Questions Asked on
December 18, 2015

  1. Math

    solve the equation 1. y-5/3=1 a) -2

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Language Art's

    1.)Which type of person is Merchant Lyte from Johnny Tremain A kind and generous B crass and sloppy C devious and manipulative D intelligent and hardworking C? 2.)Which lines from the novel best supports the answer to the previous question? A.)"He's sly".

    asked by YRN DJ
  3. math

    order the numbers 0.64, 2/3, 65%, and 7/10 from least to greatest

    asked by Sheila le buff
  4. Math

    In 2000, the circulation of a local newspaper was 3,250. In 2001, its circulation was 3,640. In 2002, the circulation was 4,100. Find the percent of increase in the newspaper's circulation from 2000 to 2001 and from 2001 to 2002. Which period had the

    asked by Anonymous
  5. One more for Damon!

    Sorry just this last one! 1. Raymond buys bottles of water at $2.10 each and a large pizza at $12.99. The total cost was $21.39. How many bottles of water, b, did he buy? a. 2.10b + 12.99 = 21.39; 4 bottles b. 2.10 + 12.99b = 21.39; 4 bottles c. 2.10c =

    asked by Sakura
  6. English

    If you are in line early, youll be sure to get the best tickets. A. Compound-complex B. complex C. Compound D. SImple 2. Heather is in charge of decorations, and Enrique is bringing snacks. A. simple B. Compound C. Complex D. Compound-complex 3. My two

    asked by Mckenna
  7. Math help plz?

    6. Which inequality matches the graph? The graph is -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 and there is a red line from 1 to -3 The answer is 3x + 1 _< 4 but idk why? 19. Which inequality matches the graph? -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 and it has a red line from 2 to 4 the answer is 8p

    asked by Alexis
  8. English

    1. Forgetting her homework and her books. A. Phrase fragment, B. Dangling modifier. C. Run-on sentence. D. Misplaced modifer. 2. Choose the term that describes the underlined phrase. The storm (which was a Category 3 hurrican), damaged the beaches along

    asked by Mckenna
  9. math percent

    Find the percent of markup. Round to the nearest tenth $31.00 to $35.00

    asked by A
  10. help

    Is it important to choose simple carbohydrates for breakfast to get you started for your day. True or false

    asked by ?
  11. Math

    During its first week of business, a market sold a total of 108 apples and oranges. The second week, five times the number of apples and three times the number of oranges were sold. A total of 452 apples and oranges were sold during the second week.

    asked by Sally
  12. Language Arts Project/Essay HELP!

    Ok, so i need some help on this project: GOAL: Analyze a magazine essay for a thesis statement and organization. DETAILS: Find a short, formal essay in a magazine. Then find the thesis statement of that essay and show how it was proved (reasons, examples,

    asked by Scarlett
  13. Health

    1)Which of the following food is high in protein? A. apple B. Carrot C. Chicken*** D. Pasta 2)Of the five food groups, which should be consumed in the smallest amount? A. Dairy**** B. Fruits C. Grains D. Protein 3)Which food would be considered to be a

    asked by Brody My BF
  14. history

    Do you think a totalitarian form of government would have formed in Germany if the Great Depression had not occurred? Explain

    asked by cassie
  15. English; Grammar

    Hey there! I'm just needing to check my 10 questions because I'm still lost and need assistance. Please correct me if I'm wrong and tell me why! ----------------------------- 1) Choose the answer that identifies the participial in the sentence. Dozens of

    asked by Meghan
  16. Physical Education Help

    Coping strategies that help you to protect yourself yourself from difficult feelings are called? (A)Stressors (B)Self actualization (C)Emotions (D)Defense Mechanisms I think it is B. Is that the correct answer

    asked by StingRay2020
  17. Language arts

    The Latin root opt means "best". What is the meaning of the word optimize in the following sentence? The designers tried to optimize the boat's performance. (A)Make as beautiful as possible (B)Make as expensive as possible (C)Make as fast as possible

    asked by StingRay2020
  18. Math

    Write the fraction as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. a) 33.33% b) 66.67% c) 83.33%

    asked by Anonymous
  19. English

    1. Which line from the poem "Wave best develops its tone? Wave My child(line 1) Born to me by water(line 2) And by water (line 3) Swept away (line 4) A. Line one B. Line two C.Line three D. Line four Is the answer B? Thanks

    asked by Mckenna
  20. Math

    Tom Buys a shirt for $22.00 plus 7% sales tax. His cousin buys a shirt for $18.00 plus 4% sales tax. How much do Tom and his cousin pay for the shirts? Who spent more on tax?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math I'm DYING!!!

    1. y - 5/3 =1 2. Combine like terms: -21a + 16a 3. Simplify the expression: 9a - b - 2a - 10b 4. 5(x + 10) + x 5. -4n + 7 + 2n = 1 Thanks for everything!!

    asked by Sakura
  22. Social Studies

    which statement best describes the thinking of the enlightenment? A. the power of reason is more important B. scientific ideas must fit religious beliefs C. only god knows how the world works D. faith is more important than science is it A?

    asked by AlmostStolen
  23. Social Studies

    What event helped cause world war 2?> was it the German invasion of Poland ?

    asked by AlmostStolen
  24. Social Studies

    The forestland in Fiordland National Park is composed primarily of what species of tree? A) Blue Spruce B) Silver beech*** C) Quaking aspen D) Scrub pine

    asked by Kaai97
  25. Social Studies

    How long dose it take the average walker to complete the Milford Trek? A) day and a half B) one day C) three days*** D) one week

    asked by Kaai97
  26. Social sudies

    What was the purpose of the Missouri Compromise? A) It was an attempt to annex new territories from Mexico. B) It was an attempt to abolish slavery in the United States. C) It was passed to force South Carolina to secede from the Union. D) It was an

    asked by PLease help
  27. math

    3. -3p > -48 The answer is p < 16 but idk why? 6. Which inequality matches the graph? The graph is -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 and there is a red line from 1 to -3 The answer is 3x + 1 _< 4 but idk why? 19. Which inequality matches the graph? -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 and

    asked by Alexis
  28. Social Studies

    what was one cause of the English civil war? A. Elizabeth was a bad queen B. William and Mary were catholic C. Henry VIII refused to marry D. Charles did not recognize parliament's power is it B? I know that religion was a big part of it....

    asked by AlmostStolen
  29. Social Studies

    Which of the following species is not endemic to New Zealand? a. Bighorn Sheep*** b. Morepork c. Tui d. Hoiho Penguins

    asked by Kaai97
  30. Social Studies

    How did Peter the great change Russia? A. He reduced its land holdings B. He modernized the army C. He sold its seaports to raise money D. He destroyed its industry Is it B? I always thought he modernized everything not just the army.

    asked by AlmostStolen
  31. Physics

    A ski jumper glides down a 30.0 degrees slope for 80.0 ft before taking off from a negligibly short horizontal ramp. If the jumpers takeoff speed is 45.0 ft/s, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between skis and slope?

    asked by Khalid
  32. P.E / Health

    he number of calories consumed must equal the number of calories________. a.)needed b.)burned c.)absorbed d.)wanted 2.)It is important to recognize which of the following when watching your weight so that you know what triggers your eating habits. a.)

    asked by YRN DJ
  33. Math

    what is the sale price for a video game that was originally priced at $59.99 and now is 10% off. 1 50.99 2 53.99 3 55.24 4 58.99 Calculate the interest earned on a saving account with 660.00 that is invested at 3.5% annual simple interest for 5 years 1

    asked by asdflk;jasdfla;kjsdfl;
  34. Math

    1. 3w – 10w a. 13w b. –7w

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Health 4 questions PLZ HELP MEEEEEEE

    1) Which type of fat is not naturally found in foods and should be very little in your diet? A. Monounsaturated fat B. Saturated fat C. trans fat*** D. Unsaturated fat*** ( I can choose between D and C) 2)Trans fat can be best limited in the diet by_______

    asked by Brody My BF
  36. general study

    According to the College Board study: A. there is no correlation between higher education and higher earnings. B. there is no difference in income between high school and college graduates. C. education pays only among men in all racial and ethnic groups.

    asked by keyanna
  37. health PLZ HELP ME ASAP

    1) identify one common cause of the increasing number of overweight and obese people in the united states. A. activity level has increased B. healthy food choices have increased C. more making is done at home D. portion sizes have increased*** ( I think

    asked by Brody My BF
  38. algebra

    Rudolph gives Dasher and Dancer as many sleigh bells as each already has. Then Dasher gives Rudolph and Dancer as many sleigh bells as each of them then has. Finally, Dancer gives Dasher and Rudolph as many sleigh bells as each has. If at the end, each has

    asked by Lakisha
  39. Math

    what is the future value of $490 per year for ten years compounded annually at 11%

    asked by Jasmine
  40. English

    1. thirty six point five degrees Celsius 2. thirty-six point five degrees Celsius ========================== Q1. Which one is right? Q2. In which case do put a hyphen(-) between numbers?

    asked by rfvv
  41. language arts johnny tremain

    how did the role you selected help you understand more about the text? support your response with 2 evidence from johnny tremain

    asked by jeni
  42. calculus

    A wooden artifact recovered from a tomb contains 29% of the carbon-14 that is present in living trees. The half life of carbon-14 is 5730 years. How long ago was the artifact made?

    asked by jeremy
  43. Social Studies

    Which of the following animals would you have a better chance of observing at night? A) Kiwi*** B) Tuatara C) Tui D) Kea

    asked by Kaai97
  44. Health

    1) Which type of fat is not naturally found in foods and should be very little in your diet? A. Monounsaturated fat B. Saturated fat C. trans fat*** D. Unsaturated fat*** ( I can choose between D and C) 2)Trans fat can be best limited in the diet by_______

    asked by Brody My BF
  45. Language Arts

    What traditions have grown around baseball? I need a really quick answer.

    asked by waffles
  46. algebra 1

    In February, you have a balance of $80 in your bank account. Each month you deposit $20. Let January = 1, February = 2, and so on. Write an equation for this situation. Use the equation to find the balance in December. y = 20(x – 4); $200 y - 80 = 20(x -

    asked by Lana
  47. Social Stuies

    Which of the following does NOT concern dividing up the earth into smaller sections? A. Parallels B. Meridians C. cardinal directions D. Hemispheres

    asked by AlmostStolen
  48. LANguage

    which of the following is part of the novels rising action? A. johnny's growing role delivering messages and acting as a spy for the whigs B. Dr. Warrens imminent surgery on johnnys hand C. The battle on the Lexington green on the morning of April 19, 1775

    asked by gabby
  49. Maths

    Martha invested $50,000 in a boutique 4 yr ago. Her investment is worth $100,000 today. What is the effective rate (annual effective yield) of her investment? Please round your answer to two decimal places.

    asked by JL
  50. Financial Management

    what is the future value of $490 per year for ten years compounded annually at 11%

    asked by Jasmine
  51. English H

    Tenor and Grounds for "Oh captain my captain" by walt Whitman Tenor: Lincoln Ground: Leader who was directing the nation forward tenor: U.S. Ground: U.s. is tightly run, cooperative, purposeful, and needs a captain what are some others I can use I need at

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  52. Art

    file:///C:/Users/Piccollo/Desktop/1190597-6192014-20424-PM-1750126416.jpg In this creation what important components are used to the greatest effect? A)color and space B)architectural design**** C)physics and mathematics D)innovation and creativity Am I

    asked by Animesawesome
  53. Math

    What is 1,112,433 rounded to the nearest ten thousand? A. 1,100,000 B. 1,200,000 C. 1,110,000 D. 1,120,000 I think C because the 2 in 112, is the tenth of a thousand, and the 2ond 3 in 433 is the tenth of a hundred and because to round up you have the

    asked by Jocelynn
  54. math

    The sum of interior angels and the sum of exterior angles of polygon are in the ratio 9:2.find the sides of regular polygon.

    asked by rohit
  55. math

    Find the percent of markup. Round to the nearest tenth $31.00 to $35.00

    asked by A
  56. physics

    What must be the radius of an unbanked (flat) curve so that a car can safely travel at a maximum speed of 39 m/s? The coefficient of static friction is 0.70.

    asked by EMILY
  57. NEED Math Help ASAP PLZ!!!

    I don't know how i got this question wrong. In a direct variation, the constant of proportionality is -3. Which of the following would be its equation? A) y = x - 3 B) -3y = x C) y = -3x D) -3 = xy I put A as my answer... but it says the answer is C! How

    asked by Scarlett
  58. Chemistry help

    The earth moves round the sun in one year.the average earth-sun distance is 1.5*10^11m given that the mass of the earth is 5.98*10^24kg (a):the angular momentum of the earth??? (b):kinetic energy of the earth motion?? (c):kinetic energu of the earth motion

    asked by Collins
  59. phsice

    A block of weight W = 17 N, which can slide without friction on a 32.5° incline, is connected to the top of the incline by a massless spring of unstretched length xo = 0.34 m and spring constant k = 225 N/m. By how much will the spring be stretched when

    asked by selen
  60. Social Studies

    all of the following advances in technology contributed to the age of exploitation EXCEPT? A. the mariner's compass B. circumnavigation C. the astrolabe D. the caravel is it A?

    asked by AlmostStolen
  61. Art

    In this image with the trash can, the principles of design

    asked by ?
  62. English

    In which sentence do you find subject-verb agreement? A. Farley or Farley's brother is helping me with the project. B. Neither the clarinets nor the trumpets plays the melody correctly. C. Where is your keys to my car? D. If you look carefully, you'll see

    asked by Jocelynn
  63. physics

    Let's say you're driving in your car, approaching a red light on the Camp Hill Bypass. A black Porsche is stopped at the light in the right lane, but there's no-one in the left lane, so you pull into the left lane. You're traveling at 40 km/hr, and when

    asked by Jake
  64. Math


    asked by GARY
  65. English

    What is the tense of the underlined verb? We had just ended soccer practice when it began to rain. A. present perfect B. future perfect C. past perfect D. past

    asked by JJSUM
  66. general ed

    Anxiety is to test as procrastination is to: A. online learning. B. time management. C. goal setting. D. reading.

    asked by keyanna
  67. biology

    which ion would cease being taken up if the plant is treated with a metabolic poison that inhabits ATP synthesis ? give a reason

    asked by seraphine
  68. Maths trigonomentry

    3cosx+4sinx=5 what is x is too difficulat form me to solve? Shw working please

    asked by Collins
  69. English

    Unscrambled this word :-htotvulfhgrsen

    asked by praveena
  70. Math

    I have trouble solving distance rate problems. I have a worksheet that I want to complete. I will post one question in hopes that someone can break it down so I am able to solve other distance rate problems. (Step by Step please.) Thank you. An aircraft

    asked by Malinda
  71. Physics

    1)An alloy of copper zinc has a mass of 4.9kg.when suspended in water.0.98kg of water was displaced by it.calculate the mass of zinc in the alloy if 2.5 and 19.6 are the specific gravity of the zinc and copper respectively 2) A steel ball of diameter

    asked by Skyboy
  72. Physic

    A steel ball of diameter 0.2mm, falls with a terminal velocity of 0.0029m/s through oil in a relatively large jar.Calculate the viscosity of oil, assuming the densities of the oil and the ball are to be 7200 and 420kg/m^3 respectively .if the radius is

    asked by Skyboy
  73. physics

    A rock is shot up vertically upward from the edge of the top of the building. The rock reaches its maximum height 2 s after being shot. Them, after barely missing the edge of the building as it falls downward, the rock strikes the ground 8 s after it was

    asked by Jake
  74. calc

    The equation below describes the motion of a particle (s = position in feet, t = time in seconds). Find the INSTANTANEOUS VELOCITY at each time given. s = 1 / (t2 + 1) at time 2 seconds

    asked by janie
  75. English

    1. I leave in a day or so. 2. I leave about in a day. 3. I leave around in a day. 4. I leave roughly in a day. 5. I leave approximately in a day. ======================== Are they they same in meaning? Do we have some other expressions which mean 'about'

    asked by rfvv
  76. general

    According to Gardner, intelligence quotient (IQ) is the only barometer as to how students will succeed outside of school. A. The statement is true. B. The statement is false. C. The statement did not originate from Gardner. D. The statement is partly

    asked by keyanna
  77. Social Studies

    Why did the cold war end?

    asked by AlmostStolen
  78. Math

    Which is greater? - -- 2.396 _____ 2.3965 Can you also explain to me how I can compare to tell which one is larger. Thank you

    asked by Malinda
  79. English writing

    Q you have recently returned to live in your home country after being up abroad for the last three years. You find that many things have changed. Now that you are home, writes a letter to a friend. In your letter you should: This drive how you are feeling

    asked by Student2016
  80. sri sri ravishankar

    Out of 38students in class third, only 17 students were present. What fraction of the students were absent

    asked by omkar solanki
  81. Science chemistry

    a steel cylinder of oxygen with a volume of 15 L was available for medical purposes. The cylinder pressure decrease from 40.6 to 38.5 atm during which time the temperature remain at 24.0 °C how many moles of oxygen had been removed

    asked by Hiba
  82. English, psychology

    What are the cultural norms for the following: Individual rights vs the rights of society - There are more right for individual and rights of society. People can say whatever they want, even if it means to insult someone. People have rights to pursue their

    asked by miyabi
  83. Physics

    A father pulls his son, whos mass is 25 kg and who is sitting on a swing with ropes of length 3 meters, backward until the ropes make an angle of 33.6 degrees with respect to the vertical. He then releases his son from rest. What is the speed of the son at

    asked by Khalid
  84. Algebra

    What is the pattern for the next three numbers for -1, 2, -4, 8 ____, ____, ____? Thanks!

    asked by Eileen
  85. Algebra 2

    The focus of the parabola is (-1, -9/4), and the directrix is the line y = -7/4. Show that the point (-2,-3) on the parabola is the same distance from the focus as from the directrix.

    asked by Zed
  86. history

    please tell me of other mediators rather than kofi annan

    asked by seraphine
  87. Math

    I really need help solving this! For questions 6-7, simplify the expression. 6. -6 - 7(c + 10)(1 point) A. 64 - 7c B. -76 - 7c C. 4 - 13c D. -16 - 13c I don't know which to choose, I need help solving this!

    asked by Angel
  88. Math

    -6-7(c+10) A: 64-7c B: -76-7c C: 4-13c D: -16-13c We're suppose to simplify the expression can you help me? i think the answer is B

    asked by Boricua
  89. Social Studies

    What things does the world need to improve in and what type of new laws can they lead to?

    asked by Daisy205
  90. Maths deduce!damon or steve plz help any one

    From (p-q)^2+(q-r)^2+(r-p)^2>(pq+qr+rp) hence deduce that for any number p,q,r,(p+q+r)>3(pq+qr+rp)

    asked by Collins
  91. general ed

    What modality has been the predominant traditional way of learning? A. Aural B. Kinesthetic C. Read/write D. Visual

    asked by keyanna
  92. English

    1. Put the turtle in the sun more often, and she'll get better soon! 2. Put the turtle in the sun oftener, and she'll get better soon! =========== Q1: Which one is right, #1 or #2? Do we have to use 'more often' or 'oftener'? Q2:Is 'better' the comparative

    asked by rfvv
  93. general ed

    This is a test to measure one’s intelligence in the area of motivation, persistence, self-control, and handling relationships. A. IQ B. EIQ C. MIQ D. EQ

    asked by keyanna
  94. Math (2 Part Question)

    (Part 1) A local parking garage cost $12.00 a day, but if purchase a pass that costs $25.00 a month, the rate drops to $8 dollars a day. After how many days would it be more cost effective to buy the pass? You are saving $4 dollars a day buying the pass.

    asked by Malinda
  95. Math

    Ricky drove from town A to town B in 3 hours because he drove 15 miles per hour slower on the return trip. How fast did Ricky drive on the trip from town A to town B? I know the answer is 37.5mph but can you please explain it and break it down so that I am

    asked by Malinda
  96. Pre Calc

    Solve 0=e^3x-9e^2x+20e^x

    asked by Maria
  97. socials 10 please help!!!

    What was the outcome of the numbered treaties on the first nations? please give full answers thank you!!!

    asked by lisa
  98. socials 10

    what impact did the indian act have on the First Nations?

    asked by penelope
  99. science

    calculate the possibility that mother being a carrier of hemophilia with B blood group and healthy father with AB blood group can have an affected son with A blood group. give proper genotypes and crosses

    asked by mustafa
  100. Law

    As of 2012, approximately how many prisoners are currently on death row in the U.S.?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Science

    a steel cylinder of oxygen with a volume of 15 L was available for medical purposes. The cylinder pressure decrease from 40.6 to 38.5 atm during which time the temperature remain at 24.0 °C how many moles of oxygen had been removed

    asked by Hiba
  102. algebra

    what percent of 21 is 7

    asked by courtneylynn
  103. Math

    If a recipe calls for 2/3 cup flour and I am making 1/2 how much flour would I need?

    asked by Shannon
  104. PHYSICS

    An object is initially moving in the positive direction of an x-axis with a speed of 2.7 m/s. If the constant acceleration of the object is -0.12 m/s2, what distance will it have traveled when it turns around?

    asked by rebecca
  105. Science

    What would happen to ocean tides on Earth if Earth stopped rotating?

    asked by Josh
  106. math

    Chase is 34 years younger than Rosa. 8 years ago, Rosa's age was 3 times Chase's age. How old is Chase now?

    asked by jaraya
  107. Maths plz help

    X^x+y^y=31 x+y=5 plz help i was told to use newton litrate method plz help

    asked by Collins
  108. Physics

    A father pulls his son, whos mass is 25 kg and who is sitting on a swing with ropes of length 3 meters, backward until the ropes make an angle of 33.6 degrees with respect to the vertical. He then releases his son from rest. What is the speed of the son at

    asked by Khalid
  109. Maths plz help!

    4x^2+8x-m=0,differs by 3 find the value of the constant m plz help me??

    asked by Collins
  110. central academy

    rupesh completes a work in 3 days and sakshi completes it in 1 day only ..if they both complete the work in 15 days then how many days rupesh took in completing the work ??

    asked by rakesh bidu
  111. Tech

    Does anyone know a tool that can equalize the pitch throughout an audio file?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Math

    X= -8 Y= -2x-12 Find the coordinates

    asked by Alec
  113. Math

    Explain one way to find the equivlent percent for 4/5

    asked by Shahd alsomairi
  114. Government

    From where do we learn about American political culture?

    asked by Anonymous
  115. general ed

    Being aware of our learning style will help us: A. know ourselves and learn better. B. have a higher IQ. C. become more verbal. D. be more stylish.

    asked by keyanna
  116. general ed

    Our learning style refers to: A. how much we know. B. how we best understand information. C. how fast we read and write. D. what we are learning.

    asked by keyanna
  117. Trigonometry- ??????

    If vector a= (10,10) and vector b= (4,5) then ||a+b|| ≠ ||a|| + ||b||. Explain. I don't understand what this question is exactly asking, and I'm not sure how to answer it. Please explain. Thank you very much!!!

    asked by Elena
  118. English

    Dr. Green Dr. Brown Dr. White Dr. Black ================ Can they be used all? What about other colors? Can other colors be used as a family name such as Yellow and Pink...etc.?

    asked by rfvv
  119. Math

    Partial Fraction Decomposition: 2x^2+x+8/ (x^2+4)^2

    asked by anonymous
  120. sociology

    Existential psychology has four basic themes. Define the themes. How are those themes different from humanistic theory themes of positive psychology and suffering of existentialism?

    asked by adam
  121. sociology

    Identify the following: Social conflict, empowerment theory and feminist theory. How are the theories similar? How are the theories different? What are the implications for interventions and community development?

    asked by adam