Questions Asked on
November 2, 2015

  1. Math Algebra

    TechWiz Electronics makes a profit of $35 for each MP3 player sold and $18 for each DVD player sold. Last week, TechWiz sold a combined total of 130 MP3 and DVD players. Let x be the number of MP3 players TechWiz sold last week. Write an expression for the

    asked by Lisa
  2. Chemistry - Acid and Bases

    In aqueous solution, classify these compounds as strong acids, weak acids, strong bases, weak bases, or other. HNO3 HBr HF CH3COOH H3PO4 NaOH Ba(OH)2 (CH3)3N NH3 NaCl

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    A spring is attached to the ceiling and pulled 12 cm down from equilibrium and released. The amplitude decreases by 8% each second. The spring oscillates 17 times each second. Find an equation for the distance, D the end of the spring is below equilibrium

    asked by amira
  4. English

    In “A Sound of Thunder,” Travis’s dialogue with Lesperance reveals how upset he is about Eckels’ having left the path. This is an example of direct characterization.******** indirect characterization.

    asked by Mike
  5. math

    A computer password is required to be 5 characters long. How many passwords are possible if the password requires 1 letter(s) and 4 digits (numbers 0-9), where no repetition of any letter or digit is allowed?

    asked by hana
  6. College Algerbra

    A student must leave for campus in 10 minutes or he will be late for class. Unfortunately, he is snowed in. He can shovel the driveway in 18 minutes, and his brother claims to be able to do it in 12 minutes. If they shovel together, how long will it take

    asked by Anonymous
  7. trig

    An airplane is flying in the direction 148° with an airspeed of u = 920 kilometers per hour. Because of the wind, its groundspeed and direction are v = 820 kilometers per hour and 140°, respectively (see figure). Find the direction and speed of the wind.

    asked by bob

    1) The science that studies population distribution and change is called _________(1 point) A. demography B. geography C. economy D. sociology 2) Canada is bigger than the united states, but only has _______ as many people.(1 point)

    asked by regan

    Semester A Unit 4 Lesson 5: Cool Crafts Portfolio Template Choose a room you would like to decorate: _My bedroom________________________________ Measure the length of one wall in inches: _ 12 feet: 144 inches__________________________ 2. Choose a size of

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    A spring is attached to the ceiling and pulled 6 cm down from equilibrium and released. After 4 seconds the amplitude has decreased to 3 cm. The spring oscillates 15 times each second. Assume that the amplitude is decreasing exponentially. Find an equation

    asked by amira
  11. science

    Ana exerts a force of 20 N on a volleyball that has a mass of 0.15 kg. What is the force that the volleyball exerts on Ana?

    asked by john

    For exercises 1 and 2, translate each phrase into an algebraic expression. 1. the difference of a number and sixteen (1 point) A.n + 16 B.n – 16 C.16n D.n/16 2. five times k (1 point) A.5k B.k + 5 C.k ÷ 5 D.5 – k For exercises 3 and 4, evaluate each

    asked by SE
  13. Algebra

    Elsa has a job transporting soft drinks by truck. Her truck is filled with cans that weigh 14 ounces each and bottles that weigh 70 ounces each. There is a combined total of 820 cans and bottles in her truck. Let x be the number of 14-ounce cans in her

    asked by Kaleb
  14. math

    A submarine enters the sea at an initial speed of 2 meters per minute. The submarine's speed triples every minute. What is the submarine's speed after 5 minutes?

    asked by sherry
  15. Chemistry

    How much carbon dioxide is produced upon the complete combustion of 17.3L of propane (approximately content of one 5-gal tank)? Assume that the density of the liquid propane in the tank is 0.621 g/mL. Can you please list the steps! I am really confused! I

    asked by Maira
  16. physics

    An electrical device contains a transformer. Its primary coil has 200 turns, and its secondary coil has 20 turns. If the device is plugged into a 120-volt line, what is the output voltage of the device?

    asked by greg
  17. Chemistry (Check and Help)

    Determine the type of chemical reaction, find the limiting reagent, determine the amount of product in grams, and the amount in grams of excess reagent. 8.75 g of mercury (II) nitrate solution is mixed with 9.83 g sodium iodide solution (ppt). Hg(NO3)2(aq)

    asked by Anonymous
  18. trig

    Find the component form of v and sketch the specified vector operations geometrically, where u = 4i − j, and w = i + 5j. v = −u + w v = ( , )

    asked by Jose
  19. Language

    1. which of these sentences features a possessive noun? A.sentence 1 B.sentence 5 C.sentence 7**** D.sentence 11 Am i right

    asked by awesome
  20. physics

    To leave Nicholson, you exit via the door to the quad. The door is 40 inches wide and has a mass of 200 kg. You push the door with a perpendicular force of 52.61N exactly 0.86m away from the hinge. This generates the minimum torque, \tau_1, required to

    asked by Kim
  21. civics

    which of the following state capitals borders the east coast

    asked by gianna
  22. Geometry

    How many lines of symmetry on the four operating symbols? Addition sign : 4 Subtraction sign : 2 Multiplication sign : 4 Division sign : 2

    asked by Geo
  23. Math

    A magazine advertises that a subscription price of $29.99 ( for 12 issues) represents a savings of 70% from the newsstand price. A- What does this imply the price of one issue must be? B- If you found that the actual price for a single issue is $8.00,

    asked by Maria PLEASE HELP
  24. Chem

    If 0.256 g of a compound containing only carbon and hydrogen atoms is burned efficiently and 0.780 g of carbon dioxide and 0.356 g of water are produced, how many moles of H-atoms are contained in the original (0.256 g) sample?

    asked by Matt
  25. 9th grade


    asked by Cole
  26. Reading

    Hey Susan is taking an exam tomorrow as she begins her studies she quickly review the materials looking for keywords this is an example of

    asked by Jennifer
  27. Statistics

    Directional and non-directional hypotheses can be easily interchanged according to the hypothesis the researcher is testing. For instance, a drug company might predict that a drug will help a subject lose weight while another drug company might predict

    asked by Slomo
  28. chem

    a) Silver iodide(s) is formed by the following reaction: Ag (aq) + I (aq) --> AgI (s) The Ksp for AgI = 1.8 x 10^-10 Describe, using the chemical reaction, the mathematical formula for these ions. Assuming these ion concentrations are equal, what would the

    asked by hank
  29. math

    rebecca bought 1 1/2 pounds of grapes, they cost her $3.72 per pound. What was the total cost of her grapes?

    asked by marie
  30. math

    The discounted price of a book is 85% of the original price. This is a savings of $3. A sales tax of 8% will be added to the discounted price. What is the original price? the discounted price? and the tax?

    asked by Ben
  31. Chemistry

    H3PO4(aq) + 3 KOH(aq) → K3PO4(aq) + 3 H2O(l) How many grams of potassium hydroxide are required to completely neutralize 3.23 grams of phosphoric acid?

    asked by ...
  32. math

    Carlotta is making blue and orange necklaces in several lengths. For each necklace, her ratio of blue beads to orange beads is 3 to 2. How many orange beads will Carlotta need for a necklace of 60 beads?

    asked by Animegirl
  33. input output tables

    when creating an input/output table where do you enter the formula? in the input cell in the output cell in the title cell in the table of contents Im confused which is correct i say ether title cell of table of contents which is right PLEASE I NEED HELP

    asked by Anonymous
  34. L.A. :|

    why does the author of always to remember discuss maya ying lin's background? A. to show that she expericenced hardship. B. to show it's influence on her design. C to appeal to Chinese-American readers. D. To show she dis interest in architecture.

    asked by Emo Nerd :/
  35. Social Studies

    So my question on is: Why did the English establish colonies in the Americas? (5 points) The English established colonies in America for many reasons, one of the first reasons was for religious rights and freedom. Religious freedom didn’t exist back in

    asked by Cami
  36. Us History

    How did the Fordney-McCumber Tariff affect other countries?

    asked by Jasmin
  37. chem

    Consider the unbalanced reaction CO + H2O > CH4 + O2. All reactants in the gas phase. Calculate H per mole of H2O reacted. (The > is an arrow)

    asked by Karen
  38. chem

    Fe3O4(s) + C(s) > CO2 + Fe Balance the chemical reaction and calculate how many moles of Fe3O4 must be reacted to produce 440 gr CO2 (the > is an arrow)

    asked by Karen
  39. math

    Which number should you add to estimate the answer to this problem: 87087+98000

    asked by Pra
  40. Chemistry

    Determine the type of chemical reaction, find the limiting reagent, determine the amount of product in grams, and the amount of grams of excess reagent. Chromium metal is heated with oxygen to give chromium (III) oxide. Start with 38.5 moles chromium metal

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Chemistry (Check)

    Determine the type of chemical reaction, find the limiting reagent, determine the amount of product in grams, and the amount in grams of excess reagent. Calcium nitrate is decomposed with heat to give calcium nitrite and oxygen gas. Start with 15.99g of

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry (Check and Help)

    Determine the type of chemical reaction, find the limiting reagent, determine the amount of product in grams, and the amount in grams of excess reagent. 6.95 moles of glucose C6H12O6(s) is combusted with 7.54 moles of O2 gas (both products!) C6H12O6(s) +

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Social Studies - Check my answers please :)

    The English established colonies in America for many reasons, one of the first reasons was for religious rights and freedom. Religious freedom didn’t exist back in England, because all the people had to belong to the Church of England. They wanted to get

    asked by Cami
  44. Chemistry (Check and Help)

    Upon the combustion of propane, C3H8, 150. g of propane was reacted with excess oxygen gas. A. Determine the limiting reactant if the water is the product of interest. B. Determine the number of grams of water produced. C. Calculate the number of grams of

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Chemistry (Help)

    For the chemical reaction, sodium hydroxide + copper (II) chloride = "robin's egg blue" precipitate, do the following: write the balanced molecular, balanced total ionic, and balanced net ionic equations; determine the Limiting Reactant (LR) for each

    asked by Anonymous
  46. english

    1. It's raining cats and dogs. 2. Hit the sack. 3. You're bouncing off the walls. What is the inferential meaning of all the 3 idioms?

    asked by dana
  47. Business Calculus

    Bill wants to fence in his rectangular garden so his precious produce will be protected. Three sides of the fence will be constructed with wire at $2 per linear foot and the fourth side will be constructed of wood fencing at a cost of 6$ per linear foot.If

    asked by Rae
  48. Math

    A school is keeping track of the number of tickets remaining for its year-end festival. The table shows the number of sales for the first, second, third, and fourth weeks of the month leading up to the festival. Which graph could represent the data shown

    asked by Mr Shades
  49. Math

    A school is keeping track of the number of tickets remaining for its year-end festival. The table shows the number of sales for the first, second, third, and fourth weeks of the month leading up to the festival. Which graph could represent the data shown

    asked by Mr Shades
  50. Chemisrty

    If the water temperature was 30.0C and the atmospheric pressure was 753 torr. What volume of hydrogen gas would you expect to collect if you reacted 0.083g of Ca metal with HCl?

    asked by Chay
  51. history

    one advantage humans had cover animals they hunted was that humans )were bigger )had weapons**** )were stronger )were faster am i right

    asked by awesomeguy123
  52. math

    identify the value of x that makes each pair of the ratios equivalent x:4 and 45:20 A.8 B.9 C.10 plz plz plz plz help me!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!

    asked by pankakes
  53. Chemistry

    A hypothetical covalent molecule, X–Y, has a dipole moment of 1.62 D and a bond length of 179 pm. Calculate the partial charge on a pole of this molecule in terms of e (where e is the charge on an electron).

    asked by Jordann
  54. algebra

    Suppose a parabola has vertex (-4,7) and also passes through the point (-3,8), write the equation of the parabola in vertex form.

    asked by Lilah
  55. math

    How many cups of sorbet are in 8 cups of punch if 15% of 1 cup is sorbet?

    asked by beatrice
  56. bearing

    Pq and R are point in the same horizontal plane.the bearing of Q from P is 150% and the bearing of R from Q is 060%.if line (PQ)is 5cm and line (QR)is 3cm find the bearing of R from P correct to nearest degree

    asked by Max de-laurel model college
  57. math

    concentrated juice costs $66 per pound, how much will be spent to fill 81,000 two-liters?

    asked by larry
  58. Physics

    A block of 3kg is pulled up a smooth slope with a force of 24N and the slope is of an angle 25 degrees. Calculate the acceleration of the block up the slope.

    asked by Sean
  59. Physics

    The instruments attached to a balloon have a mass of 5kg. The balloon is released and exerts an upward force of 100 N. After the balloon has accelerated for 10s, the instruments are released. What is the velocity of the instruments at the moment of

    asked by Bill
  60. Math HELP PLEASE

    How many inches a wall in an everyday house might be? Sorry this is for a math portfolio, this isn't the question, but I just need the inches of a wall. I did use measuring tape. I got 22, even though measuring tape, it measured in Feet and Meters. I used

    asked by Anonymous
  61. math(ratios)

    identify the value of x that makes each pair of the ratios equivalent 6 to 8 and 18 to x A.20 B:22 C:24 note: ms.sue if ur going to give me links plz don't reply to this question (i mean no disrespect)

    asked by pankakes
  62. english

    what two things happened in the prohibition period that had to do with oceans

    asked by n
  63. Math

    the product of 2 and helena's savings is 34

    asked by ee
  64. algebra

    you are buying orange juice for $4.50 per container and have a gift card worth $7. TheFunction f(x)=4.50x-7 represents your total cost f(x) if you buy x containers of orange juice and use the gift card. How much do you pay to buy 4 containers of orange

    asked by julie
  65. physics

    i need help understanding physics. im failing my class and don't want to do anything because i have zero clue where to start. im stuck on this problem currently. a cat pushes a ball from a 7.00 m high window, giving it a horizontal velocity of .20 m/s. how

    asked by kaleigh
  66. Math

    How would I write the data as ordered pairs? Would it be (1,31), (3,34)… ect? U.S size 1 , 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 European size 31, 34, 36, 39, 41, 44

    asked by Abby
  67. Social Studies

    The area known as the slave coast to Europeans was? 1:A stretch of East African coast where slaves worked on tea plantations? 2:A stretch of Brazilian coast where there were many slave plantations? 3:A stretch of the west African coast where Europeans took

    asked by Marylyn
  68. Social Studies

    New religious influences in North and West came from? 1: Christianity 2: Daoism 3: Islam 4: South Africa I think it is #4 am I correct? Thank you

    asked by Marylyn
  69. Math

    What statement makes this true? 9^-2 A.81 B.18 C.1/81 D.-1/81 Is it A?

    asked by Karina
  70. Math

    Please check my answer for this: 17 - 4 x 3 + 8 = The answer I come to is 13

    asked by Sal
  71. Phyics

    A pool ball leaves a 0.75-meter high table with an initial horizontal velocity of 30 m/s. Predict the time required for the pool ball to fall to the ground.

    asked by Alex
  72. Social Studies

    advantages and disadvantages of a single handed family

    asked by Reanna

    For the diprotic weak acid H2A, Ka1 = 2.0 × 10^-6 and Ka2 = 6.7 × 10^-9. What is the pH of a 0.0800 M solution of H2A? What are the equilibrium concentrations of H2A and A2– in this solution?

    asked by GARRETT
  74. Chemistry

    Determine the number of grams of water in 7.00 g of copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate.

    asked by Liz
  75. english

    what photographe is famous for images of Dust Bowl victims

    asked by n
  76. english

    What are three central assumptions of the american dream

    asked by n
  77. math

    A bottler company dilutes and mixes concentrated juice with carbonated water then fills the blended beverage into two-liter bottles Brand 1 - 81,000 two-liters Brand 2 - 62,000 two-liters Assume that the concentrate costs $66 per pound for both Brand 1 and

    asked by larry
  78. Math

    A circular pool 10m wide in diameter has a deck 2m wid around it. What is the area of the deck?

    asked by Jo
  79. Math

    Margaret's favorite apples cost $3.50 Margaret bought 2.6 pounds of apples how much did Margaret spend

    asked by Momo
  80. stats

    if the distribution of heights for adult men is approximately normal with a mean of 69.5 inches and a standard deviation of 2.7ninches what is the probability that a randomly selected man is shorter than 65 inches?

    asked by cherise
  81. Math

    Order the fractions 3/8, 3/6, and 3/10 from least to greatest.

    asked by Tris
  82. maths

    A quardilateral with 1 of 30,2 of 60,3 of 90,4 of 120

    asked by vishnu
  83. math

    Lily plants 80 seeds in her garden. Half of them are carrots. The rest are pumpkins and radishes. There are 6 more pumpkin seed than radish seeds. a. How many radish seeds are there? b. How many carrot and radish seeds does Lily plant?

    asked by teresa
  84. Math

    4.)Find the unit rate. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. 344 miles in 11 hours A.)344 Miles/Hour B.)3,784 Miles/Hour C.)0.03Miles/Hour D.)31.27 Miles/Hour Is My Anwser C.)0.03Miles/Hour? If not can you explain why? & if so Thank You

    asked by YRN DJ
  85. Math

    a wrench is dropped by a worker at a construction site. four seconds later the worker hears it hit the ground below. How high is the worker above the ground? (The velocity of sound is 1100 ft/s, and the distance the wrench falls as a function of time is

    asked by John
  86. Math

    Zachary pitches twice a week. He throws an average of 75 pitches in a game. How many pitches does he throw in one week

    asked by Anonymous
  87. sizer

    Tell whether the statement,always,or never true.justify your reasoning. The expressions x - 3 and y-3 represent the same value

    asked by elsie
  88. Physics

    A 1500 kg car is moving 18 m/s how much force is required to bring the car to a stop in 12 seconds

    asked by Kyeanna
  89. chemistry

    if 40g of KNO3 is dissolved in 100ml water at 25 C WHAT WILL FINAL TEMP BE? SHOW ALL WORK

    asked by sara
  90. Math

    Joey has 4 pairs of pants,6 shirts, and 2 pairs of shoes, but only 1 favorite pair of pants, 1 favorite shirt, and 1 pair of shoes. If he randomly selects an outfit to wear, what it the probability that it will be his favorite pants, shirt, and shoes?

    asked by Ryan
  91. hospitality

    Compare the DRESHLER Hotel to the competing hotels in the Trend Report Appendix C and identify any issues !@#$%^& the hotel is performing?

    asked by roslyn
  92. HTT

    Describe 2 potential improvements or additions to the Dreshler hotel that will help increase profits and business?

    asked by roslyn
  93. PLEASE HELP MS SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4

    when creating an input/output table where do you enter the formula? in the input cell in the output cell in the title cell in the table of contents Im confused which is correct i say ether title cell of table of contents which is right PLEASE I NEED HELP

    asked by Anonymous
  94. civics

    Sarah supports ratifying a new Cybercrime society. She would like to write a letter expressing her support. Where would she send her letter? A)to a Supreme Court justice B)to her district representative C)to her senators D)to the president

    asked by valerie
  95. science

    which of the following is true about Earths atmosphere? a)the atmosphere contains 78 percent water vapor b)the atmosphere contains 21 percent oxygen c)the atmosphere allows radiation from the sun to pass through and warm Earths surface

    asked by Jerry Jones
  96. physics

    A tire rotates 140 rpm, how many rotations have been completed in 20 seconds?

    asked by Emily
  97. chem

    What is the volume occupied by 0.118mol of Helium gas at a pressure of 0.97atm and a temperature of 305k? Would the volume be different if the gas was Argon(under the same identical conditions)?

    asked by gilard
  98. math

    1. Find the like terms in the expression y + 1.2y + 1.2z. (1 point) A.y and 1.2y B.1.2y and 1.2z C.y and 1.2z D.y, 1.2y, and 1.2z 2. Simplify 2 + 17x – 5x + 9. (1 point) A.19x + 4 B.12x + 11 C.22x + 11 D.15x – 4 3. Simplify 3(5y + 6) – 4. (1 point)

    asked by SE
  99. Trigonometry

    Suppose a planet has a radius of 5,000 km. Starting at the point on its surface at 0 degrees longitude and 0 degrees latitude,find the distance to the point on its surface at 30 degrees longitude and 60 degrees latitude.

    asked by April
  100. IMF: Program Design

    Assume real growth of government consumption of 20%, and revised real growth of public investment for 10.9% (check respectively, cells I45 and I46 in worksheet-Gov_Exp_proj). Please calculate the following to the nearest integer (e.g., 12134.2 = 12134).

    asked by rvanegas
  101. Geometry

    I'm not sure how to complete a two-column proof: Given

    asked by Amanda
  102. statistics

    when figuring mode, mean and median do you add all the like figure such as days and no. of discharges? you don't just add all the numbers up together right?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. civics

    What motivated the Founding fathers to include the phrase "to form a more perfect union" in the preamble of the U.S Constitution?

    asked by sarah
  104. Reading

    Which of these is an example of scanning

    asked by Jennifer
  105. algebra

    With an 80 km/h head wind a plane can fly a certain distance in 4 h. Flying in the opposite direction, with the same wind blowing, it can fly that distance in one hour less. What is the plane’s speed?

    asked by Kevin
  106. Science

    can you help me understand why it takes more energy to heat something bigger than something smaller please. thank you.

    asked by Abigail
  107. chem

    2.0 x 10(exp-13) km/0.01=

    asked by Karen
  108. Math

    6x2,6x20,and 6x200

    asked by chris
  109. Math

    I need help please. What percent of 990 is 33?

    asked by Meg
  110. computer science

    A Bagels store charges 75 cents per bagel for orders of less than a half-dozen bagels and 60 cents per bagel for orders of a half-dozen or more. Assume that the number of bagels ordered has been stored in a variable named NumBagels. Write VB code that

    asked by Patricia
  111. English 7th

    The Vietnam war"The Chinese dragon". What is the connection between the war and Ha and her situation?

    asked by jay jay
  112. Algebra

    The sum of the four angle measures of any convex quadrilateral is 360 degrees. Suppose that a convex quadrilateral has angle measures of 90, 10y+4, and 3y-2 degrees. Write an expression for the degree measure of the fourth angle.

    asked by Lisa
  113. Math

    Describe how a 60 degree angle complements a 30 degree angle. Describe how a 60 degree angle supplements a 120 angle.

    asked by Anonymous
  114. health

    ________ may likely lead to aggressive behavior. A. All of the above B. Complacency C. Sadness D. Irritability think it d ????!!!

    asked by melanie
  115. Math

    Please check my answer. 11 1/9% of what number is 600? I have 5400.54

    asked by Kyle
  116. English

    I need to write a 4 stanza love poem for English homework, one problem, I'm rubbish at poems and haven't put pen to paper yet... HELP!!

    asked by Josh
  117. Geography

    How does changing scales help better understand issues such as IMR and CMR

    asked by Anonymous
  118. health

    What causes depression? A. Environmental issues B. There is no known cause C. Biochemical issues D. Genetic issues ithink it D?!!

    asked by melanie
  119. math

    You are buying balloons for a pary. A small balloon cost $2. A large balloon cost $5. Write an algebraic expression for the cost of x small balloons and y large balloons. What is the answer?

    asked by shay
  120. math

    There is a proportional relationship between your distance from a thunderstorm and the time from when you see the lightning and hear the thunder. If there are 9 seconds between the lightning and thunder, the storm is about 3 kilometers away. If you double

    asked by sue
  121. math

    First week sells 6 chairs for $80 each. Next week, if chair is not sold, it will sell for 0.85 times previous week's price. Store needs to sell 6 chairs for total of $270 to make a profit. what is the last week in which all 6 chairs could be sold so that

    asked by stephanie
  122. Chemistry

    Calculate the work, in kJ, done when 126 g of tin dissolves in excess acid at 25.0˚C and 1.00 atm. Assume Ideal Gas behavior. Sn(s) + 2 H+(aq) → Sn2+(aq) + H2(g) I basically need to know how to find the change in volume since work=-pressure*volume

    asked by Carol
  123. math

    How can knowing the multiplication properties help You multiply 5x(2x6)?

    asked by Alex
  124. physics

    Two similar sphere having charge -2C and +4C respectively are separated by distance "r" exert force (F=16N) third similar neutral sphere is first touched with sphere B and then sphere A. then force between spheres decreases by

    asked by why nobody is responding?
  125. Maths

    A rectangular field is 2.45m long and 1.62m wide. What is the perimeter of the rectangular field

    asked by Zoe
  126. Math

    Sarah bought a circular marble table top to use as her dining room table. The marble is 4 ft in diameter. Find the cost of the table top at $90 per square yard of marble.

    asked by Nicole
  127. math

    I don't know how to write these 2 sentences. One number is twice another number. Twice the lesser number increased by three times the greater number is 75

    asked by cheryl
  128. Algebra

    Determine whether the graphs of the given equation are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Explain y=4x-2 -X+4y=0

    asked by Mom
  129. Spalding High School

    When a mass of 20 gram is hung on a spring the length of the spring id 16 centimetres. Adding another 10 gram increases the length to 19 centimetres. What is the unstrecthed length of the spring

    asked by Brittney kay Simpson
  130. Algebra

    Write an equation in slope intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is perpendicular to the graph of the given equation. (1,-6). X-2y=4

    asked by dad
  131. Math

    An art teacher has a box of pencils. 1/10 are green, 1/2 are blue, 1/4 are orange, and the remaining 45 are red. How many pencils are orange?

    asked by Hannah
  132. Health

    Most of the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream takes place in the large intestine. True or false

    asked by SE
  133. Pre-algebra

    3 1/2+w-5 1/4=8 I'm totally confused on how to work this out!

    asked by Mortal Kombat
  134. Chem

    when 37 g of caoh is aded to 1 litre of 0.55m h2so4 the poh is

    asked by Asra
  135. Math

    Select the BEST classification for π ??? Is it rational or irrational?

    asked by Hailey
  136. maths lit, geography, lo, business studies, EGD

    hi there I am finding it difficult to find out what careers and degrees I can get with this and I am starting to worry. can you please help me and give me some ideas to what I can do kind regards Conner

    asked by conner
  137. tema senior high school

    An open box is to be made using one metre square of cardboard .find the maximum value of the box given that it has a square base

    asked by angela
  138. physics

    a block of mass M = 9.9 kg rests on a bracket of mass m = 5.5 kg. the bracket sits on a frictionless surface. the coefficients of friction between the block and the bracket on which it rests are .4 and .3. what is the maximum force that can be applied if

    asked by john
  139. calculus

    The edge of a cube office is decreasing at a constant rate of two cm per seconds .find the rate of change of its volume at that instant when the volume is 64m cube

    asked by angela
  140. maths simplify fractions

    2 and 1over 4plus 5over8mines1over 2

    asked by ash
  141. Math

    How would you solve 4m(-2mn^2)^3/4m^-6n4. In addition, what steeps are required

    asked by Amzad
  142. trig

    Find the magnitude and direction angle of the vector v. v = 4(cos 125°i + sin 125°j) ||v|| = θ =

    asked by James
  143. French

    Which of the following sentences is correct to say, "I vacuumed"? I see both types online. 1. J'ai passé l'aspirateur. 2. Je suis passé l'aspirateur.

    asked by Anonymous
  144. math

    On a recent day, 8 euros were worth $9 and 24 euros were worth 24 euros were worth $27. Write an equation of the form y=(k)x to show the relationship between the number of euros and the value in dollars. Where y is dollars and x is euros

    asked by Samantha
  145. govt pu colllege

    in term of thise energy changes mg form chloride with the formula mgcl2 not mgcl mgcl3

    asked by nirmala
  146. kano poly

    ln 6x/9

    asked by mudassir
  147. pre algebra

    If a sail of a ship is 10 feet long and has a diagonal length of 26 feet, what is the height of the sail in feet? A 29 B 24********** C 17 D 8

    asked by orangygirl
  148. Science

    The density of pure silver is 10.5 g/cm3. What is the mass of a sample with the volume of 10.0 cm3?

    asked by Jewel
  149. Math

    Johnny spent 4 2/3 for his exams studying for his math exams. He spent 3/4 of the time studying for math. How many hours did Johnny spend stydying for his exam? How do I show the number sentence?

    asked by Alexa
  150. math

    On a recent day, 8 euros were worth $9 and 24 euros were worth 24 euros were worth $27. Write an equation of the form y=(k)x to show the relationship between the number of euros and the value in dollars. Where y is dollars and x is euros. I got y=.89x am I

    asked by Samantha
  151. Math algebra 2

    Identify the vertex the axis of symmetry,the maximum, or minimum value and the range of each parabola Y=x^2-4x+1

    asked by Annie
  152. maths

    construct a parallogam ABCD such that AB=6cm,ABC=120degree and BC=5cm

    asked by maushan
  153. French

    Is magazine de vêtements masculine or feminine?

    asked by Mia
  154. Pre algebra

    Which of these nonterminating decimals can be converted into a rational number A 0.48907542 repeating B 0.02020202 repeating C 0.92589542 repeating D 0.10203040 repeating ******* Paul is painting a square wall with an area of 115 square feet. To the

    asked by orangygirl
  155. Language

    5. which detail in the selection confirms your prediction from the previous question? A.Sandy gives the narrator vegetables from her garden.*** B.The narrator digs up the seeds that have not yet sprouted. C.With sandy's help, the narrator's garden is much

    asked by awesome
  156. College Algerbra

    P=N/1+i is used to determine what amount of principle P should be invested for one year at simple interest rate i in order to have N dollars after a year. Solve the formula for i.

    asked by Anonymous
  157. Geometry

    If the point P(-3,2) is translated under the vector (1,-5) what quadrant will P' be located? Quadrant 3?

    asked by Geo
  158. College Algerbra

    I=N/P+c, solve for P

    asked by Anonymous
  159. language arts HELP PLZ!!!!!!!

    what is the purpose of the bracketed information in the intro? [old english tread to tread] gives an alternate pronunction of tread gives the origin of tread gives an alternate spelling of tread gives a synonym of tread

    asked by pankakes
  160. trig

    Find the component form of v given its magnitude and the angle it makes with the positive x-axis. Sketch v. Magnitude Angle ||v||= 7/2 45 degrees v=( , )

    asked by amanda
  161. expressions

    three less than twice a number is the same as the number increased by eight

    asked by Anonymous
  162. math

    given that x=(2x^2-x+8)y show that (x-1+y)^2/4y=(1+2y-63y^2)/16y^2

    asked by Tope
  163. health

    A function of the female reproductive system is to provide a nourishing environment in which fertilized ____ can grow A.Ovary B. Sperm*** C.Egg D.Uterous

    asked by Anonymous
  164. Maths

    The l of a rectangular field in 3 times its bredth . If the area of the field be 147 sq.m .find the l of the field

    asked by Anonymous
  165. Algebra

    As oscar swam an 80 m river the current carried him 30 m downstream how far did he swim

    asked by Diego