Questions Asked on
October 7, 2015

  1. Shalee ^~^

    1) Which of the following statements about the sun's structure is true? The sun has a solid surface The sun has an interior and an atmosphere The sun's interior is similar to the Earth's; it has a core, mantle, and crust*** The sun's outermost layer is

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  2. Science

    1. White skin (W) is dominant over yellow skin (w) in chickens. Which of the following genotypes would result in a white-skinned chicken that could possibly have yellow-skinned offspring? A. WW B. Ww** C. ww 2. Which of the following describes the genotype

    asked by Mimmi
  3. Science

    1.)Ovaries contain A.)Sperms & produce estrogen B.) Sperms & produce testosterone C.)Eggs & produce estrogen D.)Eggs & produce testosterone 2.)The testes produce A.)Sperm & estrogen B.)Sperm & testosterone C.)Eggs & estrogen D.)Eggs & testosterone 3.)After

    asked by Douglas
  4. Spanish

    Just checking my work :) 1. Complete the following sentence. Juan es estudioso. Le gusta a. cantar b. leer*** c. esquiar d. bailar 2. Complete the following sentence. Marisol es una chica a. simpatica*** b. simpatico c. simpaticas d. simpaticos 3. What is

    asked by Kaai97
  5. Calculus

    A man of height 1.7 meters walks away from a 5-meter lamppost at a speed of 1.6 m/s. Find the rate at which his shadow is increasing in length. (Round your answer to three decimal places.) This problem is absolutely killing me I see a lot of examples like

    asked by Jake
  6. physics

    The steel I-beam in the drawing has a weight of 1.53 × 103 N and is being lifted at a constant velocity. What is the tension in each cable attached to its ends?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. physics

    A skateboarder, with an initial speed of 3.2 m/s , rolls virtually friction free down a straight incline of length 16 m in 3.3 s. At what angle θ is the incline oriented above the horizontal?

    asked by gal
  8. Math

    A die is rolled 260 times. Predict how many times it will show a 3 or a 5. I've been stuck on this question for so long!

    asked by helpmeee
  9. Math

    What do you do to check whether a number is rational or irrational? How does finding the square root of a number compare to finding the cube root of a number? Use the number 64 in your explanation. Can someone please help me with these questions?!

    asked by Layla
  10. Math

    which digits makes 3,71 [_] divisible by 3

    asked by WordWorld222
  11. Math HELP!

    1. Write 12/32 in simplest form. Could someone please help me on how I can turn this fraction into simplest form like explain the steps! Thanks.

    asked by Zoey
  12. Math

    You are having a discussion about sequences with your classmate. She insists that the sequence 2,3,5,8,12 must be either arithmetic or geometric. Is she correct or incorrect? Explain.

    asked by Taryn Hughey
  13. U.S. History

    How did the influx of immigrants affect cities? A: The influx of immigrants led architects to develop new approaches to housing and transporting large numbers of people. This resulted in the development of skyscrapers, horsecars, cable cars, and electric

    asked by Victoria
  14. Science

    Ms. Sue PLEASE check my answers! 1. Which of the following is not part of the theory of evolution? a. Organisms tend to produce more offspring than can survive to reproductive age. b. Organisms can acquire changes during their lifetime that can help their

    asked by Blair
  15. History

    1)What was the most significant challenge that Miguel Trujillo had to overcome to vote? A)New Mexico's constitution barred Native Americans from voting. B)The U.S. Constitution allowed race-based voting restrictions. C)New Mexico allowed only people who

    asked by Appreciated Help
  16. Physics

    A helicopter is rising vertically at a uniform velocity of 14.7 m/s. When it is 196m from the ground, a ball is projected from it with a horizontal velocity of 8.5 m/s with respect to the helicopter. Calculate: a.) when the ball will reach the ground b.)

    asked by Eleanor
  17. Science

    1) Which of the following statements about the sun's structure is true? The sun has a solid surface The sun has an interior and an atmosphere The sun's interior is similar to the Earth's; it has a core, mantle, and crust*** The sun's outermost layer is

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  18. U.S. History

    How did the mining industry and the growth of ranching and farming contribute to the development of the West? A: The mining industry lured thousands of people into areas previously ignored as wilderness. The growth of ranching and farming also brought

    asked by Victoria
  19. algebra

    If x2 = 20, what is the value of x? ±square root of 10 ±square root of 20 ±10 ±40

    asked by Samantha
  20. History

    Which conclusion is best supported by New Mexico's overall population trend since World War II? A)New Mexico cannot manage its water scarcity problems. B)New Mexico has constructed few new houses or businesses. C)New Mexico offers many employment

    asked by Appreciated Help
  21. Algebra

    A golf ball is hit with an initial velocity of 140 ft per second at an inclination of 45 degrees to the horizontal. In​ physics, it is established that the height h of the golf ball is given by the function h(x)=-32x^2/140^2+x, How far does the golf ball

    asked by mu
  22. Chemistry

    how can two clear solutions mix and produce a cloudy precipitate- what is going on? Is this good or can I add something else? When two clear solutions mix together and produce a cloudy precipitate, it means that the compound that was created, was

    asked by Finn
  23. science

    The process in which an animal’s cells use oxygen and digested food molecules to release the energy in food is called a. Breathing b. cellular respiration c. diffusion d. gas exchange

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    Suppose you draw a card from an ordinary deck of playing cards What are the odds in favor of drawing a face card? b. What are the odds against drawing a face card?

    asked by kim

    Which expression is equivalent to 32 ⋅ 3−5? fraction 1 over 3 to the power 3 fraction 1 over 3 to the power 7 fraction 1 over 3 to the power negative 3 fraction 1 over 3 to the power negative 7

    asked by CHRISTIAN
  26. Physical Science

    A 15 g bullet is fired with a velocity of 200m/s from a 6kg rifle. What is the recoil velocity of the rifle?

    asked by Lana
  27. ELA Reading

    Which detail supports the main idea that microgravity weakens astronauts' bones? A) astronauts grow 1-3 inches taller B) Astronauts' legs become thins and sticklike C) astronauts lose 10 percent of their bone tissue after several months without gravity D)

    asked by Taryn Hughey
  28. History

    What was one main outcome of World War II? A)Germany controlled much of Europe. B)The United States emerged as a major world power. C)Great Britain and the United States became lasting enemies. D)Japan developed powerful new military weapons. B

    asked by Appreciated Help
  29. English 1

    DOES THIS SOUND GOOD? Revise the sentences below to improve fluency. Specifically, add variety to the sentence types, and use transitional words so that sentences flow smoothly. 18. Summer is my favorite season. I enjoy the warm weather. School ends. I

    asked by Blair
  30. math

    each student in an art class has 48 identical 1 cm cubes. Each student glues all of his or her cubes together to make a rectangular solid. No two solids are identical. What is the maximum number of students in that art class ?

    asked by eddy
  31. Geometry

    Which of the following angles lands in quadrant IV when placed in standard position? 265 degrees -280 degrees -5 degrees 135 degrees I know what IV quadrant means, but I don't get which one it is in degrees :/ Please help? Thanks

    asked by SkatingDJ
  32. Physics

    In lacrosse, a ball is thrown from a net on the end of stick by rotating the stick and forearm about the elbow. If the angular velocity of the ball about the elbow joint is 26.5 rad / s and the ball is 1.35 m from the elbow joint, what is the velocity of

    asked by Nico
  33. English

    in the finish of patsy barnes how does patsy react to his mothers treatment by the city doctor A) gratitude B)anger C)amezment D) puzzlement I NEED HELP IM CONFUSED

    asked by Gigi
  34. U.S. History

    In which time zone did the Central Pacific originate?

    asked by Victoria
  35. Math

    A sport arena covers 710,430 square feet of ground. A newspaper reported that the arena covets about 700,000 square feet of ground. To what place value was the number rounded?

    asked by Lina
  36. chem 215

    16.6 ml of a solution is run into an empty flask, from a buret. The mass of the empty flask is 145.0 g. The mass of the flask plus solution is 158.5 g. The density of the solution is _____ g/ml.

    asked by Anonymous

    Find the restricted values of x for the following rational expression. x^2 + x + 6/8x^2 − 8x

    asked by David
  38. math

    Find 1/8 of 12. Express your answer in simplest form.

    asked by dom
  39. U.S. History

    How did the location of Chicago influence its development? A: Chicago was located near a major port and a conduit for the nation's east-west rail travel, providing residents with job opportunities. These job opportunities caused job-seeking immigrants to

    asked by Victoria
  40. dominican group of schools

    Three sisters shared 360 mangoes in the ratio many mangoes does each get

    asked by ada
  41. U.S. History

    1. What cities were destination points fro the Chisholm Trail? A: Abilene, Ellsworth, and Dodge City in Kansas were destination points for the Chisholm Trail. 2. Why do you think the destination cities at the end of the cattle trails are all located along

    asked by Victoria
  42. chem

    The crucible is handled with oily fingers after its mass measurement but before the 3 gram sample of the hydrated salt is measured. Subsequently, in part B.1, the oil from the fingers is burned off. Will the percent water in the hydrated salt be reported

    asked by Diana
  43. math

    There is proportional relationship between your distance from a thunderstorm and the time from when you see lightning and hear thunder. If there are 9 seconds between lightning and thunder, the storm is about 3 kilometers away. If you double the amount of

    asked by kimie
  44. Math

    A round silo is 55 feet tall and has a 18 foot radius. How high would a load of 31000 cubic feet of grain fill the silo?

    asked by Julie
  45. math

    A man has 20 shirts, 7 pairs of pants & 4 pairs of shoes. How many different outfits consisting of one shirts, one pair of pants & one pair of shoes are possible?

    asked by Honey
  46. Science

    Which letter arrows point to hanging valleys? Which letter arrows point to aretes? Name a peak on the map that is a horn. Feature E on the map is composed of glacial till. What type of glacial feature is E, and how did it form? Explain how turquoise lake

    asked by Maya
  47. Calculus 1

    Related Rates Problem: Two cars start moving from the same point. One travels south at 40 mi/h and the other travels west at 30 mi/h. At what rate is the distance between the cars increasing three hours later?

    asked by TayB
  48. Go Math grade 6

    The Webster family is planning a barbecue for one hundred people. The Webster family needs one plastic plate for each person at the barbecue. The Stop and Shop store and Market Place Store both sell plastic plates in packages of fifteen for five dollars

    asked by Lemi
  49. statistics

    2. Find the variance and standard deviation of the following sample. 0 -5 -3 6 4 -4 1 -5 0 3

    asked by omar
  50. Social Studies

    1. What is one reason why Nigerians remain poor, despite their country’s large oil deposits? A. infrastructure B. subsistence farming C. corruption** D. microcredit 2. Which of the following is most likely to help countries in West and Central Africa

    asked by Laney
  51. math

    Bridget ungrouped 5,000 as shown. 5,000-2896=. Use your understanding of place value to explain how the ungrouped number is equal to 5,000.

    asked by susan
  52. physics

    A shopper pushing a cart through a store moves 30.0 m south down one aisle, then makes a 90◦ turn and moves 11.0 m. He then makes another 90◦ turn and moves 22.0 m. What is the magnitude of the smallest possible displacement the shopper could have? You

    asked by bianca
  53. History

    Why was the bombing of Pearl Harbor a turning point in World War II? A)Immediately after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese surrendered. B)The Germans simultaneously bombed the United States. C)Before this event, the United States had not declared war. D)The

    asked by Appreciated Help
  54. Science- RE-DO

    1. White skin (W) is dominant over yellow skin (w) in chickens. Which of the following genotypes would result in a white-skinned chicken that could possibly have yellow-skinned offspring? A. WW B. Ww** C. ww 2. Which of the following describes the genotype

    asked by Mimmi
  55. Mechanics

    A bullet is fired a plank of wood with a speed of 200m/s. After passing through the plank, its speed reduces to 180m/s. Another bullet identical with a speed of 100m/s is fired at the same plank. What is the speed of this bullet after passing through the

    asked by Kusemererwa Robert
  56. Science

    What cannot be separated into simpler substances by physical or mechanical methods such as filtering boiling or shifting

    asked by Myla
  57. Math

    A donut shop charges $.70 for each donut and $.30 for a carry out box. Shirley has five dollars to spend. At most how many donuts can she buy if she also wants them in a carry-out box?

    asked by Lauren
  58. Physics

    The 1.1 kg physics book is connected by a string to a 250 g coffee cup. The book is given a push up the slope and released with a speed of 2.9 m/s . The coefficients of friction are μs =0.50 and μk =0.20. What Distance does it travel up the slope? I drew

    asked by Zach
  59. U.S. History

    What natural resources contributed to making Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a major steel center? A: Coal contributed to making Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a major steel center.

    asked by Victoria
  60. 6th Grade Math

    Caleb sold boxes of candy. Some sold for $2, and some sold for $3. He sold a total of 35 boxes and received $92. How many boxes did he sell for $2?

    asked by Karen
  61. thermodynamics

    liquid water at 100C and 1 bar has internal energy (on an arbitrary scale) of 419 kj /kg and a specific volume of 1.044cm3 /g a- what is its enthalpy? b-the water brought to the vapor state at 200C and 800 kpa, where its enthalpy is 2838.6 kj/kg and it is

    asked by Anonymous
  62. math

    tammy want to get change for 1$. the only coins she can get are half dollars, quarters, and nickels. how many different ways can she get a 1$ using only these coins?

    asked by tonya
  63. Algebra

    A segment with endpoint a(3,1) and b(-1,-1) is rotated 90 degrees about its origin what are the new of a and b prime?

    asked by Steve

    The wound was copiously irrigated with normal saline, and the mucosal flap was replaced to its appropriate position.

    asked by Anonymous
  65. government

    which political party heads all the committees?

    asked by Anonymous

    How are fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds alike? How are they different? Include at least two similarities and two differences.

    asked by Bill
  67. Algebra

    Paul charges people $25 to test the air quality in their homes. The device he uses to test air quality cost him $500. a.) Write an equation that describes Paul's net profit as a function of the number of clients he gets. b.) How many clients does he need

    asked by Pip
  68. Chemistry

    A 76.00-pound flask of mercury costs $150.00. The density of mercury is 13.534 g/cm3. a) Find the price of one cubic inch of mercury by calculating the following intermediate values. Following intermediate values include grams, cubic centimeters and cubic

    asked by Jenny
  69. Math

    I have this project: The length of a football field is 100 yards. When you compare geologic time (4.6 billion years) to the length of a football field, you will find that each yard on the field will equal 46 million years, and each 10-yard section will

    asked by Lol444
  70. dynamics

    A helical spring of stiffness k is cut into two halves and a mass m is connected to the two halves. The natural time period of this system is found to be 0.5 s. If an identical spring is cut so that one part is one-fourth and the other part three-fourths

    asked by mpho
  71. Physics

    A boat moving at 5 mi/h is to cross a river in which the current is flowing at 3 mi/h. In what direction should the boat head to reach a point on the other bank of the river directly opposite the starting point?

    asked by J
  72. Science

    which of the following features make earth and venus similar to each other ? (1point ) A . their size and mass b. their rates of rotation c. their atmospheres d. their directions of rotation****

    asked by Cami
  73. chemistry

    A graduated cylinder contains 17.0 mL of water. What is the new water level after 31.6 g of silver metal with a density of 10.5 g/mL is submerged in the water

    asked by timmy
  74. Physics

    A block of mass 2.30kg is accelerated across a rough surface by a rope passing over a pulley. a) The tension in the rope is 12.4N, and the pulley is 11.2cm above the top of the block. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.415. Determine the acceleration

    asked by Presley
  75. algebra

    There are (35)2 ⋅ 30 leaves on a tree. What is the total number of leaves on the tree? 33 37 310 325

    asked by CHRISTIAN
  76. Algebra

    Find two points on the graph of the parabola other than the vertex and x-intercepts. k ( x ) = ( x − 1 )^(2) − 6

    asked by Jim
  77. algebra

    Two lines, C and D, are represented by the following equations: Line C: y = x + 5 Line D: y = −2x − 1 Which of the following options shows the solution to the system of equations and explains why? (−2, 3), because the point does not lie on any axis

    asked by anan
  78. U.S. History

    1. What part of the United States saw the greatest expansion in rail lines by 1890? A: The West saw the greatest expansion in rail lines by 1890.

    asked by Victoria
  79. chemistry

    How many moles of platinum would be in 10.0 g of this metal?

    asked by Lauren
  80. Math

    what is the rule for this pattern 12 15 18 21 A.start with 12 and subtract 3 repeatedly B.start with 12 and add 3 repeatedly C.start with 12 and add 4 repeatedly D.start with 12 and subtract 4 repeatedly what is the rule for this pattern 17 20 19 22 21

    asked by Mahoganie
  81. history

    how did the protestant reformation in Europe influence the settlement of north america? my answer is European settlers of different religions chose to establish new colonies in order to spread their faith and practice their beliefs. Is this right?

    asked by lakeisha
  82. Math 101

    A bus traveled on a straight road for 3 h at an average speed that was 15 mph faster than its average speed on a winding road. The time spent on the winding road was 4 h. Find the average speed on the winding road if the total trip was 220 mi

    asked by janae

    The amounts of e-waste generated in a region during two years were 14,200,000 tons and 10,700,000 tons. What was the total e-waste generated over these two years in the region, expressed in scientific notation? 2.49 ⋅ 107 tons 2.49 ⋅ 1014 tons 24.9 ⋅

    asked by CHRISTIAN
  84. math

    Audrey can drive 150 miles on 6 gallons of gas,and 225 miles on 9 gallons of gas.write an equation for the distance,d, that audrey can drive on g gallons of gas.

    asked by Anonymous
  85. math

    The energy-separation curve for two atoms, a distance, r, apart is: U(r)=−A/r^m+B/r^n first I have: ((A*m)/(B*n))^(1/(m-n)) Derive and expression for the stiffness of the bond at the equilibrium spacing, in terms of A, B, m, n, and r0. S=dF/dr at r=r0:

    asked by qwert
  86. algebra

    If (92)p = 98, what is the value of p? 2 3 4 6

    asked by gaby
  87. Math

    In how many ways can a club consisting of 25 members chose a president, a secretary a treasurer, and a auditor?

    asked by Honey
  88. algebra

    maria and tim sold candy bars for a fundraiser. maria sold 7 less than twice the number of candy bars that tim sold. in total maria and tim sold 137 candy bars. how many candy bars were sold by each?

    asked by elle
  89. Math

    a test 50 problems on it. for every correct answer, 2 points are given. for each incorrect answer, 1 point is subtracted. sue scored 85 points. how many problems did she miss?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Applying Rational Number Operations

    (7th grade regular math) One half liter of lemonade concentrate is added to 3 liters of water. How many 1/3-liters serving are made? How would you do the math for this question? Please help I really need this question answered

    asked by Natalie
  91. Programming

    using c++ write a program that accepts the unit weight of a bag of coffee in pounds and the number of bags sold and display the number of bags sold ,the weight per bag price per pound sales tax and total price of the sale.the unit of a bag of coffee is

    asked by Joshua
  92. algebra

    There are (3^5)^2 ⋅ 3^0 leaves on a tree. What is the total number of leaves on the tree? 33 37 310 325

    asked by gaby

    Name two ways that the federal government tried to regulate business in the late 1800s. Do you think these regulations achieved their goals? Explain your answer

    asked by cassie
  94. Angle of depression need help also

    A fighter plane is flying horizontally at a constant speed of 600km/hr and the pilot observes an oil drolling platform in the sea at an angle of depression 60degree,after flying in the same direction the pilot notices that the depression angle has

    asked by Collins
  95. Physics

    How much work did the movers do to push a 49.0 kg crate 10.3 m across a rough floor at a speed of 2.9 m/s with a horizontal pushing force of 48 N ?

    asked by Help
  96. Physics

    A child rides a toboggan down a hill that descends at an angle of 26.6 degrees to the horizontal. The hill is 13.1 meters long. What is the vertical component of the child's displacement? Answer in units of meters.

    asked by Emily Peterson
  97. Vocabulary

    In which sentence is the word blander used logically? A) The cook added spices to make the food taste blander. B)If you do not like hot food, you should choose blander dishes. C) In ordinary circumstances, hot sauce makes foods taste blander. D)The blander

    asked by Taryn Hughey
  98. statistics

    supposed that two balanced dice are rolled. let Y denote the product of the two numbers. use random variable notation to represent the event that the product of the two numbers is greater than 4 a {5,6} b {XY>4} c{Y>4} d P(Y>4)

    asked by A
  99. Calculus 1

    Related Rates: If a snowball melts so that its surface area decreases at a rate of 6 cm2/min, find the rate at which the diameter decreases when the diameter is 11 cm.

    asked by TayB
  100. Chemistry

    How do halogens (Cl2, Br2, I2) react with halides (Cl-, Br-, I-)? Can we explain this reactivity?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Physics

    While playing lawn darts with his friend, Jack notices that when he throws a dart up at 60 degrees it travels 11 meters. How high did the dart travel

    asked by Autumn
  102. Math

    supposed that two balanced dice are rolled. let Y denote the product of the two numbers. use random variable notation to represent the event that the product of the two numbers is greater than 4 a {5,6} b {XY>4} c{Y>4} d P(Y>4)

    asked by A
  103. U.S. History

    How did the influx of immigrants affect cities? A: The influx of immigrants led architects to develop new approaches to housing and transporting large numbers of people. This resulted in the development of skyscrapers, horsecars, cable cars, and electric

    asked by Victoria
  104. math

    The middle school band has 56 members. The high school band has 96 members. the bands are going to march one after the other in a parade. the director wants to arrange the bands into the same number of columns. What is the greatest number of columns in

    asked by bob
  105. math

    On a standard six-faced die,the numbers of the opposite faces always add to seven,Dena rolls a pair of fair,standard six-faced dice.She then takes the product of four numbers ,the two numbers on the faces that are showing on top of the dice and the two

    asked by grace
  106. Physics

    An artillery crew demonstrates its skill by firing a shell at an angle of 69 deg and then lowering the gun barrel and firing a second shell at a smaller angle of 22 deg in such a way that the two shells collide in midair. The initial velocity of the shells

    asked by Madeleine
  107. Simultaneous equation

    X+y+z=1......(1) x^2+y^2+z^2=35........(2) x^3+y^3+z^3=97.........(3) solution but from 3 (x^3+y^3)=(x+y)^3-3xy(x+y)......(4) puting 4 into 3 bck (x+y)^3-3xy(x+y)+z^3=97.......(5) now from 1 x+y=1-z......(6) putin 6 into 7 we have (1-z)^3-3xy(1-z)+z^3=97

    asked by Collins
  108. algebra

    Which shows the expressions in the order they would appear on a number line from least to greatest? 17 over 9, square root of 6, square root of 15, square root of 30, 3 to the power of 3 3 to the power of 3, square root of 30, square root of 15, square

    asked by CHRISTIAN
  109. Middle School Math

    The marching band is selling cases of fruit for $13 per case. a. Write an algebraic expression for the cost of f cases of fruit. b. Evaluate the expression for 250 cases. Question 17 options:

    asked by Nicole
  110. history

    what is the basis for the economic theory of mercantilism that drove the exploration and settlement of north america by Europeans? my answer is mercantilism is roosted in the idea that a nation's power stems from authority of absolute monarch. Is this

    asked by lakeisha
  111. Calculus

    I've done everything I can think of to solve this, but I have no idea. Find the derivative: y = sq rt{11x + sqrt[11x + sqrt(11x)]}

    asked by Kelly
  112. math

    On the day of your birth and on every birthday since your grandparents placed $1,000 in a savings account that pays 5% compounded annually. Assuming zero withdrawals, how much was your account worth on your 18th birthday?"

    asked by och
  113. science

    Which of the following explains the relationship between genes and chromosomes. a) Chromosomes come in diffrent versions called genes. b) genes come in diffrent structures called chromosomes. c) Chromosomes are structures that are made up of two versions

    asked by jirehn bush
  114. maths

    The sum of first 6terms of an 6.The product of second term and fifth term is -80.Find the terms of A.P.

    asked by Anu
  115. english

    Q1. Identify whether the word groups are fused sentence, comma splice or correct sentence.(4) i There is nothing better for a cold than a hot coffee and a big box of chocolate ____________ ii She ran out of the room the shadows in the corner had scared

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Chem11

    How many moles of iron(iii) chloride could be made with an unlimited supply of iron atoms but only 1.81 X 10e23 chlorine atoms?

    asked by Kay
  117. math

    On Saturday, the fruit and juice bar was selling 30 glasses of fruit punch an hour. By 7 p.m., they had sold 270 glasses. If their goal was to sell at least 360 glasses of fruit punch, which inequality can be used to find h, the number of hours they must

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Language Arts

    Is "Only yards away from the shelter rock, Roko Falls" a ... a)exposition b)rising action c)climax d)falling action

    asked by Jerry Jones

    Find two points on the graph of the parabola other than the vertex and x-intercepts. k ( x ) = ( x − 1 )^(2) − 6

    asked by Lucy
  120. Science

    The half life of radium is 3.82 days.In what time will the activity decay to 1/16 of its original value.

    asked by Anju
  121. Math

    Tell if x and y show direct variation. Explain reasoning. 1) x=2y 2) y-x=6 3) xy=5

    asked by Matt
  122. mechanics

    Rubber particles, roughly 1mm in diameter, have been added to an epoxy resin to increase its resistance to crack growth. Estimate the Young's modulus of the composite, given that the Young's moduli of the epoxy and the rubber are, respectively, 2GPa and

    asked by qw
  123. math

    If four standard six-sided dice are rolled,what is the probability that the sum of the number on the top faces is 22, or 23,or 24,.express your answer as a common fraction

    asked by grace
  124. Physics

    A skier leaves the ramp of a ski jump with a velocity of 12.6m/s, 14.5° above the horizontal. The slope below is inclined downwards at 52.2°, and air resistance is negligible. a)Calculate the distance from the ramp to where the jumper lands. b) Calculate

    asked by Madie
  125. Math- Mixed Numbers

    1. White 17/4 as a mixed number. Hi, could someone please explain how to do this? Correct me if I’m wrong but do I try to multiply 4 x how many times I can before it goes to 17 and the number I get is the whole number and the newmerator is the numbers

    asked by Ruby
  126. algebra

    What is the value of the expression All of 2.8 multiplied by 10 to the power 7 over all of 1.4 multiplied by 10 to the power 3? 2.0 × 10^4 2.0 × 10^10 1.4 × 10^4 1.4 × 10^10

    asked by gaby
  127. Science

    The half life of Uranium-238 against alpha decay is 4.5*10^9 years.Calculate the number of disintegrations taking place in 1gm of the substance.

    asked by Anju
  128. Math

    John needs $20 to buy a ticket to a show. He earned 1/4 of the money on Monday, 2/5 on Tuesday and 1/ 10 on Wednesday. What fraction of the money does John still need to earn?

    asked by Anonymous
  129. english

    Q1. Identify whether the word groups are fused sentence, comma splice or correct sentence.(4) i There is nothing better for a cold than a hot coffee and a big box of chocolate ____________ ii She ran out of the room the shadows in the corner had scared

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Math

    Sixty people can receive a piece of pizza, if there is 5 pizzas purchased.How many people can receive a slice of pizza if 7 pizzas are purchased?

    asked by Sam
  131. Math

    evaluate (-7)^2 A. -49 B. -14 *** C. 14 D. 49

    asked by Sockmaster
  132. Math

    You are making cookies. One recipe calls for 4 cups of chocolate morsels for 3 batches. A second recipe calls for 5 cups of chocolate morsels for 4 batches of cookies. Which cookies will contain more chocolate morsels?

    asked by Kaye Tyler
  133. Geometry

    Why do complementary and supplementary angles not have to be adjacent? As long as the two angles equal 90 degree then they will be complementary. As far as supplementary, as long as the two angle sum equals 180 degrees then they will be supplemental.

    asked by Sue
  134. Undergraduate Studies

    Rewrite the quote below so that it includes an explanation in your own words to the reader that Mr. Johnson is the founder of the Eat More Oreos Foundation. “Mr. Johnson declined to comment on this article.”

    asked by Amber
  135. Physics

    A train accelerates from rest at a rate of 4m/s^2 for 5 minutes. Then it continues with constant velocity for 10 minutes. Then it slows down to a complete stop while traveling 200 meters. a. What was the total displacement of the train? b. What was the

    asked by Pdriz
  136. Math

    1. Which symbol completes the statement? 2/3 _ 5/8 A. >** B. < C. = 2. Which symbol completes the statement? 6/3 _ 10/15 A. >** B. < C. = 3. Which symbol completes the statement? 5/10 _ 14/20 A. >** B. < C. = Check!!

    asked by Janette
  137. Math

    It is required to sit 4 males and 5 females in arrow so that the male occupy the even place. How many such arrangements are possible?

    asked by Honey
  138. algebra

    What is the value of the expression All of 2.8 multiplied by 10 to the power 7 over all of 1.4 multiplied by 10 to the power 3? 2.0 × 104 2.0 × 1010 1.4 × 104 1.4 × 1010

    asked by gaby
  139. Please help with MATH

    Why do complementary and supplementary angles not have to be adjacent? As long as the two angles equal 90 degree then they will be complementary. As far as supplementary, as long as the two angle sum equals 180 degrees then they will be supplemental.

    asked by Sue
  140. Organic Chemisty

    Calculate the number of mg of caffeine you would extract in each case, 2-10ml extractions vs 1-20ml extraction. The KD value in this case is 4.6 (assume a starting value of 100mg)

    asked by Sam
  141. Computer Programming

    Your city's Parking Violation Bureau wants you to write a program to compute fines for parking violations. There are four types of violation: type A carries a fine of $10, type B carries fine of $20, type C carries a fine of $30, and type D carries a fine

    asked by LockShift
  142. Social Studies

    List the ways power is distributed in the U.S federal government and ways that power is limited. (Help soon please)

    asked by Maya
  143. Math

    YoU order 6 pizza & you eat 2/3 of one pizza before your guest arrived. Each one of your guest eat 1/4 of pizza & left with 5/6 of pizza. How many guest did you invited?

    asked by Ali
  144. science

    What advantage would a backbone give to an animal that lives underwater?

    asked by nads
  145. Physics

    A hot-air balloon is rising upward with a constant speed of 2.65 m/s. When the balloon is 3.40 m above the ground, the balloonist accidentally drops a compass over the side of the balloon. How much time elapses before the compass hits the ground?

    asked by DJ
  146. math


    asked by atish patel
  147. U.S. History

    In what year did immigration from northern and western Europe peak? A: Immigration from northern and western Europe peaked in 1882.

    asked by Victoria
  148. chemistry

    Find the volume of a 2.5 M solution of sulfuric acid required to prepare 300.0 mL of 0.1 N solution of sulfuric acid

    asked by Cole
  149. math

    The expression 18h + 100p represents the amount (in dollars) that an insurance salesperson earns for working h hours and selling p policies. How much does the salesperson earn for working 10 hours and selling 3 policies?

    asked by marli
  150. history

    who did the Spanish and Portuguese use as labor on plantations. my answer is enemies captured in war. is this right?

    asked by lakeisha
  151. Physics

    A gun shoots a bullet at 1200 m/s at an angle of 600 above the horizontal. Neglecting air resistance, determine: a.) its time of flight b.) its range

    asked by Peter
  152. Physics

    Suppose you have a stack of 9 identical oak planks, each of which have a mass of 8.0 kg. You are required to pull the seventh plank from the stack (counting from the top). If the coefficient of friction between oak and oak is 0.6, how hard do you have to

    asked by Kristin
  153. Biology

    What 2 bio molecules are the cell membrane primarily made of?

    asked by Janey
  154. Stats

    Based on recent U.S. Census data of adults, approximately 48% are male. According to a 2013 study by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 70% of U.S. adult males are obese while 58% of U.S. adult females are obese (round to THREE decimals). What is the

    asked by Jen
  155. physics

    In the amusement park ride known as Magic Mountain Superman, powerful magnets accelerate a car and its riders from rest to 43.7 m/s in a time of 6.50 s. The mass of the car and riders is 3.24 × 103 kg. Find the average net force exerted on the car and

    asked by sandra
  156. Algebra

    A 52 in. board is cut into two pieces. One piece is three times the length of the other. Find the length of the other piece.

    asked by Sarah
  157. Algebra

    Which rational number equals 0 point 1 with bar over 1? 1 over 11 1 over 10 1 over 9 1 over 8

    asked by Nicole
  158. social studies

    is it possible for a child born to a parent with huntington's disease to not develop the disease later in life

    asked by jirehn bush
  159. Personal Finance

    Would you prefer a fully taxable investment earning 13.8 percent or a tax-exempt investment earning 10 percent? assume a marginal tax rate of 28 percent.

    asked by Lee
  160. Physics

    A block of mass 8.60 kg is pulled along a horizontal frictionless surface by a cord that exerts a force of 33 N at an angle 29.40 degrees from the horizontal. What is the magnitude of the normal force exerted on the mass by the floor? I solved for the

    asked by Kristin
  161. Geometry

    find the image, of o(-2,-1) after two reflections first across the line y=-5 and then across the line x=1

    asked by Steve
  162. Math

    The number of blocks has line in the ones place the number in the hundreds place is one more than the number in the tens place those two numbers equal 11 how many blocks are there

    asked by Alexis
  163. Reitumetse high school

    Life sciences what is the difference between grassland/forest biomes.

    asked by Precious
  164. Physics

    Draw a free body diagram and Apply Newton's 2nd law in both direction. 60 kg chair is pulled along a rough horizontal surface under the action of a 200N force 30 degrees up from horizontal, as shown the acceleration of the chair is 1.5 m/s^2. a) Determine

    asked by Matt
  165. Statistics

    STATISTICS: I'm struggling with how to calculate the following problems: *Assume that X~N(3,1.5) For what value of X is Pr(x

    asked by BONACA
  166. U.S. History

    What impact did the development of large businesses have on the economy?

    asked by Victoria
  167. Reading and literature part 2

    What are 3 reasons Fredrick Douglass is influential

    asked by Sherwanda
  168. Chemistry

    4.Report your answer in correct significant figures. A.1.32*10^4cm+2.1*10^2

    asked by anonymous
  169. math

    determine the y-intercept and slope of the linear equation y=-6+3x

    asked by A
  170. maths

    a certain number x is decreased by 15 is equal to twice the number increased by 3. what is the correct mathematical expression?

    asked by mbasha
  171. Sociology

    The state of California attempted to ban the sale of violent video games to young people. If the federal government attempted to do the same thing, what provisions of the Constitution might allow that regulation?

    asked by Virginia
  172. Math test,

    Need a website to study off of for a math test, this what is on the test Times fractions and Understanding Fractions, I need a math website.

    asked by Kailyn
  173. Math

    2/7 greater than what amount is 54?

    asked by RL Jeweyneth Co
  174. Chemistry

    How do magnesium atoms form ions? What about oxygen atoms?

    asked by Trinity
  175. math

    I am a 3-digit number. My first digit is thrice my last digit. The sum of my last two digit is one less than my last digit.

    asked by bea
  176. English

    This is all what I have for my thesis statement for the research paper based on comparing and/or contrasting the forest and town in The Scarlet Letter In the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the town is full of laws and judgement, but in

    asked by CATA
  177. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with resultant velocity of 22.6 m/s at an angle of 60 degrees. What is the time to Apex, what is the range of the kick? r = 22.6 angle = 60 degrees 1)Vxi=sin(60)(22.6) = 19.57 Vyi=cos(60)(22.6) = 11.3 2)T= Vyf-Vyi/A 0-11.3/-9.81 =

    asked by Sean
  178. science

    What advantage would a backbone give to an animal that lives underwater? Thank you

    asked by nads
  179. Math

    The depth of the first model of a mobile phone measure 7/20 of an inch. The second model is 6/7 Was the depth of the first model. The third model measured 27/35 of the size of the first model. The fourth model was 4/5 the size of the first model. What is

    asked by Essie
  180. Math

    What is .768 divded by 1.6

    asked by Anonymous
  181. algebra

    If (92)p = 98, what is the value of p? 2 3 4 6

    asked by Samantha
  182. social studies

    The Aztecs forced the people they conqured to pay trubits, or taxes in the form of food, gold or slaves. They also took thousands of prisoners of war to serve as human sacrifices. The Aztecs believed that they had to sacrifice humans to the gods so that

    asked by Deez Got Hee
  183. backbones

    What advantage would a backbone give to an animal that lives underwater? Thanks

    asked by nads
  184. Math

    I have 14 20s 17 10s 5 5s an 13 1 ones

    asked by Nette
  185. social studies

    how did the wright brothers change the world a short esssay

    asked by francis
  186. English

    Unscramble the sentence seldom had enough food to

    asked by Ram
  187. Math

    How many arrangements can be made from the word MATHEMATICS when all are taken at a time?

    asked by Honey
  188. Math

    simplify the complex fraction 4/x+5 +2 _________ 14/x+5 -2 Once i multiply by the LCD i get 4+2(x+5)/14-2(x+5) however i can't see what i can do next to simplify can you explain.

    asked by ash
  189. Language arts

    what is the defiance between theses to dependent clause independent clause

    asked by Jaylen
  190. math

    Compare 3+2 times 5 to (3+2) times 5. i put order of operations and got 5 times 5 for the first one, and for the second. I need to now if that is correct and if not what is wrong. thanks, John :)

    asked by john

    y=e^(5e^x) differentiate first and second derivative

    asked by Anonymous
  192. math

    Kevin has flower pots that hold 1 or 3 bulbs. He has 18 bulbs. How many ways can he plant the bulbs?

    asked by Kayeirrah Martin
  193. IAE

    ratio determine 2.15pounds to 125 pence as a ratio in its lowest term 1pound=100 pence

    asked by Cas
  194. thermodynamics

    heat in the amount of 5 KJ is added while its internal energy decreases by 10 KJ. how much energy is transferred as work? for a process causing the same change of state but for which the work is zero, how much heat is transferred?

    asked by Anonymous
  195. Algebra

    a car salesman works for a monthly wage of $1000 and 10% of his cars sold. Using m for his total monthly income and c for the value of the cars he sells in a month, the equation that shows this is m=0.10c+1000 A. What would the equation be if, instead, he

    asked by Isaac
  196. Finance

    Please could you help me solve this Suppose you have $100 in an interest bearing account earning 10% interest. How much would you have after the first year under the following scenarios? . annual compounding (every 12 months)- semi-annual compounding

    asked by Sammy
  197. Social Studies

    Why do nations have constitutions?

    asked by Maya
  198. Social Studies

    true or false the pilgrims coming to the united states to seek religious freedom shaped american identity

    asked by Maya
  199. math

    supposed that k is a random variable. given that P(-3.7

    asked by A
  200. Chemistry

    how many grams of NaOH do you need to prepare a 3.00 x 10^2 mL stock solution of 2.00 M NaOH

    asked by Alexander
  201. Math

    John needs $20 to buy a ticket to a show.He earned 1/4 of the money on Monday, 2/5 onTuesday,and 1/10 on Wednesday. What fraction of the money does John still need to earn?

    asked by Anonymous
  202. math, probability 4th grade

    please check my answers and problem at the end , too! the cafeteria in the school offers 3 side items with the meal to the kids, among them: A. fries, B. carrots, C. macaroni, D broccoli, E. beans. how many choices each child have? - i think it is 10

    asked by edina
  203. Probability help

    In a football match A vs B in which 7 goals were scored and A won the match what is the probability that the score is 7-0 ??????

    asked by Collins
  204. Quick english check

    Use adapt, alleviate, anecdote, attributed, diminutive, distinct, endowed, enhance, facilitating, incantation, irony, linguistic, mitigates, ponderous, restitution, and resuscitate to put in the correct sentence. Please correct me if I’m wrong! On

    asked by Anonyomous
  205. Algebra 2

    Is the solution to this rational expression extraneous? The problem: (2x-3)/7 -(7x)/14 My answer: x = -9/4 My teacher wants to know if the solution is extraneous and I know I have to plug my answer back into the expression to check but I still don't

    asked by Wade
  206. Abst book costing

    During one week the workman x manufactured 200 units.He recived wages for a guaranteed 44 hours week at the rate of Rs. 15 per hour .THE time allowed to produce one unit is 18 minutes . Calculate his gross wages under each of the following methods of

    asked by Collage
  207. SS

    What are two examples of leaders who used military force to rule or gain power/money in modern times?

    asked by Anonymous
  208. math

    A water tank will be drained at a constant rate of 42.4 liters per hour starting at 9:00 A.M. After one hour, the change in the amount of water in the tank can be represented as –42.4. Which of the following represents the total change in the amount of

    asked by john
  209. Science

    Hello! I had a question about variations in animals, also known as genetic variations. What is a variation? I cannot find an example or a sturdy definition anywhere. Could someone give me an example of variation in animals? Thank you!

    asked by Tim
  210. Biology

    What is the difference between an environment with freshwater and an environment with pristine wates? I need to design an experiment with a shrimp that is found in freshwater but not in pristine but I don't understand what is the difference between the

    asked by Anonymous
  211. chemistry (inorganic) reflection planes

    how many planes of reflection (sigma v) does the letter "H" have? an infinite amount? this is for an intro to group theory / symmetry operations.

    asked by paul
  212. english

    re pair the given run on sentence 1. i went to the walk-inclinic because i was feeling ill insct i had walking pneumonia answer i went to the walk-in clinic;because i was feeling ll infact i had walking pneumonia

    asked by javeria
  213. Maths

    How would you solve for x with an equation like this? 0.2x^3 - 2.84x^2 + 8.532x - 2.4 = 0

    asked by Daisy
  214. math

    When a six-sided dice numbered1,2,3,4,5and 6 is rolled many times until thesum is greater than12,what is the least likely sum?

    asked by grace
  215. What must be added maths need help

    What must be added to x/y to make it y/x??

    asked by Collins
  216. K H S

    In An Examination Has 100 Questions. A student Has 60% Chance Of Getting Each Question Correct. Astudent Fails The Examination For Amark Less Than 55. A Student Gets Distinction For A mark Of 68 Or More. Calculate That A Student: (i) Fails The Examination,

    asked by Hopus
  217. Alg2.

    4x^5 -2x^3 +2x +4 by 2x+1 synthetic division Would it be like this: 2x+1=0 ; x=-1/2 -1/2 |4 0 -2 0 2 4 | -2 1 .5 0 -1 |___________________ 4 -2 -1 .5 2 3 4x^4 -2x^3 -x^2 +.5x +2 R 3/2x+1 Is this correct? Can you check my answer multiplied by 2x+1 to see if

    asked by Amy
  218. math

    mr the is thrice as old as his daughter. The difference between their ages is 36 years old. How old is mr teh's daughter?

    asked by Ann
  219. Chemistry

    What is the relationship between the relative reactivities of the halogens when compared to the relative reactivity of the halides?

    asked by Anonymous
  220. algebra

    If (9^2)^p = 9^8, what is the value of p? 2 3 4 6

    asked by gaby
  221. seminole middle

    8 to the 3rd power times 8 to the negative 5th power

    asked by kehan
  222. junior sec

    list two difference btw of art nd principles or art

    asked by eze anna
  223. Social Studies

    Describe the main function of the U.S. federal government

    asked by Maya
  224. math

    What are the proportion of families? 0 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 0 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 0 1 1 2 2 3 4 6 0 1 2 2 2 3 4 6 0 1 2 2 2 3 4 6 0 1 2 2 3 3 4 8 0 1 2 2 3 3 5 8 0 1 2 2 3 3 5 9

    asked by Aidrick Brown
  225. math

    what percent more than 96 is 102?

    asked by RL Jeweyneth Co
  226. Life orintation

    Which subject i must learn if i want to be a doctor?

    asked by Anonymous
  227. Math

    1. 45 x 3 = _ A. 130 B. 135** C. 109 D. 135 Check

    asked by Kiki
  228. Harmonic Motion

    we know that a particle in Harmonic Motion is moving at v1 @ position x1 and v2 @ position x2. What is A (Amplitude) and w (omega) ?

    asked by Jay
  229. History

    How are export processing zones a part of globalization and industrialization

    asked by Anonymous
  230. Algebra 2

    find all the possible rational roots of g(x)=2x^4+6x^3-11x+8

    asked by Yannick
  231. French

    "Je mets un chemisier." Is this pronounced "mez un" or "mey un"?

    asked by Anonymous
  232. math

    whats 2000 3000 and 8 in standard form?

    asked by franks
  233. ACCT

    A lumber yard is going to cut a board which is 18 m into 16 pieces of equal length. How long will each piece b

    asked by Anonymous
  234. math

    When six standard six-sideddice are rolled,what is the most likely sums of the six number?

    asked by grace
  235. AP Statistics

    Do the samples appear to be from the same population? Why or why not? Support your answer with numerical facts and convincing reasons and explanations Chemical distribution stats: Five # summary: (2.29816, 2.29869, 2.299152, 2.30074) Mean: 2.299706

    asked by Ashley
  236. English

    After watching roy Hargrove play the trumpet, marcia decided that she wanted to be one

    asked by Anonymous

    Insert the following demand function ton to the basic Revenue equation and email me your result. q = -350p + 22,000

    asked by THERESA
  238. math

    compare x+y o 19

    asked by Anonymous
  239. Government

    How often are filibusters used? Why?

    asked by Anonymous
  240. math

    how many 30" circles can be cut from 4'x8' board

    asked by gjr
  241. math


    asked by tomeisha