Questions Asked on
November 13, 2015

  1. Chemistry (Check)

    Calculate the mass of 15.0 L of NH3 at 27 degrees C and 900 mmHg. Mass of NH3 = 12.2 g

  2. Chemistry (Check)

    How many molecules are there in 985 mL of nitrogen at 0.0 degrees C and 1.00x10^-6 mmHg? 3.50 molecules

  3. History

    12. What effect did technology have on World War I? It enabled nations to defeat their enemies with few casualties. It greatly increased the number of casualties.

  4. Chemistry (Check)

    6.3 mg of a boron hydride is contained in a flask of 385 mL at 25. degrees C and a pressure of 11 Torr. A. determine the molar mass of the hydride. B. which of the following hydrides is contained in the flask, BH3, B2H6, or B4H10 A. MM = 27.597 g/mol B.

  5. Language Arts

    From an hour with Abuelo: which paragraphs represent the exposition in Abuelo's story? paragraphs 8–10 paragraphs 10–12 paragraphs 12–14 paragraphs 14–15 *** (i chose number 4)14-15

  6. science plz help fast

    how do mutualism and parasitism compare ? 1.)at least one organism is helped in both cases 2.)at least one organism is armed in both cases 3.)organisms are only harmed in both cases 4.)organism are only helped in one while organism are only harmed in the

  7. English

    I need either an audio for the book "Nethergrave" by Gloria Skurzynski or an extremely detailed summary please.

  8. History

    Question 1 In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, European nations formed alliances in order to __________. keep peace on the continent

  9. math

    Marco is studying a type of mold that grows at a fast rate. He created the function f(x) = 345(1.30)^x to model the number of mold spores per week. What does the 1.30 represent? How many mold spores are there after 4 weeks? Round your answer to the nearest

  10. math

    The back of Dante's property is a creek. Dante would like to enclose a rectangular area, using the creek as one side and fencing for the other three sides, to create a pasture. If there is 720 feet of fencing available, what is the maximum possible area of

  11. English

    Which type of figurative language is used in the following line from John F. Kennedy's inaugural address to the nation? "The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans." A. Allusion B. Simile C. Personification D. Metaphor

  12. Math 141

    Two cards are drawn from a well-shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. Let X denote the number of aces drawn. Find P(X = 0). (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

  13. Math

    Which of the following exponential functions goes through the points (1, 6) and (2, 12)? A.f(x)= 3(2)^x B.f(x)= 2(3)^x C.f(x)= 3(2)^-x D.f(x)= 2(3)^-x

  14. Science

    The search for identity usually occurs during???

  15. Language Art's

    1.) When MacNeil asks, "When before human history has so much humanity collectivity surrendered so much of its leisure to one toy, one mass diversion?" What is this persuasive technique called? A. repetition B. Generalization C. a rhetorical question D. a

  16. Calculus 1

    Use Newton's method to find the coordinates, correct to six decimal places, of the point on the parabola y = (x − 5)^2 that is closest to the origin.

  17. Chemistry

    Calculate the density (g/L) of 478 mL of krypton at 47 degrees C and 671 mmHg. I wasn't sure about this one but I got: density = 2820 g/L with sig figs

  18. Rationa Numbers

    What makes the statement true? 8^-2=? A. 64 B. 16 C. -1/64 D. 1/64 Please help

  19. social studies PLEASE HELP

    which of the following is true of social classes? people in most societies cannot improve their status they are based mainly on age people can improve their status by getting a good education they are based mainly on gender im not sure what to even guess

  20. Calculus

    Use the Left and Right Riemann Sums with 80 rectangle to estimate the (signed) area under the curve of y=e^(3x)−5 on the interval of [10,20]. Write your answer using the sigma notation

  21. calculus

    Use the Left and Right Riemann Sums with 100 rectangle to estimate the (signed) area under the curve of y=−2x+1 on the interval [0,50]. Write your answer using the sigma notation.

  22. Calculus 1

    Use Newton's method to find the coordinates, correct to six decimal places, of the point on the parabola y = (x − 5)^2 that is closest to the origin.


    What does it mean when a golfer “addresses the ball?” (1 point) a. He/she introduces themselves b. He/she prepares for contact with the ball c. He/she hits the ball into the hole d. He/she hits the ball off of the course is it c.

  24. Chemistry

    Given 300.0 mL of a gas at 17.0 degrees C. What is its volume at 10.0 degrees C? Vf = .293 L

  25. Calculus 1

    Use Newton's method to find all roots of the equation correct to six decimal places. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) 7/x = 1 + x^3

  26. Math

    What positive, two-digit number, when doubled and added to two, gives a sum that is the original number with its digits reversed?

  27. Math

    Examine the diagram. A piston rod, PQ, is connected to a wheel at P and to a piston at Q. As P moves around the wheel in a counterclockwise direction, Q slides back and forth. there's a unit circle. origin to intersection at (1,0) is point P. Extending

  28. physics

    a piece of metal of density 7800kgm-3 weighs 20N in air. Cal. The apparent weight of th metal when completely immersed in a liquid of density 830kgm-3

  29. Math

    The current, I, in amperes, for an electric circuit is given by the formula I=4.3sin120(pi)t, where t is time, in seconds. a)At what time is the current at its max volume? How does your understanding of co terminal angles help in your solution? b)What time

  30. Human Resources

    Which of the following is a correct statement about dejobbing? A. Dejobbing involves viewing organizations as a field of work to be done .B. Dejobbing involves the downsizing or elimination of jobs .C. Dejobbing involves emphasizing on detailed job

  31. Triganometry

    To measure a stone face carved on the side of a mountain, two sightings 407 feet from the base of the mountain are taken. If the angle of elevation to the bottom of the face is 36 degrees and the angle of elevation to the top of the face is 67 degrees,

  32. Health

    During puberty, you may find yourself on a roller coaster, one minute you feel like crying and the next minute you are on top of the world. This could signify that you’re suffering from a hormonal imbalance. *** hormonal surge. hormonal shortage.

  33. Health

    When you wake up and a large pimple greets you when you look into the mirror, this endocrine gland is to blame Thymus Gland Reproductive Gland Thyroid Gland Pancreas

  34. spanish

    what is the correct way to say i want chicken in spanish (1 point)

  35. Math

    A(-3,3) A is a glide reflection where the translation is (x,y) (x+5,y), and the line of reflection is y=1. What are the coordinates of A' A.(2,-3) B.(-3,5) C.(5,1) D.(2,5)

  36. Math

    The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 14. The number formed by reversing the digits is 36 more than the original number. What is the original number?

  37. Language Art's

    8.)Which of the following best describes the idea from MacNeil’s essay referenced in the previous question? a.)It is an opinion presented through an appeal to emotion.

  38. Biology 30

    For ABO blood groups in the humans, the A and B genes are codminant. Both A and B are dominant over O a. Identify the possible blood types in the children of a man with blood type O and a woman with blood type AB. My work: The possible blood types that the

  39. Biology

    A recessive sex-linked allele (h) located on the X chromosome increases blood-clotting time, causing hemophilia. a. With the aid of a Punnet square explain how hemophilic offspring can be born to normal parents? My work: Hemophilic offspring could be born

  40. Chemistry (Check)

    A container holds 500. mL of CO2 at 20. degrees C and 742 Torr. What will be the volume of the CO2 if the pressure is increased to 795 Torr? Vf = .465 L

  41. Chemistry

    A piece of metal of mass 25 g at 94◦C is placed in a calorimeter containing 57.4 g of water at 24◦C. The final temperature of the mixture is 34.2 ◦C. What is the specific heat capacity of the metal?Assume that there is no energy lost to the

  42. algebra

    A very old vending machine accepts only nickels (n) and dimes (d). Candy costs up to $0.50, but sometimes the machine will dispense candy without any coins being inserted into the machine. Which inequality shows all of the ways to obtain a candy bar from

  43. Science

    What laboratory instrument utilized the wave nature of electrons?

  44. Math - Logarithms

    Write the following expression as a single logarithm: 4ln2x + ln(6/x) - 2ln2x So I did... 4ln2x + ln(6/x) - 2ln2x = ln2x^4 + ln(6/x) - ln2x^2 = ln16x^4 + ln(6/x) - ln4x^2 = ln16x^(2)(2) + ln(6/x) - ln4x^2 = 2ln16x^2 + ln6 - lnx - ln4x^2 If my calculations

  45. Al;gebra 1

    1) A family is building a patio onto the back of their house with a rectangular area in the center and equal square sections on both sides. The entire length of the patio can be no longer than 20 feet. Let p represent the width of each square section.

  46. Chemistry (Check)

    A 30.0 L sample of nitrogen inside a rigid, metal container at 20.0 degrees C is placed inside an oven whose temperature is 50.0 degrees D. The pressure inside the container at 20.0 degrees C was at 3.00 atm. What is the pressure of the nitrogen after its

  47. Chemistry

    Show that the reaction caco3 ->cao+co2 is not a redox reaction

  48. Chemistry (Check)

    A sample of helium has a volume of 521 cc at a pressure of 75 cmHg and a temperature of 18 degrees C. When the temperature is increased to 23 degrees C, what is the volume of the helium? Vf = .530 L

  49. c++ programming

    I need some help with my homework please Write a C++ program to prompts the user to enter the first character of shape name (Cycle, Rectangle, or Triangle). Then calculate the area of that shape. „h If the user enters another character the program should

  50. algebra

    a tennis ball dropped from a height of 30m bounces 40% of the height from which it fell on each bounce. what is the vertical distance it travels before coming to rest?

  51. Calculus 1

    Of the infinitely many lines that are tangent to the curve y = −4 sin x and pass through the origin, there is one that has the largest slope. Use Newton's method to find the slope of that line correct to six decimal places.

  52. Statistics

    Create a null hypothesis or the following research questions: (a) What are the differences between emergency room shifts on medication errors? (b) On a clinical trail of a new drug, what will be the effects over a currently used drug?

  53. Chemistry

    2.1 g of a hydrocarbon fuel is burned in a calorimeter that contains 280 grams of water initially at 25.00◦C. After the combustion, the temperature is 26.55◦C. How much heat is evolved per gram of fuel burned? The heat capacity of the calorimeter

  54. business calc.

    The management of Ditton Industries has determined that the daily marginal revenue function associated with selling x units of their deluxe toaster ovens is given by the following where R '(x) is measured in dollars/unit. Rtext( )'\(x\) = -0.1x + 40 (a)

  55. Biology

    Tay-Sachs disease is a hereditary disease that kills 1 in 360,000 individuals in the general population. Individuals homozygous for the defective allele have Tay-Sachs disease and die at an early age.Studies show that heterozygous individuals have a higher

  56. English

    Here is the original paragraph and the second one is the corrected on: I remember last year when was trying to choose the right school and worrying about it a lot. One day, a friend says that instead of talking about all the time I should visit a few

  57. language arts

    The plaza was a delightful place to sit in the sunshine. A. town square B. living room C. playground D. park is it a?

  58. Chemistry-Dr.Bob

    Calculate the mass of Fe(OH)3 s) produced by mixing 50.0 mL of 0.153 M KOH (aq) and 25.0 mL of 0.255 M Fe(NO3)3 (aq), and the number of moles of the excess reactant remaining in solution.

  59. Chemistry

    Isomers are compounds that have the same number and kinds of atoms but have a different arrangement of the atoms. The enthalpies of atom combination for several pairs of gaseos isomers are given here. For each pair, decide which has the strongest bonds. a.

  60. Chemistry

    Show that the reaction caco3 ->cao+co2 is not a redox reaction

  61. Programming logic design

    Design a class named DVD that has fields for the DVD category , tittle and price include methods to set and get the value for each field write pseudocode that definnes this class.

  62. chemistry

    Determine the pH of a 1 M aniline solution (Kb = 4.2 10-10). I am unsure how to start, any help?

  63. Math

    Jerry is currently paid $567 for working a 45 hour week. His weekly salary is to be increased by 10% but his hours are to be reduced by 10%. Calculate the change from his old hourly rate of pay to his new hourly rate of pay.

  64. physics

    what do you think will happen if a blackhole and a whitehole are close to each other

  65. Precalculus

    How many ancestors have you had in the six generations preceding you? (Assume no unusual circumstances such as duplicate ancestors.)

  66. math

    Roman has 36 sticks between 2 boxes. Boxes always have a set number of sticks in them.If he had 5 boxes,how many sticks would Romeo have?

  67. maths

    -3 +(-8)=

  68. history

    the kings who ruled from 1000bc to 1000ad

  69. Math

    Need to find out how many answers I got correct out of 40 questions. I ended with a zero at the end .5 points were given fr the correct answer while 3oints were deducted or the wrong answer

  70. physics

    "How far would a tennis ball (100g) go if thrown from your catapult at a height of 1m with a force of 50 N and at an angle of 50 degrees from the horizontal?"

  71. math

    a 20 m by 15 m lawn is surrounded by a concrete path 2.5 m wide. Find the area of the a) lawn b) lawn and path c) path

  72. algebra with pizzazz

    -4/3 is empty Gloves 7/3 is empty on 0 is empty

  73. history

    Hello. I have a history project and I really need help with thinking of a catchy phrase. It has to do with the first amendment and its also a public service announcement. If anyone has any ideas please help me out. Thank you very much.

  74. math

    in a class of 21 students, 1 out of every 3 students volunteer to work. What is the ratio of volunteers to non volunteers?

  75. Math I do not under stand

    75 70 = 84,000 I do not think it right I really need help 5*0=0 0*70=0 70*5=350 70*70= 4,900 Please help me )-; )-;

  76. math

    Paving cost is $10.30 per square yard. find the total cost of paving the shaded area in figure 27-21. Round the answers to nearest ten dollars. 170'-0" Radius 92'0 256'-0" is the shaded area

  77. Chemistry

    Pyrites, FeS2, are a pollution-causing impurity in some coals. Upon combustion, the following rxn takes place: 2FeS2 + 5O2 à 4SO2 + 2FeO What volume of 6.0 M NaOH would be required to react with the SO2 produced from 1000 kg of coal containing 0.050% by

  78. Science

    a 1.73 kg steel ball strikes a massive wall at 11.4 m/s at an angle of 50.9 with the perpendicular to the plane of the wall. It bounces off the wall at the same speed and angle it originally had.if the ball is ik contact with the wall for .101 s what is

  79. Physics

    What is the gravitational force between two identical 4,500 kg asteroids whose centers of mass are separated by 120 m?

  80. algebra

    Paving cost is $10.30 per square yard. find the total cost of paving the shaded area in figure 27-21. Round the answers to nearest ten dollars. 170'-0" Radius 92'0 is the degrees 256'-0" is the shaded area The sum total is 14780 please help

  81. Math

    A ladder is against a wall such that the base is 6 ft away from the wall. If the distance up the wall is 3 ft shorter than the length of the ladder, how long is the ladder?

  82. literature

    Whose account of climbing everest was more appealing to you

  83. Movie Analysis


  84. Math

    Can someone check my answers when a skydiver jumps from an airplane, the distance d in feet the diver falls in t seconds before opening the parachute is given by the formula d=16t2. the formula assumes that there is no air resistance. find the time it

  85. Physic

    Two cars A and B are moving along astaight road in the same direction with velocity of 25km/h and 40km/h, respectively. Find the velocity of car B relative to car A?

  86. High school /physic

    Formula of velocity

  87. math

    Point E(0, -2) is a vertex of square DEFG. After a 90* clockwise rotation of the square about the origin, which of the following is the location of E? A. (-2,0) B. (2,0) C. (2,2) D. (0,2) Point D(-3,5) is a vertex of triangle DEF. After rotation of the

  88. Algebra

    How do I perform the indicated operation and, if possible, simplify. And show all of my work? 7/12 + (-3/5)

  89. Chem

    what is the mass in amu of 3.12 moles of Ba(NO3)2?

  90. Physics

    An airplane is circling an airport by traveling a horizontal circular path at a speed of 400 km/h. The bank angle of the wings is 20 degrees. What is the radius of the circular path the plane is flying? I honestly do not know where to start this. And it is

  91. Chemistry

    If the 50.00mL sample from problem 3 above was titrated with EDTA,what volume of a 0.00420 M EDTA solution would be needed to reach the endpoint? (Your answer should be given in milliliters.) (Problem 3 found that .0000625 moles of calcium carbonate were

  92. Math - Logarithms

    Could you please explain why lne^2 = 2, e^lne^2 = e^2, e^lin2 = 2, and lne^e = e ? Thank you.

  93. English

    I need help in trying to figure out the verb tense in this sentence I remember last year when was trying to choose the right school and worrying about it a lot. One day, a friend says that, instead of talking about all the time I should visit a few places

  94. English

    1. He preferred jazz to rock music. 2. He preferred jazz music to rock music. ========== Does #1 mean #2? Is 'music' missing after 'jazz' in #1?

  95. Law

    What 4 specific methods in which penology could be used to improve the criminal justice system? Why do you feel these methods could result in improvement? 2 references

  96. English

    1. John's father caught a big fish, and put it back. 2. John's father caught a big fish, and turned it back. 3. John's father caught a big fish, and returned it. ================= Are they the same in meaning? Which one is commonly used?

  97. English

    Please bring your spouse. ===================== Is 'spouse' pronounced [spaus] or [spauz]? In a dictionary, there are two ways of pronouncing it. In the USA, how is it pronounced? What is the common pronunciation? Is it pronounced differently in the UK?

  98. Social Studies

    Jury duty is A right, because it is discussed in the US constitution A right, because only some citizens are required to do it. A responsibility, because citizens citizens do it to help protect people's rights A responsibility because judges cannot make

  99. English

    Please review my complaint letter for school? Is it formatted correctly? November 13, 2015 Apple Inc. 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014-5723 To whom it may concern: I am writing to inform you that the product I’ve ordered from your company has not yet

  100. Biology

    How do nucleotides and hydrogen bonds affect the structure of DNA? Maybe something like nucleotides make up DNA and hydrogen bonds hold the nitrogenous bases together?

  101. Chemistry

    An atom has a mass number of 39. If it has 20 neutrons, calculate its atomic number.

  102. math

    Explain why the graphs of f(x) =x and g(x) =1/x are in the same quadrants over the same intervals. Does this relationship hold for m(x) = -x and n(x) = -1/x? Does this relationship hold for any function and its reciprocal function.

  103. Science

    For the reaction shown below, the instantaneous rate of formation of Br(aq) is 0.12 M/s at t=2.0 min. 3Br0(aq) -> BrO3(aq) + 2Br(aq) What are the instantaneous rates of formation of BrO3(aq) and consumption of BrO(aq)?

  104. math

    Theater Total Value of Ticket Sales A $1,600 B $2,000 C $1,800 D $4,800 E $3,200 The table above shows the total value of the ticket sales for an afternoon show in each of five movie theaters. There were 300 tickets that were sold for each theater. The

  105. Chemistry (Check)

    If a gas in a closed container is pressurized from 12 atm to 25 atm and tis original temperature was 32 degrees C, what would the final temperature of the gas be? Tf = 635 K

  106. Materials

    How does the elastic modulus vary with temperature? in polymers

  107. social

    european countries traded mali for which natural resource

  108. Chemistry

    Carbon disulfide (CS2) is useful, but flammable, solvent. Calculate DH for the following reaction. CS2(l) + 3O2(g) --> CO2(g) + 2SO2(g)

  109. algebra 1

    solve for x /x\-5=7 (slashes are straight up and down)

  110. Math

    Belinda used her calculator to find the decimal for the fraction 21/28, When she entered 21/28 the calculator gave an answer that looked familiar. Why do you think she recognized it.

  111. Chemistry (Check)

    A sample of gas has a volume of 12.0 L and a pressure of 20kPa. If the pressure of gas is increased to 50 psi, what is the new volume of the gas? Vf = 6.96 L

  112. Algebra 2

    Solve system by substitution or elimination x+4y=13 2x+3y=6

  113. Math

    Scores on a test are normally distributed and have a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 4.2. What score does a student need in order to rank in the top 20%?

  114. Science

    6. A meander is best described as a A. depression for swimming. B. bend or curve in a stream channel. C. straight streamline into a lake. D. pond located streamside. B?

  115. Children Development

    I cannot figure of what means by what life experiences i had at trust vs.mistrust stage of life?

  116. Chemistry (Check)

    Chlorine gas, Cl2, is widely used to purify municipal water supplies and treat swimming pool waters. If it occupies 23.5 cm^3 at STP, what volume will it occupy at -270. degrees C and a pressure of 1520 Torr? Vf = 1.29 x 10^-4

  117. maths

    In TRIANGLE ABC points P,Q,R arethe points lies inside triangle in such a way that Ap= PR, BQ=QP &QR=RC n area of triangle PQR =100 then find the Area of ABC

  118. University of North Dakota

    an investment club placed $33,000 into two simple interest accounts. On one account, the annual simple intrest rate is 9.5%. On the other, the simple interest rate is 1.5%. How much should be invested in each account so that both accounts earn the same

  119. Math

    Suppose just go is selling magazine subscriptions each of the scription cost $20 the company pays the school half of the total sales in dollars the school must also pay a one time fee of $18 right and solve any Quetion to determine the fewest number of the

  120. math

    A cyclinder cooling tank has an outside diameter of 6.00 ft. the wall on all sides are 5.00in thick and the tank is 10.0ft tall. how many gallons of water will this tank hold?

  121. Calculs

    1)Using Newton's Method with A=5, approximate the square root of 27. Do 2 iterations. 2)Using Newton's Method with A=2, approximate the cube root of 9. Do 2 iterations.

  122. Algebra

    Mai has 3 times as many teddy bears as tony. Altogether they have 24 teddy bears. If let tony has x teddy bears, make an equation to find the number of bears that Mai has?

  123. Chemistry

    You have a large amount of 8.00 M stock solution. You need 1.60 L of 3.00 M solution for an experiment. How would you prepare the desired solution without wasting any stock solution?

  124. Chemistry

    You have a large amount of 8.00 M stock solution. You need 1.60 L of 3.00 M solution for an experiment. How would you prepare the desired solution without wasting any stock solution?

  125. Biology

    What does it take to be a living organism? Living things share 8 characteristics that are listed in Chapter 1 of your textbook on page 19. Think of an organism or cell in which all 8 characteristics are not obvious. For example, coral looks like it does

  126. Children Development

    At Erickson Autonomy Shame and Doubt stage how do parents hinder or promote a child development?