Questions Asked on
December 5, 2015

  1. health

    a student in your class is getting picked on by other students he says it's ok because the others students like him. what is this an example of?(select all that apply) a) a coping strategy b) a defense mechanism c) a learned emotion d) a primary emotion my

    asked by 7th Health
  2. Language Arts

    This is about The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell The conversation at the beginning of the story between Whitney and Rainsford serves what purpose(s)? Foreshadows the events that take place on Ship-Trap Island Exposes a personal limitation on

    asked by Jake
  3. Chemistry

    . A typical polyethylene bag from a grocery store weighs 12.4 g. How many molecules of ethylene, C2H4, must be polymerized to make such a bag?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. gifted ELA

    Hello, I go to C.A and this is a review before my last test. I think I know the answers but just looking for someone to double check! Please help :-) 1. What effect does Father’s return have on the Sakane family? A Yuki finds it hard to adjust to having

    asked by David Walters
  5. Language Arts 6A

    Which of theses is a category used in the passage to contrast falcons and hawks?

    asked by Sam
  6. physics

    A 48-kg girl stands on a 8-kg wagon holding two 19.5-kg weights. She throws the weights horizontally off the back of the wagon at a speed of 9.0 m/s relative to herself. Assuming that the wagon was at rest initially, what is the speed with which the girl

    asked by sara
  7. physics

    A 48-kg girl stands on a 8-kg wagon holding two 19.5-kg weights. She throws the weights horizontally off the back of the wagon at a speed of 9.0 m/s relative to herself. - Assuming that the wagon was at rest initially, what is the speed of the girl after

    asked by maria
  8. Physics

    A 35-g block of ice at -14°C is dropped into a calorimeter (of negligible heat capacity) containing 400 g of water at 0°C. When the system reaches equilibrium, how much ice is left in the calorimeter? The specific heat of ice is 2090 J(kg K) and the

    asked by Justin
  9. ELA

    What effect does Father’s return have on the Sakane family? A Yuki finds it hard to adjust to having both parents tell her what to do B Yuki’s mother continues to worry about the safety of her family C Ken is relieved that his father will take over as

    asked by Devin
  10. statistics

    A manufacturer claims that the mean lifetime of its lithium batteries is 1400 hours. A homeowner selects 25 of these batteries and finds the mean lifetime to be 1380 hours with a standard deviation of 80 hours. Test the manufacturers claim. Use alpha =

    asked by S
  11. Matsci

    If the absolute pressure at the bottom of the ocean is 120 kPa, how deep is the water at this point

    asked by lala
  12. Math

    The table shows how many hours Catalina spent babysitting during the months of April and May. a. If Catalina charges $6.50 per hour, what is the percent of change in the amount of money earned from April to May? Is it a change of increase of decrease? b.

    asked by Helen
  13. Chemistry

    1) Balance the following equation in basic conditions: 2CoCl2 + Na2O2 --> 2Co(OH)3 + 4Cl^- + 2Na^+ 2) Balance the following equation in acidic conditions: H3AsO3 + I2 --> H3AsO4 +2I^-

    asked by Green
  14. algebra

    a water rocket is launched with an initial velocity of 112ft/sec. its height h, in feet T seconds is given by the formula h=112T-16T^2. when will the rocket be exactly 192 ft above the ground? the rocket first reaches a height of 192ft after _____ and

    asked by lauren
  15. stat

    Construct a 90% confidence interval for the population mean. Assume the population has a normal distribution. A same of 15 randomly selected math majors has a grade point average of 2.86 with a standard deviation of 0.78. Round to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by S
  16. Physics

    A large statue in a crate is being moved. The mass of the statue and the crate is 150 kg. As the statue slides down a ramp inclined at 40.0°, the curator pushes up, parallel to the ramp’s surface, so that the crate does not accelerate. If the statue

    asked by Maddy
  17. science

    a scientist is trying to determine the identity of an element. it highly reactive in water and forms an ionic bond with chlorine. its very shinny. the element is likely? A) from Group 17 B) from group 1 C) from group 15 D) a noble gas

    asked by 7th science
  18. math help pls pls

    Meg initially has 3 hours of pop music and 2 hours of classical music in her collection. Every month onwards, the hours of pop music in her collection is 5% more than what she had the previous month. Her classical music does not change. Which function

    asked by Oscar
  19. science

    I have researched for an hr. Can someone help me find what energy transformation takes place when a firecraxker explodes? The choices given to me are : a. Gravitational potential to mechanical and electromagnetic. B:NUCLEAR to kinetic and,chemical. C:

    asked by james
  20. statistics

    A university dean is interested in determining the proportion of students who receive some sort of financial aid. Rather than examine the records for all students, the dean randomly selects 200 students and finds that 118 of them are receiving financial

    asked by S
  21. vet asistant

    which is a combining form not a prefix or suffix A patho b centesis c opsy d retro

    asked by Eriel
  22. physic

    an empty rubber balloon has 0.0120 kg it filled of helium. the density of helium is 0.179 kg/m^3 of and the radius of the balloon is 0.500 what is the buoyant force over the balloon

    asked by Sue
  23. health

    a sense of patriotism is an ex. of?(select all that apply) A) love B) fear C) a primary emotion D) a learned emotion my answers are A and D?

    asked by 7th Health
  24. Math 7

    which of the following has the lowest unit price? (1 point) A) 20lbs for $16.20 B) 26lbs for $23.40 C) 24lbs for $18.72 D) 22lbs for $18.70

    asked by Math7 Plz Help
  25. y

    Find the magnitude acceleration of a jeep that is initially moving at 18m/s and comes to a complete stop in 4.2s

    asked by Shasha
  26. stat

    A researcher at a major clinic wishes to estimate the proportion of the adult population of the US that has sleep deprivation. How large a sample is needed in order to be a 95% confident that the sample proportion will not differ from the true proportion

    asked by SD
  27. calculus

    A satellite is free falling from a distance "d" of the surface of the moon with radius "r", with zero initial velocity. At what rate does the area of the portion of the moon visible to the satellite decrease at a time "t" after the free fall starts? When

    asked by Steve
  28. science

    the retarding acceleration of 7.35m/s^2 due to frictional force stops the car of mass 400 kg travelling in a road. the coefficient of friction between the tyre of the car and the road is force=ma =7.35*400 =2940N µsN=2970

    asked by Sreethi
  29. Chemistry

    An excited ozone molecule, O3*, in the atmosphere can undergo one of the following reactions, O3* → O3 (1) fluorescence O3* → O + O2 (2) decomposition O3* + M → O3 + M (3)deactivation, where M is an inert molecule, the rate constant for the

    asked by Anonymous
  30. science

    will silver nitrate solution mixed with calcium sulfate solution produce white precipitation? Will it be because formation of silver sulfate?

    asked by anil
  31. Algebra

    Aris is twice as old as Rico while Jay is 24 years younger than Aris. In half of Aris' age six years ago was three less than one-half the sum of Rico's age in four years and Jay's present age, find the ages of each.

    asked by Hikari
  32. Physics

    Calculate the true weight of a 60 kg astronaut on: a) the surface of Mars, and b)the surface of Saturn. Mass of Mars= 6.42x10^23 Mass of Saturn= 5.69x10^26

    asked by mj
  33. math

    a box of crackers has 24grams of fat. the box contains 8servings. what is the unit rate? A) 16 grams per serving B) 8 grams per serving C) 4 grams per serving D) 3 grams per serving a 16 fl oz bottle of juice costs $2.00. whats the unit cost? A) $0.075/fl

    asked by 7th math
  34. Mathematics

    What Must Be Added To x^2 + 10x + 23 To Make It A Perfect Square

    asked by maan
  35. Government

    Why does government employ the power of eminent domain?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    I want to order a pizza with 3/4 slices of the slices having bacon topping, 5/8 with mushrooom and 4/16 with pepperoni. How many slices can have all three toppings, given that every slice must have at least one topping? I said no slice could have all

    asked by Antonina
  37. chemistry

    Stoichiometrics: a 36 grams sample of calcium hydroxide is allowed to react with 40.5 grams of phosphoric acid according to the following reaction. 3Ca(OH)2 + 2H3PO4 = Ca3(PO4)2 + 6H2O how many grams of calcium phosphate are produced? how many moles of

    asked by kevin
  38. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 inches less than 3 times the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 14 inches. Find the length and width of the rectangle. I did this: Length 3x-5; width 3x Then I did guess and check and came up with X=2 solving the

    asked by Katie
  39. chemistry

    a 36 grams sample of calcium hydroxide is allowed to react with 40.5 grams of phosphoric acid according to the following reaction. how many grams of calcium phosphate are produced? how many moles of calcium phosphate are produced? how many moles of excess

    asked by kevin
  40. HIV and AIDS

    The cure for HIV and AIDS is: a. unknown b. HIV vaccines c. drug "cocktails" d. antibiotics

    asked by Anonymous

    The static pressure in horizontal pipeline is 43000Pa and the cross sectional area is 20cm. The fluid is said to be incompressible and non viscous and has density of 1000kg/m. Calculate:- -velocity -The volume flow rate in a pipe

    asked by MORE
  42. Math

    The sum of a number and its reciprocal is 2 9/10. Find the number.

    asked by Steph
  43. Physics

    At the start of a road trip, the pressure of the air in a car tyre is 276kPa and the temperature is 12.0 degrees celsius. After driving for some time the pressure in the tyre is now 303kPa. Assuming that the volume of the air inside the tire remains

    asked by Joseph
  44. social studies

    What important ideas came from Locke and Montesquieu? Can you give me some sites?

    asked by Cristy
  45. Chemistry

    the effective incoming solar radiation per unit area on earth is 342 W/M^2. of this radiation, 6.7 W/m^2 is absorbed by CO2 at 14993 nm in the atmosphere. how many photons at this wavelength are absorbed per second in 1 m^2 by CO2?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. algebra

    Using the pattern in the table, what is the elevation of the submarine after 3 hours? After 45 minutes? After 0 minutes?

    asked by jasmine
  47. Math-Investment Word problem

    Vic invested part of the 40,000 bonus that he received at 8%. The remainder was invested at 10%. If after 2 years, the earning from 8% investment is 1.2 times his earnings from 10% investment, how much was invested at each rate?

    asked by Patricia
  48. ENG 112


    asked by mary bili
  49. chemistry

    a 36 grams sample of calcium hydroxide is allowed to react with 40.5 grams of phosphoric acid according to the following reaction.

    asked by kevin
  50. physics

    A water-skier is being pulled by a tow rope attached to a boat. As the driver pushes the throttle forward, the skier accelerates. A 83.0-kg water-skier has an initial speed of 5.9 m/s. Later, the speed increases to 11.4 m/s. Determine the work done by the

    asked by luis
  51. silverbells

    one number is twice another number.if 15 is subtracted from the both numbers,then one of the new numbers becomes thrice that of the new number.find the numbers

    asked by poornima
  52. math

    two joggers used a 2 km circular road for their training. if they start together from the same place and jog in opposite directions, they meet after 15 minutes. However, if they jog in the same direction at the end of one hour and 15 minutes, the faster

    asked by annika
  53. math

    no of axes of reflection

    asked by right angled triangles
  54. Government

    What is the difference between criminal and civil law?

    asked by Adam
  55. Statistics

    I have gotten the concept of probability but the following question has really stumped me. Help please. The probability that a tomato seed will germinate is 0.9. Estimate the probability that of 100 randomly selected seeds, at least 86, but no more than 91

    asked by Jose
  56. Physics

    The Volume of air in a car tire is 800cm^3 and the pressure is 290kPa. Determine the volume the air would occupy as soon as the tire bursts on a day when the atmospheric pressure is 204kPa. (Assume that the temperature remains constant and assume an ideal

    asked by Adam
  57. 10th grade

    mary has $500 in her savings account and she buy a pair of shoes every week for $125 write a function

    asked by Titam
  58. physics

    A beam 6 m long is simply supported at the ends,and carries a uniform distributed load of 1500kg/m (including its own weight ) and three concentrated loads of 1000,2000 and 3000 kg acting respectively at the left quarter point,centre point and right

    asked by Marfo
  59. English

    Can you please check if this is correct? 1. Over the hill and past the bridge jogged a lady with her new dog. Subject: lady Verb: jogged Prepositional phrase: over that hill, past the bridge, with her new dog 2.) The swimmer dived off the board and swam

    asked by Niniane
  60. Chemistry

    At the start of a road trip, the pressure of the air in a car tire is 276kPa and the temperature is 12.0 degrees Celsius. After driving for some time the pressure in the tire is now 303kPa. Assuming that the volume of the air inside the tire remains

    asked by Joseph
  61. Calculus

    The approximate rate of change in the number of subscribers to wireless service is given by f’(t) = 1.498t + 1.626, where t represents the number of years since 1990. In 1992 (t = 2) there were approximately 8.893 million subscribers. Find the function

    asked by Corey
  62. n/a

    2cos^2 theta/3-1

    asked by mohamed
  63. Physics/Science

    A steel bar reaches a temperature of 420 degrees celsius after it has been welded. Over the next 50 minutes the steel bar cools to 30 degrees celsius. What is the rate of temperature change of the iron?

    asked by John Doswell
  64. english

    The film image thus became almost square during the early years of the talkies until the space occupied by the sound track on the film was successfully reduced. Can someone explain to me what this mean? I don't understand.

    asked by sam
  65. Washington high school

    The relation 3y=5x is an inverse variation where k is equal to 3/5

    asked by maha
  66. mathmatics

    Reema spent 20% of the money she had and lost Rs 5000 she then give 25% remainder to her sister. if Rs 7500 is left now how much does she spend??

    asked by suyog
  67. MATH

    What is 748,000 in scientific notation?

    asked by JAY
  68. math

    Dan rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of 20.89 , and there was an additional charge of81 cents for each mile driven. Dan had to pay124.67 when he returned the truck. For how many miles did he drive the truck?

    asked by hassen
  69. Childcare

    Hello! Quick question, when I'm talking about AQI (Assessment for Quality Improvement)when I'm summarizing it, what are the things I should include, I just want to make sure there isn't anything important I will miss.

    asked by Hello!
  70. social studies? i think idk

    what new ideas came from the automobile? plz help plz plz plz ASAP

    asked by Geena
  71. Algebra

    Maria worked 15 more overtime hours than Jordan one week. If Maria worked 8 overtime hours for every 5 overtime hours that Jordan worked, for how many hours of overtime did each person work?

    asked by Tomas
  72. Biology

    Are proteins, lipids, starch, sugar, calcium (ion), iron (ion), and chlorine (ion) in blood plasma? if they are explain its function in the body.

    asked by Daniela
  73. Physics/Science

    After a gas furnace comes on, it takes 45 minutes for a room's temperature to warm 17 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. What is the rate of temperature change of the air in the room?

    asked by John Doswell
  74. Biology

    There is a loud crash in the room behind you and you jump. which part of your nervous system caused that response/ A. somatic nervous system? C. central nervous system D. sympathetic branch E. parasympathetic branch My teacher told me b was wrong so that's

    asked by Sherianna
  75. Physics

    The Volume of air in a car tire is 800cm^3 and the pressure is 290kPa. Determine the volume the air would occupy as soon as the tire bursts on a day when the atmospheric pressure is 102kPa. (Assume that the temperature remains constant and assume an ideal

    asked by Adam
  76. English

    Background Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also know she

    asked by Brian
  77. Social Studies

    Canada achieved independence gradually and with legislation. It was called the _______

    asked by Ashley
  78. physics

    Orders of magnitude 4: Assume again a Rubidium atom (mass m=87⋅u) is initially at rest. Again it then absorbs a photon of wavelength λ=780 nm. What is the kinetic energy Ekin of the atom after this process? Please give the energy in μK⋅kB units. This

    asked by Abd
  79. physics

    Orders of magnitude 2: What is the energy of a photon of wavelength λ=780 nm. Please give the energy in K⋅kB units this time (to within 1%). This is an equivalent temperature unit: (Tequiv=E/kB), with the temperature in Kelvin (K), and kB is the

    asked by Abd
  80. chemistry

    Which law of chemical combination is illustrated by the fact that 168g fe reacts with 72g H2O to from 232g Fe3 O4 and 8gH2?

    asked by farheen fathima
  81. Math

    Makena drives 3 hours at an average speed of 45 miles per hours. Then she drives 5 hours at an average speed of 55 miles per hour. what is her average speed for the whole trip?

    asked by Harish
  82. Law

    Would food be covered by an express or implied warranty? I answered with an implied warranty called warranty of merchantability. Am I correct?

    asked by Justine
  83. History

    How did dissolving the monasteries give Henry money?

    asked by Anon
  84. physics

    The weight of an object on earth is 20 newton if the object put 6400km above from the earth so what was the weight of the object if the radius of earth is 6400 km

    asked by naina
  85. science

    Does a trucks momentum decrease, increase, or stay the same when a truck driver begins to brake?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Government

    Why are plea bargains a key part of the criminal justice system?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. correct the following sentences stating the rule

    he is speaking as if he is a vip

    asked by sohail
  88. chemistry

    Devils food cake has a [H+] of 2.7 x 10-8 mol/L. calculate pH pOH [OH-]

    asked by emilio
  89. Grammar

    Is it correct to say.. "This chicken tastes fabulous." Is the word "fabulous" used correctly in this context?

    asked by Sanaya
  90. Math

    Two numbers are of the ratio 3:5. If their difference is 18, find the numbers.

    asked by Patricia
  91. SURE/math

    What is the total perimeter of the three tiles? If each square tile is measures 8 inches on the side?

    asked by Aron
  92. Math

    Solve simultaneously for the two equations for x and y 5x(cos 45) + 15y(cos 30) = 2,000 5x(sin45) - 15y(sin 30) = 0 I tried adding these two eqn. to elimate y and solve for x by adding [5 x cos 45] and [5 x sin 45] but the value for x is too high. Would I

    asked by Rose
  93. English

    How does the character Eva changes to the character Evelyn in the Kindertransport play? Kindertransport is a play written by Diane samuels.

    asked by DB Akh
  94. Math

    pattern rule for input 0 output 1 input 5 output 2 input10 output 3

    asked by Anthony Cyr
  95. Quick English check

    Identify the choice that most closely matches the italicizes word or phrase below. The words are: analytical, comprised, deemed, empirical, extrapolate, inference, mitigate, paradigm, speculate, stratagem. 1. The prevailing framework of what it means to

    asked by Anonymous
  96. English

    Has anyone read the book Into Thin Air? I need help with essay

    asked by Jamie
  97. hj

    mary and peter have 480 coins after party spending 20 coins . he has 3 times as much coins as many did mary have

    asked by jg
  98. Chemistry (Gas)

    A cylinder is filled with 120L of air at 101 kPa and 20*C. How long could the cylinder be used "just underwater" on earth assuming 2L is used every 5 seconds. I don't understand what the pressure and temperature would be "just underwater." Is it assumed

    asked by A
  99. Math Nunbers

    The sum of the digits of a positive three digit number Is 19. The tens digits is four less than twice the hundreds digit. The number is decreased by 99 when the digits are reversed. Find the number

    asked by Unfrud
  100. english

    how would you describe some who is crazy to jump from outer space to earth

    asked by Adam
  101. Mathematics

    Can you get an extremely high gradient of a straight line for instance: m = 14375 I used the formula (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) or have I miscalculated?

    asked by James
  102. Physics

    Using the definition of work, get a job on the tension of the spring with a spring constant 300,0 H / m 20,0sm. The spring stiffness of the spring gun with 400 Nm pro- ryadili bullet clenched spring by 5.0 cm. Weight 10.0 g bullet from the spray gun shot

    asked by Aung
  103. English

    1. Tom has taken some time off focusing on developing her own collection of artwork. 2. Tom has taken some time off to focus on developing her own collection of artwork. =============== Which one is grammatical? What is the difference between 'focusing'

    asked by rfvv
  104. j g hger secondry schol mhow

    5 dec 2015 write in 5 lettre and no numerical is use

    asked by amit mishra
  105. Algebra

    The sum o the digits of a two-digit number is 6. The number with the digits interchanged is 3 times the tens digit of the original number. Find the original number.

    asked by Hikari