Questions Asked on
December 10, 2015

  1. Math

    2.A newspaper started an online version of its paper 14 years ago. In a recent presentation to stockholders, the lead marketing executive states that the revenues for online ads have more than doubled that of the revenues for printed ads since starting the

    asked by Abbey
  2. English

    Why does Douglass state that “education and slavery were incompatible with each other”? There wasn’t time for slaves to go to school; they had too much work to do Being educated meant that slaves might question their existence and try to escape

    asked by Kayla
  3. Chemistry 12

    The molar heat of vaporization of water is 42 kJ/mol. How much energy is released by the condensation of 3.0 g of water? So for water there will just be one mol. I think this is how you do it, but it doesn't match the answer in the worksheet. q=mc delta t

    asked by Rachel
  4. Math

    Two ocean beaches are being affected by erosion. The table shows the width, in feet, of each beach at high tide measured where 1995 is represented by year 0. Western beach width Dunes beach Year number (in feet) width (in feet) 0 100 20 5 90 45 10 80 70 11

    asked by Hannah
  5. Physics

    1. A science teacher wanting to demonstrate centripetal acceleration holds a bucketful of water by its handle and spins it in a vertical circle. If the teacher’s arm is 1.15m long, at what speed must the bucket be rotated so that at the top of its path

    asked by Anonymous
  6. English

    Why does Douglass state that “education and slavery were incompatible with each other”? There wasn’t time for slaves to go to school; they had too much work to do Being educated meant that slaves might question their existence and try to escape

    asked by Kayla
  7. Simple Interest

    Last year, Ivan had $20,000 to invest. He invested some of it in an acount that paid 9% simple interest per year, and he invested the rest in an account that paid 7% simple interest per year. After one year, he received a total of $1780 in interest. How

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Science - Please Help!!!

    when you turn on a battery powered flashlight, you transform A - Heat energy into light and chemical energy. B - Chemical energy into electrical energy and light. C - Heat energy into chemical energy and light D - Electrical energy and light energy into

    asked by Jaide
  9. physics

    the amount of heat energy required to convert 5g of ice at 0 degree centigrade into water at 40 degree centigrade is

    asked by ddf
  10. science

    which of the following boxes below represent a stable system and describe how a disturbance to this box would affect it and use the terms center of mass and equilibrium in your response.

    asked by looloo
  11. English

    Conductors” on the railroad were People who drove the trains People who guided escaped slaves to free northern states People who provided transportation to slaves in free states < or B. Lincoln's short speech begins with the words "Four score and seven

    asked by Kayla
  12. English

    has anyone taken the red badge of courage unit test? I really need help! Thanks!

    asked by Lily
  13. definite integral

    approximate the value of the integral by use of the trapezoidal rule. n=8 a=0 b=4 sqrt 16-x^2

    asked by Ray
  14. math

    A construction crew is lengthening a road. The road started with a length of 56 miles, and the crew is adding 3 miles to the road each day. Let L represent the total length of the road (in miles), and let D represent the number of days the crew has worked.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Algebra

    Use the formula pH = −log[H^+] 9.. The hydrogen ion concentration of a substance is 4.3*10^-6 × moles per liter.Find the pH. Round to the nearest tenth. 10. Find the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution whose pH is 5.3.

    asked by john
  16. Math

    if i have read 150 pages of a 240 page book, what percentage of the book have I read?

    asked by John
  17. Algebra

    1.Mary is selling her craft to earn money she sells her bracelets for $6 and her necklaces for $10 her goal is to make at least $120 in sales which of the following represents three possible solutions to the problem A.6x+10y=120 (5,9),(10,6),and(15,3)are

    asked by GummyBears
  18. Math

    If a bag contains 12 apples, 4 bananas, and 8 oranges, what is the part to whole ratio of bananas?

    asked by Crystal
  19. Finite Math

    Pete's Pizzeria offers 30 different pizza toppings. How many 3 topping pizzas are possible (assuming the toppings are distinct)? If we allow any number of toppings (all distinct), including none, how many different pizzas are possible?

    asked by Josh
  20. math

    Evaluate the expression 6³√-512+13???HELP...

    asked by bella
  21. Math

    Find the product of 9 -5i and its complex conjugate

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math


    asked by Connections Academy Buddy
  23. Geometry

    Write a paragraph proof of this theorem: In a plane, if two lines are perpendicular to the same line, then they are parallel to each other.

    asked by nicka
  24. Social Studies

    Which statement best summarizes direct democracy? A)Voters have the right to propose and respond to laws through the voting process. B)Voters have the right to choose whether to vote. C)Voters have the right to choose for whom to vote. D)Voters have the

    asked by Mike
  25. Statistics

    A US travel data center survey of 1500 adults found that 42% of the respondents stated that they favor historical sites as vacations find the 95% confidence interval of the troop portion of all adults who favor historical sites as vacation

    asked by Emily
  26. algebra

    A corner store sells two kinds of baled goods:cakes and pies.A cake costs $13 and a pie cost $6.In one day ,the store sold 9 baked goods for a total of $75 .How many cakes did they sell

    asked by Keez
  27. chemistry

    How many Lithium ions are in 75.3 grams of lithium sulfate?

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Science

    I have a picture of a boat sailing over a wave. I have arrow A at the front of the boat going down to the ocean floor and there's the boat at the bottom, which is marked B, the arrow then starts back up to the back of the boat and is labeled C. They want

    asked by Kelly
  29. english

    Identify the capitalized word. Frederick Bartholdi, THE SCULPTOR, came up with the concept of a "mighty woman with a torch" as he sailed into the harbor. 1. infinitive 2.appositive ** 3 adverb phrase 4 adjective phrase Identify the best choice for the

    asked by Tookie
  30. Physics

    2. Saturn has a radius of about 9.0 earth radii, and a mass 95 times the Earth’s mass. Estimate the gravitational field on the surface of Saturn compared to that on the Earth. Show your work. Answer: g= GM/r² G= 6.67 * 10^-11 Nm²/kg² ME= 5.98 * 10^24

    asked by Danielle
  31. math

    How to figure out 22×11 in expanded algorithm

    asked by james
  32. algebra 1

    A rectangular field is enclosed by 360 feet of fencing. What is the length, in feet, of the field if its length is 6 feet more than its width?

    asked by sue
  33. Chemistry

    please balance this chemical equation iron +oxygen > iron (III) oxide +energy Fe + O2> Fe2 O3 + heat and light

    asked by Donald
  34. Maths

    If n(AuBuC)=12 and n(AuB)=8,find n(A'nB'nC). Solution n(A'nB'nC)=12 -8 =4

    asked by Vin Mwale
  35. Math

    Erica knits 18 squares on Monday. She knits 7 more squares each day for the rest of the week. How many squares does Erica have on Friday?

    asked by Lauren
  36. Math

    a plane flies 1.5 hours at 110 mph on a bearing of 10°. it then turns and flies 8.5 hours at the same speed on a bearing of 100°. How far is the plane from its starting point?

    asked by John
  37. Labadie

    A salad dressing is 30% peanut oil. Rosie Wants To Make 3 CUPS OF DRESSING. How much peanut oil does she need?

    asked by Meg
  38. language arts

    watsons go to birmingham 1963 chapter 13-14 1. the portion of a story in which the characters are introduced and the setting is described is called the A(climax B(exposition C(rising action D(falling action

    asked by crossfire
  39. Science/Math

    If a bacteria reproduced every 5 minutes and you start with one at noon, how many will you have after one hour?

    asked by Madison
  40. Math

    easton enjoys playing football at recess. He spends 1/4 of an hour at recess each day. How many hours does he spend at recess in a 5 day week? My Equation: 24x5=120 120/1x1/4=120/20=60 Other Equation: 1/4x5/1=5/4=1 1/4 WHICH ONE IS RIGHT??

    asked by Jessica Smith
  41. applilcations of trigonometry

    A surveyor wants to find the height of the top of a hill. He observes that the angles of elevation of the top of the hill at points C and D, 300m apart, lying on the base of the hill and on the same side of the hill are 30° and 45° respectively What is

    asked by satishkumar
  42. Physics

    Two lifeguards pull on ropes attached to a raft. If they pull in the same direction, the raft experiences a net external force of 363 N to the right. If they pull in opposite directions, the raft experiences a net external force of 147 N to the left. Draw

    asked by Lily
  43. compare and order fraction

    4/6 7/12 5/10 least to greatest what is it

    asked by $+&/&11%#
  44. science

    how is trna made and how dose it help us make proteins

    asked by Riley
  45. MATH

    Trying to solve problem -7x> - 2(x - 30 - 2x - 30 -30-30 -30/-5 x>6

    asked by Amie
  46. Social Studies

    How would the history of the United States be different if Washington, D.C. Wasn't chosen as the nations Capitol?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Physics

    A jogger runs in a straight line with an average velocity of 5.4 m/s for 2.3 min, and then with an average velocity of 5.7 m/s for 1.2 min. What is her total displacement? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Lily
  48. Chemistry

    How can i synthensize 1g of salicylic acid from benzene

    asked by Adeola
  49. Grades

    If I have an 82 in a class right now and a test is 50% of my grade but I get a C what would my total grade in the class be

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Physics

    The average speed of an orbiting space shuttle is 19700 mi/h. The shuttle is orbiting about 125 mi above the Earth’s surface. Assume the Earth’s radius is 3963 mi. How long does it take to circle the earth? Answer in units of h.

    asked by Lily
  51. Chemistry

    How can i synthensize 1g of salicylic acid from Phenol

    asked by Adeola
  52. Physics

    A projectile is fired from a height of h meters at a speed of 55m/s and at an angle of 10 degrees above the horizontal. The projectile hits a target at a horizontal distance of 80m from where it was fired and at a vertical height of 1.2m. Find the time for

    asked by James
  53. Social studies

    Can ya'll check my answer and help me with the 2 I don't know? :) Sectionalism grew in the southern states due to A) an increase in federal regulations on southern industry. B) holidays established to celebrate national events. C) the South's economic

    asked by Layla
  54. Algebra 1

    Factor 24x^2-42x I know how to factor but there is only two terms? I am confused. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help:)

    asked by bailey
  55. Math

    In the expression ln(3-x)+ln(3+x) what is the highest possible number that x can be? I got to this point: ln(9-x^2) but what now? it seems to me that there is an asymptote at x = 3, so the answer is 2.9999999... but it can't be repeating because that would

    asked by John
  56. MATH

    is this correct? -4(x) + 3 < -3(x) + 5 -x + 3 - 3 < 5-3 -x/-x < 2/-x x>-2

    asked by Amie
  57. Math

    If x^2+2y=20 and dy/dt= -6 find dy/dt when x=4

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Geometry

    To repair a roof that is 4 meters high, Mr. Russo leans a 5-meter ladder against the side of the building. To reach the roof, how far away from the building should he place the base of the ladder?

    asked by K
  59. math

    Dr. Escalera is now three times as old as his son. Twelve years from now, Dr. escalera will be twice as old as his son. How old are they now?

    asked by honey darlene
  60. SS

    18. Describe the economic and political differences between the Up Country and the Low Country. How do these differences lead to tension between the two groups?

    asked by Cole
  61. algebra 2

    f(x) =x^4 - x^3 -4x^2 +4. find factor and graph. I only factor to this step: (x^3 - 4x-4)(x-1) = f(x) but i don't know how to continue this step to require factor more completely and graph it. Please help. this is algebra 2. Thank you.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. math, physical science,geography and CAT

    Which career can I earn

    asked by nhlanhla
  63. Math

    The diameter of the planet Saturn is about 75,000 miles. The circumference of the planet can be found using the formula C=3.14d . What is the circumference in scientific notation ? Use 3.14 for ratio

    asked by Susy
  64. Social Studies

    How did the Revolutionary war affect the government and society of the United States?

    asked by Twenty One Pilots
  65. Physics help!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are some good websites/youtube videos for learning grade 12 Physics - Dynamics strand: Kinematics (1D & 2D motion), Vectors, Relative Motion, Projectile motion, Frames of reference, Forces, Free Body Diagrams, Problem solving - Force of Friction,

    asked by Physics
  66. vocab

    Equal Rights A. Equality B. Minority Rights C. Standards D. Sovereignty

    asked by Anonymous
  67. MS.SUE HELP!!!!

    Ms. Sue is there such things as A wool pooh??????

    asked by Polka Dot
  68. Finite Math

    At Sally's Salads, there is an all you can eat salad bar. You may choose one of 3 different lettuces, any number of 11 vegetable toppings, and at most one of 6 dressings. Suppose a salad is made at random following those rules. If the salad includes a

    asked by Josh
  69. maths

    a chemist has 800ml of 15% acidic much pure acid is to be added to make the solution 32% acidic

    asked by pahul
  70. Finite Math

    At a local ice cream shop, you can choose from a collection of 11 different toppings. If you want to choose at least one topping, how many different topping combinations are possible (assuming no repeat toppings)?

    asked by Josh
  71. MATH

    Reiny, the problem with the answer x>-2, why divide by 1? Is it because you can't divide with variable? Reworked problem -7x>-2(x+15)-2(x+15) -7x + 2x > 30 -5x/-5 > 30/-5 x > -6 other side -2(x+15)

    asked by Amie
  72. physics

    A piece of glass has a temperature of 76.0 °C. Liquid that has a temperature of 40.0 °C is poured over the glass, completely covering it, and the temperature at equilibrium is 54.0 °C. The mass of the glass and the liquid is the same. Ignoring the

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Finite Math

    What is the coefficient of y^14 in the expansion of (x+y)^14? What is the coefficient of xy^13 in the expansion of (x+y)^14? What is the coefficient of x^2y^12 in the expansion of (x+y)^14?

    asked by Josh
  74. Physics

    A force is applied to a 1.4 kg mass and pro- duces 2.5 m/s2 acceleration. What acceleration would be produced by the same force applied to a 12.2 kg mass? Answer in units of m/s2.

    asked by Lily
  75. Algebra 2

    The perimeter of a square is to between 14 and 44 feet, inclusively. Find all possible values for the length of its sides.

    asked by christell
  76. math

    the point Q(x,y) is reflectes in the origin. use arrow notation to describe the origanal point and its reflection

    asked by a guy that needs help
  77. physics

    A thermos contains 147 cm3 of coffee at 95.0 °C. To cool the coffee, you drop two 12.4-g ice cubes into the thermos. The ice cubes are initially at 0 °C and melt completely. What is the final temperature of the coffee in degrees Celsius? Treat the coffee

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Physics

    Suzie (of mass 84 kg) is roller-blading down the sidewalk going 34 miles per hour. She notices a group of workers down the walkway who have unexpectedly blocked her path, and she makes a quick stop in 1.1 seconds. What is Suzie’s average acceleration?

    asked by Lily
  79. Mathematics

    An arrow is fired horizontally at a speed of 50m/s from the top of a vertical cliff overlooking the sea. The height of the cliff is 12m. Determine The speed and angle to the horizontal of the arrow when it enters the sea?

    asked by John
  80. Social Studies

    How did the Declaration of Independence affect the government and society of the United States?

    asked by Hola
  81. physics

    A particle of mass m = 0.3 kg is acted upon by a force so that its position vector, r(t)=2.0t^2(i)- 5.0t^2 (j) +t^2 (k) where t is in s. What is the (instantaneous) power delivered by this force to the particle at time t = 2.0s?

    asked by K
  82. Physics

    A light ray in water is directed at the water surface at an angle of incidence at 40 degrees. Calculate the angle of refraction of the light ray at this surface.

    asked by Bobby
  83. Physics

    An arrow is fired horizontally at a speed of 50m/s from the top of a vertical cliff overlooking the sea. The height of the cliff is 12m. Determine The speed and angle to the horizontal of the arrow when it enters the sea?

    asked by John
  84. math

    if franco types mathcount 50 times in total, how many more constants does he type than vowels? How do I do this step by step?

    asked by Prajakta
  85. pharmacy procedures

    how many grams of hydrocortisone are present in 40g of a 2.5 percent hydrocortisone ointment

    asked by david
  86. physics

    A girl sits on a tire that is attached to an overhanging tree limb by a rope 2.13 m in length. The girl’s father pushes her with a tangential speed of 2.92 m/s. Besides the force opposing the girl’s weight, the magnitude of the force that maintains her

    asked by hunter
  87. Social Studies.

    How would the history of the United States be different if the Boston Massacre had not happened? How would the history of the United States be different if the Revolutionary War had not happened?

    asked by Alexia Smith
  88. Math question word

    Milan bought a desktop computer and a laptop computer. Before finance charges, the laptop cost $350 less than the desktop. He paid for the computers using two different finance plans. For the desktop the interest rate was 7% per year, and for the laptop it

    asked by Anonymous
  89. geography

    how far away is florida from pennsylvania?

    asked by Landon Portia
  90. Math factoring

    15x squared - 35x + 10factor the expression

    asked by Anita
  91. Social Studies

    George Washington warned that political parties would A) Divide the nation B) Create lively debate C) Help the nation D) Destroy states' rights Is the answer A??

    asked by Twenty One Pilots
  92. Health

    What size is a 8 inch leg?

    asked by Dvid dont careeee
  93. MATH

    Reiny - the problem with the different inequality signs was typed from the textbook. I will notify instructor Thanks Another problem 3

    asked by Amie
  94. Language Arts

    Is this a fact or opinion? : A wolf pack is very large.

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Sign Language

    In order to change a sign from a personal pronoun to a possessive pronoun, you make the following hand-shape change. A) From an index finger to an "A" hand-shape B) From an index finger to a flat hand (a version of a "B" palm). C) From an index finger to a

    asked by Sign Language
  96. 8th grade algebra

    Can you check my answers? 1. 3√20/√4 = 3√(5)(4)/2 = 3(2)√5/2 = 3√5 2. 4√15/√9 = 4√15/3 3. √12/√16 = √4(3)/4 = 2√3/4 = √3/2 4. √10/√5 = √2 5. √15/√20 = √(5)(3)/√5(4) = √3/2 6. 4√10/√32 = 4√2(5)/√16(2) =

    asked by Alexis
  97. math

    Compare the pair of numbers. Use >, =, or >. 3/4 [_] 33/40.

    asked by Soda
  98. Solid machanics

    At a point in a strained material the principal stresses are 60MPa and 40MPa. Find the position of the plane across which the resultant stress is most inclined to the normal and determine the value

    asked by Ashok
  99. Algebra. Please help me understand.

    24. You use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value. The correlation coefficient for your data set is -0.015. How confident can you be that your predicted value will be reasonably close to the actual value? 25. A

    asked by LadyPhantomhive
  100. Social Studies

    The primary economic activity of the outback is a. agriculture b. mining mineral resources*** c. industry d. raising livestock

    asked by Kaai97
  101. Social Studies

    75 percent of the world's volcanoes are located here a. Ring of Fire*** b. Milford Track c. Great Barrier Reef

    asked by Kaai97
  102. Math

    A commuter has 245 dollars in his commuter savings account. this account changes by -15 dollars each week he buys a ticket. In one time period, the account charged by -240 dollars. For how many weeks did the commuter buy tickets How much must he add to his

    asked by Lily
  103. Social Studies

    The hub city of Alice Springs can be found in a. the outback*** b. western Australia c. southeast Australia d. The Great Dividing Range

    asked by Kaai97
  104. English

    Identify the choice that best describes the underlined clause: Doves, WHICH ARE CONSIDERED SYMBOLS OF PEACE AND BEAUTY, are related to plain old pigeons. a. independent clause b. adjective clause*** c. adverb clause d. noun clause Which of the following

    asked by BUBBLES
  105. English

    I have to do a 10-minute speech based on this: Give an account of Britain’s colonial policies concerning Africa, Australia, India, and New Zealand in the 19th century. I have little to no prior knowledge of this, so I'm not really sure where to start, or

    asked by Matthew
  106. physics

    Water is leaking out of an inverted conical tank at a rate of 10700.0 cubic centimeters per min at the same time that water is being pumped into the tank at a constant rate. The tank has height 7.0 meters and the diameter at the top is 4.0 meters. If the

    asked by emily
  107. Chemistry

    A 100.0-mL sample of air is collected at 21 degrees Celsius and 772 mm Hg. What is the volume of air at STP? I know that I have to change deg. Celsius to K and mm Hg to atm. I'm stuck on what formula I should use... Should I use PV=nRT?

    asked by Jason
  108. language arts

    Unscramble letters to find the answer to what's the first thing you should do when you have a big problem to solve. Three words ULARAEPGNYT

    asked by alexis
  109. chemistry

    A reagent bottle contains 5.00g of many milliliters of a 2.00M silution can be prepared from this weight of NaOH?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Math

    Jonathan burns 15 calories per minute he runs on the treadmill Jonathan ran 5 minutes on Monday 12 minutes on Tuesday and 8 minutes on Wednesday which integer represents the amount of calories burned during his workouts

    asked by Ryan
  111. Physics 3

    A golf ball is hit at 42.0 m/s at an angle of 20° with the ground. How far away does it land?

    asked by Shylea
  112. Algebra discount price

    The problem I'm stuck on goes like this: Jessica has a coupon for $75 off an iPad. When she arrives at the Black Friday sale, she sees the store is offering a 55% discount. She can't use both discounts. A) Write the equation that gives the discounted price

    asked by Sam S.
  113. Marh

    An airplane is flying at an altitude of 918 ft when it spots a person Due West at an angle of depression of 32 degrees and another due west at an angle of depression of 58 degrees. How far apart are the 2 people?

    asked by Debbie
  114. maths

    60 students appear for examination. Out of which 1/15 th were failed and total percent of students who got more than 90% were 0.125% .then if 1 student randomly choose find the probability of getting that students to be passed

    asked by sanjay
  115. Math

    The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 6 to 5. How many girl students are there if there are 30 boys?

    asked by Megan
  116. Algebra

    Jessie and Laura are trying to compute the area of a triangle with base 5cm and height, h. Jessie multiplies 1/2 by the product of 5 and h, while Laura multiplies 5 by h and then takes half the result. a)Let J(h) be the function defined by Jessie's

    asked by Sam S.
  117. Chemistry

    If a basic solution has a pH of 11.88, is it considered to be a strong base? Is an acidic solution with a pH of 4.44 considered to be a strong acid?

    asked by Jessica
  118. math

    Two trains leave a station at 11:00am. One train travels north at a rate of 75 mph and another travels east at a rate of 60 mph. Assuming the trains do not stop, about how many minutes will it take for the trains to be 250 miles apart?

    asked by Help Please!
  119. Chemistry

    Why do the alkali metals have low ionization energies but relatively large atomic size? (I thought larger atomic sizes meant higher ionization energies.) What is the relationship between the two?

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Math

    A worker can complete the assembly of 12 tape players in 4 hours. At this rate, how many can the worker complete in a 40 hour work week ?

    asked by Megan
  121. Behavioral Statistics Help!

    Suppose we had conducted an ANOVA, with individuals grouped by political affiliation (Republican, Democrat, and Other), and we were interested in how satisfied they were with the current administration. Satisfaction was measured on a scale of 1-10, so it

    asked by slomomo
  122. Pre-calculus

    A researcher performs an experiment to test a hypothesis that involves the nutrients niacin and retinol. She feeds one group of laboratory rats a daily diet of precisely 34.53 units of niacin and 25,430 units of retinol. She uses two types of commercial

    asked by Gift
  123. General Science/ Chemistry

    Is it necessary to know the exact volume of the “unknown” acid or base to be titrates.

    asked by Mark
  124. Math

    If you are standing near the edge of the top of a 200 feet building and throw a ball vertically upward it will be modeled by the function s(t)=-16t^2+64t+200 where s(t) is the ball's height above ground in feet and t is seconds after the ball was thrown.

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Math

    Mary can read 20 pages in 30 minutes. How long would it take her to read 160 page book? Write your answer in hours and minutes .

    asked by Megan
  126. Math

    The length of a rectangular pool is to be four times its width, and a sidewalk 6 feet wide will surround the pool. If a total area of 1440 𝑓𝑡 2 has been set aside for construction, what are the dimensions of the pool?

    asked by Help Please!
  127. Math

    A business woman intends to rent a car for a 3 day business trip. The rental is $65 a day and $.15 per mile (plan 1) or $90 a day with unlimited mileage (plan 2). She is not sure how many miles she will drive but estimates that it will be between 400 and

    asked by Anonymous
  128. Math

    How do I do this question: find slope of the curve y=1/(X-1) at X=2. I don't get the algebra here, how is it equal to -1? Thanks

    asked by Kenny
  129. Math

    Carol spends 15 hours every 2 weeks practicing her culinary skills. How many hours does she practice in 5 weeks ?

    asked by Megan
  130. GA State History

    Describe the major events that took place in Georgia during the civil war and why they are significant? I have to have it about 7-8 sentences long PLEASE! Anyways…thank you so much.

    asked by Lucia Vendales
  131. Math

    In a shipment of 400 parts, 15 were found to be defective. How many defective parts should be expected in a shipment of 1000 parts?

    asked by Megan
  132. math

    Measuring number of surface of the rectangle is 128.If we reduce the length of 4 times, then the number is 96cm2.What is the perimeter?

    asked by sarah
  133. Algebra

    Richey Loaner inherited $2105.22 from a not-so-rich uncle. If Richie deposits his money into an account that pays 3% compounded continuously for t years, then the function A(t)=2105.22e^0.03t gives the account balance after t years. (a) Find Richie’s

    asked by john
  134. math

    The ratio of the length and breadth of a rectangular playground is 9:5. If the breadth is 360m,find the length of the playground.

    asked by bhoomika
  135. Chemistry

    is delta S positive for the heating of water from 25 to 75 degrees Celsius?

    asked by john
  136. algebra

    what is the slope-intercept form of the linear equation whose graph passes through (-2,4) and is parallel to the graph 3x+y=6? a) y =-3x - 2 b) y =-3x + 10 c) y = 3x - 2 d) y = 3x + 10 which linear equation represents a line that passes through (3,-7) and

    asked by cassie
  137. Dr. D ram D.A.V. Public school

    A parabola y²=4x cuts the circle with centre at (6,5) orthogonal then the possible points of intersection between the curves are?

    asked by Ankit raj
  138. jamindan national high school

    If the measures of one of the angles in a complementary pair is 20˚ more than that of the other find the measure of each angle

    asked by mayflor
  139. Physics / Astronomy

    If there is no dark matter, in order to explain our observations, our concepts of an important building block of the universe have to be incorrect. What is that building block and why do Astronomers overwhelmingly favor dark matter, which they cannot see,

    asked by AJ
  140. MATH

    Reiny 22 ¡Ü 6x -2 ¡Ü 4x + 16 22+2¡Ü6x-2+2¡Ü4x +16+2 24¡Ü6x-4x¡Ü18 24/2 ¡Ü 2x/2 ¡Ü 18/2 12 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 9 I tried using 2 steps - how did I do?

    asked by Amie
  141. Math

    Temperature readings on the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales are related by the formula 𝐶 = 5 9 (𝐹 − 32). Determine when the temperature reading on the Celsius scale is twice the temperature reading on the Fahrenheit scale.

    asked by Help Please!
  142. Algebra

    1.Mary is selling her craft to earn money she sells her bracelets for $6 and her necklaces for $10 her goal is to make at least $120 in sales which of the following represents three possible solutions to the problem A.6x+10y=120 (5,9),(10,6),and(15,3)are

    asked by GummyBears
  143. math

    a square lot is to be planted with santan plants all around. the side of the lot measures 10m. If plants will be planted 20 cm apart, how many plants must be planted in all?

    asked by Anonymous
  144. English

    Identify the grammar problem. A cool, pine-scented breeze. a. misplaced modifier b. dangling modifier c. phrase fragment** d. none of the above Identify the best choice for the capitalized phrase Throughout history, BIRDS HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED IMPORTANT

    asked by BUBBLES
  145. Physics

    What is the "Percent Difference Formula for Momentum"?

    asked by Derrick
  146. numerical analysis

    need a probability distribution to select a parking stall in a parking lot with 50 stalls

    asked by jay
  147. Math

    How do integrate this with respect to x? integral of ((x^y)/y!)e^(-2x) from 0 to infinity The e is an exponential. The answer is supposed to be (1/2)^(y+1) but I don't know the steps to getting it.

    asked by Sarah
  148. English

    How can I rephrase this so it's not a run-on? but some are likely to object on the grounds that Putin is simply asking Americans to not attack Syria for genuine reasons

    asked by Emma
  149. math

    trail mix is sold in 1 lbs bags Mary will buy trail mix and repackage it so that each of the 15 members of her hiking club gets 1 2/5 lbs bags. How many 1 lbs bags of trail mix should Mary buy to have enough trail mix without leftovers?

    asked by ryan
  150. Social Studies

    How would the history of the United States be different if the Boston Massacre had not happened?

    asked by Twenty One Pilots
  151. math

    Two cars 288 km apart start at the same time moving towards each other and meet after 12 hours. If the speed of 1 car is 5 km\h faster than the other car, find the speed of each car.

    asked by trishayy0028
  152. Social Studies

    Washington D.C chosen as the nations capital is important because?

    asked by Anonymous
  153. math

    an amount of Rs.20000 is due in three months. the present value if it includes SI @8%is:

    asked by shahid ali
  154. Language Arts

    Passage A Avalanches are caused by a variety of conditions. When the temperature is cold and snow falls, the snow sticks to the ground. However, when the air temperature changes, the snow may slide away in pieces or slabs. Basically an avalanche happens

    asked by Cami
  155. Social Studies

    How would the history of the United States be different if the signing of the Declaration of Independence had not happened?

    asked by Twenty One Pilots
  156. Math

    I'm unsure how to solve this... can someone help me? Match the equation with its graph. −6/7 x - 1/2 y = 3/7 The answers are graphs, so I'll type the coordinates of the graphs here. A.) -1, 4; -6, 4 B.) -1, -4; 4, 6 C.)-4, -6; 4, 8 D.) -4, 6; 2, -4

    asked by Abigail
  157. Social Studies

    How did the Boston Massacre affect the government and society of the United States?

    asked by Twenty One Pilots