Questions Asked on
November 4, 2015

  1. Algebra

    1. How many students chose walking as their preferred method of transportation? 6 3 9 none of these

    asked by Dominique
  2. English - The Red Badge of Courage

    1.Why did the youth enlist? (1 point) He was eager to join the war.***** He was drafted. He wanted to avenge the death of his friend. 2. From what point of view is the story told? (1 point) first-person point of view third-person limited point of view*****

    asked by SkatingDJ
  3. Physics

    In a fast-pitch softball game the pitcher is impressive to watch, as she delivers a pitch by rapidly whirling her arm around so that the ball in her hand moves in a circle. In one instance, the radius of the circle is 0.608 m. At one point on this circle,

    asked by Deven
  4. English - The Red Badge of Courage

    In The Red Badge of Courage, when Henry wakes up in camp the day after fighting, why does he first think he is in a charnel place? The sleeping men around him look dead. The smoke from the campfire smells like burning meat. The noise from the front and the

    asked by SkatingDJ
  5. Math

    1. A ferris wheel is drawn on a coordinate plane so that the first car is located at the point (30,0). what are the coordinates of the first car after a rotation of 270* about the origin. A) (30,0) B) (-30,0) C) (0,-30) D) (0,30) This doesn't make any

    asked by Tim
  6. Calculus

    Gloria would like to construct a box with volume of exactly 45ft^3 using only metal and wood. The metal costs $15/ft^2 and the wood costs $6/ft^2. If the wood is to go on the sides, the metal is to go on the top and bottom, and if the length of the base is

    asked by Dave
  7. Calculus

    A rectangular recreational field needs to be built outside of a gymnasium. Three walls of fencing are needed and the fourth wall is to be a wall of the gymnasium itself. The ideal area for such a field is exactly 250000ft2. In order to minimize costs, it

    asked by Erik
  8. Physics

    In a fast-pitch softball game the pitcher is impressive to watch, as she delivers a pitch by rapidly whirling her arm around so that the ball in her hand moves in a circle. In one instance, the radius of the circle is 0.608 m. At one point on this circle,

    asked by Deven
  9. Math

    Which of the following options is an equivalent function to f(x) = 4(3)2x? A.f(x)= 36x B.f(x)= 4(9)x C.f(x)= 144x D.f(x)= 4(6x)

    asked by May
  10. History

    1. Which statement is NOT a similarity that Emily Geiger and Rebecca Motte share? a. Both women were spies. b. Both women's contributions to the American Revolution are often overlooked. c. Both women assisted patriot forces.*** d. Both women willingly

    asked by Ms. Sue PLEASE help me!!!
  11. Calculus

    For a cylinder with a surface area of 90, what is the maximum volume that it can have? Round your answer to the nearest 4 decimal places. The volume of a cylinder is πr^2*h and the surface area is 2πrh+2πr^2.

    asked by John
  12. Physics

    A car moves on a level horizontal road in a circle of radius 30.5 m. the coefficient of friction between the tires and the road is 0.5. The maximum speed with which the car can round this curve without slipping is:

    asked by Troi
  13. Math

    Which of the following options results in a graph that shows exponential growth A.f(x)= 0.4(3)^x B.f(x)= 3(0.5)^x C.f(x)= 0.8(0.9)^x D.f(x)= 0.9(5)^-x

    asked by Katie
  14. Pre algebra

    Write the following ratio in simplest form 32 min : 36 min A 8:9******************* B 8:36 C 32:9 D 128:144 In a sports equipment locker there are 81 balls and 45 baseball mitts. Write the ratio of balls to baseball mitts in simplest form A

    asked by orangygirl
  15. Math

    For f(x) = 0.01(2)^x, find the average rate of change from x = 2 to x = 10. A.1.275 B.8 C.10.2 D.10.24

    asked by Ruby
  16. Biology (CHECK)

    Describe how comparing the anatomy of living species provides evidence of evolution. A: Comparisons of the anatomy of different types of organisms often reveal basic similarities in body structures even though the structure's functions may differ between

    asked by Victoria
  17. math

    The revenue from selling q items is R(q) = 600q − q^2, and the total cost is C(q) = 150 + 50q. Write a function that gives the total profit earned. It is my understanding that profit = revenue - costs. So when I tried to write the function for total

    asked by Jasmine
  18. science

    a target t lies flat on the ground 3m from the side of a building that is 10m tall, as shown above. a student rolls a ball off the horizontal speed with which the ball must leave the roof if it is to strike the target moest nearly?

    asked by maya
  19. Math

    There was a 6 square foot piece of wrapping paper for a birthday present. It takes 3 3/8 square feet pg the paper to wrap the present. How many pieces of 6 square foot paper are needed to wrap 3 of these presents? Please help me. I tried dividing. Please

    asked by Secret Student
  20. jim chavani high

    A cubic block of wood is painted various colours on all the sides. Each side of the block has the same length of 12cm. This block is now cut into many cubes of equal size of which the sides are now 3cm in length. c) How many cubes could be created from the

    asked by musa

    A copper (shear modulus 4.2 x 1010 N/m2) cube, 0.248 m on a side, is subjected to two shearing forces, each of magnitude F = 3.84 x 10 6 N (see the drawing). Find the angle (in degrees), which is one measure of how the shape of the block has been altered

    asked by Anonymous
  22. English Speech

    Derrick's social studies teacher assigned Derrick to present a report about the life of the nomadic peoples who live in Mongolia. Derrick decided that he would focus his report on their traditional homes, called gers. Which visual aids are most likely to

    asked by Kes
  23. Math

    Is the simplified form of 2square root of 3 ⋅ 2square root of 6 rational Yes or No

    asked by Gracie
  24. math

    The average cost of manufacturing a quantity q of a good, is defined to be a(q) = C(q)/q. The average cost per item to produce q items is given by a(q) = 0.01q2 − 0.6q + 13, for q >0. (a) What is the total cost, C(q),of producing q goods? For this do I

    asked by Jasmine
  25. Science

    a horse runs with an initial velocity of 11m/s and slows to 5.2 m/s over a time interval of 3.1 s what is the horse's average acceleration

    asked by anonymous
  26. Science

    which of the following skulls is most likely that of an herbivore?

    asked by YRN DJ
  27. Chemistry

    Determine ∆G° (in kcal) for the reaction CCl4(ℓ) + H2(g) HCl(g) + CHCl3(ℓ) at 25 °C under standard conditions. The following information is available: At 25 °C C(graphite) + 2Cl2(g) CCl4(ℓ) ∆S° = -56.23 cal K-1 C(graphite) + Cl2(g) + H2(g)

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Math

    There are 41 students in group 2. Twice as many students play the trumpet as play the trombone, but 8 students play the saxophone. How many students in Group 2 play each instrument? Endless thanks

    asked by Josie
  29. Spanish

    The years from 1810 to 1825 were difficult for__________because of the many territorial losses it suffered. A. Peru B. Spain C. Mexico*** D. Venezuela

    asked by Kaai97
  30. Science

    An object has more momentum if it has which of the following? a. a large mass and low velocity b. a high velocity and a small mass

    asked by HELP!! URGENT!!
  31. Calc

    A Norman window is constructed by adjoining a semicircle to the top of a rectangular window as shown in the figure below. If the perimeter of the Norman window is 24 ft, find the dimensions that will allow the window to admit the most light.

    asked by Coc
  32. Physics

    A 50 kg boy runs at a speed of 10 m/s and jumps onto a cart. The cart is initially at rest. The speed of the cart with the boy on it is 2.50 m/s. a)What is the initial momentum of the boy? b) What is the final momentum of the boy and the cart? c) What is

    asked by Jose Luis
  33. Spanish

    What is one common detail in the lives of the Spanish musicians Falla, Ponce, and Lecuona? A. they each wrote the same number of ballets B. they each played professionally by age 5 C. they each lived in Spain for a period of time D. they each received

    asked by Kaai97
  34. Phy

    A uniform beam of length l whose mass is 3.5kg rests with its ends on two digital scales. A block with a mass of 1.3kg rests on the beam, 1/4 of the distance in from the left balance. What do the scales read?

    asked by Ashley
  35. Trigonometry

    A pole leans away from the sun at an angle of 7° to the vertical. When the angle of elevation of the sun is 51°, the pole cast a shadow 47ft. long on level ground. How long is the pole?

    asked by Exto
  36. math

    Breck Hardware purchased from Black and Decker 10 Dust Busters for $24.95 each. What should Breck charge its customers for each Dust Buster if it has a 39.5% markup on cost?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    Top player's scoring average changes from 20 points per game to 24 points per game. What is the percentage of increase. 1:20% 2:16.7% I think 2??

    asked by reality check
  38. calculus

    A Norman window is constructed by adjoining a semicircle to the top of a rectangular window . (The diameter of the semicircle is the same as the width of the rectangular) If the perimeter of the Norman window is 20 ft, find the dimensions that will allow

    asked by Beth
  39. Math

    A section of a boardwalk is made using 15 boards. Each board is 914 inches wide. The total width of the section is 144 inches. The spacing between each board is equal. What is the width of the spacing between each board? Write your answer in simplest form.

    asked by joe
  40. Calc

    Gloria would like to construct a box with volume of exactly 55ft3 using only metal and wood. The metal costs $12/ft2 and the wood costs $9/ft2. If the wood is to go on the sides, the metal is to go on the top and bottom, and if the length of the base is to

    asked by Coc
  41. Math

    Which of the following options is an equivalent function to f(x) = 3(2)3^x? A.f(x)=3(8)^x B.f(x)= 24^x C.f(x)= 27(8)^x D.f(x)= 3(8x)

    asked by Katie
  42. Physics

    A 8 kg block is set moving with an initial speed of 6 m/s on a rough horizontal surface. If the friction 12 12 N, approximately how far does the block travel before it stops?

    asked by Jose Luis
  43. Social Studies

    1) What was Vladimir Lenin's first goal after controlling Russia in 1917? A: Vladimir Lenin's first goal after controlling Russia in 1917 was to pull Russia out of World War I and concentrate on establishing a Communist state. 2) What major issues did

    asked by Victoria
  44. Science

    Which piece of children’s’ playground equipment could be used to model and explain the movement of matter in the biosphere? (1 point) slide merry-go-round*** swing seesaw

    asked by Labbayk
  45. Algebra

    If a certain number is added to the numerator and denominator of 11/13, the result is 11/12. Find the number.

    asked by Sean

    A block weighs 15 N and is suspended from a spring that is attached to the ceiling. The spring stretches by 0.075 m from its unstrained length. By how much does the spring stretch when a 24-N block is suspended from it?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. physics

    Two blocks with masses M1 = 8.0 kg and M2 = 5.4 kg are connected with a massless string over two massless and frictionless pulleys, as shown in the Figure. One end of the string is connected to M1 while the other end is fixed. What is the acceleration of

    asked by Kevin
  48. Physics

    As a protest against the umpire’s calls, a base- ball pitcher throws a ball straight up into the air at a speed of 20 m/s. In the process, he moves his hand through a distance of 1.47 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . If the ball has a mass of

    asked by Brandon
  49. Math

    Water stations will be placed every 400 meters of a 5'kilometer race. How many water stations are needed. 5000 divided by 400 = 12.5

    asked by Jennifer
  50. Algebra 1- Please help whenever you get the chance

    Graph the function shown by the table. Tell whether the function is linear or nonlinear. x|y 0|1 1|2 2|5 3|10 i'm sorry, i don't have the graph, but is their any way this could work without it? Please help. Thanks

    asked by basketball&batman
  51. Math

    Point A(6, -2) is reflected over the x-axis. Write the coordinates of A'. A.)6,2 B.)6,-2 C.)(-6,2 D.)(-6,-2 D?

    asked by Shalee^~^
  52. Pre-Alegrebra

    1)Find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 9cm and 12cm 8 cm 21 cm 15 cm**** 225 cm 2)The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 13 cm. The length of one leg is 5 cm. Find the length of the other leg. (1 point) 14 cm 144

    asked by Cami
  53. math

    Later 7 students joined group 2 (41 students)and one student left to join group 1. (44 students) Now 20 students play trombone and 7 more students play trumpet as play saxophone. How many students play each instrument?

    asked by Grace
  54. physics

    A cat is chasing a mouse. The mouse runs in a straight line at a speed of 2.2 m/s. If the cat leaps off the floor at a 29° angle and a speed of 4.0 m/s, at what distance behind the mouse should the cat leap in order to land on the poor mouse?

    asked by aaron
  55. Math

    Which of the following options results in a graph that shows exponential growth? A.f(X)= 0.4(3)X B.f(X)= 3(0.5)X C.f(X)= 0.8(0.9)X D.f(X)= 0.9(5)-X

    asked by May
  56. Physics

    Two trucks that look the same collide. One was originally at rest. The trucks stick together and move off at more than half the original speed of the moving truck. What can you say about the contents of the two trucks?

    asked by M
  57. algebra or algebra1

    A line with slope 3 passes through the point (0; 10). What is the y-coordinate of the point on the line with x-coordinate 2?

    asked by sue
  58. trigo

    please po help me. A chimney projects 6 feet above the roof. At a point 10 feet 8 inches down the roof from the base of the chimney,the chimney subtends an angle of 17°40' . find the angle at which the roof is inclined to the horizontal.

    asked by sam
  59. Physics

    Starting from rest at t = 0 s, a wheel undergoes a constant angular acceleration. When t = 1.6 s, the angular velocity of the wheel is 5.9 rad/s. The acceleration continues until t = 19 s, when the acceleration abruptly changes to 0 rad/s2. Through what

    asked by Julia

    A thin rod has a length of 0.339 m and rotates in a circle on a frictionless tabletop. The axis is perpendicular to the length of the rod at one of its ends. The rod has an angular velocity of 0.687 rad/s and a moment of inertia of 1.03 x 10-3 kg·m2. A

    asked by Anonymous
  61. maths

    the product of two integers is -160.if one of them is 8,find the ?other

    asked by asma
  62. Physics

    A beam that weighs 10.0 N/m is 2.5m long. It is supported at point a point 0.78 m from one end.? Find the weight of the object that must be placed on the other end of the beam to balance it

    asked by Fin
  63. Physics

    A worker sits at one end of a 199-N uniform rod that is 2.80 m long. A weight of 120 N is placed at the other end of the rod. The rod is balanced when the pivot is 0.630 m from the worker. Calculate the weight of the worker

    asked by Meep
  64. world civilizations

    What was the long-term significance of the Battle of Tours? A. Muslim expansion to the West ended. B. Muslims took over Constantinople. C. Muslims were expelled from Arabia. D. Islam would continue to expand into Europe.

    asked by lynnette
  65. math

    Destiny placed her hair ribbons in 3 groups of 5 on her dresser. How many hair ribbons in all does Destiny have? Draw a diagram to solve.

    asked by Munem
  66. AP-Physics

    which of the following pairs of graphs shows the distance traveled versus time and speed versus for an object uniformly accelerated from rest?

    asked by maya
  67. Science help

    The length of a football field is 100 yards. When you compare geologic time (4.6 billion years) to the length of a football field, you will find that each yard on the field will equal 46 million years, and each 10-yard section will equal 460 million years.

    asked by Aria
  68. algebra

    the sum of 2 consecutive integers is at most the difference between nine times the smaller and 5 times 5 the larger

    asked by danielle
  69. low math

    A section of a boardwalk is made using 15 boards. Each board is 9 1/4 inches wide. The total width of the section is 144 inches. The spacing between each board is equal. What is the width of the spacing between each board? Write your answer in simplest

    asked by Billy
  70. Math

    Which of the following options is an equivalent function to f(x) = 3(2)3x? A.f(x)= 3(8)x B.f(x)= 24x C.f(x)= 27(8)x D.f(x)= 3(8x)

    asked by Emma
  71. English

    Which word best matches the meaning of want best used in this sentence? (Many a time we were near suffocation, from the want of fresh air.)

    asked by Mandy
  72. Precal

    Solve the given equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round terms to two decimal places where appropriate.) cos θ = 0.16 I know how to find the answers when it's in fraction form, however, I do not know how to do

    asked by Zoe
  73. math

    The total cost C(q) of producing q goods is given by the following equation. C(q) = 0.01q^3 − 0.6q^2 + 13q What is the maximum profit if each item is sold for $9? (Assume you sell everything you produce. Round your answer to the nearest cent.) I know the

    asked by Jasmine
  74. math

    A football team has a net yardage of -26 1/3 yards on a series of plays. The team needs a net yardage of 10 yards to get a first down. How many yards do they have to get on their next play to get a first down? **write an equation and solve. THANK YOU!

    asked by kimie
  75. 6th grade Math

    Shelley compared the number of oak trees to the number of mable trees as a part of a study. She counted 9 mable trees to every 5 oak trees. Later in the year there was bug problem and many trees died. New trees were planted to make sure there was the same

    asked by Harms
  76. maths

    A shopkeeper bought two tv sets at 10,000 each .he sold one at a profit 10% and the other at a loss of 10% .find wheather he made an overall profit or loss .

    asked by poojitha smily
  77. Physics

    A block of mass 35kg is on a flat floor with a static friction coefficient of 0.36 and a kinetic friction coefficient of 0.29. A person attempts to slide the box from rest in a forward direction . Find the maximum frictional force experienced and the

    asked by Gabb
  78. Math

    Is the simplified form of 2square root of 3 − 2square root of 3 rational Yes or No

    asked by Lucy
  79. Physics

    A knight sits on a castle wall during a siege.To while away the time, he notes that boulders catapulted from below land on the top of his wall with a vertical velocity of 5.7 m/s. If he is 45 m above the catapult, what is the initial velocity of the

    asked by Jacob
  80. Science

    How are the processes of natural selection and artificial selection similar? How are they different? (Make sure to include 2 similarities and 2 differences, along with an explanation for each)

    asked by Alexia Smith
  81. History (Unit 2 History exam Unit 2 Lesson 10)

    Hey guys! I need help in my History unit 2 exam for 8th grade, I was wondering if any of you took it yet and could help me with some of the questions... I really need help it's very hard! >.< Can u pretty please help? T-T

    asked by Kiki
  82. art

    rasberrybaby In the painting a seated soldier by Hippolyte Bellange the artist recognized the basic shapes in the figure on order to A. confuse the eye, making it difficult to draw. B. Record the various parts of the body accurately. C. Create a change in

    asked by rasberry
  83. Physics

    A 100g piece of ice at 0 degrees celcius is placed into a container holding 200g of water, initially at temperature 25 degrees celcius. Heat flows from the water to the ice, cooling the water and melting the ice. Calculate a) how many moles of ice and how

    asked by Betty
  84. Statistics

    What is the probability of randomly selecting a red marble from a jar that contains 10 red marbles and 20 blue marbles?

    asked by Bradman
  85. english

    Can you please help me understand what this poem is about? I just need an overall idea with a few explanation, so that I can adapt it in my writing. Thankyou. :) The Furthest Distance I’ve Travelled By Leontia Flynn Like many folk, when first I saddled a

    asked by anonymous
  86. Math

    Jorge's current hourly wage for working at Denti Smiles is $12.00. Jorge was told that at the beginning of next month, his new hourly wage will be an increase of 6% of his current hourly wage. What will be Jorge's new hourly wage? F. $12.06 G. $12.60 H.

    asked by Anonymous
  87. world civilizations

    Which factors led to the Islamic conquest of Iran? A. The Parsees formed an alliance with the Muslims because of years of persecution under Persian rule. B. The Sasanian King Chosroes II married the granddaughter of Muhammad which led to a merger between

    asked by lynnette
  88. math

    Phillip opened a savings account with an annual interest rate of 8% and an initial deposit of $3500. If his interest is compounded quarterly, how much is in Jeffrey’s account after 2 years? Round your answer to the nearest cent. interest compounded

    asked by lisa
  89. Calculus

    Use a Riemann sum with n = 3 terms and the right endpoint rule to approx. ∫(1, 2) sin(1/x)dx. My teacher just needs the terms written out, no need to add or multiply. This is a problem she did up on the board, so here's her answer: sin(4/3)(1/3) +

    asked by Justin
  90. Biology (Answer Check)

    State how comparing the amino acid sequence of a protein can provide evident that evolution has taken place. A: If evolution has taken place, then, in general, species descended from a recent common ancestor should have fewer amino acid differences between

    asked by Victoria

    A piece of aluminum (bulk modulus 7.1 x 1010 N/m2) is placed in a vacuum chamber where the air pressure is 0.307 x 105 Pa. The vacuum pump is then turned on and the pressure is further reduced to zero. Determine the fractional change V/V0 in the volume of

    asked by Anonymous
  92. science

    what is the density of an object with a mass of 60g and a volume of 2cm cubed

    asked by Kalyn
  93. Social Studies

    How did World War I change attitudes among African Americans toward themselves and their country? A: World War I made African Americans defiant, prideful of their race, and wanting power in their country.

    asked by Victoria
  94. Physics

    The tallest volcano in the solar system is the 29 km tall Martian volcano, Olympus Mons. An astronaut drops a ball off the rim of the crater and that the free fall acceleration of the ball remains constant throughout the ball’s 29 km fall at a value of

    asked by Jacob
  95. chemistry

    calculate the mass in grams of copper that will be deposited by dissolving 6.5g of zinc in copper tetraoxosulphate(vi)solution

    asked by kabiru ali
  96. math

    Norman wanted to bowl a strike, but to do so he needed to cause his bowling ball (mass of 5 kg) to accelerate at 15 m/s2. How much force does Norman need to exert on his bowling ball to get a strike? Show your work.

    asked by Anonymous
  97. chemistry

    A 0.1028 g impure sample consists of Na2CO3 was analyzed by the Volhard method. After adding 50.00 mL of 0.06208 M AgNO3, the sample was back titrated with 0.06261 M KSCN, requiring 28.36 mL to reach the end point. Report the purity of the Na2CO3 sample

    asked by yun
  98. Biology (bobpursley)

    1) Describe how comparing the anatomy of living species provides evidence of evolution. A: Comparisons of the anatomy of different types of organisms often reveal basic similarities in body structures even though the structure's functions may differ

    asked by Victoria
  99. Math

    In obtuse triangle PQR, P=51 degrees, p= 10cm, and the longest side, q=12cm.Draw the triangle and solve for Q to the nearest degree. I did, 10/sin 51=12/sin Q 10(sin Q)/10=12(sin 51)/10 Q= 2nd function sin 0.9325751 Q=68 degrees Q=180-68 Q=111 degrees

    asked by Amone
  100. Math

    For f(x) = 0.01(2)x, find the average rate of change from x = 3 to x = 8. A.0.08 B.0.496 C.2.48 D.5

    asked by April
  101. Math

    write an equation that relates the number of trapezoids in the figure (n), to the perimeter of the figure (P) the equation for the perimeter is P = 14n + 5 the equation for the perimeter is P = 5n + 14 the equation for the perimeter is P = 5n + 8 the eq

    asked by Shalee^~^
  102. Calculus

    use tangent line approximation (linear approximation) to estimate The cube root of 1234 to 3 decimal places. Hint: the equation should be y=f'(x0)(x-x0)+f(x0) 11^3=1331 can be easily computed using binomial theorem. I used linear approximation and got

    asked by Henry
  103. Physics

    A car is initially travelling at 30m/s, which is above the speed limit. The driver sees a speed limit trap ahead and applies the brakes for 5 seconds, causing the car to slow down by 2m/s every second while the brakes are on. How far does the car travel

    asked by Phil
  104. math

    A hot air balloon begins its descent at a rate of 22 1/2 feet per minute. How long will it take for the balloon's elevation to change by -315 feet? During another part of its flight, the balloon had a change in elevation of -901 feet. What was its rate of

    asked by kimie
  105. Math

    There are 356 rows of tress growing in the field. There are 299 trees in each row. How many trees are growing in the field? Please help am stuck on this last math problem not good at the type of math problems.

    asked by iyana
  106. PHYSICS

    A tow truck is pulling a car out of a ditch by means of a steel cable (Y = 2.0 x 1011 N/m2) that is 9.73 m long and has a radius of 0.550 cm. When the car just begins to move, the tension in the cable is 859 N. How much has the cable stretched?

    asked by Anonymous
  107. math

    Aaron Grider buys a home for $120500. After a 15% downpayment, the rest is financed at 8% interest for 9 years. What equal quarterly payments will be required to amortize this mortgage loan? What is the total amount of interest Aaron will pay on the loan?

    asked by cat
  108. physics

    an object weighs 180N on earth, how much will it weigh on the moon?

    asked by ibrahim a zadawa
  109. math

    Could someone please help us to write and solve an equation for this: A football team has a net yardage of -26 1/3 yards on a series of plays. The team needs a net yardage of 10 yards to get a first down. How many yards do they have to get on their next

    asked by Tim
  110. chemistry

    Initially a vessel is charged at 1000K with SO3 at a partial pressure of 0.5atm. At equilibrium the SO3 partial pressure is 0.2atm. Calculate the value of Kp at 1000K. 2SO3->2SO2+O2 My answer: 0.5-0.2=0.3atm SO2=0.3atm*2/2mol= 0.3 O2=0.3atm*1/2mol=0.8

    asked by aadilah
  111. Math

    A rectangle has a perimeter of 20 cm. The length of the rectangle is 1 more than twice the width. What is the measurement of the length and width of the rectangle?

    asked by Paul
  112. Spanish

    How can I form a sentence with these words? la / Juanita / las hijas / ser / de / mayor

    asked by Jenny
  113. math

    **Write an equation and solve: A diver begins at sea level and descends vertically at a rate of 2 1/2 feet per second. How long does the diver take to reach -15.6 feet? THANK YOU!!!!

    asked by kimie
  114. Physics

    So this is the problem: A comet is in an elliptical orbit around our Sun. At its point of closest approach, it is moving at 6.3x10^4 m/s and is 4.2x10^10m away from the sun. When it is at the farthest distance, 7.5x10^12m away, how fast is it going? This

    asked by Crystal
  115. Mechanics

    A helmet has an open cell polystyrene foam liner that is designed to absorb the kinetic energy from an impact. The foam has a relative density of 10% and the Young's modulus of the solid polystyrene that the foam is made from is 1.5GPa. How much energy per

    asked by ssssssssssss
  116. Social Studies

    In November 1773, the citizens of Boston refused to allow three British to unload 342 chests of tea. This event became known as the___ Boston Tea party*** Tea Massacre Boston Stand Sons of liberty's revenge

    asked by Cami
  117. Calc

    A box with a square base and no top is to be built with a volume of 4000 in3. Find the dimensions of the box that requires the least amount of material. How much material is required at the minimum?

    asked by Coc
  118. criminal justice

    The presentence investigation report (PSI) a. reflects positive school interest in the offender B. is based on the concept of parens patriae C. is required in all jurisdictions D. reflects a classical approach E. none of the above

    asked by Fernandez
  119. Math

    Simplify 5 square root of 7 end root plus 12 square root of 6 end root minus 10 square root of 7 end root minus 5 square root of 6. A.5 square root of 14 minus 7 square root of 12 B.5 square root of 7 minus 7 square root of 6 C.7 square root of 12 minus 5

    asked by Emily
  120. History

    1) Following Reconstruction, Democrats returned to power in the former Confederate states and renewed the social and political oppression of southern African Americans. What was one result of this situation? A) African Americans became farm workers in the

    asked by Abby
  121. Maths

    The length of the rectangular field is 6m longer than 3m times its bredth.what are the measurements of the rectangle if the perimeter is 188m?

    asked by Koos
  122. math

    if I invest $5000.00 in an account earning simple interest After 6 years the balance is $6,200. What is the interest rate

    asked by joseph
  123. Bloemhof Gekombineerde Skool

    Twenty cards are numbered from 1 to 20. The cards are shuffled and then placed face down on the table. A card is drawn random. What is the probability that the number on this card is: a) 14 b) an even number c)less than 11 d)divisible by 5 e)a prime number

    asked by Masetshaba
  124. Physics

    A 0.010 kg bullet is fired into a 7 kg ballistic pendulum. The pendulum rises 0.08m before it stops. Use conservation of energy and momentum to find the initial velocity of the bullet.

    asked by Jose Luis
  125. Science

    State how comparing the amino acid sequence of a protein can provide evident that evolution has taken place. A: If evolution has taken place, then, in general, species descended from a recent common ancestor should have fewer amino acid differences between

    asked by Victoria
  126. ratios

    A gallon of milk costs $3.00. If there are 128 ounces = 1 gallon ,how much money does an 8 ounce glass of milk cost?

    asked by Amanda
  127. Math

    Simplify 3 square root of 5 end root minus 2 square root of 7 end root plus square root of 45 end root minus square root of 28. A.2 square root of 12 B.2 square root of 2 C.6 square root of 5 - 4 square root of7 D.6 square root of 10 - 4 square root of 14

    asked by Marie
  128. Science

    On a topographic map, five contour lines are very close together. The contour interval is 100ft. How high is this feature? Answer: 400ft

    asked by Sue
  129. c$s college

    the first term of an arithmetic progression is 3 and the fifth term is is 9.find the number of terms in the progression if the last term is 81

    asked by Umaru Monsurat
  130. MATH

    Is the simplified form of 2square root of 3 − 2square root of 3 rational? Yes or no

    asked by Marie
  131. chemistry

    To a 100.0 mL solution containing 0.0100 M Ba(NO3)2 and 0.0100 M Pb(NO3)2 was added 101.0 mL of 0.0100 M H2SO4 to provide a slight excess of SO42- relative to Ba2+ in the resulting solution. Assuming that: i) H+ does not bind to SO42- ii) ionic strength

    asked by john
  132. Chemistry

    The air was in a cylinder equipped with the piston absorbs 565 duels of heat and expands from an initial volume of .10 l to a final volume of .85 L against an external pressure of 1.0 ATM what is the change an internal energy of the air within the cylinder

    asked by Daisy
  133. Chemistry

    If 0.400ml CH3CO2H and 0.200ml of 0.100M NACH3COO What is the pH of the resulting solution.

    asked by Buffy
  134. math

    what is the cost of 3 bur oak trees. If regular three cost$35 and three or more Cost $32

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Physics

    The propeller blades of an airplane are 2.4 m long. The plane is getting ready for takeoff, and the propeller starts turning from rest at a constant angular acceleration. The propeller blades go through two revolutions between the fifth and the seventh

    asked by John
  136. Crystal

    So this is the problem: A comet is in an elliptical orbit around our Sun. At its point of closest approach, it is moving at 6.3x10^4 m/s and is 4.2x10^10m away from the sun. When it is at the farthest distance, 7.5x10^12m away, how fast is it going? This

    asked by Physics
  137. Physics

    A jet aircraft is flying due south at 300 m/s at a place where the earth’s magnetic field is 80 µT. Find the potential difference between the wing tips if they are 25 m apart. Which tip has the higher potential?

    asked by Brittany
  138. english

    PLZ HELP ME I AM 14. WHAT DOES "SCV"SCS"CD"CX" STAND FOR? PLZ HELP. on shurley english pg 65 level 8 checkup 28.

    asked by misty
  139. Science - N Cycle Management

    Consider a corn field in the spring at the end of April. The field has been heavily tilled in the fall and all residues have been incorporated in the soil, and are decomposed by this time. Chemical fertilizer (an inorganic fertilizer with only nitrate

    asked by Adam
  140. math

    if a bill is $53.00 tax is 6% and tip is 20% what is the total bill

    asked by joseph
  141. Physics

    A bomber flies horizontally with a speed of 175 m/s relative to the ground. The altitude of the bomber is 4780 m and the terrain is level. Neglect the effects of air resistance. gravity is 9.8 m/s a) How far from the point vertically under the point of

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Chemistry

    A change cannot occur spontaneously if it is accompanied by: A. An energy decrease and an increase in randomness. B. An energy increase and an increase in randomness. C. An energy decrease and a decrease in randomness. D. An energy increase and a decrease

    asked by Anonymous
  143. trigonometry

    please help two boundary lines of a piece of property intersect at an angle 85 deg.. it is desired to cut off a triangular portion of the property which will be one acre (43560 sq. ft.) in area by means of a straight fence. If the fence begins at a point

    asked by josh
  144. Math

    A plane leaves an airport and flies South 58 Degrees East for 2 hours, then changes course to South 43 Degrees West and flies for 3 hours. How far away is the plane from the airport if it keeps a constant speed of 500km/h? Draw a diagram and solve to the

    asked by Seth
  145. Income Tax Fundamentals

    A barn with an adjusted basis of $125,00 was destroyed by a tornado on March 5, 2013. On may 15, 2013, the insurance company paid the owner $150,000. the owner reinvested $170,000 in another barn. What is the basis of the new barn if non-recognition of

    asked by Dianna
  146. English

    Can you please check my answers? I don't know if they are correct or not. Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice.' 1.) On the entryway table are a candle and a plant. Verb- are Phrase: on the entryway

    asked by Katlynn
  147. Chemistry

    what is the wave length and type of light released when an electron absorbs 3.03 x10 -19 j of energy

    asked by Jonathan
  148. Calculus 1

    Locate the absolute extrema of the function f(x)=Sinpix on the closed interval [1,1/3]

    asked by Justin
  149. Program planning

    Developmentally appropriate curriculum A. teaches children about development. B. provides easy activities. C. allows children to choose the structure for their own experiences. D. requires children to learn academic content.

    asked by Leslie
  150. Calculus

    Alright, I want to see if I understand the language of these two problems and their solutions. It asks: If F(x) = [given integrand], find the derivative F'(x). So is F(x) just our function, and F'(x) our antiderivative? 1) F(x) = ∫(2, x)

    asked by Justin
  151. math

    consider a scenario where a binomial experiment is conducted and the probability of success in each trial is 40%. if the experiment includes 15 trials, what is the probability that out of those 15 trials, exactly 10 will be successful? Pls help with

    asked by ashley
  152. math

    a jeans designer offers 5 styles of jeans in 5 different colors. How many different combinations of style and color are possible?

    asked by teresa
  153. Calculus

    A box with a square base and no top is to be built with a volume of 4000 in3. Find the dimensions of the box (Length, Width, Height) that requires the least amount of material. How much material is required at the minimum?

    asked by E
  154. MATH for Business

    Linear Programming-Investment Strategy Invest at most $90,000 in securities in the form of corporate stocks. Options into three groups of stocks: blue-chip stocks will yield 3% return (dividends and capital appreciation) within a year, growth stocks will

    asked by Anonymous
  155. Physics

    A ball projected with an initial velocity u at an angle tita to the horizontal cover a horizontal range of 26m after 5sec. Cal. The value of u and tita? g=10ms-1

    asked by Jason
  156. Language Arts

    Join each pair of simple sentences to form a compound sentence. Use the conjunction that makes sense (and, but, or or) Put a comma before the conjunction. Write the compound sentence on the lines. 1. Julia loves sports. She cannot decide which one to try

    asked by Patrick
  157. Social Studies

    Q:Wrist of assistance enabled British customs officers to search A:Homes for smuggled goods Q-2: How did the colonists show their anger for the Coercive Acts? A:Planned the Boston tea party Q-3:What did the Olive Branch petition ask the king to do?

    asked by Shalee^~^
  158. Victoria Park

    Algebra: Measurement One of the equal sides of an isosceles triangle is 3 m less than twice its base. The perimeter is 44 m. Find the lengths of the sides.

    asked by Anthony
  159. Calculus

    Find the limit as x approaches 0+ of (lnx)/x using L'hospitals rule. When I do this, I keep getting stuck at 1/0 when you plug back into the equation after doing l'hospital once.

    asked by Callie
  160. Physics

    A stone is dropped from the top of a cliff and hits the round below with a speed of 50m/s. Assume that the acceleration due to gravity is 10m/s/s. Find it's mean speed, in m/s, during the fall. Do not include units when typing your answer into the box.

    asked by Phil
  161. Porportions (Pre-Algerbra)

    2/3 = 12/x A)x= 18 B)x= 12 C)x= 36************** D)x= 8 22 miles/ 55 hours = 12 miles / H hours A 48 B 30 C 45************** D 22 6/11 = 84/x A) x=40 B) x=120********* C) x=254 D) x=154

    asked by orangygirl
  162. Physics

    An object falls from rest. While falling it changes its speed by 10 meters per second every second. Calculate how far it has fallen, in meters, after falling for 4 seconds. However, do not put the units in the box below.

    asked by Phil
  163. Algebra

    Maria starts walking at 8:00 at 4 miles per hour. Nichole starts walking at 8:12. At what constant rate of speed will Nicole need to walk to catch Maria at 8:42?

    asked by Maddie
  164. Marh

    If 1/3 of the math team are 7th graders and 1/4 of the math team are boys, how many are 7th grade boys? 1/4 of 1/3 = 1/12

    asked by Bev
  165. algebra

    How to write the expression twice the difference of x and y less than 12?

    asked by Irene
  166. Science - N Cycle Management

    Consider a heavily grazed pasture of fescue grass mixed with clover (clover is a legume) on a spring day. Assume it has not rained for several days and the soil has drained below field capacity. (Remember that cattle not only consume grass, but also

    asked by Adam
  167. science

    the man walks 20 steps forward from point A to point B and moves 5 more steps to C

    asked by melojen
  168. chemistry

    what is the mass of bromine contains the same number of atoms of 50.0 g of iodine? my work: 50g/79.5g= .628 mol(Br) 50g/126g=.394 mol(I)

    asked by fatima
  169. History

    1.)On what issue do you think the Boston Tea Party members and the modern Tea Party would agree? A.)That they are being taxed unfairly B.)That they cannot afford an education C.)That farmers are being unduly penalized D.)That the government should have

    asked by YRN DJ

    Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum values of f on the given interval. f(x) = (x) / (x^2 − x + 25), [0, 15]?

    asked by Anonymous
  171. Social media

    I need help find websites that have positives and negatives of using snapchat?

    asked by Woody
  172. math

    There is one coach for every 12 players. How many coaches will be needed for 48 volleyball players? Use a bar diagram to solve. (I know the answer is 4 coaches, but I don't know how to draw the diagram for the problem)

    asked by Angelina
  173. maths

    THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH A LADDER A fence 3m tall is erected vertically and parallel to a building that is 10m away please can someone tell me the maximum length of the shadow the fence will cast on the ground - thank you

    asked by AJ
  174. History

    Zbigniew Brzezinki, the national security advisor in the 1970's. A. Tried to reverse the policy of détente B. Was against cooperation with China C. Believed replacing the Minute Man missiles was wasteful D. Supported the Salt II treaty. I know its not D,

    asked by Suz
  175. Social Studies

    What economic, environmental, and social difficulties would Native Communities face as they tried to preserve their own culture? - HORIZONS CANADA MOVES WEST

    asked by Jan
  176. maths

    find selling price ,if a profit of 5% is made on a cycle of 700with 50 as overhead charges

    asked by poojitha
  177. SCIENCE

    .) Iodine 131 is a radioactive waste product generated in nuclear power plants. It has a half life of 8 days. If 16 grams was released from the Fukushima power plant 32 days ago, how much is left now?

    asked by BOB
  178. math

    maddy has 32 shells. this is 4 times as any shells as Rob. Howmany shells does Rob have?

    asked by Anonymous
  179. Physics

    An airplane with a velocity of 50m/s comes in to land at the start of the runway and brakes at -5m/s. Will it be able to stop in time if the runway is 275m long? I'm not sure which formula to use since the ones I have used give me very small answers in

    asked by Masha
  180. Geometry

    prove that if the lengths of two sides of a and b, triangle are a and b respectively, then the lengths of the corresponding altitudes to those sides are in the ratio b/a.

    asked by Ethan
  181. Social Studies

    1) How did eugenics reinforce nativist ideals? A: Eugenics fueled the nativists' argument for the superiority of the "original" American stock--white Protestants of northern European descent. 2) What political, social, and economic contributions did women

    asked by Victoria
  182. maths

    a fence 2m tall and 5m from a parallel building - what length is the shadow from the fence and how is this worked out?

    asked by AJ
  183. honors math

    Y=16-5x Y=1/2x-9 Y=3x Y=10 Need to write a parallel equation, perpendicular equation and neither parallel nor perpendicular line for all of them, please help

    asked by Anonymous
  184. Calculus

    Evaluate ∫ (cos(x))^(1/2)sin(x)dx Let u = cos(x)? ∫ (u)^(1/2)sin(x)dx = ∫ [2u^(3/2)/3]sin(x)dx ∫ [2cos(x)^(3/2)/3] (-cos(x)) dx? I thought this involved the FTC, but now I'm thinking that's false.

    asked by Justin
  185. united

    write five sentience about my birthday

    asked by allen
  186. Math 4grade

    Hi this is my problem 23x12 23is close to 25 12is close to_ I think it's 10 -15 Than 25x10or15 = 250 or 375

    asked by Essence
  187. History

    John F. Kennedy replaced Eisenhower's concept of massive retaliation with a _____response 1. massive 2. flexible 3. limited I had answered focused, and got it wrong on the exam. Now I just have to know the right answer. Please advise. Thank you

    asked by Suz
  188. Language Arts

    Can someone give me a good example of imagery? I have googled it but I need a good solid, 6th grade understanding of it...this is the definition: visually descriptive or figurative language, especially in a literary work. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???

    asked by Janiah AKA Versace
  189. Science and Outerspace

    Just out of curiosity, If some one were to take a journey to Jupiter, what do you think would be the social benefits?

    asked by Cami
  190. science

    if moon goes away, what would happen to the earth? if you drop a ball 3 meters and it bounds 1/2 seconds, what would happen on the moon?

    asked by jan weeks
  191. Algebra 1

    Identify the domain and range of the relation. {(9,6), (3,8), (4,9.5), (9,2)}

    asked by basketball&batman
  192. Critical thinking

    I need to identify if each premise is acceptable or unacceptable, and for this the conditions of acceptability are acceptable by observation, testimony, authoritative testimony (only use if the premise explicitly refers to an authority), and a priori And

    asked by Dan
  193. Math

    Hey guys I need some help with this question PLZ: A telecommunications company offers a rental deal which costs $30 per month plus 50c per call. a) Find the total cost (T1) for making x calls in a given month b)Find the total cost for making 52 calls in a

    asked by Liam
  194. maths

    riposting this. the answer kindly supplied by Steve is beyond my understanding. all i want to know please is how long will the shadow be cast on the ground by a 3m tall vertical fence with the sun behind it as follows: THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH A LADDER A

    asked by AJ
  195. Social Studies

    How did African Americans help shape the national identity through the use of music and literature?

    asked by Victoria
  196. Therochem

    What will the rate of reaction be when [IO3-] = 0.20 mol/L, {i-] = 0.40 mol/L, and [H+] = 0.10 mol\L ?

    asked by Josh
  197. PGMNHS

    Math Adeng is thrice as old as Bugs. If the difference of their ages is twice the age of Adeng, how old are they?

    asked by Jam
  198. Technical Communication

    what is technical process description? All i have in the book is "descriptions of house things work or happen divides the process into the parts or principles."

    asked by Amy
  199. Social studies

    What conditions influenced the United States expanation abroad

    asked by jay jay
  200. leteane secondary

    Math apolyhedron has 25 face and 13 vertices . How many edge will it have

    asked by febi montshosi
  201. Math

    Hi I'm having some trouble with this question: The selling price of a mathematics textbook is related to the number of pages in the text. A 300 page book sells for $25 and each additional 10 pages increases the price by $1. - What is the linear equation

    asked by Emily
  202. Calculus I

    a). Find the critical points of the following functions on the domain or on the given interval. b). Use a graphing utility to determine whether each critical point corresponds to a local minimum, local maximum, or neither f(x)= x- tan^-1 x

    asked by Mjeed
  203. Geography

    Why would countries be concerned with their population decreasing?

    asked by Geo
  204. Physics

    A rock is launched off a table horizontally with a velocity of 10 m/s. If the table is 1.5 m above the floor, how long will it take for the projectile to hit the floor? What distance will the rock land in respect from the edge of the table? 2(1.5)/9.8=t^2.

    asked by Kate
  205. Jefferson

    If 4times Rosa's age is decreased by 20,the result is 28. How old is she?

    asked by Ms. Hatch
  206. HTT

    information on the Dreschler Hotel

    asked by roslyn
  207. math

    what is the answer for bard is making necklaces and he did 1 white and than 3 blue and than 1 white

    asked by nicole
  208. maths

    a lighthouse flashes 3 seconds the second 4 and the third 5 seconds they flash initially al together when will they flash again together

    asked by alex
  209. chemistry

    what is the connection between periodic trends and relative reactivity?

    asked by XOXOX
  210. Math

    Please help with function rule X Y -7 -1 -4 -3 -1 -5 2 7 5 -9 Thank you

    asked by Vincent
  211. NEED HELP for homeschool


    asked by misty
  212. Perry

    The sum of two numbers is 15 the sum of the squares of the same two numbers is 172 fined the difference between the two numbers

    asked by Alec
  213. English

    Can you please help me to understand what this poem is about? Maybe some useful weblinks will hhelp me as i cannot find anything. Thank you :) History John Burnside St Andrews: West Sands; September 2001 Today as we flew the kites — the sand spinning off

    asked by anonymous
  214. Mathematics

    Find three consecutive integers such that the sum of the first and three times the second is eighteen less than five times the third integers

    asked by Suguru
  215. science

    if a ball falls 3 meter and bounds 1/2 seconds on the earth, what would happen on the moon if the same happened?

    asked by jan weeks
  216. Math

    Suppose a planet has a radius of 5,000 km. Starting at the point on its surface at 0 degrees longitude and 0 degrees latitude,find the distance to the point on its surface at 30 degrees longitude and 60 degrees latitude.

    asked by AC
  217. math

    whats -9p-17=10

    asked by billy bob
  218. geography

    why do we have the global grid

    asked by rovena
  219. g.b pant polytechnic

    about applide machenics

    asked by Anonymous
  220. g.b pant polytechnic

    about applide machenics

    asked by Anonymous
  221. 6th grade Math

    30.26/89 I got the first part which gives me -267, but then I'm confused because I don't know where to borrow from, please help, thank you!

    asked by Haley
  222. science

    what are some family characteristics for Halogens

    asked by heather