Questions Asked on
October 31, 2015

  1. us history

    which answer best explains the contributions of women during the revolutionary war? a) women were in charge of the horses and artillery during the revolutionary war. b) women often poisoned British troops stationed in their towns during the revolutionary

    asked by Ana
  2. math

    simplify the expression (3x + 1/2) + (7x - 4 1/2) THANK YOU!

    asked by kimie
  3. us history

    what factor caused the anger that led to the Boston massacre? a) Boston was occupied by the British soldiers. b) the colonists did not like the system of British taxes********* c) some american colonist disagreed with he kings policies.******** d) the

    asked by Ana
  4. math

    simplify the expression: (-0.25x - 3) - (1.5x + 1.4) THANK YOU!

    asked by kimie
  5. English

    Gent is an informal word for: ? First, I have no idea what an informal word is. Please help!

    asked by Grace ^-^
  6. english

    eaping upstream, we fished most of the day for salmon. At the age of ten, my family took a trip to Washington, D.C. Skimming every chapter, the biology textbook made more sense. I need help with Dangling modifiers. We fished most of the day for salmon that

    asked by Jennifer
  7. chemistry

    How many kilojoules are absorbed when 318 g of Ca(OH)2 reacts?

    asked by kiersten
  8. Spanish

    Hi there, I need to answer a few questions and I want to make sure I wrote them out correctly. Can you please check my answers? 1. if you were president, what would be your most important decision Si yo fuera presidente, me gustaría bajar los impuestos 2.

    asked by Jenny
  9. element and principles of design

    How will you combined the element and principle of design in your sitting room

    asked by Fuseina
  10. English

    1. While I was washing the dishes, he watched TV. 2. While I washed the dishes, he watched TV. --------------- (Which one is right? Are both OK? What is the difference in meaning between the two sentences?) 3. He was playing games when I called him this

    asked by rfvv
  11. Maths

    If a unit is 465mm x 320mm how much will it cost for one unit if its priced at $25 per metre squared

    asked by Wayne
  12. science

    *Fill in the banks with suitable prepositon. Frustration results ------violence. (a) of (b)in (c)at (d)with

    asked by ABDULLA
  13. physics

    Two similar sphere having charge -2C and +4C respectively are separated by distance "r" exert force (F=16N) third similar neutral sphere is first touched with sphere B and then sphere A. then force between spheres decreases by:

    asked by somebody help me! quickly
  14. Pretoria Muslim Trust sunni school

    Math Litracy,Life sciences,Cat,Business studies. Can I become a psychologist with these subjects

    asked by Mpho Molokomme
  15. Chemistry

    I have to prepare 1ppm of Fe+2 solution in 1litre. How many grams of ferrous ammonium sulphate will be dissolved in 1litre to make above solution.. plzz guide me

    asked by Syed
  16. MATHS

    A(-4,0) and (-1,4) are two given points.C and d are points which are symmetric to the given points A and B respectively with respect to Y-axis.Calculate the perimeter of Trapezium ABDC.

    asked by AYUSH
  17. physics

    a sea saw consist of a uniform bar 4m long and of mass 2kg. a boy of weight 42N sits at end of the sea saw while another boy of weight 38N sits at the end of the season. at what point must the season be pivoted if it is to balance. according to physics

    asked by dawodu ibukun
  18. math

    If a clock tower strikes once at one o'clock,twice at two o'clock,thrice at three o'clock,then how many times does the clock strike altogether in 24 hours?

    asked by Mallika Shrestha
  19. physics

    A police driving test concluded that a certain female driver had a reaction time of 0.5s. If her car had a maximum deceleration of 5.00ms^-2, what is the least distance in which she can bring the car to a rest from a speed of 10ms^-1?

    asked by hans
  20. math,fraction

    ......multiplied by 16 and 2 is added, the result is 10. what is the fraction result?

    asked by Nadir
  21. math

    In a parallelogram ABCD,if DO and CO bisect angle D and angle C respectively, what will be the value of angle DOC

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Science

    A body weight 500 N in air and weight of displace water is 300N then find apparent loss in the weight of body. The upthrust on body. The volume of the body

    asked by kartik
  23. Programming

    Name Hours per day John 5 6 4 7 8 Jack 7 3 5 7 4 Jill 2 9 4 3 5 James 6 6 2 4 5 Jacob 5 6 6 3 3 Jeremy 5 5 5 8 8 Jim 8 8 4 7 4 Jerry 6 4 5 6 7 Jamie 3 2 6 7 4 If worker payment is $6.50 per hour, write methods to calculate: Average Working hours for every

    asked by Ammi
  24. Programming

    Name Hours per day John 5 6 4 7 8 Jack 7 3 5 7 4 Jill 2 9 4 3 5 James 6 6 2 4 5 Jacob 5 6 6 3 3 Jeremy 5 5 5 8 8 Jim 8 8 4 7 4 Jerry 6 4 5 6 7 Jamie 3 2 6 7 4 If worker payment is $6.50 per hour, write methods to calculate: Average Working hours for every

    asked by Ammi
  25. science

    A scenery in your drawing room has height h and is hung in the wall so that its lower edge is at a distance d above the eye of an observer. How far from the wall should the observer stand to get the best view?

    asked by sonam
  26. Algebra

    Confused mom thanks for your help. Find the X and Y intercepts of the line that passes through the given points (-6,4), (3,-5)

    asked by Mom
  27. physics

    if the volume of a gas is 500cm3 at 127degree centigrade and 380mm of mercury, calculate the volume of this gas at s.t.p

    asked by chuks
  28. physics

    An ideal gas is in equilibrium at initial state with temperature T=137oC, pressure P = 0.75Pa and volume V = 0.75 m3. If there is a change in state in which the gas undergoes an isothermal process to a final state of equilibrium during which the volume is

    asked by chuks1234
  29. Math

    on the weekend, the county pool has one open-lap lane session for 45 minutes each day of the weekend. weekday open-lap sessions are for 30 minutes. the number of weekday open-lap sessions vary. last week there were a total of 6 hours of open-lap sessions.

    asked by Angelina
  30. science

    A scenery in your drawing room has height h and is hung in the wall so that its lower edge is at a distance d above the eye of an observer. How far from the wall should the observer stand to get the best view?

    asked by sonam
  31. Chemistry

    A weather balloon is inflated to a volume of 29.9 L at a pressure of 755 mmHg and a temperature of 33.0 ∘C. The balloon rises in the atmosphere to an altitude where the pressure is 385 mmHg and the temperature is -16.2 ∘C. Assuming the balloon can

    asked by Anonymous
  32. science

    Why do earthquakes occur along the San Andreas Fault

    asked by valerie
  33. english grammar

    the man ran ____ the river to get ____ the ferry

    asked by mahek

    A diver runs horizontally with a speed of 1.5 m/s off a platform that is 20 m above the water. what is his speed just before hitting the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Physics

    A stone is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 21.0 m/s a)How fast is it moving when it reaches a height of 15.8 m b)How much time is required to reach this height?

    asked by mark
  36. E.I.S.J

    An ideal gas is sealed within a container at a tempreture of 17 degree celcies and a pressure of 101KPa. The container is heated until the tempreture of the gas reaches 100 degree celcies. A valve in the container is then opened to allow gas to escape

    asked by zizo breezy
  37. CARS Passages

    CARS 1: Introduction to CARS Passages Passage I Those who consider the Devil to be a partisan of Evil and angels to be warriors for Good accept the demagogy of the angels. Things are clearly more complicated. Angels are partisans not of Good, but of Divine

    asked by Tina
  38. APA Format

    I'm so used to using MLA that I'm struggling with citing in-text using APA. "Metropolitan areas with high concentrations of employment in higher paying occupations also tend to have greater inequality.” (Cunningham, 2015). Does that look right? Do I need

    asked by mysterychicken
  39. ap physics

    a ball 1 is thrown horizontally from the top of a building that is 50 meters tall. if another ball 2 is dropped at the same time as the first is released, which ball will hit the ground first? A. ball 1 B. ball 2 c. they land at the same D. depends of the

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Chemistry

    A ball bearing at 22.0 Celsius is dropped into a cup containing 250.0 g of water at 20.0 Celsius. The water and ball bearing come to a temperature of 30.0 Celsius. What is the heat capacity of the ball bearing in J/Celsius? How do I do this kind of

    asked by Aurora
  41. Math

    The 200 shares of General Mills stock bought at $384.38 were sold at $350. Commission is omitted. What would be the loss? I'm really confused here. I thought I would subtract the two numbers featured above to get the loss. Is there a specific formula I

    asked by Shannon
  42. Algebra

    f(x)= 2(x + 8), find x if f(x) = 12. 2 40 -2 14 pls help me

    asked by Oscar
  43. Chemistry

    A 0.1818 g sample of sodium oxalate required 28.12 ml of a potassium permanganate solution to reach the endpoint (assume the reaction was carried out in excess acid). A 5.000 g sample of tin (II) sulfate containing potassium sulfate as an impurity was

    asked by Anonymous
  44. art

    how has the artist used value in this painting? A.The background is lighter than the foreground to draw the viewer's eye B.The artist did not use value in this painting C. The subject is lighter than the background to draw the viewers eye D. The subject of

    asked by bell
  45. Math

    Mac's farm has a total of 18 horses and 27 cows. What is the ratio of horses to cows in simplest form? A: 6/9 B: 18/27 C: 2/3 D: 3/2 I say the answer is b because 18/27 is the numbers and it is simplest form.

    asked by Byron Smith
  46. Math

    Caroline saves $45 in 4 months. At this rate, how long will it take her to save $180? A:11.25 months B:16 months C:4 D:15 Months Well it is not 4 months because she saves $45 in for months so it would be b?

    asked by redneck_countryboy
  47. algebra

    A group of 1,200 people was surveyed to find their favorite choice of fruit. the pie gives results of people surveyed oranges 19.2% kwiw 16.2% bananas16.6% apples 30.2% other 12.8% of the people surveyed, how many prefer bananas?

    asked by lisa
  48. algebra

    a survey of 2,000 people was given to find their mode of transportation to work each day. the pie chart gives the results of people surveyed Bike 3.8% taxi 9.8% walk 3.4% bus 14.6% drive 68.4% how many traveled by bike to work?

    asked by lisa
  49. U.S. History

    Unlike the British, the French were not interested in taking over Native American land. Instead, they were interested mainly in trading? A: wheat b: furs c: cattle d: iron I would have to say b because they had a lot of cattle and they sold fur for some

    asked by redneck_countryboy
  50. chemistry

    0.5 mol CCl4 is introduced into a 10.0L flask.what fraction of the total volume of the flask is occupied by CCl4 molecules?

    asked by faiz
  51. Social studies

    Against what country was the atomic bomb used? A)Japan B)France C)Europe D)Russia

    asked by Lea
  52. P.E....Plzzzzzzz Help me:)

    1. A person who does not recognize the signs of mental illness may not know he needs help. A. True*** B. False 2. Which of the following is not a sign of psychotherapy? A. insight B. cognitive C. medications*** D. group 3. Which is NOT a health

    asked by Labbayk
  53. P.E Plzzz help

    I forgot to post these questions in my last post... 11.You think your friend is depressed and may be considering suicide. Which of the following actions should you avoid? A. Tell him how concerned you are about him; you'll probably embarrass him. B. Leave

    asked by Labbayk
  54. Geography

    Stage of Pestilence and Famine Meaning of this stage's name? What happens during this stage? Infectious and parasitic diseases such as the Black Plague

    asked by Geo
  55. physics

    4. Assuming that ball 1 was thrown with an initial velocity of 5 m/s, how far will it land away from the building horizontally? A. 10 M b. 16 M C. 21 M D. 0.63 M 5. A projectile is launched a t 35 m/s at an angle of 33 degrees. Determine (a) the maximum

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Biology

    Needed to transport proteins and lipids throughout cytoplasm. Must be able to work within complicated membrane passages. Some positions involve work with ribosomes

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math 6/7

    Jody has two windows that are both squares. Let s represent the side length of one of the windows. write an algebraic expression with an exponent to represent the combined area of both the windows. Would it be s^2 or s^4?

    asked by Versace
  58. Science

    A 25 l partially filled weather balloon has a volume of 11 L at sea level where the pressure is 1 atm. It rises to an altitude of 6.096km (20,000 feet) where the pressure is only .48 atm. What is the resulting volume? At what pressure would it burst? Use

    asked by Rich
  59. Math

    Use cross products to see if each pair of ratios forms a proportion. Replace each box with a =or a = with a / through the = 1: 7/5 box 10/15= =/ 2:6/8 box 15/20= = I pick the answers because I cross multiply. Idk. The reason why i had picked those that is

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Mechanics

    a ship leaves a port and travels on asteady course 40*N of due east at a steady speed of 8.kmh^-1. how far due north and due east of the port is the ship after sailing after 12 hours

    asked by Naim
  61. Math Homework

    Directions: Find the fourth-order derivative. 1.) f''(x)=7x^5/2, f(^iv)(x) 2.) f''(x)=8x^7/5, f(^iv)(x)

    asked by Lena

    4. Assuming that ball 1 was thrown with an initial velocity of 5 m/s, how far will it land away from the building horizontally? A. 10 M b. 16 M C. 21 M D. 0.63 M 5. A projectile is launched a t 35 m/s at an angle of 33 degrees. Determine (a) the maximum

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Physics

    The driver of a car is going 90 km/hr suddenly sees a barrier40m ahead. It takes the driver .75 sec to apply the brakes, and the average acceleration during braking is -10m/s^2. Will the car hit the barrier and use calculation to show work.

    asked by Bill
  64. English

    I have to underline the word or phrase or clause that is not parallel sentence and then rewrite it The dog had to choose between jumping over the fence or he could have dug a hole underneath it. Is this correct: I would underline between and to rewrite the

    asked by jennifer
  65. English & Composition!

    This is my conclusion to my surveillance essay. Can someone help me revise this or suggest any changes. I tried to make the conclusion as mature as possible to be a college/ university type of conclusion. Any further suggestions would be much appreciated.

    asked by Diana
  66. biology

    Determine the effective population size of the current population located on an island. You conduct a census and determine there are about 1500. -Your initial survey indicated that there are 500 juveniles (Smaller, with no horns) on the island. What would

    asked by John
  67. Math

    The problem is as follows: Please help Jaki Taggart determine her tax liability based on the following: salary, $69,000; wages, $42,220; capital gains, $13,580; $2,000 IRA contribution; mortgage interest, $6,050; property taxes, $2,560; charitable

    asked by Soarx
  68. English

    Here are my paralle structure sentences: The dog had to choose between jumping over the fence and digging a hole underneath it. She disliked going to the beach and hiking in the woods, and she did not care for picnics, either. As I look down the city

    asked by jennifer
  69. Principles of Finance

    A five-year project has an initial fixed asset investment of $335,000, an initial NWC investment of $35,000, and an annual OCF of −$34,000. The fixed asset is fully depreciated over the life of the project and has no salvage value. If the required return

    asked by frank
  70. Principles of Finance

    Romo Enterprises needs someone to supply it with 121,000 cartons of machine screws per year to support its manufacturing needs over the next five years, and you’ve decided to bid on the contract. It will cost you $880,000 to install the equipment

    asked by frank
  71. Principles of Finance

    Warmack Machine Shop is considering a four-year project to improve its production efficiency. Buying a new machine press for $490,000 is estimated to result in $200,000 in annual pretax cost savings. The press falls in the MACRS five-year class, and it

    asked by frank
  72. English

    Original sentence: The job demands computer skills, math ability and with accounting background. Correct Sentence:1. The job demands computer skills, math ability with accounting skills. Original Sentence: My sister in not only a talented musician, but she

    asked by jennifer
  73. english

    Original sentence:The astronomer completed the calculation at the observatory that he had been working on for nearly a decade. Here is my corrected sentence: The astronomer completed the calculations that he had been working carefully at the observatory

    asked by jennifer
  74. english

    original sentence: The new highway follows the river, bypasses the small towns and you can save a lot of time The correct sentence: The new highway follows the river, bypasses, small towns, will save you a lot of time.

    asked by jennifer
  75. Calculus

    The volume V of a growing spherical cell is V =4/3πr^3, where the radius is measured in micrometers (1 µm = 10^−6m). Find the average rate of change of V with respect to r when r changes from 3 to each of the following. i)3 to 6µm ii)3 to 4µm

    asked by Joey
  76. Physics

    A mass m = 85 kg slides on a frictionless track that has a drop, followed by a loop-the-loop with radius R = 19.2 m and finally a flat straight section at the same height as the center of the loop (19.2 m off the ground). Since the mass would not make it

    asked by Michelle
  77. English

    Original sentence: The members of Congress would rather stonewall the proposal rather than to pass the new law. Here is my corrected sentence: 3. The members of Congress would like to stonewall the proposal and not pass the new law.

    asked by jennifer
  78. Government

    Explain five ways that a president can leave office.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. English

    Original sentence: My older brother is guilty of lecturing me instead of being a good example Is this correct. My older brother is guilty of being a lecturer, and not being a good example.

    asked by jennifer
  80. English

    Original sentence: My older brother is guilty of lecturing me instead of a good example. CORRECT Sentence: My older brother is guilty of being a lecturer, rather than a good example.

    asked by jennifer
  81. English

    Are these sentences grammatically correct? Are these sentences grammatically correct? The dog had to choose jumping over the fence or to dig a hole underneath it. She disliked hiking in the woods, picnicking, and going to the beach. As I look down the city

    asked by jennifer
  82. Burnhamthrop Chemistry

    initially 0.25 mol of water vapour and 0.20 mor of carbon monoxide are place in a 1.00 L reaction vessel. at equilibrium spectroscopic evidence shows that 0.10 mol of corbon dioxide is present calculate K for the reaction

    asked by Omar
  83. us history

    Which of these was a precedent that George Washington set? a) constitutional amendment process b) formal presidential dinners c) singing of the national anthem d) use of a president cabinet ** please check if i am right thanks! :)

    asked by Ana
  84. us history

    Read the following paraphrase from George Washington's Farewell Address and answer the question that follows. People have the right to make and alter their governments. But the Constitution is sacred law until changed by the whole people together. The very

    asked by Ana
  85. economics

    A recently released Gallup survey confirms the fears of many who oppose government-promoted gambling: the poorest among us are contributing much more to lottery revenues than those with higher incomes. The poll found that people who played the lottery with

    asked by adebisi
  86. us history

    Lewis and Clark traveled from St. Louis, which is beside the Mississippi River. Which of the following correctly describes the land they saw as they traveled to the Pacific Northwest? A) Flat and low around the Mississippi River, with a sharp and sudden

    asked by Ana
  87. us history

    What event led to the U.S. purchase of the Louisiana Territory? A)The burning of a U.S. Navy ship in the First Barbary War *** B) The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Marbury vs. Madison C)The successful Haitian slave revolt d)Napoleon losing money in his

    asked by Ana
  88. Calculus

    Use the Shell Method to compute the volume V of the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by the graphs of the functions y = x^2, y = 8 − x^2,and x = 1/2 about the y-axis. Here is how I set up the integral: 2 pi integral sign [-2,2] (1/2 -

    asked by Anonymous