Questions Asked on
December 2, 2015

  1. Chemestry

    Iron metal reacts with oxygen gas to form rust, iron (III) oxide. Which of the following correctly shows the balanced equation for this reaction?

    asked by Bill
  2. English

    The sentence "Like a boil that can never be cured as long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its pus-flowing ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must likewise be exposed" communicates a(n) __________ tone A.Urgent

    asked by Makayla
  3. Physics

    In a typical golf swing, the club is in contact with the ball for about 0.0010s. If the 45-g ball acquires a speed of 59m/s, estimate the magnitude of the force exerted by the club on the ball.

    asked by Amanda
  4. Math

    A train leaves San Diego at 1:00 PM. A second train leaves the same city in the same direction at 4:00 PM. The second train travels 78 mph faster than the first. If the second train overtakes the first at 6:00 PM, what is the speed of each of the two

    asked by Thomas
  5. English

    Which type of figurative language is used in the following line from Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter? "in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood." A. Metaphor B. Simile C. Personification D. Symbol Which of the following

    asked by Triston
  6. English

    1. She was fortunate in that she had friends to help her. 2. She was fortunate now that she had friends to help her. 3. She was fortunate now that she had friends to help her. 4. She was fortunate because she had friends to help her. ==================

    asked by rfvv
  7. English

    The sentence "Like a boil that can never be cured as long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its pus-flowing ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must likewise be exposed" communicates a(n) __________ tone. A. Urgent

    asked by Klara
  8. math

    solve each equation.write each equation in simplest form 7x/8=21 a.24 b.18.375 c.1.857 d.19

    asked by chen
  9. English

    Which of the following lines from King's letter is meant to be interpreted literally A.In those days the church was not merely a thermometer B.It was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society C.There comes a time when the cup of endurance runs

    asked by Gracie
  10. Algebra plz help

    1.The table shows the number of miles driven over time. Time(hours):4 , 6 , 8 , 10 Distance(miles):204 , 306 , 408 , 510 Express the relationship between distance and time in simplified form as a unit rate. Determine which statement correctly interprets

    asked by GummyBears
  11. Chemistry

    C7H6O3 + C4H6O3 → C9H8O4 + C2H4O2 If you start with 2.09 grams of C4H6O3 how many grams aspirin (C9H8O4) can you make?

    asked by Mark
  12. English

    In the sentence "There comes a time when the cup of endurance runs over, and men are no longer willing to be plunged into an abyss of injustice," the bolded phrase creates a mood of __________ among the audience A.Panic B.Despair C.Anger D.Anticipation

    asked by Natalie
  13. IQ question

    How to write 3 December 2015 using 5 letters

    asked by cy
  14. Mathematics 3

    Aris is twice as old as Rico while Jay is 24 years younger than Aris. If half of Aris' age six years ago was three less than one half the sum of Rico's age in four years and Jay's present age, then what is their ages before and now.

    asked by Sylvestre
  15. Spanish

    which herbal remedy would one most likely use for a stomach ache? a. te de manzanilla*** b. una de gato c. aloe vera d. sangre de drago

    asked by Kaai97
  16. Civics

    Which of the following amendments indirectly extended rights to a new group of people? A. twenty-sixth B. fourteenth C. fifteenth D. nineteenth I feel like it's A, but I'm not sure.

    asked by :)
  17. math

    A sphere has a radius of 12 inches. A horizontal plane passes through the center of the sphere. A)Describe the cross section formed by the plane and the sphere. B)Describe the cross sections formed as the plane intersects the interior of the sphere but

    asked by Tim
  18. Algebra

    Kyle buys last year's best-selling novel, in hardcover, for $23.20. This is with a 20% discount from the original price. What was the original price of the novel?

    asked by Haylee
  19. 6 th grade SS

    Can you check my answer What do you think the political and economic future of Cyprus will be like? The future of Cyprus will be a future governed by a new and different governmental and political structure. Like focusing on the economy instead of the

    asked by Crystal
  20. civics

    Please check my answers! 1. The Nineteenth Amendment granted women the right to vote, but women had been fighting for years for this right. Before the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, which existing amendment could women have used to argue that they should

    asked by j
  21. Math

    At time t = 0, a set of three points A, B and C forms an equilateral triangle of side 6 cm. If two of the sides of the triangle are decreasing in length at the rate of 0.1 cm/sec and the third side is increasing at the rate of 0.1 cm/sec, how long will it

    asked by ABhi
  22. Biology

    What does your body need oxygen for A. It is necessary to aerate the brain C. Cells need it to produce the energy they need to function D. Air flow aids in blood flow within the blood vessels E. It produces hemoglobin, needed to carry carbon dioxide My

    asked by Keon
  23. math

    Carla spends 6/4 hours exercising every day for 12 days. She spends 1/2 of exercise time every day lifting weights. How much time does Carla spend lifting weights during the 12 days?

    asked by teresa
  24. Math

    Determine which system below will produce infinitely many solutions. A.-6x+3y=18 4x-3y=6 B.2x+4y=24 6x+12y=36 C.3x-y=14 -9x+3y=-42 D.5x+2y=13 -x+4y=-6 Solve the system of equations. x + 3y = −1 2x + 2y = 6 A.(-4,1) B.(2,-1) C.(4,-1) D.(5,-2) I think the

    asked by Juliet
  25. Physics

    A child and sled with a combined mass of 45.0 kg slide down a frictionless hill. If the sled starts from rest and has a speed of 8.0 m/s at the bottom, what is the height of the hill (include units)?

    asked by Mariah
  26. Language

    In "All Together Now," why does Barbara Jordan most likely mention the conflict in Bosnia? A.It shows that people of different ethnic backgrounds can live in peace. B.It shows that improvements in race relations are still necessary despite past progress.

    asked by Emma
  27. physics

    What thickness of Pyrex glass would have the same R−factor as a 1.0−cm thick stagnant air pocket?

    asked by kim
  28. maths

    Twice the Square of a certain whole number added to 3 times the number gives 90. Find the number.

    asked by my my
  29. Physical science

    Using a hammer to drive a nail, it is the reaction force that brings the motion of the hammer to a stop but the ___________ that drives the nail into the wood.

    asked by Charla
  30. math

    what is the additive inverse of 125,000 ?a) -125,000b) 125,000c) -1125,000d)1125,00016) emma is thinking of subscribing to an e-magazine. the subscription price for one year is $5 per month, which will be withdrawn from emma's checking account. express the

    asked by crossfire
  31. calculus

    A satellite is free falling from a distance (d) of the surface of the moon with radius (R), with zero initial velocity. At what rate does the area of the portion of the moon visible to the satellite decrease at a time (t) after the free fall starts? When

    asked by Saif
  32. Results for a coffee cup calorimetry Lab

    Hello there, I am a little confused with the results I got after doing this coffee cup calorimetry experiment. If you could please review my formulas to see if I am doing everything properly I would be most appreciative. For a reaction between baking soda

    asked by Ka_Chin
  33. math help pls pls

    Systems of equations with different slopes and different y-intercepts have more than one solution. Always Sometimes Never

    asked by Oscar
  34. English

    Why do you like playing badminton? 1. Because I want to be healthy. 2. I want to stay healthy. 3. To remain healthy. (Are all the answers grammatical?) 4. I want to be healthy. 5. I want to stay healthy. 6. I want to remain healthy. 7. I want to keep

    asked by rfvv
  35. Pre Calc

    Find cos 2A if tan A=5/12 and

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Arwachine public

    the diagonal of a quadrilateral is 28 cm in length and the perpendicular to it from the opposite vertices are 6.8cm and8cm respectively find the area of the quadrilateral

    asked by Khadijah
  37. Glades academy

    The sum of twenty one and five times a number f is 61 total

    asked by Maria
  38. Physics

    Consider the 667 N weight held by two cables shown below. The left-hand cable had tension T2 and makes an angle of θ2 with the ceiling. The right-hand cable had tension 540 N and makes an angle of 55◦ with the ceiling. The right-hand cable makes an

    asked by Anonymous
  39. 7th Scholastic Math

    I don't know how to answer this question, so if you could provide me an explanation or your answer that would be much appreciated by me. Thank you tutors. If I were to conduct a study on an animal, what type data would I gather best displayed as a circle

    asked by anon
  40. English & composition

    We had to find rhetorical devices in this speech from a movie Lean On Me: I spotted personification, rhetorical question, and anaphora only. **Our teacher gave us a list of rhetorical devices that we could find but I can't find: ethos, pathos, logos,

    asked by Emma
  41. math

    (3.2b+0.8)+1.9b simplify the expression.explain each step what type of properties used

    asked by Lakshmi
  42. Vani school

    John, sara, tom and joy bought 2 pizza of the same size. john ate 2 / 4 of a pizza each. how much pizza was left?

    asked by Kunal
  43. English- Borders by Thomas King- One question

    Which best describes why the author has the mother and son in borders sleep in the car for two days? a. to show their poverty b. to show the bureaucracy of the border control c. to show tension among the characters in the rising action of the story d. to

    asked by basketball&batman
  44. Physics

    When you drop a 0.27-kg apple, Earth exerts a force on it that accelerates it at 9.8 m/s2 toward Earth's surface. According to Newton's third law, the apple must exert an equal and opposite reaction force on Earth. If the mass of Earth is 5.98 1024 kg,

    asked by Anonymous
  45. math

    In a flower garden, there are 4 tulips for every 9 daisies. If there are 24 tulips, how many daisies are there?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Physics

    NASA lost contact with Pioneer 10 on January 22, 2003. How far in meters was it from the sun on that date? Pioneer 10 was traveling at 12.24 km/s relative to the sun. Calculate the position of Pioneer 10 as of January 2009 relative to the sun. Pioneer is

    asked by Madison
  47. Algebra 2

    Can someone help me solve this problem please? The directions are to simplify the logarithm: log5(a + 2) + log5(a – 2)

    asked by Jerome
  48. Math

    water flows from a faucet at a rate of 5 liters every 25 seconds. At this rate, how much water will flow form the faucet in 45 seconds. Make a table.

    asked by Matt
  49. Chemistry

    A 38.5 mL sample of HBr is titrated with 112 mL of 1.05 mol/L KOH. The density of the HBr solution is 1.75 g/mL. Calculate the percentage by mass of the HBr in the sample. How come we don't use density*volume to find the moles of HBr?

    asked by Sam
  50. chemistry

    ​An empty glass container has a mass of 418.634 grams. It has a mass of 419.514 grams after it has been filled with nitrogen gas at a pressure of 790 mmHg and a temperature of 15oC. When the container is evacuated and refilled with a certain element X at

    asked by Noora
  51. calculus

    Use the Trapezoidal Rule to approximate ¡Ò8 4 ln(x2+5) dx using n=3. Round your answer to the fourth decimal place.

    asked by beth
  52. Spanish

    Which of the following is true about Arenal volcano is Costa Rica? a. The area is closed to tourists because the volcano is active b. the volcano was active until 1984 and then became dormant c. visitors in the volcano area can participate in hiking,

    asked by Kaai97
  53. Civics

    Charles Schenck, a U.S. citizen, was responsible for printing and distributing leaflets that explained why he was against the draft (required military service) during World War 1. He was charged with violating the Espionage Act of 1917, a federal law that

    asked by :)
  54. chemsitry

    A graduated tube, sealed at the upper end has a mercury leveling bulb connected to the lower end. the gas volume is, when the mercury level is the same in both ends. the barometric pressure is 732 mm Hg. What is the gas volume when the mercury level

    asked by ana
  55. College algebra

    Matt and Jena, working together, can clean the house in 9 hours. Working alone, Jena takes three times as long as Matt. How long does it take Matt to clean the house.

    asked by Robert
  56. Algebra

    Sally has 21.40 dollars in dimes and quarters for a total of 100 coins. How many of each coin does sally have?

    asked by Patti
  57. science

    A beam 6 m long is simply supported at the ends,and carries a uniform distributed load of 1500kg/m (including its own weight ) and three concentrated loads of 1000,2000 and 3000 kg acting respectively at the left quarter point,centre point and right

    asked by Mingle
  58. Calc 3

    Compute the flux of the vector field v(x,y)=(x,y) across the circle around the origin of radius 3. Compute the flow of the vector field v(x,y)=(x,y) along the circle around the origin of radius 3. I know the equations to find flux and flow, but I don't

    asked by Anon
  59. Math

    Leila's bookshelf has 4 shelves. Each shelf has 9 books. Write a multiplication sentence to tell about the books. Explain what each number in the multiplication sentence means.

    asked by Tay
  60. Math

    put 7/12,1/2,2/3,4/10,1/6 into order from smallest to largest

    asked by Ryann
  61. History

    1.)The Twenty-second Amendment of the United States Constitution sets a term limit of two terms for president of the United States. How does this relates to George Washington's Presidency A.)Term limits were not introduced until much later George

    asked by YRN DJ
  62. Jefferson

    lisa is 6 years older than Tom. Their father's age is twice the sum of their ages. How old is lisa if her dad is 32?

    asked by Juan
  63. Math

    Please could you show the working out for the following. W+6tw=11-w

    asked by Ravu Iru
  64. Math

    Explain how u can write 35% as a sum of 2 benchmarks percents or as multiple of a percent? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    asked by Zachary
  65. Algebra

    I have 3 questions with my answers and would like you to check them. If they're wrong, then please provide and explanation to how to do them. Thank you tutors. Write each sentence as an equation. 1. Eight less than 1/3 a number n is -13. My answer: 1/3-8n

    asked by anon
  66. Physics

    A car has wheels with tyres on, which are 75cm in diameter. The car is travelling at a constant speed of 60km/hr. If no slipping is observed between the wheels(tyres) and the road, calculate the angular speed and the acceleration of a stone wedged in the

    asked by Vincent
  67. Math

    Upon retirement (in 40 years) you want to receive $10,000 each month for a period of 28 years. This money resides in an account that pays 5.9% interest. How much money must be in the account to fulfill your goal?

    asked by Sean
  68. Algebra

    How do I answer this question/problem? I can't input the following scientific notations in a calculator and would like to know how to solve it. Thank you tutors. The four other recognized dwarf planets in the solar system and their estimated masses in

    asked by anon
  69. Stats Help!

    You are interested in knowing whether wealthier people are happier. You collected data from fifty people about their incomes and their overall happiness levels on a scale of 1 to 10. Upon analyzing the results, you find that the correlation coefficient has

    asked by slomomo
  70. English

    1. Which sports club are you in? 2. I am in the ping-pong club. 3. Which sports club are you on? 4. I am on the ping-pong club. ====================== Which expressions are correct? In this case, do we have to use 'in' or 'on'? Are both prepositions OK?

    asked by rfvv
  71. Algebra

    Please check the questions/problems along with my answers. Thank you tutors. Writing Ratios 1. Top-of-the-line monster masks are made of rubbery silicone, using a liquid silicone base and a catalyst (substance that speeds up a chemical reaction) in a ratio

    asked by anon
  72. English

    1. Are you busy today? 2. Not really. ======= #2 is the answer to #1? What is the full form of #2? 2-1. I'm not really busy today.

    asked by rfvv
  73. Physics

    As usual, a drag coefficient of 0.5 is a reasonable guess. A cyclist going at a steady speed is mostly working to keep drag from slowing them down (rolling friction plays a part but is much smaller). Estimate what the power output is of a cyclist going at

    asked by Daniel
  74. Algebra

    Multi-step Inequalities. 2x-(5x+11)≥4x+17= Only get this far: 2x-5x+11≥4x+17 Can anyone help with the next step(s)?

    asked by Zip
  75. Chemistry

    Adding 1.00 g of benzene, C6H6, to 80 g of cyclohexane, C6H12, lowers the freezing point of the cyclohexane from 6.5 to 3.3 degree celsius. What is the value of kf for cyclohexane?

    asked by Robin
  76. English

    1. This is the time when a woman can also be the cox. 2. This is the place where a woman can also be the cox. 3. This is the reason why a woman can also be the cox. 4. This is what I want to buy. 4-1. This is the thing which I want to buy. ===============

    asked by rfvv
  77. Chemistry

    How many minutes does it take to form 10L of O2 measured at 92.2 kPa and 28°c from water if a current of 1.3 A passes through the electolytic cell? a) how many minutes? b)What mass in grams of h2 forms?

    asked by Peggy
  78. geometryproblems

    one side of the triangular banner is 1 1/2 times longer than the second side and 2 cm. shorter than the third side. the perimeter of the triangle is 98 cm. how long is the shorter side?

    asked by cronica fay

    How do the nucleotides affect the DNA? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This question had two parts but I already the the first part and half of the second, so could you help me with this last part? Thanks in advanced, Derpy Pegasus

    asked by Derpy Pegasus
  80. Mathematics

    To earn an A in a course, a student must have a final grade of at least 0.9. On the first our examinations, a student scores 0.87, 0.89, 0.91, and 0.85. If the scores in the final examination counts as two examinations, what must this student get on the

    asked by Sylvestre
  81. Mathematics 2

    The sum of a two digit number is 6. The number with the digits interchanged is 3 times the tens digit of the original number. Find the original number.

    asked by Sylvestre
  82. Chemistry

    112.00g of nitrogen gas is reacted with an excess or abundant amount of oxygen gas. The single product, a gas, is determined to have a mass of 431.92 g. Additional experiments showed that the product consisted of 2.0 moles. a) how many grams of oxygen

    asked by Maria
  83. math

    how many different numbers of 8 digits can be formed from the digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 that are divisible by 5?

    asked by math
  84. math

    Which answer choice gives the correct explanation for this problem? -35 ÷ -7 A) 5 groups of 7 positives B) 5 groups of 7 negatives C) 7 groups of 5 positives D) 7 groups of 5 negatives I think it is a

    asked by crossfire
  85. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a 0.18 M solution of cyanide ion, CN- given the Ka (HCN) = 6.2 x 10^-10. I know how to calculate Ka and Kb values no problem, but I don't know which value to use in my calculations. Is it based on the conjugate base/acid formed or

    asked by Tim
  86. ub

    the segment joining (-1,4) and (-2,2) is extended three times its own length. find the point nearer to (-1,4)

    asked by kiefer
  87. PreCalculas help

    1.Write the equation of the conic section with the given properties: A hyperbola with vertices(0,6)(0,-6)and asymptotes y=3/4x and y=-3/4x. 2.Write the equation of the conic section with the given properties: An ellipse with vertices(0,-5)(0,5)and a minor

    asked by Anonymous
  88. physics

    two people run a race around a track. One is in the first lane and the other is in the 7th lane. they both start at the same start line. They both finish in the same amount of time, but the runner in the outside lane is determined to be the winner. Wh?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. English

    Posted by rfvv on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at 5:45pm. All the eight rowers face backward, but the cox faces forward. ======================= What is the part of speech of 'backward' and 'forward'? Are they nouns or adverbs?•English - Anonymous, Sunday,

    asked by rfvv
  90. algebra

    Please can some one help me with solving this simplifying polynomials. (-7y^2+4y+6)=(7y^2-4y+4)-(2y^2-2y-6)

    asked by Kindra Spirit
  91. History

    What is a consul?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Social studies

    All of the following advances in technology contributed to the age of Exploration EXCEPT A.the mariner's compass B.circumnavigation C.the astrolabe D.the caravel Is it D?

    asked by AmazingPhilIsnotonfire
  93. Spga

    if the angle of elevation of the sun is change from 45° to 60° then the length of shadow of the pole is deceased by 10 cm then height of the pole is

    asked by Rohit
  94. English

    Why don't we go to the park together? 1. I don't feel like it. 2. I'm sorry,but I can't. 3. I'm sorry I can't. 4. Sorry I can't. 5. Sorry, but I can't. 6. I'm afraid I can't. 7. I'm afraid, but I can't. 8. Afraid I can't. 9. I'm afraid that I can't.

    asked by rfvv
  95. Math

    Tickets to science exposition cost $5.75 each for students and $7.00 for adults. How many students and adults went if the ticket charge was $42.75?

    asked by John
  96. Math

    An artist mixes blue and yellow to make a shade of green. The ratio of blue to yellow is four to one. The color blue makes up what fraction of the mixture?

    asked by Lily
  97. Physics

    Two ice skaters stand at rest in the center of an ice rink. When they push off against one another the 61-kg skater acquires a speed of 0.63 m/s. If the speed of the other skater is 0.86 m/s, what is this skater's mass?

    asked by Amanda
  98. math

    maresol spent 4/5 of her allowance on a pair of jeans.if she received $15 for allowance,did maresol spend more than,less than,or equal to 3 cups of sugars?explain

    asked by thomas
  99. 7th Math

    I previously posted this today at 5:39 am and I am reposting this because I don't want this to be buried with other unanswered questions and I realized this was the wrong subject. Please check the 2 questions/problems along with my answers. Thank you

    asked by anon
  100. 7th Math

    I previously posted this today at 5:33 am and I am reposting this because I don't want this to be buried with other unanswered questions and I realized this was the wrong subject. How do I answer this question/problem? I can't input the following

    asked by anon
  101. algebra

    I am not understanding your question. This is what the problem is (-7y^2-4y+6)=(7y^2-4y-4)-(2y^2-2y-6)Simplifying a sum or difference of three univariate polynomials

    asked by Kindra Spirit
  102. Physics

    a 100 kg bicycle is riding on the sidewalk at 15m/s when the rider is 20m from the intersection a red light causes her to apply 50N force to stop the bicycle

    asked by Kentucky
  103. sunyani polytecnic

    Maths make x the subject from this equation: 3x^2=6y

    asked by George
  104. US History

    William Penn found Pennsylvania for New England or New Netherlands? Thanks!

    asked by Lucy
  105. help fast fast

    for which of the following purpose can a database be used? store ionformation keep track of items in a warehouse track the statistics of athlets and sport tems D.all of the above

    asked by shynice
  106. Maths

    Make x the subject in the equation below: 3x^2=6y

    asked by Mingle
  107. 7th Scholastic Math

    I don't know how to answer this question. If you could provide me an explanation or an answer that would be much appreciated by me. Thank you tutors. Hope I provided enough information for the question. The following data/information was organized in a

    asked by anon
  108. Precalculus

    I have a precalculus test tomorrow and I've been studying nonstop for the past few days but I've been struggling because it has been 8 years since the last math class I have taken. My question is about half-angle formulas, My professor taught us that they

    asked by Tom
  109. Algebra

    I am not understanding your question. This is what the problem is (-7y^2-4y+6)=(7y^2-4y-4)-(2y^2-2y-6)Simplifying a sum or difference of three univariate polynomials

    asked by Kindra Spirit
  110. Maths

    solve this partial differentiation and find if maximum,minimum or saddle. f(x,y)=x^3-y^3+6xy...

    asked by George
  111. math

    What does an averge sized dog weigh in grams?

    asked by caidence
  112. English

    1. He spent two weeks in hospital. 2. He spent two weeks in the hospital. (Are both the same in meaning?) 3. He has spent two weeks in hospital. 4. He has spent two weeks in the hospital. (Are both the same in meaning?) 5. He has been in hospital for two

    asked by rfvv
  113. functions-math

    The half-life of Palladium-100 is 4 days. A lab is working with a sample of with 3250mg. Write a function, f(x), to represent the amount of Palladium-100 left after x days

    asked by Patsy
  114. Physics

    As usual, a drag coefficient of 0.5 is a reasonable guess. A cyclist going at a steady speed is mostly working to keep drag from slowing them down (rolling friction plays a part but is much smaller). Estimate what the power output is of a cyclist going at

    asked by Hermans
  115. math

    Lucas paid $16.37 for a T-shirt and $6.33 for a pair of socks. How much change did Lucas receive from the cashier when he paid with a $20 bill and a $5 bill?

    asked by diegop
  116. science

    The distance is 12.0 km and the time is 30 km/h.what is the velocity and what is the answerg? PLEASE HELP ME👩

    asked by Leslyn
  117. math

    What is the additive inverse of 125,000 ? A) -125,000 B) 125,000 C) - 1 125,000 D) 1 125,000 16) Emma is thinking of subscribing to an e-magazine. The subscription price for one year is $5 per month, which will be withdrawn from Emma's checking account.

    asked by mr stupid head
  118. ELA

    What are 2 metaphors on freedom? Can some one help ASAP HMU KIK:

    asked by Angel
  119. MATH

    The sum of the digits of a two number is 6. The number with the digits interchanged is 3 times the tens digit of the original number. Find the original number.

    asked by LITA
  120. geometry problems

    two angles are complementary. the measure of one angle is 1/5 of the measure of its compliment.find the measure of the smaller angle

    asked by cronica fay
  121. History Question

    How did Manifest Destiny affect U.S. policies during the 1800s?

    asked by Victoria
  122. Science

    heartworm is a type of worm that enters a dogs body through a mosquito bite. it produces offspring that lodge in a dogs arteries and food off of surrounding cells. which type of relationship is this a. mutualism b. predation c. commensalism** d. parasitism

    asked by Lucy
  123. math


    asked by Janey
  124. 5th math

    What is the one der bread method of factoring? 4

    asked by Dakota
  125. Algebra 2

    A random sample of 1000 people was chosen for a survey. 80% of them had health insurance. Find the 95% confidence interval. Round answers to 4 significant digits.

    asked by Abbie
  126. math

    ) You are buying 2 new pairs of jeans and shoes. You cannot spend over $100. The shoes you want costs $65. Whats the inequality

    asked by shantell
  127. math

    Alli's plant has a height of 6 meters. Rajon's plant grows 3/10 meter higher. How high does Rajon's plant grow.

    asked by teresa
  128. Math

    A lift ticket at Tamarac cost $37 mom said she will by 75% of your ticket and you have to pay the rest what do you have to pay

    asked by Haley
  129. chemistry

    How many minutes does it take to form 10L of O2 measured at 92.2 kPa and 28°c from water if a current of 1.3 A passes through the electolytic cell? a) how many minutes? b)What mass in grams of h2 forms?

    asked by Peggy
  130. math arrays and an expanded algorthim

    43 ×19

    asked by malehya
  131. Math 1

    AT&T:$0.08 per minute,$5 monthly fee VOIP:(cable phone):free calls,$35 monthly fee Cell:$40 for first 400 minutes,$0.25 per minute after 400 equation for each? how to graph?

    asked by Alexis
  132. Physics

    The temperature of 2.0 g of helium is increased at constant volume by ΔT. What mass of oxygen can have its temperature increased by the same amount at constant volume using the same amount of heat? I know for constant volume I should use the equation:

    asked by Joshua
  133. science

    Ice cubes of total mass 6.00 grams have temperature -4.0°C. Then they are placed in 50.0 grams of water at 20.0°C in an insulated foam cup. What is the equilibrium temperature of the water inside the cup?

    asked by jay
  134. Spelling

    I am working on synonyms and diagraphs. I need a 7 letter word, that means finished. The third letter is r. Fifth letter is probably u.

    asked by Sam
  135. Spanish

    Which is the correct way to respond to the following question? Haces mucho ejercicio? a. Si, haces mucho ejercicio. b. Si, hago mucho ejercicio.*** c. Si, hacemos mucho ejercicio. d. Si, hacen mucho ejercicio.

    asked by Kaai97
  136. AP Chemistry

    The reaction of 5.1 grams of fluorine with excess chlorine produced 4.5 grams of ClF3. What percent yield of ClF3 was obtained? Answer in unites of %

    asked by Zach
  137. Spanish

    How long is a typical marathon? a. 10 km b. 21 km c. 42 km*** d. 84 km

    asked by Kaai97
  138. Physics

    A ski rope operates on a 15° slope of length 65.0 m. The rope moves at 9.7 km/h and provides power for 40.0 riders at one time, with an average mass per rider of 70 kg. Estimate the power required to operate the tow

    asked by Anonymous
  139. Spanish

    Which of the following is true about los batidos? a. they are unpopular in los estados unidos b. they can only be made with milk*** c. they can be bought on most streets in the spanish-speaking world d. they change name according to region

    asked by Kaai97
  140. math

    An assembly line worker at Rob’s Bicycle factory adds a seat to a bicycle at a rate of 2 seats in 11 minutes. Write a proportion relating the number of seats s to the number of minutes m. At this rate, how long will it take to add 16 seats? 19 seats?

    asked by anonymous
  141. chemistry

    You have 310. mL of a 5.75×10-5 M Pb(NO3)2 solution. How many moles of NaCl must be added to precipitate a solid? The Ksp of PbCl2 is 1.6×10-5. I'm not sure where to go after I make the ICE table

    asked by matt
  142. Math

    What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2,5) and (1,4)? a. -3 b. -2 c. -1/3 d. 1/3 I just need to know how to solve this problem or a simple formula to help me know how to solve these types of questions? Thanks, Kaai97

    asked by Kaai97
  143. Physics

    A person who is 1.6 m tall throws a ball with a speed of 6.4 m/s at an angle of 65 degrees above the horizontal. What are the x and y components of the velocity (in m/s) of the ball the instant before it strikes the ground?

    asked by Andy
  144. Math

    A line has a slope of -5/3. Through which two points could this line pass? a. (12,13),(17,10) b. (16,15),(13,10) c. (0,7),(3,10) d. (11,13),(8,18)

    asked by Kaai97
  145. Algebra

    Your class project involves recycling aluminum cans. After x weeks, your class has (13x + 50) aluminum cans. The class goal is to collect (80x + 120) aluminum cans. How many more aluminum can does your class need to collect?

    asked by Mike
  146. math 5 grade

    i need help please with two question ,one of is: 1 Six students slept 8 1/2 hours.What total number of hours do these six values represent ?MY ANSWER IS 51 on THE picture is scale from 6 1/2 TO 10 2 Oliva said "the longest time value is 1 1/2 times the

    asked by Vedrana
  147. Physics

    A ball with a mass of 4 kg and a velocity of 10 m/s strikes an 8kg ball that is initially at rest. If the collision is perfectly elastic, what are the velocities of the 4 kg and 8 kg ball after the collision?

    asked by Thomas
  148. Math

    Write an algebraic expression. Let n= the number. The cube of a number and 5. ( hint: cubed means the exponent 3)

    asked by Amy
  149. Math

    x+2y+z=1 -x+y+2=6 4x-+3z=-1

    asked by Sharin Ramos
  150. Chemistry

    How do you determine the number of valence electrons in one atom of each of the following elements. ... We had 20 elements overall for homework so I listed the first 5 A) Na B.) F C.) Rb D.) Ba E.) I

    asked by Allison
  151. Math

    An electric dentist chair lifts ruth,110,0.3 meters in 10 seconds what is the power developed by this chair?

    asked by Jhon
  152. Don't even know what subject

    1) Identify and explain two features that show how the Hyracotherium Is related to the Equus (the modern day horse). So.. My teacher wants me to do this... but gave me no resources, and we haven't touched this topic and never will the entire school year...

    asked by omfg
  153. Spanish

    World Cup athletes eat diet consisting of a. protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.*** b. sugar, fluids, and herbs. c. grains, dairy, and protein. d. healthy fats, salt, and nuts.

    asked by Kaai97
  154. Math

    The base of a parallelogram is 9.5 centimeters and its height is 11.5 centimeters. What is the area of the parallelogram?

    asked by Anonymous
  155. Organic Chemistry

    Because alcohol protons are reasonably acidic and easily undergo exchange, it is important that the base be matched to the appropriate solvent. Explain why it would be virtually impossible to sort out the factors the size of the base or the stability of

    asked by brooklyn
  156. math

    John, Tom & Sue shared 2 pounds of peanuts.What fraction of a pound of peanuts did each person eat?

    asked by faye
  157. Physics

    A catapult on a cliff launches a large round rock towards a ship on the ocean below. The rock leaves the catapult from a height H = 35.0 m above sea level, directed at an angle theta = 46.3° above the horizontal, and with a speed v = 35.8 m/s. Assuming

    asked by Anonymous
  158. math

    allies plant has a height of 6 meter. Rajon's plant grows 3/10 meter higher. how high does Rajon's plant grow?

    asked by Rithick
  159. Physics

    A projectile is fired at 32.5° above the horizontal. Its initial speed is equal to 160.0 m/s. Assume that the free-fall acceleration is constant throughout and that the effects of the air can be ignored. What is the maximum height reached by the

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Social Studies

    compare and contrast the experience of the creeks and cherokees in Georgia following the war of 1812 { could you please help me with this)

    asked by Claire
  161. Organic Chemistry

    A methyl ether (SN2 product) can form as a byproduct in the sodium methoxide reaction. What is its structure? Provide the mechanism for the formation of the methyl ether product, in addition to answering the question.

    asked by caili
  162. Physics

    A stone is aimed at a cliff of height h with an initial speed of v = 54.0 m/s directed 55.0° above the horizontal, as shown in the Figure below by the arrow. The stone strikes at A, 7.31 s after launching. What is the height of the cliff? What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Physics

    You jump from a height of 1.0m from the surface of the Earth. The Earth will actually move a bit as you land. a.) Explain Why b.) Estimate the distance the Earth moves, listing any assumptions you make

    asked by Jack
  164. Chemistry

    0.400 g of a solid base X(OH)2 was dissolved in 50.0 mL of water. The solution was neutralized with 65.80 mL of 0.150 mol/L HCl. Calculate the molar mass of the base. Do I need to set up a dilution equation? I'm not sure what to do.

    asked by Anon
  165. Child development

    create a lesson plan for Christmas So I was thinking of reading a Christmas story and do an activity. My story well even though its a song "Frosty the Snowman" and for them to just color a snowman and Christmas tree. Objective: Students will be able to

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  166. Physics

    A molecule consists of two atoms. The atoms have masses of 20 u and 10 u and are 1.08 *10^-10 m apart. How far from the first atom is the center of mass of the molecule? Can someone help please I tried: (20u*(1.08 *10^-10m)) + (10u*(1.08 *10^-10))/

    asked by John Oben
  167. English

    1. This is the hospital. He was born in the hospital. 2. This is the hospital where/that he was born. 3. This is the hospital he was born. 4. This is the hospital in which he was born. (Are they all grammatical? Can we use both 'at' and 'in' before 'the

    asked by rfvv
  168. statistics

    A researcher is interested in determining whether acupuncture affects pain tolerance. An experiment is performed in which 15 students are randomly chosen from a large pool of university undergraduate volunteers. Each subject serves in two conditions. In

    asked by Help me out
  169. Physics

    A punter drops a .43 kg football from rest vertically 1 meter down onto his foot. The ball leaves his foot with a speed of 18m/s at an angle of 55* above the horizontal. What is the impulse delivered by the foot (magnitude and direction)?

    asked by Rob
  170. English

    If you want to answer my questions, put up your hands....(one question)..(A boy answers the question, but not in a complete form....) 1. Try to answer the question in a full sentence/form. 2. You should answer the question in full sentences/forms. 3.

    asked by rfvv
  171. Math

    If clay had 50 apples and 4 times more are red than green. How many red apples does clay have?

    asked by Mary
  172. english

    what is p1 p2 p3 and p4 mean?

    asked by misty
  173. Math

    How do i write an akgebaric expression? Carrisa divided 40 grapes equally amoung f friends. How many grapes did each friend get?

    asked by Amy
  174. Critical Thinking

    Conditional Proofs 1. P>Q 2. R>Q conclusion is (PvR)>Q

    asked by Mai
  175. Math

    Jeff and his friend each text four classmates about a concert. Each classmate then text four students from another school about the concert. If no one receives the message more than once, how many students from the other school receive a text about the

    asked by Jane
  176. Science

    Were dinosaurs multicellular or unicellular?

    asked by N/A
  177. Social Studies

    Which language phrasebook would you take with you on a trip to Paraguay? Portuguese Dutch Spanish*** French

    asked by Kaai97
  178. Math 7th

    -4 1/3 X 1 3/5= A) 4 1/5 B)-4 4/15 C) 5 1/5 D) -6 14/15

    asked by Help Please
  179. Social Studies

    Under what circumstance did Africans come to South America? a. Like the Portuguese and the Spanish, they were seeking a trade route to India. b. They immigrated in search of more arable lands to farm. c. They came to trade with the indigenous tribes of

    asked by Kaai97
  180. Social Studies

    To induce someone to convert to one’s own religious faith is to proselytize*** advocate baptize confirm

    asked by Kaai97
  181. precalculus

    A farmer needs to build a rectangular pen that is 800 square feet and has two bays. What equation can he use to minimize the cost of the fence and what are the dimensions of the pen?

    asked by sara
  182. Social Studies

    How does the village of Pangayacu support itself at the beginning of the Amazonian Ecotourism game? a. hunting and gathering from the rain forest b. logging trees from the rain forest c. fishing in the Paraguayan River d. growing crops on cleared land***

    asked by Kaai97
  183. Math

    How long does it take Julie to earn $228? (By hours)

    asked by Shahad
  184. Science.

    Describe how the Triassic period was a transitional time period during the Mesozoic era. Explain why the boundary between the Triassic and Jurassic periods is similar to the boundary between the Permian and Triassic periods.

    asked by Alexia Smith
  185. Social Studies

    How is the population distributed in South America? a. It is distributed mainly along the coastal areas of the continent*** b. It is fairly evenly distributed throughout the continent c. It is mostly confined to the northern half of the continent d. It is

    asked by Kaai97
  186. Social Studies

    In which of the following would the majority of South Americans worship? synagogue mosque church*** temple

    asked by Kaai97
  187. math

    a group of friends has exactly 10 sandwiches to share. The four friends want to share equally. Each friend will get between them 1 and 2 sandwiches or 2 and 3 sandwiches

    asked by Nikki B.
  188. Social Studies

    What significance do posted red banners hold in Corrientes province, Argentina? a. They are symbols of devotion to Gaucho Gil.*** b. They indicate a household that supports the Communist Party. c. They are flags denoting native heritage. d. They indicate

    asked by Kaai97
  189. Social Studies

    I NEED HELP!!!!!! During the late 1900's a global economy developed as foreign trade and multinational corporation grew? PLEASE IM BEGGING FOR HELP!!!! DESPERATE FOR HELP!!!!!

    asked by Sara
  190. Science

    A boat moving at 8.9 km/hr relative to the water is crossing a river 4.6 km wide in which the current is flowing at 2.4 km/hr. At what angle upstream should the boat head to reach a point on the other shore directly opposite the starting point?

    asked by Ron
  191. Social Studies

    What type of dance competition is central to Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval celebration? tango samba*** merengue rumba

    asked by Kaai97
  192. Physics

    Two ice skaters stand at rest in the center of an ice rink. When they push off against one another the 61-kg skater acquires a speed of 0.63 m/s . If the speed of the other skater is 0.86 m/s , what is this skater's mass?

    asked by Amanda
  193. algebra

    Sam spent 36.00 more than Lisa.They spent 75.00 total.How much did they spend each?

    asked by maddie
  194. Social Studies

    What is the meaning of indigenous? a. completely unlike your surroundings b. taking on the cultural traits of a larger group c. originating in and naturally living, growing, or occurring in a region or country*** d. blending of the cultural traits of a

    asked by Kaai97
  195. Social Studies

    Which of the following nations was not a Spanish colony? Suriname*** Peru Colombia Uruguay

    asked by Kaai97
  196. Health

    How many pounds are in a quart? -1.5 -2.3 -9.4 - Less than 1**

    asked by ME
  197. maths

    Find the principal which produces simple interest of #514.50 in 3 years 6 months at 6% per annum.

    asked by my my
  198. Algebra

    Cory has 24 dolllars more than 2x as much as Stan. Together they have 150 dollars. How much does each have?

    asked by Patti
  199. Mathematics

    The breaking strength (in pounds) of a certain new synthetic is normally distributed, with a mean of 165 and a variance of 16. The material is considered defective if the breaking strength is less than 156.2 pounds. What is the probability that a single,

    asked by Noah
  200. Biology: Genetics

    How do nucleotides and hydrogen bonds affect the structure of DNA? Maybe something like nucleotides make up DNA and hydrogen bonds hold the nitrogenous bases together? Can you help me explain?

    asked by Derpy Pegasus
  201. math

    mrs scott baked 4 1/2 dozen ginger cookies and 2/3 of sugar how many in all?

    asked by jae

    Alfonse cuts half a rectangular lawn, 50m by 20m, by mowing strips of equal width around the perimeter. Bart cuts the small rectangle in the middle that's left. How wide a strip does Alfonse cut so that they share the work equally?

    asked by Ibrahem Safieddine
  203. Social Studies

    Describe the role of shariah in Islam. What types of laws would one expect to find within Islamic governments, and how are they enforced? This was one of my questions on my homework, and I can't figure out a solid answer to it. Thank you!

    asked by Sarah
  204. Oxford, maths

    Draw the graph of the linear equation whose solutions are represented by the points having the sum of the coordinates as 10 units.

    asked by Dhruvraj
  205. biology

    A category within biology that deals with the physical and chemical functions. A. Physiology B. Philosophy C. Psychology D. Physiopathology I believe it's B?

    asked by Luxine
  206. algebra please explain

    I don't know how to solve this. what is numerical coefficient of this term -3z

    asked by kenxie
  207. chem.

    how many g of Fe2O3 are produced if 3.00 g of Fe reacts?

    asked by Bob
  208. ntc

    What is the solution using gauss jordan Elimination.. 2x-4y+5z=10 6x+8y+3z=12 X-7y-9z=63 me to solve this problem

    asked by ella ramos
  209. Science

    A block of metal is on a table. what must be true for thermal energy to flow from the table to the metal? a. both the table and the metal must be cooler than the surrounding air. b. the metal must be cooler than the table c. the table and the metal must be

    asked by John Doswell
  210. Maths

    solve for w: w+6tw=11-w

    asked by Larah
  211. Genetics

    My bad! I put the wrong question! Here we go, the shortened one! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How do nucleotides and hydrogen bonds affect the structure of DNA. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    asked by Derpy Pegasus
  212. math

    Which equation best describes a relationship between x and y in the table bellow?

    asked by Anonymous
  213. math

    What is the perimeter of a rectangle if each side is a whole number of meters,and what are the possible dimensions for the length and width. List them and explain your answer.

    asked by sybil
  214. Career Studies

    what is the definition of creative/artistic skills? What does it mean? Why is it important to have this skill? How might you need this skill in school and career? Other information of interest. i got some answers but i wanna compare mine with yours

    asked by Sammy
  215. English

    A thermostat is a device used to adjust the temperature indoors. Which of the following explanations best interprets the author's intended meaning in the bolded words in following sentence? "The Church was a thermostat that transformed the mores of

    asked by Ella
  216. math

    A right rectangular prism is intersected by a horizontal plane and a vertical plane. The cross section formed by the horizontal plane and the prism is a rectangle with dimensions 8 inches and 12 inches. The cross section formed by the vertical plane and

    asked by Tim
  217. chemistry

    a saturated NH4Cl aqueous solution is prepared in 100g oh water t 25 celsius. how much solute is in solution.

    asked by Mia
  218. Algebra 2

    I have solved these equations but the directions require me to show work or provide an explanation and I don't know how.Here are the questions: Write each of the following in exponential form: 1) log3 x = 9 3^9= x 2) log2 8 = x 8= 2^x 3) ln x = 2 e^2 = x

    asked by Trudy
  219. Algebra

    Correct me if I'm wrong please 1. Tell whether the lines for each pair of equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. y = –2x + 4 –5x + 10y = 5 (1 point) A.parallel B.perpendicular * C.neither 2. Tell whether the lines for each pair of equations

    asked by GummyBears
  220. Pre Calc

    f(x)=e^(2x-1) +3 Find the equation of asymptote

    asked by Anonymous
  221. Calc 3

    The mass density at a given point of a thin wire is C is delta(x,y,z)=x. If C is parametrized by r(t)=, 0

    asked by Anon
  222. English

    12.)In which excerpt from John Donne's A Valediction forbidding mourning does the speaker most directly describe the relationship between him and his wife? a. but we by love so much refind/that ourselves know not what it is b. so let us melt and make no

    asked by Mary Anne
  223. Math 4 questions PLZ help me ASAP

    1) Mr. customs is correcting the class's math homework on customary units. which of the following measurements is reasonable? A. a pencil is 12 feet long B. the back porch is 12 inches wide C. the 3rd hole on the golf court is 123 miles long D. the

    asked by Jenna Brenn
  224. Math

    1. Find the next number in the pattern. -1, 3, 7, 11 a. 16 b.77 c.15

    asked by Zoe Mckenzie
  225. MATH

    help with expanding log base 5(x^2 times y)^4

    asked by SANDY
  226. Precalculus

    2cos^2(theta) + Sin(theta)=1 I know I have to use the quadratic formula but i'm having trouble after I convert the Cos^2(theta) to (1-Sin^2(theta))

    asked by Tom
  227. Algebra 2

    A random sample of 5000 people was chosen for a survey. 54% of them said they didn't have children under 18 living at home. Find the 95% confidence interval. Round answer to 4 significant digits and give lowest and highest values of confidence Interval. I

    asked by Anonymous
  228. prealgebra

    The length of a rectangle is 3 more than it's width. the perimeter of the rectangle is 58cm. what are the rectangle dimensions?

    asked by brenda
  229. math

    (3.2b+0.8)+1.9b simplify the expression.explain each step

    asked by Lakshmi
  230. E.L.A

    The type of conflict in which a character struggles with himself and has trouble deciding what to do is called

    asked by Jamiah
  231. Physics

    How long does the stone take to fall from the height of the cliff to the ground below?wit 3seconds after the stone has reached the ground

    asked by Prescilla
  232. precalc

    Solve: round to the thousandths if necessary! 1) 4^3/4x+5 = 12 2) log(x-1) + log x = log 6 3) 2log(base 4) 5 - log(base 4) x + log(base 4) 3 - log(base 4) 7 = 1/2

    asked by justin
  233. Science

    An airplane is traveling 725 m/s at 48.8° degrees north of west when a wind starts to blow. The velocity of the wind is 106.7 m/s and it is blowing 21.8° east of north. What is the speed of the airplane relative to the ground?

    asked by Ron
  234. Creative Activities in Other Curriculum Areas

    1. Using macaroni in child’s art project A. Is a creative use. B. Should be done only with supervision. C. Should be discouraged because. D. Isn’t a good idea; young children might try to eat it. 2. The use of rhythm instruments in a music program A.

    asked by Anonymous
  235. social studys help ASAP

    13.) why do nations form alliances? give examples of diffrent kinds of alliences and explain there perpose

    asked by k.c undercover