Questions Asked on
December 27, 2015

  1. Chemistry

    the pH of a solution is 10 and other is 12 when equal volumes of these low are mixed the pH of the resulting solution is?

    asked by Pandu
  2. cambrain hall

    What is perodic table, who gave modern perodic table with any5 important points about the perodic table ?

    asked by anchal
  3. math

    the second derivative of f(x)=ln(x^2+1)

    asked by selina
  4. math

    find the equation of tangent line to the graph of f(x)=xcosx(√2 x) at a=0

    asked by selina
  5. chemistry

    If the titration of a 30.0 mL sample of sulfuric acid requires 27.65 mL of 0.090 M sodium hydroxide, what is the molarity of the acid? H2SO4(aq)+2NaOH(aq)→Na2SO4(aq)+2H2O(l)

    asked by lisa
  6. Math

    Find the derivative of y=(sinx/(1+cosx))^2. I used the chain rule, but the second part involved the quotient rule which gives a very complicated expression that u do not know how to simplify. Could you please give me a detailed step by step solution for

    asked by Beth
  7. science

    A uniform solid sphere is placed on a smooth horizontal surface and a horizontal force F is applied on it at a distance h above the surface. The acceleration of the center?

    asked by harry
  8. math

    find the equation of tangent line to the graph of f(x)=xcos(√2 x) at a=0

    asked by selina
  9. math

    A museum groundskeeper is creating a semicircular statuary garden with a diameter of 30 feet. There will be a fence around the garden. The fencing costs $9.25 per linear foot. About how much will the fencing cost altogether? THANK YOU!

    asked by Tim
  10. Math

    Derivative of y=sec(tanx)? I don't get how it is secxsecx*secxtanx*tanxtanx. Where does an extra tanx come from? Derivative of sec(tanx) is just secxtanx*tanx (and then multiply the inside as well so)* sec^2(X) as derivative of tanx. I have 2 tanx, where

    asked by Beth
  11. mustapha


    asked by sherif
  12. math

    if h(x)=sinπ/x then find hderivative(4)

    asked by ruth
  13. Physics

    A particle of mass m1 experiences a perfectly elastic collision with a particle of mass m2 at rest. What fraction of the incident energy does the incident particle lose if a) it recoils at right angle to the original direction and b) the collision is

    asked by Cosmin
  14. Physics help

    Find the differential equation of motion for a gravitational pendulum of mass m and length a by using the fact that the torque of its weight relative to the point of suspension is equal to the time derivative its angular momentum. Solve this equation to

    asked by Daniel
  15. math

    what is the 3rd derivative of f(x)=x^2 e^x^2

    asked by ruth
  16. Physics college

    A particle is thrown from the origin of the frame xOy at the moment t = 0, with speed v0 at a certain angle b from the Ox axis. At the same moment another particle begins to fall freely from a wall with height h, situated at the distance d. Air resistance

    asked by Daniel
  17. komenco

    the first, second, and fifth term of an AP are three consecutive terms of an exponential sequence. if the first term of the linear sequence is 7 ,find it common difference

    asked by solomon
  18. Mechanics

    A constant force of 40newton is applied tangentally to the rim of the wheel with 20cetimetre radius the wheel hs moment of intial 30kg find (a)angular acceleration (b)angular speed after 4second frm rest (c)d number of revolution made in(d)show that d work

    asked by Gift
  19. Algebra

    a factory can produce two products, x and y with a profit approximated by P=14x+22y-900. the production of y can exceed x by no more than 100 units moreover production levels are limited by the formula x+2y,+1,400. what production levels yield maximum

    asked by HELP!!!
  20. Health

    Which one of the following choices is the best option for a vegan snack? A. Tomato juice and macaroni and cheese B. Almond milk with butter cookies C. Vanilla soymilk, peanut butter, and pretzels D. Chocolate soymilk with angel food cake I would say B ,

    asked by Jocelynn
  21. Health (Double checking)

    Which one of the following choices is the best way to build muscle bulk? A. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and follow a regular fitness program. B. Use amino acid powders from a health food store. C. Eat more high-protein foods. D. Avoid vegetarian diets. A?

    asked by Jocelynn
  22. science

    an organisms particular role in its habitat or when and how it survives is called what?

    asked by kahla
  23. math

    How many 2/9 inch pieces can be cut from a piece of yarn that is 6 inches long

    asked by bella
  24. Math

    How many triangles exist when the measure of angle B is 100 degrees, a =10 and b=5? a. none b. 1 triangle c. 2 triangles I have already solved this and I have found that there will be no triangle because by using the law of sines I found that the value is

    asked by David
  25. math

    Sam in placing rope lights around the edge of a circular patio with a diameter of 18 feet. The lights come in lengths of 54 inches. How many strands of lights does he need to surround the patio edge?

    asked by Tim
  26. English

    1. to avoid doing or having something 2. avoid doing or having something =================== It is the definition of 'skip.' Why is 'to' put before 'avoid'? Can't we use #2 as the definition of 'skip'?

    asked by rfvv
  27. English

    as reported by somebody or something ====================== This is the definition of 'according to.' What is omitted between 'as' and 'reported'? What is the part of speech of 'as'?

    asked by rfvv
  28. English

    Hello. I would be very grateful for some help. 1) Do you think the preposition "in" is OK in the following sentence or is it "after": "He knew he would return in a year"? 2) If a person left a building or a room, is it possible to say: "he came out of the

    asked by Nalmi
  29. gale math

    How to write 233.75 and 85.50 as a decimal number

    asked by Jonathan
  30. accounting and finance

    find the rate of interest compound semi-annually at which birr 2000 will grow to birr 5000 in 9 years?

    asked by Mohamed
  31. math

    1.On the package of candy coated chocolates it states the box contains 147 grams. In reality, the mass can vary between 145 g and 150 g. You may find between 63 and 69 pieces of candy in any given box. Explain which variable represents the domain and

    asked by jordan
  32. math

    Use words to describe a reasonable domain and range for the number of people painting a house and the time required to finish the job. Explain your answer.

    asked by jordan
  33. mats

    AD is the mid point of triangle ABC and G divides AD in the ratio 2:1 .Prove that triangle AGB =area BGC = area AGC =1÷3 area ABC

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Maths

    area (triangle BCE )=75.2 meter square. Find area ( ABCD) where ABCD is a parallelogram

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Maths

    In a triangle ABC, D is the midpoint of BC and E is the midpoint of AD. if area of triangle ABC is 144 meter square then find the area of triangle DCE

    asked by Anonymous
  36. maths

    L parallel to M ,ABCD parallelogram. IF area of (triangle BDC)=121.5 centimeter square ,write the value of h

    asked by Anonymous
  37. mats

    in a triangle ABC, D is the midpoint of BC and E is the midpoint of AD. IF area of triangle ABC is 144 centimetre square then find the area of triangle DCE

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Algebra

    Over 350 students took a college calculus final exam. the scores of the students follow a normal distribution. using the information given below, determine the mean and the standard deviation for the students'scores. Give your answers to the nearest tenth

    asked by Stephanie
  39. Maths

    PQRS is parallelogram and K is the midpoint of the side PQ Prove that area of (triangle PKS )= 1÷2 area of (triangle SKR )

    asked by Anonymous
  40. maths

    ABCD is a parallelogram and E is the midpoint of the side CD . Prove that area (ABED )=3×area of (triangle BEC )

    asked by Anonymous
  41. stats

    On the seventh day of Statistics, my teacher gave to me --- seven swans a-swimming. But can they swim faster than American Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps? Michael can swim the 200 meter butterfly in 1 minute 54 seconds (which is 114 seconds). In the

    asked by HELP
  42. University of Liberia

    find the linear speed of each point 2cm and 15cm from the axis of a phonograph record rotating at 33 and 1/3 rev/min

    asked by Musa
  43. algebra

    Suppose that a plumbing repair bill, not including tax, was $120. This included $25 for parts and an amount for 2 hours of labor. Find the hourly rate that was charged for labor.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Health

    Using carbo-loading to increase the store of glycogen seems to benefit only those athletes who engage in aerobic activities that are A. more than 90 minutes. B. between 30 and 60 minutes. C. less than 20 minutes. D. between 50 and 80 minutes. A? I'm double

    asked by Jocelynn
  45. Calculus

    Find the integral of 2/((2-x)(x+2)^2)dx.

    asked by Henry
  46. Math

    Marko runs 3/5 mile 3 times a week. How far does Marko run each week?

    asked by Tracie
  47. physics

    find the linear speed of each point 2cm and 15cm from the axis of phonograph record rotating at 33 an 1/3 rev/min

    asked by Musa
  48. physics

    A 5-kg motorbike moving at 10m/s to the left collides with 6-kg motorbike moving at 12m/s to the right. the two bikes stick together after they collide. find the final speed of the composite objects and the kinetic energy dissipated in the collision.

    asked by Musa
  49. Health

    MY first answers were wrong, if you could check my second answers that would be lovely!! 13. Positive energy balance is important when A. a child is growing. B. weight loss is desired. C. weight stability is desired. D. you're stressed. I thought it was C

    asked by Jocelynn