Questions Asked on
November 21, 2015

  1. math

    Find two positive real numbers x and y such that they add to 120 and x^(2)y is as large as possible

    asked by Raj
  2. physics

    Two horses pull horizontally on ropes attached to a tree stump (Fig. 3). Each horse pulls with a force of magnitude F. If the angle between the two ropes is 126O, what is the resultant force?

    asked by fiz
  3. interes rate

    For an investment to double in value during a 16-year period, a. What annually compounded rate of return must it earn?

    asked by prerna
  4. mathematics

    solve the following system of inequalities graphically 3x+2y

    asked by vinod kaushik
  5. Physics

    A race car starts from rest on a circular track of radius 279 m. The car's speed increases at the constant rate of 0.760 m/s2. At the point where the magnitudes of the centripetal and tangential accelerations are equal, find the following a) the speed of

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math

    The average marks of 14 students was 71. It was later found that the marks of one of the students has been wrongly entered as 42 instead of 56 and of another as 74 instead of 32. What is the correct average? Average age of seven persons in a group is 30

    asked by adam
  7. college algebra

    Diagonal length of flooring is 2 feet longer than the length and 5 feet longer than twice the width what are the dimensions of the flooring

    asked by Jessie
  8. math

    How many of the 2-digit numbers, that can be formed by using the digits 1,2,3,.......,9 without repeating any digit, are divisible by4? If 2 boys and 2 girls are to be arranged in a row so that the girls are not next to each other, how many possible

    asked by adam
  9. Math 1 question plz help ASAP

    A bah of oranges weighs 5 1/4. How much does 1 1/2 weigh?(that's the question my question is do we add, subtract, multiply or divide plzzzzzzzzz help meeeeee im new to this website =)

    asked by Debra Grimes
  10. physics

    A lineaer spring having a force constant k=40 N/m hangs vertically,supporting a 0.8 kg mass.the mass is then pulled down a distance of 0.15 m . During up and down oscillations ,the maximum speed of the mass will be..

    asked by Abi
  11. math

    An investor invested 80 percent of the money at the rate of 10 percent p.a for 2 years. Find the amount of both the investments if the diffrence between the simple interests earned is Rs 3300

    asked by pallav
  12. physis

    A lorry is travelling at 60 km/hr when the brakes are applied. Assuming that the deceleration is uniformly at 2m/hr, how far has the lorry travelled when its speed is 36km/hr after 6seconds.

    asked by Blessing
  13. accounting

    Do these in a journal entries form and illustrate it:1. August 7. Bought supplies in account from Long Music Supplies, $ 2720.00. August 7. Received cash from sales $400.00. August 11. Paid cash on account to Caroline office supplies $250.00. August 11.

    asked by Blessing
  14. Chemistry

    A 27 g sample of germanium crystal contains 44 mg of arsenic. The arsenic is substitutionally incorporated into the crystal. Germanium has a band gap of 0.66 eV and an intrinsic carrier concentration at 25o C of 4.2e+13 cm-3. At what temperature (in oC)

    asked by Anonymous
  15. chemistery

    you have pond that has become too acidic from acid rain for survival of you fish what kind of chemical could you add to the water to countract the acidity?

    asked by abshir
  16. Math

    Log3 (4x+1) log3(13x-5)=2

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Kids kingdom school

    Mrs roy carpet 15cm and 12 cm broad what is its perimeter

    asked by Shahil
  18. Trigonometry

    a 20ft. ladder is leaning against a wall so that the foot of the ladder is 9ft. from the buss of the wall what angle does the ladder make with the ground? what is the distance from the top of the ladder to the base of the house? based in trigonometry

    asked by Ara Jane
  19. Physics

    Szymon and Chris fly their balloon around the earth in 80 days. Taking the radius of the earth to be 6400 km, calculate their average speed in m/s. I did answered all the homework questions but I didn't know how to do this one?

    asked by Andrew
  20. English

    My address is 34 Park Ave., New York ================== Is the expression above is right? How do you say "Ave." 1. [..vnju] 2. [..vnu] 3. [..v]

    asked by rfvv
  21. maths

    the hcf of two numbers is 145 ,their lcm is 175.if one number is 725,the other number is

    asked by Anonymous
  22. chemistry

    how many grams of CaCO3 will dissovle in 300ml of 0.05M Ca(NO3)2 ? Ksp of CaCO3 : 4.7x10^-9 M.W of CaCO3 100.01g/mol

    asked by Rose
  23. chemistry


    asked by feoluwa
  24. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution of KF is add dropwise to an aqueous micture containing 0.25M Ca2+ and 0.75M Mg2+ calcuate the minimum molarity of F that is nessaryvto initate the precipitation of each salt? Which precipitate first? Ksp of CaF2 :5.4x10^-9 Ksp of MgF2

    asked by Tom
  25. Chemistry

    predict if precipitation will occur when 36ml of 0.0039M Na2CrO4 is mixed with 18ml of 0.00033M AgNO3. M.W of Ag2CrO4 :331.73g/mol Kspof ag2cro4 1.1x10^-12

    asked by Janna
  26. Science

    A pistol of mass 2 kg fires a bullet of mass 50g. The bullet strikes a stationary block of mass ½ kg. if the block, with the bullet in it, moves with a velocity of 4 m/s the recoil velocity of the pistol will be?

    asked by Khushboo
  27. Social Studies

    Why is the muluki ain of 2020 B.S considered as a big reform in the history of Nepal?

    asked by Rashmi
  28. Maths

    Differentiation Find dy/dx for the following function y=x^2+5x^7 all over x Please help Thankyou

    asked by Anonymous
  29. physics

    A hunter fires 50 g bullets from a machine gun. If each bullet moves with a velocity of 150ms−1 how many such bullets are to be fired into a tiger of mass 60 kg coming towards him with a velocity of 10ms−1 in order to stop the tiger?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. math

    Given that sin x + sin y = a and cos x + cos y =a, where a not equal to 0, express sin x + cos x in terms of a. attemp: sin x = a - sin y cos x = a - cos y sin x + cos x = 2A - (sin y + cos y)

    asked by Chia LC
  31. Math

    A man who is 6.2 ft tall casts a shadow that is 13.6 ft long. Find the height of a petrified stump that casts a 16.9 ft shadow.

    asked by Carlos
  32. Math

    Calculate the reduced paid-up insurance for Lee Chin, age 42, who purchased a $100,000 straight life policy. At the end of year 20, Lee stopped paying premiums. (Use Table 20.2). (Omit the "$" sign in your response.) What is the reduced paid-up insurance?

    asked by Uteryu
  33. Math

    Forty-five percent of a large class of students in Statistics are females. Suppose 28 students are selected at random from the class. Use a normal approximation with continuity correction to calculate the probability that the number of males in the sample

    asked by Aarathi
  34. Math

    What math word does these letters spell O,O,E,R,N,F,O,P,S,E,P,T,W,X

    asked by .
  35. science

    calculate the depth of salt water lake,if the pressure at its base is 16 times the atmospheric pressure.the density of salt water lake is 1,050kg m-3 and acceleration due to gravity is 10 ms-2.the atmospheric pressure is 10N cm-2

    asked by erekha
  36. lighthouse christian college

    Wich career can I take when I took english,afrikaans,lo,physics and pure maths?

    asked by mthofire
  37. Social Studies

    The spark that set off world war one1 was the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand of what european nation? A.Austria-Hungary B.Germany C.Russia D.France Is the answer A?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Social Studies

    Each of the following took place during the Russian revolution EXCEPT A.A new government forced the tsars to give up their power. B.Russia made peace with Germany. C.a democratic president was given power. D.the Russian Empire was renamed the Soviet union.

    asked by Lexi
  39. Language Arts

    1.) When MacNeil asks, "When before human history has so much humanity collectivity surrendered so much of its leisure to one toy, one mass diversion?" What is this persuasive technique called? A. repetition B. Generalization C. a rhetorical question D. a

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Social Studies

    Russian dictator Joseph Stalin was Responsible for the deaths of how many Russians? A.50,000 B.100,000 C.1 million D.10 million

    asked by Lexi
  41. Social Studies

    What happened in the end of world war 1? A.Archduke Franzer Ferdinand was made ruler of the central powers. B.Germany and Austria-Hungary were forced to sign the treaty of versaills, which set out harsh punishments for them. C.The central powers were

    asked by Lexi
  42. english

    In Nethergrave Jeremy creates an obstacle to dating the girl he likes by a) lying about where he lives b) lying about his poor health c) lying about his father's wealth d) lying about his computer expertise

    asked by cassie
  43. Social Studies

    The spark that set off world war 1 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of what European nation? A.Austria-Hungray B.Germany C.Russia D.France Is the answer A?

    asked by Lexi
  44. Math word problem

    17 1/9 decreased by what number is 5 2/3? This is the answer I have 11 4/9. Is this correct.

    asked by Ray
  45. Social Studies

    World war 1 left Germans feeling? A. unfairly punished B. eager to make friends C. content with the peace treaty D. good about their economy Is the answer A?

    asked by Lexi
  46. Social Studies

    World war 2 began when Nazi Germany invaded which nation? A.Britain B.France C.United States D.Poland Is the answer D?

    asked by Lexi
  47. College Algebra

    Sam can sort 4000 pieces of mail in 5 hours. With a co-worker they can sort 4000 pieces of mail in 3 hours. How long will it take his co-worker to sort 2000 pieces of mail.

    asked by Kevin Kirkpatrick
  48. Social Studies

    What fraction of the population could not find work during the great depression? A. One-eighth D.three-quarters D?

    asked by Lexi
  49. Social Studies

    Because of the great prosperity during the 1920s,this time became known as A.the awesome twenties B.The terrific twenties C.the roaring twenties D.the profitable decade. D?

    asked by Lexi
  50. Math

    URGENT! In a school, 8% of students are left handed. If 50 classes of 20 students are randomly selected, what is the probability of 10 classes have no left handed students? I know that this is a binomial distribution question, but I can't seem to do this

    asked by Katie
  51. Philosophy

    The Omega watch company withdrew its ads from Vogue magazine in protest over what it called distasteful pictures of an emaciated model in the June 1996 issue. The brand director of Omega argued as follows: “Since Vogue presumably targets an audience that

    asked by A
  52. Philosophy

    The following argument appeared in the draft of a bill before the Louisiana State Legislature in 2001: Whereas, the writings of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, promoted the justification of racism, and his books On the Origin of Species and The

    asked by Jay
  53. math

    The length, breadth and height of a closed box are respectively 2m, 1.5m and 0.8m. Find the total area of canvas required to cover it-up. Find also the cost of canvas if 1sq m of canvas costs Rs. 30. A rectangular box without lid is to be made by thin

    asked by rohan
  54. math

    Can you please show me how you got the answer from Tuesday please.From Lena!!!!!

    asked by to Ms.Sue
  55. science

    As a result of chemical or physical reactions when heating/cooking foods: 1.will it make certain fruits(example plums,durian,banana,apple) to change from sour to sweet or vice –versa? 2.will it help to make foods that has gone slightly bad to be safer

    asked by munira
  56. science help

    Two scientists did the same experiment but arrived at different results. The scientists most likely did not have accurate data and information misunderstand each other's interpretations belong to different backgrounds did not have instruments to take

    asked by Oscar
  57. Math

    Need help please. The reciprocal of .125 is what number?

    asked by Lisa
  58. Math

    How do you divide 1248 by 8?

    asked by Lilly
  59. science help

    In the water cycle, matter moves towards the pull of gravity during infiltration and evaporation transpiration and infiltration precipitation and infiltration evaporation and transpiration is it a

    asked by Oscar
  60. Chemistry

    What is the chemical formula for coconut oil?

    asked by Alicia
  61. Pure Math

    How to plot a steam and leaf for the following data 0 0 11 140 152 253 257 309 392 419 541 644 751 770 810 897 1295 1340 1419 1482 1515 1719 1763 1891 2005 2127 2631 2988 3686 6726 11465 12917 14701 regards

    asked by Steam and Leaf Plot
  62. PE help pls

    If you were deficient in Vitamin C, which of the following would be the best choice to add to your breakfast? 1 serving strawberries 2 servings blueberries 1 serving orange 2 servings tangerines

    asked by Oscar
  63. Pure Math

    can someone give me an idea on how to plot the stem and leaf of the following data , what would be the stem and leaf (the key ) ... 325671 425384 549680 858000 1315819 2001468 2061085 2943472 4246809 4605501 5107970 5415949 5451270 5627235 7245677 8139631

    asked by Natasha
  64. Philosophy

    In her book The Beauty Myth author Naomi Wolf argued that women harm themselves when they try to live up to the standards of beauty implied in most commercial advertising. The following excerpt is taken from a World Press Review commentary on Wolf’s

    asked by John
  65. Philosophy

    The following argument appeared in the draft of a bill before the Louisiana State Legislature in 2001: Whereas, the writings of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, promoted the justification of racism, and his books On the Origin of Species and The

    asked by Matt
  66. math

    How can find weak form to d^4u/dx^4+du/dx=f (x) By using finite element

    asked by assma
  67. Math

    the perimeter and area of a rectangle are 48 cm and 140cm^2 respectively. Find the length and width of the rectangle

    asked by Fawad
  68. Calculus

    Calculate integral [0, infinity) xe^(-x) dx

    asked by Sanaya
  69. c.s.s Nawfia

    A mango fruit drops to the ground from the top of its tree which is 5m long does it take to rech the gound?

    asked by Abuchi
  70. Chemistry

    What is the total number of joules of hear needed to change 200g of ice to water at O degree Celcius?

    asked by Andrea
  71. Algebra

    James walked 212 miles in 23 of an hour. What was his average speed, in miles per hour?

    asked by Kevin
  72. Government

    What does it mean to “have standing?”

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Social Studies

    1. Which action that occurred ruing the Battle of Chickamauga made it a Confederate victory? A. The Confederates had fewer casualties. B.Union troops were forced out of Georgia C. The Union general surrendered. D. None of the Above 2. Which of the

    asked by Mani
  74. Math

    Please help me with steps to work out the following problem. Simplist way possible. Mary needed different coloured balloons for decoration. She had $1.25 (Australian dollars) and spent it all on a number of white, red, and blue balloons. A white balloon

    asked by Kate
  75. Calculus

    A window is designed to be the area between a parabolic section and a straight base. The height is 0.640 m and the base is 1.60 m. What is the area of the window?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Math

    I need help with this problem: Circle the number closest in value to 9. (this is a decimal at the end, not a period _ a. 8.5 (there is a line over the 5) _ b. 8.89 (there is a line over the 9) c. 9.69 d. 9.99 I believe the answer is b, is this correct?

    asked by Mia
  77. Chemistry

    Methyl alcohol can be prepared commercially by the reaction of hydrogen with carbon monoxide. Under equilibrium conditions at 7.00 × 102 K, [H2] = 0.0720 M, [CO] = 0.200 M, and [methanol] = 0.0300 M. Find the value of Kc, and then find the value of Kp.

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Science

    Mg3N2(s) + 6H20 = Mg(OH)2(s) + 2NH3(g) When 2 moles of H20 react How many grams of NH3 are produced ?

    asked by Mohamed
  79. Chemistry

    If 5.00L of argon gas is at 0.460 atm and -123C what is the volume at STP I think it's b

    asked by Miguel
  80. Math

    17 1/9 decreased by what number is 5 2/3?

    asked by Meg
  81. Calculus

    Integrate x/(6x-5) dx The answer is 1/6 x + 5/36 ln abs (36x-30) + C... But I don't understand why it is 5/36 times ln.. I thought that when you factored out the 5 you would get 5 times ln abs (36x-30)..

    asked by Sanaya
  82. Algebra - Math

    The medium side of a triangle is 9 more than 1/2 the shortest side,and the longest side is 4 times the shortest side. If the perimeter is 31 in. Find the lengths of the sides of the triangle

    asked by Licinia
  83. College Algebra

    Why hovering near the top of a waterfall of a national park of 6400 feet, a helicopter pilot drops his sunglasses. The height h(t) of the sunglasses after t seconds is given by the polynomial function h(t) = -16t(squared) + 6400. When will the sunglasses

    asked by Myles
  84. math

    for grade 3 math-- Explain what happens to the square if you double the length of its sides.Draw 2 squares to support your answer

    asked by Ana
  85. wcccd

    A car dealership offers a $1400 rebate and a 5% discount off the price of a new car. Let p be the sticker price of a new car on the dealer's lot, r the price after the rebate, and d the discounted price. Then r(p) = p − 1400 and d(p) = 0.95p

    asked by andre
  86. Government

    Why does the U.S. have a dual judicial system

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Culture and society

    What was the actual deal that President Obama made in order to get the healthcare reform legislation passed? (Note: Compare President Obama’s pre-election healthcare reform/proposal position and his post-election compromise- deal or post-election deal.)

    asked by Yasmine
  88. biology

    A researcher is collecting qualitative data pertaining to social behaviors of deer at different times of the day. How will she most likely need to organize this data?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    for 625% of 50, is the answer 312.5?

    asked by Meg
  90. Math

    Can you help me with this? the reciprocal of .125 is what number? would the answer be 1/8?

    asked by Meg
  91. Government

    How does ideology affect federal judicial appointments?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Math

    Would the reciprocal of .125 be this answer: 1/ 0.125 or 8

    asked by Meg
  93. MATH

    Kevin earns $15 per hour for working 8 hours. Then he earns $18 per hour for working overtime for 4 hours during a day. What is the average amount that Kevin earns per hour during a day?

    asked by lexi
  94. trigo

    A plane in calm weather flies east at 20 K.P.H. A 45 K.P.H wind blows from the north. Find the direction and speed required to keep the plane in it's original course and speed.

    asked by carl
  95. Chemistry

    7. Suppose 45.0 mL of 0.250 M HNO3 was mixed with 35.0 mL 0.600 M Ba(OH)2. Calculate the pH of the final solution.

    asked by CHIPNDALE
  96. Chemistry

    7) A 3.33 g sample of iron ore is transformed into a solution of iron (II) sulfate. And this solution is titrated with 0.0150 M potassium dichromate. If it requires 41.40 mL potassium dichromate solution to titrate the FeSO4, find the percentage of iron in

    asked by CHIPNDALE
  97. english

    In each of the following sentences, correct any word that requires a capitalization. 1. The lawyer’s office is located on North Pleasant Street. 2. My uncle lives farther West than grandmother. 3. I’d like to move to the South by next summer. 4. The

    asked by Jennifer

    A 25.0 mL sample of perchloric acid solution required 45.3 mL of 0.101 sodium hydroxide solution for complete neutralization. what was the concentration of the perchloric acide solution? work: 0.0453 L NaOH x ( .101 mol NaOH/ 1L NaOH) x (1 mol HClO4/ 1 mol

    asked by CRIS
  99. Math

    Need help with this please. what percent of 2 2/3 is 3/4? .75/2.6 = x/100 2.6x/2.6 = 75/2.6 answer I came to is 28.846153, is this correct. Need assistance

    asked by Anne
  100. Phyics

    The foci of the elliptical path for an Earth satellite are __________. A) one at Earth's center and the other elsewhere B) one atop the other at Earth's center C) both inside Earth D) both outside Earth

    asked by sarah
  101. english

    In each of the following sentences, insert the commas wherever are needed 1. 1. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky. 2. In 1816 after selling most of their possessions, the Lincoln family moved to Indiana. 3. During their first weeks

    asked by Jennifer
  102. chemistry

    I have two that I can not figure out: #1: calculate the MOLALITY of 10.00 g/L of the salt, if its molar mass is 100.0 g/mol and solution density D=1.100 g/mL work: 10.00 g NaCl x (1mL/1.100g) x (1kg/1000 mL)= 0.00909 kg 100.0 g x (1 mol NaCl/58.4 g Nacl)=

    asked by sam
  103. math

    A circular pool 2 meters in diameter is in the middle of a 5 meter by 5 meter square of gravel.What is the area actually covered by gravel?

    asked by Tasha
  104. thermodynamics

    a drum has height of 5 meters filled with water and open to atmosphere. compute for pressure acting st the middle of the drum.

    asked by tin
  105. math 1350

    Find the three digit number that satisfies the following conditions: . Has a factor of 3. . Has a factor of 5. . Has a factor of 7. . All digits are prime. Describe the thinking process you went through to solve this problem.

    asked by Ne Ne
  106. Government

    Why do some claim that judges “legislate from the bench?”

    asked by Anonymous
  107. english

    In each of the following sentences, insert correct capitalization and marks of punctuation whenever they are needed. Are these sentences correct. 1. On a recent blustery February afternoon, students were tearing down a sagging porch. 2. They are part of a

    asked by Jennifer
  108. math

    This is a greater than less than equal to problem, please check if this correct. _ 8/9 = .8

    asked by bryn
  109. math 5th grade

    Victoria has 2 pounds of flour, she uses 2/5 for pizza and 3/10 for bread. Find the weight of the pack of flour that is left..Express in decimal answer. 32 ounces of flour is what she has she uses 2/5 x32=64/5=12and4/5=12.8-32=19.2remaining flour she then

    asked by mary
  110. Algebra

    If Tyler and Maria can paint their kitchen in 5 hours and Maria can paint it in 9 hours by herself how long would it take Tyler to do it alone?

    asked by Maura
  111. Algebra 1

    If Tyler and Maria can paint their kitchen in 5 hours and Maria can paint it in 9 hours by herself how long would it take Tyler to do it alone?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Physics

    question 1 ..A 5 kg rock is thrown vertically upward at 12 m/s. How high did the rock rise? question 2 The driver of a truck traveling at 126 km/h on a highway sees a sign which indicated that 800 m after the sign the maximum speed will be 90 km/h . When

    asked by Axe
  113. Chemistry

    The overall cell reaction occurring in an alkaline battery is: Zn(s) + MnO2(s) + H2O(l) ---> ZnO(s) + Mn(OH)2(s) a) How many moles of electrons flow per mole of reaction?...answer: 2. Mol e-Note: b) If 6.09g of zinc is oxidized, how many grams of manganese

    asked by Dalton
  114. Geometry

    a triangle has an area of 35 square inches, and its base is 3 inches more than it's height. Find the base and height of the trianlge

    asked by Christine
  115. Physics

    The earth spins on its axis once a day and orbits the sun once a year (365 1/2 days). Determine the average angular velocity (in rad/s) of the earth as it (a)spins on its axis and (b) orbits the sun. In each case, take the positive direction for the

    asked by Jose Luis
  116. Physics

    011 10.0 points Masses 18 kg and 9 kg are connected by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley as shown in the figure. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . 18 kg 9 kg If the 18 kg mass, initially held at rest on the table, is released

    asked by Madison