Questions Asked on
January 1, 2016

  1. Physics

    You are on the roof of the physics building, 46 m above the ground. Your physics professor, who is 1.80 m tall, is walking alongside the building at a constant speed of 1.20 m/s. If you wish to drop an egg on your professor’s head, where should the

    asked by Edge
  2. physics

    What is the frequency of a pendulum that completes 40 cycles in 8 minutes?

    asked by Tam
  3. Maths

    The top of a building 24cm high is observed from the top and from the bottom of a vertical tree. The angles of elevation are found to be 45degree and 60degree respectively . Find the height of the tree. ( leave your answer in surd form)

    asked by Faith
  4. Maths/physics need help agn

    A hand bag containing some loads weighing 162n is carried by two student, each holding the handle of the bag next to him..if each handle is pulled 60degree to the vertical find the force of each student? Help plz

    asked by Collins
  5. math- HELP!

    Calculate the linear speed of a bicycle with 26-inch wheels being pedaled at a rate of 200 revolutions per minute. Express your answer in inches per minute rounded to the nearest whole number. (Hint: The diameter of the wheel is 26 inches.) I got: linear

    asked by Ellie
  6. Maths/physics

    A catapult used to hold a stone of mass 500g is extended by 20cm with applied force .f if the stone leaves with a velocity of 40m/s,what is the value of f? Help plz

    asked by Collins
  7. English

    Identify the correct sentence. a.There is a good variety of mugs in the cabinet. b.There are a good variety of mugs in the cabinet. c.A number of glasses have been broken. d.The number of broken glasses has increased.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Geometry

    M is the midpoint of JK. find the coordinates of K. 1. J (-8,4) M (-1,1) 2. J (9,-5) M (5, -2) 3. J (0,11) M (-3,2) Please help me with this! I need help on this step by step. Thank you!

    asked by Amy
  9. Math

    Solve 2 - 5/x^2 - x - 6 = x + 3/x + 2 . Identify all non-permissible values.

    asked by Emily
  10. Math

    Two hoses together fill a pool in 2 h. If only hose A is used, the pool fills in 3 h. How long would it take to fill the pool if only hose B were used?

    asked by Patricia
  11. Trigonometry- ??????

    (The number of times a bicycle tire rotates in a given time period is directly related to the distance traveled in that time period. Consider the following scenarios.) 1. Calculate the angular speed of a bike with 26-inch tires rotating at 200 revolutions

    asked by Ellie
  12. math

    Two ships leave port at 4 p.m. One is headed N38°E and is travelling at 11.5 km/h. The other is travelling at 13 km/h, with heading S47°E. How far apart are the two ships at 6 p.m.?

    asked by Karen
  13. Math Logarithmic Question

    Solve for all possible values of x within the domain of the following logarithmic expressions. a)logx+log2=log7−log3

    asked by Chris
  14. computer programming

    write a program to print fibonaaci series like 2,1,3,4,7,11,18 up to 10th term using function...end function I did it using SUB..end sub in this way : declare sub series cls call series end sub series a=2 b=1 for p =1 to 5 print a; b a=a + b b=b + a next p

    asked by JILL
  15. Math

    Tanisha potato salad recipe calls for 3 pounds of potatoes she decides to make 3.5 times her regular recipe how many pounds of potatoes should tanisha buy?

    asked by Queen
  16. Biology

    Explain the ramifications to the process of transcription if the following occurs: A) The termination sequence of a gene is removed

    asked by Rose
  17. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    Why was the United States unprepared for Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor? A: The United States was unprepared for Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor because Hawaii was not mentioned as a possible target in the war warning that American commanders at the Pearl

    asked by Victoria
  18. english

    1. could you explain me how to use less and fewer in comparison grammatically 2. correction : he does not care for her . is it care for or care about ?

    asked by r s telagathoty
  19. physics

    A metal sphere has a charge of -6 µC. How many excess electrons are there on the sphere?

    asked by Tam
  20. Math

    Logrithmetic Problem question Last week there was an earthquake that measured as a magnitude of 3.2 on the Richter scale. Today you hear on the radio that there was a second earthquake that was 27 times more intense than the first. What was the magnitude

    asked by Chris
  21. Math

    A caterer prepares four times as many pizzas as she usually prepares for a large party. The caterer usually prepares 5 pizzas. The caterer also estimates that each party guest will eat 1/4 of a pizza. Can someone tell me the problenm that this would be?

    asked by Ash
  22. math lit, lo, life sciences, xitsonga ,agriculture

    im doing this subjects which career I cn follow..?

    asked by Rosemary ngumede
  23. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with 26.5n and accelerates at 6.5 m/s 2 to the right. What is the mass of the ball?

    asked by Tori
  24. Math

    For each function, i) determine the corresponding reciprocal function, y =1/f(x) ii) state the non-permissible values of x and the equation(s) of the vertical asymptote(s) of the reciprocal function iii) determine the x-intercepts and the y-intercept of

    asked by Patricia
  25. Math

    How old is Robert,if Marin is 9 years older than him and their ages make 21?

    asked by Jade
  26. Math

    Hi, I need help on this problem:Solve the system of equation by giving an ordered pair for 14x +3y = 115 7x +3y = 80 Use the 3 Methods in your work. Thank You, I am not sure how to use graphing, substitution, and elimination, please show these methods.

    asked by Kaashif
  27. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    1. After Roosevelt made the destroyers-for-bases deal with Britian, some Americans called him a dictator. Do you think Roosevelt was right or wrong in his actions? A: I think Roosevelt was right in his actions because he was only defending his country and

    asked by Victoria
  28. Algebra

    Solve the system by graphing. x+y=−2 y=13x+2 Thanks jiskha,com :)

    asked by Norman
  29. Number Systems of Mathematics

    Solve using elimination and express answer as ordered pair: 2x + 3y = 7 x + 5y = 7

    asked by James
  30. Math

    Solve the system using elimination. Express as ordered pair. 2x - 7y = 27 3x = 2y = 3

    asked by Harriett
  31. Math

    Solve the system by graphing. x+y=−2 y=13x+2 A. (6, 4); The image is of a 2-dimensional graph with an x-axis and a y-axis. One line is drawn passing through co-ordinates (-3,1) and (3,3). Another line is drawn from co-ordinate (-2,-4) to (6,4). B. (−3,

    asked by Mary Alise
  32. Website Question

    Will the website be supporting pictures soon? like take a pic of your problem then upload it to the website then someone will try and solve it?

    asked by Emily
  33. Math

    Rewrite the following exponential functions as logarithmic functions, and the logarithmic functions as exponential functions: f(x)=(7/8)^x b) f(x)=log12x c) f(x)=log5/9x

    asked by Matt
  34. math

    2x3x5x8x11= with a 2 on top of 2 and a 4 on top of 5 and 2 on top of 11 is this a factorization a prime factorization

    asked by christopher
  35. Algebra

    Find the value of x so that the line passes through the points (2,3) and (x,9) and has a slope of 3/2.

    asked by Kimmy
  36. math fractions and decimals

    which is more 0.85 or 7/9

    asked by megan
  37. fractions

    38/53 in the simplest form

    asked by ava
  38. physcis

    What's the answer for 2pi spuareroot 80cm divided by 10meter per squared second

    asked by mhmmm
  39. math

    the length is 139,435ft a runner's step is 3ft does the number of steps the runner takes fit evenly into the length of the race.

    asked by mike
  40. Algebra

    Question: The slope that passes through the points (-2,-3) and (8,-3) is ______ . 1)positive 2)negative 3)zero 4)undefined I believe the answer is: zero. How do I justify this?

    asked by Gregg
  41. Math

    a)Write a function o represent the area of the rectangle. one side - 5x+15 other side - 31-2x b) Graph the function- lebel x and yint c)what dp the x-intercepts represent in this situaltion? d)Does the funtion have a maximum value in this situaltion? Does

    asked by Emmanuel
  42. Math

    Solve 3 - x = √x2 - 5 . State any extraneous roots that you found. Identify the values of x for which the radical is defined.

    asked by Emmanuel
  43. maths

    how many bricks each of length 25 cm , and 12 cm , would be required to field a courtyard of 30 m long and 20 m wide?

    asked by shivanshu
  44. Chemistry

    What is the chemical formula and name for: Na+1 and Na-3?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Calculus need help

    Dy/dx=x+x^3/y plz show your work

    asked by Collins
  46. math

    How many different ways (combinations) can i arrange the 6 letters: A, B, C, D, E and F without repeating any of them.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. chemistry

    an ionic bond will most likely form between elements from group_ a/2and3 , b/2and6 , c/3and4 , d/4and5 ,e/5and6

    asked by barbie
  48. s s hr sec school

    find the principal that yield a compoun interest of Rs.1632 in 2 years at 4% rate of interest per annum.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Physics

    is electric field intensity the same as potential difference?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    If one angel of a parallelogram is twice of its adjacent angel,find the angel of the parallelogram

    asked by srishti

    A can do a piece of work in 12 days whereas B can destroy the work in 3 days. A does the work for 10 days and then B destroys the work up to 2 days. In how many days will the work be finished?

    asked by JACK
  52. Maths

    Find the values of A. B and C if the expression Ax(x-2)(x+3)+Bx(x-2)+Cx(x+3)+(x-2)(x+3) has a constant value for all values of x

    asked by Henry1
  53. biology

    what are the main similarties and differences between the three main food groups,carbohydrate,proteins and fats?

    asked by jacob
  54. English Grammar

    underline the subject and object in 'He was laughed at by all his friends.'

    asked by Anamika
  55. mechanics

    A constant force of 40N is applied tangentally to the rim of a wheel with 20cm radius. The wheel has a moment of inertia 30kg.m2. Find (a)angular acceleration (b)angular speed after 4seconds from rest (c)the number of revolutions made in that 4 seconds

    asked by incredible
  56. Reposting calculus help plz

    Dy/dx=(X+x^3)/y help show working

    asked by Collins
  57. English

    United Nations, 310, 314, 362 Charter of, 311 Declaration of, 309 United States, 225, 238, 275, 289 In Big Four, 322, 325-7 In League of Nations, 299 Lend-Lease policy of, 307 Neutrality of, 305 As United Nations sponsor, 313 Universal Declaration of Human

    asked by Tessy
  58. science

    why tne unit of pd and emf is same

    asked by diwas
  59. English

    Hibernation One of the mysteries in the world of nature is hibernation. By what process, with the coming of autumn, do some animals go into the deep sleep that sees them through the unfavorable environment of winter? The question has baffled mankind for

    asked by Tessy
  60. chemistry

    A 90walt emersion heater is used to supply energy for 5min. The energy supplied is used to completely melt 160g of a solid at it's melting point.calculate the S.L.H of fusion of the solid.

    asked by abdullahi yusuf
  61. quantum optics

    You are doing a Ramsey experiment as described in the lecture: You prepare a beam of atoms in a state |1⟩, you do a π/2 pulse with a Rabi frequency of Ω0=(2π)⋅500 Hz and a detuning of δ=(2π)⋅3 Hz to the |1⟩→|2⟩ transition. Then there is a

    asked by Abd
  62. science

    what is the boiling point of 3.77m sucrose

    asked by vyankatesh kshatriya
  63. Math

    The fencing of square garden is 20 m in long is one side of garden?

    asked by Raghul
  64. Math

    Exponetial Functions In the following exponential relations, solve for x using logarithms. Round your answers to 4 decimal places. a) 5^3x=65 b) 2^2x+3=80

    asked by Chris
  65. Math

    Im trying to find out what the value of this equation is: x^37+ x^31 + x^47+ x^26+ x^63+ x^9 + 6. By using the fact that (x + 1/x) ^2 = 3

    asked by Nerd Girl
  66. mechanics

    please help solve these questions (1a). The gravitational field strength g on the earth’s surface is 9.8N/kg. explain what this means.(b) Using the law of gravity, show that gr2= k. Where g=gravitational field strength at a distance r from the center of

    asked by incredible
  67. physics

    Which of the following is correct for the reflected ray if a light ray strikes a plane mirror at an angle of 50° from the normal?

    asked by Tam
  68. Algebra

    Job A pays Edith $4 an hour. Job B pays her $8 an hour. She will work both jobs. She is able to work no more than 15 hours a week. She wants to earn at least $80 a week, working a combination of both jobs. Write a system of inequalities that can use used

    asked by Zero
  69. math

    what is 6/5 x 25/3

    asked by Evelyn
  70. math

    If 1 gallon of water weighs 8 1/3 lb. how much does 1 1/5 gallons weigh?

    asked by Evelyn
  71. math


    asked by angel
  72. Science

    Why Is it important to include units with your temperature measurements

    asked by Anthonae
  73. calculus

    Determine if the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals applies to the function f(x) = x^3 − 9x on the interval [−1, 1]. If so, find the x-coordinates of the point(s) guaranteed to exist by the theorem. Not quite sure how to do this one at all to be

    asked by Jason