Questions Asked on
October 5, 2015

  1. Geomety check

    Complete the two-column proof. Given:

    asked by sammy
  2. Pre Algebra Plz help asap!-:)

    1.Which set represents a Pythagorean triple? 27, 38, 42 33, 44, 55*** 35, 38, 42 68, 72, 81 2.Which number completes the Pythagorean triple: 12, 16, ____? 18 20*** 22 24 3. Which set represents a Pythagorean triple? 1, 2, 4 2, 4, 6 3, 4, 10 5, 12, 13***

    asked by Labbayk
  3. Health

    the chemical process by which your body breaks down the nutrients in foods to release energy for the cells in your body describes. A.calories*** B.cholesterol C.metabolism D.nutrition ----is a type of complex carbohydrate that does not get broken down or

    asked by Mahoganie
  4. Algebra

    The back of Tom's property is a creek. Tom would like to enclose a rectangular area, using the creek as one side and fencing for the other three sides, to create a corral. If there is 100 feet of fencing available, what is the maximum possible area of the

    asked by Christina
  5. Geometry Check please

    Is the following definition of complementary angles reversible? If yes, write it as a true biconditional Complementary angles are two angles whose sum measures to 90 degrees - The statement is not reversible - Yes, if angles are complementary, then their

    asked by sammy
  6. English

    In "My Brother's Keeper," what does Ted want Jamie to do for him a. give him an alibi in court b. forge some documents *** c. borrow money from Uncle Harry d. go out with his old girlfriend *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou

    asked by Kaai97
  7. physics

    Two capacitors of capacities c1=3uf and c2=6uf arranged in series are connected in a parallel with third capacitor c3=4uf. The arrangement is connected to a 6.0 V battery. Calculate the total energy stored in the capacitors.

    asked by shahbaz ahmad pala
  8. English

    In "On Turning Ten," the lines "a kind of measles of the spirit" and "all the dark blue speed drained out of it" build toward the tone of a. anger b. longing c. maturity*** d. serenity *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou

    asked by Kaai97
  9. Calculus 1

    The number of yeast cells in a laboratory culture increases rapidly initially but levels off eventually. The population is modeled by the function n = f(t) = a/(1 + be^−0.5t) where t is measured in hours. At time t = 0 the population is 10 cells and is

    asked by TayB
  10. Geometry help

    The true conditional statement "If 1/2 (m

    asked by sammy
  11. Math help please?! :)

    What is the solution to (4 x 10^3) x (6 x 10^6), written in scientific notation? 24 x 10^9 2.4 x 10^9 24 x 10^18 2.4 x 10^10 Ted Andrews bought 15 shares of Clark Company stock at $14.875. He sold them a month later $20.375. What was his profit? $6.50

    asked by Mariana
  12. geography

    a map's scale is given thus 1 cm to 200 km.How far apart will two places be on the map,if the ground distance in between them is 1200 km?

    asked by Ankush.
  13. geometry

    Which of these is a correct step in constructing congruent line segments? a) use a straightedge to draw two equal arcs from the endpoints. b) use a compass to join the endpoints of the line segment. c) use a straightedge to measure the length of the line

    asked by Ana
  14. spanish

    16. In Colombia, ________. (1 point) children are not required to go to school children are required to go to school until they are about 9 children are required to go to school until they are 14 children are required to go to school until they are about

    asked by dea
  15. math

    A length of ribbon is 3 1/2 yd long. How many pieces 1 5/9 yd long can Joy cut from the ribbon? 1 2 3 4 Which number is equivalent to 0.45? 1/45 5/11 4/5 1/4 What is 3.56 x 10 *5 in standard notation? 356,000 3,560,000 0.00356 0.0000356 Ms. Johnson's class

    asked by Lola

    1.Which of the following is greater than 4.3x10^9 A)2.1x10^9 B)3.2x10^9 C)5.3x10^9 D)7.4x10^8*** 2.Which of the following are less than 6.5x10^-5? A)1.4x10^-3 B)2.5x10^-4 C)7.8x10^-5 D)4.6x10^-6*** 3.Which number is greater than 5.5x10^-7 A)1.8x10^-12

    asked by Anonymous
  17. physics

    A kayaker paddles at 4.0 m/s in a direction 30° south of west. He then turns and paddles at 3.7 m/s in a direction 20° west of south. I know the formulas but having trouble figuring out the degree of angle. Ax=4(cos30)= 3.4641 Ay=4(sin30)= 2

    asked by Lou
  18. geometry

    2. the dashed triangle is a dilation image of the solid triangle. what is the scale factor (1 point)

    asked by jenny
  19. English

    The narrator of the "Scarlet Ibis" is a. a young boy with a disability b. a young buy with a disabled brother c. a parent of a disabled child d. an adult who had a disabled brother*** *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou

    asked by Kaai97
  20. English

    The author of "My Brother's Keeper" mainly develops Jamie's character through a. his actions b. dialogue and thoughts c. the narrator's descriptions*** d. other's reactions to him *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou

    asked by Kaai97
  21. Math

    What is 3.56 x 10^-5 in standard form? I need help, please explain so I know how to do this from now on. Thank you so much.

    asked by Please explain to me
  22. Scientific Notation

    Please express your answer in scientific notation (6.0 x 10^5) x (3.0 x 10^4)= My answer - 18 x 10^9 18 x 10 ^20 18 x 10 ^9 1.8 x 10 ^20 1.8 x 10 ^10 Please express your answer in scientific notation (2.56 x 10^6) x (3.56 x 10^2) = My answer - 9.1136 x

    asked by YOLO

    Which section of a personal narrative requires the most development? a. introduction b. conclusion c. character introduction d. plot

    asked by Bill
  24. Chemistry

    15.00mL sample of a solution of H2SO4 of unknown concentration was titrated with 0.3200 N NaOH. The titration required 21.30mL of the base. What was the normality of the acid solution? what was the molarity of the acid solution?

    asked by Mark
  25. Geometry

    Given: B is the midpoint of line AC. D is the midpoint of line CE. Ab=De Prove AE=4AB

    asked by Allison
  26. Geometry

    Point D is on the interior of angle ABC. Use the given information to find m angle DBC. (Draw the picture.) M angle ABC = (5x +6) M angle ABD = (7x - 9) M angle DBC = (5x - 6) Answer so far: (5x + 6) + (5x - 6) = (7x - 9) 10x = 7x - 9 10 x - 7x = -9 3x =

    asked by Justin
  27. Language Arts

    Which paragraphs represent the exposition in the story An Hour With Abuelo? A. paragraphs 8-10 B. paragraphs 10-12 C. paragraphs 12-14 D. paragraphs 14-15

    asked by Abbie
  28. chemistery

    What is the equilibrium constant for the reaction taking place at room temperature (T = 25◦C) in the battery Zn(s)| Zn2+(aq)|| Ce4+(aq)| Ce3+(aq) ? Assume that the number of electrons transferred in the reaction is n = 2. Zn2+ + 2 e − → Zn E ◦ red

    asked by John
  29. physics

    In lacrosse, a ball is thrown from a net on the end of stick by rotating the stick and forearm about the elbow. If the angular velocity of the ball about the elbow joint is 30.3 rad / s and the ball is 1.35 m from the elbow joint, what is the velocity of

    asked by jordan
  30. Math 3rd grade

    The roadrunner bird can run 14 times miles per hour. That's 7 times faster than an ostrich can walk. How fast does an ostrich walk? 7 X ?= 14 I would write the equation like this. Not sure my 8 year old would be able to do this. She knows that 7x 2 or

    asked by Lisa M.
  31. math

    Solve the inequality W > Y plus H all divided by P for H. W divided by P – Y > H W times P divided by Y > H WP – Y > H W + P – Y > H

    asked by Please help, urgent
  32. geometry

    the vertices of a triangle are p(-7 -4),q(-7,-8),and r(3,-3).Name the vertices of the image reflected across the line y=x. the choices are A. P'(4,7),Q'(8,7),R'(3,-3) B. P'(4,-7),Q'(8-7),R'(3,3) C. P'(4-7),Q'(-8,-7),R(-3,3) D. P'(-4,7),Q'(-8,7),R'(-3,-3)

    asked by jenny
  33. Literature

    What is the theme of "Greek Meets Greek

    asked by Linda
  34. Science

    1.)Seahorse change color & swim together in predetermined ways before mating. these behaviors are called? A.)Asexual reproduction B.)Sexual Reproduction C.)Courtship Rituals D.)Budding 2.)A male peacock displays his colorful tail feathers in order to

    asked by Tom Brady Jr
  35. Science

    A gene is to a chromosome as.... a) a pea is to a pod b) a front is to a back c) a bike is to a car d) a building is to a window

    asked by Taryn Hughey
  36. Math

    Find the unknown digit to make each statement true 2.48>2.4__1>2.463

    asked by Enjoli
  37. Math

    One day, a deli sold a total of 39 hamburgers and hot dogs. The revenue from these sales was $137.35. The hamburgers were $3.87 each and the hot dogs cost $2.90 each. a) Write a mathematical expression for the number of burgers, x, and the number of hot

    asked by Dustin
  38. science

    1.a population of snails on an island is disrupted during a violent storm. portions of the population are carried by the storm surge to two new islands, while a portion remains on the original island creating three separate populations. conditions on one

    asked by kayla(sciences) plz help
  39. Physics

    A boy walks 10 m due west and 10m due south.What is the displacement.[2]a girl walks 12m northwards,5m eastwards and 7m southwards.Calculate her total displacement[3]a man walks 5km south and 3km in the direction 60 degree west of south.Calculate his

    asked by Moyosoreoluwa
  40. Georgia State History

    Which of the following does not describe part of the Intolerable Acts? Boston's port was closed. There was a tax on molasses. There were limited town meetings. Colonists had to quarter British soldiers in their homes. ** Even if my answer is wrong, can you

    asked by Elizabeth
  41. chemistry

    Find the equilibrium constant for the reaction Cr(s) + Zn2+(aq) → Cr2+(aq) + Zn(s) if the standard cell emf is −0.76 V at the cathode and −0.91 V at the anode. R T F = 0.025693 V

    asked by jack hoff
  42. Geometry help

    m angle 2 =34 degrees find m angle 1 Would appreciate the help on this one This is for long x that has 1 and 3 labeled top and bottom left side is labeled 4 right side is 2 That's what it looks like best I know how to describe it

    asked by sammy
  43. science

    1. which of the following must occur for speciation to take place? a. a population must be physically separated into groups b. harsh environmental conditions must be imposed on a population c. competition must occur between members of a populations d. some

    asked by kayla help plzz
  44. help

    Which two of Harding’s cabinet members worked hard to achieve advancements specifically for businesses? A. Andrew Mellon and Albert Fall B. Charles Forbes and Harry Daugherty C. Andrew Mellon and Herbert Hoover D. Herbert Hoover and Charles Forbes

    asked by sidney
  45. English

    The character of "My Forbidden Face" by Latifa, describes a cartoon of the scientists perplexed by the germ they are studying, The Taliban, in order to a. emphasize her confusion with the spread of all the new rules b. imply that the leaders are sick with

    asked by Kaai97
  46. science

    1. which of the following is not part of theory of evolution. a. organisms end to produce more offspring than can survive to reproductive age. b. organisms can acquire changes during their lifetime.*** c. organisms that do not survive to reproduce do not

    asked by kayla
  47. Chemistry

    The mass of a gold coin was measured three times and each measurement was made to five digits. The mass values were 23.319g, 23.341 g, and 23.296g. the average mass was reported as 23.32 g. The actual mass of the coin is 25.5631g. Why is the average mass

    asked by Anonymous
  48. physics

    A 57.5-kg runner has a speed of 5.80 m/s at one instant during a long-distance event. (a) What is the runner's kinetic energy at this instant? 967.15 J (b) If he doubles his speed to reach the finish line, by what factor does his kinetic energy change? im

    asked by zach
  49. Math

    what is the difference between |-3| and -3.

    asked by Selena
  50. math

    What is the probability of rolling an odd number on a six-sided die? .5??

    asked by Gigi
  51. chemistry

    The following describes the process of an atom emitting light. Place the steps in order: (I already know the first two steps are: 1. Energy is absorbed by electrons and excitation occurs and 2. Electrons move from the ground state to the excited state.)

    asked by What Teh Heck
  52. math

    a sum of money is shared between to persons at the ratio 2:5 one person received $60 how much was shared

    asked by jason
  53. Algebra

    C=6.3r gives the approximate circumference C of a circle as a function of its radius r. Identify the independent and dependent variables in this relationship.

    asked by Mah'Kya
  54. math statistic

    In Megabucks, a player who correctly chooses five out of the six winning numbers gets $400. What is the probability of winning $400? Answer is 0.0000924 in the book but I really don't know where I'm doing mistake. my work is = 6!/5!(1!) combination Thank

    asked by Lucas

    A 1420-kg submarine rises straight up towards the surface. Seawater exerts both an upward buoyant force of 16930 N on the submarine, as well as a downward resistive force of 1030 N. What is the submarine's acceleration?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. math

    Find the distance btw two cities. Assume that the Earth is is a sphere of the radius 4000 miles and that the cities are the on the same longitude(one city is due north of the other).

    asked by salma
  57. Social Studies

    What examples are given of a limited government and an unlimited government in the section? How did each type of government affect its citizens? Japans government

    asked by Bill
  58. geometry

    the vertices of a triangle are p(-7 -4),q(-7,-8),and r(3,-3).Name the vertices of the image reflected across the line y=x.

    asked by tj
  59. geometry

    Which of the following is the fourth step in copying an angle? A) place the compass on the vertex of the new angle and swing an arc similar to the first one you created. b) open the compass to the width of the intersection points of the ray and arc of the

    asked by Ana
  60. Physics

    Two blocks connected by a rope of negligible mass are being dragged by a horizontal force F (Fig. P5.45). Suppose that F = 75.0 N, m1 = 14.0 kg, m2 = 19.0 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between each block and the surface is 0.098. a)Determine

    asked by Ali
  61. Algebra

    You put $400 in an account earns $18 simple interest in 9 months.What is the annual interest rate?

    asked by Carnell
  62. chemistry

    A student is asked to standardize a solution of barium hydroxide. He weighs out 0.986 g potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHC8H4O4, treat this as a monoprotic acid). It requires 27.8 mL of barium hydroxide to reach the endpoint. A. What is the molarity of the

    asked by charlotte
  63. chem 121

    A student rushed in order to complete this experiment quickly. In attempting to save time, the student made some procedural errors. Briefly describe the effect of each of the following errors on the calculated ratio of Mg to O (indicate whether the

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Chemistry

    I need a balanced chemical equation for the titration of potassium iodate (KIO3^2-) and sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3^2-). This is what I have, but I was wondering if I should cancel the spectator ions: Na2S2O3 (aq) + 2KIO3 (aq) --> K2S2O3 (aq) + 2NaIO3(aq)

    asked by Ronnie
  65. Technical Communication

    All of the following statements are valid EXCEPT the following: A. Social cues are not conveyed well in certain types of digital communication. B. Conference calls are no longer used as a form of virtual communication. C. Face-to-face meetings are still

    asked by Amy
  66. geometry

    the vertices of a triangle are p(-7 -4),q(-7,-8),and r(3,-3).Name the vertices of the image reflected across the line y=x. help!!

    asked by tj
  67. organic chemistry

    the color change at the endpopint should persist for 30 second why

    asked by yve
  68. science

    which of the following characteristics would you look for a piece of sandstone

    asked by Crtine
  69. Math

    Zabato is thinking of a number. Three times the sum of the number and ten is the same as eight times the number. What is Zabatos number? Help! so confused thank you!

    asked by Emily
  70. History

    Your parents own their own business and they do very well financially. They are very independent and take responsibility for all their own business and personal costs. based on this information which political party are your parents a member of? My answer

    asked by Steve
  71. Social Studies

    Who were the first Early American civilization to build stone pyramids? A)Maya B)Olmec C)Aztec D)Inca Is it B?

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  72. Language Arts (- Ribbons -)

    Note, this question is from the book "Ribbons", if you haven't read it then you are not able to help with this. In "Ribbons", Stacy's grandmother stiffens and scolds her when Stacy tries to hug her. What does this show about the cultural differences

    asked by Joe
  73. geometry

    which of the following is a step in constructing an inscribed square using technology? a)construct segment db, segment, bc, segment ce, segment eg, segment gi, and segment id. b)identify the points of intersection between circle a and circle g. c) draw

    asked by Ana
  74. Calc

    An airplane is flying at a speed of 350 mi/h at an altitude of one mile and passes directly over a radar station at time t=0. a) Express the horizontal distance d (in miles) that the plane has flown as a function of t. I really don't know... would it be

    asked by Justin
  75. Pre Calculas

    Im really struggling and need help with this 1. One of the tables below contains (x,y) values that were generated by a linear function. Determine which table, and then write the equation of the linear function represented by the Table #1 x 2 5 8 11 14 17

    asked by Ryan
  76. Algebra

    Suppose $6,500 is divided into two bank accounts. One account pays 10% simple interest per year and the other pays 4.6%. After two years there is a total of $1000 in interest between the two accounts. How much was invested into the bank account that pays

    asked by Rage
  77. yadlapalli

    An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a circle with a radius of 6". Find the area of the segment cut off by one side of the triangle.

    asked by gayathri
  78. Art History

    A. Pyramid B.Propaganda C.Babylonians D.Cuneiform E.Gudea of Lagash F.Ziggurat G.Amorites H. Clay I.The Sumerians J.Mesopotamia 1. Ancient region of Southwest Asia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. 2. They invented the wheel 3. Sumerian writing

    asked by dee
  79. Chem

    A 135g sample of ice is in a freezer at -21 degrees celsius. It is removed from the freezer and allowed to melt and the resulting water warms up to the room temperature of 23 degrees celsius. How much energy is absorbed by the 135g sample? The specific

    asked by Tegan
  80. Math

    Water is poured into a hemispherical bowl with a radius of 30cm. The water's depth is 12cm. Calculate the radius of the surface of the water

    asked by Lorna
  81. Social Studies

    1. Who were the first Early American civilization to build stone pyramids? A. Maya B. Olmec C. Aztec D. Inca Ok, so I originally had A down, but I began researching even more and then clicked B. I do not know which answer is correct. If someone would help

    asked by Tim
  82. Study Skills Practice

    What does it mean to survey a text? A. Read the text and take detailed notes B. Look for the main ideas C. Find the answers in your questions (picked this one) D. Answer questions out loud. Why should you consider your teacher a partner? A. Because you are

    asked by Caitlyn
  83. world history

    2. There were similarities and differences between the American and French revolutions. Write a paragraph that compares and contrasts these two revolutions. Describe both how they were alike and how they were different.

    asked by Anonymous
  84. precalc

    a sled is tied to a rope that makes an angel of 32° with the level ground. if the rope is pulled with 32 kg of force, how much of this force actually pulls the sled over the level ground?

    asked by yani
  85. Physics

    An astronaut on a distant planet wants to determine its acceleration due to gravity. The astronaut throws a rock straight up with a velocity of +16 m/s and measures a time of 23.2 s before the rock returns to his hand. What is the acceleration (magnitude

    asked by Ramen Noods
  86. Physics

    Let your car have a mass of 825 kg. Your car is moving at a speed of 3.08 m/s when it strikes a parked car and stops in 0.21 s. What force did the parked car exert on it to stop it that quickly?

    asked by Michael
  87. science (BIO)

    Assume that two pigments, red and blue, mix to give the normal purple color of petunia petal. Separate biochemical pathways synthesize the two pigments, as shown in the top two rows of the accompanying diagram. "White" refers to compounds that are not

    asked by maxx hotton
  88. help

    Which political party rose to power in Germany during the 1930s? A. the Communist Party B. the Nazi Party C. the Fascist Party D. the Socialist Party

    asked by sidney
  89. algebra

    I don't quiet know where to start can anyone help guide me? Bonnie has a container in the shape of rectangular pyramid. The formula for the surface area of the enclosed space is S=lw+0.5Ph. Solve for P? P= S - lw- 0.5h P= S + lw + 0.5h P= S-lw/ 0.5h P=

    asked by kat
  90. History

    What is a key element of democracy? a- self-determination b- selfishness c- violent d- heredity My answer would be a or b

    asked by Steve
  91. math

    name all of the factor and factor strings of 840

    asked by samantha
  92. math

    A right rectangular prism is packed with cubes of side length Fraction 1 over 6 inch. If the prism is packed with 12 cubes along the length, 3 cubes along the width, and 2 cubes along the height, what is the volume of the prism?

    asked by jeremiah
  93. help

    Which of the following contributed to rural poverty? A. immigration B. corporate farming C. urban renewal projects D. interstate highway construction

    asked by american history
  94. Math

    Write a situation for 15x -20 with a sign no greater than 130 and solve

    asked by Stephie
  95. math, mechanics

    The energy-separation curve for two atoms, a distance, r, apart is: U(r)=−A/r^m+B/r^n Derive and expression for the stiffness of the bond at the equilibrium spacing, in terms of A, B, m, n, and r0. S=dF/dr at r=r0: This is wrong answer for S: Am/r^(m+1)

    asked by qw
  96. math

    A regular hexagon with sides of 3" is inscribed in a circle. Find the area of a segment formed by a side of the hexagon and the circle

    asked by gayathri
  97. History

    How did England’s economic policies serve the interests of the British as well as the American colonists?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. maths

    The probability of card being an ace of heart in a pack of 52 card is----

    asked by sanjay
  99. Algebra

    $347 selling price is $35 more than three times the cost what is the cost?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Math in Science

    Estimate the thickness of plant matter that produced a bed of coal 0.6 m thick. About how much coal would have been produced from a layer of plant matter 0.50 m thick.

    asked by Zoe
  101. Physics

    In a marathon race Chad is out in front, running due north at a speed of 3.98 m/s. John is 95 m behind him, running due north at a speed of 4.52 m/s. How long does it take for John to pass Chad?

    asked by Hannah
  102. Math

    in a class, 3/5 of the girls and 1/6 of the boys wear spectacles. If 3/4 of those who are wearing spectacles are girls, what fraction of the pupils does not wear spectacles?

    asked by Luke
  103. Math

    Draw the line through the point (4,5)that is parallel to the y-axis. Write the equation of this line and state its slope. Can anyone assist me. The example or instructions is not in my text.

    asked by April
  104. Math

    give 2 examples of mixed numbers that when multiplied by 3/4 give a product between 3/4 and 1. my mom knows what numbers to use but isn't sure how to explain to me how to calculate them. Can you explain to me the way to calculate the answer? Thank you

    asked by Cole
  105. ela

    Which section of a personal narrative requires the most development? a. introduction b. conclusion c. character introduction d. plot my answer is a can you check it for me

    asked by Bill
  106. Physics

    A 15.0-g metal cylinder is placed on a turntable, with its center 73 cm from the turntable's center. The coefficient of static friction between the cylinder and the turntable's surface is μs = 0.79. A thin, massless string of length 73 cm connects the

    asked by Erin
  107. Physics

    As an aid in working this problem, consult Interactive Solution 3.62. A ferryboat is traveling in a direction 32.0 ° north of east with a speed of 5.38 m/s relative to the water. A passenger is walking with a velocity of 1.50 m/s due east relative to the

    asked by Hannah
  108. english30

    nelson Mandela speech glory and hope anaphora

    asked by amina
  109. Social Studies

    1) In what year did the English establish, their first permanent settlement? 1607*** 1630 1675 1718 2) In 1619, the Virginia Company in London agreed to let the colonists have some say in their government. What was the name of the assembly that had the

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  110. bio (CHECK ANSWERS)

    Modern fishing practices threaten biodiversity primarily through the? A)accidental capture of unwanted species B)physical destruction of marine habitats. C)removal of community food supplies D)chemical poisoning of the water I think the answer is c but not

    asked by cali
  111. Math

    A truck can be rented from Basic Rental for $45.00 a day plus $0.25 per mile. Continental charges $25.50 per day plus $0.40 per mile to rent the same truck. a) Write an expression to calculate the cost of renting and driving a truck from Basic Rental. Let

    asked by Dustin
  112. Math

    How do I simplify this expression : -12 / 3 * (-8 + (-4)^2 - 6 ) + 2 the answer is -6.

    asked by Tay
  113. chemistry

    As electrons move from the higher to the lower energy level, they release energy and ________ occurs. excitation ground state emission quantum state

    asked by help me please
  114. biology

    You are preparing 500 mL of Denaturation Buffer containing 1.5 M NaCl and 0.5 M NaOH. Your stock solutions are 5 M NaCl and 6 M NaOH. How would you prepare the Denaturation Buffer? Include all of the solutions needed to make the buffer. For Nacl, C1V1=C2V2

    asked by sara
  115. math algebra

    How many liters of a blue dye that cost 1.80 per liter must be mixed with 20 l of anil which costs 2.60 per liter to make a mixture that cost 2.12 per liter

    asked by totsy
  116. calculus

    It is desired to design a ski jump ramp. The ramp will be represented by a polynomial whose graph is a side view of the ramp. The ramp must fulfill the following specifications: The ramp begins at a height of 100 feet and ends at a height of 10 feet above

    asked by Jennifer
  117. geometry

    check my answer please!! find the image of o(-2 -1) after two reflections, first across the line y=-5, and then across the line x=1. (-2,-1) (-1,-6)# (4,-9) (1,-5)

    asked by tj
  118. Physics

    The following circuits represent a logarithm amplifier The output voltage for a log amp with a diode can be determined by the formula below Vout = -(.025V)ln(Vin/IR*R1) , the ln is the natural logarithm of a number. Calculate in a table and sketch the

    asked by Megameno
  119. Geometry

    7. the vertices of a triangle are p(-7 -4) q(-7,-8 and r(3,-3) name the vertices of the image reflected across the line y=x A. P'(4,7),Q'(8,7),R'(3,-3) B. P'(4,-7),Q'(8-7),R'(3,3) C. P'(4-7),Q'(-8,-7),R(-3,3) D. P'(-4,7),Q'(-8,7),R'(-3,-3) I really need

    asked by dea
  120. Physics

    Two 1kg blocks rest on opposite sides of the double inclined plane. One inclined planes makes an angle of 30 degrees and the other an angle of 60 degrees with horizontal. The masses are connected by a light cord passing over a friction less pulley. What is

    asked by Nicholle
  121. Chem

    1.20 g of hydrogen gas is completely burned in the presence of excess oxygen gas in a bomb calorimeter producing water. The heat capacity of the calorimeter is 9.43 kJ/°C and the temperature of the calorimeter rose from 25.55 °C to 41.97°C. Calculate

    asked by Tegan
  122. Math

    What is the probability of pulling the 2 of clubs from a standard deck of playing cards (52 cards)? .25?? What is the probability of NOT rolling a 5 on a six-sided die? 3/6? or 5/6? What is the probability of pulling a diamond from a standard deck of

    asked by Gigi
  123. 8th grade math

    Karen ran a 400 meter race in 60.4 seconds and Kim ran 0.3 kilometers in 65.8 seconds. Who ran faster and why

    asked by Anonymous
  124. physics

    A student is skateboarding down a ramp that is 5.79 m long and inclined at 17.6° with respect to the horizontal. The initial speed of the skateboarder at the top of the ramp is 4.22 m/s. Neglect friction and find the speed at the bottom of the ramp.

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Math (Trig)

    A triangle ABC has a trisected angle A. The angle trisectors divide side a (opposite angle A) into three segments which are BD, DE, and DC. The lengths are 2, 3, and 6, respectively. What are the lengths of the other sides?

    asked by Z
  126. chemistry

    How do you think this relates to fireworks? In your explanation be sure to use the following key terms: Ground state Excited state Photon Energy Spectrum

    asked by Jacob Harver
  127. Physics

    You are standing on the roof of a building 300 m high, and throw a stone upward at 25 m/s. Find the speed of the stone as it strikes the ground.

    asked by Josh
  128. physics

    A volleyball is spiked so that it has an initial velocity of 19.9 m/s directed downward at an angle of 55.8 ° below the horizontal. What is the horizontal component of the ball's velocity when the opposing player fields the ball?

    asked by Hannah
  129. Physics

    An airplane with a speed of 82.2 m/s is climbing upward at an angle of 71.6 ° with respect to the horizontal. When the plane's altitude is 772 m, the pilot releases a package. (a) Calculate the distance along the ground, measured from a point directly

    asked by Hannah
  130. Calculus

    A bright light on the ground illuminates a wall 12 meters away. A man walks from the light straight toward the building at a speed of 1.2 m/s. The man is 2 meters tall. When the man is 4 meters from the building, how fast is the length of his shadow on the

    asked by Madison C.
  131. Combination and Permutation

    Two cards are drawn from a well-shuffled ordinary deck of 52 cards. In how many ways can one draw two cards without replacement?

    asked by Rose Ann
  132. Physics

    Two sources of sound are located on the x axis, and each emits power uniformly in all directions. There are no reflections. One source is positioned at the origin and the other at x = +153 m. The source at the origin emits four times as much power as the

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Statistics

    If you throw a six sided die twice, what is the probability that you will get: (i) A one on the first throw OR a two on the second throw ? (ii) A one on the first toss AND a two on the second toss of the die ?

    asked by michael
  134. Physics

    A race car moving at 35 m/s is uniformly slowed to a stop in 50 s. Find 1) acceleration, and 2) stopping distance.

    asked by Emily
  135. Algebra

    Rewrite the set {x|2Ex

    asked by peter
  136. math

    both jamie and her brother david were born on the same day but david was born three years before jamie how can you represent the relationship between james and david's ages in a table,graph, and equation

    asked by sophie
  137. Biology

    a. A human cell is placed in a container of sugar water. Explain what would occur, if the cell membrane is impermeable to sugar. I know that the water in the cell is the high concentration and will go to the sugar water which is the low concentration. b.

    asked by Judy
  138. Math

    Q. A teacher divides 36 students into equal groups for a scavenger hunt. Each group should have at least 4 students, but no more than 8. What are the group's possible sizes?

    asked by Yanilda
  139. Social Studies

    1. Spanish explorers first arrived in the Americas A) In the nineteenth century B) in the late 1400s C) In the late 1500s D) In the seventeenth century. Is the answer A?

    asked by Tim
  140. Social Studies

    1. Which period of history was influenced by the classical Greek and Roman works? A) Renaissance** B) Age of exploration C) Technology Era D) Dark Ages 2. Many Native Americans died after the Spanish invasion because of A) loss of homes B) loss of pride C)

    asked by Tim
  141. physics

    1) A T-shirt cannon at a basketball game launches shirts to the upper level at 55 m/s with an angle of 52 degrees. Find the height (dy) of the seats if it takes 4.5 seconds to land in the seats. 2) A soccer ball is kicked on a flat field by the goalie at

    asked by Keke
  142. Geometry

    Is a triangle with vertices G(3,2), H(8,5) and K(0,10) a right angle. explain plss, pls. very imp.

    asked by Sara
  143. Math

    The equation, in general form, of the line that passes through the point (−5,6) and is parallel to the line 3x−3y+2=0 is Ax+By+C=0, where A=?, B=? and C=11.

    asked by Laly
  144. Health

    It is recommended that a person do strengthening activities at least twice a week to reduce and manage stress such as ________. A. Sit-ups and lifting weights B. writing in a journal C. Reading a book D. All of the above D?

    asked by YourMom
  145. Chemistry

    A 0.1592g sample of a hydrocarbon upon combustion analysis produces 0.5008g CO2. Its molar mass is found in another experiment to be 70g mol. Determine the empirical formula, and its molecular formula. I completely messed up this question, and I don't know

    asked by Sarah
  146. Physics

    Two loudspeakers are mounted on a merry-go-round whose radius is 9.68 m. When stationary, the speakers both play a tone whose frequency is 132 Hz. As the drawing illustrates, they are situated at opposite ends of a diameter. The speed of sound is 343.00

    asked by Anonymous
  147. English

    What's the correct capitalizations for, the henderson family moved to chicago from the east coast.

    asked by Kevin
  148. law

    •Outline the major philosophical themes of the U.S. Constitution and the Articles of Confederation. •Use specific references from the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution to support your position.

    asked by Brenda
  149. Learning

    What is the primary way to access application on window 8?

    asked by Cookie
  150. Social Studies

    Select two groups of Native American people from two different areas within the united states. The areas you can select from include North, West,Southwest, Plains, and East/Southeast. Explain how environmental factors influenced their home and food. So for

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  151. Government

    Why is gerrymandering a partisan affair?

    asked by Anonymous
  152. Math

    25 tens=_ hundreds 5 tens

    asked by Dennis
  153. Physics

    a missile is launched off a jet fighter travelling 300 meters per second. it accelerated with a constant acceleration of 100 meters per second. when it has traveled 5000 meters what will its velocity be?

    asked by Rachael
  154. Health

    When a person feels stressed, he or she should ________. A. Avoid people B. Socialize C. Keep it bottled up inside D. Blame others

    asked by YourMom
  155. help

    Industrial workers often labored: A. for high wages. B. under ideal conditions. C. in well-ventilated factories. D. with unsafe machinery.

    asked by american history
  156. Chemistry

    A 453 mL solution has a chloride concentration of 0.0253 M. This solution was prepared by adding solid FeCl3 to water. How many grams of FeCl3 are required?

    asked by Kim
  157. Science

    What is the difference between isobars and isotherm?? Thanks!!

    asked by Addie
  158. Math

    A coin is flipped 7 times, what is the probability that the next flip will be tails How do I do this? a- 1/1 b- 1/7 c- 1/8 d- 1/2

    asked by Gigi
  159. jms

    When solving problems, which of these is performed before the others? A. Multiplication B. Addition C. Exponents D. Subtraction

    asked by lola
  160. math

    Could someone help me solve this Absolute Equation? Please? I really can’t figure it out and I would really appreciate any help... Question~~ Evaluate the given expressions when a = 3, b = -3, c = 4, and d = -1 (a/c)|c| + b – d My answer~ (a/c)|c|+b-d

    asked by Abby

    simplify expression 6(3m-7)-2(12y-5)+4(y+6)

    asked by TC
  162. science


    asked by shante
  163. jones

    What is greaterthan 40 and less than7 tens

    asked by j
  164. Science

    What is the 5% rule for y-intercepts?

    asked by Gwenyth
  165. Math help

    Formulate a linear programming problem for the following situation. Homer Simpson has created two donut assortments for the the Springfield donut shop. The bargain assortment includes 4 pink frosted and 8 glazed donuts and the deluxe assortment contains 9

    asked by TayB
  166. Math

    If 10 classes in 10 schools receive 10 calculators each, which expression (10+10+10 or 10x3 or 1000 ) represent the amount of calculators the school discrit will buy.

    asked by A
  167. Math

    The equation of the line that goes through the points (0,−5) and (−9,−1) can be written in general form Ax+By+C=0 where a=?,b=? and c=?

    asked by Laly
  168. Science

    What two words do these letters spell that relates to laboratory work? aaeerrdddugictlysn

    asked by Kathy
  169. Physics

    A girl hits a ball at an angle of arc tan3/8 to the horizontal from a point O which is O.5m above level ground.The initial speed of the ball is 15m/s at the height of 18m from the girl,find the time taken for the ball to reach the fence and the height of

    asked by Enimatique Alogorithm MM
  170. Statistics

    I know don't know if this right P(X)

    asked by Will
  171. calculus

    Find the resultant vector. 1) A force of 35 grams and 45 grams applied at right angles. 57.009 g at 52° with respect to the 35 kg force 2) Velocities of 400 mph due north and 500 mph due east. 640.31 mph at 51° with respect to the 400 mph force 3)

    asked by sasha
  172. math

    a small plane heads west at 320 kph. there is a north wind blowing at 24 kph. what is the velocity (2 parts!) of the plane with respect to the ground? would the answer be 320.9 kph? but there are two parts to the answer. what is the other part?

    asked by clarice
  173. algebra 1

    mathew has saved 50 dollars and each week he increases his savings by 5 dollars. his brother mark has 35 dollars saved and each week he saves an additional 7 dollars. how long will it take for mark to have more money than matthew?

    asked by kathy
  174. Math

    In a favorable habitat and without natural predators, a population of reindeer is introduced to an island preserve. The reindeer population t years after their introduction in 1990 is given by . F(t)=-0.125t^5+3.125t^4+4000. Estimate the number of reindeer

    asked by Ursula
  175. Math

    Nine times twelve minus four times two to the power of two plus six equals sixty eight

    asked by Nick
  176. English

    What are the differences between mood and tone?

    asked by Zach
  177. biology

    I am doing msc., degree . I want do project on clown fish but i did not select the topic till now. Can you help me to select topic

    asked by madhumitha
  178. math

    geologists estimate that earths temperature rises about 10 degrees celsius for every kilometer k below earths surface. suppose it is 50 degrees celsius on the surface of the earth. What is the formula for the temperature t in degrees celsius at a dept of k

    asked by Julia
  179. math correction

    correction what is : 1 x 10^-14 / 2.54 x 10^-3 the x's are (times) not variables thank you.

    asked by patrick
  180. Math


    asked by Kayla
  181. math

    I know all my answers in my quiz but this one please help Order the rational numbers from least to greatest :0.42, -1/2, 11/20, -0.51 thanks again I'm not good with decimals :P

    asked by Deez Got Hee
  182. English

    When writing a paragraph about my goals in English class, should I list my goals in the topic sentence or later in the paragraph?

    asked by Anonymous
  183. math

    What help you. To find the product of 3-digit number and a 1-digit number you can multiply the ones multiply the tens multiply the hundreds and find the sum of each what

    asked by samya
  184. bio statistics question!

    Does P(x) = x/5, where x can take values of 0, 1, 2, 3, describe a probability distribution? Would the answer be no because when x is 1, 2, or 3 the values become 0.2, 0.4, and 0.6. But in probability distribution the values have to be between 0 and 1?

    asked by maria
  185. Algebra

    I found three points of the equation x-2y=b which were (4, -2) (0,-4)(-4,-6) But the question further asks to convert the equation of the new line to standard form ax+by=c. I'm so confused. Can anyone please help?

    asked by Anonymous
  186. maths

    The most appropriate measure for the open ended frequency distribution is-----

    asked by sanjay
  187. Social Studies

    Which period of history was influenced by the classical Greek and Roman works? A)Renaissance B) Age of Exploration C) Technology Era D) Dark Ages The answer is A? Am I correct? Thank you!

    asked by Tim
  188. World History

    I have to write a paper about the the similarities and differences of Ancient China and Persia. Anyone know any good websites I could use for research?

    asked by Sarah
  189. Physics

    Differentiate between an integrator and differentiator

    asked by NONEE
  190. Math

    A home owner goes to the hardware store to purchase the letters that make up a number for a sign he is making, (e.g., F-O-U-R, N-I-N-E, etc.). When he arrives, other customers are doing the same thing. The first customer buys the letters to display ONE,

    asked by George
  191. Physics

    Q: A car travels in a straight line for 4.6 h at a constant speed of 95 km/h . What is its acceleration? Answer in units of m/s 2

    asked by anonymous
  192. math 5th

    help I need help studying for a testing>

    asked by Mia
  193. psychology

    describe a two treatment reversal design involving the effect of drug X and drug Y on hyperactivity.

    asked by dontworryb
  194. Pre-Cal

    A drone 125 ft high sights a landing pad with an angle of depression of 15 degrees. what is the horizontal distance between the drone and the landing pad? I tried all the methods set it up multiple ways, and I'm at a loss. My teacher said the answer is

    asked by Anna
  195. psychology

    create two operational definitions for each of the following psychological constructs Cognitive dissonance Sense of direction self-esteem

    asked by dontworryb
  196. math

    what is 1 x 10-14 / 2.54 x 10 -3 the x's are times not variables. I need the answer in scientific notation

    asked by patrick
  197. Organic Chemistry

    Describe why an unsubstituted C6 ring doesnt have any steric strain, torsional strain or angle strain.

    asked by A
  198. 8th grade geometry

    How do I find the answer to the following question without knowing the 3rd vertices? Graph a triangle with vertices (3,-2), (-3,2) and height of 3 units. The answer is supposed to be (3, -2), (0,1) and (-3, -2).

    asked by Alexis
  199. Math

    -1.4b + 10= -18

    asked by Luke
  200. Physics

    prove the following rules if true or false using Boolean algebra (a)A+AB = A+B (b)(A+B)(A+C) = A+BC

    asked by NONEE
  201. Mathematics

    Solve for x in (x/2)^x=16

    asked by Enimatique Alogorithm MM
  202. math

    I'm having trouble just starting this problem You receive a $500 gift and decide to use it to start saving for a car. You add $50 dollars a week from your part time job. Write the recursive definition for an arithmetic sequence that models this situation.

    asked by MathlessinCarolina
  203. math

    if Lala eats 12 ounces of peanuts in 4 days how many pounds does she eat per day?

    asked by dude
  204. Friendly letters

    I need what a friendly letter is help

    asked by Mia
  205. Algebra

    34 is 6 less than 5 times a number?

    asked by Anonymous
  206. science

    will a 19.2 bock float in water? i need help please!

    asked by KP
  207. math

    what is 3.9370007 in scientific notation thanks

    asked by Mark