Questions Asked on
October 19, 2015

  1. Geo, Math lit, Life science, history

    Which career will I be able to do if I study Geography, Mathematical literacy, Life sciences, History, English, setswana and life orientation

    asked by Destiny
  2. Algebra

    1.Identify the domain and range of the following relation. {(3,7),(3,8),(3,-2),(3,4),(3,1)} A.Domain:{3} Range:{-2,1,4,7,8}**** B.Domain:{-2,1,4,7,8} Range:{3} C.Domain:{all real numbers} Range:{all real numbers} D.Domain:O/ Range:O/ 2.Determain whether

    asked by GummyBears
  3. History

    5.)What was the main effect of the 1763 Treaty of Paris A. France gained more Canadian territories. B. Spain lost all its holdings in North America C. Britain gained more land in North America D. Native Americans lost most of their tribal lands A.)France

    asked by Douglas
  4. physics

    at what temprature is the average translational k.e of a molecule in an ideal gas equal to 1 ev?

    asked by abdulmueed
  5. Math

    Choose the correct solution and graph for the inequality -4 x ≤ -12 x ≥ 3 x ≤ 3 x ≥ 8**** x ›-8 what are all the subsets of the set {-8 4} 0 (with slash) {-8}, {4}**** {-8}, {4},{-8,4} {-8},{4} 0 with slash, {-8},{4},{-8,4} Thank you

    asked by BUBBLES
  6. Algebra

    Did you hear about the farmer who named his pet rooster riddle.

    asked by Samy springer
  7. Physical Education

    1. You have now learned that a good goalkeeper must quickness, agility, and good eyesight. What other athlete requires the same skill set for success? a) Quarterback*** b) Golfer c) Bowler d) Shot putter 2. You should now have a good grasp of the game of

    asked by Kaai97
  8. Bubbles

    starting from 105 feet away a person on a bicycle rides towards a checkpoint and then passes it. the rider is traveling at a constant rate of 35 feet per second. THe distance between the bicycle and the checkpoint is given by the equation d= [105-35t] at

    asked by BUBBLES
  9. vocab

    improving vocabulary skills textbook chapter 7 sentence check 2 and final check answers

    asked by Anonymous
  10. fakunle

    26cm of wood is cut off a board 130cm long.what percentage has been cut off?

    asked by damola
  11. maths

    a man leaves half of his property to his third to his son and the remaining to his daughter. if the daughter share is 40000. find how much money did he leave. how much did his wife get? what is his son share?

    asked by shehzad
  12. Physics

    An electron has an initial speed of 4.00×106 m/s. What potential difference (sign and magnitude) is required to bring the electron to rest?

    asked by Rachel
  13. vocab (english)

    i have improving vocabulary skills 4th edition book and i need sentence check 2 answers and final check

    asked by Anonymous
  14. science

    Which of the following is an example of inbreeding? A) a farmer chooses the cos in his or her herd that produce he most milk and breeds only those cows. b) a farmer chooses the cows in his or herd that produces the most milk and breeds them with cows that

    asked by Ana
  15. chemistry

    10mL of 0.500M HCl was added to 50mL of 0.100M NaOH in a coffee cup calorimeter, and the temperature increased from 22.3°C to 23.1°C. What is the experimentally determined enthalpy of neutralization of HCl (in kJ/mol)? The specific heat of water is

    asked by Lay
  16. chemistry

    The pressure of a mixture of H2 & N2 in container in 1200 torr.The partial pressure of N2 in the mixture is 300 torr.What is the ratio of H2 and N2 molecules in the mixture torr?

    asked by Randeep
  17. Geometry

    if yvonne wanted to make 3 dresses that use 4 7/8 yd of fabric easy explain how she could use estimation to make sure she has enough fabric for all of them.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. SPC

    Complete each sentence with the correct form of ser or estar. 1. Los abuelos de Maricarmen de España. 2. La cafetería de la universidad cerca del estadio. 3. Gerónimo y Daniel estudiantes de sociología. 4. —Hola, Gabriel. María. ¿Cómo ? 5. El

    asked by Bernard Currington
  19. chemistry

    What is the unbalanced equation for the combustion reaction of gaseous C4H10 and gaseous oxygen to form gaseous carbon dioxide and gaseous water?

    asked by vincent
  20. History

    Which of the following results of the French and Indian War was a cause of the American Revolutionary War? A: Native Americans lost large amounts of territory. B: Britain incurred a large debt as a result of the war. C: France ceded land in Canada and east

    asked by Douglas
  21. Area of a triangle plz help

    |BM|,|CN| are altitude of a triangle ABC if AB=3.5 AC=3.2 BN=2.1 calculate the area of the triangle and hence find |CN| working plz i don't no it

    asked by Collins
  22. Physics

    A bullet is fired from a rifle that is held 1.70 m above the ground in a horizontal position. The initial speed of the bullet is 1078 m/s. Calculate the time it takes for the bullet to strike the ground.

    asked by Julia
  23. chemistry

    What would happen to the peaks on your chromatogram for substances that do not separate? How are transmittance values are affected by the amount of sample on your salt plate?

    asked by Andrew
  24. Jackie Carden

    Mr Snyder is tiling a floor. The floor is 16 tiles long and 9 tiles wide. The center section is 12x long and 5 tiles wide. How many tiles are in the border section?

    asked by Morgan
  25. Chemistry

    when potassium in water are combined they produced 4000.0 kJ of heat along with potassium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. how much energy would be produced if you dumped a 1.00 kg chunk of potassium into a swimming pool? s this reaction what is the enthalpy

    asked by Al
  26. Organic Chemistry

    Why is methylene chloride (dichloromethane) used to extract eugenol from cloves, and not toluene?

    asked by Sasha
  27. math

    The volume V of a pyramid varies jointly as its height h and the area of its base B . Given that the volume of the pyramid is 60 cubic inches when the height is 5 inches and area of its base is 36 square inches, what is the area of the base if its volume

    asked by leah
  28. algebra

    A train leaves Atlanta at 1:00 PM. A second train leaves the same city in the same direction at 5:00 PM. The second train travels 48 mph faster than the first. If the second train overtakes the first at 9:00 PM, what is the speed of each of the two trains?

    asked by jim
  29. Urgent physics help

    1. A runner starts at rest and accelerates uniformly at a rate of 0.85 m/s2 . What is the runner’s velocity after the runner has traveled 6.0 m? A. 2.3 m/s B. 3.2 m/s C. 5.1 m/s D. 10.2 m/s 2. An official drag race in the United States is usually 1/4

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Civics

    You begin traveling south from Madison,Wisconsin.Which of the following capital cities would you reach first.

    asked by Chris
  31. physics

    A small bag of sand is released from an ascending hot-air balloon whose upward constant velocity is v0 = 1.35 m/s. Knowing that at the time of the release the balloon was 81.8 m above the ground, determine the time, τ, it takes the bag to reach the ground

    asked by abby
  32. bonita

    taking the same pairs of data for which you calculated the correlation (shown again here below), what is the slope of the regression line, to the nearest tenth? answer in the form of x.x or -x.x (e.g. 0.9 or -1.2), and remember to round your final answer

    asked by cher
  33. Physical Education

    1. You have now learned that a good goalkeeper must quickness, agility, and good eyesight. What other athlete requires the same skill set for success? a) Quarterback*** b) Golfer c) Bowler d) Shot putter 2. You should now have a good grasp of the game of

    asked by Kaai97
  34. Math

    You have 60 CD cases and a 24 inch shelf. If each CD case is 3/8 an inch, is there enough room on the shelf for the CD cases?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Physics

    A 20-kg child running at 1.4 m/s jumps onto a playground merry-go-round that has inertia 180 kg and radius 1.6 m. She is moving tangent to the platform when she jumps, and she lands right on the edge. Ignore any friction in the axle about which the

    asked by Ethan
  36. Math

    Starting from 105 feet away a person on a bicycle rides towards a checkpoint and then passes it. the rider is traveling at a constant rate of 35 feet per second. THe distance between the bicycle and the checkpoint is given by the equation d= [105-35t] at

    asked by BUBBLES
  37. Math

    Naomi and 50 red beads and white beats the number of red beads is one more than six times the number of white bees how many red beans does Naomi have. What does one more than six times the number of white beads mean coming from me Alexis I do not know how

    asked by Alexis
  38. chemistry

    Nitromethane (CH3NO2) is a liquid fuel that is used in top fuel drag racing and model airplane engines. A 0.57g sample of nitromethane was placed in the constant volume (bomb) calorimeter. The temperature of the calorimeter rose from 23.25°C to 24.73°C.

    asked by Lay
  39. algebra

    6 ( 3x+1)- 30=3(2x-4) solve for x

    asked by kamryn
  40. Chemistry

    A vessel initially contains pure A at a pressure of 1.0 bar. The total pressure of all gases at equilibrium is 1.5 bar. What is K for this reaction? A (g) B (g) + C (g)

    asked by Ash
  41. Business

    Information gained by applying someone else's survey information to your business is called A. secondary research. B. competitor's edge. C. demographic research. D.potential customer sourcing

    asked by Heycurliee
  42. algebra

    k(3x-2)=4-6x find the value of k

    asked by kamryn
  43. Math

    choose the correct solution and graph for the inequality. 3y-411 Y > - 5 or y < 2 Y < 5 or y > - 2*** Y < - 5 or y > 2 Y < - 5 or y > - 2 Thanks

    asked by Bubbles
  44. Governemnt

    Could someone help me with choosing a campaign finance fact and creating a political cartoon based on that fact? Please it's due tmrw!

    asked by Sam Smith
  45. maths

    flight is supposed to start at 1025 hours and reach destination at 1320 hours. if it starts 15 minutes late and arrives 19 minutes late,how long does it take to reach its destination

    asked by Anonymous

    James bought 5 baseball cards at a garage sale for $0.65 each. He sold them to a collector for $2.25 each. what was his profit? A. $3.25 *** B. $8.00 C. $11.25 D. $14.50 Serena has 7/8 yd of fabric. To complete her craft project, she needs 3 times that

    asked by HelpME:(!!!
  47. English I

    "Read this excerpt from Little Brother and answer the following questions in complete sentences using proper grammar and punctuation: Marcus manages to flag down a vehicle and they get more than they bargained for… It was a military-looking Jeep, like an

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Science

    What is the difference between the density of cold water and the density of hot water.. Explain using the particle theory of matter. Thank You......

    asked by Dj
  49. Physics

    Michael Jordan has the record for the highest vertical jump at 48 inches (1.22m). While on the ground, he speeds up over a distance of 0.6 m to achieve the necessary launch speed. What acceleration does his legs provide in order to achieve his height?

    asked by Joseph
  50. vocab

    does anyone have improving vocabulary skills 4th edition? all i need is sentence check 2 answers and the final check answers and i'll be done with my homework for tonight.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. PHYsics URGENT

    the deepest part of the ocean is 10,900 meters deep. a) calculate the absolute pressure at that depth in units N/m^2. Use the mass density of sea water, 1030 kg/m^3. see part b for more info b) one atmosphere of pressure is about 1.013 X 10^5 N.m^2. How

    asked by sammie
  52. Chemistry

    Why does the temperature in exothermic reactions increase, reach a maximum, and then decrease?

    asked by Lena
  53. Physics

    In a downtown office building you notice each of the four sections of a rotating door has a mass of 85 kg. What is the width of each section of the door if a force of 62 N applied to the outer edge of a section produces an angular acceleration of 0.460

    asked by Destiny
  54. algebra

    Boy and Girl sells mixtures of almonds and raisins. A kilogram of almonds and raisins cost $300 and $125, respectively. If the final cost of the mixture is $1,400 and the mixture contains 7.5kg of the raisins, how many kilograms of almonds were mixed?

    asked by notepad
  55. world history

    How did nefertiti die

    asked by Aditto
  56. Science

    Which of the following factors does not vary between a fast-following river and a pond that receives no water input? a. oxygen levels b. salt concentration*** c. temperature d. fish species Plzzz help me:)

    asked by Labbayk
  57. math

    Making lemonade mixes 1/3cup of lemon juice with 4/9 cup of water. How much more water than lemon juice was used?

    asked by deb
  58. Physics

    two students working on physics assignment to find out how far window is from the roof of a building drop a ball over the edge of the roof the ball takes .1 seconds to travel from the top of the window to its bottom of a distance of 1 m assume the

    asked by Caroline
  59. Statistics

    The retail price of 12-pack soda can be characterized as having a normal distribution with a mean of 3.05 dollars and a standard deviation of 0.24. Below what price do you find 40 percent of all 12-packs?

    asked by Justine
  60. Math

    Use an array 4x36

    asked by Mia
  61. Statistics

    The height of a tree will be measured using a clinometer. For this device, the measurement error has a normal distribution with mean μ=0.00 meter and standard deviation σ=0.05. If the tree is exactly 30 meters tall, what is the probability that the

    asked by Emily
  62. Statistics

    It is estimated that heights of adult men are normally distributed with a mean of 70 inches and a standard deviation of 3.5. In one state, the law requires a person to be 68 inches or taller to become a fire fighter. (a) What proportion of adult men will

    asked by Erin
  63. History

    What is total fertility rate

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    How many 5 foot tiles are needed to completely cover a 40 foot square wall?

    asked by Jerry

    Which statement describes the thinking of the enlightenment? A. The power of reason is more important. B. Scientific ideas must fit religious beliefs. C. Only god knows how the world works. D. Faith is more important than science plz help

    asked by anonymous
  66. History

    How did other people describe Qin in the dynasty in china?

    asked by Clarissa
  67. Calculus

    If the velocity function of an object is v(t) = -5t4 - 20t + 100, find the displacement function given that the displacement is 50 ft when time is 1 second

    asked by Chong
  68. CHEMISTRY!!!

    12.) If 4.75 * 10^23 atoms of silver are placed on one side of a platform balance, how many atoms of gold should be placed on the other side to balance this quantity of silver? Atoms to Atoms? How would I convert that. It's kind of live a division problem

    asked by Allie
  69. math

    Chuck has $6.00 and he spends 1/5 of his money on candy. How much does he have left?

    asked by ann
  70. math

    e+7=15 22 8

    asked by AABBCC
  71. s

    he a 1.00 m sol'n of nitric acid. how many ml of this sol'n will he need to add to the soil to completely react with 56.8 g of al(oh)3

    asked by a
  72. math

    How do you work out the question 24ax^2+18ax-105a.

    asked by Bec
  73. Math

    what is the measurement of the end of a crayon in cm

    asked by Student
  74. Math

    a fertilizer covers 5\8 square foot in 1\4 hour

    asked by Anonymous
  75. math

    how to explain to my son write doubles fact you can use to find the sum.Write the sum 2+3=

    asked by scott
  76. Maths

    how would you solve for 't' with this equation? 10=-2^(-t+2.5)+10

    asked by Aria
  77. chemister

    write the maximum possible number of isomer of anlkane with C7H16

    asked by tare
  78. math

    Annalisa, Keiko, and Stefan want to compare their heights. Annalisa is 64 inches tall. Stefan tells her, “I’m about 7.5 centimeters taller than you.” Keiko knows she is 1.5 inches shorter than Stefan. Give the heights of all three people in both

    asked by kimie
  79. Physics-E&M

    8.1 Collision? A permanent magnet creates a homogenous magnetic field B~ inside a rectangular region. The magnet is moving with a velocity ~v ⊥ B~ . A particle at rest with mass m and charge Q is on the path of the magnet. Assume that the magnet has a

    asked by Ryan
  80. differential

    A ladder of length 10 m rests with its lower end on a horizontal floor and with a rate of 2m/sec when the lower end is at 8m away from the wall, find: 1) the rate of sliding of the upper end. 2) the rate of change of the angle between the ladder and the

    asked by khaled
  81. Math

    There is 7/8 of a cup of broccoli in a bowl. How many 3/4 cup servings can be made?

    asked by Amy
  82. Math

    Felicia takes 4 hours to ride her bike 56 miles. She rides at a constant speed during the 4 hour ride. What is her speed in miles per hour?

    asked by Amy
  83. chemistry

    1.) How many carbon atoms are contained in a 1.500 carat diamond (carbon) if 1 caret =200.0 mg? _____________________________ I don't know if I'm doing this right but I tried. Can someone help? 1.500 carat diamond (C) *(200.0 mg/1 caret) ...

    asked by Allie
  84. math

    solve the expression √12 x √30 -√20 x √8 simplifies to

    asked by Anastasia
  85. math

    A ladder of length 10 m rests with its lower end on a horizontal floor and with a rate of 2m/sec when the lower end is at 8m away from the wall, find: the rate of change of the angle between the ladder and the floor

    asked by ali
  86. math


    asked by baba
  87. chemistry!!!!!!!!!

    at 20°C the concentration of O2 in the air is 8.65 x10-3 mol/L. what us the minimum volume of air in litres that are required to completely combust on e litre of gasoline at 20°C? Assume the gasoline is octane which has a density of .703 g/mol at this

    asked by alyssa
  88. Statistics

    a bag of colored marbles holds 71 yellow marbles and 70 white marbles. ten marbles are randomly selected, one at a time, without replacement. what is the probability that more than half are yellow?

    asked by Renee
  89. Physics

    A meter stick is rotated about the end labeled 0.00 cm, so that the other end of the stick moves through an arc length of 8.60 cm. Through what arc length s does the 25.0-cm mark on the stick move? I have no clue what Im doing, I know S=tr but what is t?

    asked by Ashley
  90. Proving trigonometery

    Show that Sin(A/2)=root(1/2(1-cosA)??

    asked by Collins
  91. Physics 101

    Calculate the increase in length of a 250.00 meter Long concrete bridge if its temperature increases from 10.0°C to 39.0°C? The coefficient of expansion of concrete is 9.8 X 10^-6 (1/°C)

    asked by Haley
  92. college

    A tank for storing water is conical in shape, with maximum radius 20 m and maxi­mum depth 15 m. The large, circular end of the tank points vertically upwards and is open to the air. It is known that the volume of water in the tank will decrease at a rate

    asked by Pankaj
  93. chemistry

    Can a substance,that cannot be electrolysed,conduct electricity?Why?

    asked by sujal
  94. science

    A circular hole of 150 mm diameter is to be punch out of a 2 mm thick plate. the shear stress needed to cause fracture is 400 Mpa. calculate the minimum force to be applied to the punch.

    asked by Hassan
  95. Math

    Can someone help please. I'm really confused. 12 + 3(2y – 3) Thank you random person if you do help me! It would be really great and helpful if you do.

    asked by MeowCat97
  96. Finance

    Templeton Extended Care Facilities, Inc. is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $400 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, Templeton's management has determined that they will be able to borrow the majority

    asked by mark
  97. Physics

    I don't understand this at all! use the position equation s=-16t^2 +v0t+s0 to write a function that represents the situation. Find the average rate of change from t1 to t2. a) An object is thrown upward from a height of 6 feet at a velocity of 64 feet per

    asked by Julia
  98. History

    Can someone help/show me how to fix this question? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Question~ 6) Choose one of the land acquisitions in the lesson and describe how it was added to the United States. You must include why and how we obtained the land.

    asked by Abby
  99. chemistry

    A constant volume (bomb) calorimeter was calibrated in an analytical laboratory by burning 1.057g of benzoic acid (C7H6O2) which has an enthalpy of combustion of -3228 kJ/mol. The temperature of the calorimeter rose from 22.75°C to 29.00°C. What is the

    asked by Lay
  100. Chemistry

    A 10.0 mL aliquot of a flouride sample solution was diluted to 250 mL in a volumetric flask. The F- concentration of this DILUTED sample was determined with a F- ion selective electrode and found to be 7.1 mg/L. What is the concentration of F- in the

    asked by Ronnie
  101. algebra

    5v-4 divided by 10 = 4 over 5 solve for v

    asked by kamryn
  102. chemistry

    Nitroglycerin is shock sensitive, and decomposes explosively: 4C3H5N3O9(l) → 12CO2(g) + 6N2(g) + O2(g) + 10H2O(g) ΔHf° -370 -393.5 -241.8 a. What is the molar enthalpy of decomposition (detonation) of nitroglycerin? b. Calculate the change in internal

    asked by Lay
  103. chemistry please help!

    Calculate the enthalpy of the reaction of boron trioxide with steam: B2O3(s) + 3H2O(g) → 3O2(g) + B2H6(g) Given: H2O(l) H2(g) + 1⁄2 O2(g) 2B(s) + 3H2(g) 2B(s) + 3/2 O2(g) → B2O3(s) → H2O(g) → H2O(l) → B2H6(g) 44 kJ/mol -286 kJ/mol 36 kJ/mol

    asked by Lay
  104. algebra

    5+z(N+1 ) = 2N find the solution

    asked by kamryn
  105. English

    In my essay I wrote "doing lots" in a sentence and my teacher wrote me back feedback saying it was colloquial , how can I correct /change this and what can I use instead? Thanks :)

    asked by Kim
  106. algebra

    The sum of three consecutive even integers is 54. What is the middle integer .

    asked by kamryn
  107. algebra

    -5 ( 3 - Q ) + 4 = 5Q - 11 solve for Q

    asked by kamryn
  108. algebra

    -5x over 3 + 8 = 13 solve for x

    asked by kamryn
  109. algebra

    6.78x - 5.2 = 4.33x + 2.15 solve for x

    asked by kamryn
  110. math

    Solve the problem. Make sure your answer is in simplest form and improper fractions are expressed as mixed numbers. A baker used packages of raisins when he was making muffins. Each package contained pounds of raisins. How many pounds of raisins did the

    asked by diego
  111. maths

    in a cinema hall 300 tickets were sold. the total sales of tickets was rs 12500. if the tickets were two denominations of rs 25 and rs 50. how many of each were sold?

    asked by shehzad
  112. Physics 101 (I'm stupid)!

    And Astronaut wearing an environment suit has a total mass of 130 kg. What is his weight on earth? What would his weight be on Mars where the acceleration of gravity is 3.26? What is his mass on Mars? Why? If he should end up adrift and deep space what

    asked by Haley
  113. math

    What is the value of n? 12+4n/3=8 n=

    asked by flaca
  114. sri krishna

    If the surface area of a cube is what is the surface area of a cuboid formed by joining 3 of these cubes

    asked by sanjana
  115. Algebra

    Solve. 1.) 7/33y = -56/3 2.) 8/11k = 29/44

    asked by Kay
  116. Chemistry

    Which substances are not ionized in a aqueous solution? Hi, KBr, H2SO4, HNO2, AgCl, Ca(NO3)2

    asked by Chelsea
  117. physics

    A duck waddles 2.3m east and 7.0m north. what are the magnitude and direction of the ducks displacement with respect to its original position?

    asked by bob
  118. whyyyyy

    no one is helping me

    asked by kamryn
  119. Chemistry

    What would happen to the peaks on your chromatogram for substances that do not separate?

    asked by Andrew
  120. Physics

    A tennis ball is thrown up in the air. It stays there for 12.1 seconds how fast did you throw it?

    asked by Anon
  121. physics

    Advantageous of 3pin plug over 2 pin plug

    asked by question
  122. Social Studies

    What type of boundary marks the border between New York and Connecticut

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Math grade 5-6

    Some students are making muffins to sell to earn money to go on a school trip.The students use two and two- thirds cups of flour and three eggs for every dozen muffins they make. The students make eight dozen muffins. How many cups of flour and how many

    asked by Lemi
  124. math Help Azap!!!

    What is the value of a? 9a-3(a-6)=-6 a= HELP AZAP PLEASE

    asked by flaca
  125. CHM 312L

    Experiment: Thermodynamics of Real Gases Chemistry 311L (Heat Capacity Ratio and the Joule-Thomson Effect) question: Imagine that you forget that an oil manometer measures pressures above atmospheric. What will happen to your calculated heat capacity

    asked by nina
  126. science

    A solid spherical ball rolls on table. Ration of its rotational kinetic energy to its total kinetic energy.

    asked by lalit rawat
  127. Chemistry

    When methane is combusted with excess oxygen 891 kJ of energy is produced start with 100g of methane. how much energy is produced? is this reaction endothermic or exothermic? Also provide enthalpy change for this reaction: CH4 + 2O2 (arrow)= CO2 + H2O +

    asked by Al
  128. Algebra

    If a+b=-9 what is 8a + 8 b?

    asked by Wade
  129. burnwood secondary school

    What job can I do with History life sciences and accounting

    asked by nonhle
  130. Chemistry

    12.) If 4.75 * 10^23 atoms of silver are placed on one side of a platform balance, how many atoms of gold should be placed on the other side to balance this quantity of silver? Atoms to Atoms? How would I convert that. It's kind of live a division problem

    asked by Allie
  131. chemistry

    prepare a phosphate buffer with pH= 7 from solid NaH2PO4 (pKa =7.21) and Na2HPO4. 1) calculate the ratio of [CB]/[acid] I got the ratio as 0.62 2) calculate the mass of each component required to make 1L of a .1 M buffer solution 3) if the pH is 7.10, how

    asked by prepare a phosphate buffer with pH= 7
  132. PHYSICS

    Michael stands upright and allows his right arm to swing back and forth, naturally and without forcing, like a pendulum. He measures the time for 29 oscillations (complete cycles) to be 38.6 s. Assume his arm (length L) behaves as a simple pendulum, with

    asked by Caitlyn

    What is the value of n? 2n-7/3=15 n=

    asked by flaca
  134. English

    1. I go to Russia often. 2. That computer is fixed. 3. We go to any moive that plays there. 4. All of you chase that bus every morning! 5. Jason turned out the lights. Rewrite each sentence in simple furture tense. 1. I will go to Russia often. 2. That

    asked by Hayden
  135. Social studies

    What is the distance between Rochester and Syracuse Thank you if u answer this question (-;

    asked by Anonymous
  136. math help azap

    What is the value of a? -2(a-8)+6a=36 a=

    asked by flaca
  137. Geometry

    If jk is congruent to lm, then lm is congruent to jk

    asked by D'Andre
  138. Science

    What is the average for 4cm 5cm and 5cm

    asked by William
  139. life skills

    ok if you have a 04 oldsmobile alero gll that gets 29 miles to the gallon and you are traveling 2232 miles how many times would you have to stop for gas if u fill the tank full every time

    asked by kristen
  140. Math

    900 x 2

    asked by Anonymous
  141. physics

    a motorcycle initially moving at +32 m/s accelerates at -4.0 m/s for 3.0s. a car initially at rest accelerates at 4.0 m/s for 5.25 s. a) Which vehicle will be going faster at the end of each given time, and how much faster? b) how far does each vehicle

    asked by melanie
  142. Biology

    Is cooking oil healthy why or why not and are proteins more or less nutritious than fats why or why not?

    asked by Daniela
  143. Statistics

    A family consists of ten children. Assuming that the sexes are equally probable, find the expected number of boys in the family. What is the probability that the expected number of boys will not occur? (Not sure where to start) I got partial credit and I

    asked by Megan
  144. Algebra word difficult

    Last three year kemi who happens to be my sister was 2wice as old as my lovely brillant primary school friend femi,last three years when i was two less than femi age now.the sum of kemi age in the next 9years and femi age noe and my age in the next three

    asked by Collins
  145. Science

    The speed of a motorcycle increases from 10.0 km/hr to 50.0 km/hr in 9.0 seconds. What is the acceleration?

    asked by Paul
  146. organic chem

    Predict the major substitution and elimination products for butane with a Ph atom and a I atom on the 2nd carbon when added with methanol and heat. iupac name of the structure if it had carbon atoms I think is 2 dimethyl butane

    asked by Alex
  147. French 101.

    I am working on an assignment for French 101 and I got a lot of the problems wrong. I need help on them. Is there anyone who could help me with my assignment. I have to have it done before 12:00 a.m.

    asked by Sammantha Avants
  148. math

    how to explain the answer of 2.35 x 10 to the 14th power... and also explain how i got the answer of 2.35 X 10 to the 13th power... Thank you very much

    asked by sandra
  149. physic

    vander waal b for oxygen is 32 cm3/mol compute the diameter of o2 molecule

    asked by abdulmueed
  150. physics

    vander waal b for oxygen is 32 cm3/mol compute the diameter of o2 molecule.

    asked by abdulmueed
  151. math

    msrcus wants to buy 5 baseball cards. he has $35 what is the most each card will cost? write inequality to solve

    asked by Kelly
  152. Simple interest math

    How many years will it take to double an investment if the annual simple interest rate is 5.3%? Round to the nearest 10th.

    asked by Kate
  153. Geometry

    2 sides of an equilateral triangle measure (y+10) units and (y^2-2) units. If the perimeter of the triangle is 21 units, what is the value of y? I was trying (y+(y+10) + (y^2-2)=21 got to y^2+2y+-13 and wasn't sure how to proceed. Or should I take a side

    asked by Ann
  154. nutrition

    A food product claiming to be sugar free contains A. less than 10 grams of sugar per serving. B. less than 0.5 grams of sugar per serving. C. less than 5 milligrams of sugar per serving. D. less than 2 milligrams of sugar per serving.

    asked by yourmom
  155. Math

    1.)What is the hypotenuse of a triangle if legs are 20 inches long?round to the nearest whole number A.)28 B.)29 C.)30 D.)31 I put "C" is it correct?!

    asked by Douglas
  156. PHYSICS

    A car of mass 1100kg starts from rest on a level road and reaches the speed of 50.4km/h in 10s. i)what is the magnitude of acceleration of the car in m/s2? i)How far did the car travel in this time?

    asked by HEJUMACLA
  157. English

    1. The mall is open longer on Saturday. 2. Julia loves to cook corn. 3. Alice writes better with a pen. 4. I can't answer your question. 5. I'll try to come to the game. Rewrite each sentence in simple past tense. 1. The mall was open longer on Saturday.

    asked by Hayden
  158. Probability/ Stats

    Assume that it is known that 95 percent of the launching of satellites into orbit are successful. What is the probability that in the next four launching there will be. Not sure where to start. can someone help me with steps on how to find the answer?

    asked by Megan
  159. Math

    Chocolate Box Company is going to make open-topped boxes out of 3 × 11-inch rectangles of cardboard by cutting squares out of the corners and folding up the sides. What is the largest volume box it can make this way? (Round your answer to one decimal

    asked by Nathan
  160. MATH


    asked by MARIANA
  161. Math

    How to solve csc^2 x = 5?

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Math

    How to solve csc^2 x = 5 in the 0

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Hydraulics

    A centrifugal pump impeller has an outside diameter of 290mm and the with at the outlet is 110mm. The vanes are set back at an angle of 35 degrees to the tangent to the impeller at the vane tip. The diameter of the suction and delivery pipes is 290mm.

    asked by Kemmone
  164. Math

    In the formula RT equals D, are is right T is time and E is distance what is the rate for a runner who completes 7.5 miles in 1.5 hours (10 points) A(11.25mph B(9.0mph C(6.0mph D(5.0mph

    asked by Jirehn
  165. PHYSICS

    A car is travelling at 60km/h when applies his brakes.If the car decelerates uniformly at 5.6m/s2,how far does the car go after the brakes are applied before coming to rest?

    asked by HEJUMACLA
  166. Hydraulic machines

    A centrifugal pump impeller has an outside diameter of 290mm and the with at the outlet is 110mm. The vanes are set back at an angle of 35 degrees to the tangent to the impeller at the vane tip. The diameter of the suction and delivery pipes is 290mm.

    asked by Kemmone
  167. Chemistry

    Would there be any effect on the amount of precipitate of CaCO3 if tap water contained Ca 2+ were used? Explain.

    asked by Renee
  168. SS HELP PLZ

    What was one cause of the English civil war?(2 points) .Elizabeth was a bad queen. .William and Mary were Catholic. .Henry VIII refused to marry. Charles I didn't recognize parliament power

    asked by anonymous
  169. Social Studies

    How does the U.S. Constitution distributes and limits powers within the federal government.

    asked by Daniel S.
  170. SS HELP PLZ

    10.What event helped the World War II?(2 points) .The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. .The decline of Nationalism. .The German invasion of Poland. The end of serfdom in Russia.

    asked by anonymous
  171. physics101 please

    a 1500 kg car is driven around a circle of radius 120 m and at a speed of 26 m/s. calculate the magnitude of the centripetal force of the car. What real force keeps the car moving in a circle? the answer is not one of the four fundamental forces, but way

    asked by melanie
  172. maths

    there are some benches in a class room. if 4 student sit on each bench then three benches are left unoccupied and if 3 student sit on each bench then three students are left standing. how many students are there is the class ?

    asked by shehzad
  173. English

    You have applied for a job in England and the company has sent you an e.mail.they ask you to answer several question,and one of them is:What would make you proud of your job? write about 500 words? Notes:-making lots of money? -knowing you are doing a good

    asked by elyas
  174. French

    Is it okay to say "Après l'arrivée de la personne" in terms of a guest coming to a house?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. quantitative techniques

    Differentiate Statistical from Deterministic Relationship

    asked by ahsan
  176. Math

    A small organism with a length of 7.5x10^-5 meter tripled in size. Write the new length in standard notation

    asked by Anonymous
  177. world history

    did people like nefertiti and if so or not why or why not

    asked by Aditto
  178. physics101 please

    a 12,000 kg truck is moving right at 22 m/s collides with and sticks to a 1200 kg car moving to the right at 16 m/s. With what speed do the two vehicles move after the collision and in what direction?

    asked by melanie
  179. Chemistry

    If you add 14g of Hydrogen to excess oxygen, how much water should form?

    asked by michael
  180. physics

    how much heat must be added to 4.00 kg of aluminum to cause its temperature to rise from 22 degrees C? unit of answer must be joule

    asked by sammie
  181. geography

    In what ways have native American and Spanish influences shaped mexico

    asked by Tyra Mack-phillips
  182. SS HELP PLZ

    What is a Fief? A. A ruler of the Franks. B. A ruler in Charlemagne's empire. C. Land given in exchange for loyalty.**** D. A Viking warrior. Christians and Muslims wanted to control the holy land because... A. Of region's gold mines.**** B. They needed it

    asked by anonymous
  183. Physical Education

    1. You have now learned that a good goalkeeper must quickness, agility, and good eyesight. What other athlete requires the same skill set for success? a) Quarterback*** b) Golfer c) Bowler d) Shot putter 2. You should now have a good grasp of the game of

    asked by Kaai97
  184. maths

    mohan changed 2 in to 5 p 20 p and 50 p coins. if the number of 5 p coins was double the number of 20 p coins and the 50 p coins were one fifth the 20 p coins . how many coins of each denomination did he get?

    asked by shehzad
  185. world history

    In the article it says that nefertiti was disliked. Why?

    asked by Aditto
  186. Maths fractions

    3/8 of the boys play cricket, 1/4 plat tennis and the other 135 play rugby. How many children are there in the school?(each child takes part in only one sport.)

    asked by Taylor Lobay
  187. Chemistry

    Write a balanced net ionic reaction for the reduction of cupric ion (Cu2+) by hydroxylamine (NH2OH) in acid solution, using the smallest integer coefficients. (Do not include symbols for state of matter in your answer). in order for this to reduce Cu+2 to

    asked by Joseph
  188. Pre-calculus

    Solve the system of linear equations and check any solutions algebraically. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. If the system is dependent, express x, y, and z in terms of the parameter a.) x-3y+2z=21 5x-13y+12z=81 I have an answer but i'm not

    asked by Sarah


    asked by GINA
  190. Physics

    A 1600 kg block of granite is pulled up an incline that has an angle of inclination θ = 20 ° with a constant speed of 1.21 m/s by a steam winch (see Figure). The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is 0.09. How much power

    asked by Julia
  191. Algebra

    In a sugar factory, workers fill a plastic containers with 1 kg of sugar. As the factory's quality control supervisor, you conduct a random inspection by weighing some containers after they have been filled with sugar. If a container's mass differs from

    asked by Grade 5 student
  192. Steve look i have corrrected it help plz it urgent anyone plz

    Last year kemi who happens to be my sister was 2wice as old as my lovely brillant primary school friend femi,last three years when i was two less than femi age now.the sum of kemi age next 9years and femi age now and my age three year will be equal to

    asked by Collins
  193. history

    How did other people describe Qin?

    asked by clarissa
  194. phPhysical Science

    A bird flew16 km west in 5 hours, then flew 20 km east in 6 hours. What was the bird’s velocity?

    asked by doris
  195. Physics

    A child stands on a balcony directly above a friend 5.00 m below. Each throws a ball toward the other with the same initial speed of 10.0 m/s. If each catches a ball at the same instant, which child threw a ball first? How much later was the second ball

    asked by Bob
  196. chemistry

    the density of acetone is 0.7899 g/cm-3. If 2mL of acetone is vaporized at 84 C and atmospheric pressure, what would the volume be in liters?

    asked by Lynn Wilson
  197. Chem

    n ice bag containing 204 g of ice at 0 ∘C was used to treat sore muscles. When the bag was removed, the ice had melted and the liquid water had a temperature of 33.5 ∘

    asked by Jonny
  198. Technical Communication

    I have to rewrite a letter to a local newspaper. Original Text: your application for the advertised position has been forwarded to our personnel office. As the selection process moves forward, we will be in touch. Thank you for your interest. I have to

    asked by Amy
  199. Math

    what is the size of a crayons top tip in centimeters?

    asked by Student