Questions Asked on
November 14, 2015

  1. Riddle

    to all things and men I appertain and yet by some am shunned and distend. Fonder me and ogle me till your Insane ,but no blow can harm me cause me pain. Children delight in me ,elders take fright, fair maids rejoice and spin. Cry and I weep,yawn and I

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Algebra

    1.Write an equation in slope- intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the given equation. (2,-2);y=-x-2 A.y=-2x*** B.y=2x C.y=1/2x D.y=-x 2.Write an equation in slope- intercept form of the line that

    asked by GummyBears
  3. Physics

    A motorist travels 160km at 80km/hr and 160km at 100km/hr. What is the average speed of the motorist for this trip? I need the step by step solution because I didn't listen to ny teacher properly

    asked by Michael Lawrence Dureza
  4. Chemistry

    You have a large amount of 8.00 M stock solution. You need 1.60 L of 3.00 M solution for an experiment. How would you prepare the desired solution without wasting any stock solution? A.) Start with 1.60 L of water. Add stock solution until you reach a

    asked by LuigiR
  5. Chemistry

    When sodium chloride, NaCl, is added to water, it forms a solution. Rank the steps involved in the dissolution of salt in water from first step to last step. To rank items as equivalent, overlap them. a.) NaCl crystal is added to water b.) NaCl solution

    asked by LuigiR
  6. Physics

    A car traveling 60km/hr accelerates at the rate of 2.0m/s2. How much time is required for the car to reach a speed of 90km/hr? can u help me with this? With solutions

    asked by Jamila Felarca
  7. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 62 m.If the length is 3 meters longer than the width,what is the width of the garden?

    asked by Gallia
  8. Mechanical Behavior of Materials

    Determine the creep compliance J(t) of a material that responds like: a) an elastic spring with Young's modulus E J(t): b) a viscous dashpot with viscosity η as a function of time t) J(t): c) the Maxwell model (E for spring, and η for dashpot as a

    asked by please HELP
  9. Math

    Sarah has about containing x ribbons and 4 extra ribbons. Jill's has 12 ribbons. Express the number of ribbons that Sarah has in terms of x. For what value of x will Sarah and Jill have the same number of ribbons?

    asked by Josh
  10. Statistics

    Use normal approximation to find the probability of the indicated number of voters. In this case, assume that 184 eligible voters aged 18-24 are randomly selected. Suppose a previous study showed that among eligible voters aged 18-24, 22% of them voted.

    asked by Tralala
  11. Physics

    If the specific heat of ice is 0.5 cal/g degree celsius, how much heat must be released from 5 g of water at 0 degree celsius to change it to ice at -4 degree celsius?

    asked by Peter
  12. math

    Straight Numeric and Terminal Digit Filing i don't understand it at all

    asked by andy
  13. Math

    Jessica went to the mall and used 1/6 of her money on lunch. What is the fraction of her money expressed as a decimal? A. 0.6 (line above the 6) B. 0.7 (line above the 7) C. 0.16 (line above the 6) D. 0.17 ( line above the 7

    asked by Caitlyn
  14. math

    Saleem has purchased an investment certificate having a face value of rs.50,000.It carries interest at the rate of 12% payable annually and would mature after 4 year.For how much can Saleem sell this investment to a person whose required rate of return is

    asked by waqas hashmi
  15. Physics

    The 3.1 kg box shown below slides with a constant speed down an incline at an angle of θ = 28.0° to the horizontal. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction?

    asked by Mariah
  16. maths

    Mr.Mathew left one-fourth of his property to his daughter as well as his son. He also left one-third of the remaining to charity and the rest to his wife. How much did his wife get if the charity amount was 100,000? Answer i got is 200,000. 1/3=100,000

    asked by vig
  17. PE

    How does breathing change during exercise? Rate and depth decrease Rate and depth increase Rate increases and depth decreases Rate decreases and depth increases I think Rate increases and depth decreases is correct, can someone confirm or object? Danke.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Physics

    A copper (shear modulus 4.2 x 1010 N/m2) cube, 0.324 m on a side, is subjected to two shearing forces, each of magnitude F = 6.93 x 10 5 N (see the drawing). Find the angle (in degrees), which is one measure of how the shape of the block has been altered

    asked by Kevin
  19. Government

    To what extent do cabinet heads control the bureaucracy?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. chemistry

    Consider an atom traveling at 1% of the speed of light. The de Broglie wavelength is found to be 9.50 × 10–3 pm. Which element is this?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Precalculus

    1.) Use sigma notation to describe the sum of the first ten terms of the arithmetic sequence. 20+18.5+17+15.5+14+12.5+11+9.5+8+6.5 2.)Use sigma notation to describe the sum of the first ten terms of the geometric sequence.

    asked by Ellie
  22. Biology

    simulate a 24 hour day 12 hours of light 12 hours of dark how many snails and plants do you ened to keep a stable environment

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Physics

    Two identical small spheres of mass 2.0g are fastened to the ends of an insulating thread of length 0.60m The spheres are suspended by a hook in the ceiling from the centre of the thread. The spheres are given identical electric charges and hang in static

    asked by Ness
  24. chemistry

    calculate the pH of 5M aqueous ammonia. Given kb=1.8 x 10^-5

    asked by Nor Syafinas
  25. science

    a concave mirror produces a real image 1 cm tall of an object 2.5 mm tall placed 5 cm from the mirror.find the position of the image and the focal length of the mirror.

    asked by prerna raj sinha
  26. chemistry

    Calculate the volume occupied by 7g of nitrogen gas at 27 degree c and 750 mm of hg pressure

    asked by g srinivasa rao
  27. math

    Mrs lim had a ball of string of length 26 m. she cut 5 m of string to tie up some parcels. the remaining string was then cut into 4 equal pieces. what is the length of each piece of string?

    asked by roseffgtyu
  28. physics

    The AM frequencies of a radio dial range from 550 kHz, and the FM frequencies range of 88.0 MHz to MHz. all of these radio waves travel at a speed of 3.0x10^8 m/s, what are the wavelenght ranges of a.) the aM brand b.) FM brand

    asked by Jane
  29. Health

    A person who is fair, hard-working, and not afraid to be different has likely achieved? A. Self-actualization*** B. Adulthood C. Modeling D. Personality is it A

    asked by brookieluvs
  30. Mcmath

    19 less than one-half of some number w, w" it's alsgebraically don't understand. Help please

    asked by Josh
  31. Math

    What is the expected number of rolls of both dice until you get a sum that equals 6? I know that p[sum = 6] = 5/36, but how do I find out: E[# of rolls until the sum = 6] = ? Thanks!!

    asked by Beth
  32. Math, physics

    A rotating space station has radius 1380 m, measured from the center of rotation to the outer deck where the crew lives. What should the period of rotation be if the crew is to feel that they weigh one-half their Earth weight?

    asked by Pikka
  33. Chemistry

    What is the minimum volume of 2.6 M HBr required to completely dissolve 35.0 g of potassium metal?

    asked by Jorge
  34. chemistry

    draw a diagram showing the arrangement of the valency electrons in a molecule of the covalent compound arsine,ash3 use o to represent an electron from aresenic

    asked by ahmad
  35. Chemistry

    What is the frequency of the photons emitted by hydrogen atoms when they undergo transition from n=4 to n=3?

    asked by Terrill
  36. science

    a horizontal beam 6.8m long of mass 15kg is supported by pillars of 0.2 of each end. There is a man of mass 85 kg standing 1.7kg from one end of the beam .draw a diagram showing the forces acting on the beam in this equilibrium condition .calculate the

    asked by ben
  37. math

    If someone had a score of 495/500, What is the mixed number fraction? "I'm confused because if the denominator is bigger than the numerator how can we end up with a mixed number"

    asked by devon
  38. Biochemistry

    Why are Km values of enzymes typically at or near the cellular substrate concentration?

    asked by Jay
  39. Chemistry

    Given the following half-reactions and their standard reduction potentials, Ni2+ + 2e− Ni E° = -0.25 V 2H+ + 2e− H2 E° = 0.00 V Ag+ + e− Ag E° = 0.80 V a spontaneous reaction will occur between: a. Ni2+ and H2 b. H+ and Ag c. Ag+ and Ni d. Ni2+

    asked by Anonymous
  40. math

    Why do you have to use estimation to find the number of triangles you need for the string? {could you please me I don't understand

    asked by Claire
  41. PE help pls

    Why is it more important to know the amount body fat as opposed to just a person's weight? Weight alone does not determine a person's health. Excess body fat puts one at risk for diseases and illness. Both A and B. None of the above.

    asked by Oscar
  42. algebra

    Chen's motorgoat took 3 hr to make a treip downstream with a 6-mph current. The return trip against the same current took 5 hr. Find the speed of the boat in still water.

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Math: Word Problem

    A security fence encloses a rectangular are on one side of a park in a city. Three sides of fencing are used, since the fourth side of the area is formed by a building. The enclosed area measures 450 square feet. Exactly 60 feet of fencing is used to fence

    asked by Vee
  44. Physics

    Tarzan plans to cross a gorge by swinging in an arc from a hanging vine. If his arms are capable of exerting 1350 N on the vine, what is his acceleration at the point where the vine makes an angle of 45 degrees from the vertical assuming maximum speed at

    asked by Anonymous
  45. science

    what is a biome? ecological niche?

    asked by leena
  46. math

    A cyclinder cooling tank has an outside diameter of 6.00 ft. the wall on all sides are 5.00in thick and the tank is 10.0ft tall. how many gallons of water will this tank hold?

    asked by will
  47. math

    Find the orthocentre of the vertices QRS. Q(2,6), R (-3,1) and S (6,2).

    asked by sam
  48. Physics

    A piece of aluminum is attached to a string and suspended in a pool of oil with density 780 kg/m3. If the apparent weight of the aluminum is 590 N, what is the volume of the aluminum?

    asked by Wrenn
  49. Math

    Garrett is w years old. His mother is 4 times his age. His father is 3 years older than his mother. How old is Garret's father in terms of w

    asked by Sam o
  50. Health

    Approximately _____ Of The Total Blood Volume Is In The Veins At Any Given Time.

    asked by Xx-PiNk_KiTtY-xX
  51. Advanced Functions

    How would I do this: -cos(90-x) I know you would use the compound angle formula and I know how to do it but when you have -cos do you replace the cos with the negative? so for example -cos90(-cosx) + sinx(sin90)

    asked by Mandy
  52. Chem

    Slats such as barium chromate and calcium oxalate are generally insoluble in water. The addition of his enhance their solubility. Explain why.use chemical equations to highlight your arguments.

    asked by Ana
  53. Centripetal acceleration

    Is this right? Tarzan plans to cross a gorge by swinging in an arc from a hanging vine. If his arms are capable of exerting 1350 N on the vine, what is his acceleration at the point where the vine makes an angle of 45 degrees from the vertical assuming

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    Tom has 5 boxes of balls. Each box contains x balls. His father gives him another 8 balls. Find the total number of balls Raul has in terms of x

    asked by Sam o
  55. Math

    An office manager bought 16 boxes of pens, each containing z pens. Workers took 10 pens from the supply room. How many pens were left? Give your answer in terms of z

    asked by Sam o
  56. Chemistry

    You have a 250ml solution of 0.13M calcium iodate. How many grams of potassium iodate need to be added to the solution to begin to precipitate calcium iodate? The solubility product constant for calcium iodate is6.47 *10^-6. B) you have a 250ml solution of

    asked by Jack
  57. Chem

    How were each of the following cations utimately separated from the rest of the group and /or decorated? The use of equations may be helpful, where applicable. Ag+ K+ Nh4+ Al+

    asked by Elena
  58. Math

    Debbie has a box containing y ribbons and 4 extra ribbons. Janine has 12 ribbons. Express the number of ribbons that Sarah has in terms of y. For what value of y will Debbie and Janine have the same number of ribbons

    asked by Josh
  59. English

    I am writing an argument essay about how wedding cakes are high art. I am having trouble with how I should write my introduction paragraph. I need to write about something that will get my audience interested in my topic but how?

    asked by Emma
  60. Math

    Matt has y yards fabric. She used 2 yards to sew a skirt. She used the remaining fabric to make 5 jackets. Find the amount of material that was used to make each jacket in terms of y

    asked by Josh
  61. Math

    Are the ratios 24/96 and 28/112 equivalent?

    asked by Bryce
  62. Calculus 1

    Find the absolute minimum and absolute maximum values of f on the given interval. f(t) = 16 cos t + 8 sin 2t, [0, π/2]

    asked by TayB
  63. French

    Can someone help me fix my sentences or suggest any changes. This has to be in past tense and make sense. I think it make sense overall. The 2nd paragraph contains 5 main conditionals! Did I use those right? .. Any help at all would help me lots!! Thanks.

    asked by Emily
  64. English

    How would I change this sentence: into a passive The jury announced the verdict after five hours of deliberations.

    asked by jennifer
  65. English

    How would I write this sentence in an active voice: "Blue Suede Shoes" was sung by Elvis Presley Is this correct: Elvis sang " Blue Suede Shoes".

    asked by jennifer
  66. Math

    If $3000 is invested at 6% p.a. compounding yearly, how long will it take to double the value?

    asked by Paige
  67. English

    Active voice: The sleet turned the old municipal building into an ice castle Is this correct for a Passive voice Passive voice would be: The old municipal building turned into an ice castle from the sleet.

    asked by jennifer
  68. Biology

    Why don't we run out of the important gases that we need to stay alive?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Biology

    What gas do plants give off in the light

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Physics

    A gardener waters a lawn. the hose ejects 5*10^-4 m^3 of water per second. The area of the mouth of the hose is 5 cm^2. Find the backward force exerted on the gardener.[density of water=10^3kg/m^3]

    asked by Alice
  71. Biology

    Animals breathe in ___ and breathe out __ In sunlight plants take in ___ and realease __

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    find the measure of two complementary angles if one is 20 degrees more than 4 times the other angle.

    asked by Aleesia
  73. English

    Passive Voice Sentence: The priceless vase was smuggled ( by someone) out of the country. Is this correct using an Active voice: Someone smuggled the priceless vase out of the country.

    asked by jennifer
  74. Maths

    Maths Qus 1solve 2x+5=15 find x

    asked by Hamza ibrahim
  75. math

    what is the rate of this ratio in its lowest term - 48 gallons in 14 mins

    asked by sara
  76. English

    Passive Voice Sentence: More concern was shown (by television viewers) over the Super Bowl than over the outbreak of an international conflict. Is this correct for an Active Voice: The Super Bowl had more concern over the outbreak of an international

    asked by jennifer
  77. maths

    Mr.Mathew left one-fourth of his property to his daughter as well as his son. He also left one-third of the remaining to charity and the rest to his wife. How much did his wife get if the charity amount was 100,000?

    asked by vig
  78. Math work please help

    Which two square roots are used to estimate the square root of 42 25and36 36and49 49and64 25and64

    asked by Anon
  79. Physics

    An automobile is traveling 50 km/h². It deccerate at 5 m/s², how far will it take to travel after the brake are applied?

    asked by Abby
  80. physics

    A circular disk of 10cm radius is charged uniformly with a total charge of Q. Find the electric field intensity at a point 20cm away from the disk along its axis

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Algebra

    A certain number is three times the sum of its digits,if 45 is added to the digit it is reverse. Find the digit. Let the two digit number be xy(10x and y) xy=3(10x+y) 3(10x+y)+45=10y+x how to solve this sum in addition and subtraction method i don't know

    asked by Nathya
  82. Comprehensive secondary school

    Determine the mass of copper(ii)trioxonitrate(v) that will be formed when 15grams of copper is added to excess dilute trioxonitrate(v).{cu=63.5,N=14,O=16} solution cu(No3)2=Cu N2 O6 =63.5+14x2+16x6 =63.5+28+96 =187.5 Number of mole=mass/molar mass

    asked by Pearl
  83. Allanridge Seconday School

    I'm doing History , Life science, Geography and maths literacy......I want to do carreers that relate to helping people and assisting them, I'm more focused on doing therapy when I pass grade 12, So how many percentages is it garanteed that I can get a job

    asked by Gugu Hope Mbolambi
  84. further algebra

    A tennis ball dropped from a height 30m bounces 40% of the height from which it felt on its bounce. what is the vertical distance it travels before coming to rest.

    asked by Adam Campaore
  85. Physics

    A certain amount of gas has a volume of 4000cm^3 at a temperature of 27 degree celsius and a pressure of 1.2 atmospheres. If the pressure is kept constant, find the volume of the gas if it is heated to 60 degree celsius. Please tell me what formula should

    asked by Hera
  86. physics

    A fast-moving superhero in a comic book runs around a circular, 70-m-diameter track five and a half times (ending up directly opposite her starting point) in 3.0 s . What is her angular speed, in rad/s?

    asked by Shakira
  87. business statistics

    A sample of 900 items is taken from a population with standard deviation 15. The mean of the sample is 25. Test whether the sample has come from a population with mean 26.8. Take a=5%

    asked by Isaac
  88. physics

    The AM frequencies of a radio dial range from 550 kHz, and the FM frequencies range of 88.0 MHz to MHz. all of these radio waves travel at a speed of 3.0x10^8 m/s, what are the wavelenght ranges of a.) the aM brand b.) FM brand

    asked by Anonymous
  89. chemistry

    In many residential water systems, the aqueous Fe3+ concentration is high enough to stain sinks and turn drinking water light brown. The iron content is analyzed by first reducing the Fe3+ to Fe2+ and then titrating with MnO4- in acidic solution. Fe2+(aq)

    asked by Dalton
  90. physics

    The coefficient of friction b/n the tyre of the car rotating around horizontal circular road and the road way is 0.5; whate would the minimum radius at w/c acar turn a horizontal road when its speed is 15m/s?(g=10m/s square)

    asked by eden
  91. physics

    what minimum initial velocity must aprojectile have to reach atarget at a distance of 25m away?(use g=10m/s square)

    asked by taru
  92. phsics

    A small mass of 2kg tide to the string of length 3cm complete 4 revolution in one second inhorizontal circle. What is the tangential displacement of the body in 5seconds

    asked by temu
  93. physics

    Two satellites are monitored as they orbit the earth,satellites Y is foure times as far from earth's centre as is satellite X. IF the period of revolution of satellite X is T. WHAT IS THE PERIOD OF REVOLUTION OF OF Y?

    asked by barch
  94. physics

    A uniform solid cylinder of mass 1kg rolls with out slipping on aflate surface at aspeed of pay/200rad/s how long will it be when they meet?

    asked by AAB
  95. physics

    5kg particle is attaced at arim of arotating wheel of radius 2m. the wheel completes each revolution in 3seconds. The total moment of inertia of the sysem(I particle+I wheel) is 2kg.msquare) find A, Determine the rotational kinetic energy of the system? B,

    asked by cheru
  96. physics

    A boy and girl are balanced on a "massless" seesaw. The boy has a mass of 75 kg and the girl a mass of 50kg. The seesaw is 6 meters in lenght with the pivot point between them...What are the distances each child must sit relative to the pivot point?

    asked by Joe
  97. Physics

    A car of mass 1380 kg rests on a hydraulic lift with a piston of radius 0.24 m that is connected to a second piston of radius 0.029 m. If the car is just barely lifted off the ground, what is the force at the second piston? my work: 1380kg/.24m = F/.029m

    asked by Wrenn
  98. Math

    A pole that is 3.2m tall casts a shadow that is 1.4m long. At the same time, a nearby tower casts a shadow that is 39.5m long. How tall is the tower? Round your answer to the nearest meter.

    asked by Michelle
  99. math

    If one angle of parallelogram is twice of its adjacent angle. Find angle of parallelogram.

    asked by bavya
  100. spanish

    What is one difference between popular beverages in Los estados unidos and those in the Spanish speaking world

    asked by ciarà
  101. Spanish

    Would you use indicative or subjective in this sentence? Explain why? María prefiere que no _________________ (haber) mucha gente en la playa. (I think that you would use subjective because "haber" can count as a subjective change and it has a verb of

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Health

    Which of the following people is most likely to have the highest self-esteem? A. A 15-year-old male B. A 15-year-old female*** C. A 50-year-old male D. A 50-year-old female is it B

    asked by brookieluvs
  103. Finite Math

    A bowl contains 10 red balls, 5 blue balls, and 8 green balls. A woman selects balls at random without looking in the bowl. How many balls must she select to be sure that she has at least one ball of each color?

    asked by Ronnie
  104. math

    What graphical characteristics in the reciprocal function do the zeros of the original function correspond to? Explain

    asked by Mahan