79,81,81,82,83,83,88,89,94. When I used the TI-84 calculator, I got ... Q1=72.5 Q3=82.5 IQR=Q3-Q1=82.5-72.5=10 But.. When I created a stem and leaf plot I found that Q2=

    asked by Sanaya
  75. Physics-Conservation of Momentum

    3. A train loaded with steel, moving at 90km/h, collides head on with a stationary train of mass 6000kg. if the trains couple after collision and move forward with a velocity of 80km/h, find the mass of the train loaded with steel. My work so far: PTO=PTF

    asked by Danielle
  76. History

    I am not very sure as to what I should say but I kind of have an Idea but I need some one to lend a hand putting it all together into a paragraph written answer not an essay, but it is worth 100 points, this help would be greatly appreciated! NOTE! I am

    asked by Ronald
  77. Civics/History

    Sarah supports ratifying a new Cybercrime Treaty. She would like to write a letter expressing her support. Where should she send her letter? A) to a supreme court justice B) to her district representative * C) to her senators D) to the president I can't

    asked by Anonymous JAK
  78. History/social studies

    How would Lewis and Clark’s expedition changed U.S history if it didn't happen? How did Lewis and Clark’s expedition affect the government and society of the U.S? I am stuck on these questions. I have "They started the first expedition to cross the

    asked by Angel <3
  79. Math

    The expression ax^2 + bx + c is divisible exactly by (x - 1), has a remainder of 2 when it is divided by (x + 1), and has a remainder of 6 when it is divided by (x - 2). Find a, b and c?

    asked by Christopher
  80. Physics

    A 45 kg student runs down the sidewalk at a speed of 4.20m/s and jumps onto the stationary skateboard. The student and skateboard then move down the sidewalk at 3.95 m/s. What type of collision is this? What is the mass of the skateboard?

    asked by Victor Olidipo
  81. Maths

    All prime numbers less than ten are arranged in descending order to form a number.Write down the number formed

    asked by Mariam atieno
  82. math

    37of the people who live in an apartment building are men. 58of the remaining people are women. The rest are children. A total of 220 men and women live in the building. How many people live in the apartment building altogether?

    asked by wyatt
  83. Physics

    An electric heating coil is immersed in a beaker of water and turned on. A current of 3.50 A floured through the coil. After the water starts to boil, it is found that 60.0 g of water vaporizes in 4.00 minutes. What is the resistance of the coil? (Iv = 540

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Math

    A banner has the length of 10 feet and the area of 7 square feet what is the width of the banner

    asked by Curtis
  85. math

    Can someone help me complete this table? a - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 b - 3.8, 4.6, 5.4, _, _ I don't have any answers. I'm sorry. Is there a rule?

    asked by Aaron
  86. Math

    1. If the product of 5 and the sum of 10 and a certain number is equal to 15, what is the number? 2. The sum of two consecutive counting numbers divided by their positive difference is 9. Find the larger numbers.

    asked by Chekwube
  87. math

    Jayda deposited $1500 into savings account that pays 3% simple interest per year. How much interest does she earn per year on her investment?

    asked by kaitlyn
  88. MATH

    Evaluate the expression for the for the given value of the variable..................... 4(x-4; x = 7 Can someone help please, I have been having trouble with this problem for sometime now.

    asked by Math1000
  89. maths

    the sum of anon-negative number and its square is less than 12. Whate could the number be?

    asked by tamu
  90. Mathematics

    1. The Volume Of A Sphere Is 2100 cm Cube And Its Radius Is xcm. Find The Value Of x And Hence The Curved Surface Area Of The Sphere(take pie=22/7). 2. A Hemispherical Bolw Of Diameter 30cm Has The Same Volume As A Cylinder Of Height 22.5cm. Find The

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Geometry

    In parallelograms TUVW, part of a ceramic tile pattern, angle TUV = (8x + 1) and angle UVW = (12x + 19) find angle TUV

    asked by Emma
  92. maths,

    Suppose Start Fraction pi Over 2 End Fraction less-than theta less-than pi and sine ⁡ theta equals Start Fraction 2 Over 5 End Fraction period Evaluate cosine ⁡ theta.

    asked by mary
  93. Physics

    Then air exerts a forward force of 8 N on the propeller of a 0.25 kg model airplane. If the plane accelerates forward at 1.8 m/s^2, what is the magnitude of the resistive force exerted by the air on the airplane? Answer in units of N.

    asked by Katie
  94. maths

    A cyclinder of maximum volume is cut off from a solid cuboid with square box of slide 14cm and height 20cm.find. find the volume of metal wasted

    asked by radha
  95. Math

    There is a box and inside it is a bunch of hats. 1/6 of the hats are red, 1/3 of the hats are blue. 3/7 of the remainder are green. There are 27 green hats. How many hats are there in total?

    asked by Kim
  96. World history

    Creation of the legislative assembly ( details on policies/ laws) French Revolution. Describe it People you might meet If you were to time travel to that period, why should you visit

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Math

    A pen is marked down from the original price.The original price was $50.What is the sale price of the pen before sales tax?

    asked by Rika
  98. maths history goagraphy naural science lo ca english affrikaans ems

    must i not do phiscal sicence when i am doing those subjects at school

    asked by oratile
  99. math

    Five years ago mother's age was square of her son. 10 years hence her age will be twice of her son's age. Find mother's age.

    asked by dimpu
  100. Grammar

    What two words are connected by the linking verb? Unfortunately, Tammy grew tired during the long concert and she missed the finale?

    asked by Jp
  101. Math

    The distance between goalpost, BC, is three times the distance from the top of the goalpost to the bottom. If the perimeter of ABCD is 21 1/3 yards, what is the length of BC

    asked by Mia
  102. maths

    find possible lengthsof three sides of two triangles whose perimeter is 21 cm

    asked by poornakumar
  103. P.E.

    What is twerk? MY friend told me about it. It something physical right?

    asked by Bonny the Horse
  104. maths literacy

    Is it possible to study "fit and turn" at the college while you did maths literacy?

    asked by Tumi
  105. Math

    5h - 9 + -16 + 6h A) 4 B) -7 C) 7 D) 10 Is it -7?

    asked by Alexia Smith
  106. Science

    How many litres of water are produced when 3.3 litres of hydrogen is burnt in excess of oxygen at 25degree centigrade?

    asked by Naveen
  107. Precalculus

    Given cosθ=3/7 and 0≤θ≤π/2 find sinθ and tanθ

    asked by Leah
  108. Historyy

    2. ____________________ culture is conceived as small, incorporating a homogeneous population, typically rural and cohesive in cultural traits. A. Material B. Popular C. Folk D. Non-material E. Local Not sure 3. Which of the following is an example of a

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Math

    List 5 numbers that have 3,5,7 as prime factor

    asked by Jalisse
  110. Physics

    A 15000 kg railroad car moving 7m/s to the North collides with and sticks to another railroad car of the same mass that is moving the same direction at 1.5 m/s. What type of collision is this? What is the velocity of the joined cars after the collision?

    asked by Victor Olidipo
  111. Math

    Can someone help me complete this table? a - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 b - 3.8, 4.6, 5.4, _, _ So, do you add 0.8 each time? I think the next two numbers are 6.2 and 7.0.

    asked by Aaron
  112. Math

    An arithmetic progression has 10 terms. Sum of the 10 terms is 220. Sum of the odd terms is 100. Find the first term and common difference.

    asked by Manpreet
  113. math

    what is the meaning for division symbols like bruh someone help me even my teacher doesn't know them all

    asked by angie
  114. math

    The classroom has 4 desk each row. there are 5 rows. how many desk are there in the classroom.

    asked by katherine
  115. chemistry

    What mass of NaHCO3 must be added to 100ml H2O to produce a solution with a pH of 10? K1(H2CO3)=4,6*10^-7 K2(H2CO3)=4,4*10^-11 -------- Help! Thank you

    asked by Sonia
  116. math

    After paying 6 dollars for the pie Joan has 71 dollars left how much money did she have before buying the pie

    asked by Anonymous
  117. algebra

    one-half the distance from Boston to New York minus 25

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Help please

    What is an I am Poem for Sam Houston?

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Algebra (Urgent)

    What is an equation in slope intercept form for the line that passes through the points (1,3) and (3,1)?

    asked by Joe
  120. Physics

    A boy swings a yo-yo around his head with a force of 50N what is the gravitational force of the yo-yos mass and distance is doubled

    asked by Dani
  121. Division

    A Story Is 81 Pages Long. Miku Will Read 9 Pages Each Day. How Many Days Will It Take Miku-San To Finish The Story? ___ Days. (Please Post The Correct Answer In Each Of My Math Problems)!

    asked by Megurine Komachii
  122. Division

    What Multiplication Fact Family Includes Numbers 56,7,& 8?

    asked by Megurine Komachii
  123. College Physics

    Consider charges placed along an x-axis. If a charge of +17 nC is placed at x = 0.00 m and a charge of +32 nC is placed at x = 1.00 m, where would a third charge of -14.0 nC be in electrostatic equilibrium? Give the x-coordinate for your answer in meters

    asked by Marisa
  124. English

    What are some examples of modern people who were "destroyed but not defeated"?

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Math

    If the markup is %50 and the selling price is $300, what is the initial price? Given answers: A $150 B $200 C $350 D $400 I asked help from my mother and she said the answer was A, $150, although from the formula R = C / ( 1 - G) (to calculate revenue R

    asked by anon
  126. math

    If it says write the equation, five less than half a number is forty would the answer be 1/2n-5=40

    asked by Jenn
  127. fourth grade math

    After making a dot plot, Julie asked Kevin what size shoe he wore. She then added together the total of all the shoe sizes including Kevin's. The total was 139. What size shoe does Kevin wear?

    asked by joshua
  128. math

    Which pair of numbers has 8 as a common multiple?

    asked by Yadira
  129. Math

    Given the following axioms: Axiom 1: Each game is played by two distinct teams Axiom 2: There are at least four teams Axiom 3: There are at least six games played Axiom 4: Each team played at most 4 games. I need to come up with 1 to 2 more theorems. The

    asked by Analeigh
  130. Math

    A phone company had two plans for business. Plan A charged $12.00 a day for unlimited long-distance calls. Plan B charged 8 cents a minute for long-distance calls. A business made 125 minutes of long-distance calls per day for 5 days. Which plan would be

    asked by Anonymous
  131. MATH

    In still water, a speed boat travels 5 times faster than the current of the river. If the speed boat can travel 48 miles upstream and 10 back in 5 hours, find the rate.

    asked by Jane
  132. Biology

    Which of the following structures is derived from the embryonic prosencephalon (forebrain)?

    asked by Dwarkesh
  133. math

    find equation of the ellipse whose center is at the origin and foci f(2,2) f(-2,-2) and length of semi-major axis is square root of 8?

    asked by asratu
  134. maths

    what must the value(s) of k be so that 2xsq +(k-3)x+k-5=0 has one real root ? Two real roots? no real root?

    asked by jawa
  135. Division

    Len Made 19 Origami Cranes On Monday And 8 More On Tuesday. He Gave 9 Freinds An Equal Number Of Cranes. How Many Cranes Did Each Freind Receive? By:Megurine Komachii

    asked by Megurine Komachii

    Who was the most famouse Spanish Sailor During the Renaissance?

    asked by NERD
  137. SCIENCE

    what is the difference between dew and frost

    asked by kiki
  138. Gramar

    What type of verb shows what the noun/subject can do

    asked by Jp
  139. Math

    Please help me arrange these in order from smallest to largest (3/7, 4/5, 5/6)? Thank you

    asked by Shannon
  140. English

    unscramble damou to a word.

    asked by Oralia Leyva
  141. World history

    What are the policies/ laws of the legislative assembly

    asked by Anonymous
  142. English

    How should I study for my upcoming spelling bee?

    asked by Anonymous
  143. Math

    There are three departments A,B and C. B produces 2 units from one unit of A, C produces 2 units from one unit of B. Both A and B sold half of there production to next department and half to the outsiders, then what is the total production of A?

    asked by Tehseen
  144. Maths

    How do you factorise 2x^2 - x - 1

    asked by Hannah
  145. economic

    1 THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS BSP 110 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS 2015 ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE: 4th January 2016 at 10am QUESTION A manufacturing firm in Kitwe has a normal demand curve given by Q = 5,000 – 100P and its total cost curve in the

    asked by jojo
  146. Maths

    A Hemisphere Bolw Of Diameter 30cm Has The Same Volume As A Cylinder Of Height 22.5cm. Find The Radius Of The Cylinder

    asked by Erioluwa
  147. Math

    Find limit as x approaches 0 of (1+sin4*x)^cotx I know how to do this question because there was a "hint“ in the question that said to use natural log. I was just wondering if someone could explain to me why using log works in this case along with

    asked by Bob
  148. History

    1. Though they are a small religious group in India, they control a large percentage of their economy. A. Hindus B. Sufis C. Christians D. Parsis E. Jews A?

    asked by Anonymous
  149. NTC Industries Ltd.

    How many power is required to get 100 Kg of steam per hour from 105 litre of water

    asked by Pronab
  150. Math

    Given the points (6,-3) (-4,2): Find the equation of a line that passes through the origin and is parallel to the line defined by the points. Please help me...thank u so much

    asked by Ck
  151. Words

    word has the same root as diagram? a. agree b. diameter c. grade d. ramp

    asked by Terry
  152. math

    Amber has 4 coins in her pocket. None of the coins are worth more than 10 cents. How much money could she have?

    asked by Jada
  153. hindi

    explain 3 unit lesson

    asked by nikhil sashank
  154. science

    what is the distance for a race car that travels around a 1 mile track like i don't even know and it kepps giving me displacement when its actually distance not displacement like bruh

    asked by angie
  155. Grammar (final ?s)

    1) A linking verb can connect the subj./noun and the ___ describes it? Is it PREDICATE ADJECTIVE? 2) What type of verb shows what the noun/subj can do? Is it Action verb?

    asked by Jp
  156. English

    What should I write in my persuasive letter about that schools should monitor students social media?

    asked by Anonymous
  157. basic chemistry

    different ways to split a mixture of benzene into components using two phase system separation

    asked by shivani
  158. maths

    Stuck on these questions! 1. Clare is 1.5 metres tall. She is 13cm taller than Michelle. How tall is Michelle? 2. My sister has €40 in her bank account but wrote a cheque for €50 to pay for a new dress. By how much is her account now overdrawn?

    asked by liam
  159. Math

    Find the area of the normal curve given the following: z = 2.38 to z = 3.09

    asked by Hazel
  160. Grammar

    what is the complete verb phrase in the following sentence. Are you helping your teacher after school tomorrow?

    asked by Jp
  161. Math

    There Are 32 Takoyaki. There Are 4 Tows Of Takoyaki.How Much Takotaki Goes In Each Row?

    asked by Rin Kagamine~
  162. English

    Is it okay to say, "I hardly even practiced"?

    asked by Anonymous
  163. math

    There are two numbersare 7:5. Their sum is 12. What is the difference between the two numbers

    asked by reet
  164. MATH

    if 2 56 69 70 47 were permutate,what is the sixth number

    asked by MORALE
  165. Math

    If Z varies inversely with Y, and Z=25 when Y=4, what is the value of Z when Y=10? Help please thx

    asked by Ck
  166. Math

    Write the equation of a line, in general form, that has a slope of 4/3 and a y-intercept of -5. Help me please...thx

    asked by Ck
  167. helpe plese

    Reasons why social media should be monitored and why

    asked by Anonymous nerd
  168. World history

    Creation of the legislative assembly( policies/laws) French Revolution

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Grammar

    what type of verb/s and action verb make a verb phrase?

    asked by Jp
  170. math and science both

    my stuff needs an answer please

    asked by angie