Questions Asked on
December 31, 2015

  1. English

    ___Destiny or Caroline sent an RSVP to the invitation? We ___ everyone ___ it to the party. a. Has;hope;make b. Have;hopes;make c. Have;hope;makes d. Has;hope;makes

  2. science

    The work done by 500 calories of heat in isothermal expansion of ideal gas is?

  3. physics

    Three resistors having the same resistance value are wired in parallel. How does the equivalent resistance compare to the resistance value of a single resistor?

  4. metreology lab

    1. Saturated (cloudy) air at a temperature of 20 °C (68 °F) has a relative humidity of _________%. 2. Compute the relative humidity (RH) to nearest percent for each of the following atmospheric conditions: a. vapor pressure = 6 mb, saturation vapor

  5. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    What methods did Hitler use to try to exterminate Europe's Jewish population? A: Hitler used multiple methods to try to exterminate Europe's Jewish population. One method consisted of rounding up Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs from conquered areas, shooting

  6. Math

    Exponetial Functions In the following exponential relations, solve for x using logarithms. Round your answers to 4 decimal places. a) 5^3x=65 b) 2^2x+3=80

  7. English

    Identify the correct sentence. a.Neither Mike nor Corrine made it to class yesterday; do anyone have the notes? b.Neither Mike nor Corrine have made it to class yesterday; does anyone has the notes? c.Neither Mike nor Corrine made it to class yesterday;

  8. Operating system

    What is the . Let us define “most-recently-used” (MRU) as a page removal algorithm that removes from memory the most recently used page. Perform a page trace analysis using three page frames and the page requests from the previous exercise. Compute the

  9. Math

    Write 57.6% as a fraction in simplest form. A. 576/100 B. 72/125******** C. 72/250 D. 6/57 Please HELP ASAP... IS IT CORRECT @Ms.Sue @Emy @Writeacher @Steve @FrozenQueen @Reed

  10. Math

    Simplify the following, using only positive exponents. Do not evaluate. Exponetial functions c) f^3 g−^1/f^2 g^3 d) (k^−2m^3n)×(kmn^5)÷(k^− 1m^2 n)

  11. physics kinematics

    A river flows at 2m/s the velocity of a ferry relative to the shore is 4m/s at right angles to the current what is the velocity of the ferry relative to the current?

  12. physics

    At a distance of 2.0 m. from a +8.0 x 10^-6 C charge, the magnitude and direction of the electric field will be?

  13. physics

    a racing car accelerates from rest to 30m/s in 6.0s what is her average acceleration? the answer in the book is 0.5m/s^2

  14. accounting

    When sales are constant, but the production level fluctuates, net operating income determined by the absorption costing method will:

  15. physics

    A disk with a rotational inertia of 1.4 kg×m2 and a radius of 0.8 m rotates on a frictionless fixed axis perpendicular to the disk faces and through its center. A force of 5.2 N is applied tangentially to the rim. The angular acceleration of the disk is:

  16. Statistics

    Chances are 50-50 that a newborn baby will be a girl. For families with five children, what is the probability that all the children are girls? So far I have: 2X2X2X2X2=32

  17. Math

    sheldon has 50 dimes in his piggy bank. there are 30 more nickels than dimes. there are 200 more pennies then nickels. how many coins are in sheldon's piggy bank?

  18. Maths

    Please help,there are b boys in the class.This is three more than four times the number of girls.How many girls are in the class?

  19. Biology :)

    Consider the following situation. A cell is in a solution that contains dissolved oxygen. As the cell uses oxygen for respiration, a. oxygen will be carried across the cell membrane by special transport molecules. b. oxygen will naturally diffuse out of

  20. Language Art

    Can anyone tell me about the cay the story?

  21. Electric field

    The potential difference between the anode and the cathode of a vacuum tube is 2.0 x 10^2 V. Free electrons originate at the cathode with negligible speed and move to the anode. The speed with which the electrons arrive at the anode is?

  22. Maths need help trigonomentery

    Two circular flower beds have a combined area of (29¥)/2m^2. The sum of the circumferences of the flower beds is 10¥m. Determine the radius of each bed........ Happy new year to all mrs sue steve,reiny,damon...and to all my jishka helper i need help plz

  23. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    Why did Roosevelt win an unprecedented third term in office? A: Roosevelt won an unprecedented third term in office because the voters preferred to stick with a president they knew during this crisis period.

  24. Math

    For the following function, state: i. the domain and range ii. the y-intercept, and iii. the horizontal asymptote f(x)=(2)x−7

  25. Electric field

    A 9.0 V potential difference exists between two metal plates which are 1.8 x 10^-3 m. apart. The acceleration of an electron that enters the region between these plates will be?

  26. Electric field

    The acceleration of an electron in an electric field with a strength of 7.0 N/C is?

  27. Math

    Car 1 & Car 2 leave the same location . Car 1 leaves the location 10 minutes before Car 2 and is traveling 65 mph. Car 2 is traveling at 75 mph. How long before Car 2 catches Car 1?

  28. Calculus

    A cylindrical water tank has radius r=1 meter and height 10 meters. Suppose the tank is lying on its side and is filled halfway with water. How much work does it take to pump all the water out the top of the tank? The height is now 2 meters. Thanks, I'm

  29. Electric field

    In a simple electric circuit 1.6 J of energy are supplied to a lamp in 0.10 s. The charge transferred through the circuit is o.20 C. The average current is?

  30. Van de graaf question

    A moving belt in a van de graaf generator transfers charge from one point to another. If the belt is 0.1 m. wide, moves with a velocity of 10 m/s and carries a surface charge of +10^-5 C/m^2, determine the current that this generator represents.

  31. Math

    Rewrite the following exponential functions as logarithmic functions, and the logarithmic functions as exponential functions a) f(x)=(7/8)^x b) f(x)=log12x c) f(x)=log5/9x

  32. Algebra

    4 more than one-twelfth of some number, w

  33. MATHS

    A and B take 18 days to complete a work. A left the work after 10 days and B takes 12 days more to complete the work. In how many days can A complete the whole work?

  34. Math

    A projectile is launched upward from the ground at an initial velocity of 400 feet per second. During it’s upward flight, the projectile passes a hot air balloon floating at a constant height of 2400 feet. How many seconds later will the projectile pass

  35. maths

    the life span of an electric bulb is normally distribution with mean 5500 light hours and standard deviation of 1200 light hours . what is the probability that a randomly selected bulb which lasts more than 6000 light hours?

  36. pyscology

    'when Mary is late coming home from work,john decides that it is because she lost interst in their relationship.this situation illustrates the blank effect'

  37. computer

    Write a program that input two numbers and find if second number is square of firs number

  38. physics

    Calculate the work required to be done to stop a car of 250 kg moving at a speed of 18km/hr? answer is right or not please check Mass =250 kg Velocity = 18kg = 18 x 1000/60 x 60 = 5 m/s KE = ½ mv x v = ½ x 250 x 5 = 125 x 5 = 625 J Therefore the counter

  39. economic

    q = 5,000 - 100p tc= 10,000 - 10q plot the demand curve marginal revenue curve marginal cost curve profit maximising price, quantity, and profits

  40. Maths

    The sum of two digits number is 7. In changing position of digits we get the number 9 less than the original number. What is number?

  41. science and technology

    calculate the work done if a force of 80N is applied to a ball to move it to a distance of 24m.

  42. Electric field

    when an electron is accelerated through a potential difference of 1 V, the kinetic energy at the end of the field is?

  43. Science

    Which type of attractive forces do you expect between HCl3,HF,HCL?

  44. MATHS

    A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days, B and C in 15 days, A and C in 12 days. A,B and C work together to finish the work. If they are paid $1500, how should the money be divided?

  45. math

    a circle of radius r is inscribed in a right triangle of sides 5cm,12cm,and 13cm.r

  46. English

    Everyone who met her remarked on her lively personality. Which of the following parts of speech is "lively" in the sentence. A.Adjective B.Adverb C.Verb D.Noun. i think is B, because it describes the adjective "personality" which qualifies the pronoun

  47. Science

    The difference between the speed of sound in air at 0 degrees Celsius and the speed of sound in air at 20 degrees Celsius is that A) cooler air molecules move more slowly and respond less readily to the energy of a sound wave B) cooler air molecules move

  48. geometry

    Three consecutive vertices of a parallelogram ABCD are A (3, 0) ; B (5, 2) ,C (- 2, 6). Find the fourth vertex D.

  49. Lang Arts

    in all together now Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important. in 1 paragraph cite 1 example of each kind of appeal. then explain weather you find Jordans appeals convincing supporting

  50. Human Geo

    What does this question mean? Does our current outlook towards other cultures reflect the reality or is it based on stereotypes and our tendency to label and categorize things?

  51. Biology

    3'-GGCACTCGCATAATATTCGCCATGGCT -5' In the DNA sequence above, how do i identify the promoter region..

  52. stats

    On the eleventh day of Statistics, my teacher gave to me… eleven pipers piping. While these popular pipers are on tour piping, one piper is randomly selected to win tickets for his immediate family to the show. The breakdown of the number of tickets

  53. 1 Biology question please :)

    Osmosis is the process in which _______ diffuses across a cell membrane. a. water b. energy c. protein d. oxygen I think its a

  54. Trig

    Help me find out how to do csc5pi over6

  55. English

    I have to read the book 'Nethergrave' by Gloria Skurzynski, but the online book doesn't seem to want to open on either of my computers so I assume the site is down. Does anyone know where I could find the book somewhere else online, I've been searching

  56. Geometry

    1) in triangle ABC, AD is the angle bisector of < A. If BD = 5, CD = 6 and AB = 8, find AC.

  57. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    1. What were three reasons European leaders agreed to a policy of appeasement? A: European leaders agreed to a policy of appeasement for three reasons: First, the memory of World War I made many leaders fearful of another bloody conflict. Second, some

  58. Maths

    solving 4 h 22 min- 30 min

  59. Calculus

    A 20 meter long steel cable has density 2 kg per meter. It is hanging straight down. There is a 100 kg bucket of concrete attached to the bottom. How much work is required to lift the bucket 10 meters by lifting the cable ten meters? Gravitational force