Questions Asked on
December 30, 2015

  1. math

    A radio station broadcasts a signal over an area with radius of 50 miles. The station can relay the signal and broadcast over an area with a radius of 75 miles. How much greater is the area of broadcast region when the signal is relayed? Round your answer

    asked by Tim
  2. Math

    Three numbers form a geometric progression. If 4 is subtracted from the third term, then the three numbers will form an arithmetic progression. If, after this, 1 is subtracted from the second and third terms of the progression, then it will again result in

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Math

    being healthy eaters, partridges know that pears contain 30% more potassium than apples. If an apple offers 160 mg. of potassium, and Pete eats 6 pears, how many milligrams of potassium will he consume?

    asked by Todd Freeman
  4. English

    The students in the back of the room were talking so__that I couldn't concentrate ___on my assignment. a. loudly; well b. loud; well c. loud; good d. loudly; good

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Precalculus- HELP!

    The temperature in your house is controlled by a thermostat. The temperatures will vary according to the sinusoidal function: f(x)=7sin(π/12(x-11))+33 where f(x) represents the temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) and x is hours since midnight. What is

    asked by Ellie
  6. World History

    What does the fact that the Chavin and the Nazca both used underground aqueducts to transport water demonstrate about the relationship between these two groups. A) The Nazca and the Chavin both used water for certain religious rituals. B) The Nazca and the

    asked by Jessie
  7. math

    simplify the expression 24h + 3d - 10h + 8d

    asked by ming
  8. math

    i have a question on the distributive property 20+24g=

    asked by christopher
  9. math

    12s + 4 + 4s - 2 =

    asked by ming
  10. Phychology

    Which of these guests would require service to their car? A young mother with her baby A man in his workout wear A couple with three bags of groceries An elderly person with one bag of groceries All of the above

    asked by KAy
  11. Physics

    A 100 kg. man decides to go bungee jumping off a bridge. The bungee cord has a relaxed length of 10.0 m, and acts as a perfect spring with a stiffness constant of 80 N/m. What is the maximum distance below the bridge that he will reach? (he will fall 10.0

    asked by Joyce
  12. physics in kinematics

    ebo throws a ball in the air it's velocity at the start is 18m/s at an angle of 37° to the ground express the initial velocity in component vector form?

    asked by Na
  13. Science - Chemistry

    If vapour pressure of water is 17.5 torr at 20C, what is the water vapour pressure inside a bottle of 100 proof whiskey? 100 proof = 50% ethanol Total volume = 1 L Mass of ethanol = 394.5g Mass of water = 500g Density of ethanol = 0.789g/mL Moles of

    asked by Sara
  14. Social Studies

    How did the policy of appeasement affect France and Great Britain?

    asked by Victoria
  15. physics(optics)

    The critical angle between an equilateral prism and air is 45 degrees.if the incident ray is perpendicular to the refracting surface,then what happens?

    asked by Timothy
  16. Science

    How are modern items made to look like ancient artifacts? (This is about radioactive decay and dating.)

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    A ladder of length 10m and weight 200N leans against a smooth wall such that its at an angle of 60 degrees to the horizontal. A boy of weight 500N stands on d ladder at 2.5m of the way from the lower end of the ladder. Calculate the normal reaction at the

    asked by Faith
  18. MATH

    HELP PLZ NO ONE WANTS TO HELP, You buy clothing at a sale. You buy sneakers at 2/3 of their original price of 60$, a sweater at 7/10 of its original price of 35$, and a jacket at 5/6 of it original price of 45$, a. how much money did you spend? b. how much

    asked by kayla
  19. Health

    How might regular cardiorespiratory exercise affect hypertension? A. Hypertension may be accelerated with cardiorespiratory exercise. B. Hypertension isn't affected by cardiorespiratory exercise. C. People with hypertension shouldn't perform

    asked by Jocelynn
  20. math

    a football team won 3 times as many games as they lost. if they lost 5 games , how many games did they play?

    asked by thahseen
  21. government

    Imagine that you're a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. You've submitted a proposal for a law that requires colonial inspectors to place grades on different qualities of harvested tobacco. The law passes, but you know it won't go into effect until

    asked by Clay
  22. math

    The third term of a G. P. is 12 and 6th term is 96, then find the sum of nine terms of the G. P.

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    Two Formula 1 cars leave the starting line at the same time. One car takes 280 seconds to complete one lap ad the other takes 288 seconds. How long after the start will it take for them to meet again at the starting line?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    Makoto and his friends rolled two fair number cubes 500 times and recorded the sum of the numbers shown on the cubes each time.On 42 of the trials the sum was 10.Which of these is most likely the probability that the sum of the numbers shown on the cubes

    asked by Pinks
  25. math

    A gear on a bicycle has the shape of a circle. One gear has a diameter of 4 inches, and a smaller one has a diameter of 2 inches. Justin says that the circumference of the larger gear is 2 inches more than the circumference of the smaller gear. Do you

    asked by Tim
  26. Geography (Ms.Sue ) Help

    . After the Iranian Revolution of 1979 brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power, fundamentalist Islamic sharia law was infused into Iranian government policies. In reaction to this development, most A. Muslim countries turned to terrorism to further Muslim

    asked by Brooklyn
  27. Physics- Ballistic pendulum

    A simple pendulum is made from a 2 kg. block of wood suspended from a light cord of length 1 m. When the pendulum is hanging in such a way that it is stationary and vertical, a bullet is shot horizontally into the block of wood where it sticks. The bullet

    asked by Joyce
  28. music

    WHat is the second step in the process of composing a musical soundtrack?

    asked by Susan
  29. probability

    There are 4 white socks and 4 black socks. You randomly divides socks into pairs. What is the probability that each pair consists of 2 socks of the same colour? Express answer as a fraction. I'm not really sure how to start this question.

    asked by Jeff
  30. math

    A recipe calls for 4 pounds of have 60 ounces of fruit. you have as much fruit as you need? B.if not,how much more do you need?

    asked by kayla
  31. math

    Formula for distance to the horizon for a satellite in orbit. d = sqrt(2rh+h^2) d = distance to the horizon h = height above sea level for the observer. r = radius of the earth ---------------------------------- Solve for h. ie. so I can plug in d and r

    asked by John
  32. Health

    What can you do to prevent in-line skating injuries? A. Try to fall backward, not foreward. B. Wear a limited amount of padding. C. Skate in the streets, not on the sidewalks. D. Keep your head up while you're skating D?

    asked by Jocelynn
  33. math

    A bakery offers a small circular cake with a diameter of 8 inches. It also offers a large circular cake with a diameter of 24 inches. Does the top of the large cake have three times the area of the small cake? If not, how much greater is its area? Explain.

    asked by Tim
  34. math

    An integer is 5 more than another integer. Three times the bigger integer is 11 more than the square of the smaller integer. find the two integers

    asked by hashim
  35. Math

    Kim is 7 years older than May. If three times Kim's age plus 5 times May's age is equal to 165, what are the ages of Kim and May?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. ravehs school

    A sector of a circle of radious 10cm and an angle 108° is bent to from a cone find the base radius

    asked by hdfhskdbs
  37. math

    You can use the formula A = C^2 / 4pi to find the area of a circle given the circumference. Describe another way to find the area of a circle when given the circumference. THX!

    asked by Tim
  38. Math

    Out of a group of 600 students taking computer,mathematics or physics,there is no student taking both computer and mathematics.Every student takes computer or mathematics.150 take physics and mathematics and 250 take only one of the subjects.Find 1) the

    asked by Mitu
  39. geometry

    a parabola whose axis is parallel to the y axis passess through the points {1,1), (2.2) and (-1,5). Find the equation of the parabola

    asked by heidi
  40. math 10

    1. Simplify 1/2! + 2/3! + 3/4! ... + 11/12! 2.let x=2^100,y^60 and z=10^30.What is the smallest number among the three? can you check my answers? 1. 1 2. y=3^60

    asked by pitch
  41. Math

    The practice range at a golf course charges $4.00 for a bucket of 40 golf balls.At this rate how much will a bucket of 100 golf balls cost?

    asked by Aijah
  42. global

    * Creation of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad *the development of algebra *use of calligraphy as an art Which Golden Age is most closely associated with these stuff?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. math

    A person is travelling by train and car in his whole journey.. The matter is if he is travelling first by train till 60kms and the rest by car, then his total journey has taken 4 hours.. but if he is travelling first by train till 100kms, then his journey

    asked by ritesh
  44. criminal justice

    In 1985, the U.S. Supreme Court case of Tennessee v. Garner declared the “Fleeing Felon Doctrine” unconstitutional. Would you agree with this? In a why would this doctrine be declared unconstitutional and why?

    asked by latoya
  45. Algebra I

    How do I reduce this fraction: -6 - 18x / 6x + 2

    asked by Annalise
  46. math

    Can some please show me how to add this fraction 2 + 1 1/2 + 1 1/4 + 1 1/4

    asked by Marquala
  47. Math

    An exam is taken by 'g' girls and 'b' boys. The boys score an average mark of 'm' and the girls score an average mark of 'n'. Find the average for the whole exam.

    asked by Damien
  48. Math

    A pound of nails cost 13$ . Joe buys 2.4 pounds . How much does Joe spend on nails ? If there are 200 nails in a pound ,how many nails does Joe have ?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. criminal justice

    examples of situations where law enforcement officers may use coercive force

    asked by latoya
  50. science,physics

    Jesse Rose walks along a footpath for 6 minutes.She then cuts across a field, which takes a further 4 minutes.She walks a total distance of 900m. what is her average speed? could you please explain this step by step.

    asked by ANGELINA JONES
  51. Math

    If 50% of a number is 20%,what is 75% of the number?

    asked by Aijah
  52. math

    dear Sue i don't understand when you say combine and why do i combined

    asked by ming
  53. Math

    Out of a group of 600 students taking computer,mathematics or physics,there is no student taking both computer and mathematics.Every student takes computer or mathematics.150 takes physics and mathematics and 250 take only one of the subjects.Find 1) the

    asked by Seble
  54. Psychology

    In terms of gender differences in mental ability, research indicate that

    asked by jaice
  55. science,physics

    i do not understand this question and by the way this is not my homework. Reggie sets out from home on his bicycle.First he goes to the shop, which is 500 m away, he then rides to his friend's house which is a further 1200m.He then returns home. what total

    asked by sara
  56. Physics

    A stone mass M thrown straight up with initial velocity V reaches a height H. A second stone of mass 2M, thrown straight up with an initial velocity 2V. What will be its height?

    asked by Joyce
  57. College Physics

    the electron in a hydrogen atom can, according to the Bohr atomic model, be regarded as moving at constant speed in a circular orbit of radius 0.053nm. Calculate the tangential speed of this electron

    asked by Rinae
  58. criminal justice

    According to Carl B. Klockars, the basic function of policing is dealing with any problems that may require the use of coercive force (Dempsey and Forst, 2011). In a minimum 200 word response, provide examples of situations where law enforcement officers

    asked by latoya
  59. Criminal Law

    Regarding mandatory reporting provisions of child abuse laws, all of the following are professions typically required to report suspected cases of child maltreatment EXCEPT: A. doctors. B. teachers. C. social workers. D. firefighters. im confused between B

    asked by Amy
  60. math

    24s + 4 + 4s - 2=

    asked by ming
  61. Science

    What types of artifacts can accelerator mass spectrometry be used to date, other than wood, paper, and bread?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. criminal justice

    According to Carl B. Klockars, the basic function of policing is dealing with any problems that may require the use of coercive force (Dempsey and Forst, 2011)

    asked by latoya
  63. Math

    State all possiblities for the number of solutions a quadratic equation can have in one cycle.

    asked by Mary
  64. Physics

    If an object of mass 150kg is brought to rest by a supporting cable from a velocity of 20m/s in a time of 5s what is the tension in the cable during this stopping period?

    asked by Lisa
  65. Math advanced function

    State the number of solutions a quadratic trigonometric equation can have in one cycle.

    asked by Mary
  66. history business studies tourism maths literacy

    can i become a phycologist with this subjects

    asked by faith shabane