Questions Asked on
November 23, 2015

  1. Geometry

    In triangle FGH, measure angle F=60 degrees, measure angle H=52 degrees. Which side of triangle FGH is the shortest?

    asked by Tehya
  2. English

    When did home video game systems first become very popular? -in the late 1960s - in the mid-1970s*** - in the early 1990s

    asked by Kaai97
  3. social studies

    what points does a legislature have to consider while formulating laws?

    asked by ASTHA143
  4. Chemistry

    A gas weighing 23.6 g occupies a 10.0 L flask at 27 C and 780. torr of pressure. Calculate the molar mass of the gas.

    asked by Ron
  5. Finance

    Jiminy's Cricket Farm issued a 30-year, 7.2 percent semiannual bond 6 years ago. The bond currently sells for 87.5 percent of its face value. The book value of this debt issue is $103 million. In addition, the company has a second debt issue, a zero coupon

    asked by Sally
  6. English

    Which sentence below is CORRECTLY punctuated? -Richard Bushnell, who attended the University of Utah, enjoyed playing computer games in college.*** -Bushnell hired Steve Jobs who later became the CEO of Apple Computers. - The version of Pong, that Atari

    asked by Kaai97
  7. math

    Calculate the standard deviation of the data shown, to two decimal places x 14 3.1 9.1 18.4 28 25.8 8 16.2

    asked by vicke
  8. MATH

    6. It takes Pam 45 minutes to drive to work and 60 minutes to drive home from work. Write the ratio of the time Pam spends driving home from work to the time she spends driving to work in three different ways. 7. Ben needs to buy orange juice. He can buy

    asked by goldensparklegirl222
  9. Algebra

    1.A motorcycle has a reserved fuel of 0.5 liter which can be used if it's 3-liter fuel tank is about to be emptied. The motorcycle consumes at most 0.5 liter fuel for every 20 km of travel. a. What mathematical statement represents the amount of fuel that

    asked by Sylvia
  10. multiple choice economics

    Milk is considered a commodity because it is which of the following? A. bought in many different ways B. an inexpensive product C. the same no matter who sells it D. an agricultural product I think C..?

    asked by Alex
  11. Physics

    For each of the following situations identify what energy transformation is taking place. (a) A child jumps out of a tree and lands on a trampoline. Consider “initial” to be the moment when they have left the tree and “final” to be the moment when

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    By selling at Rs 77, some 2 1/4% shares of face-value Rs 100 and investing the proceeds in 6% shares of face value Rs 100, selling at Rs 110 a person increased his income by Rs 117 per annum. How many shares did he sell? Two pipes running together can fill

    asked by jyoti
  13. ELA


    asked by tina
  14. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a verb in subjunctive mood? If it rains, we can move the party outside If you were taller, you could try out for the basketball team Do you believe that the Jacksons are moving to Alaska? We were going to cook

    asked by Cami
  15. Geography

    What happened to the population of New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina? People stayed to protect property. People evacuated and returned slowly. People evacuated, but almost all returned. People evacuated and did not return. C is false, the

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    a customer went to a garden shop and bought some potting soil for 17.50 and shrubs. if the total bill was $71.00, how much did each shurb cost if they all cost the same? write and solve an equation. show your work

    asked by jessica
  17. Spanish

    When would you expect to find people eating paches in Guatemala? a. Sundays b. Christmas*** c. breakfast d. Thursdays

    asked by Kaai97
  18. psychology

    Question: How is sensory adaptation beneficial to animals? Answer: Sensory adaptation is helpful to animals who for example use their sense of smell to hunt their prey as smells that interfere with their hunting are only present for a short period of time

    asked by Mrm4
  19. Lang arts

    PrintPrint Feedback Facts and Visions Practice Gavin Munro is taking this assessment. from “Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad”by Ann Petry 1 That first winter in St. Catharines was a terrible one. Canada was a strange frozen land,

    asked by Lang arts help!
  20. Math

    Solve the problem! A recipe calls for 2/3 cup of sugar. You want to make 1/3 of the recipe. How much sugar should you use?

    asked by Shortie
  21. English

    These are questions from the stories Marita’s Bargain by Malcolm Gladwell, The Secret to Raising Smart Kids, A Walk to the Jetty by Jamaica Kincaid, and ILE by Eugene O’Neill. I Answered all pf the questions I just wanted a second opinion on them. 1.

    asked by Ashley
  22. Math

    The average of a group of seven test scores is 80. If the lowest and highest scores are thrown out the average of the remaining scores is 78. What is the average of the lowest and highest scores?

    asked by Ryan
  23. English

    Which of these BEST describes a corporation with a hierarchical structure? - Different workers have specific roles and different levels of authority.*** - Workers take on many different responsibilities and frequently change jobs. - Workers who do their

    asked by Kaai97
  24. Home inspector

    By nature, the home inspection business does not provide A. inspection reports to assist the client in making a buy or no-buy decision. B. both general and detailed information on homes and commercial properties. C. the client with a positive inspection

    asked by Tawana
  25. physics

    Calculate the Specific Gravity of an object that sinks in water if m = 21.97 g and mA = 17.40 g.

    asked by Kim
  26. Physics

    A gram of living plant material with Carbon-14 , decays at a rate of about 16 disintegrations per minute. When the plant dies, the Carbon-14 decays, with a half-life of 5600 years. A gram of the dead plant is found to decay at about 1 disintegration per

    asked by Deidre
  27. Physics

    A very large roller coaster has an initial hill that has an 85 m drop. Note that a roller coaster has no engine. After being pulled up the first hill by a chain the train moves along the track with only gravity, normal forces due to the track, friction and

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Chemistry

    Calculate The volume occupied at s.t.p by 0.24g of ozone ( o=16, G.M.V=22.4dm3

    asked by moses
  29. chemistry

    If we have a mixture of 0.33 moles of oxygen and 0.22 moles of carbon dioxide, the mole fraction of carbon dioxide is .

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    Paulina works out with a 2.5 kilogram mass. What is the mass of the 2.5 kilogram mass in grams? Please help to be able to figure out the answer.

    asked by Patrick
  31. Math Ms. Sue

    A carpenter is cutting towels from a piece of wood that is 10 inches long. How many half inch dowels can the carpenter cut? Please help me figure out how to solve this.

    asked by Patrick
  32. Physics

    how long does it take a car to change its velocity from 15m/s to 25m/s if it accelerates uniformly at 5m/s2.

    asked by Prince
  33. Physics

    A marble is thrown horizontally with a speed of 13.9 m/s from the top of a building. When it strikes the ground, the marble has a velocity that makes an angle of 40 ° with the horizontal. From what height above the ground was the marble thrown?

    asked by Stark
  34. Physics

    A car travels at 80 km/h on a level road in the positive direction of an x axis. Each tire has a diameter of 66 cm. Relative to a woman riding in the car and in unit-vector notation, what are the velocity at the (a) center, (b) top, and (c) bottom of the

    asked by Abdullah
  35. science

    if all members of a specie disappears, the species is said to be.. a.)extinct b.)endangered c.)threatened D.)keystone

    asked by gabby
  36. math

    If a recipe calls for 2/3 cups of sugar and I only want 1/3 of the recipe; how much sugar will I use?

    asked by Shortie
  37. U.S.history

    All of the following are true about religious displays on public property excep

    asked by george

    Two forces of magnitude 6N and 4N act on a body. what is the ratio of the acceleration produce when these forces are acting in the same direction to the acceleration when oppositely directed ?

    asked by Camz
  39. math plz plz plz plz help plz .....thank you

    mark bought a notebook for $1.45 and some pencils that cost $0.42 each if the total cost was 6.91,how many pencils did he buy A.12 B.13 C.14 D.15 is 14 the answer plz help thank you

    asked by random rainbow
  40. math

    Find the first order partial derivatives. z=ln(xy-sqrt(x^2-y^2)

    asked by jay
  41. geometry

    Please respond to the following essay question: Draw and label 2 parallel lines as line m and line n. Add a transversal to your drawing and label it line p. Label all of the angles formed as #1-8. Use your drawing to respond to the following: a) Name four

    asked by nariah
  42. Pre-calculus

    Initially 600 milligrams of a radioactive substance was present. After 7 hours the mass had decreased by 3%. Construct an exponential model A(t) = A0ekt for the amount remaining of the decaying substance after t hours. Find the amount remaining after 24

    asked by Kim
  43. Chemistry

    A sample of 5.61 grams of NaOH is dissolved into 627 mL of aqueous 0.250 M NaOH (assume no volume change). This solution is then poured into 2.16 gallons of water. (You may assume that the two volumes can be added.) What is the concentration of NaOH in the

    asked by Anonymous
  44. English Grammar (cover letter)

    Anything grammatically wrong with the following sentence? I believe I am a strong candidate due to my communication, research, presentation, and administrative experience. Or should it be communication experience, research experience etc

    asked by ann
  45. math

    A mix for eight servings requires 2 2/3 cups of water. If i want to make 11 servings how much water do i need? How about 6 servings?

    asked by ashley
  46. physics

    5kg particle is atteched at a rim of arotating wheel of radius 2m. the wheel completes each revolution in 3 seconds. The total moment of inertia of the system(I partics+I wheel) is 2kg.m^2 A.determine the rotational kinetic energy of the system? B.the work

    asked by degefech
  47. Spanish

    Which is NOT common in the Spanish-speaking countries? a. eating lunch from noon to 2:00 p.m. b. ordering pizza*** c. serving dinner at 5 p.m. d. having empanadas for lunch

    asked by Kaai97
  48. Calculus

    The amount remaining of a radioactive substance after t hours is given by A(t) = 100ekt. After 12 hours, the initial amount has decreased by 4%. How much remains after 48 hours? What is the half-life of the substance?

    asked by Bill
  49. math

    I need to predict a certain number of pens in the bag how do i do this You have a bag of 100 pens you choose 7 green pens and 13 purple pens predict the number of purple pens in the bag.

    asked by stephanie
  50. multiple choice economics

    Advances in technology have reduced the cost of manufacturing MP3 players. If demand does not change, A. more MP3 players will be sold at a higher price. B. fewer MP3 players will be sold at a higher price. C. more MP3 players will be sold at a lower

    asked by Alex
  51. English

    I have to write a 300-500 word essay answering the following questions What benefits do you expect to achieve from career exploration? What do you expect to be the most challenging parts of your career planning process? Why? What questions do you hope to

    asked by Learner
  52. Social Studies

    1. The French announced support for the United States after the American victory at _____. A. Boston B. Saratoga*** C. Philadelphia D. Yorktown

    asked by Jade
  53. Physics

    A 70.0 kg boy compresses a spring by 0.500 m and slides down a frictionless slide. The slide leads into a 30° ramp that has a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.110 with the boy. If the spring constant in the spring is 52000 N/m and the slide has a

    asked by Anonymous
  54. physics

    Two satellite are monitored as they orbite the earth,satellites Y is foure times as far from the earth's centere as is satellite X. if the period of revolution of satellite X is T. What is the period of revolution of Y?

    asked by debiru
  55. Physics

    A round object with mass m and radius R rolls down a ramp that makes an angle θ with respect to the horizontal. You can assume there is static friction so that the object rolls without slipping. a) For now, take the moment of inertia of the object to be I

    asked by Vivek
  56. Physics

    The typical lifetime of a star like our Sun is 10 billion years. While a star like our Sun is able to generate energy in its core (through fusion) the thermal pressure balances the gravitational pressure from the Sun’s mass. However, once the star rules

    asked by Vivek
  57. Math

    Use the diagram to show that x square- 2xr+w square =0 (use diagram, and Pythagorean theorem to get this equation)

    asked by Patrisia
  58. Physics

    A small rock with mass m moves at velocity v0 and hits a rod of mass M as shown. The rod is initially at rest. The collision is completely inelastic. a) What is the angular velocity of the rod after the collision? b) What is the maximum angle the rod makes

    asked by Jack
  59. Geometry

    the city council is planning a new city park on a triangular plot of land formed by three intersecting streets the designer placed the triangle on a grid to determine the side lengths and angle measures needed for the purchase and placement of a fence

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Physics

    two air carts of mass m1=0.87kg and m2=0.48kg are placed on a frictionless track.cart 1 is at rest initally, and a spring bumper with a force constant of 690N/m. cart 2 has a flat metal surface for a bumper, and move toward the bumper of the stationary

    asked by Has
  61. Math

    A ladder of mass M and length L leans against a wall as shown. There is no friction with the wall but there is friction with the ground. What is the maximum distance along the ladder that someone with mass m can climb without the ladder slipping?

    asked by Jacob
  62. Math

    Wendell is making punch for a party. the recipe he is using says to mix 4 cups pineapple juice, 8 cups orange juice, and 12 cups lemon-lime soda in order to make 18 servings of punch. a. How many cups of punch does the recipe make? b. if Wendell makes 108

    asked by Wendy
  63. math

    Solv 9logexponent 12,base 3

    asked by debiru
  64. math

    if I walk 2.5 miles in 1.25 hours, how long does it take to walk .5 miles?

    asked by joe
  65. Physics

    One end of a spring is attached to the ceiling. The unstretched length of the spring is 10.0 cm. A 2.0 kg mass is hung from the other end of the spring. It is slowly lowered until it comes to rest. At this point the spring is 15 cm long. (a) What is the

    asked by Daniel
  66. Physics

    3. A low friction cart (similar to what you use in the lab) collides with a second low friction cart. Cart A has a mass of 0.500 kg and cart B has a mass of 0.750 kg. Glider A was moving at 40.0 cm/s before the collision. Glider B was at rest. (a) The

    asked by Daniel
  67. Physics

    A very large roller coaster has an initial hill that has an 85 m drop. Note that a roller coaster has no engine. After being pulled up the first hill by a chain the train moves along the track with only gravity, normal forces due to the track, friction and

    asked by Hermans
  68. Physics

    In a machine a cylinder with a mass of 80.0 g is pushed down into a hole with a spring at the bottom as shown in Figure 1. When the spring is uncompressed the cylinder rests on top of it with its end just at the entrance to the hole. The cylinder is pushed

    asked by Hermans
  69. phyics

    Calculate the specific gravity of a liquid given the following information: m = 59.30 g, mA = 33.78 g, mL = 43.60 g.

    asked by Kim
  70. Math

    How do peoples brains rot

    asked by Diamond
  71. Physics

    A low friction cart (similar to what you use in the lab) collides with a second low friction cart. Cart A has a mass of 0.500 kg and cart B has a mass of 0.750 kg. Glider A was moving at 40.0 cm/s before the collision. Glider B was at rest. (a) The carts

    asked by Anonymous
  72. english

    unscramble 14 letters into 3 words

    asked by lou
  73. Physics

    This assignment is about energy. But one of the new things we’ve just learned about is spring forces, so there should be a question about them. So the first parts of this question are not about energy. One end of a spring is attached to the ceiling. The

    asked by Anonymous
  74. chem 101

    Concentrated sulfuric acid is 18.0 M. If you are asked to make a 1L solution of 6M sulfuric acid. How much water (L) and how much acid (L) should be added to make this solution?

    asked by gale
  75. Physics

    In a machine a cylinder with a mass of 80.0 g is pushed down into a hole with a spring at the bottom as shown in Figure 1. When the spring is uncompressed the cylinder rests on top of it with its end just at the entrance to the hole. The cylinder is pushed

    asked by Anonymous
  76. macroeconomics

    why are most prices not sticky?

    asked by kene
  77. College Alg.

    An investor has up to $650,000 to invest in two types of investments. Type A pays 13% annually and type B pays 7% annually. To have a well-balanced portfolio, the investor imposes the following conditions. At least one-half of the total portfolio is to be

    asked by Lauraen

    A factory creates wooden beads used for various arts and crafts projects. One particular type of bead is in the shape of a cube. Each side of the bead is 0.25 inches long. A cylindrical hole with diameter of 0.12 inches is cut through the bead so that

    asked by WILL
  79. Maths

    Is it possible for the company to produce 6 regular models and 5 sport models in one hour? Explain your reasoning

    asked by Naddy
  80. MGT415

    Surveys can be composed of open-ended or close-ended questions. Open ended questions have the following benefits except for ____________________. 1)allowing a more exhaustive list of response possibilities 2)alerting us to the multiple dimensions in a

    asked by Danelle
  81. Algebra

    Jonah has only nickels and dimes in her piggy bank they're 51 points in the total value is $4.05 How many nickels and how many times does she have

    asked by Sue
  82. Calculus

    Integrate e^(-t/r) WITH RESPECT TO dt?

    asked by Sanaya
  83. math

    What is the expected value of the cost of of claims on a males drivers policy? Note: number of drivers is 9634 number of claims is 977 and the average cost per claim is 6108 euro

    asked by Jack
  84. Technical writing

    Either Chris or the new employee ________ the mail before Dolores or Charles ________.

    asked by Angelica
  85. Chemistry

    What is the Lewis structure for salicylic acid ?

    asked by Jake
  86. chemistry

    The UNBALANCED equation is: Zn + HCl –] ZnCl2 + H2 How many milliliters of a 0.48 M HCl solution are needed to react completely with 7.4 g of zinc to form zinc(II) chloride? Answer in units of mL. 7.4/100.84g*2 mol

    asked by Kiley
  87. Garden city university

    patient on dialysis has a high level of urea, a high level of sodium and a low level of potassium in the blood. Why is the dialyzing solution prepared with a high level of potassium but no sodium or urea?

    asked by Twum
  88. English

    give examples of hip-hop artist back in the 1980's and 90's spoke about female. what was a women worth from hip-hop during this time.

    asked by Yasmine
  89. Chemistry

    patient on dialysis has a high level of urea, a high level of sodium and a low level of potassium in the blood. Why is the dialyzing solution prepared with a high level of potassium but no sodium or urea?

    asked by ayyei
  90. Math

    Let f(x) be a function such that f′(x)=x(ln|x|)^2. Find the open interval(s) in which f(x) is concave down . In interval notation, f(x) is concave down in ___________

    asked by Kevin
  91. Chemistry

    How commonly is salicylic acid used or found in nature ?

    asked by Jake
  92. Math(Algebra)

    Janine has started an exercise program. As part of her exercise program, she will walk along trails. Janine walks at an average speed of 1 mile in 15 minutes. What is Janine’s average speed in miles per hour? Show or explain how you got your answer.

    asked by Hadlee
  93. Calculus

    Let f(x)=5x^(9/5)−45x^(4/5). Find the largest open interval(s) where f(x) increases.

    asked by Kevin
  94. Physics

    The truck of a passenger car applies brakes at a velocity of 30 m/s and comes to rest 5 seconds later. What is the deceleration?

    asked by Prince
  95. physics

    A uniform chain 10m long and weighing 6 kg permetre hangs vertically.calculate the work required to wind it up.. Plzz solve it

    asked by arya
  96. Mccregg

    How many carbons atoms are in a molecue of C12 H22 Oh2

    asked by Travares
  97. math

    3. the ratio of dollars earned to hours worked is 18/2 . which of the following ratios is the proportional to this? a=48/6 b=24/4 c=54/6 d=3/27 please help I think it b could someone please give me the right answer if tis is worng

    asked by Abby
  98. physics

    what minimum initial velocity must aprojectile have to reach atarget at a distance of 25m away? (g: 10m/s)

    asked by jemal
  99. Maths

    A ribbon is to be tied lengthwise and then crosswise around a square based rectangular present leaving an extra 30cm length for a bow. If the volume of the present is 2592cm^3, what is the maximum length of the ribbon required?

    asked by Julian
  100. Calculus

    find the maximum volume of a cylinder whose height and radius do not exceed a combined total of 12cm

    asked by Emma
  101. Math

    A population of bacteria growing exponentially will double in 24 hours. How long will it take for the bacterial population to triple?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Science

    Why would the weight of gold be less on earths moon than it would be on earth?

    asked by Patrick
  103. Math

    If the number in the numerator of a unit rate is 1, what does this indicate about the equivalent unit rates? give an example

    asked by Wendy
  104. math

    derivative of x^x^x^x^x^x^x^x... as the power increases to infinitive

    asked by YAEKOB
  105. physics

    a small mass of 2kg tide the string of length 3cm complete 4revolutions in one second in horizontal circle. What is the tangential displacement of the body in 5seconds?

    asked by abidi
  106. math

    write 2.18 as a mixed number in simplest form

    asked by john
  107. Stats

    Suppose that you drive $32,000 miles per year and gas averages $2.50 per gallon. What will you save in annual fuel expenses by owning a hybrid car averaging 50 miles per gallon rather than an SUV averaging 12 miles per gallon.

    asked by Meka
  108. Science

    What would be a good way using the terms mass and weight to explain how to measure gold so it's the same on earth and on the moon?

    asked by Patrick
  109. Algebra

    One number is 58 more than twice another. Their product is 58 more than twice their sum. Find the numbers.

    asked by Morgan
  110. science

    A cube of density 12kg/m cubed is placed in a Eureka tub and releases 0.40m cubed of water. A) What is the edge length of the cube? B) What is the mass of the cube?

    asked by bob
  111. Chemistry

    In the electrolysis of water 75.0 cm3 of oxygen gas are produced.How many cm3 of hydrogen are produced ?

    asked by Nick
  112. math

    Using taylor series solve lim x→0 ((sin^-1 6x)-(sin 6x))/((tan^-1)(6x)-(tan 6x) I don't know how to start this problem

    asked by johnson
  113. Physics

    A 79.5 kg snowboarder heads down a 28.0° hill that has a height of 62.8 m. If the hill is assumed to be frictionless and there is horizontal wind with a force of 98 N acting against the snowboarder, find the speed of the snowboarder as they reach the

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Algebra 2

    How do you identify the vertex, the axis of symmetry, max or min value, and the domain and range or a function? y=-1.5(x+20)^2

    asked by Jess
  115. finite math

    what happens to the value of y as the value of x changes

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Math

    From 102nd floorˏ an observer spot his car at an angle depression of 5 degree.If the observer is 1250 feet high; how far is his car from him?

    asked by Laila
  117. Dr vsec

    The density of water of ice is 0.917gm/cm-3 and the density of sea water is 1.03gm/cm-3.calculate the ratio volume of ice outside to the volume of ice which is inside the sea water

    asked by Anant shukla
  118. physics

    A uniform solid cylinder of mass 1kg roll with out slipping on aflat surface at aspeed of 4m/s. What is the total kinetic energy of the cylinder?

    asked by ali
  119. English Grammar (cover letter)

    Revised sentence from an earlier question. Any grammatical errors? My education, communication skills, and international experience in both a study and work capacity prove me a standout candidate for the position.

    asked by ann
  120. Math

    So I have some math questions I'd like for some one to check :) 1. Rename 4/7 as a percent. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent if necessary. A. 47% B. 1.8% C. 57.1% D. 28% 2. Rename .709 as a percent. A. 709% B. 70.9% C. 79% D. 7.09% 3. Alice plays

    asked by Cami
  121. math

    Arrange the following fraction to least to greatest.4/5,1/2,1/4.

    asked by ella
  122. college music

    Did impressionism apply only to painting and music?

    asked by jake
  123. chemistry

    Determine if the following reaction is spontaneous under standard conditions. Zn(s) + 4 CN¡V(aq) + Ag2CrO4(s) „³ Zn(CN)42¡V(aq) + 2 Ag(s) + CrO42¡V(aq)

    asked by cole
  124. Algebra 2

    Is it possible for the company to produce 6 regular models and 5 sport models in one hour? Explain your reasoning This question is a project of finding the minimum loss and maximum profit

    asked by Naddy
  125. Circles Geometry

    Can someone check if my answers are correct?

    asked by Sanders
  126. Algebra 2

    Is it possible for the company to produce 6 regular models and 5 sport models in one hour? Explain your reasoning This question is a project of finding the minimum loss and maximum profit

    asked by Naddy
  127. PHYSICS

    Two forces, one four times as large as the other pull in the same direction a 10kg mass and impart to it an acceleration of 2.5 m/s^2. if the smaller force is removed. what is the acceleration of the mass?

    asked by Camz
  128. math

    Find two values defining tails of the normal distribution with an area of 0.05 each. Thank you so much for huge help:))

    asked by Lucas
  129. math 1350

    If the following fractions are arranged from smallest to largest, then which fraction would be in the middle? Explain. Show all work using fractions(NOT DECIMALS). 2/3, 4/5, 3/7, 5/9, 3/4

    asked by Ne Ne
  130. Slsu

    A piece of steel bar 29 7/8inches long was cut from a steel bar of 6 feet. how long was the remaining steel bar?

    asked by Ritchie
  131. math

    six years ago, jim was four times as old as Fe. In four years, he would be twice as old as fe.How old are they now?

    asked by peter
  132. Bussiness Math

    Clarette purchased a 3 1/3 pound of sirloin steak at a butcher store. returning home, she cut out the bone and weighed it. if the weight of the meat was 2 7/8 pounds,what is the weight of the bone cut off?

    asked by Ritchie
  133. physics

    The distance between two telephone poles is 31 m. When a 1.54kg bird lands on the telephone wire midway between the poles, the wire sags 0.165 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. How much tension in the wire does the bird produce? Ignore the

    asked by zach
  134. MATH

    There are 44 peoples in class 3/4 are girls many girls in numbers? b.answer in friction?

    asked by M FIAZ
  135. Math

    She has one board that is 3m7cm long and another board that is 3m 91cm find the total length of he two boards in meters

    asked by Leah
  136. Math

    A carpenter had a 20-foot piece of lumber from which he cut three piece was 6 1/2 feet long and the other was 3 5/8 feet long. How long was the remaining piece?

    asked by Maricel
  137. Chemistry

    Why is Hydrogen sulfate amphiprotic?

    asked by John
  138. MATH

    When Nancy Repainted her house ,she bought 25 1/2 galloons of paints at 82pesos per galloon. what was the total cost of the purchased?

    asked by Maricel
  139. physics

    Your car is stuck in a mud hole. You are alone but you have a long strong rope. having studied physics you tie the rope tautly to a telephone pole and pull on it sideways at the midpoint as shown. Find the force exerted by the rope on the car when the anle

    asked by zach
  140. Math

    If the point (-6,0), in what quadrant is it located in? In my opinion it is not located in any quadrant since of it's y coordinate. Am I Correct?

    asked by John Doswell
  141. math

    marsha is 10 years older than john, who is 16 years old ? how old is marsha?

    asked by ana
  142. Statistics

    The ratio of brown M&M’s in a bag is stated by the candy company to be 56%. If a random sample of 500 bags is selected, determine the probability that the sample proportion of random bags of M&M’s selected has a percentage of brown between 51% and 59%

    asked by Kim
  143. Physics

    A car, moving along a straight stretch of high- way, begins to accelerate at 0.0377 m/s2. It takes the car 34.3 s to cover 1 km. How fast was the car going when it first began to accelerate? Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by kate
  144. bscschool

    In the adjoining figure DC|AB and Angle=B angle=D. Prove triangle=ABC=ADC

    asked by Prabha
  145. Algebra

    A college football coach wants to know if the is a correlation between his players' leg strength and the time it takes for them to sprint 40 yards. he sets up the following test and records the data: Every day for a week, he counts how many times each

    asked by Anonymous
  146. LA

    Which of persuasive technique is used in the following pharse from the selection? Aren't actors supposed to act,and aren't directors supposed to direct? A appeal to authority B appeal to reason C reoetition D rhetorical question

    asked by need help
  147. calculas

    4.A paper cup, which is in the shape of a right circular cone, is 16 cm deep and has a radius of 4 cm. Water is poured into the cup at a constant rate of . 3 2cm / sec (a) At the instant the depth is 5 cm, what is the rate of change of the height? (b) At

    asked by Anonymous
  148. math

    in how many years will a sum be three-fourth of its amount at the rate of interest 8*1/3% per annum?

    asked by ASTHA143
  149. physics

    The coefficient of friction b/n the Tyre of the car rotating around horizontal circulary road and the road way is 0.5; what would the minimum radius at which a car turn ahorizontal road when its speed is 15m/s? g=10m/s

    asked by bediru
  150. math

    One 15 pound bag of lawn fertilizer covers 350 square feet. Garden Depot sells full bags of fertilizer for $7.89. What will the cost of enough fertilizer to cover a 42 foot by 80 foot lawn?

    asked by Jesse
  151. Math

    I have two more questions :)) If 1/3 is equivalent to 33 1/3%, what percent is equivalent to 2/3? A: 33 2/3% B: 150% C: 66 2/3%**** D: 65% Which proportion can be used to solve the following percent problem? What is 50% of 70? I came up with x/50 = 70/100

    asked by Cami
  152. Math

    The boy scouts covered a distance of 3 1/4 km during the first hour of their this rate, how far would they go in 2 3/4 hours?

    asked by Shiela
  153. Math

    A mother bought 10 2/3 m of white cloth and 12 1/2 m of blue cloth. she used 3/4 of the blue cloth for skirts and 4/5 of the white cloth for many meters of cloth remained?

    asked by Shiela
  154. calculus

    what are the inflection points of 5x^2-45/x^2-25

    asked by marissa
  155. chemistry

    Write the structural formula of differnt isomers gives by the molecular formula CrCl3 6H2O.

    asked by md rafiqul sk
  156. Computer programming

    Create the logic for a program that accepts inputs value for the projected cost of a vacation and the number of months until vacation. Pass both value to a method that displays the amount you must save per month to achieve your goal.

    asked by Kathy
  157. math

    There was a pizza parlor that offered six meat toppings and three cheese toppings. How many different combinations can be made if two meat toppings and one cheese toppings are selected?

    asked by Anonymous
  158. Physical sciences

    Should 20 g of aluminium be mixed with 65 g of iron oxide and ignited, which substance will be the limiting reagent?

    asked by Anelisa
  159. precalc

    log ______ = -2.3

    asked by yani
  160. math

    5 ÷ 5⁄7

    asked by Anonymous
  161. science

    Specific heat capacity of solid ethanol is 2.419 J/g C. Melting point temperature of ethanol is -114.4 C/ 158.8 K. Enthalpy of fusion of ethanol is 106.4 J/g. Specific heat capacity of liquid ethanol is 2.440 J/g C. 44.0 g of solid ethanol at -134.4 C is

    asked by Kat
  162. Social studies

    What natural resources do different regions offer? What region would benefit from job production? What region has the workforce to support a new industry? What location has access to transportation routes to move people and goods? What skills do workers

    asked by pearson that needs help all the time
  163. physics

    the cofficient of friction b/n the tyre of the car rotating around horizontal circuar road way is 0.5; what would the minimum radius at which acar turn ahorizontal road when its speed is 15m/s?g=10m/s

    asked by bediru
  164. Math

    Which two square roots are used to estimate 42. A. 25 and 36*** B. 36 and 49 C. 49 and 64 D. 25 and 64

    asked by Hey.