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December 6, 2015

  1. Algebra

    1. you and a friend balls for like a salad and a small drink. between the two of you, you have $8.00. A salad costs $2.49 and a small drink is $0.99. Can either of you have a second salad or a drink? assume there is no sales tax. A.yes,one Salad B.yes,one

    asked by GummyBears
  2. Language Arts

    Which question should you ask during your first read of the multi-draft reading process? A. what is the authors purpose in writing this piece ? ** has this work increased my knowledge of a subject , issue , event . C. what evidence does the author

    asked by HELP ASAP PLEASE
  3. Math

    Sam is 2 years and his mother is 28 years old. In how many years will Sam's mother be 3 times as old as he will be?

    asked by KAT
  4. Calculus

    Find the surface area of the part of the sphere x2+y2+z2=81 that lies above the cone z=√(x2+y2)

    asked by A
  5. geometry

    Let $\overline{PQ}$, $\overline{RS}$, and $\overline{TU}$ be parallel chords of a circle. The distance between chords $\overline{PQ}$ and $\overline{RS}$ is 4, and the distance between chords $\overline{RS}$ and $\overline{TU}$ is also 4. If $PQ = 78$ and

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    The ramp shown below is used to move crates of apples to loading docks at different heights. When the horizontal distance AB is 12 feet, the height of the loading dock, BC, is 6 feet. What is the height of the loading dock DE? 10 feet 12 feet 17 feet*** 18

    asked by Layla
  7. Ashford

    Translate this sentence into a equation. 48 is the product of Chau's age and 4. Use the variable c to represent Chau's age.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. college algebra

    The​ half-life of​ carbon-14 is 5600 years. If a piece of charcoal made from the wood of a tree shows only 73​% of the​ carbon-14 expected in living​ matter, when did the tree​ die?

    asked by tiffany
  9. math plz help!!!!!!!

    which ratios form a proportion? A) 4/5 , 20/25 B) 8/12 , 18/24 C) 1/3 , 7/24 D) 2/5 , 6/16 which ratio forms a proportion with 9/15? A)3/6 B)2/3 C)12/30 D)6/10##### which proportion has cross products of 5 x 24 and 8 x 15? A)5/8=15/24 B)5/24=8/15

    asked by awesomeguy123
  10. geometry

    Let $\overline{PQ}$, $\overline{RS}$, and $\overline{TU}$ be parallel chords of a circle. The distance between chords $\overline{PQ}$ and $\overline{RS}$ is 4, and the distance between chords $\overline{RS}$ and $\overline{TU}$ is also 4. If $PQ = 78$ and

    asked by Daniel
  11. Statistics

    A machine fills 12 ounce bottles with soda. For the machine to function properly, the standard deviation of the sample must be less than or equal to 0.02 ounce. A sample of 8 bottles is selected, and the number of ounces of soda in each bottle is given. At

    asked by Sally
  12. Cht Ningi

    The 9th And 22nd Term Of An A.P Are 29 And 55 Respectively. Find The Sum Of It's First 60 Terms

    asked by Elijah
  13. Heart of Darkness

    1. Different settings. Consider how Kurtz and the pilgrims act differently in the following settings. • Belgium For this one I said they act very civilized because they want to keep up appearances, but I don't remember any specific examples • The Congo

    asked by Chelsea
  14. Physics

    A fish tank has dimensions 46 cm wide by 1.0 m long by 0.70 m high. If the filter should process all the water in the tank once every 3.0 h, what should the flow speed be in the 3.0-cm-diameter input tube for the filter? I tried using Q=v/t and Q=vA...

    asked by Ashley
  15. Stat

    "Records show that 8% of all college students are foreign students who also smoke. It is also known that 50% of all foreign college students smoke. What percent of the students at this university are foreign?" I had that: P(A)=50 P(B)=? P(A|B)=8

    asked by kate
  16. chemistry

    how many joules are needed to completely melt 25 grams of ice at 0 degree celcius?

    asked by b
  17. L.A

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you

    asked by anon
  18. matematicas

    in a class of 25 students, 15 play hockeyand 16 play basketball. if there are 4 students who play neither sport, determine the number of students who play both hockey and basketball

    asked by alba
  19. statistics help

    The National Association of Realtors estimates that 23% of all homes purchased in 2004 were considered investment properties. If a sample of 800 homes sold in 2004 is obtained what is the probability that AT LEAST 175 home are going to be used as

    asked by S
  20. chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 2 Mg + O2 → 2 MgO △H rxn = -1203 kJ Calculate the amount of heat (in kJ) associated with complete reaction of 4 moles of Mg.

    asked by katia
  21. Physics

    A man which travel due north in other to cross a river 5km wide flowing due east at 3km/h. If he can roll at 10km/h in still water. Find either by scale drawing or by calculation (1) the direction in which he must head is boat in order to get to his

    asked by Dickson
  22. mechanics

    Two skaters, each of mass 70 kg, skate at speeds of 4 m/s in opposite directions along parallel lines 1.5 m apart. As they are about to pass one another they join hands and go into circular paths about their common center of mass. A third skater is skating

    asked by sana
  23. 8th Grade pre Algebra : HELP!

    I usually don't post questions on here but Hell, I mind as well go for it. I was sick and now I'm behind, confused, and failing so any help is much appreciated. 3. Which number is equal to 5^3? A. 15 B. 100 C. 125 D. 150 4. What is the squaee root of 25/64

    asked by Drellatrix
  24. AP Macroeconomics

    I got this question wrong: Which of the following best describes the relationship between bank reserves, the federal funds rate, and a decrease in interest rates for consumers and business? The answer is: If the FOMC uses monetary policy to increase the

    asked by ashley
  25. Physics

    A star the size of our Sun runs out of nuclear fuel and, without losing mass, collapses to a white dwarf star the size of our Earth. The radius of our Sun is 6.96×108m , the radius of Earth is 6.37×106m . If the star initially rotates at the same rate as

    asked by Viert
  26. Math

    A phone company offers two monthly plans. Plan A costs $11 plus an additional $0.18 for each minute of calls. Plan B costs $18 plus an additional $0.13 for each minute of calls. For what amount of calling for the two plans cost the same? What is the cost

    asked by Macy
  27. st. Anthony's school

    A compound amongst BcL3,alcl3,fecl3,pcl3 which cannot act as lewis acid

    asked by glory
  28. math

    A rounded number for the speed of an insect is 5.67 per second. What are the fastest and slowest speeds to the thousandths that could round to 5.67 meters per second?

    asked by Judy
  29. Psychology

    In response to hot temperature, your body will sweat reflexively. using Pavlov's terminology, the sweating in response to the hot temperature would be termed a(n): A. unconditioned stimulus (UCS) B. unconditioned response (UCR) C. conditioned stimulus (CS)

    asked by Jazmine
  30. Physics

    A certain diving bell for use in the ocean has a square window measuring 0.250 m on each side. The inside of the bell is pressurized and maintained at a pressure of 2.00 atm. The mass density of seawater is 1025 kg/m3. How deep can this bell be lowered

    asked by Ethan
  31. algebra

    A marketing department estimates that demand for a product is given by P=100-0.0001x, where P is price per unit and X is number of units. The cost C of producing x units is given by C=350,000+25x And the profit P for producing x units is given by P=

    asked by Bex
  32. Physics

    A steel bar has an initial length of 40 meters when the temperature is 20 oC. At what final temperature will the steel bar have a final length of 40.01 meters? The coefficient of linear expansion of steel is 12E-6 (1/C).

    asked by Justin
  33. Chemistry

    Let us assume that Cu(OH)2(s) is completely insoluble, which signifies that the precipitation reaction with NaOH(aq) (presented in the transition) would go to completion. If you had a 0.300 L solution containing 0.0230 M of Cu2+(aq), and you wished to add

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Maths Arithmetic

    (2) How Many Terms Has The A.P Whose First Term Is 15 Aod The Last Term Is 57 Given That The Common Difference Is 3?

    asked by Elijah
  35. Chemisty

    Antifreeze is made by mixing equal volumes of ethylene glycol (d=1.114 g/mL) and water. The resulting solution has a density of 1.040 g/mL. Calculate the antifreeze molarity, molality, mole fraction, mass percent, and volume percent.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. chemistry

    a gas has a volume of 95 mL at a pressure of 930 torr. What volume will the gas occupy if the pressure is increased to 970 torr and the temperature remains constant

    asked by viridiana
  37. math

    find all solutions in the interval [0,360degrees) sin(5x)=0

    asked by miranda
  38. physics

    When a body hanging from a spring balance is immersed in water it floats just below the surface of water and shows 100g loss in its weight (I) what is the weight of the body in water? (Ii) what is the weight of the body in air? (Iii) what is the up thrust

    asked by farheen fathima
  39. chemistry

    0.5g of an organic compound x (containing carbon hydrogen oxygen) produces 0.733g of carbondioxide and 0.3g of water on complete combustion.the max spectrum shows mr=60.determine molecular formula of x

    asked by ali
  40. Chemistry

    A compound that you are studying is soluble in CCl4 but not in water. Would you predict that the compound is polar or nonpolar? Why? [Please explain; don’t just give a trivial answer such as “Because like dissolves like”.]

    asked by Mark
  41. math

    In a shower 5cm of a rain falls. Find the volume of water on 2 hectares of land.

    asked by rajesh
  42. English

    1. I set the alarm for 5:30 every morning. 2. I set the alarm clock for 5:30 every morning. 3. I set the alarm to 5:30 every morning. (Which one is right? Can we use all of them?) 4. The sun is setting in the west. 5. He set the table for dinner. 6. He set

    asked by rfvv
  43. English please help

    I really need someone to check my answers. Cross out prepositional phrases, identify adverbs. 1.) Our maid cleaned the top of the counter and looked amid the groceries throughout the refrigerator. Verb: cleaned, looked Subject: maid Phrase: the top of the

    asked by Juliet
  44. maths

    the ratio of total surface area to the curved surface area of a right circular cylinder is 3:2 find the volume if its total surface area is 14784 cm2

    asked by sukanya
  45. gk

    2/3 OF STUDENTplay piano 1/2 of the students who play the piano also play the violin 1/4 of those students also play flute what fraction of students plays all three instruments

    asked by sonu
  46. Math - age problem

    One year ago Liz was 3 times as old as her brother Jack. In two years she'll only be twice as old as Jack. How old are Liz and Jack now?

    asked by Amy
  47. Maths

    sum of Rs.7700 is to be dividedamong three brothers Zain, Zaid and Zoaib in such a way that simple intereston each part at 5% per annum after 1,2 and 3 years, respectively remains equal. The share of Zain is more than that of Zoaib by?

    asked by Abdul Wasiq
  48. English

    Can you please check my answers? 1. Throughout the night the security guard walked from store to store. Subject: guard Verb: walked Prepositional phrase: throughout the night, from store to store 2. The meeting concerning the new town hall met at the

    asked by Nia
  49. Math

    The hot air balloon operator allows the balloon to descend at a rate of 23 ft per minute. If they have been descending for 6 minutes how far has the balloon descended?

    asked by Emma
  50. mechanics

    A man begins to climb up a 12-ft ladder . The man has mass 80 kg, while the ladder has mass 10 kg. The wall against which the ladder rests is very smooth, which means that the tangential (vertical) component of force at the contact between ladder and wall

    asked by sana
  51. Biomechanics

    Person A: Weight: 1200 N Net Impulse for counter movement jump: 240 Ns Person B: Weight: 800 N Net Impulse for counter movement jump: 160 Ns 1) Which person jumped highest? 2)What was kinetic energy of each person right before they left the ground? 3)What

    asked by J.PT~
  52. Critical thinking

    I have finished my assignment I just need someone to read it over and check my logic, please and thank you! 1. Read the following argument and answer the question that follows: 1. According to the 2010/11 Statistics Canada census aboriginal Canadians

    asked by Dan
  53. physics

    1) A 70 kg woman dives from a 2.5 m high diving board. The gravitational field strength is 10 N/kg. Describe whether she gains or loses gravitational potential energy, and calculate the change in gravitational potential energy

    asked by kate
  54. Earth science

    According to the suplimentary demands the price you pay for a product is determine both by its availability and by consumer demand for the product. On the basis of the principle, which mineral do you think have a higher value, iron containing mineral or

    asked by Kayla
  55. Finance

    Currently you own a portfolio comprised of the following three securities. How much of the riskiest security should you sell and replace with risk-free securities if you want your portfolio beta to equal 90 percent of the market beta? Stock Value/Beta A

    asked by Billy
  56. Math

    An invoice for $600 is dated October 17 and has sales terms of 3/10 ROG. The merchandise arrives October 20. How much is due if the bill is paid October 29?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. physics 20

    What is the true weight of a 60-kg astronaut on: a) the surface of Mars? b) the surface of Saturn? given: mass of Mars= 6.42x10^23 mass of Saturn= 5.69x10^26

    asked by MJ
  58. chemistry

    Consider the following equation: CO + 2 H2 → CH3OH △H rxn = -128 kJ Calculate the amount of heat (in kJ) associated with complete reaction of 8.08 g H2

    asked by katia
  59. Chemistry

    Sodium chloride dissolves in water (solubility in water is 361g/1L), but copper (II) phosphate does not dissolve in water (insoluble). A. Describe in a stepwise fashion how the solid sodium chloride dissolves in the water to form a solution. (name the

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Critical Thinking

    Consider the following conductive argument: P1. Critical thinking teaches the fundamentals of good reasoning. P2. Critical thinking helps people learn how to detect bad reasoning in the arguments they hear and read. P3. Critical thinking principles

    asked by Jay
  61. Language Arts

    Are these right? My aunt discovered a skunk under her porch and called the Humane Society for help in removing it. *simple sentence Some committee members preferred either a musical comedy or a mystery. *simple sentence

    asked by Helen
  62. chemistry

    A pound of coffee beans yields 56 cups of coffee (4 cups= 1 qt.) how many milliliters of coffee can be derived from 2.2g of coffee beans?

    asked by tagiz
  63. English

    1. He set the table for dinner. (Does 'for dinner' modify 'the table' or 'set'?)

    asked by rfvv
  64. phicis

    A string of mass 10.0 grams and length L = 3m has its ends tied to two walls separated by distance D = 2m. Two masses of 2 kg each are suspended from the string as shown in the figure. If a pulse is sent from Point A, how long does it take to travel to

    asked by tt
  65. math

    Charlie can type faster than any of his classmates. He took a test that showed he can type 700 words in 5 minutes . How many words can he type per minute

    asked by Riley
  66. Science

    The nitrogen cycle is carried out primarily by A.humans B.autotrophs C.bacteria D.fungi

    asked by Cc griffin middle scho
  67. Chemistry

    Name the compound or give molecular formula. 1. Pt(NO2)2 : ? Is it Platinum (II) Nitrite 2. Manganese (II) bromide pentahydrate:? Is it MnBr2 • 5H2O

    asked by Sanaya
  68. Physics

    Some bags (the mass of each bag is 50 kg) are put in the truck of 200 kg mass. After applying 400 N force the car started moving with 1 m/s accelaration.Now my question is'', how many Bags are in the truck?

    asked by Akhter
  69. Economics

    Initially suppose that both countries have the same production function, namely q = K.3L.7. For this production function, MPL = .7K.3L-.3 and MPK = .3K.-7L.7. Derive (with all steps shown) the long-run total cost function for each country. (Given that both

    asked by Sung Jun
  70. chemistry

    Help me solve it. Step by step please The value of kp at 20°c for the reaction 2NO(g) +Cl2(g) 2NOCl(g) is 1.9x10^3 atm-1 calculate the value of KC at the same temperature.

    asked by john
  71. Chemistry

    How many grams of 10% wt BaCl2 solution will be necessary to produce 5.6g BaCl2?

    asked by ange
  72. English

    What is the Supporting Sentence of the topic Sentence I like to collect coins (or anything else that you like ? what is the Suppprting sentence of the topic sentence This weekend i will help my parents do some household chores ?

    asked by Mheyn
  73. Chemistry

    Chart: Group, Bond length, Bond strength, H-X-H Bond Angle NH3: 1.000, 391, 107 PH3: 1.412, 322, 93.5 AsH3: 1.510, 247, 92 SbH3: 1.688, 247, 92 What physical states do these molecules exist at room temperature? Gas Briefly explain the observed trend in

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Chemistry

    150 g of water at 80 degree Celsius is cooled to 50 degree Celsius how much heat is lost bye the water

    asked by Kelly
  75. algebra 2

    Kate can row a boat 10 miles per hour in still water. in a river where the current is 5 miler per hour, it take her 4 hour longer to row a given distance upstream than to travel the same distance downstream. Find how long it takes her to row upstream, how

    asked by nancy
  76. Sociology

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay in which you complete the following: Give a brief introduction that identifies the issue you have chosen and why.Describe in three separate paragraphs how each perspective would view or explain the issue.Include in your

    asked by Gloria
  77. Math

    Arianna is taking care of her uncle's dog during the week. He left 3 cans of food for 5 days. How much good should she give each day assuming the dog eats exactly the same amount each day

    asked by Scott
  78. Applied Calc

    Find the indefinite integral of (1-sqrtx)/(1+sqrtx)dx I just worked completely through this problem using substitution (u=1+sqrtx) and came to the answer 3+4sqrtx+x+C. This is incorrect. Not sure where I messed up.

    asked by Annale
  79. Applied Calc

    Find the indefinite integral. ∫ x^2(1-x)^6 dx I am so lost on this. I let u=1-x so du=-dx. After that, I'm not sure what to do.

    asked by Annale
  80. Algebra 2

    Find the coordinates of the vertices of the figure formed by each system of inequalities. y>=-3 x=x-2 y

    asked by Phoenix
  81. Algebra

    A large screen at a theater measures 65 feet diagonally. The aspect ratio (width compared to height) of the screen is 21:9. What is the approximate width and height of the screen?

    asked by Anna
  82. Chemistry

    Calculate the frequency of light associated with the emission from n=5 to n=4 in the hydrogen atom. I got -7.41 x10^13 Hz, but the answer would make sense if it is positive... So does this mean that when the electrons jump from n=5 to n=4, energy is

    asked by Sanaya
  83. English

    Hello. Please help me to check the sentences: 1) His sister or his brother hasn't any bank accounts. 2) His sister and his brother haven't any bank accounts. Thank you for your help.

    asked by Ilma
  84. Quick Question

    Were African Americans allowed to vote during the 1960's? I just need a simple yes or no.

    asked by Ashley
  85. business maths

    Find the point of intersection of the lines 3x+2y=15and7x-3y=4

    asked by guru
  86. physics

    Two plus lenses have focal lengths in the ratio 7:1. When placed together in close contact the focal length of the combination is +12.5cm. What are the focal lengths of the two lenses?

    asked by shaky
  87. Math

    Hey can someone review my math and see if i did it correctly? The math question is: Choose one product from your business and determine the markup and gross profit for it. Assume that the retail price of the product is $85, the cost is $47, and the

    asked by Justine
  88. Calculus

    Set up a double integral for calculating the flux of the vector field F⃗ (r⃗ )=r⃗ , where r⃗ =⟨x,y,z⟩, through the part of the upward oriented surface z=9(x^2+y^2) that lies above the disk x^2+y^2≤25.

    asked by A
  89. Science

    A spring scaled is used to measure the weight of a object on the earth. The scale on the moon would read what?

    asked by Marissa
  90. algebra

    A piece of ribbon 3 1/4 ft long is cut from a 8-foot roll of ribbon. how much ribbon remains on the roll?

    asked by Lora
  91. Government

    Why is due process a cornerstone of the judicial system?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Chemistry

    34.09 ml of 0.251 M KOH is required to tritate a 10.2951 g sample of acetic acid solution. The density of the solution had been previously found to be 1.007g/ml. what is the molarity of the aetic acid solution?.

    asked by sandra
  93. math

    For an art​ project, Marco cuts a 12 and two thirds ft piece of string into 8 equal pieces. How long is each​ piece? Maria cuts her string into 8 equal pieces of length 2 and seven twelfths ft. Which student started with the longer piece of​ string?

    asked by amy
  94. vocabulary eng

    looking for a simple way to explain the differnce between inexorable and obdurate inexorable - unyielding stubborn unalterable obdurate - stubbornly persistant Please do not send me a link - I need help in understadning differnce not in a definition.

    asked by daniel 7th grade
  95. Math Please Help!!!

    John is at a car show. Beginning 2.5 miles away, a car travelling at a constant 45 miles per hour approaches and then passes John. The distance between John and the car can be represented by the equation d = |2.5 – 45t|. At what times is the car 0.5

    asked by Sammy
  96. Science

    A spring scaled is used to measure the weight of a object on the earth. The scale on the moon would read what?

    asked by Marissa
  97. Science

    A spring scaled is used to measure the weight of a object on the earth. The scale on the moon would read what?

    asked by Marissa
  98. math

    A.) write the rational expression as an equivalent expression whose denominator is the given polynomial. 1.) 6/7x^2y = ________/49x^3y^2 B.) perform the indicated operations, simplify if possible. 2.) x^2-3x-4/x^2-16 x x+4/3x-9

    asked by Allie
  99. Algebra-Please Help!!!

    John is at a car show. Beginning 2.5 miles away, a car travelling at a constant 45 miles per hour approaches and then passes John. The distance between John and the car can be represented by the equation d = |2.5 – 45t|. At what times is the car 0.5

    asked by Sammy
  100. statistics help??

    Someone flips a coin 50 times and gets 50 heads in a row. You suspect it is a 2 headed coin. Write the null and alternative hypotheses. Use the binomial theorem to get a p-value of getting exactly 50 hears in 50 trials.

    asked by S
  101. Math

    1)Carson lost 5 pounds in one week. What property is used in this situation? Why? 2)Frankie wanted to buy a new hat for $14, but left the store without buying anything. What property is used in this situation? Why?

    asked by Emma
  102. Chemistry (Check and Help)

    Hey can you please check my answers? Also, Can you explain interparticle force of attraction? I'm not sure about the difference between IMFOA and IPFOA. Chemical formula: Cl2 Name: Chlorine Bond Type (intermolecular FOA): London VSEPR molecular shape:

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Chemistry

    Can pi bonds be made from d-orbitals?

    asked by Sanaya
  104. Chemistry (Check)

    Which of the following exhibits the highest boiling point? a. Ne, Ar, Kr, or Xe? Xe b. HF, HCl, HBr, or HI? HI c. CH3CH3, CH3COOH, or CH3OCH3? CH3COOH d. F2, Cl2, Br2, or I2? I2 e. NaCl, SO2, or N2? SO2 Are these right? I just went by molar mass. If these

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Kenya water

    Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y=xsinx and y=(x-2)^2

    asked by Nixon
  106. Math

    What are three numbers that have a sum of 35 if the greatest number is 14 more than the least number?

    asked by Adair
  107. Exo and Endo

    D. What tests and observations should be conducted after the reaction to determine if new substances are formed? I am working on a project called Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions….I need help please!

    asked by Dayna Loves Momo
  108. Computer Science

    Write a flowchart of a program for first n even number

    asked by Shraddha
  109. Algebra 1, Physics

    Muriel and Connie are playing a game of catch. They decided it would be fun to stand on different sides of the building and throw the ball back and forth. Muriel can throw the ball with a velocity of 14 m/s, and Connie can throw with a velocity of 16 m/s.

    asked by Missy
  110. AC circuits

    _____R____________ | | | |+ | XC E1 XL | |- | |+ | | E2 ___________________- Z1 = R= 4 ohms

    asked by TJ
  111. mnps

    A tailor had 10 m of cloth. He used 2 m 40 cm and 2 m 60 cm to make two shirts. How much cloth was left?

    asked by zaman
  112. Humanities

    Having trouble answering these questions, about John Kani's film (Nothing but the Truth). 1. How does Mda see memory and identity as being linked? How is this reflected in Kani’s play? 2. How does the play mirror the intentions and role of the Truth and

    asked by Justin
  113. Applied Calc

    Find the indefinite integral of x^4/1-x^5dx. so far, I have these steps: ∫ f'(x)dx = ∫ x^4/1-x^5dx Let u=1-x^5 du= -5x^4 ∫ u^-1*-1/5du (but I'm not sure if you can technically do -1/5du? this is where I'm getting lost. please help!!)

    asked by Annale
  114. englisn

    I have to choose a Statement the other sentences are support for that point 1. Chemicals in dark chocolate helps protect the arteries form heart disease 2. Dark chocolate can be good for the human body 3. Dark chocolate contains ingredients that fight

    asked by jennifer
  115. Introduction to Terrorism

    What then, is to deter individuals and nations from engaging in this high-profit, low risk warfare?

    asked by Dee365
  116. calculus

    what point of f(x)= e^(1-x^2) is concave down? I think it is 1/2 but I'm not sure

    asked by tedd
  117. music

    what song has 15 tone color?

    asked by broke
  118. math

    sum of Rs.7700 is to be dividedamong three brothers Zain, Zaid and Zoaib in such a way that simple intereston each part at 5% per annum after 1,2 and 3 years, respectively remains equal. The share of Zain is more than that of Zoaib by?

    asked by Abdul Wasiq
  119. math

    Ishaan works at a nearby electronics store. He makes a commission of 15% on everything he sells. If he sells a television for $392.00, how much money does Ishaan make in commission?

    asked by Kennedy
  120. English

    Can you please check my answers? Cross out the prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb twice. Don't forget to label any adverbs. 1.) Our maid cleaned the top of the counter and looked amid the groceries throughout the refrigerator.

    asked by Niniane
  121. Reading

    The metaphor in te fiesta stands is uses to emphasize that the

    asked by Emily
  122. Math

    For the equation -4y=8x, what is the constant of variation?

    asked by Kaai97
  123. Psychology

    Erickson's theory is based on the assumption that

    asked by Jazmine
  124. math

    what point of f(x)= e^(1-x^2) is concave down? I think it is -3/2

    asked by james
  125. Math

    What is an equation for the line with slope 2/3 and y-intercept 9?

    asked by Kaai97
  126. math

    A woman was tired of being asked how old she was, so she composed the following riddle Four times two and nine times three, add that to my age and it will be, as much two tens and four, plus twice my age minus a score.

    asked by williams
  127. English

    1. National flags stand for the spirits of each country. 2. National flags stand for the spirit of each country. =============== Which one is right, spirit or spirits?

    asked by rfvv
  128. Calculus

    How do I integrate sqrt of (1+e^(2x)) if doing u-sub.. u=sqrt of (1+e^(2x)) and ten using partial fraction...?

    asked by Sanaya
  129. Critical thinking (Check)

    4. The newly elected Canadian government is planning on withdrawing Canada’s CF-18 jets from the allied bombing campaign against the Islamic State (aka ISIS, aka ISIL, aka Daesh) forces within Iraq and Syria. The Conservative opposition in Parliament is

    asked by Dan
  130. Philosophy

    Read the following argument and answer the question that follows: 1. According to the 2010/11 Statistics Canada census aboriginal Canadians constituted 4.3% of the Canadian population. 2. According to the 2011 Statistics Canada data, 27% of the adult

    asked by A
  131. Ap physics

    fine sand moves through pipes just like fluid. a sandblasting machine moves fine sand through a pipe of inner diameter 2.8 cm at 75L/minutes. the sand comes out from two identical jets at speed 45 m/s. calculated the diameter of the holes through which the

    asked by jay
  132. Kewi

    Find the mean heights of the curve y^2=2x between x=1 and x=3

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Chemistry

    In a moist room (44m3) 4 kg dry CaCl2 is placed. The room contains 10 g/m3 of H20. How much of the CaCl2 is converted to CaCl2*2H2O? Temperature 10 deg C. Equilibrium constant is 10^5 atm-2 at 10 deg C. I've caclulated Kp to 0,0032 atm and then tried to

    asked by Henrik
  134. Math

    Find the inverse of f(x)= 3x. I believe the answer is: 1/3x= y f(x)=3x and g(x)=3x y=3x x/3= 3y/3 1x/3=y

    asked by J. J.
  135. Science

    The mass of a baggage loaded truck and the mass of one bag are given . Now what will be the number of bags?

    asked by Akhter
  136. Mathematics

    The width of a rectangle is 20m less than twice its length. If the perimeter of the rectangle is more than 56m, find the minimum dimensions of the rectangle if each dmension in meters is an integer.

    asked by Sylvestre
  137. trigonometry

    Find the length of the arc intercepted by the angle 50-degree inch in a circle of 6m

    asked by yuns
  138. Critical thinking

    How do I determine if an inference is inductively valid or not?

    asked by Mike
  139. Biology

    summarize the reproductive cycle of pines

    asked by Jena
  140. Philosophy

    If you have a inductive argument, and you're evaluating if the conclusion is valid or not, if you can figure out a different conclusion is it valid or not?

    asked by Dan
  141. chemistry

    What is the enthaphly change when 2 moles of fe(111)oxide is reduced by 3 moles of aluminium ♢Hf Al2O3= -1676kJ mol-1 ♢Hf (Fe2O3)= -825kJmol-1

    asked by yap97
  142. French

    How do you say "It's right there in front of you" in French?

    asked by Anonymous
  143. I can

    Timothy has a piece of fabric that is 7 yards long. he cuts the fabric into 8 equal pieces.

    asked by latoya
  144. Maths

    The mean of these 8 numbers is 9 and their range is 8. What are the 2 missing numbers 6,11,9,7,8,13,?,?

    asked by maaz
  145. Government

    To what extent is affirmative action used today?

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Chemistry

    How many grams of cesium chloride (CsCl) will be needed to make 750. mL of a 0.100 M CsCl aqueous solution? The formula mass of CsCl is 168.36 g/mol. Remember Molarity: M = (mol solute) / (L of solution) I need help solving this problem

    asked by Mark
  147. math

    Find the x value for all maxima and minima of f(x) if: f'(x)=(x-7)(x+3)(x-8)^2(x+27)^3

    asked by dankmath117
  148. chemistry

    How to solve this problem in counting atoms 2 pb(CN)2

    asked by bob
  149. Chemistry

    Can pi bonds be made from d-orbitals?

    asked by Sanaya
  150. Introduction to Terrorism

    Will terrorism become the accepted method of warfare in the future for the disenfranchised and alienated peoples?

    asked by Dee365
  151. Introduction to Terrorism

    Can you explain why some countries see terrorism as having appealing attributes as an instrument of war?

    asked by Dee365
  152. Math HELP!

    How do you subtract fractions? I don't get it.

    asked by Aly Hamilton
  153. time

    an airplane is traveling at 550km/hr. how long does it take to cover 15 km

    asked by shauna
  154. English

    Directions: Identity the participle or participle phrase and the words that they modify: The horseman is the ghost of a beheaded soldier who appears at night. I am thinking beheaded is the participle that modifies the soldier or is it a phrase beheaded

    asked by emily
  155. Math

    if f(1)=10 and f'(x)>=2 for all x in the domain 1

    asked by dankmath117
  156. English

    After the chilling story, Ichabod sets out for home through the woods. What is the participle or participle phrase and what does it modify?

    asked by Kelley